and in that scene he feels like her equal


I have something I must ask you. Because I really like you, we build a farm together, have a baby, and want to live as ordinary citizens, would you want to live with me?


(I’ve been working on this forever omg)

But before anything starts I want to just confirm.
THIS IS A THEORY DO NOT TAKE MY INTERPRETATIONS AS FACT UNLESS I PROVIDE EVIDENCE OF A CERTAIN CLAIM OK? EX: Levi thinks Petra is cute due to an interview, Levi likes black tea, Levi wishes he was tall etc.

The way I see things, I believe that the way Rivetra works in the show is an unrequited love on both ends.
Let me explain.
Levi knows that he had a deep feeling of respect as well as a sense of defense over Petra in many scenes of the manga and the anime.
Such as warning the left flank, helping the wounded etc.
He always positioned her away from danger despite her having a higher kill stat than him. (evidence provided in the official guidebook)
Now, when he is searching for his squad after their deaths he begins to slowly pass each body, I noticed he didn’t pass them in order of how they died.
When this scene happened, I was expecting that’s what they would do to try and prove no greater connection over a single member. You know, show that he had a strong bond with all of them as a whole as equals.
But, he found Petra last. It almost felt like they wanted him to find Petra last in a way to say “he was searching for her in hopes she was alive.” (In my opinion, don’t take this as fact)
And I feel that once he fights the female Titan, and is now gathering the dead bodies, his expression is a lot more hurt and furious than when he first saw her.

Not to mention in the official wiki he was described to be “protecting Petra’s body” when they were going back to the walls, even when he knows it’s just her dead body, and that she’s long gone.
I mean in the anime he told those soldiers to leave their friend’s body behind because it’s just that. A body. Levi decides to comfort him with a patch later on, stating that the reason he even took the patches from their uniforms was because it comforted him.

We see that he only took Petra’s on screen. (Very heartbreaking but selfless of him to sacrifice his own comfort for a comrade mourning) But…How do we know it’s her? Her skin tone is light, just like the body’s (they haven’t been dead too long and blood loss may have been heavy but she still would bare the closest resemblance) and it has a bite mark imprinted in the skin on their hand. The only other person who’s hand was focused on in the anime around that time was hers.
It triggered the transition from the flashback to the present, and Petra was the one to speak on behalf of the squad as to why they even did it. She was the one that filled that mark with the most heart. So, it’s about 90% clear to assume it was her body.
He reassured himself another time when the bodies were dropped that she was only a body then. She’s gone and there’s no point in staying trapped in a rut of thoughts of what could’ve been. I see it as a sense of self comfort as he tried not to look back to Petra’s body (he failed though) to spare him any pain, frustration, or regret.

He’s having more trouble remaining stoic with his emotions than before. So that means he OBVIOUSLY cares that his squad died, but it was when he saw Petra that the expression set for a longer period of time.
My interpretation of this is that he was frustrated at himself for still not knowing whether or not he had feelings for her or not. It’s only until he meets Petra’s father when it clicks to him that he may have actually harbored feelings of love towards her, without even realizing it.

Same goes for Petra. She translated it through her letter as devotion and dedication in a form of respect towards him, because she may have mis-categorized her true feelings. After all, her Father is the one interpreting marriage and such, showing he may have seen past her real feelings though a bit more extreme.

I even looked through the panels of the manga, and every time there’s a free space for the squad, Petra is always talking to Levi showing more proof that there was an obviously strong connection. They may have loved each other without even realizing it, and it makes sense considering they don’t necessarily focus on love in their world and in the anime.

Speaking of the anime and revisiting a previous statement, there’s a scene shown only in the anime and never in the manga where Petra’s body falls, and Levi is shown looking back in regret. Isayama green lights every scene put in the show and is notorious for adding scenes he wished he could’ve put in the original source material. But why? Why would that scene be necessary enough to put in if it wasn’t even in the manga? I personally believe it may be because he wanted to translate their bond more.

There’s also the evidence of having their own Valentine’s Day art out of all possible couples where Petra is giving her own gift to Levi.
Petra even had the honor of receiving her own Birthday art which very few characters had received.
If she wasn’t an important character like others say, then why did she make such an impact on the franchise to keep reappearing even after she was killed off?
Notice that the two men in her art are Eren and Levi, because she had made an impact in both their lives.
Eren was taught to trust in others, and now understands that he must earn trust before receiving it.
While Levi?….What connection is it that differs from the rest of her squad?
In his separate card for her birthday art, he says that Petra picked out the suit for him and found it helpful she did, confirming the canon that Petra on occasion picks out his clothes when he’s out of uniform.
Pretty close for being a Captain and Subordinate, no?
Not to mention it was confirmed a while back that Levi saw Petra as a cute subordinate, whether or not he loved her as a significant other was still undetermined, but he definitely loved her as a comrade at the very least. Canon as a relationship or not, they still have a strong bond I wish I could explore more!
Ahhh, it’s so interesting.

I hope anyone who reads this enjoys it, and also understands this is a theory and the pairing isn’t considered canon officially. It’s honestly just my view of why I still hang onto this ship for so long! I apologize if it’s a bit scrambled it’s so late at night when I finished! ε-(´∀`; )

anonymous asked:

Back then you said that Touka could be Kaneki's equal and tbh, I didnt understand exactly what you meant, but with today's chapter I realised that Kaneki needs someone to be by his side, not behind or ahead him and Touka just gave him that posibility, I think today's chapter is about this (alongside with the obvious "lets do it 😏 when the time comes and you feel ready") and it became clear when he asked her to go with him, once you think about it with a cold head it is really beautiful

Aww Anon…!

Yes, Touka is Kaneki’s equal because she doesn’t see the OEK when she looks at him. She’s his equal because she cares about him, romantically likes him and she’s not afraid to tell him, even though she’s aware she could lose him anytime as they both live knowing this is war. 

That’s mostly why, like you, I’m happy about…

…this scene. 

There is no doubt that Kaneki in fact never thought about him and Touka “together” before (even though he has Haise’s memories) and his recent depression wasn’t of help at all when it came to thinking about wanting a possible relationship. 
Nonetheless, he fully understood what Touka meant just before Tsukiyama barged in the room and, even though he didn’t have the time to give her any answer back then, this scene above is the beginning of his answer. 

And really, I don’t think Mutsuki, Furuta and V are going to really get in the way of that. I might be biased, but really I don’t think I am, it’s not even about shipping.

If Kaneki really didn’t have any idea as to how he felt about Touka or what she meant to him, or even if he really didn’t feel the same way as her, he could have just sent her with another group. 
Yet, by asking her to go with him, he showed her that he heard everything that she told him and that he’ll try to act differently from now on. 

Again, I don’t think I’m biased when I say that there isn’t any ambiguity in Kaneki’s feelings for Touka. What’s less obvious is whether he’s ready or not to think about being happy for once, despite the war outside, Furuta and the purpose Arima gave him.
The fact he never thought about a possible “together” between Touka and him before (again, Haise aside) makes me think he’s not there yet in his head, but this chapter was the beginning of something, otherwise he would have left her behind again.

Thanks for reading Anon, I’m really happy if you think I made sense about their relationship at least once before! xD Thanks for passing by and have a nice weekend :3

Dinner Time

“No.” Mirai put down her fork. 

“Please,” Viktor used his nice voice. “It’s good for you.” 

The six year old pushed her plate away. “Don’t care. It tastes gross.” 

“But it won’t feel gross when it’s inside you,” he attempted to reason. 


From across the table, Misha giggled, slowly sipping his drink as he watched the scene before him. 

Viktor thought for a moment. “What if I get you some sauce?” 


“At least try a bit of it.” 

Mirai eyed him up like they were totally equal. “Papa, I said no.” 

His eyes flashed. “Well, I said you have to.” 

She met the challenge with ease. “Last night you said ‘no means no’ when I wanted a cookie. Why is it different now?” 

Damn it. Thankfully, Yuuri chose that moment to come through the door with the usual call of ‘tadaima’, setting his bag down and wandering into the kitchen. Viktor practically pounced on him like a lost puppy. 

“Yuuuuri,” he pleaded, “she won’t eat the broccoli.” 

His husband just rolled his eyes. “How come, Mirchan? You ate it yesterday.” 

“Don’t want to,” she complained. 

“Hmm,” Yuuri said effortlessly, “what if I give you a magic kiss again?” 

A magic what? This was new. 

Mirai immediately went gleeful. “Maybe it might work. Maybe.” 

