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Possible relationships: friends | classmate | co-worker | roommate | family, real or adopted | dating or blind date | married | friends with benefits | unrequited love | lending a hand | teacher - student | rivals | allies | partner-in-crime | enemies | protecter - guarded | business partners | spy - infiltrated | manipulator - manipulated | star-crossed | first meeting | other 

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Space-Related Sentence Starters

Sun - “I may be a blinding sun, but you are the ever-watchful moon silently guiding through the darkness.”

Mercury - “Some days I feel like Mercury; scorching and blazing and burning on one side, but on the other I am frozen and barren and cold.”

Venus - “You are to me what the sun is to Venus; when you shine your brilliance towards me I am burning, choking, flaming, and I can’t breathe, it’s too much, but there’s no other way I know how to be.”

Earth - “You are my world, my gravity, my air, my life. You are a rare sight, teeming with beauty and life and just the right circumstances had to come together for you to be.”

Moon - “I would rather be the moon to your sun, shining softly in your afterglow, reflecting only a fraction of the burning brightness you seem to produce effortlessly.”

Mars - “Just out of reach to be what you are, I am but a hollow reflection of your beauty. I could have been blooming, but for now I am okay with it being you.”

Jupiter - “Ever-growing, ever-spinning, nothing corporeal, nothing substantial, yet you are always there, always orbiting, something solid in the void.”

Saturn - “You encircle me, entrap me, enrapture me, and yet I can never bring myself to leave and you can never bring yourself to let go.”

Uranus - “I am strange, I am different, I am wrong, but you love me all the same. I am crooked, I am unique, I am blue, but yet you still love me.”

Neptune - “I am ice and wind, freezing fire, burning ice, so cold it sets you aflame. But when you touch me, oh gods, the tempest is calmed, the ice turns to water, and we both sit and watch the rain.”

Pluto - “Compared to you I am small, insignificant, and yet you still try to light my life. Many say I do not deserve you, am not worthy of you, but you don’t care; you never cared.”

Over Protective Sentence Starters

Send me a prompt and a ship and I’ll write a Drabble!
(For now I’ll probably only do newsies stables because that’s the kind of mood I’m in)
(Also if you are going to send me a reader insert, can you also include the gender you would like the reader to be? Thanks!)

“If they touch you, I’ll kill them.”

“Good luck trying to get to him/her without fighting me first.”

“It’s my job to protect you.”

“If I don’t do this for you, you’re gonna die.”

“Get behind me, I’ll deal with this.”

“As long as I’m here, you’ll be safe.”

“It doesn’t matter how I am as long as you’re okay.”

“There is no way you are going without me coming with you.”

“I can’t let you go. What if you get hurt out there? I’ll only blame myself.”

“You are not allowed to use yourself as bait.”

“No, no, no, I don’t think so princess.”

“It’s too dangerous.”

“You’re so fragile. The world will crush you.”

“There’s no way in hell that I’m going to let you do that.”

“Nuh uh, you are not doing that.”

“Okay, you know it’s very cute how you are trying to protect me, but you’re so short that even I can’t take you seriously!”

“I just don’t want to have to see you hurt!”

“I’ve lost so many others in my life. Not you too.”

“Make sure you tell me if you start to feel scared, or uncomfortable, or claustrophobic, or-”

“You could have gotten yourself killed.”

“I promise, I’ll protect you.”

“I’m not gonna leave you all alone. Not now, not ever.”

“He/She/They did what now?”

“Shit, do you gotta scare me like that?!”


I’ve been stockpiling tons of writing resources over the years, and I got bored and decided to organize all of them and make a masterpost.  Enjoy!


21 Harsh But Eye-Opening Tips From Great Authors

34 Writing Tips That Will Make You A Better Writer

Things Almost Every Author Needs To Research

Eight Short Story Tips

How To Stop Procrastinating

Ten Exercises In Creativity

How To Show (Not Tell)

Ten Ways To Avoid Writing Insecurity

Why Research Is Important In Writing

Five Ways To Get Out Your Comfort Zone

Seven Ways To Use Brain Science To Hook Readers And Reel Them In

The Difference Between Good And Bad Writers

Five Essential Story Ingredients

Formatting Your Manuscript

Four Ways To Have Confidence In Your Writing

Best Apps For Writers

Online Whiteboard

This Sentence Has 5 Words

Joss Whedon’s Top 10 Writing Tips

The Official Ten-Step Guide to Becoming the Next Gatsby

The Periodic Table of Storytelling

Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone

34 Writing Tips that will make you a Better Writer

50 Free resources that will improve your writing skills

5 ways to get out of the comfort zone and become a stronger writer

10 ways to avoid Writing Insecurity

The Writer’s Guide to Overcoming Insecurity

The Difference Between Good Writers and Bad Writers

You’re Not Hemingway - Developing Your Own Style

7 Ways to use Brain Science to Hook Readers and Reel them In

8 Short Story Tips from Kurt Vonnegut

How to Show, Not Tell

5 Essential Story Ingredients

How to Write Fiction that grabs your readers from page one

Why research is important in writing

Make Your Reader Root for Your Main Character

Writing Ergonomics (Staying Comfortable Whilst Writing)

Do you have trouble creating your titles?

