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persona fans according to their fave character
  • adachi: .........has.......interesting kinks. writes think pieces late at night about how we all are all adachi to some degree
  • akechi: probably depressed. stays up way too late. im talking like 4am late. likes any fucked up character. starts all the p5 discourse
  • akihiko: quiet but loves their faves intensely. cried when p4 arena akihiko was shown with no shirt. ironically, probably knows nothing abt sports, boxing included
  • akira: secretly out of control. knows a lot of ppl but only has 2 friends. very gay. makes bad decisions and then accepts them. dates every persona girl just because.
  • aigis: pure. weird sense of humor. runs an obscure
  • aigisxminako ship blog. probably uses the term "waifu" unironically
  • ann: gay. tired of ppl sexualizing her. cries a lot. has reblogged probably every picture of makoann or annshiho in existence.
  • chie: secretly loves visual novels. wants to be kicked in the face. in their minds yukichie is canon. very gay.
  • eikichi: DRAMA. very dramatic but not in a discourse starting way. nice aesthetic. uses their queueue religiously. pretends to not cry a lot
  • dojima: is always 5 yrs behind when it comes to memes. taboo fic? they're read it. they probably wrote it. only owns two pairs of shoes. bad with kids.
  • futaba: never goes outside. only has straight ships. loves puns. reblogs every picture of futaba with best girl in the tags and means it
  • fuuka: are super soft but love fuuka with all their heart. never talks in the tags. reads a lot. is either on social media all the time or never at all
  • haru: very soft. likes the color pink. every ship they have is a rare pair. watches too much anime. never dated more than one girl at a time in a persona game.
  • jun: emotional. super into the zodiac. very gay. probably hates lisa lmao. played every other persona game expecting it to be gay and was disappointed.
  • junpei: super funny. wishes junpei was romanceable. probably all have the chaotic good alignment. obscure meme user. very upbeat.
  • kanji: super soft in the inside. is still upset over the way kanji was treated in p4 sometimes. names their stuffed animals. probably yells at the tv
  • ken: looks at ken as their child. the type to adopt fictional characters. lost their minds when ken was announced to be on the p4 arena roster. always busy.
  • koromaru: the responsible one in the group. always on time. likes dogs obviously. persona 3 is their favorite persona. doesnt understand twitter.
  • lisa: (???????? no offense but did anyone like her????) is proud they have an unpopular fave. loves the characters fandoms hate. tired.
  • makoto: REALLY WANTS TO BE STEPPED ON. gay and will not apologize. keeps their friends out of trouble. probably plays dnd. had a tomodachi as a kid and loved it.
  • maya: goes through a lot but still manages to be positive. considers persona 2 to be a masterpiece. loses things easily. hard to dislike.
  • minako: everyone loves them. wishes p3p was canon. has finished p3p at least 7 times. will never stop writing threesomes with minako/akihiko/shinjiro. openly kinky
  • minato: has not let the ending of p3 go. probably music snobs. messed up sleep schedule. secretly kinky. is actually hilarious once u get to know them
  • mitsuru: worships the ground she walks on. wants her to step on them. really driven. likes making lists. loves strong girls.
  • morgana: the type to correct ppl's grammar or spelling online. means well. writes really niche fic with super complex aus. tired.
  • naoto: has only romanced naoto in every playthrough. does not care that naoto uses sp so recklessly does not care at all. probably short lmao
  • nanako: wholesome. only reads fluffy fanfiction. the kind of person to make "why i love this character" posts after noticing a lot of character hate in the tags. popular.
  • rise: probably listens to jpop. maybe kpop. maybe both. would collect rise posters irl. compares every persona navigator to rise. likes bright colors.
  • ryuji: reckless. super funny but humble. LOUD. uses weird pet names for their faves "my soft swift running boy". loves memes. has receipts for every soft thing ryuji's done
  • shinjiro: unlucky in the way that every character they love dies lmao. kinda sad but the best kind of friend you can have. definitely the mom friend. thrives on aus
  • sojiro: sarcastic. supportive in a really weird way. always talks in the tags. is mean to show affection. only types in lower case.
  • tatsuya: bi. theyre all bi. reblogs a lot of those sad ass memes. you wonder if theyre ok a lot. has quirky hobbies that you wouldnt think fit them.
  • teddie: chaotic evil. sees teddie as a child that must be protected. gets angry when he's shipped with ppl. has any souyo fic with teddie as their child bookmarked
  • yosuke: aware of yosuke's cringe-worthy moments but loves him through it. would die for that cut romance link. fun to talk to. awkward. reads a lot of fic.
  • yu: still battling to this day abt which name is canon. wants to be supported. KINKY. once you get to know them you see they have no chill. walking cat memes.
  • yukari: has separate blogs for different interests. starts all the fandom discourse (along w akechi and adachi fans),likes to psychoanalyze fictional characters
  • yukiko: also gay. kinda quiet. sense of humor is waaaaaaaaaaay out there. im talking like....outer space out there. organizes their blog well.
  • yukino: Big Gay. is very informed in socio-political topics. really smart. if a show is gay.....they've watched it. the type to write movie critiques.
  • yusuke: BROKE. watches shows like brooklyn 99 and the office. some of them might be furries but good luck figuring out which ones. really want to date yusuke

