and indirectly involved

Ah, now there’s a good question. Y’see, cause it involves money!

Indirectly, f’course, like in a capitalist cause-and-effect kinda way, but still. Money!

Listen, I’ve been runnin’ th’ shack for years now, and lemme tell ya, y’get all kinds of customers when workin’ at a place like that.  Some folks’ll just come in lookin’ t’buy a bag of chips from the vendin’ machine, others will be comin’ in to purchase an entire fur…fish…hybrid thing…

But, er, y’know, whatever th’ case, there is one product that’s been irresistible t’even the most skeptical of buyers.  You folks ready t’know what it is?  Heh, I think you are…

‘Cause it’s me!

More specifically, the exclusive, rare, official Mystery Shack licensed Stan Pines Bobblehead™! (Patent pending.)

Would’ya just look at that craftsmanship?  Th’ way it captures my stunnin’ physique, my devilishly handsome smile, that…that dull, lifeless haze I get in my eyes ‘cause, like, I’m tired all the time…


Half the time, we’re barely able to keep these things on the shelves!  And it’s not just because Mabel’s been swipin’ em to test out her makeover skills.  Or because Ford got all grouchy his name was on somethin’ “degradin’“ and burned half our stock.

Though, uh, both have happened.

Though I will admit…and…and it’s kinda sad, if y’really think about it…There’s one product that’s just inches away from beatin’ it…from livin’ out its hopes and dreams of bein’ th’ most purchased item in th’ Mystery Shack…

And that’s our beautifully crafted, mint condition Mystery Shack Snowglobe™! (Patent also pending. I got a lot of patents pendin’.)

But hey, you can help, kiddo!  Just buy like, ten’f these babies and it’ll surpass th’ bobblehead for our most popular item.

‘Course, you wouldn’t want th’ bobblehead to feel left out, so you might wanna buy a couple’f those too after the fact.  And from there you might as well just go back and forth buyin’ stuff so you’re givin’ each product a fair chance at livin’ its dream, y’know?

C’mon, have a heart!  Think’f the children and…whales ‘n stuff.


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It's not so much irrevelant but I think Touka is victim to this habit to have the love interest girl conform to the standarts for an ideal woman in manga. And often it's this very passive, understanding without words and waiting sort of girl? Compared to how Touka was at first, it feels very weird to me because she mature a ot where we could not see her and sine she's been back, the things she has done/participated in are all more indirect. Or it's some weird throw back to her punching Kaneki on

the brigde or during training, which is the weird slap stick humor but mixed in with some sort of stundere act or something??? idk I’m really not a fan of this and it throws me off a lot. Basically… Toua may be revelnt but she changed so much where the raders couldn’t see it and now she’s really passive. I was ready for her to stay around and have a bunh of chapters of her fighting. When she rescued Shuu or against Kiyoko were both way too short moments where she could shine. I was left really the brigde or during training, which is the weird slap stick humor but mixed in with some sort of stundere act or something??? idk I’m really not a fan of this and it throws me off a lot. Basically… Toua may be revelnt but she changed so much where the raders couldn’t see it and now she’s really passive. I was ready for her to stay around and have a bunh of chapters of her fighting. When she rescued Shuu or against Kiyoko were both way too short moments where she could shine. I was left really unsatisfied by this. Basically Touka now feels like she joined the rank of your typical manga love interest girl to me and this brought her further from the character I knew before. Frankly, we need to see her act or talk more. Not be this passive and indirectly involved passive girl. I want her to get a whole chapter where she kicks ass again damnit!

I don’t agree with you and frankly I’m exhausted of this argument. Time and time again, why are female characters held to such high standards? Touka has made the same enormous steps in disposition as Ayato, but you would never hear that he’s “passive”. It’s just not fair. 

Listen, the point of the slap wasn’t for comedic effect. Kaneki wouldn’t have looked so upset later on, mumbling “is she just going to hit me again?” if it was. The point was to show that Touka hasn’t just done a 360 and is suddenly a totally different person. She’s actively trying to change, and that shit takes time and practice. It’s realistic. 

Touka and Ayato have had an extremely difficult upbringing. They lost their parents, grew up on the streets, and just like Eto, developed all the horns and thorns necessary to survive in an area where the population was mostly ghouls. After Arata died, they had to resort to fighting and violence, and they BOTH were accustomed to using anger and physicality to get their points across. 

Like, do you understand how much effort it takes to change? How much time it takes? How little pieces of your old self will still bubble over even years from the moment you decide to make a difference?  The fact that BOTH Touka and Ayato have began to round their sharp edges is incredible, especially in a society that encourages them to cut. 

Also, regarding ass-kicking, the time we saw her fight before last, she had one wing. One kinda-sorta-impressive wing. Now:

She’s been training and fighting unbeknownst to us. Zebizu and Higher Mind are both S+ quinques and Touka blocked them both– that’s AMAZING. Just because she hasn’t been given chapters upon chapters of limelight doesn’t make her any less of a killer fucking chick (also, I think we’re forgetting the whole pre-rose arc where :re was shown pretty frequently). Plus, it kinda implies that her time to shine is coming, since this whole deal is gonna have to get addressed eventually.

lss: nobody can force you to like a character or approve of the direction they’re taking, but failure to see that Touka spans well beyond the “tsundere” trope that keeps getting pushed upon her is at fault of the reader. 