On being a co-writer || Additional tips on effective co-writing

The length of a chapter

How to deal with too many story ideas

On writing two stories simultaneously || a similar ask

When a story stops working


Reading critically for writers

The question of outlining

Avoiding publishing scams

Finding story ideas

Tips on building a platform [guest blog]

How much does writing “in genre” matter?

What a “real writer” is

Pennames and aliases

A series of thoughts on series titles

The self-pub miniseries: the why

The self-pub miniseries: the what

Rewriting fanfiction into original fiction

Formatting long quotes and songs

General Writing Tips

Improve Your Writing Habits Now

5 Ways to Add Sparkle to Your Writing

Why the Right Word Choices Result in Better Writing

4 Ways To Have Confidence in Your Writing

Writing Better Than You Normally Do

How’s My Driving?

Avoiding Unfortunate Implications

Begin A Novel

Finishing Your Novel

Creating Conflict

Show Not Tell

Getting Out Of The Comfort Zone

A Guide To Writing Sci-Fi

Naming The Story

The Right Point Of View

Essential Story Ingredients

Writing Fantasy Masterpost

Five Rules For Thrillers

Pacing Action Scenes

Writing Races

Using Gender Neutral Pronouns

Dos and Don’t of Writing

How To Avoid Tense Change

Seven Steps To A Perfect Story

How To Write A Novel

Finishing Your Novel

Novel Outlining 101

Outline Your Novel In 30 Minutes

13 Most Common Errors On A Novels First Page

How To Organize And Develop Ideas For Your Novel

7 steps to the perfect story

7 Offensive Mistakes Well-Intentioned Writers Make


creative writing prompts

Imagination Prompt Generator

Writing Exercises

*Creative Writing Prompts

Drabble Stuff

Prompts List

Writing Prompts

Drabble Prompts

How to Get Into Character

Writing Challenges/Prompts

A Study in Writing Prompts for RPs

Para Prompts & Ideas

Writing Prompts for Journal Entries

A List of Para Starters

Prompt Generator Lists

Creative Writing Prompts

Story Starting Sentences

Story Spinner

Story Kitchen

Writing Prompt Generator

Quick Story Generator

Dramatic Scenes

Plot Bank

Masterpost of Writing Execrises

Writers Block?

Visual and word prompts on pinerest boards

Drabble Stuff

Prompts List

Writing Prompts

Drabble Prompts

How to Get Into Character

Writing Challenges/Prompts

A Study in Writing Prompts for RPs

Para Prompts & Ideas

A List of Para Starters

Prompt Generators

Writing Prompt Generators


Tip of my tongue


List of Unusual Words


Cut Up Machine

Orion’s Arm

Word Frequency Counter

Phrase Frequency Counter

My Writing Nook

Writer: The Internet Typewriter

The Forge

One Word

Confusing Words

Cliché Finder

Write or Die - Stay motivated

Stay Focused - Tool for Chrome, lock yourself out of distracting websites

My Writing Nook - Online Text Editor, Free - Online Mind Map Application, Free

Family Echo - Online Family Tree Maker, Free

Freemind - Mind Map Application; Free; Windows, Mac, Linux, Portable

Xmind - Mind Map Application; Free; Windows, Mac, Linux, Portable

Liquid Story Binder - Novel Organization and Writing Application; free trial, $45.95; Windows,


Scrivener - Novel Organization and Writing Application; free trial, $39.95; Mac

SuperNotecard - Novel Organization and Writing Application; free trial, $29; Windows, Mac, Linux, portable

yWriter - Novel Organization and Writing Application; free; Windows, Linux, portable

JDarkRoom - Minimalist Text Editing Application; free; Windows, Mac, Linux, portable

AutoRealm - Map Creation Application; free; Windows, Linux with Wine

Online Brainstorm

Family Tree Maker

Stay Focused

Writeometer App

Hemingway App

The Writing Café (My personal favorite)

Reference for Writers

The Writing Realm

website that helps with editing

website that helps with organization!

writing board - plan family trees, timelines etc with pictures and videos


writing ref

wonderful writing resources masterlist

the ULTIMATE writing masterpost

Writing References

Writing Masterpost

Writing Help for Writers

Ultimate Writing Resource List

Lots of RP Guides

Online Writing Resources

List of Websites to Help You Focus

Helpful Links for Writing Help

General Writing Resources

Mental Ilnesses/Disorders Guides

The Ultimate Writing Masterpost

Masterlist: Jobs

Martha’s Vineyard Job Masterlist

Masterlist: Para Ideas

HUGE masterpost (X) (X) (X)

Claire’s Super Exciting Writing Masterpost


Backhanding procrastination

On habits and taking care of yourself || Response

More troubles with writing motivation

The inner critic and ways to fight it

The writing life is hard on us

For troubles with starting your story

Writing to be published

“You’re a writer, will you write this for me?”

