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Glitchtale's 1st Anniversry!!

Let me be real for a sec…

Undertale, changed my life.

And is not like “oh I learned life lessons and crap!” Nono I mean, it REALLY, turned my life… upside-down.

When I started glitchtale last year, I was just a below-average animator for fun with about 24k subs.

College was hiting me hard in the balls I don’t have and I wasn’t happy studying (informatic engeneer). My grades were average, but they went from average to worse when I started animating the series.

I was dedicating more time to youtube than studying. And I couldn’t help it…

Since highschool I was interested in art, I started from 0 and it felt like just a hobby. But for some reason, I always ended up attracted more to my drawings than anything else. I realised, that drawing and animation were what I REALLY wanted to do with my life… but how could I drop a professional education over some youtube hobby that mught take me nowhere? Sounds crazy right?

And in around June of last year I took the decision of leaving college and dedicate 100% to this.

I felt I was a complete failure, an irresponsible and ungreatful girl. My parents had done the impossible to help me get a higher education for 3 years already and there I was throwing everything to the trash can.

Despite me feeling horrible, my parents were extremely supportive about it, like if they knew I wasn’t going to be happy studying engeneer or something non-art related because that’s where my heart was.

I took a step into the darkness not knowing if it was going to work and be the best decision of my life, or the worst.

Thank god, it was a good decision.

Thanks to the people that watched my work, to the ones that commented in my videos that sent me messages, fanart, liked them. To everyone ever that have watched my channel and helped it grow for a year now.

To those people.

To Toby Fox for creating the game

From the bottom of my heart.

Thanks gor changing my life. Thank for giving me the chance to make a living out of what I love doing the most.

And I hope that whether is Glitchtale or a future animated series I come up with, we stick together and make this a nice community.

(I’m waiting for a decent mucrophone to have all this in video but I need to get it of my chest rn xD)

I love you guys ♡

the signs as school subjects
  • Aries: physical education
  • Taurus: biology
  • Gemini: geography
  • Cancer: music
  • Leo: history
  • Virgo: maths
  • Libra: languages
  • Scorpio: sex education
  • Sagittarius: handwork/handcrafts
  • Capricorn: graphic design
  • Aquarius: informatics
  • Pisces: art

it’s time for introduction!

hello, studyblr community!

my name is anton (or tony). i’m first year university student, but i already studied there before and i was expelled (yeah, shit happened). so i entered the university again and made this blog to not repeat my own mistakes. also i have pretty nice pics

idk how called my specialty in english, but in russian it’s like “applied informatics in economics”. i study programming, economics stuff and databases. it’s funny

so, about me:
- i was born in small town in russia and i lived there my entire life
- i will be 20 y.o. in may
- i also study english language (i studied it seven years in school, i studied it a year in university, i’m again study it in uni, but i’m still not good at this)
- i’m probably not cute person and i much swearing
- obsessed with stationary
- and obsessed with comics trash (btw i’m an artist)

my favorite studyblrs:
@apricot-studies - so nice for everyone!
@littlestudyblrblog - have a good ideas (i will join your march studyblr challenge)
@studyfulltime - have a best pics!
@emmastudies - very helpful blog

arts by @ipoophere (ilysm kel!!)

have a nice productive day! ✨

ID #36573

Name: Atena
Age: 16, soon 17
Country: Italy

Hi there!
I live in a small town in Italy, I’m still going to school and I like to travel around the country but I’ve never been abroad(but I’m planning to!)
I like to draw a lot, to play video games and watch TV series. I don’t have a favourite kind of music, everything is fine!
I’d like to meet new people even from other countries, cause it’s also a funny way to emprove my english level, hehe.
Hope to meet interesting people!

Preferences: I prefer people around my age (15-20) and anyone who can speak italian or english!