Agni’s Dilemma

Agni was quick to figure out that the F5 was indirectly involved with the deaths from the Blue Sect, and he confronted Ciel about it. When Ciel confirmed this to be true, Agni asked for Soma to no longer be involved.

This probably wasn’t particularly easy for Agni. While his highest priority is Soma, he likes Ciel and considers Sebastian his friend. However, when he asks Ciel not to involve Soma, Ciel quickly tells him that he had never considered Soma a friend.

However, this brings up a new problem for Soma, which Sebastian immediately noticed.

These words seem almost like a compliment, although Sebastian is only stating a fact. Agni is a good butler. He genuinely cares for Soma and wants the best for him. At the same time, he’s bound to serve his Prince’s wishes.

It’s uncertain what Agni will tell Soma, but I doubt Soma will want to leave. Even if Agni says that Ciel wants him to leave, Soma will want to stay in an attempt to help. Soma cares for Ciel, and would want to do all he can.

This leaves Agni with a dilemma. It actually would be best Soma to leave, so Agni should try to get him to do so to keep him safe. At the same time, there’s a strong chance that Soma will refuse to leave, so forcing him to do so would mean Agni couldn’t follow his wishes.

That leaves us with one question. What will Agni do?

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How many students will you choose?

We are currently opening the roster for:

Case students:
Students with a specific case the Club can tackle. (Background characters with specific moments of limelight)

Side characters:
Students who may or may not be involved (directly/indirectly) with a case. (They are more or less background.)

Recurring students:
Students who will more or less return frequently for the purpose of creating more interactions and conflicts for the story.

The more defined a character the better likelihood we’ll use them again. This does not mean that we won’t use case students again. It will all depend on how the story works!

- Mod K

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I know it would need new drawings, but what if you did a new au? I mean one that has already been planned but never put into action

Okay, so, in regards to other AUs, there are only really two I haven’t used yet that are ‘developed’ in any way.

But before I even consider doing anything with either of them, I want to run them by you guys, since both AUs are set in time periods analogous to the real world, and may indirectly involve things some might find offensive or upsetting.

These AUs are as follows:

Mobtale - 1930′s America/Prohibition AU. The Caddy from this AU is a ‘runner’ for an underground crime syndicate, delivering messages and packages on foot. ‘The Mob’ is not always benevolent, but acts as their community’s police force, even acting against the ‘real’ police when discrimination is involved. Monsters in this AU live alongside humans on the surface, but experience discrimination similar to what POC (and people from certain countries) experienced in the real world during the 1930s.

Wartale - World War II AU. The Caddy from this AU is a former field medic in the British Army, who now cares for injured soldiers (both human and monster) in his homeland due to suffering ‘shell shock’ (PTSD). The ‘enemy’ they’re fighting against is never named per se, and the focus would be outside the battlefield - mostly on Lt. Brewer’s everyday life while on leave. But this is still a sensitive part of history, especially considering the current political climate.

So if you guys would have a problem with me doing either of these, let me know. And likewise, if you’d like to see one of these on the blog, let me know. So far both of them have been ‘for fun’ to talk about with Opal and other friends, but I don’t want it to seem as if I’m making light of real-life racism and tragedy.

- Tea!Mun

One of the (many) changes in the AB 2003 series English dub was that Tobio’s Robita/Nora was implied to be adopted by Ochanomizu/O’Shay, much like Astro was. I was working on the Nora page while watching the Japanese version, and the original canon is a bit more unsettling.

The Robita that raised Tobio is a dark lime green colour, while Ochanomizu’s Robita is bright yellow. These were two different robots.

Here’s Lime Robita in Tenma’s basement…

…and here they are when Astro finds Tenma’s abandoned house. What bothers me is the consistent shape and size of Robita’s dings. The Japanese version also makes it more clear how Robita took over a parent role for Tobio, along with how Tenma undervalued Robita as a conscious being. The concept of replacing this Robita is what made Tobio run out of the Ministry, making them indirectly involved with his death. This leads me to the realization that, after Tobio died, Tenma beat this Robita until they couldn’t function.

The English dub glazes over this robot, which is a shame, since Lime Robita really does have a story to tell.

So I rewatched the Iron man movies agaib, and do you know what I noticed in the first one? Tony says “And I saw that I had become part of a system that is comfortable with zero accountability.”

Like there are some people who will argue that Tony only developed his views on the accountability thing when the mother had confronted him, but boy are they wrong.

Tony has always been about accountability, since the very beginning. Why else did he see Ultron as completely his fault? (He “tapped out” because of it and no, it wasn’t completely his fault. Bruce, Wanda, and THE MIND STONE all had a part in the making of Ultron)

Tony’s views on this started when he saw what zero accountability meant. It meant that he was indirectly (He was creating the weapons, didn’t know though) killing the people he wanted to protect, and yet none of the blame was reaching him. This wasn’t looked into, all because while his weapons were being used by terrorists, the US was also gaining from this.

