and in the end they really are and he's not going to complain

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fluffy headcanons for when the team is really cold? (with or without s/o)

Sen: I’m well aware that this ask is very old and I’m sorry for not getting this out sooner. But yeah, kinda saved it for when it was cold as shit here and we’ve just started getting snow here in London.


He barely gets cold since as soon as the temperatures drop, he ends up with a ridiculous puffy jacket that makes him look like the michelin man. He hates the cold since it means that he won’t be able to go to many places with people. Expect more complaining than any other time of the year.


He’ll turn up everywhere with a large coffee no matter what; he’s cold and tired as shit. He refuses to cuddle up to any of his friends as well since they’re just going to steal his warmth, since he’s actually pretty warm most of the time. He’s also really jittery from all the coffee he’s had and how much he’s shivering.


You see, when he’s cold, everyone else is dying of frostbite. He’s a human heater and he’s always got many layers on him during winter. He’s… almost invincible. When he is cold, he tries not to complain about it, you can hear enough of it from the others. He’s a big boy, no complaints just a lot of shivering and sniffles.


He like… reaches into people’s jackets or clothes to steal their warmth. He’s really clingy to people and will often ask to share someone’s gloves or a scarf (lets be honest, it’s impossible with the scarf when he’s with someone short and he’s a beanpole) But also like no Tendou you can’t put your hands in someone’s trousers, that’s weird. 


He complains… a lot. Every five minutes, all you can hear is “it’s too cold!” when it could literally be just below average. It’s mostly because he usually wears thin clothes as well but all he ever does is slap on a scarf and hat. His fingers always suffer way too much.


He gets really tired when he’s cold. Whatever he’s doing, he’ll just decide to up and go home. He swears a lot and uses weird word substitutes for the word snow like “sky dandruff” or “inconvenience dust”; it just started off as a way for him to think about staying awake but he legitimately calls it that now.


He hates the cold, though he hates when it’s too hot as well. He’ll end up staying at home mostly buried under god knows how many blankets wrapped up like a burrito. He gets sick really easily so there’s a mess of cough drops and vapor rub tubs scattered over his desk.


He has the most obnoxious sneezes. People in different classrooms can hear this guy howl. His sneezes usually come out as a damned set so everyone has to wait to say bless you to him. He’s used to someone else carrying tissues about so when there’s none nearby he ends up never having any on him. Get yourself together, man.


I’ll go first since I’m the oldest
I’ve come to this nice place but I don’t know what to say, but it’s a fanmeeting right? Really, this fanmeeting. I’m happy to be together with our ARMY (?? I don’t really remember what he said but he did aegyo) Because of you guys, I feel as though my life has become happy. I don’t know if you’ve heard but there are three precious 금’s in the world. First is gold (황금), second is salt (소금), third is being together with you right now (지금). This moment right now is happy and precious. ARMY, I love you

The face that we’re in this large space with just ARMY in Gocheok Dome is so so thrilling. Once again, I want to say think you to you all. Since meeting ARMY, it seems that my dreams have come true one by one, honestly, these days have felt like dream. Just like a dream. Meeting ARMY’s is the happiest greatest luck. Thanks you you guys my dreams have come true, and also I’m able to have other dreams, so for that I want to say thank you. Really thank you so so much.
I had though “no way, no way”. I am so thankful that I’m able to achieve the things one after the other that I thought “no way” to since debut. In the future, I think that I can make better music and be better on stage, I hope that as BTS we will is make better music and better stages too. Thanks to you guys, day after day it feels like I’m dreaming. Thank you everyone. Thank you.

ARMY’s do you remember the first muster? Our first muster feels like yesterday but suddenly we’ve come to this place. A fanmeeting is about meeting the fans right? It feels different communicating and sharing than at a concert. I think in places I can get closer with you guys. I feels so proud and happy that us and ARMY can fill this place with one heart and one goal in mind. Are you guys happy? If, so please cheer this wherever you go from now on. You guys are happy right? Wherever go be proud to say “I am a BTS fan”. Thank you so much for coming to this place and cheering with us and having fun with us. “If you believe say 2, 3” really believe. We believe and we want ARMY to believe in us too. I love you