Yuuri just bent down and pressed a kiss to her forehead. “There you go. Now try some.” 

To Viktor’s utter amazement, Mirai obediently tucked in, shovelling the broccoli into her mouth like it was chocolate or something. “Mmm,” she said, “it’s good.” 

“Magic… kisses?” Viktor asked. 

“Mmhmm,” Misha nodded. “Tosan gives us magic kisses that make all food taste good.” 

He had no idea what to say. 

Yuuri just smiled with satisfaction. “It works every time.” 

After recovering from the shock of seeing his daughter easily obey one of them for the first time in weeks, Viktor found his own smile. “Do I get a magic kiss?” 

Mirai stuck out her tongue. “No Papa it’s only for us.” 

“You can have a double magic kiss later,” Yuuri said, subtly squeezing his ass as he made his way into the bathroom. 

I Just Watched Sense8 Twice And Here Are My New Favorite Platonic Pairings...

I. Sun and Lito
1. They didn’t share much in s1 other than Sun’s period pains. But it was so satisfying to see Lito lose his marbles behind a little bloating while Sun just soldiered on. That moment in the mirror when they shared languages set the stage for an interesting dynamic that I should have known I would love.
2. Lito and his drama play perfectly against Sun’s emotional control. She wants to laugh at him so bad, and he just loves a captive audience.
3. Sun will never admit when she needs and deserves a good wallow. She fights to stay on an even keel; Lito, conversely embraces the opportunity to make his feels known to the world. He even forces her to partake, using stuffed kitty cats.

II. Capheus and Sun
1. Capheus is charming enough and all-around sweet enough to realize that without Sun he would be dead many times over. So when he spoke of her using reverent tones (Jean-Claude Korean Lady) in s1 I immediately saw potential for a very special friendship.
2. The Christmas special moment between the two of them illustrated Sun’s softness in a way we don’t see often. It’s almost like the writers gave us a glimpse of Sun’s sweet side, only because it meshes so well with Capheus’s. That smile gave me all the feels.
3. I love how Sun had to come through for Capheus in so many ways last season while he rarely had a chance to pay her back, only to have him play an integral part in her major plot this season. That getaway motorcycle scene was amazing and put them on more equal footing.

III. Lito and Wolfgang
1. This is where two polar opposite characters shown respect and appreciation for their differences with zero judgement. Lito saw Wolfie set out with the intention of killing his cousin and offered no censure. He just helped the man do it. In the same way, Wolfie could not care less that Lito thinks life is a movie. He probably thinks Lito’s hysterical behavior is hilarious. They rock.
2. I love how even a year later, Lito is still showing gratitude for Wolfie helping him beat up Joaquin. Those two have this delicious bond that almost feels like opposites attracting; the actors know exactly how to play it to the best effect.
3. These two are the men most comfortable during, and in the aftermath of the orgy scenes. That shit didn’t phase them at all in s1 as opposed to Will, who freaked out. It speaks to a free spirit that the two share.

IV. Honorable Mentions
1. Riley and Capheus. I love how they have so many conversations about family. Sharing the sad truths bonds characters, and they’ve done that since the beginning.
2. Kala and Sun. The two Asian girls are very like sisters, and it’s possible that the writers did this on purpose. Me likey.
3. Nomi and Will. They handle shit together in a way I find very satisfying. Also, she never judged him for his “little problem” in s2.
4. Nomi and Sun. The running gag of Sun breaking stuff and then breaking that dude’s finger was funny.


this scene does so much with so little. it’s a pretty great bit of writing if you think about it, because this moment manages to highlight the similar experiences and different mental states between jasper and raven very well. both have gone through increasingly traumatic experiences, but we see the different realizations they’ve made for themselves too (esp after taking the chip/getting rid of it) and it’s fascinating, because the writers play with the notion that while one of them tries to deal with the pain, the other is on the verge of giving up, but won’t. the way both characters approach their emotions through their lines is awesome.

this is my own interpretation so like, if you see things differently it’s cool.

you get a deep sense of relation here imo. we see that jasper doesnt go to monty to say “is it weird that i want to go back in?”, but asks raven this seemingly personal question instead (which to me suggests that he consciously opens up to her), because he knows he can rely on her answer. and raven, on the other hand, is able to give him one that is perfectly in tune with his feelings, because she’s been there. she knows what he’s asking and she also knows how to answer “its not weird”, because she understands where he is coming from.

it doesn’t end there though.

jasper goes even further by voicing some of the observations he’s made. he realizes that raven is now capable of doing something she couldn’t do before she took the chip, and he also knows how to tie the puzzle together “it’s like ALIE upgraded your brain” due to his own experiences with ALIE and the city of light, and i love it since from a character standpoint his line is not necessarily about a “new skill”, but an emotionally direct expression - he tries to connect with her by mentioning it. i find that so interesting, because on one hand it totally works with his PTSD, but then it also re-establishes the fact that he is someone who reaches out to people since he is a person who is moved by his own heart.

and in a logical and obvious turn of events raven doesn’t climb on a hauteur to declare to her friend that she is the greatest with her new ability now, but (and this is why i love this scene visually as well, because raven is sitting and jasper standing but they are still on an equal level) takes note of his feelings and asks him if he is okay instead, because she feels deeper emotions at play here. and like, i know i’ve said this a lot but i love this so much, because it works so well with how raven was able to perceive jasper’s fragile state even back in season 3. she is just as observant as him and you really see this back and forth interplay between them. and jasper: instead of answering her question he asks her if she is okay in return, while also admitting that raven is the one that has been through the most out of anyone, because he is actually fascinated by her ability to endure so much of the pain she’s suffered. if he were in her position he would’ve killed himself months ago. you really see that thought process reflected here.

raven then says the thing jasper truly admires: “there’s nothing like a little pain to remind you you’re alive”. you know, investement in a conversation like this one requires honesty, and this is what raven is in this moment - honest. this is what she has learned too (or starting to learn fully/come to terms with) after her “trip” with ALIE. that the pain is a part of her being. yes, it’s not weird to wanna go back into the col, but she comes to understand that she wouldn’t be raven if there was no pain that would make her feel alive. feel like herself. and that’s a huge step for her to make as a person, considering what she’s been through.

“wish i had an upgrade”.

in hindsight, jasper’s wish is a striking one. one that is attached to his suicide attempt. he connects raven’s upgrade to her ability to deal with things now, and he wishes he had that, because from his point of view it would help him find a way to deal with things. to deal with the feelings he tried to deal with, but ultimately couldn’t. maybe he thinks of an upgrade as the ultimate escape too, since his last line ties to his first one (where he talks about the city of light). little does he know (in this moment) that he will find a way.

i’m rambling honestly. and i’m gonna stop now because its late and i am tired, but i really really love this scene. it’s one of the best moments in 4x01.

Her Voice

A/N: Guys I’m working really hard to get to all your requests but with college n all I don’t have a lot of free time :( 

Request: This is like my new favourite page to check out. Could you do something with Rami where there is a new assistant who will be talking into his ear piece with Elliot’s monologue and he just loves her voice and they get to chat a lot but it’s awhile before he gets to meet her.

“Rami, that’s not the line.” Sam calls out from the director’s chair. Rami runs his hands through his hair in a frustrated manner. The stress of the third season of Mr. Robot was really getting to him along with all his other projects.

“I’m sorry, my head’s all over the place.” He apologises.

Christian smiles at him sympathetically, clapping him on the back.

“Hey, this is the price of being a highly requested actor kid.” Rami chuckles weakly.

“I’m fine with the conversational scenes, it’s these damned monologues.” He sighs.

Christian laughs.

“Shame you can’t have someone reading it to you through an ear piece, huh.” To the actors’ surprise, Sam brightens at this.

“That’s actually not a bad idea.” He muses. “You can get super tiny ones these days, and either way we can edit it out.”

“Are we seriously considering this?” Rami asks, unsure about the suggestion. He certainly likes the idea of not having to remember the intense monologues that seem to be the bane of his life at the moment.

“Why not? People have done weirder things to get their actors to perform at their best.” Sam shrugs. “I’ll get someone on the phone.”


The plan was put in motion speedily, and by the next day Rami was having a miniscule earpiece fitted while he sat in hair and makeup.

“This is certainly new.” The makeup girl comments, amusement clear on her face.

“You’re telling me.” Rami chuckles. Sam joins them in the trailer and explains the way it will work.

