and in the end they really are and he's not going to complain

Mystery Man - Luke

Requested - ““I found your tumblr but you don’t know and urg now you’re posting about your crush on this cute person oh wait is that me” with bff Luke please <3”


“I’d go to the ends of the earth for you with only mild complaining”

You’d reblogged the text post automatically, as you did with every post that made you think of Luke. You never planned on Luke seeing them. You didn’t really speak about your tumblr to anybody, especially not your best friend, who was the reason behind your unrequited love.

#you #its always been you #i hate that I love you so much

You’d tagged the post.

Who?! Luke’s mouth turned into a scowl as he read the tags of all the posts you’d reblogged to do with love and heartbreak. He couldn’t help the jealousy that bubbled up inside him. Partly because he was your best friend and you’d never mentioned liking someone to him, he thought this was something you’d trust him with, but the main reason behind his jealousy was the fact that you seemed to be head over heels with somebody who obviously wasn’t him. After making this discovery on your tumblr, Ashton, Calum and Michael had heard nothing but his whining about this boy he didn’t know, who clearly meant so much to you.


“You’ve been friends with her for years, been in love with her from the second you met her, and still haven’t made a move. Are you seriously surprised that she met someone else?!” Calum doesn’t beat around the bush.

“Mate, talk to her” Ash tries a gentler approach, “you never know, you could be the guy!” Luke had scoffed at this, insistent that you were way out of his league.

“She’s so lovely and really hot, why would you think she’d stay single?” Michael had laughed.


“Luke? Luke!” You nudge his shoulder, his eyes were unfocused, a scowl etched on his face that had been there the entire night.

“What?” He turns to you.

“What’s with you tonight?” You laugh at him, “you’ve barely paid attention to anything I’ve said all night.”

“Yes, I have. You said that you think Krispy Kreme should deliver and Chris Hemsworth is so perfect that he might actually be a god.” He repeats the thoughts you’d decided to vocalise throughout the evening.

“Well, they should and he is” you nod, “you weren’t talking so I had to fill the silence. You said you wanted to watch The Avengers anyway, and you haven’t even looked at the screen!”

“Just tell me he doesn’t have really big muscles” Luke’s eyes meet yours, as he asks you this confusing question, “and he isn’t really funny or clever or nice, tell me he’s a bit of an idiot.”

“Are you talking about Chris Hemsworth?!” You frown, “Luke, he’s a god. He’s flawless, look at him!”

“No, I mean the guy you like” he mutters, finally looking at the TV screen, so he doesn’t have to look in your eyes when you start to tell him how wonderful this guy was.

“I-you…what?!” You’re lost for words.

“I went on your tumblr..” He admits.

“Wh-why…why would you do that?!”

“Because I was trying to show Cal that vine of the old man falling on the escalator you showed me!” He defends himself.

“Oh god….okay” you desperately try to think of every post you’d ever reblogged that was aimed at Luke, “what did you see?”

“That you like some guy” he mumbles, “who is he? Why haven’t you mentioned him?”

“I-I don’t…I…” You stop as you begin to recognise the expression in Luke’s eyes.

“He sounds like a dick, whoever he is” Luke replies, childishly.

“He is a dick” you shrug, “and he isn’t really muscular, he thinks he’s funny but he’s not, he’s an idiot, he’s too tall, he’s annoying, he’s very clever, although sometimes he says the most stupid things, he’s also very lovely” you pause, as you see Luke’s eyes close, his face looks defeated, “he also goes on my tumblr when he told me he wouldn’t do.” His head shoots up.

“What did you just say?!” He licks his bottom lip.

“Who else would it be, Luke?” You whisper.

“I love you” he swallows, needing you to know that he felt the same way.

“I love you too” you look into his eyes, hoping he knows how much you mean the words.

“No, you don’t understand, I mean that I…” He stammers.

“I’m so ridiculously in love with you, Hemmings” you interrupt him, placing a hand at the back of his neck.

“Yeah, th-that’s what I meant” he laughs, relieved, “well, not the ‘Hemmings’ part, obviou…”

“Stop talking” giggling, you pull his face towards yours until your lips meet.

To Everyone Whining That Aelin Is OOC And QoS Is Trash

My reasons?

1. Aelin has always had a habit of treating her friends like shit. It’s an annoying trait, yes, but it’s also why she isn’t some Mary Sue Jesus coming to bring rainbows and free kittens to all the children of the world. She suspected Nehemia of brutally murdering people in ToG, was extremely icy and snappish towards Dorian in the first half of CoM, and Chaol? Well, I vowed never to say mean things about him since the end of QoS, but yeah, he sort of went and done derped. 