First, It’s nice to see ARMY and their ARMY bombs at Gocheok Dome like this. For us to be able to perform at Gocheok Dome is a day that we won’t forget. Really thank you. And today, I want to tell you guys something about me. If i don’t do it now, I don’t think I ever will. Recently, Fans have been asking me “Taehyung-ah, why are so tired nowadays”, “are you feeling down?” and I want to reply to you then but the words couldn’t come out of my mouth. So this time i want to say something about me in Gocheok Dome to all of you. Recently my grandmother passed away. I heard about it while I was in the Philippines on the 3rd of September. At the time, I couldn’t believe that my grandmother, the person who raised me for 14 years just like my parents, the person who I would talk to when I was tired, (who I’d talk to about about) what I wanted to do, things I wanted to eat, the person who would indulge with me in the im possible, the person who was really precious to others. When we won Music Bank for the first time (BST), it was the 49th day since she passed away. My grandmother wanted to see Taehyungie on the TV and she wished that I’d say I love her while on TV but the timing was wrong. That is what I regret the most. My grandmother who really precious to me, said to love you guys (the fan s) a lot. Really, it’s because of you guys that we are at Gocheok Dome and are receiving more attention. I think my grandmother is cheering me on a lot in heaven. I believe that too and I will work harder so our ARMY is are most beloved ARMYs, please keep my precious grandmother in your memories.
Thank you

Everyone, Taehyungie has managed to overcome it well.
Everyone, it’s been a while right? Ah, everyone’s cried~ you’ve missed me, right? We’ve missed you guys so so much too but we’ve come to the fanmeeting now right? I was really nervous since there are a lot of stages we are showing you for the first time. I really wanted to tell you guys about two three. I usually listen to it a lot. When you listen to it, you get choked up right? The members have said all they ever wanted to say to you, so you get choked up right? But today I want to say something to you.
I’m not crying~
When your ok, you don’t really smile, but when you’re really happy you smile right? I hope you guys are just full of those things. And thank you for coming so far to see us, I love you

I didn’t know it when we started the fanmeet but when we started two, three, and I looked, the stage is really big. It made me think about our debut. We wanted to know how we could ever come to a place like this, I we couldn’t believe it. To be able to perform at such a large venue- Ah I’m sorry (starts crying). The seven of us gather and talk a lot. Each time we talk, we continue to m ake new goals and think about things and think about you guys so we’re really working hard to move to a higher place. I’m really grateful to ARMYs who have been together with us so far, and I hope in the future there will only be happy days like this. Thank you, and after finishing activities, thank you again for allowing us to perform at Gocheok Dome which is so big.

The light is so bright. Sometimes I feel the weight of the lights. So sometimes I have thoughts like that. When Taehyungie is talking about his struggles and Jungkookie’s tears and the other members too. How sincere should I be. When I’m 100% sincere, how many people will listen? I’m scared of that, I’m scared.
If I confess the things that I think are really tough, my sorrows, my heart, will people think that I’m weak and laugh? Will they mock me? I’m scared. I’m grateful for the courage that I’ve had to share so far, I understand the feeling well too, so once again I just wanted to say to the members, I love you. However, when I’m in despair, I can only think of 3 things. First is music, second is family, third is really you guys. If there’s no one listening to our music, there’s no point. Really thank you to those for becoming my last bastion, and for supporting me and the members in times of desperation. I love you.
Really thank you who came to BTS 3RD MUSTER ARMY ZIP PLUS. Gocheok Dome is really an incredible place, a place like a dream.  Thank you for filling it up. I will talk a little more before we end it, the army bombs sparkling really makes it seems we are in the universe. It’s like we entered the universe together with ARMYs. This universe is getting bigger and bigger and growing but I hope you don’t think the distance between us is getting further. Amongst  each and every ARMY bomb your eyes shine the brightest. We see that your eyes are working hard to shine bright for us. And you see this universe right? In this galaxy, were are one. I hope you guys won’t forget you are our universe.

trans; @hobuing | sc; εVEVEз

Can you imagine if an internet connection was established between different worlds and suddenly people from different universes could communicate with each other

Someone makes a post complaining about how “an asshole at work today didn’t trim his dragon’s claws and now the floor is scratched” and someone else is like WAIT YOUR WORLD HAS DRAGONS EXPLAIN and OP ends up explaining what he sees as his boring everyday dragon job to all these strangers who think it’s the coolest thing ever

An elf from your average high fantasy world chats with a robot from a sci-fi universe and discovers that it doesn’t matter that he’s horrible with a bow and arrow because it turns out he’s really good at this thing called astrophysics

“What do you mean your people are suffering because the king got killed and everything’s falling apart? Here, I’ll send you info about the basics of our different governments. Go restructure your economy.”