“One of the script editors has agreed to sit in a trailer and read the monologues to you through a mic. Obviously you’ll still have to memorise it to an extent but it’ll be much easier.”

Rami nods, apprehensive about the whole concept but looking forward to seeing if it improves his performance. He leaves the trailer, shrugging his black hoodie on and making his way to the apartment set where his next scene will be filmed. He is met with Christian in his Mr. Robot attire, sitting on the couch muttering his lines.

“You ready Bond?” He jokes, standing up.

“You’re asking the wrong person.” He snorts, tapping his ear indicatively. Christian shakes his head and gets into position, Rami follows suit. Sam sits down in the director’s chair and flicks through the script to the current page.

“Right, I’m expecting to need to do a few takes to get a feel for this, but just try and do it as you’d usually do it, okay Rami?” Sam states.

“Yeah. Also, is this thing on?” He says, gesturing vaguely at his ear.

“It should be. Could someone get Y/N to say something through the mic to check its working?”

There’s a reply from one of the crew and moments later, Rami hears a woman’s voice, clear in his ear as if she were standing right next to him.

“Hello? Can you hear me Mr. Malek?” Her voice is nice, smooth and sweet.

“Uh, yeah I can. Can she hear me? Just call me Rami.” He hears a laugh.

“You don’t have to shout, Rami. I can hear you just fine.” He immediately feels embarrassed.

“Aha. Sorry about that.” The crew watches on in intrigue.

“Right, let’s get this started.” Sam claps his hands together, and the scene begins.


Once Rami had gotten the hang of using pauses and listening while speaking, the scene flowed fantastically. He was finally able to complete the monologue that had been plaguing him and the film crew for days now. He sighed with relief once Sam had yelled cut, telling him that he’d done great.

And the method stuck, every morning Rami would put his earpiece in and Y/N would be waiting on the other end to say;

“Good morning Rami.” And he’d smile instinctively and say it back. Hearing her voice had become the highlight of his day, she’d taken a lot of stress off his shoulders while being fun and easy to work with.

But after every cut Y/N would invade his thoughts. Who was she? What did she look like? What colour were her eyes and did she smile the same way he did when she heard his voice? He was slowly becoming consumed with wonder and an unshakable need to meet her. He wanted to thank her for everything she’d done for him on top of her own work as an editor.

At least that’s what he told himself, but the truth was; he was falling steadily for the sound of her voice, her quiet laughter when he’d mess up or would get muddled between what she was saying and what line he was currently reciting. Her little coughs, or the sound of her sipping water while his costars spoke.

He loved that between scenes, neither of them would take their earpieces out, but would make small talk while he drank his coffee and she critiqued his performance. He learned that she enjoyed Elliot’s exchanges with Darlene best, the uncannily authentic sibling banter that they had relieved her heartache for Elliot’s relentless struggle.  

He learned that she often got colds, apologizing every time she’d sniff or reach for a tissue. It was off-putting when she’d suck cold lozenges, the sound of her mouth working over the sweet distracting his mind… And body. She probably didn’t even know. He had an image in his mind of this beautiful yet faceless woman, and he had never felt such a pull to know what she looked like.

“Rami, wakey wakey.” He shakes himself out of his thoughts to see Carly waving a hand in front of his face. “We’re about to start.”

“Ok.” He smiles, standing from his seat and making his way to the set with his onscreen sister. They chat absently about getting takeout for lunch, sharing equal enthusiasm at the suggestion of pizza.

When they arrive on set, Rami zips up his hoodie and prepares to slip into the role of Elliot, but he’s distracted by the sight of a woman talking to Sam. She’s Y/H, with beautiful H/L, H/C hair that seems effortlessly styled. Pretty E/C eyes that are scanning over the thick wad of papers she’s holding between her and Sam. Concentration is etched over her features in the most adorable expression he’s ever seen.

He’s filled with the sensation that he’s known her for years, despite this being the first time he’s seen her as far as he can remember. She glances up, apparently aware that he’s been gawking shamelessly at her. She spots him and her eyes widen, a smile stretching across her pink lips.

“Rami.” She says, and his heart lurches. The simple word was enough to send butterflies flitting in a frenzy within his stomach. It’s her. She walks over to him, leaving Sam fumbling with the stack of paper. “You probably don’t even know who I am,” She laughs shakily, he can tell she’s just as nervous as he is. “Its- “

“Y/N.” He grins, interrupting her.

“Yeah.” She exhales, her surprise at his recognition evident. He stands there awkwardly, simply taking her in.

“Christ, you’re like a pair of teenagers crushing on each other.” They’re brought out of their trance by Carly’s snort. Rami feels his face heating up and the pink on Y/N’s cheeks tells him she’s equally embarrassed by the comment.

“That’s enough blushing and looks of longing.” Christian announces. “I wanna get this scene over with, I’m fucking starving.”

“I’m so sorry, I’ll just-“ Y/N stammers, but Rami grabs her by the arm before she leaves.

“Meet me after this? I’ll get us lunch?” Her uncertain frown is replaced by a bright red complexion and a smile.

“Sure.” She breathes, then waves hesitantly and hurries out of the studio. After that, Rami struggles to get into Elliot’s role with the ridiculous smile on his face.

anonymous asked:

Yay requests!! So can you tell me how the RFA would react to MC who loves to get lost in a book while cuddling/sitting with them and plays with their hair/draws patterns on them/grabs based on what is happening in the book?


  • when he walks in and sees MC reading he cuddles up to them so fast
  • he adores being pet or having his hair and all that
  • he can really get the general feeling of a book based on what MC is doing
  • he likes it when MC reads calming scenes because that’s usually when he gets petted the most
  • also, when MC grabs him he knows something went down in the book
  • he tends to become intrigued, because he knows around what MC feels when reading, but not the plot, so he tends to ask MC to tell him about the book once they’re done
  • when MC gets a new book he’s equally as happy as them


  • since she’s usually pretty still when reading, she was a bit surprised when MC started drawing patterns on her back with their free hand while their nose was buried in a book
  • how…. how can MC be so…. so cute…
  • she finds it endearing, and really likes it?? it’s soothing
  • especially after long days of work, when she’s too tired to even look at the TV, cuddling with MC while they read is just
  • amazing
  • she finds MC’s actions incredibly adorable, and sometimes comments on it without thinking, making MC a bit flustered
  • also, when MC grips her arm while reading she always smiles and cuddles closer to MC


  • MC….. is too precious….. must be protected…..
  • seriously, he is sure. MC is some sort of angel. their every action is way too cute to be real
  • when MC combs through his hair rat tail he can’t help but smile and relax his shoulders
  • he loves having his hair combed by MC so much??
  • even though he’s not much of a reading type, he admires the way in which MC gets immersed into books
  • it almost reminds him of how he gets sucked into the character he plays, in some sense?
  • overall a great experience. 10/10, would cuddle with MC while they read every time


  • is there a single aspect of MC that is not amazing to him
  • when he was a child, he didn’t really read any kind of stories that he’d get invested in
  • now as an adult, he mostly read his paperwork and a romance novel here and there, but he was never really… immersed in it. 
  • but sitting next to MC, he realized MC was literally in another world- they were in the book, even if they were physically next to him
  • when MC grabbed his arm he realized just how amazingly cute it was
  • chuckles a bit and goes along with it, cuddling closer to MC


  • gah!!! critical hit on his heart!!! -1000 health!!! adorableness overload!!!
  • no seriously, he finds it so adorable it hurts 
  • when MC starts playing with his hair, pulling him closer, their eyes shining as they read the page…
  • MC is too good and adorable for someone like him holy shit
  • he probably considers getting MC a kindle so they can hold it with one hand and continue to gently trace patterns on his arm while they get lost in their books
  • he’s never worried about having no topic of conversation with MC, because moments in silence while MC reads and slowly cuddles closer to him as they read is probably the best bonding time ever

What is it about Shun’s straightness that people are so obsessed about? When you google Andromeda Shun you find a thousand posts about how he is definitely not a homosexual. And I just want to ask, would that somehow give him less credit as a Saint?

I mean people say things like “The fact that he has feminine figure doesn’t mean he is gay”
“June had feelings for him you know”
“He was a really strong Saint”
“The Libra Temple scene was not like that in the manga, he was only making an act of *FRIENDSHIP* by sacrificing himself for Hyoga!”

