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Shance headcanons

First of all, a PSA: literally all of the art of this ship is gorgeous, everyone should go and stalk the tag

  • It takes Lance a while to get past his hero worship of Shiro, but even when he’s got used to having Shiro as a friend (and later a boyfriend) he still has moments where it suddenly hits him that the ace pilot he looked up to looked right back at him and respects him as an equal. And it blows Lance’s mind every time
  • They’re both pretty physically affectionate and they end up acting like a couple before they’ve even got together. They’re always casually touching each other: a hand on a shoulder, a pat on the back, a hug. Any contact is good contact
  • Lance especially likes to sit next to Shiro and rest his head on Shiro’s shoulder. It always gives Shiro a slight shock when Lance does this on his right side because he forgets there’s still a part of his arm that’s still his own. He’s so conscious of the weapon that he never expects Lance to snuggle up to that side of him, and it makes him feel more normal
  • They balance each other so well. Shiro reminds Lance to be serious sometimes and Lance reminds Shiro that having fun is important
  • Shiro never talks about his time as a galra prisoner. But when he goes quiet, Lance knows where his thoughts have turned and distracts him with stories of home. And when Lance is homesick, Shiro talks about his own family. They offer each other parts of themselves to fill the other’s empty spaces - and it works

So I’m listening to ‘There Goes Our Love Again’ by White Lies and for some reason I can’t help imagine Ace and Marco in a modern AU being stuck on dishes and Ace stops them while this song is playing and pulls Marco away.  They’re hands are still soapy but that doesn’t stop Ace from holding Marco’s hands and dancing with him.  

Like, Marco says they should really finish the dishes or at least dry their hands and he’s a bit stiff at first but he can’t help but smile too.  And by the end of the song their close to each other because as it progressed the more into it they got.  Not a serious dance but just moving around each other and it was fun.  

They almost kiss, or at least think about it but they pull away and Ace goes back to the sink.  But Marco’s hand is still holding Ace’s and he tightens his grip for a moment, telling Ace that was fun and then lets go.  They smile and just look at each other for a while before finishing the dishes.

Like, my dudes, this idea has been in my head for hours.  I was thinking of another idea but then as music played my brain shot off elsewhere.  Imagine their dance having the feel and atmosphere of this but they’re moving a lot more like this.

I realize I just am really craving some simple domestic MarcoAce.  That mutual, blind pining shit where they look at each other as if they’re the made of stars and they’re so very fucking close to just taking that one step in the right direction only to step back and continue on looking.  I’m a sucker for that bullshit.