Multiple times. 

Even towards Rowan, for a large portion of HoF, she was like “FUCK. YOU.” 

2. Complaining about Aelin waking up with feelings for Rowan? Really? Have we all forgotten that Aelin is like Maeve (Except not a raging, power-hungry bitch in sheep clothing) when it comes to guys? She practically has her own harem going! She goes through boyfriends like I go through a box of chocolates! Not to mention, while I’m all team Doriaelin and Rowan (to me) has always been the most cliche of the guys, I will admit he has helped her through a lot of shit, and he really does care. So long as Aelin is happy, why do you feel the need to dictate her love life? Because Rowan is not Chaol? 

Well, I’m sorry, but I probably wouldn’t be too eager to hook up with a guy who had unfortunate roles in bad things happening to my closest friends. 

3. Dorian is relevant to the plot again. Dorian hate is equivalent to puppy hate. If you do it, then you’re beyond help. 

4. Queen of Shadows practically mashed the best elements of CoM and HoF together, creating a long epic with “HOLY SHET” moments, political intrigue, badass characters, and so much wish fulfillment. Here’s a list of the good things that happened in QoS.

A) Dorian is freed

B) Magic is freed

C) Aedion-Aelin reunion

D) Aelin makes female friends

E) Aelin goes back to being an assassin and looking damn good while wrecking shit. 

F) Dorian becomes King

G) Aelin becomes Queen

H) Chaol redeems himself and finally chooses the one person who he will devote his loyalty to. (Seriously, is Dorian Chaol’s mate or something? Because DAMN. Chaol throughout the entire book was like “DOOORRRIIIIAAANN! COME BACK TO US!!!) 

I) Nesryn and Lysandra, ‘nuff said. 

J) The King is dead (Granted, this scene was a fuck of a lot sadder than it should be). 

K) The glass castle gets demolished in a scene of glorious, undiluted awesome. 

And even more good things as well!

And you’re willing to dismiss all that simply because Aelin decided to get in Rowan’s pants instead of going back to Chaol?

What’s wrong with people? 

escritacentral asked:

And one more, how do you think Leah/renesmee relationship will be? Nessie is her alpha's girlfriend and I think Jake and leah are on good terms now

I honestly can’t see Leah and Renesmee having much of a relationship. I do agree with you that Jacob and Leah are closer (friends, even. Jacob did make her his Beta, that’s a big deal), but I think Renesmee would affect that new pack dynamic they had going on in Book 2. If Jacob is spending a lot of time at the Cullens because of Nessie, that’s less time he is spending in La Push being Alpha, and I really think Leah would start resenting that, thus resenting Renesmee in the process. But out of respect for Jacob I could see her trying not complain about her around him.

Not to mention Renesmee is still a half-vampire and Bella’s daughter lol. And please let’s have just one character not think the sun shines out of nessie’s rear end

book vs movies

book thorin: stubborn, moody, not very likeable, dangerous when it comes to money, greedy, acts almost like a villain at the end of the book, doesn’t really listen what people say to him, and doesn’t really care about them, tough rough and grumpy

movie thorin: gets really emotional about bilbo, blushes when complimented, awkward flirting, cries when bilbo betrays him, aggresively tries to get bilbo’s attention even when bilbo is talking to someone else, touches the hobbit whenever possible, acorns make him even more emotional, loves his nephews so much, would do anything for his company, is an actual ray of sunshine

book bilbo: is scared of everything, complains all the time, wants to go home, acts like he was kidnapped by dwarves

movie bilbo: sassy little shit, sassasinates thorin, elrond, and gandalf on a daily basis, acts like he was an actual leader of the company, falls in love with thorin even though he treats him like a burden at first, fights azog to protect thorin, picks up damn acorns to remind him of thorin, can’t describe what thorin meant to him

senses working overtime

I should not have complained about the weather. Today is cool and crisp, with a hint of wind. It’s supposed to get warmer. I hope it does. I’m going to camp later, and we’re having an end of summer beach party. Summer really does feel over. Yesterday was school orientation, and the kids went with a wild cluster of other kids, seeing old friends and showing off new hairdos and meeting teachers and finding their classrooms. Fin donned a plaid shirt and a striped tie he insisted on wearing and was a huge hit with everyone, as usual.

