and in the set itself

Aww thank you, I’m glad you like my colorings! I’ve covered the basics hereLately I’ve also been experimenting with various textures and using overlay on the texture layers (layers > mode > overlay). 

As for tips hmm let’s see

  • Learn the basics. If you’re just starting out, try picking mangacaps that are easy to color (i.e. not much background, only one character etc.) 
  • Look at various coloring tutorials, and find one that suits you. There are different tutorials depending on whether you use gimp or photoshop, and people have different styles. The one I made and linked above is for gimp, but you’ll find more tutorials here
  • Once you feel comfortable with it, start playing around with different settings (curves, saturation etc) and try experimenting with various fonts and textures 
  • Use layers!! Try using a layer for each color, shading, and body part.  Trust me this will make things so much easier, especially if you make mistakes. 
  • Keep practicing! I know this sounds like a boring advice but honestly, practice makes all the difference. I started coloring two years ago and I felt like giving up so many times, but after lots of trying and failing I finally found my current coloring style. 

I hope this helped somewhat… feel free to ask if anything’s unclear ^^ . And as reference/inspiration/whatever here are some of my colorings throughout the years

So my Xbox One turns on out of nowhere (I have it set so I doesn’t turn on by itself)

Okay, weird right? So I say alright fuck it I’ll go check and see if there’s any updates. No software updates to be seen so I check for the games.

Okay all good there’s an update for Doom.


Which I didn’t notice until I looked up at the size.

May I remind you this game already takes up 70 gbs

whom else here gay and unstable

i want a life full of soft colours, i want to bathe in roses and drink tea mid-afternoon; i want to watch the sunlight illuminate my room through the blinds, i want to be the sun, i want a library the size of the moon and to feel true reciprocated love—i want to love myself. i want red ribbons in my hair and long walks as the sunsets, i want to set a man’s heart on fire, i want to be fire itself. i want the pretty little things that make life fun.
—  P. A. Bitez From the book ‘Soft Tortures’
The Castlevania Netflix series is now available (and it’s surprisingly awesome)

Frederator Studios may be well known for their work on the Adventure Time series, but their latest showing is a dark and gory departure from the Candy Kingdom.

When this series was first announced, I was pretty skeptical as video games rarely translate well to film and tv (see the Super Mario Bros Movie, the Resident Evil series, and the complete filmography of Uwe Boll). However, what I experienced while watching the four 30-minute episodes of the series was an extremely pleasant surprise.

The series is mostly based on Castlevania: Dracula’s Curse for the NES, a brutally difficult game that returned the franchise back to its roots after the mess that was Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest, which tried (badly) to incorporate RPG elements into the series. Castlevania III set itself apart from the original by allowing the player to choose between Trevor Belmont, Grant Danasty, Sypha Belnades, and Alucard, each with unique abilities. Of these four characters, Grant is the only one who has not yet appeared in the Netflix series. 

The original game featured very little dialogue and a simple plot, so deriving a full script from the 8-bit game was no easy task. The lead writer is Warren Ellis, known for writing for several Marvel comics, as well as his original works Transmetropolitan, Global Frequency, and Red. His script for the Castlevania series delves into religious themes that Nintendo never would have allowed in the game (Nintendo actually censored crosses and other religious references from the NES original).  Ellis manages to create a storyline that will satiate long-time Castlevania fans while remaining accessible to those who are unfamiliar with the game series.

What initially caught my attention was the amount of blood and gore. This series has quite a bit of violence and has a level of morbidity that will make gorehounds rejoice and leave the squeamish looking for a different show to watch. A couple notable scenes include villagers removing human intestines that were draped over a palisade like a garland after an attack by a demonic hoard and a mother checking on her baby only to find a splatter of blood and organs in the bassinet.

The Castlevania series may not be for everyone, but the fact that it clocks in at under 2 hours makes it worth a watch if you are even slightly interested. I consider these four episodes to be merely an appetizer to give people a taste of the series and it has apparently done its job as Netlix announced that it will renew the series for 8 more episodes.

The Fourth House - The House of Home

This is the fourth part of a twelve part series briefly explaining how the signs work in each house. Enjoy!

