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Space-Related Sentence Starters

Sun - “I may be a blinding sun, but you are the ever-watchful moon silently guiding through the darkness.”

Mercury - “Some days I feel like Mercury; scorching and blazing and burning on one side, but on the other I am frozen and barren and cold.”

Venus - “You are to me what the sun is to Venus; when you shine your brilliance towards me I am burning, choking, flaming, and I can’t breathe, it’s too much, but there’s no other way I know how to be.”

Earth - “You are my world, my gravity, my air, my life. You are a rare sight, teeming with beauty and life and just the right circumstances had to come together for you to be.”

Moon - “I would rather be the moon to your sun, shining softly in your afterglow, reflecting only a fraction of the burning brightness you seem to produce effortlessly.”

Mars - “Just out of reach to be what you are, I am but a hollow reflection of your beauty. I could have been blooming, but for now I am okay with it being you.”

Jupiter - “Ever-growing, ever-spinning, nothing corporeal, nothing substantial, yet you are always there, always orbiting, something solid in the void.”

Saturn - “You encircle me, entrap me, enrapture me, and yet I can never bring myself to leave and you can never bring yourself to let go.”

Uranus - “I am strange, I am different, I am wrong, but you love me all the same. I am crooked, I am unique, I am blue, but yet you still love me.”

Neptune - “I am ice and wind, freezing fire, burning ice, so cold it sets you aflame. But when you touch me, oh gods, the tempest is calmed, the ice turns to water, and we both sit and watch the rain.”

Pluto - “Compared to you I am small, insignificant, and yet you still try to light my life. Many say I do not deserve you, am not worthy of you, but you don’t care; you never cared.”

Pairing: Dazai/Chuuya

“You son of a–!”

Dazai pressed his lips to Chuuya’s neck.

“I’m going to kill…!!”

A hand slipped under the other’s shirt, teased the skin revealed just barely above his pants.

“I’ll… damn…”

“Chuuya,” Dazai said, pulling back with a little frown, “you’re kind of ruining the mood.”

“I hate you!”

“Is that supposed to be dirty talk? It’s not very good… Ah, should I help? So, for starters, you could say that I have a really big–”


“I was going to say ‘bed’, but I suppose we could go with what you were thinking too. It’s more predictable, but I’m flattered.”

Chuuya covered his face, managing to slightly stifle his groan just before being able to see Dazai’s smirk. He felt soft fingers around his wrist and begrudgingly let Dazai coax them away with a frustrated sigh, glaring tiredly. “Can’t kiss you if you’re doing that…”

“Stop… talking. You talking just…”

“Turns you off?” Dazai joked.

“Yeah,” Chuuya answered.

“…Oh. Okay.”

Laughing, Chuuya heard ‘fine, no more talking’ just before Dazai leaned down again. This time he didn’t say anything; he eventually gave in and relaxed into the kiss, sighing quietly when he felt Dazai’s fingers threading through his hair. He was unable to help the louder moan that followed with Dazai’s other hand scratching at his side under his shirt, cheeks flushing brilliantly red at a low chuckle that also sent chills down his spine. “Cute,” Dazai murmured, lips moving against Chuuya’s.

“Shut the fuck–”

“You really like that word, huh?” And then Chuuya felt their hips pressing together, breath hitching. He managed to clamp his teeth down on his lips before another moan would sound, though that didn’t deter Dazai’s growing smirk. “Don’t worry, I’ll stop talking. But just one more observation…”

Then Dazai kissed him again. He cupped Chuuya’s cheek, palm against his jawline and thumb brushing over his cheek, kissed him in a way that stole all his breath away and had Chuuya’s back arching so their bodies pressed together. Chuuya instinctively reached his hands up, rested them on Dazai’s arms. He entertained the thought of ripping off his bandages and strangling him, but he pushed that aside.

(For now.)

“If I stop talking,” Dazai breathed and Chuuya nearly leaned up to smash their lips together again because even one second apart was unbearable. Eyes flickering open, his chest was heaving and he decided that even though he hated Dazai’s smirk, that Dazai’s smirk was stupid, Dazai’s smirk also was unfortunately attractive because the universe had conspired against Nakahara Chuuya.

“If I stop talking,” Dazai repeated, licking his lips, “then it’s up to you to fill the silence.”

this has been said before by many people, but...

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and if you absolutely can’t do any of these things ever, then no offense meant, but i’m honestly not too sure why you’re following me. i can’t be the one doing all the work. it’s not exactly fair. and if your excuse is that i’m ‘intimidating’ or ‘scary’ (and it has been an excuse made to me by many) then that just hurts, in all honesty. i do my absolute best to be as warm and welcoming as possible. hearing people tell me that just kinda knocks me down a few notches, and it takes me a while to climb back up again.

i’m not here to be admired or put on an unreachable pedestal. i’m here to role-play with you guys


“You must be the jabberwock.”
“You have NO IDEA, motherFUCKER.”
“Who are you?”
“I found her while I was in a tree.”
“I’m having a wonderful time! What about you all?”
“Here’s to more children falling down our rabbit hole.”
“Who the FUCK let him down the rabbit hole?”
“This FUCKING acid reflux putting me in a bad mood!”
“The FUCK are you looking at?”
“Your ears look like Michael J. Fox did them.”
“I’m photosynthesizing.”
“You’re a homosexual, STOP IT.”
“She’s doing her kegels.”
“Where’s a godDAMN writing desk?”
“If you have this tea, toilet paper doesn’t do shit.”
“I’m gonna shit on your DREAMS.”
“I think the flower’s possessed!”
“A fucking spooksperson!”
“SAVE US, _____!”
“Goddamn acid REFLUX.”