I can agree with the first one, but the rest?
1. Does June decide his sexuality for him? That fact that she has feelings for him doesn’t mean he reciprocates (It’s quite clear both in the anime and manga that he sees her as a regular friend, seeing as he doesn’t have dramatic flashbacks with her as Ikki did with Esmeralda or exchange meaningful glances with her like he so often does with Hyoga)

2. No shit Sherlock. I’m 1000% sure strong doesn’t equal heterosexual.

3. Ok, this one is truly open for interpretation. You can’t simply say that this scene confirms his gayness, but you can’t brush it off with ~*The Power of Friendship*~ either.

You can’t deny the fact that he almost kissed Hyoga, and I don’t think there was a need to snuggle up to him in other to give him his cosmo. That this was something Toei did? Yes, but I never saw Kurumada complaining about it or removing it from canon.

Now, those facts could actually be overlooked as simply being part of Shun’s gentle nature, if it wasn’t for how close Hyoga and Shun are right from the start. In all honesty, if we talk about Shun’s possible love interests, Hyoga is really the most logical option. What about June, you say? Well, before her first and only apparence, Shun had never mentioned her even once, and after that single episode we never heard of her again. She was not even a planned character, the only reason she exists is because Kurumada promised to do a character for the June magazine.

Hyoga, however, is always protecting Shun when Ikki doesn’t feel like it and he constantly calls out to him. They are usually glued to each others side (and I have screenshots to prove it) and they make a pretty powerful duo. I don’t know if you have noticed, but whenever Ikki is around, they are suddenly five feet away from each other at all times; then when Ikki leaves they are inseparable once again.

I don’t know if they were like this in the manga or if Kurumada/Toei realized what they were doing, but when you look back, the idea that Shun would sacrifice himself for the person he loves (ROMANTICALLY) is not such a foreign concept anymore.

On a final note, if he does have feelings for Hyoga, that doesn’t automatically mean he is gay. He could also he bisexual, pansexual, ‘90% straight’ or not even a cis boy at all.

swishswishbitch  asked:

I 100% agree with you on the susan cooper rick ford relationship. Like right when the movie ended I was like,"shit I ship them so hard."

yes exactly thank u

i mean susan has shipping potential with many people, including rayna, but i feel that she and ford hit that sweet spot of screwball comedy partners that i just love. plus they’re both giant dorks & he’s a natural part of the wacky susan/nancy team. whereas bradley fine is just this sore thumb who frankly has to be impressed by susan’s skills in order to consider her an equal. don’t even get me started on that “love confession” scene. he was so seduced by the idea that tiny susan cooper carried a huge torch for him, ugh no thanks. he might be a nice dude but not nice for susan.

rick, on the other hand, pretty much teases and mocks cooper 24/7, but his knowledge of her competence is implicit. he doesn’t swoon over her skills or go all “humbled agent” because she can kick some ass. for all his buffoonery and meanness, he ironically treats her with more respect because he sees her as an actual challenge to his delusional quest. and i mean that ball scene? where he swoops in and pretends to be her date for a second??? and is so in character about it? and then when they’re fighting he goes “yah i could go romantic on you and you’d be breathless and wet…but i’m not”??? and he makes that asshole puppy face?

like he’s trying not to smile or show emotion after susan tore him a new one???

and their nagging at the hotel and his enthusiasm whenever he sees her and talks to her. it’s all there. and u can see susan enjoys it too because she’s not fake-ball-busting like when she pretends to be rayna’s bodyguard. she’s being herself and dragging him too.

not to mention that, she is clearly the boss. i mean halfway through the movie he is whipped; susan sends him off to do smth and he grumbles but listens. and i might be reaching but at one point he isn’t just trying to take out deluca but is also keeping tabs on her to make sure she’s safe because he owes her (even tho he’s not very competent, his intentions are good, as susan puts it)

he’s basically the jock with a heart who is secretly a giant dork and she’s the dork with a heart who is secretly a giant jock, like i’m sorry but they pair up so well.

yeah had to write down a shipper rant cuz gotta fill up the tag but srsly these two

30 Days of Logan and Veronica, Day 18

Favorite fight 

So, I already detailed my favorite fight here

And I feel like this means physical fight, but I’m going to go for the aftermath of this fight here, the whole of poor Logan’s hotel room scene.

First, there’s Parker.

PARKER: Just so you know. The best way to show that you’re still in love with your ex-girlfriend is to beat up her new boyfriend.

LOGAN: Parker, you’re-

PARKER: You’re an idiot.

LOGAN: What?

PARKER: "Parker, you’re an idiot.“

LOGAN: No, that’s not what I was gonna say.

PARKER: I know. You were going for something nice. The truth is that I am an idiot.

LOGAN: You’re not. There’s just a lot to this that you don’t understand.

PARKER: Like why I kept thinking that I mean something to you when it’s always been Veronica? … …Wow. You should have seen that expression.

PARKER: It totally sold you out.

LOGAN: Are you gonna listen to me at all-

PARKER: No! I look at you, and I know you love her.

LOGAN: Piz videotaped them having sex…without her knowing about it.

PARKER: Oh, God! Well, that’s horrible! Well, you must have been devastated. I mean, Veronica had sex with someone else?

LOGAN: She’s your friend, too! Aren’t you angry for her? Do you realize what this will do to her?

PARKER: [crying] Do you realize that we just broke up? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

So, the thing that I love about this scene is that Logan is adamant that his actions were solely as Veronica’s friend; but the part that ramps it up to absolute adoration is the line, "Do you realize what this will do to her?”

Because wow. Here’s a guy who knows all about every single trauma, sexual and otherwise, Veronica has experienced. Here’s a guy who was part of that trauma, and who has been trying to not be that guy, trying to be a steady force in her life she can turn to when the shit hits the fan - whether they’re together or not, and who has been. And I honestly believe him when he tells Parker this part of it, that it is less about being in love with Veronica and more about hurting someone who has willfully hurt her deeply, and in this way. That he did this as a friend, because this is what Logan does and this is how Logan protects the people he loves. Because this is Logan’s way of being part of Veronica’s army; he’s the guy who “look[s] tough”.

I mean, this is the guy who beat up a police car in order to get close to Mercer and Moe, and I’m not saying it’s not because he’s in love with her. But Parker is wrong in thinking that’s the whole of it. It isn’t that Veronica has slept with someone else. It’s that he’s dealt with the aftermath of Veronica being raped and almost raped four times, and now there’s the addition of sexual violation from a partner to the list. And his incredulity that Parker doesn’t get it, that she doesn’t understand how deeply this has the potential to hurt Veronica or how much this will cause her to spiral, is one of those moments when it becomes clear that those of Neptune are a different breed. Parker doesn’t get it, because even though Parker and Veronica are friends, she’s never really been exposed to a Veronica who is injured, who has her back against the wall and who is fighting. Parker doesn’t get it, because the most she knows about Veronica’s past is “I’ve been understanding since Shelly Pomeroy’s end-of-the-year party”.

And she doesn’t get Logan’s past, with video tapes. Because even if she knows the facts, about Lilly, about Aaron, about the poolhouse, she doesn’t know how deeply those events cut Logan, and how he will do almost anything to prevent things like the public consumption of tapes of his unwitting exes having sex. She doesn’t seem to get that this is an emotional trigger for him, personally, from two angles - from someone who cares about Veronica and intimately understands how affected she will be, and from someone who has gone through hell and high water and criminal dealings to stop this from happening to another blonde. 

If Piz’s “karma” moment is the moment that emphasizes how little he understands about Veronica and Neptune, this is Parker’s.

And then there’s Veronica:

VERONICA: He’s having trouble breathing because of his ribs. He got five stitches over his eye.

LOGAN: Only five?

VERONICA: You’re a lunatic.

LOGAN: You didn’t know he was taping you?

VERONICA: Because he didn’t!

LOGAN: Oh, come on, Veronica. Who else would have or could have done that?

VERONICA: Here’s what I know: it wasn’t Piz, and it could not be less of your business.

LOGAN: Aren’t we trying to be friends? As your friend, I was angry at what happened to you. Someone’s always supposed to pay, right? Isn’t that the rule we live by?

VERONICA: We tried to be friends, and it didn’t work. This is the moment, Logan, right now, where it’s just done. You’re out of my life forever.

I get choked up here, for any number of reasons. It’s because Veronica is lashing out, at Logan, because she is frustrated and angry and hurting and she doesn’t know where the attack came from. So Logan gets the brunt of it all, because she hasn’t yet gotten down the the laser like focus she needs to track down the real culprit. 