I have a tickle in my nose, a nice mixture of the change in the air, the goldenrod on the breeze, and probably some introductory school virus. It makes things kinda smell weird, like I have a filter in the back of my throat, and everything has a musty odor. My least favorite part of the end of vacation is the start of cold and flu season. We avoided a hospital stay last year, and I’m hoping we can do it again. Hoping with every particle of my being.

I watched the sun go down early last night. The rays hit the clouds behind the trees just right, and color seemed to spread in waves of yellow, orange, and rose. I tried to take a picture, but I couldn’t capture it. After coming back from school, it felt different. I mean, it’s still summer, right? I have noticed the sumac is changing color already. It won’t be long. I’ve already started listening to my favorite fall albums. Soon, it will be nothing but Donovan’s Barabajagal, Captain Beefheart’s Mirror Man Sessions and Safe As Milk, Ani DifFranco’s stuff from Little Plastic Castle on up, Blood, Sweat & Tears and Chicago’s Greatest Hits, The Soft Parade from The Doors, oh, and Maybe You Should Drive and Born on a Pirate Ship by Barenaked Ladies. Okay, not so bad.

I had two pumpkin chocolate chip muffins with my coffee this morning. It was kinda perfect, considering the weather. I’m not one of those pumpkin spice nuts, but I do like to indulge in the theme of the season. I have yet to drink a Pumpkinhead, which is not pumpkin flavored, but more like a nutmeg, cinnamon, and clove wheat beer. I have had a Halloween Ale already, and that’s a dark ESB with lots of flavor. I’m sad that I drank the last Honey Blonde from my mix pack last night. That was the Brewer’s Choice for summer, so dry and delicious, and I don’t know how many more I can get this year. So good.

I got these new black socks and they leave behind this weird pilly foot residue. Every day after work, I take my shoes off at the door, pull off my socks, and walk through the grass, rubbing my feet on nature’s carpet. It feels good on my feet, and the sock remnants scrub off so I don’t track anything into the house. It’s another one of those foot etiquette things I constantly fail at, like wearing sandals to the beach and noticing I need to trim my toenails. Then I just bury my feet in the hot sand and hope no one notices. I won’t be doing that much longer. As the tan fades, so do the beach days. There’s still some summer left, but those days are numbered.

Trans Cinderella Excerpt

‘Maybe it’s the mask.’ 

‘The mask?’ his hand went up to touch it. He’d almost forgotten he was wearing it. Somehow, it made him feel braver. Like he wasn’t really himself.
‘You do look very mysterious.’
‘It’s a masque ball. We’re all wearing masks!’

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Preference: holiday

Matt: You always spent the big holidays with your parents and dating Matt wasn’t going to make you stop this. Matt seemed reluctant at first nervous they wouldnt like him but, he really had nothing to worry about your family ended up loving him and holidays were just that much more better with him there. Plus with Matt there you had someone to complain about your family too.

Wesely: evil doesn’t take a holiday and wesely was no exception to that rule, but he did his best always getting you a lovely present and taking you out to dinner when he could.

Anatoly: He couldn’t always take work off but that didn’t mean he didn’t try. Anytime he got a free moment he would call you or stop by. He always got you a present as well and would make sure he at east had time to exchange them. If yiu went to stay with your family he would be sure to Skype you each night.

Vladimir: He was just horrid at dates. Honestly yiu don’t think the man ever knew what time it was never mind what day month or even what year he was in. When you would remind him of the fact that “it’s Christmas vladimir, you know that annoying music that’s been playing for weeks…. the reason there is a /tree/ in our house.” He just gave yiu a confused look and offered to take you out that night to make up for it. A few days latter though you always found an apology gift left in the kitchen for you.

strawberrybananacream asked:


honestly, i feel like cloud especially gets the worst of this, even more so after advent children. and it’s really irritating for me because out of all the games and series i’ve gotten into, cloud’s story continues to be one of the most tragic and awful of the bunch– like, there’s literally not one point of his life that was wholly good. there was always something bad lingering in the background even during his happiest moments (which were already so few)– and it’s almost funny to imagine that ac is what set people off with the emo comments, as though he wasn’t suffering through seizures and flashbacks and probably severe ptsd, as well as (and the former caused by) suffering from a fatal uncurable disease. like yeah, he’s gonna be withdrawn, especially after realising what happened to him in the og and what’s happening to him in ac (when someone has suffered from mind control and being physically controlled against their will to do something/numerous somethings that are awful, and then begin experiencing things similar to it later on in life while they’re still trying to recover from the numerous other events that happened to them (cloud was hearing sephiroth’s voice in his head while inflicted by geostigma. that’s going to be absolutely fucking terrifying.) there’s no wonder he left tifa and the kids (ESPECIALLY SINCE THERE’S KIDS UNDER THEIR CARE) if he was going through that. he hurt aerith under sephiroth’s control. he was the cause of /thousands of people dying/ while under sephiroth’s control. of course he was going to isolate himself while being in a position like that, where he doesn’t know if he’ll hurt people again– like???? c’mon now. no one can rightly blame him for that. he didn’t want to see anyone get hurt, he didn’t want to see more of the people he loves die, he wanted to protect the people left who he cares about, but there’s only so much he could do while in the position he was in and with the fears he had. 

