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I do admit, I’m stalling a bit on writing the next chapter of CF mostly because I want the story’s outline done first. So far I have the rough outline for 6 chapters!

Anyways Enjoy some Wastelander!AU Rhys (basically the crooked feathers universe, calling it Wastelander because it’s easier and more catchy) 

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so I know nothing about dnd but you're making me want to listen to the adventure zone now haha

Friend the glorious part of the Adventure Zone is that an understanding of DnD isn’t even necessary going in. You’ll get a grasp for how stats and dice rolls affect things pretty fast- and they tweak things a bit since it’s a podcast rather than a traditional game. 

But seriously, give the Adventure Zone a listen it’ll have you in stitches! It’s got fab gay wizards and gender-neutral sentient constructs and tiny lizard-rogue ladies spitting draconic lightning because no one fucks with her buff girlfriend

The DM Griffin McElroy does such a fantastic job putting the story together and I’m so glad they’re going to keep going after this Arc is over!

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Here he is, brought to you by the fantastic @spiderdasquirrel, It’s Julian! the evergrowing snugglemonster! He’s bigger than you, he wants to hug you, and he’s getting bigger by the minute

My old ref sheet was about 3 years old, and no longer represented how I wanted Julian to be portrayed. and now I’ve jumped back into the modern age! the age of a snugglebeast who is constantly getting bigger.