and in that moment we were

The Ranger and Fighter were finishing up on a touching moment (The former is the latter’s nephew), just after me (Monk) almost gave my life to kill a dragon. I lived, but that’s besides the point.

Fighter: … and I can promise you that we will ALL make it through this alive.
Ranger: Really?
Monk, ooc and jokingly: As you say this, Gilgamesh (npc) drops from the air dead.
Fighter, IC and ooc: You know, that wouldn’t be a loss to me.
Ranger: I wouldn’t care either.

moments from my lorde show that i want you to know about

  • she said ‘how lucky are we’ because we were sat on the steps of the opera house with the harbour bridge in view
  • she spoke about the kind of tour it’s been and said ‘“I give you everything and you give me everything.”
  • after she sang ‘pretty soon i’ll be getting on my first plane’ she stuck her arms out and zoomed like a little kid playing aeroplanes
  • someone at the front screamed I WOULD DIE FOR YOU and we all heard it on the mic and she just said ‘oh my goodness me’ like a mum
  • this is something that happened over and over rather than one specific time but i kept noticing she was smiling while singing lyrics that probably would have been really sad to write and that’s really amazing
  • she had two dancers in silver wide leg pants and she danced with them making shapes during hard feelings with them behind her so it looked like they were a multiple headed creature with six arms
  • she got out a toy glockenspiel and tapped on it to introduce buzzcut season
  • during a costume change the screens were playing another film piece and her voiceover said “don’t you wish you could get inside a heart, see the atriums and the veins”
  • after the ‘we’re getting good at this’ line in 400 lux she added a little ‘oh no’ as though now she realises that those times were leading to something that ended up being trouble (that could be me reading way too much in but like… yeah)
  • she sat down on the edge of the stage to talk for a while as the intro to liability played and of course we all recognised it and knew what was coming but she sat down and “Hi!” like she wasn’t about to sing the saddest song she’s ever written
  • Someone yelled “you’re amazing!” and she said “thank you, you are too, i hope!”
  • she talked about how playing in australia and NZ feels different and closer because other countries “They don’t know about us - here I can’t lie to you, I have to be who I am, you see right through me.”
  • She congratulated us on the same sex marriage vote and took up a rainbow flag and said “I’m proud of you” and I like ton think she’s talking about our whole lives
  • In response to that someone yelled “You’re making us cry” and she said “This is the crying show! And the dancing show, and everything in between”
  • She admitted she finds it really hard to sing liability and she actually almost cried after the first chorus
  • At the end of sober II she stood up on this box that was onstage for some reason and it was like she was a greek goddess statue on a plinth talking about tragedy
  • throughout the whole show her facial expression could be described as ‘amazed by the fact that we were there’
  • introducing green light she said ‘if you’re feeling loving, angry… petty, like you want someone to jump into the harbour there and get eaten by a shark… then dance with me”

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How do you take the times that Dean calls Cas brother, because to me, that takes the oxygen out of deep moments like in 11x23, where they were having a heartfelt conversation, and I felt romantic undertones, then he said that, and it was like being doused with cold water.

Yeah that’s exactly what it’s supposed to feel like!

Edge of your seat “is he gonna say it? is he gonna be honest???” …..


Like… I can’t help but giggle at people getting upset because it’s been “no-homoed”…. that’s the whole poiiiiiiiiiiint. It’s like the giant ass pause after the romantically lit, Romeo & Juliet reminiscent “I do” Destiel reunion where you’re like OMG IS HE GONNA DO IT? and he’s just like Um yeah, welcome back PAL.


You’re supposed to feel that way.  You’re supposed to be like


My wishlist for season 13 was that it was going to become so obvious that it’s no longer never was the SHOW no-homoing Dean/Cas’ feelings but now Dean and Cas obviously holding back and no-romancing their ‘moments’ when we, the audience, can fully see that they have these feelings and are holding back.

It’s now so obvious? No? That’s exactly what’s happening! People are on the edge of their seats like WTF IS HAPPENING? New people are every day telling me that they’re now aware of Destiel and how they feel unrequited love.  



For the next part of season 3 (or maybe even on the special) all I want is a moment of this:

Star: Now, here we are! A 15 year old princess and her 14 year old squire! I’m older than you! haha

Marco: 15.

Star: Wait what?

Marco: I’m 15.


Marco: Uh, it’s been a while. The day we were at beach actually.