The blending of different cultures. The discussion of different types of magic. Ideas about fusing science and magic. The sharing of technologies. Lives being saved because zombie-apocalypse-world is giving nuclear-apocalypse world survival tips or that one centaur told an alien about a new medical treatment.

inter-dimensional social media

Salten Pepper Headcanons

-he really hates his job and doesn’t stop complaining about it
-his typing quirk is all lowercase with three periods at the end to signify the little bits of pepper (Ex. “ i hate my life… i have pepper grinders on my head and was destined to be a waiter… fuck dude…”)
-has a steady, kind of monotone voice
-has the same grumpy expression
-becomes kismesis with Swifer Eggmop because they met eachother and Salten hates his job and his life meanwhile Swifer is lovin’ every minute of her’s (or you could say Swifer hates her life too and bonds with Salten over this and they become rad as heck moirails)
-owns a snapchat but just posts pictures of him going throughout the day with the same bored/mad expression

wow I love this background character

Spending NYE with Harry would include...
  • him waking you up really early because “how can you miss the last morning of the year?” even though it isn’t that early and “Harry, please, it’s not like it isn’t like the others” being muttered grumply against his biceps because you were just fine sleeping peacefully until he decided to be a little shit.
  • eating whatever you can get your hands on easily because you’d prefer to sleep more and you’re not even hungry anyway
  • spend the day going grocery shopping (him putting you in a shopping car as if you were a damn kid but still laughing because you’d forgotten how funny it was)
  • (At the end you buy more thing that what you went for in the first place, but it doesn’t matter because now you have more baking supplies and he ‘used to be a baker, haven’t I told you, babe?’ and you can’t complain when you get to taste his famous triple chocolate brownies or his exquisite macarons ‘pink, I want them pink!’)
  • Anne told you that she had everything under control, that she only wanted you to be on time (because, let’s face it, when Harry is involved it is almost completely impossible to help yourself and you always get too carried on when it’s time to leave, resulting in the both of you earning a well-deserved reputation for always being late)
  • You try, really try not to give on his beautiful green eyes and those stupid tattoos still wet from the shower he just had… but you know him, and he knows you, and he knows that you won’t resist him nor you want to
  • So you end up messing the bed (’don’t worry, i’ll change the sheets so you can fix your makeup’) and moaning each other’s names like they were the most soul-touching prayer, with such adoration that lust and love were combined and you couldn’t see when either of them were.
  • when you’re both coming from your highs, he grabs your waist ‘no, not yet. Let me cuddle you a little”
  • ‘But Harry…!’
  • ‘My mom won’t get angry at you, I promise. Just don’t let go of me’ he said, sounding already sleepy. You sighed, nodding.
  • ‘If she says something, I’m gonna tell her that her son is a pain in the ass’
  • ‘You wouldn’t dare talking to her like that!‘
  • ‘It’s still true, tho’
  • And he would frown and said ‘you’re not nice, darling’
  • ‘Move, please, we can keep cuddling once we’re back from dinner’
  • like I said… you’re not nice’
  • but he’ll let go of you, kissing your temple as you find your way to his neck, letting small kisses there that don’t match what you’re lips said
  • and after being teased about coming late (’Again. Seriously, why are you always late? You don’t even live that far!’) Harry would smirk and blame you, giving you a look behind his parents eyes that would make Gemma roll her eyes in a playfully disgusted way
  • You’d talk to his family already feeling comfortable around them, as you are with your own family
  • they would ask you about school, your work, your parents, your plans for the next year… and harry would look proud about every single answer you give, because he ‘can’t believe my girl is that perfect, how did i get this lucky?
  • And once the clock marks a new beggining, he would grab your waist and close his lips against yours, with a touch that feels like a butterfly’s.
  • ‘Let’s hope that I can stand you another year’
  • ‘Harry!’ you’d punch him in his chest, frowning.
  • ‘I was just kidding! Just kidding, darling! Now, kiss me again, yeah?’

I really don’t understand everyone complaining about John’s crying at the end of the episode. 