Writing a story that’s doomed to suck

Writing stamina builds slowly

When depression goes and writing goes with it

Additional inner critic strategies

Tips on conquering NaNoWriMo (or any project, really)

You will change as a writer

Ways to keep writing while in school

13 quick tips when you’re starting your novel

First draft blues

Getting in your own way

Getting Inspired


music to help you write

Things to listen to while you write:

  • Coffitivity

  • August Ambience

  • Rainy Mood

  • Forest Mood

  • SimplyNoise

  • Soundrown

  • iSerenity

  • Nature Sound Player

  • myNoise

Music to help you write! (X)

Music Inspiration for Writing Fighting/Intense Scenes

Music to Make You Feel Awesome/Happy

Music to Influence You to Write

*Ink Provoking

*Story Starter

*Story Spinner

*Story Kitchen

*Language is a Virus

*The Dabbling Mum

Quick Story Idea Generator

Solve Your Problems By Simply Saying Them Out Loud

Busting Your Writing Rut

Creative Acceleration: 11 Tips To Engineer A Productive Flow

Writing Inspiration, Or Sex on a Bicycle

Free Association, Active Imagination, Twilight Imaging


Improve Your Writing Habits Now

5 Ways to Add Sparkle to Your Writing

Getting Over Roleplaying Insecurities

Improve Your Paras

Why the Right Word Choices Result in Better Writing

4 Ways To Have Confidence in Your Writing

Writing Better Than You Normally Do

How’s My Driving?


writers block (1) (2)

Some Tips on Writer’s Block

Got Writer’s Block?

6 Ways to Beat Writer’s Block

How to: Cure Writer’s Block

Tips for Dealing With Writer’s Block

Writer’s Block? No problem

Writer’s Block Resource

A Guide to Writer’s Block

911 Writers block?

99 Ways To Beat Writers Block

How to: Cure Writer’s Block


You’ve finished your manuscript! Now what?

Revision sucks but doesn’t have to suck

Where to find beta readers/critique partners

Tips on taking critique

Tips on giving critique

What to do with bad writing advice

Additional insight on bad writing advice

Five quick steps to get into revising that manuscript

When to say you’re done revising

Beginning the awesome journey of revision

Friends are not always the best readers

General Revision Tips

Cliché Finder

Reading What You’ve Wrote So Far

Revising A Novel

Writing 101: Revising Your Novel

Revising Your Novel: Read What You’ve Written

things to remember while editing your work

How To Rewrite

Editing Recipe


get to know your character fill in sheet

writing specific character types

Family Tree Maker

Tips For Characterization

mary sue litmus test

The Importance Of Body Language

Possible Careers for Characters

Character Writing Exercise

123 Ideas For Character Flaws

Three Ways To Avoid Lazy Character Description

How To Create Fictional Characters

Writing Magical Characters

Character Development Sheet

Character Development Worksheet

Character Chart

Character Chart For Fiction Writers

100 Character Development Questions For Writers

Ten Questions For Creating Believable Characters

Ten Days Of Character Building

Writing Specific Characters

Character Guides

10 days of Character Building

Universal Mary Sue Litmus Test

Seven Common Character Types

Handling a Cast of Thousands Part 1 - Getting To Know Your Characters

Web Resources for Developing Characters

Building Fictional Characters

Fiction Writer’s Character Chart

Character Building Workshop

Tips for Characterization

Character Chart for Fiction Writers

Villains are people too but…

How to Write a Character Bible

Character Development Exercises

All Your Characters Talk the Same - And They’re Not A Hivemind!

100 Character Development Questions for Writers

Aether’s Character Development Worksheet

The 12 Common Archetypes

Six Types of Courageous Characters

Kazza’s List of Character Secrets - Part 1, Part 2

Creating Believable Characters With Personality


Bad Asses

Bitches (2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7)


Emotional Detachment


The Girl Next Door

Introverts (2)

Mean Persons (2)


Party Girls

Rich (2)



Serial Killers (2)

Shyness (2, 3)


Villains (2)


Body Language Cheat Sheet

Creating Fictional Characters Series

Three Ways to Avoid Lazy Character Description

Character Development Questionnaire

How to Create Fictional Characters

Character Name Resources

Character Development Template

Character Development Through Hobbies

Character Flaws List

10 Questions for Creating Believable Characters

Ari’s Archetype Series

How to Craft Compelling Characters

List of 200 Character Traits

Writing Characters of the Opposite Sex

Making Your Characters Likable

Do you really know your characters?

