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↳ the lion king, the hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxyian dury and the blockheads, elvis presley, ghostbusters, harry potter, back to the future, the beatles

So there was an article posted not too long ago on TVinsider here, and it contains a video over Alex discussing over 5 weird/unusual facts over Weidmageddon, aND THE FIRST FACT IS THAT BILL WAS GONNA HAVE A SONG RIGHT WHEN HE CAME OUT OF THE RIFT BUT IT WAS CUT OUT DUE TO TIME. 


Also the last fact was that Alex teared up wHILE WRITING THE FINAL SCENE.

Imagine Patsy had been hit by the car instead of Delia...

•Delia finding out at work and sprinting to Patsy’s ward, only to find out she’s not allowed to see her

•Trixie falling asleep on Patsy’s bed that night

•Delia turning up at Nonnatus House 3 days after the accident, sobbing and saying that she “can’t go back to the flat”, and Nurse Crane bringing her in and sitting her down with a cup of sugared tea and comforting words

•Delia moving in with Trixie

•Barbara taking over half of Trixie’s workload “by accident” because she knows that the other midwife is having a hard time

•Trixie bringing Delia up Horlicks the first time she goes to see Patsy in the hospital

•The midwives, nuns and Delia talking about possible treatment options for Patsy over breakfast

•Trixie and Delia fighting tooth and nail to let Patsy stay at Nonnatus, but ultimately losing

•Delia not returning to work at The London, and instead becoming a district nurse at Nonnatus

•Trixie waking in the middle of the night only to find Delia sitting on the floor, going through the things in Patsy’s box, and having to lead her gently back to bed

•Barbara struggling at clinic without Patsy’s support and help

•Sr Julienne accidentally telling someone to “ask Nurse Mount” before she realises what she’s said and feels ill

•Trixie finding herself still expecting Patsy to walk into the kitchen whenever the door opens, bright eyed, announcing the birth of another mother and baby doing well

•Trixie being unable to sleep and bumping into Nurse Crane, who has just arrived back from a delivery, and sitting down and talking with her over a cup of Horlicks

•Barbara finding the first letter and sprinting into the kitchen to announce the news through her tears

•Patsy turning up on the doorstep on Christmas Eve, having not told anyone she was coming, with an almost-spotless bill of health

•Delia not leaving Patsy’s side all of Christmas Day, because she still can’t believe that’s she’s HERE, and that she’s safe and healthy

•Trixie enveloping Patsy in a tearful hug on Christmas morning and murmuring “I missed you” into her ear

•Barbara bouncing about all day and filling Patsy in on everything that happened since she was gone, only to be scolded by Nurse Crane because “you’ll hurt the poor girl’s head, she’s still not quite up to you wittering on in her ear yet.”

•Patsy heading straight to Sister Julienne’s office and immediately being wrapped in a hug by the nun

•Sister Evangelina grinning at her with a “we’ve missed you, Nurse Mount,” which Patsy can only reply to with a beaming smile

•Sister Monica Joan softly cupping Patsy’s face and announcing “She has returned! We are whole again,” and all of Nonnatus thinking that they couldn’t have put it better themselves

i drew this like two weeks ago/???/ and i think its pretty cute???

C’mon, get up.  Let’s hug it out. 

(Hancock, he’s not sleeping.  You stabbed him.  17 times.)