25.03.2017 14:42// [March Study Challenge - Days 24 & 25] One exciting thing you did today & favourite study youtube channel

Yesterday I totally forgot to post, so I’m doing two days in a row. The exciting thing I did was announce the #aprilstudychallenge. My favourite study youtube channel is TheStriveToFit, she is an awesome third year med student in the US and she is always so positive and helpful :D

I’m posting a proper studyspo photo because I haven’t done that in a while. Today I’m studying the skull bones and muscles and doing informatics assignments.

Hey there! *waves frantically*
I’m Glimmer and this is my studyblr!

Some facts about me:

  • I’m 16 years old
  • I’m Indian and study in an Indian school following the CBSE curriculum
  • Currently in my senior year of high school, and my subjects are Accountancy, Business Studies, Economics, Informatics and English (Commerce stream)
  • I’m pretty short and I’m left handed.

Why the name orgnizedmess?
First, the name “organizedmess” was taken, so I removed the ‘a’ and it worked!
Secondly, that is what I am. The definition of an organized mess is: “something that is messy and organized at the same time.” It may look like its all messy but I know where everything is.


  • Photography
  • Editing (Videos and Photos)
  • Singing
  • Dancing
  • Listening to Music
  • Watching YouTube videos
  • Searching for new stationery products (Studyblr has made this very easy for me) (I LOVE STATIONERY!)
  • Calligraphy (I have tried faux-calligraphy, would definitely like to try actual brush calligraphy!)

Why did I start this studyblr?
I initially started it in March, with a hope to be productive from the very first day of my school year. Well, that didn’t happen, as I found that as the days went, I wasn’t as interested in posting on this blog as I initially was, neither was I being very productive.
I realized that I shouldn’t be forcing myself to keep posting when I don’t feel like. Now that I’m currently on summer break, I thought to give it a try again. I deleted all of my original posts and decided to start fresh (I even changed the theme).

The blogs that really inspired me to start this studyblr are: @studyquill, @emmastudies and @studyign

I just want to say, THANK YOU TO THE 7.4K (WOAH.) people that follow me already, I’ll be coming up with my first post very soon!


Slow lorises may look like big-eyed Ewoks, but their cute countenance has made these primates a target of the illegal wildlife trade. Join Mary Blair, primatologist and Director of Biodiversity Informatics Research at the Center for Biodiversity and Conservation, as she discusses how research on these endangered animals can contribute to a better understanding of wildlife trafficking, including the risk of zoonotic disease spread.

Learn more about the slow loris at March SciCafe on March 1!

10/365 : ALMA AND YU !!!!
From DGM. I rather like how this pairing is like. Canon but not but it is-
I drew them in some kind of College/rommate AU where Yu probably study Japanese litterature, Alma does Mecanics or like Informatics and that tiny troll Lavi does something like History or philosophy.
Also. There’s not enough alma/Yu stories out theeeerrreee WHyyyyyyyy

anonymous asked:

I don't know if I can request this but what would their roles be in a mafia?

BTS and their roles in a mafia/gang

Namjoon - Leader/informat/strategist (He’s smart so he’d be the one who supply information and plan everything, could also be the leader)

Yoongi - Leader (I don’t really see him as anything else but a leader tbh)

Jimin - interrogator (He’s seems the type to be manipulative and ruthless)

Taehyung - Drug supplier (Let’s be real this boy is kinda in his own world sometimes so this role fits him well)

Jin - team doctor/right hand man (He’s kind and I feel like he’d be the trained doctor who got caught up in his best friend’s Namjoon’s work. He’s close to whoever the leader is so he’d be the right hand man too)

Jungkook - strongest/hitman (This boy is too strong man. He’s basically the strongest and fastest so hits for him are a breeze)

Hoseok - Sniper/weapon supplier (I don’t know why but being a sniper fits him so well like he’d be just chilling waiting for his target and once it’s done he’d be so stealthy getting away and everything. *ugh I don’t know how to explain this but yeah* 

Slow lorises may look like big-eyed Ewoks, but their cute countenance has made these primates a target of the illegal wildlife trade. Join Mary Blair, primatologist and Director of Biodiversity Informatics Research at the Center for Biodiversity and Conservation, as she discusses how research on these endangered animals can contribute to a better understanding of wildlife trafficking, including the risk of zoonotic disease spread.