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what are the foundational items of a good wardrobe for a woman in her twenties who spends her time frequenting her university who craves comfort in warmer climates but hates wearing shorts?

The following are simply pieces (not including shorts) that I find myself wearing often during the summer months/warmer climates: therefore they may be the ‘foundational pieces’ of my own wardrobe. By no means is this an objectively ‘good’ wardrobe and by no means will everyone feel comfortable wearing such:

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I saw the Shingeki no Kyojin live action movie and it was so bad I almost cried. The characters were so much out of character that you could hardly recognize them. They didnt even include one of the main characters but made up an ooc. I dont wanna see this for One Piece. Odas work is not to be tempered with - if its not 100% Oda - and it wont be - it wont be One Piece.

I’ve already heard of the abomination that is the live action Shingeki no Koyjin (which I was actually excited about when I heard it was being released but I’m glad I haven’t watched it yet cause I don’t want to see characters destroyed). 

What I’m scared most about isn’t the special effects or the story being changed, it’s the characters. I’m scared they’re gonna do what Funimation did to Goku back in the 90s and made him a “Superman” type character and do a similar thing to Luffy. Luffy is compassionate, yes. He cares deeply about his friends and their wellbeing and has good morals but he’s not going to go out and save the world just because. It has to have an effect on him in some way for him to act. If the whole world were to be destroyed but the people he cared about were safe, he probably wouldn’t really give a shit. 

America doesn’t seem to understand this concept that protagonists don’t have to be 100% morally correct to be a good character and I’m so afraid that they’ll change that. They’ll also create additional unnecessary drama because that’s what Western audiences find so interesting for reasons I personally don’t understand. That’s what they’re doing with the live action Death Note movie, change characters and plot points to fit the different audience. Let’s just pray it doesn’t turn out TOO bad….

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i try not to discredit people for their age, but you're... you're really young. i understand that you're upset by the genderbending thing, but it was meant to be inclusive towards women back in the 70's and 80's when people were emailing eachother spock/kirk fanfic, dude. genderbending is meant to encompass the entire spectrum, not just cis people. it includes trans and nb people too. it's meant to be for character perspective, not erasure

yup, I’m a 14 year-old so that means i don’t have opinions or a concept of being offended or hurt. Also your whole thing on the spock/kirk thing makes no sense to me so could you send another ask explaining what you’re trying to say by that? And if gender-bending is meant to encompass the entire gender system, then it ain’t doing too great a job at it, considering the piece I’m talking about literally only gave all the dads a giant chest and an hourglass figure.

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But Sten how do you look at someone like in the gif and describe so well what you see? It works in my head not in my words.

well i think the trick is writing out phrases and not jumping right into fitting it in a story. lets take MY FAVORITE EXAMPLE:

so first, i try to think about all the emotions in the scene, and when i’d possibly use a reaction like this. in this situation, this is lena defying vulnerability, feeling a bit defensive and snarky, but she’s also covering up pain/hurt. this is CLASSIC LENA (hence why it appears in like, everything i write). so there’s a lot of things happening and i try to focus on all the emotions that would produce such a look. i write down all the types of feelings, because this is important to include in mannerisms during dialogue. 

