and in that scene he feels like her equal


I have something I must ask you. Because I really like you, we build a farm together, have a baby, and want to live as ordinary citizens, would you want to live with me?

Reminder that when asked in an interview about whether or not there were any scenes he didn’t feel comfortable doing, Kim Coates said there were absolutely and mentioned that he had one in particular he struggled a lot with as an actor, and everybody was like “oh you mean your big kiss scene with Venus or the sex scene” and KC was just like “uh no it was when Tig and Gemma nearly have sex after her rape” and everybody in that moment felt like homophobic pieces of shit because that’s what they were :) :) :) Kim Coates, leading the way in shutting down hateful shit both in character and out.

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The thing that worries me too is su* part of that scene where he brings up yan* and people are taking it as they're showing they have equal feelings when I read it as a way to get bb fans to like him for mentioning her. It has me worried for bb talk when they reunite cause it'll probably be you're my bff bs & then have her be grateful to him & help them get together cause heaven forbid they actually don't queerbait & have the male help bb get together when m& k probably see bs as perfect rs.

That’s pretty much how I saw it tbqh. That whole scene was at most about galpal stereotype. Thinking that was to elevate Yang’s importance would be extremely naive in the current world.
Hell most of Vol4 Blake filler story was all about getting to downplay Yang’s importance for Blake as a character(ex: making a contrived way for Sun to get “hurt” and using that as Blake’s reasoning instead of what already happened to Yang) and up the importance of monkeyboy. At the cost of both of their characters.