Sign up for SciCafe today!

My grandfather just died last week… So, to honor his memory, and having better than a picture for the ceremony, I’ve drawn this painting.
He was a very smart man, have been a huge director on an informatics​ company, he travelled around the world… He died from disease, he fought as a lion against it five years long, I hope where he is, he will not suffer anymore… Rest In Peace, dear Papi.

I’m Gone - part one of two

Genre: oh you’re about to sob like a fucking newborn baby, fam.

Type: IRL AU type thing?? Idk, but ur in for a fucking trip. Don’t expect a happy ending.

Pairing(s): I Am Wildcat centric. I guess it could be considered Poly!BBS??

Tyler could swear he wasn’t the way they all made him seem. He wasn’t that person. He wasn’t that monster. He knew he wasn’t; He fucking knew he wasn’t.

Tyler’s hands shook slightly as he stared at himself. He was skinnier, paler; dead-looking. His eyes lost their sparkle and he couldn’t figure out when it happened. He couldn’t remember when it happened. Hell, he couldn’t remember the last time he really looked himself in the mirror. He never did face cam anymore. He never posted pictures of himself with Kino. He never even gave his friends a chance to see him during skype sessions or facetime. He wouldn’t be able to handle their stares, their words, their insults, or their questions. He could hardly stand it from himself, but from his friends? He’d lose it. But that was the thing with his friend, they could tell him to delete his entire YouTube channel and he’d so easily comply. He’d listen to everything they tell him. If they so much as said anything about the way he looked or talked or dressed, he’d change himself to make them happy. He’d change himself for their sakes. Not because Tyler wanted acceptance or anything, but he, technically, did. He was in love with them. Every single one of them: Anthony, Scotty, Marcel, Craig, Brock, Brian, Daithi, Evan, Delirious, Cartoonz, Ohm, Bryce..

He’d do anything for them.

It wasn’t exactly ideal to be in love with them, but Tyler couldn’t help it. You can’t really help who you fall in love with or who you love. It all just happens. Tyler knew his affection for these men didn’t happen all at once. It sort of took place over time, and fuck, he hated himself for it. He hated the way they made him feel. Not because he didn’t want it, but because he didn’t believe he deserved it. He didn’t even believe he deserved their friendship, but he cherished it so deeply, so closely. He’d do anything for any of them and that was a fact he would never admit to anyone. Not that he told anyone much of anything anymore. It was hard for him to even begin to say something to any of them, but with recording with them on an almost daily basis and expecting to be able to get a single word in? Tyler gave up after a week of never being able to say anything or give anyone advice. It was almost like none of them noticed, though. They were too entranced in each other to notice his step back.

It wasn’t until his comments section and twitter mentions blew up with continuous questions of what was going on that anyone really noticed. But even then, he shrugged it off as the fans overreacting and didn’t say any more on the topic. If that’s how they reacted to him being quieter in videos, he couldn’t even imagine their reactions when they saw what current state he was in. He hadn’t eaten for a few days, hardly left his house in two weeks, and didn’t even try to connect with any of his friends. It was all hitting him so harshly, all at once. It was like he’d dropped off the face of the earth and none of his close friends even noticed. None of them gave him a second glance. None of them wanted him. And it fucking crushed him. It tore his heart apart, with no optimistic outlook of return.

He kept to himself, mostly. Tyler only spoke when spoken to, only gave his input when asked, only gave a reply when prompted. It killed him, it really did, but he assumed it was for the best. It was all for the sake of his friends, for the sake of their content, and the sake of his heart not being able to put himself first. He couldn’t find it in him to ever say no to them. He couldn’t disappoint them like that, couldn’t bare to see their faces with crushed expressions. It all seemed to haunt him. He feared that they’d find out, that they’d figure everything out and laugh at him. They’d leave him in the dust, leave him behind, to rot and struggle on his own. He was absolutely sure of it. So he kept quiet, kept to himself, kept out of their way. He gave them the gold moments they’d needed for videos and that’d be it. He’d be completely pushed aside afterwards. He’d never felt so neglected, so unloved, in his entire life.

