and innate strength


really loved his point on how tamatoa’s song was the opposite message from the movie: “who cares who you are on the inside, its all about how you look!”

also think about how maui starts off thinking that what he really needs is thicker armor; to wall off his heart so no one can ever make him feel unwanted ever again: to hide behind the glitter and glam of his legend and his exploits. funnily enough, mini maui, living on maui’s skin, is more in tune with the big guy’s inner nature than maui is himself.

so while tamatoa sings “your armor’s just not strong enough!” moana encourages maui to see his innate inner strength: his own courage and drive, without which none of his deeds are possible, fish hook or no.

45 Questions About Magic
  1. Who has it?
  2. Who can use it?
  3. Where does it come from?
  4. What does it go through?
  5. Is it active? Passive? Both?
  6. Is it tangible? Visible?
  7. Can magic people sense magic?
  8. Can non-magic people sense magic?
  9. Can non-humans be or have magic?
  10. Can objects be or have magic?
  11. Can it be used by accident?
  12. What are the consequences of using magic? Of not using it?
  13. Do some things (eg causing injury, death, etc.) have greater consequences?
  14. Does level/degree of use correlate to degree of consequences?
  15. Does magic require a bargain (eg service to a god)?
  16. Can someone lose their magic?
  17. Can someone gain magic?
  18. Can magic be transferred or stolen?
  19. Is magic something to be turned on and off or is it always there?
  20. Does a person have a limited amount of magic? Can it be replenished?
  21. Does everyone’s magic manifest the same way?
  22. Does everyone call upon their magic the same way?
  23. Does magic require physical aids? Meditation?
  24. Is strength innate or based on training? Can it change?
  25. How is strength indicated?
  26. Are there physical indicators of magic use?
  27. Is there some sort of test to be allowed to use magic?
  28. To show competency?
  29. To show mastery?
  30. To certify teaching?
  31. Is magic tied to or antithetical to religion?
  32. Must magic obey science?
  33. Does magic operate the same way everywhere?
  34. Does magic operate the same way on everyone/everything?
  35. Is healing possible? Is it telekinetic? Time-based? Done by switching physical health?
  36. Does magic require a sacrifice? Before or after? User’s or others’?
  37. Is magic something a person is? Does? Uses?
  38. How is magic conceptualized? Is that correct?
  39. What can someone do with magic?
  40. What can’t someone do with magic? Why?
  41. What are ethical/moral lines that have been drawn regarding magic? How are they enforced?
  42. Is belief necessary?
  43. Can magic only be done at certain times or in certain places?
  44. How do powerful magic users face consequences from the law?
  45. Is magic something that people want to be?

The “anti-chosen children”-click on pictures for more explanations!

I hope tri will explore the challenges of staying true to one’s values and innate strength while transitioning into adulthood. My personal favourites in this set is Taichi, Jou and Takeru, which has darker concepts written into it.

EDIT: AH! After a good night’s rest, I think Mimi would suit something along the lines of vengeful or vindictive rather than corruption. But I guess I wanted a verb than an adjective.

[Image description: a screenshot of the Facebook profile of a man named Dan L. Edmunds. His bio states that he is an associate psychologist, self advocate, international speaker and author, philosopher, and activist. It shows that he studied community counseling at Argosy University-Sarasota. Above his profile picture is a quote of his that reads: “In my work with autistic persons and those with developmental differences, I have always believed that those persons DO communicate, though it may be in a way apart from others, and that we must focus on innate strengths. Our objective should never be to force them to be something that they are not but to respectfully guide them to be able to navigate through the mainstream.”]


This man is allistic and has been inserting himself into Autistic communities all over facebook. He leads others to believe that he is Autistic, but he is not. I was under the impression that he was Autistic up until I saw him called out by another person. He is a skilled manipulator with all the red flags of a predator and an abuser. THIS MAN WORKS WITH CHILDREN. He writes poetry and other literature from the point of Autistic people, even though he is not. He talks endlessly about his work with people of differing neurodivergencies that when looked at through the perspective that he is Autistic seem wonderful, but when realized that he is not seem condescending, fetishizing, demeaning, ableist, and downright gross. He sees himself as an “Autism-whisperer” (quote of mine, not his).

When someone likes something of his on Facebook and he sees that they are young and perceives them to be female, he friends them immediately. This happened to me as well as many other young woman and people he perceived to be women. Occasionally he will comment on their pictures or statuses with compliments about their looks. This man is far older than would make this appropriate.

Many people, like myself, assumed him to be Autistic because of his writing from the perspective of an Autistic person, his blunt affect in his pictures, and doing things otherwise socially inappropriate (re: friending young women/people he perceives to be women and complimenting them on their appearances). However, when asked if he is Autistic or when anything he says or does is called into question he reacts by not being straightforward, attempting to confuse the person, using vague terms and confusing metaphors (something that many Autistics like myself have trouble with), gaslighting, accusing them being uncooperative, and belittling them.

When I found out he was not Autistic, I felt physically ill because I, as many others had, been taken in by this predator. I confronted him over Facebook and these were his responses (under the cut as this is rather long):

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The way my brain avoids doing real work

So I came up with this random idea for a Sailormoon Love Live Reincarnation AU while doing Differential Calculus and listening to the End of Ordinary Sorrow.

  • All nine of the original sailor senshi are reincarnated as the members of Muse.
  • Honoka is Sailormoon of course, was there ever any doubt?
  • Umi is Mars, smart and hot-headed, and damn good at archery.
  • Kotori is Mercury, good, kind, adorable, and very smart
  • Hanayo is Jupiter, she might not have retained the innate strength, but she sure does know how to cook.
  • Rin is Uranus, and she still loves running fast and a certain elegant girl.
  • Maki is Neptune, elegant, aloof, and very fond of her energetic partner.
  • Eri is Venus, the hardworking leader, who couldn’t quite make her dreams come true
  • Nico is Saturn, the destroyer of worlds, but still a very normal girl at heart.
  • Nozomi is Pluto, the all-knowing, all-seeing, secretly spying on Eri from the doorway of time…
  • For fun, let’s say that Tuxedo Mask got reincarnated as Tsubasa.  Just imagine her showing up to their concerts with a rose in her teeth…oh, you already are?  great!

This works really well no matter how you like to ship.  I really love Mars/Venus, but I can handle Pluto/Venus if its NozoEri.  RinMaki and TsubaHono are kinda stuck here though, being great canon love stories and all.

What Oliver Does for Felicity

lewisgirl123 submitted: Hi Jen! Your post on Felicity’s season 3 journey was very beautiful.  I really love how you remind us that Felicity is her best self when she’s with Oliver.  I just wanted to share a few thoughts on what that means and why that’s true.  I think it’s so easy to see what Fellcity does for Oliver - she’s his light, brings out his humanity, makes him smile, makes him a hero - that it’s sometimes easy to forget what Oliver does for her, and I think it’s something that doesn’t’ get talked about nearly enough.

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