And it’s because I don’t believe she believes Logan is living by the rules. There are moments when Veronica sees the worst in Logan, because Logan has shown her the worst of himself on more than one occasion. She was the victim of the worst of Logan at one time herself, so she doesn’t necessarily trust that he is someone who wants the right person nailed to the wall instead of just any old guy. And she makes that clear, here. She may love him and she may want him to be his best self, but after ostracism and pool burnings and Logan spiraling, she doesn’t trust that he won’t just lash out.

But there’s also the fact that Logan continues to go back to them being friends. “As your friend, I was angry at what happened to you.” He’s making it clear that he’s accepted that’s where he is in her life, but also that he’s not going to stop being protective of her. Because when something happens to Veronica, he gets angry. When he feels like someone is taking advantage of Veronica, he gets angry.

It’s also this: Veronica is someone who is highly emotional when it comes to Logan, and I love how this scene echoes the one with Madison. “This is something I’m never getting past” is equal to “You’re out of my life forever”. And I’m sure she has the courage of her convictions when she says these things; I’m sure she absolutely means it when she says it. But she also dials it back incredibly quickly, to “it’s going to take some time, this time” later on. 

It hurts Logan, and it’s not the best response. It’s not great to say these things to someone, unless you really and truly mean it. But there’s something about the visceral reaction Veronica has to Logan that makes me smile, even during moments like this, because Veronica so very rarely allows herself to be anything less than in control, emotionally, when she’s around other people. Especially in season three. But around Logan? She is just tempestuous and angry and volatile and impulsive (and loving and happy and giddy and sweet). She says things she doesn’t mean, because she has to get this out of her system. And Logan is the person she is comfortable enough around to do this, to be this person, without wearing a mask. It’s odd, but this is why I love Logan and Veronica. 

Veronica can learn not to express herself in “nevers” and “forevers” (like I have). But being able to get everything out in the open, to not hide, to be in a relationship (friendship or otherwise) where there are no masks and you can let yourself lose control and just “be”, those are rare. I don’t think Veronica and Logan are healthy in season 3; but I appreciate the bits of them that can work toward being healthier. And this is one of those bits.

Because they do know each other, and they do understand each other, fears and worries aside. And they can learn more about one another, like Veronica’s reaction to Logan’s fight with Gory and apology to Piz demonstrates.

Nine years of radio silence is a lot; it is “some time, this time”. But not being 19 any more and hopefully learning better ways to communicate in the intervening years will be the difference between “you’re out of my life, forever” and “I’m really pissed at you right now because that behavior was unacceptable”.

anonymous asked:

what's your favorite bellarke scene?

It’s really hard to pick because my god those two have had some absolutely amazing scene’s together!

If I had to pick though I’d probably say the scene in 3x16 where they hold hands.

The reason why is because there’s so much more to the scene than what’s on the surface of it. Yes most Bellarke scene’s are similar, but this one has much more underlining than the rest.

First we have Bellamy going to stand next to Clarke while transfusion happens.

I love this so much because Bellamy doesn’t actually have to be there. He could be gone with Pike and the others while they prepare for the COL zombies to climb the tower, but he’s not. He stays there because regardless of what else is going on he believes they’ve got it handled and he wants to be there for Clarke. He wants to make sure she’s okay. Abby even waits until he’s finished speaking with Octavia to tell him that they’re ready to start.They wait for him because they know that not only does Bellamy need to be there to keep an eye on Clarke, but Clarke also needs him there for moral support. She needs her Rebel King to be by her side in a scary situation because she feels safe around him. He makes her feel safe when she’s scared.

Secondly we have Bellamy trying to joke around and make her smile once the transfusion is finished. 

He knows how scared she is and wants to make her feel better. I call back to the statement that he makes her feel safe. Even though she may still be scared I feel like this helps ground her a little bit more. Also please also take in the fact that he uses his torture as a form of joking. As if to say ‘I know what you’re going through is scary, but I had the same thing done to me in worse circumstances and I’m still here.’. This also demonstrates them as equals. Like Bellamy’s saying if he can survive it so can she.

Thirdly we have the actual hand holding in the ‘Hand Holding Scene’.

This of course is my favourite part of this scene for obvious reasons.

This is the part in the scene that speaks the loudest. Clarke’s about to get the chip put in her and she’s not sure if she’ll live or die at this point. So she reaches out with a shaky hand to the one person she trusts the most on earth. Now obviously the actual hand holding of it all is very cute, but its the way they do it that makes me giddy with feels. You can tell that even though Clarke is the one that reached out for him he’s still hesitant to whether or not she really does want him to hold her hand. Even after their talk and hug in 3x13 he’s unsure as to where exactly they stand. So he gently glides his fingertips across her palm to make sure this is what she wants. He’s giving her an out. Once he realizes she wants him to hold her hand her grips it tightly and without hesitation and she squeezes right back. I feel like final seal of there hands is also symbolic to finally closing the gap that had formed between them. They aren’t completely healed yet, but they no longer feel as if they need to push each other away.

I’d also like to briefly mention how they pan up to Bellamy’s face after it happens.

I think it’s really important. We see that Clarke is terrified by the trembling of her hand, but here we get to see how Bellamy feels. And he’s mirroring Clarke’s emotions here. She’s scared because she’s about to head into the COL and could potentially die and he’s scared because he doesn’t wanna lose her again. He just got her back after months of not knowing if she was dead or alive and the thought of possibly seeing her die right in front of him is a truly horrifying thought to him. And thus we see him swallow thickly to try and shove it down.

Lastly we have Clarke seizing/taking the chip/entering the COL.

We get to see worried Bellamy in this scene which gives me so much life, but sadly this isn’t anything new. 

What is new however is the “I believe you.” 

The reason this is so important is because all season long we’ve seen Bellamy struggle to believe anything grounder related. So for him to completely put his trust and belief in her when all his experiences with grounders or their customs (except for Lincoln and a select few) shows just how much he cares and how close their relationship is to going back where it was. We always see Clarke making declarations like this, but this was a first for Bellamy and actually quite refreshing.

Now comes the part where Bellamy fed Clarke the chip.

Originally posted by sweetheartsandsweetdreams

As much as freaked out over the fact that he grazed her lip with his thumb there’s more to it than just that. Bellamy could have easily handed Clarke the chip so she could’ve fed it to herself, but the writers where smart about this. Though Bellamy can’t physically enter the COL with her he still helped her in every possible other way he could to get her in and out of it. That’s why she says “We didn’t.” because they did it TOGETHER.

Anyways I hope this answered your question lovely <3

All credit to those who made these gifs :)

Kane & Abby: Love Making

My thoughts on the upcoming Kabby love scene. (Pre-Season 4 Speculation)

Similar to last year’s trailer revealing their first kiss, this year we’re also shown a snippet of another iconic moment between them - their first love scene. Hopefully, what brief seconds we’ve seen is only a taste of what we’ll actually get and nothing too major has been spoiled except for the fact that it is happening. Additionally, we will hopefully be blessed with a wealth of other Kabby moments this season we’re not expecting. Just like last year, revealing their kiss is a way to further affirm to audiences that the nature of their relationship has evolved into something romantic. A small snippet of their love scene has been shown, but there is still much more to see. Hopefully this is just the tip of the iceberg for them this season…


Below are two shots of the same scene from two different trailers. These shots are definitely from the same scene as they’re far too similar to be separate. The lighting comes from the same sources (candlelight on one side and daylight perhaps on the other) and they’re in the same position (her slightly above him, supposedly sitting in his lap while he reclines on something). I can’t wait to find out the context of the scene. How they got there, why they’re in a room alone, how this started and how it ended up there.

I definitely think this could be a post-love making moment. Their hair is already fairly messy and their clothes are already largely removed (I’m assuming Kane is shirtless and Abby has on a tank top/bra). That being said, I hope we do get to see the ‘before’. This scene will be a huge step for them and deserves its due spotlight. They are a major canon relationship and pretty much every other couple on this show has had a love scene (with far less development beforehand), so they are deserving of the same treatment, if not more so. I suppose we might not get to see them in the middle of the action but perhaps the start and end of it e.g. the first moments of kissing and removal of clothing and then later cut to them afterwards as we see them in these trailer shots. I’d certainly rather have that than just an implied love scene with the aftermath being the only thing we get to witness.

I think the second shot is right after the kiss in the first shot. Abby looks to be leaning away slightly, watching him adoringly while he’s still reveling in the wake of the kiss which, I believe, is the reason behind his blissful expression. He’s so wrapped up in her - so overwhelmed by her love and affection and their emotions are completely laid bare to each other. He’s not accustomed to reciprocated affection and this is all going to be largely new to him as they try to give each other the love they know the other deserves.