Some days were just too much for him. He never left his bed. He cancelled all his plans, cancelled his recording sessions, cancelled dinner with his parents, and just laid there. He couldn’t get himself to move, unless it was for Kino. For Kino, he’d get up. His poor boy could tell Tyler wasn’t in a good place and would just lay with him, never whining or groaning. He’d lay there, right next to his person, and protect him. Kino would never take his eyes off of him, unless it was to eat. The poor creature was so aware of his person’s state of mind and state of being. Tyler almost wished Kino could talk, could react to his words, but was glad that he couldn’t. He couldn’t handle rejection from his own dog, his own little son. But luckily for him, Kino would just lick away his tears when he cried and never said a single thing.

Besides Kino, Tyler spoke to no one. If he could get away with just a text to whoever, it was a blessing for him. He hardly took care of himself and for anyone to hear him or see him would be absolutely embarrassing. So Tyler hid himself away, pushed every back, took steps away, and wasn’t the same. For obvious reasons, he never complained.

He really wasn’t the monster they said he was. Yeah, he could be an asshole. Yeah, he said some fucked up shit. But he never meant any of it. He never meant to hurt anybody. Most of all, he never meant to hurt them.

First Q&A he’s done in a while. He had no effort to do much else. He body was weak, his head constantly pounded. He could feel himself withering away right under everyone’s noses, right in front of his family’s eyes, and right next to his poor dog. It’d been weeks since he lasted recorded anything with the guys. He stuck to posted older, extra clips from past recordings and called it good. Tyler would stare himself in the mirror every single day. He’d see the changes, see the damage he’s done to himself. The bags under his eyes only seemed to grow darker while his skin seemed to grow paler. He hadn’t eaten a full meal in months.

Tyler recorded his Q&A, no face cam, just gameplay of Zombies and his voice. There were so many questions that flooded his feed and it was all almost too much for him. He powered through them with as much fake excitement and enthusiasm as he could before he finally got to the final question he was going to answer. It was three simple, oh so simple words. Words that he hadn’t heard in so long.

“Are you okay? Bc you haven’t yourself in quite some time in your videos and I can tell. Hope everythings alright. <3”

Tyler’s whole body sunk in on him. “I’m doing okay. I apologize for the worry, though. I’ve just been busy with a few things and haven’t had the chance to really do much. Everything should be okay soon, though. I’m sure of it. Thank you for asking.” And god, that was such an awful answer. His voice was so shaky, so focused on hiding his true feelings. He couldn’t let anything slip, couldn’t let anyone know. “Anyways, that’s all for this Q&A! Thank you all so much for your questions and thanks for sticking around even though i’ve been shit with uploading. I’m trying my best, but things kind of all came up at the same time. I am only human so I kind of needed to take some time to dedicate to this other stuff, but I should be back full force in a few weeks!” He stopped the recording. He turned from his computer and let out the most heartbreaking sob he could muster. Kino seemed to understand the distress and ran over quickly.

Tyler took twelve minutes to compose himself before he began editing. His phone still dinged with twitter questions from fans. For the whole two and half hours it took him to edit the video, the single dings he’d get were the only sounds he’d hear besides the occasional audio check he’d do with the recording. It was surprising how funny he could be when all he wanted to do was lay down and sleep for another four days. He gave a simple sigh at the end of the editing process and set it to render to be uploaded.

He couldn’t do much. Everything hurt. His heart, his mind, his soul, his body… They all were failing him. They all weren’t supporting him. So why was he still alive? Why weren’t they allowing him to disappear? He didn’t want to hurt anymore.