Kelly: Oh yeah, after midnight when the sun rised there! I remember!

Star: *horrified intelligible noises*

I bet the only thing that got Nikandros through some of the days of the initial treaty was telling himself ‘this is just temporary’ continuously under his breath but then Damen and Laurent were like ‘ya, we’re making this a permanent alliance’ and he fucking lost it, he was basically like ‘ah, I see, excuse me for a moment please’ and they didn’t see him for the rest of the evening but some say they heard him incoherently screaming in the gardens

Cut Off and Vaguely Threaten My Wife? Enjoy five years of being slightly delayed from going home.

Five years ago, my wife and I started new jobs in a new city, right down the road from each other’s offices, employed with the same government agency. Our schedules were roughly similar for several months before she went to a night shift, so we would occasionally encounter the same people or vehicles in our commute. The commute consisted mostly of two lane roads with no passing.

One day, my wife gets cut off by a fancy black sports car with a vanity plate (Let’s say DICKLAW). He had been tailgating her for nearly ten minutes already, as she had the nerve to only go five miles per hour over the speed limit on a busy downtown road. So, the moment he could, he cut into the other lane and passed her, giving her maybe only a foot or two of space after doing so, and forcing her to hit the brakes suddenly in response. She honked her horn at him justifiably in response. To her surprise, Dicklaw stopped his car in front of her. Dicklaw gets out of his vehicle and is an older balding male in a fancy tailored suit. He starts marching towards my wife’s much cheaper car shouting and ranting with his fists balled up, and he hit her car a couple times. Thankfully, it didn’t get worse, because my wife stayed in her car and already had her phone out calling 911. Incidentally, that’s also her place of employment at the time, and she was wearing a uniform which bears a bit of a resemblance to a sworn officer’s uniform. Dicklaw apparently notices all this (apparently also taking note of her name tag) after putting a crack in her windshield and immediately heads back to his car and drives off.

About a month later, my wife ends up having to talk to Internal Affairs. A prominent member of the legal community made an official complaint against her for “reckless driving” and “aggressive behavior.” IA thankfully is run by some awesome people, and we had the physical damage to her vehicle that we photographed, a partial recording of his shouting from the 911 call, and the responding officer’s report. The complaint was dismissed as unfounded. Due to Dicklaw’s prominent status as an attorney locally for almost thirty years, nothing more could come of it legally.

My wife moved to night shifts and my own schedule adjusted slightly, and I was working a typical 9-5, heading from an office along mostly the same route that my wife followed. Lo and behold, I soon discover that with my adjusted hours, I was leaving from the same parking garage as Dicklaw every day of the week at the same time. For the past nearly five years, I waited for him almost every day of the week, and made sure to drive home in front of him at exactly the speed limit. This easily extended his home commute time by five to ten minutes each day, depending on how much other traffic was on the road. He tried tailgating me, changing his hours that he was at the office, and multiple other ways to escape this delay in getting home, but thanks to an accomplice in his office, I never had a problem learning his schedule or what vehicle he was driving when he sold his old one. During times when I would take a vacation, I had comrades from my department take up the mantle of driving slowly home to inconvenience this guy. I’ve gone through three cars in the ensuing time frame, but he never seemed to want to make a confrontation of it.

As of three months ago, I moved to a new office building and Dicklaw retired shortly after. The saga has ended, and I can only assume he’s off to enjoy a retirement of kicking babies or whatever it is lawyers do in their free time. It was a good run, and would always fill me with satisfaction at the end of each day, no matter how much crap I may have faced.

TL;DR: Achieved stress free living by inconveniencing a lawyer for the past five years.

The Prince Of Slytherin Part III


A/n–Part 3! Happy thanksgiving! I hope I tagged everyone who asked

Warning- none

Pairing- Bucky x reader

Title– The Prince Of Slytherin: Part III

“-and then Wanda had a vision that Helmut Zemo was going to come here. To Hogwarts. And we need to prepare, to- to learn how to defend ourselves. And I need your help, Bucky. You’re the best there is.”

After Bucky pinned you to the wall, it took a few minutes for your heart to stop racing. He invited you into the nearly deserted common room to talk. (The password was silver serpent. You were close) You were now sitting in a pair of arm chairs, hidden in the shadows.

“No.” He says flatly running his hands through his hair. The tousled locks touched his forehead. It distracted you for a moment.