and this isn’t even expanding on what happened to him in the og or in cc or even in his childhood. if there’s any character who deserves to complain about his life it’s cloud– except he doesn’t! he very rarely complains at all. if anything he appears more resigned to the fact that if things are gonna go wrong then they probably will, and if he doesn’t want that to happen than something needs to give, something needs to change– and normally that means fighting for that change. even as a CHILD he was doing this, ok.

and even then there’s more than enough scenes in the og to reveal that cloud is actually a pretty goofy character, more of a dork than a brooder, a shy kid who had high hopes for himself and who wanted to prove himself as more than what he was but simply got kicked down time and time again. and you know what’s great about cloud’s character?? you know what makes me appreciate him so much?? that even though he goes through so much and suffers through so much loss and deals with so much trauma, that although he has his doubts and very obvious moments of weakness, he still stands up and keeps going. he gets on up and tries to do the right thing again and again. he’s been described as weak, as a failure, and likely thinks of himself as that on more than the odd occasion too, but he still manages to prove those assumptions wrong multiple times. 

he’s a fighter. he’s adaptable. he’s strong as hell and yes, he knows how to have fun too, he knows how to love, he knows what’s important and what he holds closest to his chest. 

and i think all the people who try to ignore what makes cloud so great of a character are just blind to what really makes him so strong and so damn iconic imo.

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Hwhy are people pressed that Harry is doing his job? His literal job of meeting fans that paid (or won something) to meet him...? His job. Do people complain when neil goes golfing with his PGA friends? that's separation!! omg! He doesn't like his band! He wants to go solo! .... Like chill. Do some yoga. Take a nap. It's not the End of the World! Harrys not with people he's been with for 5 goddamn years for 30 seconds!!!! HE HATES THEM!!!.. Do people hear themselves??? - radish

radish, i love you so dearly. i really do. 


It wasn’t normal. Lucy noticed the difference in her commanders behaviour. For couple of days they were oddly nice to her, they were doing everything what she asked them for without a single complain, and that wasn’t right. But neither Natsu and Happy answered her question about what’s up with them.

They went on a really suspicious mission, on which for some reason Natsu was waiting two days, then instead of going to the city which was about two minutes away, he decided to sleep in the nearby forest. When it became dark Natsu prepared fireplace, while Happy went somewhere, in unknown place. Lucy was trying to find him, but she failed. After some time he came back to his friends who were warmed only by fire which Dragon Slayer made, and for everyone surprise Exceed brought food from a bar. A lot of sushi from that city.

- All right guys - Lucy said suddenly while ending her meal, giving another try to know the reason of their behaviour. - What’s going on?

- What do you mean? - Happy asked nervously.

- What’s going on with you? You act strangely.

- No we don’t - Natsu said while looking away with his mouth full of food.

- Yes, you do. Why are you/

- Oh boy I’m full and sleepy - Natsu said while gulping food and pretended to yawn.

- A-Aye me to! - Happy said uncomfortably.

- Oy! Don’t avoid the answ/

- Goodnight! - Natsu said and layed down on the ground.

Lucy just yelled at them to show her angriness because of ignoring her question, and in the end she fell asleep next to the fireplace. She was exhausted because of yelling at her friends, who were indeed sleeping.

But suddenly something woke her up, and it wasn’t wild animal or something like this. Natsu was the one who woke her up.

- Oy, are you sleeping? - he asked while gently touching her cheek.

- I-I’m not - she answered with blushing cheeks while sitting on the ground.

- Can you go somewhere with me? - he asked politely, almost whispering, just to not wake their blue commander up.

- Sorry, I’m too full and sleepy - she answered angrily while showing him her tongue and with rage painted on her face she layed down agin, turning back to him.