At the very bottom of the second shot - eclipsing the bottom of Abby’s hand - we can just barely see the blurred, rounded edge of what I believe is Kane’s bare shoulder which bobs out of the frame as he moves. The shot doesn’t allow us to see if Abby’s still wearing the ring on her finger, but we can see the chain around her neck. The rings could be addressed in this scene or, perhaps, take place later in the season as the potential removal of them doesn’t seem to be a pre-requisite for their love scene. That is, unless they have talked about it at this point and the choice is not to remove them at all. I have high hopes that the rings will be addressed in some capacity this season as their relationship and the resurgence of Jake’s memory will demand some kind of conversation about it.


It’s difficult to decipher much of the background in these shots, but what little we can see looks most indicative of Polis. There is clearly candlelight accentuating them in this scene. It’s an iconic feature of Polis as well as a staple of love scenes on this show as almost all have taken place in the fittingly romantic light. In the second shot we see a more simplistic grey background with what looks to be four square black alcoves behind Kane’s head which, again, seems more like an architectural feature found exclusively in Polis. I hope we can see more romantic moments between them back in Arkadia and Kane’s room specifically, but, for this scene, they are definitely in some room in the Polis tower.


I’ve been confused about the potential timeline for this scene as I always assumed they’d be heading back to Arkadia by the end of 4x01, but it doesn’t look like that’s the case. I’m assuming it’ll take place sometime within the first three episodes or, at most, within the first five. We’ll see how everything plays out…

My previous theory - long before the trailer came out - was that it could possibly take place in 4x11, aka the episode Ian directed. It’d be a unique opportunity for him to helm it and potentially one of the reasons that episode was selected for him. Although that’s unlikely now, there’s a chance Ian could still have directed another powerful, romantic scene between him and Paige in his episode.

Premiere Theory
This may already be the accepted mentality, but I’ll address it once more: I don’t think this scene will take place in the premiere, nor do I think it’d be an ideal time for it. I think a potential bandaging scene (which I go into more detail here) is much more likely to occur and is a more plausible choice as an opening scene for their relationship. I think there is plenty of possibility for some more necessary development between them and build up towards this scene that the premiere episode would not allow. I actually think it’d be a fairly disappointing decision, as the scene wouldn’t be given the time and spotlight it deserves. Here are some other reasons:

  • Both Abby and Kane have cuts/bruises in 3x16. Abby has cuts over her right eyebrow, cheek, lips and bruises around her neck and Kane has a cut above his left eyebrow and right cheek. These wounds can be plainly seen in the 4x01 promo pics. In the footage for their love scene however, their faces are completely clear. They may fade quickly, but certainly not in the span of one episode. Seeing how those fade should be indicative of when this scene might take place. 
  • A lot of Ian’s comments at SDCC seemed very suggestive of this event based on teases such as: “do I take my clothes off?”, “Jason did say I should start working out” and more, but I don’t think it’s from reading the premiere script but, rather, just from knowing that a love scene will take place this season, as it wouldn’t be hard to assume that kind of scene is imminent for him and Paige on top of already being hinted to him by Jason. He’s expecting it and looking out for it as he reads each new script not because he had already read it.
  • Ian also teased that 4x01 will be very busy and without respite, and, if that’s the case, I don’t see a slow, romantic love scene fitting in well with the initial chaos that will no doubt be an immediate matter to handle. Also, if there are truly important things to be done, I can’t see them putting themselves above their people and spending their time alone if there are more pressing matters.


Kane and Abby have always been careful and thoughtful with their interaction, displaying gentle, affectionate touches to show comfort and support. I’d like their love scene to continue to exemplify this as it’s who they truly are and it’s what their love looks like. I want to spotlight the very essence of who they are individually and what they are together. This definitely seems to remain true for these shots. They look very peaceful, relaxed and happy as they’re enjoying their time together. Given the circumstances, they should be seeking and relishing every moment they can with each other, not wasting any time to say and do everything they want to and enjoy each other’s company before it potentially ends. They’ll have to fill a lifetime’s worth of love into a matter of months - which gives us fans the opportunity to witness some amazing scenes under these unique circumstances. 

It’s easy to assume we’ll see the continuation of their established habits in this scene, such as Abby touching his hair and beard and Kane probably touching her in many ways throughout the scene, his hands never disconnected from her. He could caress her face and hair, they could touch foreheads, kiss each other without interruption and more - whatever happens it’s going to be amazing! We could also see the emergence of some new physical gestures as well, as they evolve into an even closer relationship. I would like to see Kane get a little more physical here now that has clear permission from her to do so to show growth on his part as he becomes bolder in love. It’s not something he’s accustomed to of course (he is very affectionate with other people but is always surprised whenever someone shows him affection) so I think Abby will probably lead the way at first or at least the beginning of the scene before he eases into it. They’re an extremely equal, mutual couple and I’d like to see that shown as they share equal amounts of affection. Not that they’ve ever been lacking before of course, but it would be nice to see him become more confident in himself and her love for him. Kane did take the lead when he kissed her in 3x09, but he had permission to, as she all but revealed her true feelings for him in their farewell scene. He never would have done that unless he was sure it was okay. Her feelings always come before his own. The tense circumstances at that time also bolstered his actions. The potential for the end of the world - though a distant threat in the moment - does act as an interesting catalyst for their relationship (as well as all the others) to evolve in large ways this season.

Also, as it will take place earlier in the season, it could also help usher in the idea of living together (I wrote about that here) which they can adopt from here on out. This will help solidify their relationship and make it easier for them to transition into regularly sharing a bed and quarters together. This consummation scene will fully establish them as a couple and usher in a new living arrangement they probably wouldn’t enter into before they’d already shared a bed.

We could also see their relationship become a little more public after this point as well - not that they’d ever draw attention to themselves, but I don’t think they’d take extra effort to constantly restrain themselves either. There’s no need to hide anything or pretend nothing is happening between them. As their relationship grows it will likely be displayed more, especially when they get further approval from Clarke. If the nature of their relationship wasn’t evident enough to people before, this will definitely be the season where everyone finds out.

I’m also very eager to know what dialogue is featured in this scene. It could be some of the most impactful, beautiful and love affirming declarations they’ve ever shared. If they truly have the luxury of quiet, alone time together, it certainly is a desirable opportunity for them to be verbal about their relationship. This scene could potentially be where they say their first “I love you’s” which would be amazing! Most other couples on this show have said this to each other already and after much shorter periods of time. Kane and Abby have definitely earned that. It’s an undeniable truth for them. Nothing could be more true than their love for each other and having it said out loud - both for them and the audience - would be incredibly satisfying and beautiful to hear, once again cementing the depth and evolution of their relationship.

As this huge step will take place near the beginning of the season, we can expect more amazing progress between them punctuated by multiple scenes - hopefully even more than we got last season. This is just the beginning for them. One of the first big, defining moments of their newfound relationship - one of the first chapters of their new lives together…

    Anyway, these are just some of my thoughts regarding the upcoming love scene and addressing some theories - they will certainly grow and change once the season begins and we can see how the story is unfolding. I can’t wait to experience the actual scene with you all and hope for many more wonderful Kabby scenes this season!

    You can read more of my The 100 and Kabby related meta HERE

    anonymous asked:

    I have issues with shows that have their feminism at the expense of men because I feel like it undermines the point that we want equality not to do to men what they’ve done to us y’know?//totally get you! And SG does do this at times & that's why I said it's heavy handed. Instead of SG just knocking out SM & that being awesome, we then had to have a scene where he says that she beat him & he was even at full strength! It's like they need to beat it into our heads & it undermines her tbh

    It really does, because it’s like “I’m so strong and badass and yeah feminism! But also let’s have the man validate me just in case”. 

    anonymous asked:

    I always thnk that at the end of season 2 Hardy has pretty much fallen for Ellie, just the look in the last scene when she leaves and only offers him a handshake (and the way he says that) makes me believe that is in love with her even there. But at Graham Norton both Tennant and Colman denied any tendencies toward a relationship or sexual tension which made me a little unsure. Am I right with my feeling here? Sorry if this sounds stupid.

    Hardy and Miller are BOTH in love at the end of S2, they’re just not in a place - emotionally, socially, psychologically - where they feel free and safe enough to act on those feelings.

    Let’s break it down, because I’m in the mood and feeling passionate.