It’s not pretty, or dainty, or charming, it’s nothing like what we saw in TRF, but then again the scenario is entirely different. When Sherlock jumped he was there, watching, waiting, he had realized from the moment that he saw Mrs. H was alright that something was going to happen, and from that moment on his adrenaline started pumping, making the situation not necessarily easier to handle but certainly easier to react to. He had more control of himself. 

With Mary, he didn’t, it was unexpected and sudden. He hadn’t even been around long enough to see her take the bullet for Sherlock. He just saw her on the ground, dying. It doesn’t matter what you think of mary, or if you’re calling her Rosamund, it doesn’t matter. Because regardless this is a person that is holding a very special unique role in John’s life. She his the mother of his child, and sleeping beside him every night. He’s lived with her fallen in, and perhaps out of love with her. Even in the most negative state that his relationship could possibly be with her, the death would be jarring, to say the least. 

This leaves John with overpowering guilt and emotion escaping him in every way it can. This results in a cry, a scream, a shout, all at the same time. Powerful emotion doesn’t escape gently, it escapes brutally and clawing at you on its way out. Martin Freeman did a brilliant job with this scene. 

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In that au you've got going for tfc does Nathaniel ever end up seeing Andrew again?

Oooh boi yes yes yes (I hope you’re talking about the Kayleigh lives AU cause it’s gonna be awkward™ if that’s not the case tho idk what else you’d be talking about haha)

So Andrew is a Raven in there, but I am currently Conflicted over two scenarii:

Scenario 1

The one I mentionned in Part 1 where they first convince Aaron and Nicky (like maybe EA offers a super degree in biochemistry that Aaron wants and having well-placed contacts in the athletic world could benefit Erik’s career and Nicky’s prospective job too) and let them somehow manage to make Andrew sign that fucking contract.

Scenario 2

Nathaniel is spared from learning to be The Butcher Jr, but he’s still in for family visits and such (mostly because of Mary’s demands). It’s usually just a super awkward dinner like once or twice a year, Nathan doesn’t show up half of the time (not that Nathaniel really complains) and when he does he just stares at his son and makes icy comments every once in a while. He doesn’t do much worse though, because Nathaniel has been yielding good results on the Court and Kengo marked him down as a valuable future asset for the family, and that also earns some good points for Nathan himself in his boss’ eyes.

When Nathaniel turns 18, they have another (terrible) family dinner and Nathan is here and doesn’t even leave mid-course as usual, which very quickly raises Nathaniel’s pulse and level of incomfort. And well, when in distress Nathaniel falls back on Exy and he starts ranting about the upcoming season, about the selection process they are going through, about that goalkeeper with incredible stats who somehow doesn’t give a shit about Exy and has turned them down which is driving him crazy because the potential, and the Ravens’ defense would be so impenetrable with him in the goals and Jean and Nathaniel as backliners, like can you imagine.

That attracts Nathan’s attention, not because he himself wants to do something nice for his son, but because Kengo believes that coming of age is an important moment and there has been that unspoken expectation that Nathan do something for his son’s 18th birthday.

So he’s like. Ah, convincing a 19 year old to join a stickball team. Does he have family? A cousin? A twin? Look at that easy gift, bless.

So tbh I’m really attached to scenario 2 because holy shit can you imagine Nathaniel and Andrew’s relationship knowing that the only reason Andrew is there is because Nathaniel opened his big mouth and it almost ended with a knife sticking out Aaron’s throat?

But then I also want to keep the AU Happy and Soft. But scenario 2 makes so much more sense. Someone take this AU away from me before I make it sad.

Got7 during finals week:

Jaebum: the student who does not stress at all/utilizes dead days for Netflix/gets an easy A on every exam without trying

Mark: tries to study but ends up checking all his social media accounts/falls asleep during study groups/dgaf and wings it on finals

Jackson: the one who complains nonstop about how university life is so hard/says he wants to drop out but really doesn’t cause he needs a career to support his dream family

Jinyoung: studies every. damn. day. JUST FOR FUN so finals are nothing to worry about/everyone tries to schedule last minute study dates with him to save their grades

Youngjae: late to every study session/BS his study guides/hates studying/doesn’t like school cause he wants to go music academy

Bambam: takes a bunch of fun classes (dance, art, design), so he doesn’t understand why everyone is so uptight during finals week/already has summer plans ready

Yugyeom: first year university student/power naps are his best friends/the student who manages to pass with Cs

Surprise Visit

Fandom: Yuri!!! On Ice

Relationship/s: Guang-Hong Ji/Leo de la Iglesia

Rating: G

Warnings: None

Summary: Guang-Hong finally worked up the courage [and saved up enough money] to go see Leo in America, leaving him both excited to see him again, but anxious that things won’t go as planned. Will the visit end up fine, or are Guang-Hong’s concerns actually warrented.