- I’ve expected you to say something like this - Natsu said and picked girl up.

She found herself being carried in her friend’s embrace, with enormous speed going through small forest on top of the hill. She felt really uncomfortable in this situation, and I’m not talking about the fact that he carried her. I’m talking about the way he was caring her.

He hold her tightly in his arms, one arm across her back and another in the fold of her legs. It wouldn’t be as strange, if he wouldn’t literally push her onto him. He made her head lay on his shoulder and warmed her a bit by sliding his thumb on her arm.

She blushed really hard while she saw his fulfilled smile.

- W-What are you doing? - she asked shily while trying to bring herself together.

- Taking you somewhere.

- I’ve noticed! But where?

- You’ll see - he said secretly while making eye contact.

”Damn… He has hypnotizing look… He’s even more handsome when he’s smiling/ Oh my God what am I thinking!” she though while looking away with red expression.In couple of minutes they went out from the forest.

Lucy looked around and saw nothing, just field covered in grass, and dark, well, black sky in the background.

- We’re here - he said and let Lucy stood on her own. She looked around, nothing catched her eyes.

- Why are we here? There’s literally nothing/

- Or is it? - he asked while pointing in the direction behind her.

When Lucy turned around she still couldn’t see this thing which Natsu wanted her to see. That’s why she went forward. And suddenly she froze.The hill on which she though they were turned out to be a cliff, under which the city was. It looked beautiful at night, especially from above.

- Wow - Lucy said while looking at lighted buildings, streets and roofs, while standing on the edge. It really looked wonderful.

- And that’s not all - she suddenly heard a whisper in her ear, while feeling warm breath of her friend in her hair.

She automatically stepped away, scared and embarrassed by his quiet whisper with accompany of sweet grin, but unfortunately she felt no ground under her foot. Lucy started to fall from the cliff with fear in her eyes and froze expression.

But she was lucky about Natsu being so close to her. Before her other foot left safe ground he grabbed her hand and pulled her onto himself, making both of them fell onto the cold grass.

- Damn it Lucy! You wanna die or what?! - he shouted angrily while not letting go of her hand.

- You scared me idiot! - she yelled angrily as well, but her voice sounded more embarrassed because of laying on top of him.

- You’re impossible - he said suddenly while laughing, with one hand covering his eyes.

- What’s so funny?!

But her angry question hasn’t got an answer. She just watched Natsu laughing for couple of seconds, until he looked at her from between his finers, with smirk on his lips.She couldn’t do anything else than blush, his smile was to wonderful in her eyes to not do so.

Suddenly he grabbed her other hand and made her lay on her back, while placing himself on top of her.

- What are you/ - she tried to ask quietly, but embarrassment and Natsu’s forefinger didn’t let her end the sentence.

- This is the reason why I brought you here - he said quietly into her ear and layed next to her, letting her see whole black sky, on which she saw stars.

Beautiful stars, which looked like glitter spilled on the sky. They were gently shining, some stronger, the other lighter. Every single one of them looked wonderful.

Lucy gazed at the sky like a little child who saw the shop window with sweets from around the world.

- What do you think? - Natsu asked her while leaning head on his arm, looking with smiley expression at his teammate.

- Beautiful - she said quietly with bright smile and blushes on her cheeks.

She was amazed by look of the starlight, but one thing coulnd’t get off her mind.

Why did Natsu brought her here? Why did he acted so strange? What was wrong with his charming voice, calm and romantic behaviour? Did someone used some kind of a spell on him?

- But why? - she asked while turning her head to him, meeting his onyx and daydreamed eyes.

- What do you mean?

- Why did you brought me here? - she asked while Natsu sat closer by seeing goosebumps on her arms, and wrapped one arm around her.

- Remember our mission from the last week?

- Y-Yea, I remember - she said and tried to move away, but with every move he was getting closer and closer, what made her even more embarrassed. - May you sit away?

- No. You seem cold and I won’t let you catch a cold agin - he laughed a bit and pulled her even closer. - And don’t say that you’re not cold, because I can feel that you are.

- Maybe a bit - she said, with every second getting a bit dizzy by his warmth.

She ended up sitting between his legs, resting her back against his warm chest, and with her body locked in his arms. For first time she wasn’t complaining about him touching her, she was even happy about his closeness. He was really warm, and had comfortable embrace.

- So what’s with that mission? - she asked while they were looking up on the stars.

- Well, me and Happy felt a bit guilty about mission being failed.

- Hah! - she laughed ironically. - It was your fault! After all Happy took you and let you destroy half of the city from above.