    Throughout the season, Hardy has occupied the empty spaces in Ellie’s life where her husband used to be, including Joe’s side of the bed and Joe’s place in family photos. Ellie reclaimed her house from Joe and got her son back. She repainted her bedroom, which symbolises the reclamation of her sexuality. We watch as Ellie slams the car door shut on Joe and sends him packing from Broadchurch. She has banished Joe from her life, hopefully (but probably not) for good. Her goodbye to Hardy is next, but it doesn’t cut straight to him. The two scenes are interrupted by a shot of the cliffs.

    The music swells and we hear the ocean. The transition shot is a pan across the outside of Hardy’s blue house; the colour blue wipes across the screen, with Ellie in her orange jacket as the bright point, the symbol of hope and happiness.

    Ocean, cliffs and the colour blue are all intimately associated with sadness, the murders and with Hardy’s personal demons. Orange is hope and happiness and love, and is associated with Ellie. The orange/blue contrast is a common one, best epitomised by sunset shots and ocean/sun.

    And of course we may compare scenes where the colourist has exaggerated warm, orange colours and scenes with where they have exaggerated cool, blue colours:

    In the first, Ellie is in control and finding new purpose and strength; in the second, we see Maggie and Jocelyn, who represent pure, beautiful love.

    Here, Hardy and Ellie interviewing a murderer; and a post-coital scene with Lee and Claire, who represent the antithesis of healthy love.

    The establishing shot is wiped on with blue and it’s framed with blue. Hardy is dressed in blue, his house is blue, his whole life is blue, but Ellie is orange. She is our bright spot. This is also voyeur shot. It makes us feel like intruders witnessing something private. It lends an intimacy to the entire exchange. Note also that Hardy drops his height so he doesn’t appear bigger than her, but instead her equal. They stand divided on opposing sides with a negative space between them.

    Here, Ellie asks, “what time’s your taxi coming?” He replies, “about half an hour. You don’t have to wait.” She says, “right” and shuffles her feet. But she doesn’t leave.

    Cut to mid-shot on Ellie. She shifts, looks miserable, keeps glancing at him and looking away, can’t make eye contact. She’s just been told she’s welcome to leave, but she lingers. She’s framed by blue and by blocks, lines and tackle that evoke thoughts of the ocean, and also remind us that she is a Broadchurch native. The ocean is a part of Broadchurch, and it’s a part of her.

    Mid-shot on Hardy. Empty space around him. Shuffling and tapping his hand, leaning awkwardly on the table, glancing at Ellie and glancing away. There’s a pause, then he says, “Miller, I couldn’t have done this without you.” This is a HUGE thing for Hardy to say. He’s saying thank you, I needed you, and I respect you as a detective.

    Mid close-up on Ellie, drawing us further in. Now the blue is obscured and a warm light surrounds Ellie like a halo. “No, you couldn’t. And you didn’t.” She tries to make light of it, tries to joke about the situation, but the smile drops away almost immediately.

    Hardy, looking sincere and miserable, says, “seriously.” He won’t let her dismiss it or turn it into a joke. He’s really trying to let her know how much she means to him and what she did for him. But his gentle sincerity makes her balk.

    “No, no, don’t be nice to me, that’s not how it works.” They’re not friends. They’re just work colleagues who bicker and shout. Ellie can deal with Hardy as her grumpy boss and co-detective, but his attempts at intimacy, his kindness and gentleness, heaven forbid his touch - is too much to bear. She can’t allow herself to entertain feelings for him. Remember that Ellie’s trauma is a particularly insidious one - her husband was nothing but gentle and loving with her, right up to the moment she found out he was Danny’s murderer. Of course she’s going to fear similar gentleness from Hardy. Of course she’s going to deny her feelings for him. Of course she feels safer if Hardy is just her rude asshole boss who isn’t nice to her.

    Hardy grunts an ‘alright’ and looks away. Now that Ellie’s explicitly shut him down, he stops trying. He’s always mindful and respectful of the boundaries she puts up.

    Ellie, still with shifty eyes, and perhaps sensing that he won’t speak anymore unless prompted, quickly asks, “so where - where are you going to go?”

    It’s a shifty, faltering, slightly hopeful question. Implicit within it is, ‘will you stay here?’

    Hardy replies, ‘Erm. I dunno. Um. Close to Daisy, I need to be near my daughter.”

    The subtext being that Hardy has no home and nowhere to go and no family but Daisy.

    Ellie replies, ‘yeah. Quite right, too.’ Yes, of course he should go and be with his daughter. It’s only appropriate. You can see her mentally kicking herself for thinking - hoping - that he might stay in Broadchurch. Knowing that he has to be with Daisy also prevents Ellie from asking him to stay, or offering him a home here, or saying anything about her own feelings. He has to leave. He hates this place and he needs to be close to Daisy. Plus the case is over. Why would he stay? What reason could there be? How could she even think that he might choose to stay for her alone?

    When she says “Quite right” she looks away, and that’s when Hardy steals this glance (and fuck David Tennant’s face for being so expressive, you can just SEE the heartbreak and the longing and all the thousand things he wants to say to her) and there’s a sense that he’s thinking “oh, she must want me to leave.”

    Ellie’s basically been hanging around the whole scene on the off chance he might decide to stay, but she has her answer: he’s definitely leaving, he has to be with Daisy. As is right and proper. She says “Well. Okay, thanks for everything.”

    Ellie stands up and crosses into Hardy’s half of the frame. Remember, Hardy has always been the one trying to touch her, and she has rejected him all season. Now she physically crosses that empty space and for the first time invites him to touch her. She says “thanks for everything,” which tells us - and Hardy - how much she needed him. He was there for her when no-one else was, and by getting her to work on Sandbrook he gave her purpose and drive and energy. There’s so much hanging behind those words - so much energy and gratitude and love.

    Hardy asks, “Handshake?” in disappointed tones. After all this and all we’ve been through, will we really leave on a handshake?

    “Yeah. Not hugging you,’ Ellie says, unable to look at him. And why would she hug him? Friends hug. Lovers hug. But she and Hardy just work together, right? Nothing more. She’s aware that Hardy wants more, aware of how willing he is to touch her and hold her, but she keeps that distance between them. He’s about to leave. She’s trying to make the separation less painful, but she can’t leave without touching him. It’s just a handshake, just something that work colleagues do, but she still has to touch him.

    Hardy stands up straight, draws himself up to his full height, treats this gesture with respect, and is determined to make the most of it.

    Close-up on the hands, just to get the sheer impact of this gesture across. The shot is perfectly balanced, perfectly symmetrical. Hardy is blue and Ellie is orange. Their two halves make a perfect whole in the centre.

    Hardy says, “look after yourself, Miller.” Ellie can’t look at him. She starts crying, though she tries to hold it back. Touching him makes her cry. Hearing him say goodbye like this, so sweetly and so gently, makes her cry.

    Hardy forces a smile; he can’t keep it up and as it fades he dips his head so she won’t see. Both of them are holding back their emotions and doing a terrible job. Note that touching Ellie has pulled Hardy into a much warmer, cosier world.

    Ellie nods. She glances at him, her eyes really starting to shine with tears, and moves towards the door. Hardy suddenly remembers - “what about Joe?”

    Ellie looks at him, a forced smile on her face and replies, choked up, barely able to speak but trying to reassure him, ‘um. It’s been dealt with.”

    Close on Ellie’s face, just to make sure you can see the tears and her anguish. She leaves. But we don’t see her leave.

    The camera stays trained on Hardy. This is one of the closest shots in the sequence, dedicated to capturing his reaction as Ellie departs. His eyes don’t leave her. There is SO MUCH love and concern and unspoken misery and longing there. He loves her and he’s afraid for her and he wonders if she’s really safe from Joe and he wants to stay with her, he wants to stay so badly.

    There is no music in this entire sequence. There is barely any noise beyond the actors’ lines. There is a tension and an awkwardness to this entire scene and you know they’re leaving so much unspoken.

    Joe wanted to stay in Broadchurch but Ellie and the others banished him; in this sequence we watch as Hardy banishes himself, even though Ellie wants him to stay.

    From here it transitions to a shot of the ocean and the music starts up again - a specially composed piece called “Not Alone.” The Latimers lay flowers for Danny, then Fred, Ellie and Tom come up and the two families merge. From this shot of Ellie with her friends and family, the people she’d fought all season to regain, we go straight to Hardy alone. Again, Joe was banished by all the people of Broadchurch, but Hardy banishes himself. The overwhelming sense Chibnall leaves us with is that he should be with Ellie and the Latimers right now. He belongs with them. The taxi driver asks, “where to then, sir?” which perfectly encapsulates his dilemma. Where will he go? We know he belongs with Ellie and her family and friends, but is that what he’ll choose?