Put into Civil War terms, while Steve’s band of misfits ran around getting people killed indirectly (their involvement led to preventable deaths) and damaging large portions of property, they did occasionally save the day.

So all you Tony haters like to say “He killed people with his weapons, he killed Wanda’s parents with his weapons, blah blah blah..” but yet you ignore that Tony did his best to wrong this right.

Please tell me when Steve publicly apologized for the deaths because of his involvement? Drops a Helicarrier out of the sky and on to people? Nope he was doing good, the good out weighs the bad. Because Steve showed up Crossbones and him fight, Crossbones decides to blow himself up, but Wanda accidentally sent him into a building that killed more people than if she just made a shield around Steve? That wasn’t their fault, they were just acting like local police officers and S.W.AT handling terrorists because they can. They were doing good, they meant well, they stopped the bad guys in the end (they also got people killed).

Bucky is trying to escape from both a cat and the cops, and in doing so endangers the life of many, and then the poor guy that Bucky stole the motorcycle from? That doesn’t count. He was scared for his life. He was a suspected terrorist and so he decided to make it seem like he wanted to actually hurt people. Logic!

I’m sorry for this rant, it’s 1 in the morning, but I’m just tired of people using the argument that Tony got people killed too (and he has! He definitely has! But he at least made an effort to make it publicly known that he was sorry and tried his best to right his wrongs. Where as it SEEMS Steve thinks he knows best all the time and has no reason to apologize oh my God this is turning into a rant inside of a rant I’m too tired for this someone help) if you feel the need to correct me, do so. I’m trying to keep an open mind. If I made any mistakes, don’t be shy about it.

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Small question, I recently read the first Sherlock x reader you posted here on Tumblr and it was said that the reader was out on John's stag night... I don't want to seem rude, but wasn't that a guy thing?

Don’t worry, you’re not. I’m sure many people were wondering about that as well, I really should’ve explained it.
She wasn’t really, she was what she’d call “Indirectly involved”
She honestly had went out with Mary at first and then they were hanging out at her place. Then she “went home”,
having been drinking and already intoxicated, she decided to find Sherlock and John and that’s how they met up in the club. And well, the rest is history.
I hope this answered your question Anon ☺♥



like ok ok ok here’s the thing–i haven’t seen it a lot but the (dumb) posts i’ve seen about this have the reasoning that she’d be team cap on this bc of the fandom-created notion that she’s always the counterpoint to what tony does and i’m like??? what the fuck are you talking about??? she might be calm when he’s chaos but that doesn’t mean she just automatically contradicts everything he does because if we’re watching the same films here she literally accepts accountability JUST AS MUCH as he does

she doesn’t necessarily have the same guilt complex that tony does when it comes to accountability but honestly it’s kind of a big part of her arc too?? i mean for real it starts in im1 when it does for tony when she walks in and quits and he says “you stood by my side for all these years while i reaped the benefits of destruction and now that i wanna change it you’re gonna walk out?” and at first shes all bro ur gonna kill yourself but then after he says the thing about doing the right thing you can sEE IT IN HER FACE THAT SHE REALIZES ACCEPTING ACCOUNTABILITY IS THE RIGHT THING TO DO


and she doesn’t say it but you KNOW that she knows that being a part of all that destruction as tony puts it WAS wrong and they need to change what they’re doing

and this carries through all the way to im3 when she’s in that hotel with maya and maya is all “i sold my work to a think tank and it went south” or w/e she says exactly and pepper says

“that’s exactly what we used to do”



not “what tony used to do” or “what stark industries used to do” she says “what WE used to do” because SHE WAS A PART OF IT JUST AS MUCH AS TONY WAS and she wants to ACCEPT THE ACCOUNTABILITY FOR IT

so the idea that she would sit there and be anti-accords and say no the avengers don’t need oversight or to accept accountability for the destruction they’ve caused is SO UNREALISTIC??? she accepts the blame for something she was only indirectly involved in and i feel that even on some level she probably accepts a little blame herself for the things tony does as iron man bc she’s seen what he’s gone through and done and altho those were his choices probably at some point she’s like well, shit

also like lol binches she’s the ceo of this multi-national, multi-billion dollar industry who regularly picks up the tab on the relief funds for the shit the avengers cause do u really think she’d be like “nah they can continue fuckin shit up in other countries on their own terms” like rEALLY

this is also one of the many reasons i wish she was in CW because though i’m sure her part would have been microscopic it would have (hopefully) given us some insight onto how she feels about the matter



Hetalia Superhero AU HCs/Details

Hetalia superhero AU headcanons and details because I just wanted to have everything in a neat post for reference. More details and characters will be added in the future!

Note: some of these HCs are ones that have been sent in that I’ve expanded on with doubleox515, or ones where people have added to my own HCs, so I’ve made sure to provide links to the original asks for those!