“Wait what? No? Just no?” You half shouted. Bucky reached out his arm to cover your mouth. Jerking you head away, you controlled your volume.

“Give me a reason. You can’t just say no.”

“I- I don’t want to mess with Zemo.” He rubbed his head, as if a sudden headache had burdened him.

“Why? I know he’s a bad guy, but Bucky we could really use your help.”

“He’s more than a bad guy, y/n. He- never mind. I just really…” He trailed off.

“I understand.” You sighed. He wouldn’t meet your eye. “I should probably go.”

You begin to stand when you feel his hand on your thigh, pushing you back down. You look at him wide eyed.

He closed his eyes and sighed.

“How many is a few people?” He asks after a few moments of silence.

“Um, I don’t have a for sure number, but i’m guessing around ten?” You say biting your lip.

“You think 10 people knowing a few spells will save a school?”

“It’s better than none.” You say defensively. “I said it’s fine. I can do this without you.”

“No…no. I’ll help.” He frowned.

“Really? You don’t seem so sure.”

“Yes. I want to help you.” He nodded, seeming more sure of himself.

“So where are we meeting?” He asked.

“The Room of Requirement.” You were ready for his questions.

“The what?” He asked.

“The Room of Requirement. It’s.. I’ll show you sometime.” You say.

“Can you show me now?” He asked.

You blushed. It wasn’t a good idea to go to a place where it gave you everything you needed, when all you wanted was Bucky.

“Why are you blushing, Doll?” He asked you.

“Um, no reason.” You put the back of your hand on your burning cheeks.

“And hey don’t call me Doll.” You said, even though you secretly liked it.

“Sorry I just can’t help myself. You’ve got such a pretty face.” He looks at you through his lashes.

“Thanks.” You said flatly, even though your heart was leaping.

“So how are we going to communicate with the people in the group?” He asks while taking off his tie and unbuttoning a few buttons on his shirt.

“I-um-I can enchant jewelry to set the time and date of our meetings. I can make them vibrate until you look at the so no one will ever miss a meeting.”

“So we have a meeting place and a way to communicate. What are you going to teach them?”

“What do you mean ‘you’” You ask. “You are going to help me. You’re as much a part of this than I am.”

He gives you a look. “Alright… But I don’t guarantee that I’ll like everyone.”

“That’s fair.” You chuckle.

“Can I ask you something?” He says.

“Of course.”

“Why me?”

You played with the buttons on your cardigan before answering. “You are the smartest person in our year. That wind funnel you almost killed me with? I have no idea how to do that. It was pretty cool. And you are just… different. I thought you hated me. God- I… I spend hours wondering what I did to you to make you dislike me that much. But you just aren’t a people person. And I just- I want to figure you out. And I thought we could help each other out, you know? Everyone needs a friend.”

He looked at you with such a blazing look in his eyes, it made your entire body warm.

“I don’t hate you. I never had. Well maybe in second year when you beat me in exams.” He laughed and leaned forward, resting his elbows on his knees. “And I’m sorry about that wind tunnel. I wouldn’t have let it kill you. And yeah, I could use a friend.” He smiled at you. “I think we could help eachother out.”

The grandfather clock in the corner jarred both of you out of your thoughts. You look and saw it was midnight.

“I should probably get going.” You said, wishing you could stay.

“Do you want me to walk you back to your tower?” He asks.

Yes. “No I’ll be okay. I don’t want you to get caught.”

He walked with you through the deserted common room.

“Thank you.” You say. “For everything.”

“Anything for you.” He smiles. You couldn’t tell if he was joking or not.

“Goodnight.” You say.

He looks at you with an intense expression. He reaches out to touch your cheek, his thumb sliding down to brush against your bottom lip.

“Goodnight.” He says in a low voice.

Your head was still spinning by the time you crawled into bed.

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Don’t remember - small observation

When I saw “Don’t remember” video, first thing I thought about was one specific moment from Van vlogs, when Mark asked as why were we sleeping in the van.

In recent video Dark asked us: “do you remember?” I like to think he is talking about what happend in WKM. And yes, we DO REMEMBER, because we don’t want to sleep in Mark’s house!

But why again? We already know that there are Dark and Wilford in the house with Mark. We want prevent to be a part of another WKM story in new place.

Just my little theory for all of you! 