Days after he posted the Q&A video was the first time he’d heard from Brian in almost two months. The older male asked question after question when Tyler picked up. He wasn’t even allowed to get a word in due to the interrogation. After a full two minutes of such stuff, he gave up and hung up on the Irish man. Tyler realized that Brian hadn’t even called for Tyler’s sake. It was for content reasons. Every single question was about recording with them and why he hadn’t been and if he was still uploading stuff and why he hadn’t uploaded a lot. The list went on and on. And boy, did it hurt.

From that day on, Tyler never answered Brian again. He didn’t bother to check skype messages or discord. Didn’t bother to check twitter. He had no motivation to any of the things that he would have otherwise done. Eventually, he just stopped uploading any form of gameplay and video. He didn’t tweet, he didn’t post. He didn’t talk. He’d sit in silence, occasional music playing through his house from the speakers in his office. No one had seen him in physical form in almost four months at this point. His fans, though unsure, were severely worried for his wellbeing. They questioned every single one of the guys, asking where Tyler was and what was going on. None of them could answer, though. None of them had any idea what happened to their once best friend. But none of them made much of an effort to seek further information. After his hang up on Brian, they figured it wasn’t worth trying. If Tyler wanted to talk to them, he’d talk, but for now, they could only let him do his thing.

It was a poor mindset to have on their part. Tyler was deteriorating much faster than he had been before. At this point in his four months of silence, he’d lost all of his body fast and every fiber of muscle on him. He looked practically dead and yet, he still looked himself in the mirror. He still hated what he saw, still couldn’t find himself a reason to ever have been worthy of his friend’s love. He couldn’t find himself a reason for any of them to have ever even liked him. He, too, hated himself, but the guy he saw in that mirror was not him. It just couldn’t have been him. He was so….. Dead. That wasn’t him. He was skinny, flawless skin, piercing eyes… Everything Tyler never was. He had to look away. He’d stare at his hands. The hands that used to be strong and full of life were now dull, shaky things. He could see every outline of bone on his hand now. He didn’t suppose it was healthy, but he couldn’t bring himself to care.

Kino seemed to understand that his person was dying. The boy never left his person’s side. Tyler liked to believe Kino would be okay without him, but he knew that that wasn’t the case. Kino wouldn’t be okay. It’d crush the poor dog and that gave Tyler enough strength to eat an entire meal that night, even if he did end up throwing up some of it. That was the first time Kino had wagged his tail due to happiness in months. He was proud of his human. His human needed to live.

It all seemed to disappear. The light was brighter on the other side.

Eight months. That’s how long it took for anyone to realize that hey, Tyler was fucking lying. He wasn’t okay. He was so far from okay and by now, it was way too late for anyone to fix this. Each boy began reaching out to Tyler. They’d sent texts, dms on twitter, skype messages, and talk in discord. They spent each and every single day, hoping, wishing for a response. It was actually insane how hard it was now hitting them. The boys couldn’t believe their own selfish ways. They let Tyler slip through their fingers while they focused on each other more than him. They never even gave him a chance.

Tyler sat in an uncomfortable silence in his chair. The camera was on, recording his every breath. They were deep and terrifying to listen to. He brought his head up, eyes looking into the lense of the camera. His eyes burned with tears as he let out a shaky breath.

“This is me.”

His words were haunting, dripping with complete distress. Small tears trailed down his cheeks. He didn’t bother to wipe them away.

“This is my goodbye. My last video. My last….everything, I guess.”

His right hand shook as he ran it through his hair. He was a mess, but he needed to get this over with. He needed this all to end.

“You know how sometimes, you do something you regret and it feels as though it’s the worst thing you’ve ever done? This is… it’s one of those times, but it… consumed me. I let it destroy me. I allowed it to rip everyone and everything I’ve ever loved away from me. Why? Because my feelings never seemed to matter in the end. It was never about me or the way I felt or if anyone ever even liked me, I guess. It was always about the content. Always about creating something for everyone to enjoy. I thought… I was stupid to even think… but I never mattered to them. I didn’t. I don’t. I gave them my everything. I gave them all I could. I got this in return. I got myself torn apart, destroyed, obliterated. For what? What was it all for? At this point, I realize it was for their sake. It was for their success. It was for their… acceptance. I couldn’t let any of them down. I couldn’t let any of you down, either. I kept pushing through it. I kept allowing myself to be dragged around like some sort of doll to be used however they needed. I used to enjoy this. I used to be able to make the best of it. I used to have the ability to take it.”

