and in utero

kurt cobain from nirvana is a terf his last album was named “in utero” do you know who have uteri? cis. women. why does he hate trans women so much? also: he was married to a… you guessed it, a cis woman… who gave birth to… yes… another cis woman. so where are the trans women? where are they? why does he exclude them from his life? does he hate him? i’m not sure tho… i’ve read something about him being a trans woman himself… can you confirm pls? i feel uncomfortable listening to his music now

lowandco  asked:

I just saw the trans/genderfluid naruto ask and just wanted to throw out there that I've been contemplating writing a trans girl naruto fic (thou it's kinda like the side/sequel story to this kurama one shot i'm writing where kurama kinda raises naruto because kurama is like fuck it this kid is mine, my chakra interacted with them in utero I claim them as my own and thus naruto is partially raised by a demon who has no concept of gender to begin with and is just like kid you can be whatever the-

That sounds awesome! Good luck with it! ^-^