Ah, the House of Home, where the Moon and Cancer are rulers. It is in this house where you begin to learn what it means to say there is no place like home. You have found security, what nurtures you, keeps you in peace, and are ready to plant a home in this safe space. Having undergone the experiences that have shaped you to the person you are today, it is here where you decide: “yes, this is what I will call home because it keeps me protected.” The events that might have occurred in your life to realize what type of place you’re calling home can be of the relationship between your nurturer, such as your mother or father, regardless if these relationships were good or bad. (With further research these relationships can be analyzed with this placement.) Another aspect of home is where you come from, such as finding out your ancestry, heritage, and what you consider to be your culture. Since we are home, this is the private self that comes into play. We are home after a long day at work and are finally at the dinner table with our loved ones where we can be ourselves. It is also in this house where we express how we want to guide our loved ones to help them achieve what we believe is a full life. All in all, the Fourth House represents memories, photo albums, family, and everything you would call home. 

Aries in the Fourth House: So we know Aries always wants to be number one, and to be number one you always have to be achieving something. You are the same way at home. You may always be doing something in the house that involves action, like cleaning, painting, or rearranging furniture. If something needs to get done in the house, you do it. However, this can also be a bad thing because you may limit someone else from learning how to do for themselves and can be overbearing. Just because you can get the job done right and fast, doesn’t mean you should always do it. Be the leader, but do it in a way that others feel right following you. 

Taurus in the Fourth House: Having financial security and stability are what makes you feel like you are home. Not only for yourself but also your loved ones since this is how you feel protected. The drive that you have to achieve these things serves as a guide to the people in your life who might need some assistance in building better lives for themselves. However, you can come off too forceful so try to ease up a bit and let others ask for your help. Overall, your presence is a strong one and will not go unnoticed. You are extremely influential to the people around you so you have the power to lead people down the right paths of life if you learn to not let your temper get the best of you. 

Gemini in the Fourth House: The mind of a Gemini is always restless. Your family may know you as being energetic, talkative, and always up to something. There is never a dull moment with you because you’re full of curiosities and putting your thoughts into action. The perfect home for you involves a safe space where you can comfortably communicate with those around you and have them feel just as comfortable. Knowledge is power and being able to send that message is how you affect people’s lives. You want people to expand their minds to their full potential, as you would want for yourself, and when you achieve this, you are home. 

Cancer in the Fourth House: The familiar is home to you. How you were raised as a child can very well be a reflection of how you may set a home for yourself today or in the future. You have a strong sense to nurture and protect as any Cancer would, however, these qualities are much stronger in this placement since this is where Cancer rules.Your emotions have great power and can set people in the right direction if you learn to use them for good and not just be an emotional mess. In order to be the mother or nurturer to your loved ones you have to guard your feelings and be strong with your emotions. This way those around you can also learn how to be more in tune with their own emotions, and what better way to learn than from you. 

Leo in the Fourth House: You have a light in you that yearns to be shined at all times. Around family and loved ones you wish to be at the center of attention and it can cause you stress when you are not. You must learn that others may feel unimportant around you because you might not let them have a chance at the spotlight. Everyone has a light of their own so it is crucial for you to see that others want to be recognized too. Once you understand and are in tune with your ego and sense of self, this is how you will influence others in making lives for themselves. Since this is the house of home and togetherness you may find it difficult to lead others because all you want is to be the center of them. The Leo placement in the home can be one more of learning than of teaching. 

Virgo in the Fourth House: Very detail-oriented, the way you establish a home for yourself is through creating a routine based life. You can be the stereotypical Virgo of being a neat freak at home when you’re being critical on the house itself or your family. You set high standards for yourself and loved ones often causing stress in everyone because you make them feel like they have to be perfect, but perfection doesn’t exist. You have a strong sense of intuition like a mother’s intuition which helps you be of great service and a counselor: the ultimate goal of Virgo. People may be attracted to asking you for advice but there is a reason and you may have the answers to things you wouldn’t even imagine, all you have to do is dig into your intuition.  

Libra in the Fourth House: Living in harmony and peace is the only thing this Libra could ever ask for. When your family is in a good place and coming home feels relaxing and loving, this is when you are most happy. You are the peacemaker so your family has gotten use to you being the mediator and can constantly expect you to be the one to make everyone get along again. You don’t mind this too much because in the end you need the love of your family to survive. You can be somewhat dependent on others and are not too fond of being alone, but to avoid unhappiness, you must learn to find peace and harmony all on your own. 