A sob ripped through Tyler’s throat before he could continue. No one would like this. No one would probably even see this. They’ve all moved on. Eight months? And he still thought someone would stick around? Yeah, right.

“I can’t do it anymore. It’s been eight fucking months and I still somehow let them rule my life. I still let them control my emotions. I don’t want this anymore. I’m fucking killing myself. So slowly. And it hurts more every damn day. I love them. I love them all so much. I’m gay! Fuck, I’m so gay! And I want to fucking die! What a fucking thing, right? I Am Wildcat, a fucking pussy bitch, couldn’t handle being in love with his best friends! What a headline that’d make, right?”

A soft laugh of despair escaped him. He was at the edge of his seat. Kino sat right next to his leg, eyes following Tyler’s every movement.

“I… I never knew how to tell them. Or anyone. I never knew what to say. I was so… scared of their reactions. So scared of them leaving me. So I left them first, save myself the heartbreak. Save myself some form of dignity. It’s shit. I’m shit. I don’t know what to fucking say anymore.  I haven’t been able to get out of bed for fucking months. I haven’t eaten a full meal in months. Kino has been the only creature that seemed to care. He was the only one that’s ever really loved me out of all my friends. He is pure and doesn’t care what I look like or sound like or if I’m too loud or if i curse too much… He doesn’t care about any of that. He cares about me and my well being. He loves me… for me and fuck, he’s saved my ass so many times these past eight months. But… no one will have to worry any longer. I’m heading out. I’m not doing… this anymore. Everyone can move on, live their lives, enjoy it…”

Kino gave his hand a soft, slobbery kiss. He stood and for the first time in months, left his side. Tyler’s tears could only enlarge.

“I wasn’t worth all of this mess. I really, really wasn’t. I’m not even sure why I’m making this video. I don’t know why I’m even talking. I don’t know what I’m doing anymore. I’m so damn lost. But, it’ll be okay.”

Tyler went to continue, but a cough interrupted him. Said cough turned into him dry heaving onto the floor. He was sick. Oh-so-fucking sick. And no one could save him at this point. There was so much he still had to say, so much he had to confess.

“I guess… I guess it’s my time. It is. This time. I won’t let anyone cheat me from this. Not even the loves of my life. If they’re watching this, I want to apologize. I don’t nor did I ever deserve you. I was a monster. I really fucking was. All those comments… they were right. Completely fucking right. Except, I didn’t end up destroying any of you like they said I would. I destroyed myself. I killed myself before I could ever kill you. I love you guys. I will forever love you fuckers. I did everything I could for you…”

Tyler heaved up blood, allowing it to get all over him. He couldn’t move nor breathe at this point. His body convulsed. He knew he was dying. He was dying right on camera before he could even post anything.

“This is my last goodbye. My last “I love you.” My last “thank you.” It was incredibly fun while it lasted. It’s just… my time to go, now. Thanks for the laughs, the memories, the happiness..”

He stopped recording, feeling another way of sickness come upon him. He allowed it to started rendering. No time to edit. No time to do anything else. He couldn’t handle much else. Kino came running back at the sound of him getting sick again. The pooch had his favorite toy in his mouth. He placed it in Tyler’s lap and sat right up against his leg. It was a sign… Kino wouldn’t let Tyler be alone during this.

By the time his final video finished rendering, Tyler had gotten sick four more times. Blood covered his lap and chair for the most part. With a simple click of a button, the video began uploading to youtube. A simple title rested above his channel name and subscribe button.