    Since all of S3 is being predicated on the question of whether Hardy’s going to stay in Broadchurch to be with Ellie, of course the actors and the writer and the producers are going to deny the possibility of a relationship between them. They’re going to laugh and joke and deflect questions, but they’re just making sure S3 won’t be spoiled before it’s even filmed. Chibnall has been veeery subtle in the way he’s built up their relationship this season, just to make sure a romance seems like a faint possibility rather than a foregone conclusion. Several scenes were also cut and hidden away from us:

    (gifs taken from this post, credit to mizgnomer)

    These scenes are highly suggestive of romantic entanglement. Everything about them is warm and green and alive, and with wee Fred in the mix it genuinely looks like they’re a family. The full scenes with dialogue are not available anywhere, and I think it’s because, whatever happened, they were too suggestive even to be included in deleted scenes.

    So: the final scene is an expression of muted romantic longing. Ellie tries to keep her distance but can barely hold back her tears when he touches her and says goodbye. The contrasts between Joe and Hardy and Ellie not alone vs Hardy alone are deliberately set up to make us think that Hardy belongs with Ellie, specifically in the space that Joe used to occupy. Chibnall predicates S3 on the question, “where to then, sir?” and on Hardy’s desire to be with Ellie. The cast have nothing to gain and everything to lose by being honest about what will happen in S3 and would never deliberately spoil the season. And Chibnall has apparently cut and stashed away a number of romantic-looking scenes, probably to keep the idea of a relationship between them subtle. Basically Nonny, you’re not stupid and come S3 all will be put right.

    The 100 3x16 - Natalie is dead, part 2

    Season 3 is over.

    *takes a deep breath*

    You know what? I LOVED IT. Yes, there were some less great moments. And yes, Meg and I will totally get into all that when we no doubt devote too much of our lives to assessing the season on the whole. But overall, I loved it.

    I think that the choice to tear the delinquents apart in 3A was the right one, and that bringing them back together in 3B has been the truest of delights. I think the overarching themes have been fantastic. I LOVE grey morality because I think it’s a great reflection of the real world. If all of us at all times could stop ‘reacting’ and start 'thinking critically’ about everything - the world would be a better place. But we are human beings, and so we react and we do and we screw up and we try to make things better. No big flashy redemptions, nobody is perfect, nobody is ever completely right or wrong, we are all ignorant of other ways to live and new things to learn.

    OOF. Bless you, show. Look where you send my brain.

    ANYWAY. What a wonderful finale. I won’t deny that I felt…odd at the end of it and I think that was for two reasons.

    1. The episode ends abruptly, because they clearly cut a scene that was meant to follow on from Octavia walking out. BUT I’LL GET TO THAT LATER.

    2. THE BIG TWIST WAS THAT NOBODY DIES. Now, you might have noticed this about me but I am absolutely a masochist when it comes to fiction. I like it when fiction hurts me, makes me cry, but keeps me hanging on. So I was ready. I didn’t WANT anybody to die (except Jaha) but I was ready. And then nobody did!!! (well, Pike but ya know) and it kind of…how do I word this…it absolutely was not disappointing, as I am incredibly happy about it…but I was anticipating such a different feeling post episode that I almost didn’t know what to do with myself.

    The finale ended with hope. And that shit is beautiful.

    Shall I recap now? All right then.

    Keep reading

    anonymous asked:

    For some reason the thought of Bellamy eventually telling Clarke he loves her makes me SOOO much more emotional than hearing the reverse. Like when has B ever verbally expressed how much C means to him? Like to her face? And I dither with HOW I think he will tell her. Like is it gonna be this quiet and direct confession? But then I can also equally picture him hesitating and fumbling through it? I JUST WANT THAT SCENE SO MUCH. Can it be February now pls?

    Originally posted by the-6s-trendy-gifs

    The thing is, while Clarke may have feelings for Bellamy she can’t really identify or deal with yet, she is fairly confident and straightforward in expressing the feelings she knows she has for him: “I need you” “I trust you” “I can’t do this without you”. Her voice and gaze are steady. She inhabits these feelings without fear and without feeling like she’s unworthy of having them.

    Bellamy /knows/ he loves Clarke (or is in love - up to interp), he /knows/ he needs her, /knows/ he trusts her. But he can barely bring himself to name these feelings, much less express them to her. He expresses his need for her in 3x05 under the most intense and emotional circumstances possible; it isn’t until they’re in a screaming crying fight that he can get out the truth: “[I needed you and] you left me” (and it’s still subtext!).

    Bellamy’s primary motivator in every aspect of his life is fear. It’s how he was raised - under constant threat and fear of exposure, fear that one word could end the lives of his family, fear that Octavia’s life would be miserable, fear that he wasn’t enough for her, fear about his mother’s prostitution - Fear. And on the ground, he fears losing Octavia, and comes to fear losing all the Delinquents he comes to love. And he /fears/ his feelings for Clarke, too. Fears that her belief in him, her partnership, everything that makes her invaluable to him will disappear. Because everything disappears in his life, and it’s always his fault. 

    Part of s3 was Bellamy realizing that he cannot only be driven to act by fear. Because at the end of s2 one of the things he feared the most came to pass - Clarke left him. And he had to learn to deal with his fears being realized - to deal with the ramifications of her leaving but also with the dual feelings of resenting her but still loving her. He also began to learn he couldn’t merely act through fear when he began to regret the massacre, almost immediately after it happened. 

    Bellamy’s fear is tied up in his self-loathing which is all tied up in his childhood, and one of the major themes of his character is overcoming these barriers within his own mind and heart. The reason it’s so heartbreaking and cathartic and emotional to picture Bellamy telling Clarke how he feels is that it would be such a HUGE deal for Bellamy to be in a place where he feels like he /deserves/ those feelings, in a place where his fear of loss doesn’t keep him from voicing them. Whether it’s a quiet moment of long-awaited honesty or whether he has to fight his fear and his self hate to just get the words out so she KNOWS - whatever way it happens it would be such a huge moment for him and for an audience that has watched him struggle with himself for so long. It will be so emotional to see Bellamy Blake let himself have this feeling, let himself love someone just because he loves them, not as some prerequisite to being bodily responsible for them. I, too, anon, cannot wait for that moment to arrive.

    So Leverage, as a whole, is pretty body chaste (probably not the right word? maybe body neutral is better), in that characters aren’t just randomly getting undressed or wearing revealing outfits so that they can be sexualized by the audience. Each and every time someone takes off clothes or wears revealing clothes, it is for a reason related to plot or character development.

    Parker’s habit of taking off clothes in front of people is there to show that: a) she’s bad at social norms (at least the first, maybe second time she does it), and b) it’s completely not sexual at all–in fact it’s uncomfortable for, notably, men, which is the complete opposite of what media usually portrays.

    And Sophie’s “sexy” clothes are specifically a tool against the weaknesses of the marks, so there is a disconnect between the audience seeing Sophie in small, fitted dresses and seeing Sophie in small, fitted dresses as sexual.

    Tara does the same thing with her clothes, as well when she drops her towel, although this is the second time the other main characters sexualize one of their own (the first being when Nate and Eliot think Parker kissed Sophie, which is a hideous “men get stupid over two women kissing” trope). I think this is supposed to reinforce that she is sexually aggressive, but character development and plot-wise I’m not quite sure why Eliot is still in a “saw a naked woman” haze in the hotel room afterwards.

    (Overall, though, the women in Leverage are only sexualized when they choose to be or by bad people.)

    The only time undressing gets close to equaling sexualization (from the audience’s gaze) is during Mikel and Eliot’s fight. Intellectually, yeah, fighting in wet clothes would not be so fun, but not only does both of them stripping signify that the fight is like 60% flirting, it also signifies that they’re stripping down until they’re equals. Even in just a bra, Mikel didn’t seem any less dangerous or less capable than she did with her shirt on, and what ended up being highlighted in that scene (even through the kissing) was the pure physical strength both Mikel and Eliot possess.

    (As an aside, Eliot’s undershirt is totally implied to be equal to a bra not just in the fight with Mikel, but also when he and Parker are changing clothes together, and I have a lot of feelings about that, like, Eliot you complete old-school proper Southern boy.)