Loon’s Character Development Series - Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

Phobia List A-L (Part 1), M-Z (Part 2)

30 Day In Depth Character Development Meme

Eight Bad Characters

High Level Description of the Sixteen Personality Types

How Not to Write Female Characters

Writing Female Characters

How to write empowering female characters

Why I write strong female characters

Red Flags for Female Characters Written by Men

Writing strong female characters

The Female Character Flowchart

Eight Heroine Archetypes

Eight Hero Archetypes

A tip about realistic characters

Strategies to create believable characters

Additional tips on writing PoC characters

Advice on writing genders

Creating unstable characters

Ambiguous Antagonists

A tidbit on psychological trauma [trigger warnings]

On writing accents

What makes characters stick with me

Sweetening up character description

Making an introverted character stand out

Conveying too much or too little character “inner reflection”

Revealing a character’s asexual orientation

Revealing a character’s gender & orientation

A habit of killing characters

When characters aren’t standing out

Breaking hearts with character deaths

Quick tips on expressing character

Character development versus pacing

A mini guide to character voice

Writing A Vampire

Writing Pansexual Characters

Writing Characters on the Police Force

Writing Drunk Characters

Writing A Manipulative Character

Writing A Friends With Benefits Relationship

Writing A Natural Born Leader

Writing A Flirtatious Character

Writing A Nice Character

Fiction Writing Exercises for Creating Villains

Five Traits to Contribute to an Epic Villain

Writing Villains that Rock

Writing British Characters

How To Write A Character With A Baby

On Assassin Characters

Types of Voice

55 Words to Describe Someone’s Voice

Showing Character Emotion

Character Motivation

Writing Characters Of Colour

More On Writing Characters Of Colour

Describing A Character’s Skin Colour

All Characters Talk The Same

Character Description

100 Character Development Questions

Character Development Questionnaire

30 Day Character Development Meme

Character Development Check List

Character Development Through Hobbies

List Of Character Secrets - Part 1 - Part 2

Mysterious Characters

Flat Characters

European Characters

Creating Believable Characters

Writing A Character Who Has Lost Someone Important

Writing A Drunk Character

Writing Manipulative Characters

Writing Vampires

Writing Witty Characters

Writing Natural Born Leaders

Writing Rebellious Characters

Writing Hitmen

Writing Indifferent Distance Characters

Writing Bitchy Characters

Writing Popular Characters

Writing Rich Characters

Writing Child Characters

Writing Villains

Villain Archetypes

Writing Stalkers

Avoiding LGBTQ Stereotypes

Writing Homosexuals as a Heterosexual

Writing Males as a Female

Writing Convincing Male Characters

Writing Characters Of The Opposite Sex

Revealing A Characters Gender

The Roles Of Characters

Creating Fictional Characters From Scratch

Creating A Strong, Weak Character

Writing Characters Using Conflict And Backstory

Writing A Character Based On Yourself

Switching Up A ‘Too-Perfect’ Character

Help I Have A Mary-Sue!

Biography Writing

Connections (2)




Addictions and Bad Habits

Bad Habits

Character Habits

Character Quirks

Phobias (2)


300 Possible Secrets to Give Your Characters

I Bet You Didn’t Know..

Character Plots And Secrets (2)

Celebrity Secrets

Secret Masterlist


Song Lyrics Masterlist

Favorite Quotes: TV and Movies

Favorite Quotes: Notable Authors

Favorite Quotes: Celebrities

Favorite Quotes: Popular Books (2)

Quotes From Songs

Character Quotes

Masterlist of Song Lyrics

Biography Lyrics

A Masterlist of Quotes


The Quotation Garden

Mary Sue’s

A Mary Sue In The Inbox

Your Character Is A Sue, Not Just A Mary Or Gary

Not Writing A Mary Sue

Character Developement

Character Development Questionaire

Character Surveys

C.D. Questionaire

30 Day Character Development Meme

Character Development Questions (2)

100 Pt. Questionaire

IC and OOC Surveys

Online Test for Character Building

30 Days of Character Development

How to: Develop Characters

Get To Know Your Characters

Character Flaws

Body Language (X)

Character Flaws

Guide to Making an Original Character

Guide to Character Development

100+ Character Development Questions for Writers

How Your Character Views the World

Body language (cheat sheet)

Character Development Questions (2)

Difference Between Personality and Behavior

Writing Specific Characters

Character Guides


Bad Asses

Bitches (2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7)


Emotional Detachment


The Girl Next Door

Introverts (2)

Mean Persons (2)


Party Girls

Rich (2)



Serial Killers (2)

Shyness (2, 3)


Villains (2)


How to Play a Sociopath

How to Write a College Student in New York City

How to Write an Extreme Feminist

How to Play a Soccer Player

How to Write a Character Who Self Harms

How to Play a Neat Freak

How to Play a Female Bartender

How to Play a Military Brat

How to Play a Comic Relief Character

How to Play a Suicidal Character

How to Play a Gay or Lesbian Character

How to Portray a Bitchy/Vicious Character

How to Write a British Character

How to Write a Character with Memory Loss

How to Write a Character with Dyslexia

How to Write a Character with Insomnia

How to Write a Male Character

How to Write a Character Who Suffers from Depression

How to Write a Southern Character

How to Write a Character from Michigan (I’m from Michigan and this is 100% accurate, I’m not even joking.)

