and in the rp they are sooooooo lovely

me at 14: lmfaoooo all those “dont trust strangers on the internet” psa’s are sooooooo laaaaaame. like! i love talking to so many friends around the world about anime!!! i love rping!!!!!!!!!

me at 20: theres a deep and insidious culture within rp communities where the majority of folks who joined them as young teens were preyed on and abused by much older adults and i wish i had more guidance on how to avoid these situations as a child.

dococtillery  asked:

I really love your minis artwork! I struggle not to reblog every single one because they are sooooooo adorable! I'm curious though, whats the inspriation for the pepper mini you draw? Is it based on you/how you perceive you, or is it an OC? what is the history of it?

I have a post somewhere were I go into more detail, but the short version is:

Minis started when I got burned out on rp. Made a smol version of my character at the time so I could keep interaction with some of the folks in the lobby of the site I was on, but be silly and more light hearted. Grew from there.

You can actually break down the minis by three ‘eras’:

1) Evie Era (the character name the minis were originally based off of)

You can tell these minis by their super short hair, and their shirt/pants combo. They also having come into the ‘three top/curl frame’ hair style of modern minis

This is also the time I decided on ‘what’ they were in lore… or at least gave them some important characteristics (their shadow walk, and eventually planeswalking, their comedy/cute god mode, and their eating habbits)

2) Transitional minis

I had stopped rping the character at all at this point and wanted to move Minis away from and into their own being. This came about around 8 months ago when I was starting my last job. The 3 part hair with the face framing started here, but the hair was often very short still

This was also the time minis started to be noticed by magic players, all because of this classic mini:

It’s still one of my highest liked/rebloged posts (though it is loosing ground, already did to my Temurmaids pic XD )

And thus, this also became the time they would start to do their bless of packs (mostly cause I loved @bace-jeleren and @bizarre-trader‘s bless posts. I will admit a little jealousy at all the fun. But I didn’t want to force it at the time.)

I did try to make a ‘fanwalker’ around this time… but nothing felt right about her (she was kinda another idea I had that wasn’t fully fleshed out that I thought I could flesh out with tying to the minis… that fell through)

I did use a ‘human’ design for when I joined in on @bizarre-trader‘s april fools fun this year. NOTE: this is a fully non-canon ‘Minnie’. X3 (though that would be the belt design if I went into proper detail)

3) Current era:

At this point, the minis have become a thing. Somewhere along the line, I started to draw them with longer hair. I had also fully established their new outfit. It was already started in the previous grouping, but I codified it by this point. Minis where a purple dress with draping, curtain like sleeves, they still were their little Kamen Rider Wizard inspired belt, their hair typically goes nearly to the ground,and the top of their dress becomes like a wide turtle next thing that is sorta bunched up around their shoulders. If they have a neck (they kinda do), it’s never seen.


This is also the point where i decided that they would cosplay, but they always still wear their purple dress

There is more I could add to this, but a short story has already become a long thing XD and the fun part? There is still so much more I could tell (I really have to hunt down that other post…

Anyhoo, I hope this answers some of your question. X3

Hey Guys..

Forgot to add in my last update that I’ve actually made a separate account for The Host and The Author (As I used to RP Host on this blog and some people still want me to do it plus I love their characters) sooooooo if you’re into the idea of RPing with Host or Author please don’t be shy to ask them anything! I’m gonna be heading off now for tonight but please, never be shy to ask me or any of the characters I RP as questions k :) Always open to new people (Also, Dark will mainly be back to normal tomorrow for those who want normal Dark (Can still keep up this voided Dark if people want but thats only if you specify k) ^-^) Thanks everyone!