General AU details

  • In this AU, powers are a genetic thing and are somewhat feared/stigmatised by the government and society (kinda like in X-Men), but there aren’t any groups or organisations for those who do have powers, so most of the “superhumans” either try to remain undercover or become vigilantes.
  • The city that this is all set in is run by a corrupt, elite group of people, consisting of powerful businessmen and the heads of local crime organisations (kinda like in Daredevil). They are separate from the government but pretty much control the operation and funds of the city.
  • Powers generally develop between ages 9-14.
  • The AU mainly focuses on the Nordics, but some of the other characters are in it as well.
  • The Nordics are college/university age - at the start of the AU, Emil is in his first year and the rest of them are in their second. Mathias and Lukas have known each other since childhood but have somehow managed to keep their powers secret from each other. Lukas’s mother recently married Emil’s father, making them step-brothers, but they still haven’t found out about each other yet. Mathias and Lukas know Tino and Berwald (although these two only vaguely know each other) from university. Managing class and fighting would be pretty difficult so they often turn up very tired or very sore. 
  • All of them have undertaken vigilante activities at some point but have managed to avoid running into each other until one night when they’re all coincidentally tracking down the same person. Conflict ensues when they realise they’re not the only ones but all want to be the one to take the criminal down, resulting in a pretty big battle and all of them accidentally being unmasked, which is how they find out about each other and eventually team up.
  • The Nordics are the first group of superhumans to successfully form a team - after hearing about them on the news and seeing them in action, other groups follow their example and form their own teams. 
  • The Nordics - and most other superhumans - wouldn’t have much access to special materials to make “costumes”, what with the lack of a superhuman “network” of sorts. They would more or less wear casual clothes while doing their vigilante stuff, but with masks on/hoods up.
  • The AU follows a plotline.
  • Main inspirations: X-Men & Daredevil.


  • Mathias has fire manipulation/pyrokinesis. He can generate his own fire or manipulate existing fire. His abilities prevent him from being burnt, and fire only feels slightly warm to him.
  • Lukas has “magic” powers, pretty much. He can generate energy blasts/beams, and the troll in this AU is a holographic combat avatar that he can conjure and use to fight, although it drains a lot of energy. 
  • Berwald can absorb the properties of (most) solid materials that he touches. He can transform parts of his body, like just a fist or an arm, or his whole body.
  • Tino does not really have “powers” per se, but his senses and strength are slightly beyond that of a non-powered human. He’s an expert marksman and hand-to-hand combatant, and is also very good with knives. 
  • Emil has super speed. His top speed would be higher than the speed of sound, maybe Mach 2 or 3, but his average would be lower since higher speeds require more energy.
  • Ludwig has the ability to change his skin into organic steel, like X-Men’s Colossus. In this form, he has superhuman strength and durability. Unlike Berwald, he can only transform his whole body rather than parts of it. He’s in a team with Gilbert, Elizabeta and Roderich. (from asks: x, x
  • Gilbert has the ability to mimic others’ powers, but only one at a time. He can only mimic the powers of those in the same room/within close proximity. (same asks as above)
  • Elizabeta has flight and sound manipulation. Kinda inspired by Banshee from X-Men but instead of directly generating the sounds, she has to manipulate them instead, if that makes sense. She often uses her powers to magnify Roderich’s. (from asks: x, x)
  • Roderich has something like hypnotic music (kind of like a siren). He performs (singing + piano usually) at various restaurants and other fancy places as a job, preferring to stay undercover. However, he gets indirectly involved in Elizabeta’s - and later the team’s - missions (albeit relunctantly), working behind the scenes and stuff.
  • Eduard is a genius hacker with the ability of super learning who helps the Nordics out sometimes. He considers himself part of the team although they don’t since he’s pretty much useless in combat. Despite this, his assistance is still very valuable for missions where a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff is required. (from ask: x)
  • Ivan has emotional manipulation. He can either project emotions onto everyone in a certain radius or specifically target one person. When he’s angry, scared or extremely upset, this ability often becomes dangerous as it can cause others to fall into the same state. (from ask: x)
  • Irina has healing abilities. The extent of her ability encompasses most injuries that can be sustained while fighting, although more severe injuries can take hours to heal. (same ask as above)
  • Natalya doesn’t have powers but she’s a skilled marksman and hand-to-hand combatant. These are learnt skills, as she’s had to keep up with her older powered siblings for pretty much her whole life. Her abilities are almost on par with Tino’s, even though he is superhuman. (same ask as above)
  • Alfred has electricity manipulation, which has a variety of applications ranging from generating lighting to manipulating bio-electric currents in the body. 
  • Feli has clairvoyance, but only sees the negative things. As a result, he tries to have a more optimistic outlook on life. (from ask: x)
  • Lovi also has clairvoyance, but only sees the positive things. He’s no longer amazed/surprised by positive events so he feels as though there isn’t much he can look forward to, as well as being slightly jealous of people caring about his brother’s abilities more. (same ask as above)
  • Matthew has phasing/intangibility, the ability to pass through solid matter.
  • Yao has shapeshifting abilities. He can transform into both people and animals; however, if he shapeshifts into a superhuman he does not get their powers.
Every Supernatural Episode Ever:

1. First person on the screen is the one that will die/the demonic thing will go after
2. Something evil will jump out and blood will be everywhere
3. “One Week Later”
4. Sam and Dean will hear about the incident, probably via media
5. One of them will be like “it’s probably just a crazy coincidence” or “I don’t think this our kind of work”
6. There will be lots of driving
7. Sam and Dean will whip out the fake badges
8. “I already went over this with the other cops”
9. Literally no one will buy that they are cops or detectives or anything
10. The person who is indirectly involved or second-hand involved is responsible (ex. not the girl, the girl’s dad; not the father, the father’s son)
11. A demon will blast Sam and Dean away at some point
12. Sam will be choked
13. Dean will be a smartass
14. They kill the thing and the hot girl will fall in love with one of them (probably Dean)

NPD - Smear Campaigns

More regular and predictable than the sun, the malignant narcissist will inevitably use some form of smear campaign. Smear campaigns are, of course, being another word for public gaslighting; an attempt to negatively alter the perception of those around the victim. There are several reasons why smear campaigns are used.

The first is to attempt to isolate the victim. If a victim loses their social support they are more vulnerable to the malignant narcissist’s demands, whatever they may be. The second is to emotionaly hurt the victim, to make them feel that no one loves/cares about them. This is to make the victim more receptive to the narcissist’s attempt to insinuate themselves back into their lives. The third is to ruin their career and prospective job opportunities. A more vindictive move, this is solely to make the victim feel as if they have no safe place to escape to. You could call this move trying to run the victim to ground.

So, what can a victim do in response. The most affective method is, in fact, to do nothing. A smear campaign is, like everything else a malignant narcissist does, an attempt at forcing the victim (and others) to acknowledge and communicate with them. An attempt  at self-defense, which is a natural response, only allows the malignant narcissist to gleen information from those the victim communicates with.

Anything the victim says can and will be used against them via further gaslighting. The malignant narcissist has no ammunition if the victim gives them none. If/when a family/friend brings up the gaslighting smear campaign simply state that you won’t entertain the malignant narcissist’s negative behavior and change the subject. If what they say is about a third party’s opinion (the public, another friend, work mates) than say something non-commital such as “Huh.” or nothing and change the subject. There’s no telling if the third party opinion is true, and not something the victim has any power over anyway.

Remember, above all else, the malignant narcissist wants attention. Any attention will do and if you don’t provide it they will try to gain it through other people who are directly/indirectly involved. Don’t give them the attention they want, ignore their attempts to regain communication with you.

Give Me Hope- A Lay Wolf!AU (Part 8)

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part4,Part 5, Part 6, Part 7 , Part 9

The moment those words came out of Xiumin’s mouth, the world crashed around him. All he could think of was you, and Aiden. You were just humans, two unprotected, innocent humans who were getting indirectly involved in something way beyond your current understanding. You were in danger.

If the others found out about you, they would immediately track Yixing back to where you live, to either kidnap you to torture you and in the process torture Yixing, or they would kill you. Either way, no matter what they did to you, it would kill Yixing inside. Once a wolf bonded, that was it, he was linked to his partner forever. If they were to die, the wolf would slowly die of grief, and your pain would be his pain. And so would be Aiden’s.

Yixing knew that boy was not his son, and yet somehow, he loved him as if he were. Perhaps it was because he was his mate’s son, or perhaps he genuinely liked the little guy, either way, he was willing to die for him. He knew in any normal circumstances it would be way too soon to think of them as his family, but that’s what you were to him. A family.

“What will you do Lay?” Suho’s mate asked him. Yixing looked at her with a pained expression.

“I don’t know… I don’t know. If I bring her here now, she will be even closer to the battlefront, but she is too far for me to be able to protect her over there. Over there, there is still a chance that they might not figure out she exists, down here it will be obvious. I’m at a stalemate.” Yixing told her, although his whole body twitched with the will of fully sprinting towards your apartment.

“You should stand guard outside her flat.” Jongdae groaned, as he attempted to sit up. The bleeding had begun to slow down, and he was able to move a little now.

“I should what?” Yixing questioned him, his voice a little shrill.

“Stand guard outside her flat. Take a couple of the guys with you, in case there is a battle. That way you can protect her, without bringing her here.” Chen finished suggesting. Yixing’s eyes lit up immediately.

Chen’s words rang in his ears, as he, Chanyeol and Tao stood guard around your area. They went there on foot, as humans, to minimize the scent they gave off, and covered their tracks thoroughly. They kept very close check to the air, in case they caught a whiff of a trail of the others, but they were safe.

They stood around your flat, your working place, and Aiden’s daycare centre, rotating and alternating between the three.

They went there, day after day, standing guard, protecting you, watching the city. Yixing wondered for a moment if he would be able to move in with you here, if he would be able to get used to living in the city, or whether he would prefer building you a house beside Suho’s, so you and Aiden could move in with him, and enjoy life in the countryside beside his family, and hopefully, in the future, fill that house with many, many little children who would run around the fields.