I’m Gone

Just; C.H. 1

I wanted to do a one shot about Fratboy!Calum and it got seriously out of hand.. Like > 23 000 words out of hand (and I’m not done yet)
So enjoy the first part, let me know if you like this then i’ll update! xx

I couldn’t concentrate with over twenty boys yelling at each other, at least half of them being shirtless, and their ball landing near our table every five minutes, distracting me even more than possible. I tried my best to keep my gaze upon the repetition of the eukaryotic cell, but I was only human and in some way, a hormonal young girl. Who wouldn’t stare. 

I drop my marker on the wooden picnic table I was currently seated at, raising my head to hear Ashton Irwin yell something towards his mate, Luke. Luke Hemmings was the typical blonde handsome guy, lip pierced and sparkling blue eyes swooning every girl he’d wink at. He was an okay guy though, when you got him alone. I bet they all were. But when they were in pack, I had gotten the advice to steer away as quickly as possible. I once experienced that first hand.

Calum Hood yelled something in return, incoherently for my selective deaf ears, my eyes slowly dragging over his sweaty, uncovered torso. I know my tongue is poking past my half open lips, probably dragging along the dried, chapped flesh, but I couldn’t help myself. If there was anything that got me hot, then it would have to be tattoos. And Calum had enough of those to stare at. His arms, his torso were covered in black spots of drawings I’d never seen up close enough to examine them and cool down my interest. He never noticed me though, being busy with football and the girls throwing themselves at his feet. 

All the boys were popular beyond belief, not only because of their winnings with the team lately, I’m sure their looks were a big deal as well. The swarm of girls around them were considered the hot, popular girls of the school. Desperate for attention and probably studying something in college because daddy had enough money. I wouldn’t take a leap that it was for that brain of theirs. I couldn’t stay that I was one to study often, but I tried to keep my grades up and hopefully one day graduate. If that were to be with honours, I’d consider myself lucky.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that I am at the bottom of the pecking order. If Calum Hood was a lion, I’d be a gazelle. At least I still get to eat the grass. There are others that aren’t as fortunate as I am. He, or any other team member or any of those girls for that matter, didn’t bully me in any way or ever made me feel unwelcome. Mainly because none of them ever spoke to anyone beside their friend clique. I’ve seen the girls throw dirty looks towards some of the less fortunate students however, and that look was enough for me to stamp them with bitch. Sometimes I felt like my brain was too old for the age society had given my body, and I tried to steer away from anything that resembled high school characteristics.

I did however have a class with Calum at the beginning of the last semester, which he dropped out of as soon as he realized it interfered with his training. I knew one of his football mates though, Ashton. Once upon a time we were lab partners and got along pretty great. For that semester that is. By now if I receive a small smile from him when I pass him in the hallway, I should consider myself lucky. It didn’t matter anyway, we weren’t friends to begin with and it’s not like he had any value towards me. I couldn’t deny that Ashton was an amazing, attractive and sweet guy. I know that if I’m every in a pickle he’ll help me out immediately, because that’s just how he is. “Y/n… Y/n!”

I turn my head towards the noise and am met with my two friend’s glares. They didn’t really enjoy the fact that sometimes, even during conversations, I’d disappear into my own head to overanalyse anything that came down my path. Most of the times they’d let me be, make some stupid remark about it and move on with their lives. But exams were coming up and I desperately wanted my brain to shut off partially, keeping the motivated and socially uninterested part alive and well.

“Stuck in your own head again?” Sarah chuckles loudly as I tear my gaze away from the football field. A stupid grin makes its way onto my lips as our gazes meet. “Once you’ll get permanently stuck there.” She points her pen towards me before her gaze falls back onto the papers in front of her. “At least I won’t be stuck with you bitches.”

A gasp leaves my brunette friend Sherlyn’s lips before her marker lands against my cheek. I can’t help but laugh loudly, throwing my head back. “Thanks for the marker, needed one.” I uncap it and examine it closely, dragging it along the black ink scattered across my papers.

“Give that back.” Sherilyn leans over the wooden picnic table, swiftly pulling the fluorescent yellow colour out of my hand. The table falls back into silence and I sigh deeply, trying to gain focus back onto the eukaryotic cell I’d been stuck on since lunch. At this rate I would have to suck cock to pass this class (I wasn’t actually planning on doing that, if you’re wondering).