then i think about every single piece of it and essentially break it down. it’s more than just ‘her lips curling’. she looks down at the floor, calculating, before flickering her eyes up slowly, with a pointed stare. shes facing whatever it is threatening her head on. her head is tilted to the side, knowingly (like she’s just realized something, or her thoughts suddenly make sense, or she’s coming to some sort of hurtful realization). and then FINALLY we get to the piece that i love the most, the soft snarl of the lips, where she’s smirking at the reality of the situation, not because it’s funny, but because it’s cold and expected. it’s a sarcastic laugh, and the way her lips quirk to the side and turn up just slightly is SO IMPORTANT to convey when writing.

honestly, katie is one of the most fantastic expressive actors to do this with, and it makes your writing 100x more descriptive and emotional. it’s why i love writing her character SO much (among a million other things)… but take any well made lena gifs and practice and suddenly you’ve got emotional dialogue and mannerisms that everyone KNOWS and says more than simple action words ever could. <3

Hey uhhh yeah my partner is a Real Fucking Person and they’re not just Some Artist and they’re not someone you can use for art. if you only wanna see their art then look at their art tag but there’s no need for you to scream at them about me because im damn sure you know that they wont care what you have to say

theyre a real person too and you dont need to act so fuckin entitled and go “uwu i hate ur boyfriend and i hate seeing you talk to him uuwuw so im gonna tell you that ive blocked him and blacklisted him because i think it’ll phase your life uuuw” like are you jealous or something???? because it screams jealousy to me

they have a personal life and im included in it so if you scream at my partner for blogging about something that isnt art just because you hate me, then my fuckin god youre the filthiest piece of shit ever. you dont need to get them involved with shit that aint their issue and besides you’re not the first to hate me so who the fuck cares what you have to think

get your head our of your ass and stop feeding yourself shit to spew with your mouth you’re worse than a fuckin backwards human centipede
The Clinic - RexWolfe - Holby City [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 17/?
Fandom: Holby City
Rating: Mature
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Serena Campbell/Bernie Wolfe
Characters: Bernie Wolfe, Serena Campbell

In 1885 there weren’t many female surgeons in Britain. After four years with the British Army, Major Berenice Wolfe finds her way to The Clinic where she meets Senior Surgeon Serena Campbell, who captures her mind and soul. An AU piece inspired by a Bramwell post on Tumblr. Vintage Berena includes as much canon scenes and conversations as possible. Will be rated M in later chapters.

Yey! I updated. FINALLY! Sorry this took so long, I got a bit distracted by Berena Appreciation Week and then life happened. But I managed to type this sucker up during my lunch breaks and well, I’m not 100% happy with it but here it is. Hope you enjoy it! x

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Ooooo you're writing spanking fic? The Naruto fandom is sorely lacking in it. I got so frustrated at the lack that I wrote a piece about Kakashi spanking all of Team 7 a while back, but now my favorite author is writing one! So excited :D

POSSIBLY, it will possibly include spanking - it’s not one of those kinks I’m really big on, but I’m willing to try since Tim threw so many lovely awful ideas at me. :’D

hhHHHH i’m working on a project at work that’s pretty much on spec and it’s REALLY tough but if it goes as planned it’s gonna be a SICK piece of design. it’s basically a huge poster-fold grid of things at a certain PA ivy league school’s museum. but designing it is gonna be like designing a crossword puzzle that happens to include several hundred words of copy and also photos. (and luckily the project manager/writer on this is one of my favorite people to do creative work with, so it should be fun!) 

Last couple things

We’re working on our last odds and ends before licensing.

- rigged up a google voice number to ring to BOTH of our phones. Woot.

- checked the expiration dates on our fire extinguishers

- printing out the emergency numbers, including the on-call number for our agency

And, my personal favorite: debating which pieces of furniture we should bolt to the wall with my husband (I think everything, he thinks nothing.).

how do aldnoah work

More precisely, how do aldnoah rights work? As in, the ability to utilise already-awakened aldnoah. I have no idea what’s floating around reddit or tumblr or anything about this so feel free to pm with links. 

I always thought the Rights were exclusive, and passed down through bloodline, such as from Count to child (since Klancain does the Klanclench when he sees the Tharsis, which I interpret as more than a sentimental thing). 