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HWTR to doing something outdoorsy

Anon Request: HTWR to you making them go do something outdoorsy (I don’t really care what. You could write about a hiking trip, a visit to a national park, hell even a hunting trip if you’re into that tbh)

Max: (Hiking Trip) I feel like Max would be the one to complain a lot, both because he wanted to get under your skin and because he genuinely meant half of what he was complaining about. I can definitely see him pointing out some obvious shit like, “Wow, who would’ve thought the woods had this many trees.”

-Multiple water breaks

-“What the fUCK! Another fucking bloodsucking, piece of shit, good for nothing mosquito bit me!”

-“Max, I think we’re going the wrong way.”

-“You’re not the one with the map, cunt. I know where we’re going.”

-Trips over twigs constantly, even ends up stabbing his ankles with broken sticks

-Realizes he’s been holding the map upside down the whole time

-“I think we’re lost.”

-Gets ahead of you a lot even though he has no idea where he is or what he’s doing

-Attempts to act like one of those survivalist guys but ends up failing after he gets a splinter from trying to ‘make a fire’

-Once he gets home, he makes sure you baby the crap out of him, attending to every need he has

-“I did enough for today, now go run my bath.”

Joji: (National Park Visit) He would definitely be up for it, he seems like the outdoorsy type, probably always looking for some shit to do outside. Joji’s visited Japan multiple times, biking and walking up mountains, so he would teach you a few things.

-Dresses like a dad

-Wears a hat

-He would be the one to take a lot of pictures of the scenery, but more of you admiring the scenery

-I feel like Joji wouldn’t mind the outdoors thing tbh

-Always suggesting to explore certain areas

-Begs for you two to stay until the park closes

-“The stars must look amazing at night.”

-“Y/N, look at this!”

-Though you’re the one that suggested the trip, he’s somehow more adventurous and outgoing than you are

-Climbs boulders so you can take edgy pictures of him

-Stargazing is a must for you two

-“That one looks like a deer.” he’d say while looking at the stars

-“Joji…they look like a bunch of pretty sparkling dots.”

-“Not as pretty as you.”


Ian: (Teaching him soccer) Ian would definitely try to make excuses to get out of it. I can see him not wanting to partake although he was the one that kept egging you on about doing something outdoorsy with him.


-Misses the shot every time

-No coordination

-“What the fuck, Y/N. Kick it to me!”

-“I did…but you missed it.”

-Gets irritated with each failed kick

-“Stop blocking the net thing.”

-Doesn’t even know what the point of the game is

-Makes excuses so you can show him how to position his hips, but really he just wants you to put your hands on him and to see your ass

-Fakes injuries so you can get penalties

-You get to see his legs in shorts

-Tries hitting the ball with his head, ends up hitting it with his face instead

-You’re on nosebleed duty

-“Why couldn’t we do this indoors?”

-Trips over his own two feet

-Having to put bandaids over his smallest scrapes because he claims they’d get infected and he’d die

Chad: (Camping) Chad would be a lot like Max but a little more clueless and less complaining. He’d definitely try to change your mind about returning back home and going back to your snug bed. Camping would be a mutual agreement between the both of you for a nicely shared bonding moment for you two.

-Refuses to sleep in a separate sleeping bag

-Complains about how cold it gets

-“I told you to bring a sweater.”