“When’s your last?” Sarah sparks up conversation again and I know she’s sick of studying for her economics class. I let my gaze wander over the biological figures of my own stack of papers, scolding myself for not being further and cursing myself for being so easily distracted and overall horrible.

“Thursday. It’s that bio informatics course I had to follow this semester.” I roll my eyes when I think back about my discussion with the man who took cares of all student’s curriculum. I didn’t even bother to learn his name. 

“If it isn’t mandatory I don’t understand why you had to do it. Seems like a waste of time to me.” Sherilyn shrugs her shoulders and flips another page. Normally she was the one constantly distracting Sarah and I, but this finals period she had been on fire. She had to retake some of her classes after a very horrendous year for her, and now she was determined to pass. After all, her mates were a year higher than her by now.

“The end of the school party is that Thursday. Are we going?” Sarah leans back and fishes a water bottle out of her bag pack, chugging half of it down while she awaits my answer. I let my gaze wander off to the football field again, watching the guys playful shove each other for the ball. I wonder what it’s like to be a guy. I honestly believe life would be an awful lot easier on me. I see Calum throw his head back when Luke lands on the hard grass with a thump, his hands clutching his stomach before he bends over.

“Isn’t that their frat throwing it?” I nod my head to the boys fifty meters away and both girls turn before Sarah hums in response. 

“Yes. You know those are the best parties out there. And come on, it’s the last one before I leave on holiday.” Sarah bats her eyelashes at me as she leans her head on the back of her hands, Sherilyn chuckling along. 

“You get away, Sher and I are stuck here, for your information.” I raise my eyebrows and cross my arms over my chest. I didn’t mind going to a party, but the frat parties tend to get out of hand just the slightest. And I didn’t mean the actual party, no. I mean losing my mates only to have to drag some sleaze that is pinning them against the wall away before holding their hair all night as they hover over the toilet bowl. Sobers you right up, if you’re wondering. That, and I didn’t have a skimpy outfit which seemed to be mandatory for such occasions. 

“Don’t be a sourpuss.” Sarah rolls her eyes and I scoff again, my answer delayed as the football hits my bare ankle. I merely stare down, hearing the heavy footsteps already approach our paper littered table. “Hi Y/n.”

I look up to meet Ashton’s warm smile, emanating a small smile on my own lips as I pick up the ball and let it roll into his hands. 

“Hi Ash.” I turn back towards my books and I feel his presence still there, my hand lifted over my eyes to gaze up at the tall boy. His unruly hair is matted against his face and he’s out of breath. I think they have been going at it longer than we have been here studying. And that is over a couple of hours already.

“It’s been a while.” I hum in response, nodding along, waiting to see where he’d go with this. “Are you coming to our party next Thursday?”

I throw my head to the other side to see the opinion of my two girl friends and then the decision is settled. Not that I have any say in this, because I’d probably stay home, order a pizza and fall asleep before the first movie is on. “Apparently we are.”

That cute grin of Ashton makes its appearance as he runs his fingers through his hair. “Great. Then we’ll see you there.” He nods his head as some sort of goodbye and jogs back over to the boys who by now are all hollering at their returning friend. 

“He’s so adorable.” Sarah giggles and I smirk at my mate, shaking my head lightly. “Not sure if calling him adorable will help him score.” A glare is immediately shot my way, followed by loud laughter resonating from Sher and I’s lips. 

“I’m heading off. This is distracting me even more than Netflix right now so I can as well go home. This exam is tomorrow; it’s going to be a disaster.” I groan as I slam my thousand-page book closed, fishing my papers together and stuffing them in my ratted, old black bag. 

“I’m not staying long either, I have to get dinner started.” Sher says out loud without raising her eyes off of the black letters. “Good luck, both of you.” I squeeze both of their shoulders as my form of goodbye and walk in the general direction of my home. 

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