How to Write Miscarriage

How to Write a Smart/Clever Character

Writing A Flirtatious Character

what motivates your characters

Resources for Writing Bio’s

Body Language Cheat

Body Language Reference Cheat

Tips for Writers: Body Language

Types of Crying

Body Language: Mirroring

Sympathy Without Saintliness

Family Echo (Family Tree Maker)

Body Language Cheat

Body Language Reference Cheat

Tips for Writers: Body Language

Types of Crying

Body Language: Mirroring

Ways to Reveal Character

Tips for Writers: Body Language

Universal Mary Sue Litmus Test

Villains are people too but…


Character Bio Help

Components of Your Biographies

Character sheet (2, 3)

Need Help With Character Creation?

How to: Draw Inspiration for Characters From Music

How to: Write a Biography (2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11)

How to: Write a Fully Developed Character

How to: Create a Cast of Characters (2)

Writing an Original Character (2, 3)

Creating Believable Characters (2, 3)

Bio Formats (2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10)

Little Things You Can Add To Your Bios

Bio Twists

Songs for Biographies

Masterlist of Bio Lyrics

Masterlist of Bio Quotes

Biography Lyrics

Writing a BIO

Character Biography Help

Bio Formats (2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10)

BIO help


unisex names

fictional people and place names generator

Online Etymology Dictionary

7 Rules Of Picking Names For Fictional Characters

Names In Different Time Periods

Behind The Name

Meaning Of Names

Fake Name Generator

Random Name Generator

Quick Name Generator

Fantasy Name Generator

Baby Names Country

Muslim Names And Meanings

Indian Names And Meanings

Name Playground

Location and Setting name generator

Name Generators

Name Playground

Medieval Names Archive

Behind The Name

7 Rules for Picking Names for Fictional Characters

7 Rules For Picking Names

Character Names

Character Name Resources

Surnames Masterpost

Female Names (2, 3, 4, 5)

Male Names (2, 3, 4, 5)

Last Names  (2, 3, 4)


Last Names  (2, 3, 4)

Help on picking character names


Character Trait Masterlist

List to Character Traits

Character Traits Descriptive Adjectives

Character Trait List

List of Character Traits

Character Trait Examples

Character Traits

Character Traits

Positive Personality Traits

638 Primary Personality Traits

Positive Character Traits

The 10 Most Important Personality Traits for Career Success

Traits of Human Consciousness

List of Positive Personality Traits

Personal Qualities List

Negative Personality Traits

List of Negative Personality Traits

List of Negative Personality Traits

10 Traits you will be Hated for

Negative Character Traits

List of Virtues

List of Vices

Character Trait Generator

Character Development: Virtues

Character Development: Vices

Character Morality Alignment

List of Negative Personality Traits

List of Positive Personality Traits

MBTI Personality Test

MBTI Personality Descriptions

123 Character Flaws

Character Trait Cheat Sheet

List of Personality Traits

Character Virtues And Vices

Underused Personalities

Write Real People Generator

Jung’s 16 Personality Types

Underused Character Personalities

Birth-Order: Personality Traits

The Difference Between Personality and Behavior

How to: Show a Characters Personality In a Paragraph

16 Character Traits

Underused Personalities

Personality Traits

Positive (2)

Negative (2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8)

Both (2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8)


Masterpost For Writers Creating Their Own World

World Building 101

Creating A Believable World

Maps Workshop - Developing The Fictional World Through Mapping

Creating Fantasy And Science Fiction Worlds

Writing Fantasy


Creating The Perfect Setting

City Map Generator

Clevergirlhelps’ Brilliant Post on City Planning

Thewritingcafe’s Brilliant Post on City Planning

Streets VS Monuments

How to create a grid in Photoshop

City Brushes

Cities to inspire you (1)(2)(3)(4)

How Geography Affects Climate

How Streets Evolve as Cities Grow

History of Building Materials


Magical Word Builder’s Guide

I Love The End Of The World

World Building 101

The Art of Description: Eight Tips to Help Bring Your Settings to Life

Creating the Perfect Setting - Part 1

Creating a Believable World


Character and Setting Interactions

Maps Workshop - Developing the Fictional World Through Mapping

World Builders Project

How To Create Fantasy Worlds

Creating Fantasy and Science Fiction Worlds

Average Weather Settings


World Building 101

Bringing Settings To Life

Creating A Believable World

Mapping A Fictional World

Mapping Your World

Religion in Setting

5 Editing Tips




California (2, 3)

England/Britain (2, 3, 4, 5)

New York



The South (2)