His imagination almost got the best of him, a cheesy grin spreading across his face, making Tao and Chanyeol laugh, and mock him for the rest of the day.

Everything seemed to be going just fine, the schedules for standing guard seemed to be effective and somehow, so far, they had kept you safe, but the peace wouldn’t last very long…

Iran Strikes Back At US With 'Reciprocal' Sanctions

Tehran, Iran (AP) – Iran on Sunday sanctioned what it described as 15 American companies, alleging they support terrorism, repression and Israel’s occupation of land Palestinians want for a future state, likely in retaliation for sanctions earlier announced by the U.S.

The wide-ranging list from an American real estate company to a major arms manufacturer appeared more symbolic than anything else as the firms weren’t immediately known to be doing business anywhere in the Islamic Republic.

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A Foreign Ministry statement carried by the state-run IRNA news agency said the sanctions barred companies from any agreements with Iranian firms and that former and current directors would not be eligible for visas. It also said any of the company’s assets in Iran could be seized.

“The sanctioned companies have, directly and/or indirectly, been involved in the brutal atrocities committed by the Zionist regime in the occupied Palestinian territories, or they have supported the regime’s terrorist activities and Israel’s development of Zionist settlements on the Palestinian soil,” the IRNA report said.

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The IRNA report referred to the sanctions as a “reciprocal act,” without elaborating. Iran’s new sanctions comes after the Trump administration in February sanctioned more than two dozen people and companies in retaliation for a recent ballistic missile test.

The companies named did not immediately respond to requests for comment Sunday. They included ITT Corp., missile-maker Raytheon Co. and United Technologies Corp. Denver’s Re/Max Holdings Inc., a real estate company, also made the list. One of the named companies, Israeli defense contractor Elbit, declined to comment on the matter.

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Another firm on the list, truck maker Oshkosh, has worked closely with Israeli armored products maker Plasan, including on the Sand Cat armored vehicle that is used by several countries, including Israel. The Israeli Defense Ministry is reportedly seeking to buy some 200 tactical trucks from the Oshkosh, Wisconsin-based company.

Kahr Arms and Magnum Research, two sanctioned firms which share the same parent company, advertise .44-caliber Magnum and .50-caliber “Desert Eagle” pistols — a product line that previously has been made in Israel.

Meanwhile, a senior Iranian lawmaker said Iran would consider a bill branding the U.S. military and the CIA as terrorist groups if the U.S. Congress passes a bill designating Iran’s Revolutionary Guard a terrorist organization.

Allaeddin Boroujerdi, the head of parliament’s national security and foreign policy committee, was quoted by Iranian state television as saying the move to further sanction the Revolutionary Guard goes against the 2015 nuclear deal Iran reached with the United States and other world powers.

The nuclear deal saw Iran agree to limit its enrichment of uranium in exchange for the lifting of some economic sanctions. In the time since, Chicago-based Boeing Co. has struck a $16.6 billion deal with Iran for passenger planes.

Tehran and Washington have had no diplomatic relations since 1979, when militant students stormed the U.S. Embassy and took 52 Americans hostages for 444 days. Tensions eased slightly with the nuclear deal struck by moderate President Hassan Rouhani’s administration, though hard-liners have detained those with Western ties in the time since.

Sunday’s sanctions announcement also comes ahead of a May presidential election in which Rouhani is expected to seek re-election.


Associated Press writers Jon Gambrell and Adam Schreck in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, contributed to this report.

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This one is for the Bird Watchers


This one is going to be kind of long, so get comfy.

We need to talk about the Riley Committee and how this relates to everything that is going on and everything that will be happening trajectory-wise in Girl Meets World.

In Girl Meets Pluto, Maya and Farkle have a conversation with Lucas in which they explain the purpose of the Riley Committee and why Riley was unaware of the fact that Pluto was not a planet anymore:

Maya: She doesn’t know because she has us.
Farkle: The Riley Committee.
Maya: The committee exists to keep certain information away from Riley.
Lucas: Like what?
Farkle: Everything really.

- GM Pluto

Why is this important? What does the Riley Committee have to do with anything?

Quite a bit.

What we need to understand is that this show is about Riley and Maya and how their friendship will grow and change as a result of the obstacles that they face.

This is where the committee starts to come into play.

Riley and Maya’s relationship thrives best when there is a balance. Maya balancing out Riley’s naivete with a dose of realism. Riley balancing out Maya’s cynicism with a dose of hope (with help from Lucas, but that’s another post in itself). This is how it was for a while. Until growth occurred.

Many people have written on the unhealthy co-dependency that Maya and Riley have so I’m not going to beat a dead horse. However, I just want to mention that this is incredibly important in terms of understanding how the Riley committee has stunted Riley’s growth and how this ultimately led Riley to where she is right now, development-wise.

Maya and Farkle were ‘committeeing’ Riley because they loved the way Riley was. They loved Riley’s optimism and her belief that everything will turn out well and that everything happens for a reason. Especially Maya. Much in the same way that Riley admitted that she pushed Maya back to where she wanted her to be, Maya had kept Riley in a figurative box by withholding information that would challenge her worldview in a significant way  While it was not intentional, the consequences of this result in Riley’s growth being significantly stunted in comparison to Maya’s last season.