“What do we have over here?”
“This looks familiar!”
“OH, IT’S _____, THEY’RE BACK.”
“Be careful. I SAID BE CAREFUL!”
“You bitch.”
“Sit down, ___, I’m tired of your SHIT.”
“I’m trying to make a baby.”
“I’d like to make a toast to ____!”
“Would you like some tea?”
“Grab a damn cup.”
“I fucking HATE the Planned Parenthood.”
“You think you’re funny? Do you think you’re fucking funny? Do you think THIS is funny?”
“Y'all fell down the wrong rabbit hole!”
“Nobody ever says hello back!”
“We’re going to fuck you like the bitch that you are.”
“I knew you were pregnant, you stupid BITCH.”
“The sun is going down and the flowers are starting to WILT.”
“You fucked up.”
“I haven’t been laid in weeks!”

“You know your room isn’t gonna clean itself when you just watch those DAMN workout videos all day.”
“Grab your shit, we’re leaving!”
“I don’t want you talking to me.”
“Morning ____, love what you did with the tulips!”
“Fucking bitch.”
“Oh no, he sucks.”
“Shopping can be really fun, shopping is for everyone!”
“The fuck did you just say to me?”
“Look at these, these are adorable.”
“Shape up or you’re going with your grandfather. And he’s horny.”
“Out of my way. I’m a mom making a difference!”
“SHIT, where’s the baby?”
“No, it’s serious this time.”
“Alright, we’re home. Grab the bags.”
“Where did you get vodka?”
“Who left their cup of coffee in my work station?”
“Fuck it, it’s mine now.”
“That is some good SHIT.”
“We got a few hours of daylight left, why don’t we do the whole thing over again so we can get a head start for tomorrow?”
“Bye _____, you’re a fucking bitch.”
“It’d be nice if you could win ONE goddamn game.”
“It’s faster if you roll!”
“We’re back!”
“Move your ASS.”
“JESUS, these are FUCKING CUTE.”
“One more time in mama’s mouth.”
“Dammit, another cup of coffee?”
“We still got another five minutes of daylight left, why don’t we do this whole thing again so we can get ahead for next WEEK?”
“Someone’s got a lawsuit on their hands.”
“Where the FUCK are you?”
“Please stop staring at me.”

Most Charming Smile // GILDEROY + OPEN

With a pep in his step and a whistle on his lips, Gilderoy left the comfort of his loft particularly early one morning in search of a newsstand, specifically one that sold Witch’s Weekly- his new favorite magazine. Those who caught his eye as they walked passed were greeted with a smile, though very few returned the gesture and none did so as purposefully as he. The lack of response was no worry of his: his good mood could not be easily deterred, even by an opposing environment. 

Upon request, the owner of the stand presented to him a copy of that day’s new edition of Witch Weekly, freshly printed and delivered that morning. Gilderoy laughed exuberantly at the front cover, as if surprised to find himself there. “Winner of the Witch Weekly’s Most Charming Smile Award! It’s a great honor, though I can’t say I was terribly surprised when they contacted me…” He looked up from the magazine in his hand, disappointed to meet the blank expression of the stand’s owner and an outstretched hand awaiting payment. A momentary frown tugged on his lips as he reached into his pocket for the money, which sent the owner away without a single congratulatory word.

Gilderoy looked around for a new audience and chose the nearest person he could. “Pardon me, can I get your honest opinion of this photo? I was going for a certain look and I just… I don’t know. I’m not sure the photographer truly captured me. What do you think?” He held the magazine cover beside his face for comparison, flashing his teeth in a rehearsed smile.

      my mood has been super low tonight, but i’m in a slight writing mood. so while i have a headache, i have to be up super early ( as in a few hours yikes @ myself ), and this does not mean i’m back yet … but like this for a short lyrics starter. mutuals only & please, specify a muse ! if you’re a multi as well, specify who you’d like it for also !

mini-hiatus March 22-???

hey, how’re y’all doin? I hope everything has been going good. It’s been a busy week for me; I’d originally intended to get to starters/drafts over here and my other blogs, but it just didn’t happen. But, I’ll get to the point.

As I mentioned briefly in this post, I will likely be out of commission for a few days to a week for medical reasons. I highly doubt that I’ll be able to or in the mood to write during this time, but I’ll try my best! Since I know for sure I won’t be active, I’m placing a mini-hiatus on all my blogs including: @avisglacium @tokimekioji @5crush @rosewhxp @headbutler.

Replies via skype and IM from today through Friday will likely be slow and sparse as well. I apologize for any inconvenience to you friends of mine, old and new. And I hope you have a wonderful week <3


anonymous asked:

Heeey! Are you still doing the fluff starters? If you do could you do "it's okay. I couldn't sleep anyway" with ace (maybe related to his freckles?). Thank you! (Btw I absolutely love your blog!!!)

You caught me in a great mood! I’ve really been slacking off…Thank you! I can’t believe someone’s still around, omg pls accept my hug!!

(If you’re interested, this is what I was listening to while I was writing: A World That Is You by Yoon Mirae/English Lyrics

Fluff Starters/Prompts Scenarios

“It’s okay. I couldn’t sleep anyway.” 

Pronouns: Gender Neutral

Word count: 1128

For: Portgas D. Bae Ace

(THATCH LIVES)[Unedited]

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