- Yea but we were trying to catch that thief!

- Yea, I know. But look, Erza catched him in the end without destroying a single building.

- She was lucky.

- Sure~ - Lucy said with joking expression, agin looking at shiny stars. - But it doens’t explain why you brought me here, and why you and Happy act so strange.

- We want to abye something. Because of us destroying the city we needed to spent extra days on cleaning the mess… And you missed the Night of Falling Stars. I know you really wanted to see it.

Lucy listened his words carefully and smiled by hearing them. They were acting so strange just to not let her feel sad about not fulfilled dream? They could just say sorry and pretend that it didn’t happen, but they knew how important it was to their Celestial Spirit mage, so they tried to abye it.

- I know it’s not the same as the Night of Falling Stars, but I thought, ehm… We thought that you would like it. We’re really sorry - he said gently to her ear while resting his head on her shoulder. - Cana told me that here is the best spot to watch the stars, but we needed to wait two days for good weather and/

- Thank you - she cut his explanations while turning around and embracing his warm torso.

When Natsu felt her hug he immediately embraced her as well, gently rubbing her head.

- For what? - he asked like he really didn’t know.

- For your effort - she answered while both of them looked at each other. - It’s really sweet of you.

- But I still feel guilty - Natsu said and his expression changed.

- What’s up with you? We usually stay extra days because of you or Grey. Maybe it’s your fault this time, that we needed to work, but you didn’t want to do so. So stop bothering yourself.

- Easy to say, because of me you miss a chance for your dream come true - he said and closed his eyes, while trying to hide in his friend’s hair.

But she didn’t let him not look at her. She sat on her own and placed her hands on his cheeks, forcing male to look at her.

- I’m not mad! Stop blaming yourself!

- Y-You’re not mad? But we made your wish not happen/

- Spending time with you is worth more than some stupid stars - she said angrily, looking how Natsu’s expression became calm, smiley and thoughtful.

Her cheeks suddenly burned up by understanding what she had just said.

- N-Not with you… I mean you! I-I mean not only you! You a-and Happy and Grey and Erza and the rest/

But before she fully explained it Natsu did something unusual.

She watched his cheeks becoming a bit rosy while he placed his right hand on her one, making it rub his cheek while closing his eyes. Lucy suddenly became red as tomato and let go of his left cheek, but she couldn’t let go of the other one. Even if she was embarrassed she was enjoying seeing her friend playing with her hand.

In one moment Dragon Slayer stopped and let go of her hand, then smiled brightly at her. Suddenly his eyes winded and he pointed the sky behind the girl.

- Quick! Behind you! - he said excited while Lucy turned around.

And she saw a shooting star.It flew across the sky and disappeared as soon as it appeared. But it looked beautiful.

- Make a wish - Natsu said quietly with sweet smile across his face.

Lucy crossed her fingers and closed her eyes, then while opening them she saw how her friend was looking at her, at every single inch of her body.

- W-What are you doing? - she asked.

- Admiring - he smiled. - What did you wish for?

- I-I can’t say - she answered. - It won’t happen if I tell you.

- Oh, you’re right. As you mentioned… What if I try to make my wish come true? Will it fulfill?

- I think so.

- In that case - he started the sentence while getting closer and closer to her. - I’ll give it a try.

- What are you doing? - she asked quietly and a bit scared.

He didn’t answer her question, he just kept getting closer, in the end making Lucy lay on her back, on that cold grass. They were really close to the edge of the cliff, so Lucy had nowhere to escape.

What more, Natsu embraced her tightly, just in case if she would do something stupid and started to fall.

His eyes were closed, and his mouth were opening a bit with every inch made forward her. Lucy knew exactly what he wanted to do. And for some reason she hadn’t anything against it.

He let her feel his warm breath on her skin what made her shake a bit. Male noticed that his teammate was ready for his actions, and she showed it when her lips gently slided onto his. Her right hand in that moment landed on his cheek, rubbing it lightly with her thumb.

Natsu didn’t wait any longer, he locked their lips together in firstly small kiss. But then it became more and more passionate. He started to poke her teeth with his tongue, in couple of minutes starting a little struggle.

They were kissing for some time, until they both started to be out of breath. When they pulled away Natsu was still looking at his commander with satisfied smile on his lips.

- It’s fulfilled - he said quietly while Lucy was trying to focus on his words.

- Y-You wished to kiss me? - she asked shily while her hands for some reason landed on his chest.

