and in the end its just their chalk drawing

ok so about Hank’s mafia, what if like they got in some trouble and Hank hasn’t been able to call home in like a month and Dipper wont check on him because he figures as a growing boy he needs space. They ended up chased by (insert enemy here) and cornered in like a basement so Hank goes “ok guys buy me some time” and takes out some chalk to draw dipper’s circle, his friends are all like “don’t summon a demon are you crazy” and he does and Alcor shows up all in black like “HANK (insert middle name) PINES YOU ARE IN SO MUCH TROUBLE, ITS BEEN A MONTH AND YOUR MOTHER IS WORRIED SICK” and Hanks friends are freaked out that he just summoned alcor the dreambender and Hanks just like “I know Alcor but I need your help right now” and thats when Dipper realized that he used his demon name and his nephew needs a deal, so he keeps up the scary act. “Ok kiddo I’ll help you out for a price” and his friends are freaking out because they’ve heard stories about how Alcor has killed so many cultists and stuff and Dipper just says “if you call your mother” and they make a deal so he teleports them all away. and then dipper’s back to non-scary and hands Hank a phone and after he calls Mabel, Hanks just like “Thanks uncle Dip” and this whole ordeal has earned him some very weird stares from his friends and he has to explain his home life to his mafia buddies and they want to be invited over during break.

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megzico  asked:

Marco does hyper realistic chalk drawings and jean works at a 7/11 right across from where Marco works and he'll bring him a bottled water just cause it's an excuse to get closer to him and marco thinks he's cute and asks him where's he's from (they're in nyc) and jean tells him from a small town in France (you never heard of it) and marco looks it up and the next time he draws, it's a drawing of a sky view of jean's home town. (then they date and get married and adopt a dog the end)