Author/Host Blog: @authors-note

Moulin Rouge sentence meme
  • "Diamonds are a girl's best friend."
  • "Never fall in love with a woman who sells herself."
  • "You don't have to lie to me."
  • "He/she wasn't trying to trick her/him."
  • "A love that will last forever."
  • "It's not that I'm not a jealous man/woman. I just don't like other people touching my things."
  • "I couldn't go through with it!"
  • "Honestly this is impossible!"
  • "Nothing funny, I just like talent."
  • "Virgin?"
  • "Leave all this to yesterday."
  • "I'm sorry, _____, I'm dying."
  • "Outside may be tragic."
  • "... a little frog."
  • "It'll mean that we love one another."
  • "Life's an awful bore."
  • "In here it's entertaining."
  • "Tell me the truth."
  • "It's quite long."
  • "This one's for you."
  • "A little supper? Maybe some champagne?"
  • "No!"
  • "We have to end it."
  • "It's nothing."
  • "They're trying to kill you!"
  • "The cat's out of the bag."
  • "I'm sure I will."
  • "When will I begin to live again?"
  • "I couldn't pretend anymore!"
  • "But I prefer a man/woman who lives... and gives expensive... jewels."
  • "You'll have fun."
  • "The greatest lesson you'll ever learn is to love and to be loved in return."
  • "Love is like oxygen!"
  • "A kiss may be grand, but it won't pay rental."
  • "Everyone go back to work."
  • "Outside it may be raining."
  • "He/she will fight for me."
  • "I hope you don't mind."
  • "Is this okay?"
  • "Tell our story."
  • "The ending's silly."
  • "He's got a huge... talent."
  • "This is my home."
  • "Generally I like it."
  • "Men grow cold as women grow old."
  • "In here we feel like magic."
  • "I was a fool to believe."
  • "How wonderful life is now that you're in the world."
  • "I don't like this ending."
  • "She's confessing!"
  • "I prefer to do it standing."
  • "You can tell everyone that this is your song."
  • "Is this what you want?"
  • "No!"
  • "That way I'll always be with you."
  • "Listen to my heart, can you hear it sing?"
  • "I didn't want to lie!"
  • "He/she knows!"
  • "I'm cold."
  • "Things aren't always as they seem."
  • "Things are exactly as they seem."
  • "Very well."
  • "You might enjoy it."
  • "See the difference between you and I is that you can leave anytime you choose."
  • "You're going to be bad for business."
  • "We'll leave tonight."
  • "I'd rather, um, just get it done and over."
  • "I don't have much money."
  • "Love lifts us where we belong."
  • "Never knew I could feel like this."
  • "When love is for the highest bidder, there can be no trust."
  • "You're a beautiful man/woman."
  • "I forgot my line."
  • "The woman/man I loved is... dead."
  • "Come down here and get it done and over with."
  • "You know it is."
  • "I love sex."
  • "You know, touched for the first time."
  • "Hold me."
  • "Without trust, there can be no love."
  • "Hurt him/her to save him/her."
  • "I can tell."
  • "You're a great actress."
  • "It always ends bad!"
  • "Being on the street, that's terrible."
  • "I know it isn't much."
  • "We can't afford to love."
  • "The show must go on."
  • "Why does my heart cry?"
  • "The truth?"
  • "Use your talent to save him/her!"
  • "Make him/her believe you don't love him/her."
  • "I don't need you anymore!"
  • "I owe you nothing."
  • "He/she loves me!"
  • "And that's worth everything."
  • "You've got to carry on without me."
  • "Ah, poetry."
  • "You're free to leave me but just don't deceive me."
  • "Come what may I will love you until my dying day."
  • "Jealousy, yes jealousy will drive you mad!"
  • "I've come to pay my bill."
  • "It's not important."
  • "My gift is my song."
  • "Love is a splendord thing!"
  • "All you need is love."
  • "A girl's got to eat."
  • "The only way of loving me baby is to pay a lovely fee."
  • "Come and get me, boys."
  • "I can't carry on without you."
  • "I've paid my whore."
  • "Forgive everything."
  • "The French are glad to die for love."
  • "Don't stop, don't stop."
  • "I saw you together!"
  • "Please believe me when I say I love you."
  • "The spectacular spectacular."
  • "You are nothing to me."
  • "You don't have to wear that dress tonight."
  • "Thank you for curing me of my ridiculous obsession with love."
  • "Only you can save him/her."
  • "That's real love."
  • "Because she/he doesn't love you!"
  • "All my life you made believe I was only worth what someone would pay for me!"
  • "We're going away from you."
  • "What's his/her type?"
  • "Dont worry, Shakespeare."
  • "I was sick."
  • "We'll work on it tomorrow."
  • "You'll get your ending."
  • "And in the end should someone die?"
  • "We'll make them laugh, we'll make them cry."
  • "Where were you last night?"
  • "So delighting."
  • "I told you."
  • "Everyone knows."
  • "It's a bit funny, this feeling inside."
  • "You're dying."
  • "The doctor told us."
  • "You don't have to sell your body to the night."
  • "It's just an infatuation."
  • "The infatuation will end."
  • "It's more than I can stand."
  • "It all ends tonight."
  • "He/she is spending a fortune on you."
  • "Tell him/her it's over."
  • "I can't fall in love with anyone."
  • "But, my dear, I've arranged a lovely supper for us."
  • "A life without love... that's terrible."
  • "What?"
  • "This is what I want."
  • "Naughty words."
  • "I know of art and love."
  • "I long for it with every fiber of my being."
  • "It's a city of sin."
  • "There is no other way."
  • "We are creatures of the underworld."
  • "Oh no."
  • "I'm in love."
  • "A kingdom of nighttime pleasures."
  • "She/he sold her/his love."
  • "I can't believe it."
  • "Love is just a game."
  • "I was made for loving you, baby."
  • "You were made for loving me."
  • "One day I'll fly away."
  • "She/he is mine."
  • "Everything's going so well."
  • "You expect me to believe that?"
  • "Everyday I'm loving you more and more."
  • "We have each other."
  • "Today's the day when dreaming ends."
  • "I'm paid to make men/women believe what they want to believe."
  • "I don't care."
  • "You'll die with wonderment!"
  • "You have so much to give."
  • "I love you."
  • "The end."

Ignore the graphic, it sucks so much lmao.

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