- No - he said and leaned closed to her ear. - I whished for you to kiss me back.

The girl became red agin by hearing his charming whisper while he looked deep in her eyes. She looked in his as well, then admired his handsomeness.

- Why are you looking at me in that way? - he suddenly asked with questioning expression.

- Don’t pay attention, I’m just admiring - she smiled and watched as his face became a bit red. - But why did you wished for it? For me to kiss you back? It’s just a waste of the wish.

- For me it’s not.

- You could’ve wished for… I don’t know… Tons of food for example.

- You really think that food is the most important for me?

- You sometimes act like it.

- Then you’re wrong. There’re a lot of things more important than food.

- Like?

- Like friends. Or Family. Or you.

She didn’t say anything, she just kept looking at him with those happy eyes, and smiley expression. It really ment a lot to her, that he did what he did. After all, he kissed her. Without a logical reason.

He just did it.

And he said things so normal, yet with unusual for him with that soft voice. And she loved it, the sound of his gorgeous voice which was stuck in her mind.

- Enough about my wish. What about yours? Are you going to make it true?

- I don’t have to. It already came true - she answered while looking deep into his eyes, gently rubbing the back of his head.

- Seriously? When? What did you wish for?

- … Now I regret that I didn’t wish for you to be less dense…

- I should get offended right now.

- Seriously, it’s so hard to guess what I wanted?

- No, I know what you wanted, but I like you to think that I’m dense - he said with proud smile across his face.

- Yea. Sure. If that’s the truth, then you should know what did I whished for. So…?

- To be honest I wanted you to say this, but… Well, you whished me to kiss you.

- Bingo, mister I-know-everything.

After those words Natsu let himself feel her lips, and she agin, wasn’t resisting. She felt his sweet kiss once agin, and already she felt addicted to this feeling. And he was ready to give her more, since he understood that she had nothing against this, against his closeness and touch.

His hand moved onto her waist while arms get weaker and made him lay lower, at the same time closer to his teammate. Lucy replaced her arms and wrapper them around his neck, pulling him as close as possible, at the same time giving herself into that passionate kiss.

They were slowly getting out of control, but quiet, repeated sound of giggling and clicking from the bush made both of them concerned. They stopped their actions and looked in the source of suspicious sounds. And they saw their blue friend who was “hiding” in the bushes, taking pictures of them with Natsu’s new phone lacrima, which Warren gave him for a test.

- You little/… Delete it! - Lucy yelled full of embarrassment.

- Delete what? - Happy asked innocently while hiding the phone behind himself.

- You know what! Delete it now!

- I don’t know what you’re talking about.

- Happy! Seriously!

- Can’t hear ya.

Lucy somehow escaped from Natsu’s grip and run after Exceed, trying to take the phone away from him. But her friend was more mean than she thought… He flew above the trees and watched how blonde was getting angry by her lack of ability to reach him.

- Come back here you asshole!

- Luce chill out.

- How can I/

Before she ended the sentence Natsu wrapped one arm around her and made their nose touch. Lucy just looked confused at him with those small blushes decorating her face, while he moved his head once away.

- First of all, he can’t be up there forever, sooner or later he will come down. Second thing is - what can he possibly do with those pictures? Nothing.

- Well, maybe you’re right.

- Sure I am - he said and gave her gentle kiss on the forehead.

She was sure that Natsu was right, as much as she didn’t pay attention to their blue friend which with suspicious look broke into a gallery and sent beautiful pics with lovely birds kissing with accompany os starlight to Mira. And Levy. And Erza… And every one else in the guild.


I haven’t post my own writting in a long time, didn’t I?

I’m out of ideas litely. Seriously, it’s so hard to find inspiration or something. And about that…

I want to post more often, also more shorter stories. So if you guys have any ideas and want me to write sth then feel free to send me a reqest.

Well that’s all from me, thanks for reading ^.^

The problem with being here is that our office is depressing. It really is. Conversation is forced, boring and generally just gossip. If we talk about clients, it’s because we’re complaining. There’s no innovation, no creativity, no team work. We’re all plodding along waiting for the workday to end.

Our websites all look the same because C uses the same template, repeatedly. Because he doesn’t care about them. He just cares about getting them over and done with. My copy is always really poorly written because my boss thinks asking for briefs from clients is too much of a hassle for them and I have to just make shit up.

We got a new music player which can have Spotify playlists on it but we’re still listening to the same shitty radio stations because any semblance of being a person with their own tastes is ridiculed and not in an office banter way but actual outrage. Kristy actually had our boss going on and on at her because she had Anaconda on a playlist. 