-Scares you every chance he gets

-Scary stories

-Burns his mouth while eating s’mores

-Wakes you in the morning with loud Tarzan shouting

-Somehow gets poison ivy

-Suggests skinny dipping in the river

-Lots of cutesy alone time

-Cuddles to the extreme

-Stargazing next to the fire

-Him pissing on the fire to put it out soon after

HowToBasic: (Bike Riding)

-Screeches at you to make you fall off of your bike

-Has his own little basket full of eggs

-Pelts eggs at you to make you lose your balance

-Occasionally makes his wheel touch yours to scare you

-Rides in front of you just to brake unexpectedly, making your heart fall out of your ass

-Makes a pitstop to buy more eggs since he’s running out, meanwhile you’re completely covered in them

Holiday Exchange Works - Batch 1

My Prince by EchoSiriusRumme for Fluffypanda

Kneeling beside Jarvis, Tony looked up to meet his warm gaze.  All at once the last of his façade shattered away, voice cracking as he asked, “But what if it doesn’t?  What if James ends up hating me?”

In which there’s an arranged marriage, Tony is super insecure, Bucky is misunderstood, and Howard is - unsurprisingly - a massive dick.  Oh, plus magic spells and banishments.

If Only We Had More Time by Towaneko for Shi_Toyu

Tony just can’t let Bucky go, not even for Death.

Fire in My Iron Heart [ART] by MassiveSpaceWren for Akira_of_the_Twilight

Gift Artwork for Winteriron Holiday Exchange

Dragon Tony AU!

From Alleyways to Outerspace… by InvisbleDragon for TheFictionFairy

Tony never expected this. But he can’t complain. Not really, anyway.

Winter of the Land, Iron of the Sea by Zola9612 for EchoSiriusRumme

Tony is a secret merman who is in love with Bucky. After a passionate night with Bucky before he leaves for a long undercover mission, Tony finds out he’s pregnant. Bucky returns from his mission only to find Tony missing.

Will Bucky find Tony and his surprise babies?

Read to find out.

5. things you didn’t say at all

Read on ao3

Here’s the thing: there’s really nothing that significant about the BONCAS.

Sure, it’s an awesome opportunity to celebrate the British internet community, and as always, Dan is touched and awed and utterly taken aback by the amount of support he and Phil receive from their own little community of viewers and fans at these kinds of events.

(Plus, it’s not like he’s going to complain about having a legitimate reason to own a sparkly silver suit.)

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My girlfriend broke up with me can I have some cryptid dex headcanons to mend my soul

Aw sweetie I’m so sorry :c So since I’m watching a Devils game while writing this, I’ll talk about Dex playing for them!! Any draft stuff will be later because I need help from my friend bc i know Nothing about hockey. So! (Ended up being about 2.2k!!)

  • So Dex plays for the New Jersey Devils
  • He’s obviously nervous about going into professional sports, he’s in the spotlight especially as a rookie, so even more eyes are on him
  • Nursey is really good about helping Dex keep calm: they spend a lot of time up in Maine the summer leading up to his first season, or at least as much as they can with Dex’s schedule with practice
    • Nursey flies them back and forth, footing the bill. Dex complains since now he’s an NHL player and is making more than enough money to do it, but Nursey knows he has too much on his mind and wants to do something to help ease the stress
  • They actually live in Nursey’s mom’s apartment because they’re both overseas for work, which gives them some time to shop for their own place while still living comfortably. It’s only about a 40 minute commute and Dex is usually out of the house early to beat traffic
    • They end up in the Lower East Side because well, Dex has the money, and it makes for an easier commute, and Nursey loves NYC, and regardless of how much the city can overwhelm Dex, it’s…
      • It’s really easy to blend in there. 
  • In terms of the team, they take to him relatively well
  • He clams up again, just as he always does when he enters a new group of people, stoic and stiff, wary
  • The team seems to understand, not really pushing him or anything
  • (And for the reccord I am putting in two OCs for the team so i am very sorry Schneider and Kinkaid but one of you is going bc I gotta have a goalie, and one of the centermen too. I love y’all but this is Important)
  • He sits between the goalie and the first line centerman
  • The Goalie is Christopher Nash
    • Nicknamed Nasher but also sometimes called Silent G, Missing G, or G (Gnash, Gnasher)
      • This is because he sends to grind his teeth/gnash when he’s concentrated or stressed at the goal
    • Clenches his jaw a lot regardless
    • It’s? Honestly a little terrifying for the offensive players on the other team. Really Intimidating.
    • 6′5″ and a looks little lanky but weighs in at around 220lb
    • So like, a weird, flexible, cat-like-reaction lanky wall in front of the net
    • Also relatively stoic but has chirps that can Destroy 
    • Fences (like the sword fighting) as part of his training, for reflexes, but also recreationally competes
    • Comes from Galveston on the coast of Texas
  • The centerman is Roland Clipper
    • Nicknamed Clicks, given to him by Nasher when he got drafted
    • 6′1″ and a little lanky looking as well, weighing in at around 200lb
    • Actually from a town near San Jose (Moss Beach) and likes to joke about getting jipped from playing for the Sharks when talking to the press
    • Can be a pretty imposing presence, good at leadership, but isn’t captain or an alternate
    • Has repeated that he doesn’t want the spotlight, and will continue to turn down the offers
      • Still tends to be a consultant for the captain and alternates
    • Also tends to be the “Mom/Dad” of the team where he’s the person you go to if you have a problem or need advice. Also checks up on teammates regularly. Doesn’t come off as warm but his teammates know he is in his own way
      • Will bring you soup if you complain too much that you’re sick and wont leave until you eat at least half of it
    • Relatively stoic as well, doesn’t smile much and tends to take the position of arms crossed over his chest