Popular Places to Eat

Useful Geographical Descriptors for Writers

Tips on Creating a Fictional Town in America

Average Weather for Your Setting

How to Create Your Own World

A Guide to Los Angeles

Average weather for your setting

fantasy world map generator


Eye Color List

A Description Resource

55 Words to Describe Someones Voice

Describing Skin Colors

Describing a Person: Adding Details

A Description Resource

55 Words to Describe Someones Voice

Describing Skin Colors

Describing a Person: Adding Details

Be More Descriptive

Describe a Character’s Look Well

100 Words for Facial Expressions

To Show and Not To Tell

Words to Describe Facial Expressions

Describing colors

Sweetening up character description

Words to Describe Facial Expressions

Describing Clothes

Be More Descriptive

Describe a Character’s Look Well

Words for Emotions based on Severity

Words that could come in handy when describing skin tones

Words to Describe Facial Expressions

words to describe someone’s voice

Be More Descriptive

Types Of Crying

Eye Colours

Skin Tones

Shades Of Hair

Writing Eye Colors

Hair Color Reference Chart

A couple tips about description in fast-paced scenes


Grammar is a tricksy thing

How To Rewrite

Editing Recipe

Cliche Finder

Revising Your Novel: Read What You’ve Written

Writing 101: Revising A Novel

20 Common Grammar Mistakes That (Almost) Everyone Makes

Synonyms for the Most Commonly Used Words of the English Language

Grammar Urban Legends

Words Instead of Walk (2)

Commonly Confused Adjectives

A Guide on Punctuation

Common Writing Mistakes

25 Synoms for ‘Expession’

How to: Avoid Misusing Variations of Words

Words to Keep Inside Your Pocket

The 13 Trickiest Grammar Hang-Ups

Other Ways to Say..


300+ Sophiscated and Underused Words

List of Misused Words

Words for Sex

100 Beautiful and Ugly Words

Words to Use More Often

Alternatives for ‘Smile’ or ‘Laugh’

Three Self Editing Tips

Words to Use Instead of ‘Walk’, ‘Said’, ‘Happy’ and ‘Sad’

Synonyms for Common Words

Alternatives for ‘Smile’

Transitional Words

The Many Faces and Meanings of ‘Said’

Synonyms for ‘Wrote’

A Case Of She Said, She Said

Words Instead of Walk (2)

Commonly Confused Adjectives

A Guide on Punctuation

Common Writing Mistakes

25 Synoms for ‘Expession’

How to: Avoid Misusing Variations of Words

Words to Keep Inside Your Pocket

The 13 Trickiest Grammar Hang-Ups

Other Ways to Say..


300+ Sophiscated and Underused Words

List of Misused Words

Words for Sex

100 Beautiful and Ugly Words

Words to Use More Often

Alternatives for ‘Smile’ or ‘Laugh’

Three Self Editing Tips

Words to Use Instead of ‘Walk’, ‘Said’, ‘Happy’ and ‘Sad’

Synonyms for Common Words

Alternatives for ‘Smile’

Transitional Words

The Many Faces and Meanings of ‘Said’

Synonyms for ‘Wrote’

A Case Of She Said, She Said

Words to Use Instead of “Whispered”

List of Adjectives for Movements (Fast)

List of Adjectives for Movements (Slow)

List of Adjectives for Touch & Feel

List of Adjectives for Taste

List of Adjectives for Smell

List of Adjectives for Hearing (Soft Sounds)

List of Adjectives for Hearing (Loud Sounds)

List of Adjectives for Personal Traits & Characteristics

List of Adjectives for Characters

List of Adjectives for Resumes (Self-Descriptive)

List of Adjectives for Mood

List of Adjectives for Action/Actions

List of Adjectives for Shapes & Patterns

List of Adjectives for Slight Words

Colors in Writing

List of Adjectives for the Color Red

List of Adjectives for the Color Blue

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Please read.

Okay everyone, I know this is probably something you’re just going to scroll past as if it meant nothing but you need to read this. As a writer myself I know the struggle of trying to write stories that people will like, I know the struggle of sitting there and praying that your notifications will go off and you have a like or a reblog but sometimes they don’t happen. 

Maybe it’s because it isn’t good we often think to ourselves, maybe we can’t and all our stories are crap. That’s when the doubt settles in. Do people hate my work? Should I try harder next time? 

We are writing stories for our pleasure and for yours, us writers love writing it’s the reason we do it. We also love writing for you, the audience, because it feels fantastic when people like and reblog your stories. But it means even more to us if you tell us if you like it. I have complimented a few, well deserving blogs and every time they tell me that they never get compliments like that. 

I know how hard it is to start talking to someone who can seem quite daunting, I know it’s scary but I promise you we don’t bite we actually try to promote and encourage all of you to talk to us. It’s a great feeling when someone lets you know how much your writing means to them, It’s a feeling that will leave you with a smile on your face all day and nothing can dampen your mood. 

The only thing I’m trying to say is if you love someone’s writing please let them know, they deserve it and it’s a great conversation starter if you want to talk to those ‘big and scary’ blogs. I promise you writers will love you for it and they will never ever turn you down when you try to talk to them. 

Thank you.