If we look at season two, the season of growth, we find that Maya had grown in a major way:

She went from her mantra of hope is for suckers to actually being optimistic about things happening to her and believing in things and people. For Maya, this was a huge step in terms of character development and progression. We see this happen in a series of progressive moments throughout the season. Her developing relationship with Shawn, her art, her relationship with Lucas, her relationship with her mother, her relationship with Riley.

Maya is allowed to grow because there is no ‘well-meaning but misguided’ group of friends to prevent her from experiencing the world through an unfiltered lens.

If we contrast this with Riley, while she did grow quite a bit, her growth was not quite as significant as Maya’s for a multitude of reasons:

1. She was being committeed.

Maya and Farkle both care very deeply for Riley, albeit in different ways.This carries over to how they want her to view the world. Riley’s belief in people was always the best thing about her. It was what allowed her to help spark a significant positive change in Maya and give her the chance to discover what hope is. (What happens when you meet a good influence and they change you for the better?) And with Farkle, it’s what allowed him to start on the path of realizing that feelings can be greater than science (another post as well).

While there was no malice in Maya and Farkle’s actions, by withholding any information that could significantly change Riley’s perspective or outlook on life, she wouldn’t lose the qualities that Maya and Farkle (but especially Maya) depended on to grow and thrive.

2. Perception vs. Reality

Triangle & Co-dependency withstanding, this is the biggest detriment to Riley’s growth. How does her being committeed have anything to do with this?

You’d be surprised.

Riley’s life from the get go was set up in such a way that this was going to be an issue. Unfortunately for Riley, one of the few downsides of having Cory and Topanga as your parents and hearing all of their stories made her buy into the idea that her love life had to be similar to her parents because that’s what she was supposed to do.

This also plays a large role in Riley and Lucas’ relationship, and why it has been somewhat of an uphill battle trying to get together. (But again, that’s another post in itself.)

On top of having a clear misunderstanding of the relationship her parents had and the obstacles they had to overcome in order to be together, she was getting another dose of Perception vs. Reality with the Riley committee.

By not being able to experience life through an unfiltered lens, Riley’s understanding of what is real and what is not real is clouded.

So, how did we get to where we are now? As of GM True Maya.
There are a few variables which contributed to Riley essentially committeeing Maya, which manifests itself as misdiagnosed over-correction. The two I want to focus on are the misdiagnosis itself and Lucas.

I’ll start off with a question: What happens to growth when feelings are pulled into the mix?

For Maya, her growth is not only stunted, but regressed. She is pushed back by Riley because she had gone “too far into Rileytown.” This had started off by Riley misunderstanding the point of Mr Jackson (the art teacher’s) critique of Maya’s painting which resulted in Riley successfully convincing everyone around her that Maya “had become her” instead of “Maya has grown as a person”.

This is why Riley was met with such resistance from Maya at first:

“What’s wrong with who I am now?”

“What’s wrong with both of us liking a nice guy?”

“My voice is still my voice, Riley. It’s going to take more than hair, clothes, and some boy to convince me otherwise.”

Ultimately, after Riley finished committeeing Maya, this is the end result:

“I only brought you back to exactly where I need you to be, and I was careful not to go too far.”

Essentially, Riley did to Maya what Maya and Farkle (but mostly Maya) did to Riley last season. Except the difference is that instead of just keeping Maya where she was, Riley pushed Maya back into that figurative box where Maya was “edgy and outspoken” because it is the only world that Riley has even known. Because feelings can have a great impact on growth, Maya and Riley are trying to cling on to what they’ve known because they are afraid of what will happen to their friendship if they explore their feelings. It makes it especially difficult when they have feelings for the same boy.

Which brings me to Lucas “I’m always tired” Friar.

Lucas is an interesting factor in this whole situation. The irony of how Lucas is indirectly involved in Maya being committeed is palpable. This triangle situation has been going on for quite some time. It has caused a strain on Riley/Lucas/Maya and their friendship suffers as a result. Therefore, Lucas has to make a decision. Here is where things get interesting.

Riley does not want to discuss their feelings about the triangle. Every opportunity she took, Riley tried to either resolve the triangle with methods that were unrealistic (i.e. GM Jexica) or indirectly or unintentionally questioning Maya’s feelings for Lucas.

The reason why this is so ironic is while Maya and Riley are out trying to figure out who Maya is, Lucas takes every opportunity he can get to affirm WHO Maya is. This is exemplified in the following instances:

  • When Lucas is with Zay and Farkle and they are doing the jellybean test to determine who Lucas should pick
  • When Lucas is with Topanga and Katy and he tells Katy that she’s a wonderful mother
  • When Lucas admits that “deep down Maya is beautiful.”
  • When Maya is confused about who she is and Lucas tries to remind her that trying to be something you’re not doesn’t get you anywhere. (I find it interesting how she physically backs up when Lucas tries to closer. Such an interesting visual cue.)