(insert reference to Arthur meme here)

We also get this scene right after the Klanclench. This will be important later.

Dialling it back to earlier in the anime, back in season one (or the First Cour to use their terms) we’re given a brief explanation of the activation factor and aldnoah rights. 

Then, piecing together both Inaho and Slaine’s ability to ‘command’ aldnoah (of the Tharsis and Deucalion, respectively) and the fact that they’ve both tasted that magic Princess spit, we can assume that the requirements of gaining aldnoah rights include ingesting a bit of royal DNA. So, uh, the Counts pictured above maybe had a bit of tongue action when kissing the emperor’s hand. Who knows. 

When Asseylum’s heartbeat stops, the Deucalion’s aldnoah stops working and she has to manually restart it. 

This explains why Inaho needed a bit of her blood as well as his own activation right to power up the Deucalion in Russia. 

(phone home inaho)

This raises a some questions: when Gilzeria died, and when Asseylum’s heart stopped in season one, what happened to all the aldnoah? Does simply having a Count’s rights mean that it keeps going (with the Deucalion failing because Asseylum never delegated its core to a ‘noble’)? Did the Deucalion never switch off during it’s repairs? Or is Inaho now technically a knight, with command of the Deucalion core?

There’s also the matter of Slaine’s right, regarding the Tharsis. In other circumstances, I’d accept that he’s in the same situation as Inaho: honorary knight since the day he arrived on Vers. With the activation right already in his body, he could simply step into any aldnoah-powered craft and be on his way. This is supported by how he could steal and pilot a sky carrier without the permission of Cruhteo. However, the Stygis Squadron is shown in blue uniforms (knights wear grey; Harklight addressed Slaine as a knight in season two and Slaine does likewise after Harklight gets the Herschel) and they pilot the Stygis mechs. So… perhaps aldnoah doesn’t really care who uses it. As long as it’s switched on a raring to go, any Terran peasant and go for a joyride.

(The guy on the left does salute, but he’s a second slower than the rest of the Stygis squad. You better be thankful you’re not serving Count ‘Whippy’ Cruhteo!)

But then they give us this scene:

This happens right after Slaine realises that Lemrina forced the Tharsis to go offline. What does Lemrina mean by that? If aldnoah rights are permanent, then Slaine can operate the Tharsis because he already has experience with piloting Versian crafts. Lemrina is surpsied that Slaine has the right, because as far as she knows, there’s no reason for him to have it (he wasn’t a knight before and Saazbaum made him a knight without telling Lemrina to give him the right).

Which is a nice solid explanation… that fails to take into account what she says immediately after.

Wait, what?

Love? If Lemrina’s talking about “still love” and “in spite of [being a vegetable]”, then she’s talking about the present. This isn’t ‘hey Slaine, did you smooch my sis in the past and get aldnoah rights’, this is ‘the reason you can pilot the Tharsis is because you love my sister now’. 

This implies that it takes more than just having a factor to pilot mechs, or at least the more ‘complex’, unique mechs of the true Orbital Knights.

What if this is meant to be taken more literally. What is loyalty is part of what’s needed for aldnoah to work? To be able to stop and start it, like Mazurek could, to be able to utilise it to its fullest potential, you need to have a bond with the aldnoah’s chosen. 

Which would make for some interesting implications. Firstly, it cements that the comment about Klancain’s loyalty ties in with his ability to pilot the Tharsis, hence the way the scene cuts from him looking at the Tharsis to that comment. It also explains why the Knights are willing to follow Slaine after Princess Lemrissey says she’ll marry him - if they are disloyal, then their aldnoah rights will be forfeit. It explains why Saazbaum needed Lemrina in the coup - he needs be be loyal to someone with royal blood, with the rest of his conspirators following him. This also gives the royal family truly immense power. There’s no need to fear rebellion - rebels will always be outgunned by loyalists. Unless there was a Count who could hold a princess captive. A princess who cannot contact anyone else and has no desire to. Then, perhaps the seeds of rebellion can be sown.

But seriously I have no idea what Lemrina’s crazy line is about. Maybe she was just talking baloney and is bitter that Slaine finds a lava lamp more attractive than her.

poor akaashi, it must be so hard being loved by so many dogs


they’re at some emo band concert

inspired by @lanceytown‘s emo keith and belieber lance x