Nobody wants to really be here and the thought of even another month here for my notice period is really difficult to take in. 

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12. things you said when you thought i was asleep zarry :)))))

(somehow this ended up really long and there’s some ot5 and zouis stuff thrown in oops)

things you said when you thought i was asleep

“I’m not going to hurt him again.”

Zayn’s voice is soft, but it sounds loud in the quiet room.

Harry is pretty sure everyone thinks he’s asleep. His eyes are closed and his breathing is slow and he’s sort of lying in Zayn’s lap so it’s a fair assumption. Especially since he’s been yawning and complaining all night about how tired he is, more as an excuse to drape himself all over Zayn than anything, but still. And he should be sleeping right now really; that had been the plan. But once he’d actually got his face pressed against Zayn’s thigh and Zayn’s hands in his hair he’d found himself struggling to stay awake because he’s missed this and he doesn’t know when he’ll get to have it again. Everything is feeling a little messed up in his sleep-deprived head.

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Aight long story short, he was such an ass to me, and treated me like I was a lesser person compared to him, and I hated it, would always complain about any clothes I wore. He made me feel incompetent, on top of that I was already really depressed and it sucked so much, in the end I broke up with him and told him the reason was because I was too depressed and would rather be alone right now to get my thought process together and now he talks mad shit about me 24/7 and can't do anything about it

what the fuck??????? can I fight him???? I’m going to fight him

Journal Entry #2: Game Start

Monday August 30th, 2015

Over the weekend I researched the Slenderman, who is arguably one of the most famous mythos- if not the most famous. He seems to have many names: Der Großmann, Fear Dubh, Der Schlanker Mann, The Pale One, etcetera. Some legends around the world seem to feature creature with no face and are tall and slender in build. Though it seems the most famous world-wide is Slenderman himself. Nevertheless, it seems fans of the creepier side of life seem to try to find him in every story they can.

Not that I’m complaining, really.

I’ve thought about trying to summon him, but I’ve decided that is probably a monumentally stupid idea, even for me. I don’t necessarily want to slowly go mad or meet a gruesome death by tentacles, tendrils, whatever those things are called.

It seems that this is the end of this entry. Perhaps I’ll come back to this legend at some point, but for now I’ll be moving on.

paismom So I’m watching “I Remember You” which is pretty…

Who else?!?! What am I chopped liver?!?! Can I help it that I have to watch it as it airs?!?! Lmao…sike naw…I’m glad it’s over and you can enjoy the whole psychological mess in its entirety ��

paismom   LOL!! You know I can’t watch these stuff when they’re airing. I have to be the lame-o who waits and then marathons it. I’m really loving it, about to see if I can end the series tonight too..but you know me :( 

If we were watching it together I would have been complaining to you about the very thing I posted too…you would have shoo’ed me. She’s there crying and falling apart, all the Viki commenters are going crazy (because like NOW he’s evil? Not since the start of the series when he was killing people all willy-nilly.. *sigh*) and I’m just here sipping my Marshmallow vodka and shaking my head thinking “I told you so. That’s what you get.”

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Nimthia, did you know Dalamus is starting to get pretty close with that bosmer from the temple? How woukd you feel about that if it continued?

“Bosmer f-from the t-temple? You mean Minaes? She’s r-really nice, I th-think spending time with her m-might make Dal happy which is a g-good thing.” 

Nimthia paused for a moment to think. There was no way for her to know what kind of ‘close’ the grey-mage meant but Nimthia could guess and she wasn’t going to complain if anything happened or continued to happen between them. All she knew of Dal’s previous relationship had been the ending so perhaps she was biased but she preferred the idea of him being with someone kind instead of being hurt and upset. 

“As long a-as he’s happy th-then I feel happy a-about it too,” she smiled, half wondering if she should invite Minaes over for dinner sometime soon.

I don’t think anything will make me hate a ship more than people complaining that this certain human boy (who is more concerned about his friendship falling apart and his dad( and the red-headed banshee (who has more important things to do than worry about this human boy because as so many of you say, Lydia is more than somebody’s love interest–yes this even means Stiles)didn’t spend enough time together in a season finale that already had way too much going on.

Out of all the things I missed in that finale, it is not two people who are potentially going to be together spending time together. I missed Kira and was more happy to see Braeden. We still have a half a season left. There is more time for them to possibly spend together that will actually make sense to put it in an episode.