Scorpio in the Fourth House: Since we are entering a private space, it is here where Scorpio feels comfortable enough to let their guard down. You may have deep, intimate relationships with your family members since you want to know them to their deepest, darkest level because you believe this is truly knowing a person. To them, however, you will always be a mystery. You have a powerful aura and it can express strong feelings of intimacy and depth. You may come off controlling to get what you want and this can be a turn off. Your highs will be very high and your lows very low so if you find yourself at a very low point try not to bring others down with you. Instead bring them with you when you come back up and aim higher.

Sagittarius in the Fourth House: With how much you love the outdoors, adventure, and exploring, your home will be a reflection of that. Doesn’t a house with big open windows looking out the forest sound beautiful? With walls filled of photographs of all the places you have travelled to. Freedom and independence are everything to you so you can make a home out of just about any space that is comfortable. You can teach people to be more independent and a bit more self centered, but in a good way. You show others that it is okay to be on your own and do things for yourself because in the end we really only have ourselves so why not make a home within ourselves so that wherever your travels take you, you are home. 

Capricorn in the Fourth House: At home you feel best being the provider and ensuring that everyone feels safe, protected, and emotionally satisfied. Troubles of unity may rise for the Capricorn in this house because this house is ruled by its opposite, Cancer. Where Cancer may be telling everyone how they feel, Capricorn keeps to themselves. You must learn to help others find purpose in life and not keep quiet of your intelligence because it might be that extra help they need. You may feel as though your words do not matter to people so you stay out of their lives, but in this house we are not meant to be alone so it is essential that you learn to find a home with your loved ones. You may have strong doubts within yourself because of the way you grew up but you must find confidence within yourself and mend any broken ties in your family. 

Aquarius in the Fourth House: As eccentric as the Aquarius is, your home is nothing of the ordinary. You will be interested in the innovative and your home will show for that with the newest technologies or even by the amount of times you move around. With family, you enjoy bringing everyone together but will not be tied down by them. If anything, you enjoy being in a group setting only to show off how different you are from everyone else. However, it is in this setting where you must learn that what you say has a strong influence on people so you should use that to direct them in their lives. You tend to want to help humanity as a whole forgetting that each individual has emotions that need to be understood. You will for the most part be independent in your domestic affairs but this is the house of home so don’t forget that we must come together here.

Pisces in the Fourth House: In the home, you will probably give yourself to your family more than you should. Everyone will continue to take as long as you keep giving. Your unhappiness should not equal their happiness, this is where your strong sense of empathy can get you into trouble. Your safe space is anywhere where you can be as imaginative as you want to be. Your mind explores places one cannot even dream so we may never really know you. You, however, are very intuitive and psychic about the feelings of others so you will know most of what is going on in the household. This can bring you to smother the ones you love because all you want to do is protect them but guilt tripping them to make them feel empathetic towards you is only going to push them away.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed this short analysis!

- Astrologia xo

Dean slowly realizes that Castiel’s vision is deteriorating. 

Or maybe it had never been all that great.

At least, his vessel’s vision isn’t great and all of that squinting Castiel does isn’t just squinting for the sake of squinting. Dean figures Jimmy may have worn glasses or contacts in his life that Cas had never bothered utilizing for whatever reason. 

He needs to hold his cell phone screen up closer to his face - then back - and then close again while trying to read text messages, all the while squinting.

Dean took him to the movie theater once just for the hell of it and had sat in the back row while Castiel had spent the whole time squinting and asking Dean which character was currently on screen,effectively sucking the fun out of that evening. 

Eventually, after enough evidence, Dean drags Castiel to an eye doctor because as adorable as they are, the squints were apparently a sign of visual impairment and not a constant state of confusion or suspicion.

Sure enough, Cas is blind as fuck and how he’d been getting around all these years is a miracle in itself.  

The doctor sets Cas up with a nice set of bold, black rims not too long after (which, first off, hell yeah) and Castiel actually fucking gasps when he slips them on and sees Dean clearly for the first time. 

“You’re beautiful.” Castiel murmurs, reaching out a hand to gently brush at the freckles along the bridge of Dean’s nose. 

Dean blushes profusely and gives an attempt at a sputter, but doesn’t say anything when Castiel stares at him in awe the entire ride home.