  • you’re legitimately interested in pursuing something in the near future with this portrayal
  • it’s okay for me to approach you for wishlist items / desired plots that appear on the dash
  • it’s okay for me to approach you after solid development about potential ship related things ( doesn’t necessarily have to be romantic !! fwb / platonic / enemies / etc are all desired ships )
  • it’s okay for me to approach to you ooc ?? not always about roleplay !! i like to find common grounds with my roleplay partners as it helps me get comfortable.
  • it’s okay for me to spam you with memes when the mood strikes / tag you in random starters
The apartment scene . . .

C’mon y'all.  You know that apartment scene deserves some extra analysis. It immediately stood out to me as a re-write or perhaps a companion to Sasil’s first time together in Naomi’s house, but we get to see how far they have come since then.  (Which in “real” time, is only a few months)

For starters, the first scene is set at night and there are candles, which makes the mood a bit romantic.  But here it’s daytime and the light is harsh, which represents the tough situation that they are in.  Also, the place is sparse and dirty not cozy like Naomi’s place.

Rather than climbing through the windows, this time Sally Ann and Hasil get to walk through the front door like proper tenants, further legitimizing them as a couple.  (Thanks to the writers for the whole carry over the threshold moment.  We know you read the fan fic!)

And once again, Sally Ann is leading and Hasil is following.  He hesitates both times but ultimately his trust is in Sally Ann for no other reason than love.

While Sally Ann lingers in the door ways to observe Hasil’s reaction, he makes himself at home by going to a corner, not taking up too much space (Go back and look: the blocking is almost identical in both scenes) but attempting to put her at ease.  He strips down naked back in season one, and I guess you can argue that he strips down emotionally here by confessing about the fights and then declaring that it’s just the two of them now.

Much has been made about the first time he says “Come here” (still swoon worthy) and he says it again here: “Here is good.  I like here.  Here it is then. Come here.” But now they have history, and he knows that she’s stubborn and won’t just do what she’s told, so he just pulls her in for The Lift (also a call back).  

I just want to thank the writers for packing so much in one scene and also to ACTORS for pulling it all off.

I know I missed some things!  What else??


“You must be the jabberwock.”
“You have NO IDEA, motherFUCKER.”
“Who are you?”
“I found her while I was in a tree.”
“I’m having a wonderful time! What about you all?”
“Here’s to more children falling down our rabbit hole.”
“Who the FUCK let him down the rabbit hole?”
“This FUCKING acid reflux putting me in a bad mood!”
“The FUCK are you looking at?”
“Your ears look like Michael J. Fox did them.”
“I’m photosynthesizing.”
“You’re a homosexual, STOP IT.”
“She’s doing her kegels.”
“Where’s a godDAMN writing desk?”
“If you have this tea, toilet paper doesn’t do shit.”
“I’m gonna shit on your DREAMS.”
“I think the flower’s possessed!”
“A fucking spooksperson!”
“SAVE US, _____!”
“Goddamn acid REFLUX.”

“What do we have over here?”
“This looks familiar!”
“OH, IT’S _____, THEY’RE BACK.”
“Be careful. I SAID BE CAREFUL!”
“You bitch.”
“Sit down, ___, I’m tired of your SHIT.”
“I’m trying to make a baby.”
“I’d like to make a toast to ____!”
“Would you like some tea?”
“Grab a damn cup.”
“I fucking HATE the Planned Parenthood.”
“You think you’re funny? Do you think you’re fucking funny? Do you think THIS is funny?”
“Y'all fell down the wrong rabbit hole!”
“Nobody ever says hello back!”
“We’re going to fuck you like the bitch that you are.”
“I knew you were pregnant, you stupid BITCH.”
“The sun is going down and the flowers are starting to WILT.”
“You fucked up.”
“I haven’t been laid in weeks!”

“You know your room isn’t gonna clean itself when you just watch those DAMN workout videos all day.”
“Grab your shit, we’re leaving!”
“I don’t want you talking to me.”
“Morning ____, love what you did with the tulips!”
“Fucking bitch.”
“Oh no, he sucks.”
“Shopping can be really fun, shopping is for everyone!”
“The fuck did you just say to me?”
“Look at these, these are adorable.”
“Shape up or you’re going with your grandfather. And he’s horny.”
“Out of my way. I’m a mom making a difference!”
“SHIT, where’s the baby?”
“No, it’s serious this time.”
“Alright, we’re home. Grab the bags.”
“Where did you get vodka?”
“Who left their cup of coffee in my work station?”
“Fuck it, it’s mine now.”
“That is some good SHIT.”
“We got a few hours of daylight left, why don’t we do the whole thing over again so we can get a head start for tomorrow?”
“Bye _____, you’re a fucking bitch.”
“It’d be nice if you could win ONE goddamn game.”
“It’s faster if you roll!”
“We’re back!”
“Move your ASS.”
“JESUS, these are FUCKING CUTE.”
“One more time in mama’s mouth.”
“Dammit, another cup of coffee?”
“We still got another five minutes of daylight left, why don’t we do this whole thing again so we can get ahead for next WEEK?”
“Someone’s got a lawsuit on their hands.”
“Where the FUCK are you?”
“Please stop staring at me.”