Ok this is definitely gonna be a lot longer so the rest is under a cut!!!!

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Watching A Horror Film With The RFA Guys

Jumin: Will probably diss and roast the horror film, and he would be mentally complaining to himself 24/7 about how fake everything is and how stupid the protagonist is. But in the end, he really enjoys it because you got to be with him in his private cinema?!

Zen: If you’re the type of person that’s scared of horror films (but still loves it anyway (like admin chisa)), then Zen would be a gentleman and hug you (and “protect you”) throughout the movies (and cuddles?!) but if you’re the type of person to be okay about it, then it’s just going to be a normal movie night ;) (sitting on his lap and popcorn?!)

Yoosung: Scared af. “(s/o), I’m so scared- AHHHHHHHH!”Sobbing, “I DON’T WANT TO WATCH THIS ANYMOREEEEEEEE.” TT_TT He would be the type of person to be paranoid and be afraid that something would jump on him anytime in the night when he’s in the bathroom or alone in the bedroom. Probably won’t be able to sleep in the night, and will keep the lamp on. But then in the end, the two of you fall asleep in each other’s arms. <3 

Luciel: Not even kidding, he would try to scare you the next 24 hours after watching a horror film with him. And if you’re the type of person to get scared, he would tease your squeals and would imitate you. He would go to great lengths to scare you, if you had a resting unamused or not scared face. “No, Lucielllllll it’s not even scary-” “B-but I want to see you scareddd! I bet you’re so cute-” //gets hit in the forehead// 

anonymous asked:

could you write a blurb about dan and y/n going to alps in winter on a little vacation? also, imagine dan skiing. wow.

•Dan suggesting that you go to the Alps for a vaccination because he said that it reminded him of Alpaca.

•Dan always complaining that he (in his words) was “freezing his tits off”.

•Going skiing for a couple of days.

•The first day was hilarious and you and Dan were constantly falling over.

•But on the second day Dan was acting really strange for the whole day.

•At the end of the day you were stood at the top of the incline waiting to ski down when you turn around and see Dan down on one knee.

•He pulls out a ring and asks you to be Mrs Howell and of course you say yes.

•You go back as soon to be Mrs Howell.

-Soph xx

why do i feel like the real reason there’s no actual canon scene of ronan at adam’s place is that every time he shows up, he just ends up banging his head on the low sloping ceiling like a dozen times in 30 minutes and complaining about how shitty his apartment is and adam just says “well, you can always leave if you want” in a wry tone that suggests he knows exactly why he’s there and he doesn’t really want him to go at all and ronan’s just like “shut up, parrish” and he almost sounds actually embarrassed and then they both get really quiet and just stare at each other for a long moment before averting their eyes and pretending to be extremely busy getting ready to go to sleep or whatever like the awkward nerds they are

Who should you fight: The Company of Thorin Oakenshield

There is now a ‘who you should fuck’ companion to this post, for those who want to make love not war.

Balin: Dude survived the fall of Erebor, Azanulbizar, and Thorin’s quest. He survived Smaug twice. It took Moria to take him down, and there was a fucking Balrog in there. Are you Gandalf? Are you as strong as a Balrog? Of course not. Do not fight.

Dwalin: Just look at this guy. He is just waiting for an excuse to feed someone a knuckleduster sandwich. Do not give him a reason to. Death itself looks at Dwalin and thinks ‘I’m not really up to that today’. Do not fight.