Although we are never shown who Lucas who have chosen given the opportunity to speak because he was cut off by Maya, at the very least we know that Lucas knows who Maya is. I also find it very interesting that Lucas chose this time to bring up what happened in Texas and how he was trying to be something else. But what was very interesting was Maya’s response:

Lucas: Maya, what’s going on with you?

Maya: It’s like I don’t have a role here anymore. Riley the sweet, Farkle the genius, Lucas the good.

Lucas: Aww, I thought that was gone.

Maya: It’s not gone. I’m gone. I’m the one whose gone!

Lucas: (gets up from seat) Maya, I’ve been down this road, forget it. I missed a whole year of school because I thought I had to be something and that doesn’t get you anywhere

Maya: And now you say please and thank you and what does that get you?

- GM True Maya

Maya isn’t the only individual who has two sides to them. Lucas has his “Texas” side and his “New York” side and just like Maya he needs to come to a place where he can reconcile the two. (I would recommend a GM The Secret of Life rewatch). This is why I wholeheartedly believe that Farkle is to Riley what Lucas is to Maya. A voice of clarity during tough times. And it is interesting to wonder what would have happened to Maya’s growth if it were Lucas who was helping Maya instead of Riley… But, I digress.

The triangle is what got Maya all mixed up, feelings-wise. She knew that she had these feelings for Lucas, BUT she knew that Riley has and always will be the best thing that has happened to her. So again, I’ll ask:

What happens to growth when feelings are pulled into the mix?

While this is all happening Riley has convinced Maya, with the help of the adults in her life that she has lost her voice and needed to “come back.”

So she did. Except… she doesn’t fully. Based on some spoilers that I’ve heard, even though she painted a mural of hope, she isn’t in the place that she was in at the peak of her growth in season two. She has been committeed by Riley and she has to find her way back to a place where she has the best of herself and Riley. Just like how Riley needs to be allowed to be in an environment that will help her grow past her innocent naivete. @theowldetective​ has a phenomenal post on where Riley and Maya need to end up if you guys wanted a more in-depth analysis on it.

Long story short, being committeed while trying to navigate through one’s feelings can have severe implications on growth. People change people, it’s the secret of life ;).

EDIT 1: Here’s the link to theowldetective’s post if you wanted to read it:

EDIT 2: I forgot to mention that Cory is actually partially responsible as well for committeeing Riley and somewhat stunting her growth as well. While there are plenty of examples I could draw from where this happens, I want to choose GM Permanent Record because it is the most recent example of this happening and it is also a significant moment for both Cory and Riley.

In Girl Meets PR as most of you know, Riley gets her first D. I won’t bore you with the recap, just watch or rewatch the episode for the details. Anyways what’s important to note here is how Cory initially responds to Riley’s failing grade, he goes in and tries to get the teacher to change her grade to no avail. Cory, like Lucas ended up coming to the revelation that he couldn’t protect Riley like he could in middle school. He had to learn separation of duties. His duty to Riley as a father was to be there for her and comfort her in times of need as well as provide support and encouragement where needed.

His job as a teacher is to see what she knows. To help her learn as much as possible while she’s in her classroom. To see how history relates to their present.

However, the reason why this episode was a big one for Riley and Cory was that although Cory has committeed Riley in the past, in this episode he realized that it isn’t the appropriate response. What do you know? How does your history relate to your present? Who we are affects who we become.

The difference between Riley & Maya’s behaviour with each other and Cory’s behaviour with Riley is this: Cory’s committeeing of Riley doesn’t stem from a lack of self-identity or co-dependency, but rather from a desire to protect her as her father.  

Also, Riley and Farkle’s moment together in the Bay Window was incredibly overlooked. Stay tuned, I got some sweet posts coming.

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teenage-mutant-angsty-zukos  asked:

Do you think Lance is allergic to anything?


fkfwkef okay but imagine lance being allergic to keith’s shampoo like, lance finally gets keith to shower regularly and he’s all ready to cuddle and hug him but then as soon as he gets a whiff of keith’s hair his face contorts into pure agony and he scrambles away from keith, scratching his neck and swearing to mother mary “keith stay away from me i don’t wear face masks every night just to get a rash from some greasy mullethead.”

“some greasy mullethead?? [i cradled you in my arms voice] I SHOWERED FOR YOU”

klance aside if lance were allergic to anything, hunk would be that doting mom friend and mention it to everyone who comes into contact with lance. the two are at a restaurant? hunk goes out of his way to make sure the waiter knows lance cannot have any shellfish in his dish like don’t let it touch his plate sir my friend is allergic and he will die. buying cotton candy at a fair? hunk will def ask the cashier if any shellfish were directly or indirectly involved in the making or packaging of this treat. lance does the teenage drawl thing like “huuuuuuuuuuuuunkuh stooop” but he really does appreciate hunk. hunk also knows exactly where lance’s epipen is at all times and makes sure he brings it with him wherever he goes.

meanwhile pidge is the exact opposite and goes out of her way to make fun of lance’s allergy. “hey hunk maybe I can make dinner tonight. I can make lance’s favorite” cue evil grin and hunk gasping dramatically.