Sorry for the really long post but I desperately needed to organize my reference tag. If any of the links don’t work please tell me and I will try to fix them as soon as possible.


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I want to roleplay with everyone and that’s why I can’t imagine myself having exclusives ❪ not yet at least! ❫. Therefore, I’ll roleplay with multiple people with the same muse. However, if you’re my main, you’ll always have the priority when I’m replying threads. Cause you’re my main, my bae, my boo.

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  3. I might randomly tag you in starters? I have this mood where I desperately want to write something but don’t want to work on drafts. That’s when the urge to write a starter kicks in. 
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greyias  asked:

This just sounds like Jas: “Is there a reason you’re naked in my bed?”

Odessen’s wilds always seemed to calm her frayed nerves.  The wind in the trees, the smells of the flowers, the sounds of water running and birds chirping—she still longed for more familiar haunts, but she liked this place.  Her mood had also been helped by her unwanted passenger staying relatively quiet lately.  Probably scheming some new way to torment her or writing down some narcissistic soliloquies to hurtle at her.

The communicator in her pocket vibrated with a new message.

[Have a break in my schedule.  Got a surprise for you.  <winky face emoji>]

Jas smiled at the thought that he’d made room for her in his busy day.  She could guess at what the surprised was, too.  It was either food, or sex.  Both were pretty good options.

“I hope it’s both,”  she said out loud.  Still grinning, she walked quickly back up to the base.

“Theron, are you here?”  she called out as she walked through into the room and dropped her small sack of supplies near the door.  She sniffed at the air as she kicked off her muddy boots.  Hmm, no food.

There was a bit of a skip in her step as she rounded the corner into the bedroom.  Option B was still pretty tempting, even hungry.  “Ther~ron, I know you’re in—WHAT!  NO!”  Jas screamed and jumped like something had darted across the floor and went straight at her feet.  She turned around and covered her face with her hands.  “Is there a reason you are naked in MY bed?!”

“Uhh…”  Theron, who in confusion had grabbed a pillow and covered his private parts, stammered and glanced around the room.  “I am often naked in your bed?  I didn’t think this was a problem?”

Jas bit into her knuckles and swayed back and forth in agitation before finally glancing back over her shoulder.  “This is ridiculous!”  she shouted, waving her arms  around like she couldn’t decide if she wanted to hide her face or throw something.  “Have you no shame!”

“I… no?”  Theron quirked an eyebrow at her, still not understanding why this was a bad idea.  She’d never reacted like this before.

“No one wants to see that, old man!  You think you can just come in here and act like you live here!  Like anyone wants to see your nasty, shriveled, grey bits!  TOO FAR.  This has gone TOO FAR.”

“Hey!  I’m not that old!”  Theron jumped out of the bed and started yanking his trousers back on.  “I don’t know what’s gotten into you—”

Jas blinked at the bare chest that stepped in front of her.  Her finger reached out and poked it tentatively.  Then, she leaned to the side to peer around Theron.  Her eyes narrowed at the other figure on the bed.  “You should be ashamed of yourself.”

Theron’s hands grasped her shoulders as he let out a long sigh.  “What is going on?  You’re acting—”  He almost said it.  The “c” word: crazy.

Her mouth opened like she was going to say, but then she closed it.  How does one form into words that the Sith ghost haunting you decided it would be funny to lay his naked, crusty ass out on your bed next to your boyfriend, who was also naked.  “I saw a snake.”

“A snake?”  Again his eyes were wide in disbelief, his brows arched high as if he was asking are you fucking serious right now?

“Huge, ugly, old man snake.”

“And you thought you’d berate the snake into leaving instead of saying ‘Look out, Theron! There’s a snake in the bed!’ and maybe, oh I don’t know, use the Force to pick it up and throw it out the window?”

“The Force is not animal control.”  Jas gave him a very serious Jedi look.

Theron sighed again and wiped his hands over his face.  “I’m going back to work.  We can talk about this later.”

“I will get rid of the snake and then we don’t have to talk about it ever again.  That sounds like a better plan.”  She stepped out of his way as he found the rest of his clothes and got dressed.  Pointedly, she did not turn to face the bed again.

“You didn’t like… eat forest mushrooms?  Take candy from a stranger?  Look, if Tora offers you anything to smoke or eat, don’t do it, okay?”

“That was just the one time,”  she grumbled.

With yet another sigh, Theron leaned forward and pressed a kiss to her forehead.  “If the snake bites you, please go see the doctor?”

“Ew.  If it bites me, I’m launching myself into the sun.”

[cute shippy starters]

jason frowned, giving little interest towards the subject at hand before speaking up. “i don’t really think i suit the typical hero agenda, i am kind of fond of doing what i want.” he wasn’t a side kick anymore nor was he really a hero, a blurred line between hero and villain, doing questionable things with decent intentions. “i’d much rather take a nap than the mighty job of removing a cat from a tree but please go knock yourself out.

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