Oin: He’s deaf, so you might have the upper hand briefly if you sneak up on him, but that’s not going to last long. He’s a tough old warrior and he’s seen far worse than you. He’ll defeat you and complain loudly about disrespectful youth the entire time. Do not fight.

Gloin: Do you think fighting Gimli’s daddy is going to end well for you? He’s going to kick your ass and charge you interest for it. Do not fight.

Bifur: The axe couldn’t take him out, do you really think you can? Do not fight.

Bofur: Why do you want to fight Bofur? Do you hate happiness? Doesn’t matter anyways, you’re not gonna win. He’s got hella muscles from mining and he’s vicious with that mattock. He’ll probably buy you a beer afterward and then you’ll feel like an ass. Do not fight.

Bombur: Dude is barrel whirlwind of axes and death. He is a tank. He could take you out with nothing but his battle spoon. Do not fight.

Dori: He might seem like an easy target, with his fussy nature and delicate manners, but beneath that elegance lies the strongest Dwarf of the Company. Will kick your ass and make you feel like a clod for making him do it. Do not fight.

Nori: I get why you want to, really. He probably stole something of yours, and he doesn’t look all that intimidating, but trust me. No. Any attempt to fight him is going to earn you a knife somewhere uncomfortable. Do not fight.

Ori: You want to fight Ori? You look at this tiny muffin, this sweet nerdling with his little scarf and his little quill, and you want to fight him? That is not going to end well for you. Beneath that soft exterior lies surprising strength. If you really make him, he’ll grab up some improbably sized weapon and go to town. And that’s if you’re lucky and his brothers don’t get you first. Do not fight. 

Fili: Did you see how many knives this ray of sunshine had on him? This guy is a well armed and highly skilled warrior. Do not fight.

Kili: With those puppy dog eyes you really want to fight him? Really? I mean, go ahead you monster, but it’s not going to end well for you. Dude is fuckin’ fearless. Do not fight.

Thorin Oakenshield: After all canon put him through you still want to fight this guy? This guy got used as a warg matriarch’s chewy-toy and just shook it off. This guy is going to kick your ass and then stare into the distance and sigh dramatically while his luscious locks flow in the wind. He kicks your ass and comes out the other side even more majestic. Do not fight.

Bonus Round - Bilbo Baggins: He seems like an easy target, but wait up. Look at his success rate vs really strong foes including THE ONE FUCKING RING. Do not fight. Do not risk it.

TL:DR - do not fight the Company of Thorin. Your flabby human ass does not stand a chance.


Dear Diary:

gladio really wanted to go kill things for Sania again today… (; ̄Д ̄)

but it kind of worked out, because Vyv liked my pictures so much he wanted more! o((*^▽^*))o

so… we set off to climb the rock of ravatogh~!

i made noct take a picture for a change, too~ o(≧∇≦o)

pretty amazing, huh? someone like me getting to see the world like this~? and the view’s nice too, right~? (;^ω^)

it got really hard to climb after that. and it was so hot!! i was worried my camera would melt or something… (;へ:)

gladio kept complaining about the wyverns, too. i guess it’s hard to kill things when they can fly, huh? not for me, though~ i just have to aim and shoot. just like a camera, right~? (;^ω^)

but it ended up okay! and even gladio said my picture was great!! he really liked it, how cool is that~?! (*^ω^*)

anonymous asked:

What would it be like if Red, Slim, Stretch, and Blueberry got really jealous of their S/O's close friend that they start spending more time with?

I’m assuming stretch is US!Pap and slim is SF!Pap.

Underfell Sans(Red):

He’s really grumpy, and he’ll tell them about it. It may result in a fight on his end, cause he’s jealous. They should be spending time him not them. He doesn’t wanna share.

Swapfell Papyrus(Slim?):

He won’t get jealous, just a little lonely. They may hear him quietly complain about them spending so much time with their friend. They should just invite him to hangout sometime. He really just wants to feel included.

Underswap Papyrus(Stretch?):

He won’t get jealous. He’s not really the type, but will ask if they could just have a night together. He’ll be more than willing to let them go out with friends. He won’t mind tagging along every now and then either.

Underswap Sans:

He wouldn’t be jealous. He’ll want to make friends with their friend too. He’d love hanging out with the two of them. He’ll still like spending time with his S/O personally though.