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Can you write more chronic knee pain Obi-Wan, maybe him struggling with (failed) surgeries or the realization that he will have to change his lightsaber form, that some days stairs won't be possible ect? (I have chronic knee pain and really like how you wrote his frustration with everyone trying to treat him differently b/c they were suddenly aware of his pain)

Staring at his own knee for a long moment, Obi-Wan finally leveled the healer a long look that made her winch.

The unsaid answer to her question was in his eyes.

“I… I’ll mark the surgery down as unsuccessful then.” She murmured quietly as Obi-Wan returned his gaze to his swollen knee.

He stared at it for a long moment as she typed on her terminal. “Are you going to take out the implants Healer Mattock?” He finally asked which caused her to hesitate with her fingers over the keys.

“We can’t leave them in so yes. Do you want them out today?” Healer Mattock turned fully to him, staring at the knight as he stared at his knee.

“Please. My padawan is coming back in less then a week and I don’t want him to know how bad my knee is.” Obi-Wan settled on quietly.

Mattock nodded at that, the silver tips of her horns catching the light. “I understand. I’ll have it scheduled for this evening and get the implants out. You’ll still need to do a recovery period of at least a month… what are you going to tell your padawan?”

Obi-Wan shrugged. “I’m on a teaching rotation for two months, banquet manners of the galaxy so the recovery period won’t be a problem. As for medical grounding… I’ll tell him I have a small infection the healers want to have an eye on.” He rolled his legging down before floating his boots up to put them on one by one.

The zabrak healer said nothing to that, only nodded and turned back to her terminal, she was used to chronic patient using the Force to aid themselves. “I would recommend avoiding any stairs today Knight Kenobi.”

“I know.” Obi-Wan slowly slid down off the examination bed, letting out a sharp grunt of pain that got her attention again.

“I got a hypospray of painkillers I can give you if you want. It would be the short term resolution but it would at least aid you in getting back to your quarters without detection.” She whispered quietly.

Closing his eyes at that, Obi-Wan gave a slow nod. “Please… I just want to get to my quarters and rest up for the remains of my day.” He sighed quietly.

“That does mean you have to push back the schedule of your normal painkiller.” She warned him even as she readied the shot for him.

“I know, four hour push back. I’m going to take a nap as it is.” He quietly noted before closing his eyes as she got up and set the shot in his neck. Obi-Wan took a deep breath and waited for five minutes as the healer returned to her terminal. “When do I have to come back for the surgery?” He questioned.

“9 Pm. Remember, no food or colored drinks the last two hours. Only water after 6 pm that is.” She glanced at him, taking in his closed eyes. “…I’ll make sure to send you a comm message in time. Now please, go to your quarters and relax, your knee is burning.” She noted quietly.

The knight nodded and then slowly took a stiff step towards the door, slowly and steadily leaving the Halls with his head bent to avoid anyone eyes.

If there was one thing he didn’t need it was for unhelpful pity or for anyone to change their behavior around him. He just needed to be allowed his painkillers and continue exercising to strengthen the muscles around his damaged knee.

‘Chronic pain is a bitch…’ He thought to himself.

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What exactly happened to Kira? I haven't actually watched s6, I only have a general idea of what the hell went down but I think maybe I missed Kira's conclusion in s6a? Did they say she was moving away with her family for school or what?

Kira left at the end of Season 5, to go and learn more about her powers in the desert. I don’t recall if she was ever mentioned again, TBH. 

Her and Scott were supposed to be doing the long-distance thing, but clearly absence did not make his heart grow fonder, since he started dating Malia with no mention he and Kira had broken up. 

And can we just take a moment to be amused at how the villains of 6A were Ghost Riders who rode the lightning… and it never occurred to anyone to contact that lightning kitsune they knew, just in case… 

Just like in Season 4 with the whole computer nonsense, where they apparently forgot they’d ever known a hacker. 

But Danny and Kira’s stories were concluded, right Jeff? 

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Gay analysis of dress and get away car

thank you for encouraging me to get back into this anon!


“our secret moments, in your crowded room. they’ve got no idea about me and you,” is a reference to the secrecy of gay relationships, and how you can be with someone without the rest of the world knowing.

“and if i get burned, at least we were electrified,” addresses the risk of going into this relationship, and how things could easily fall apart due to outside forces. but it’s about accepting the risk anyway and going for it, because being with this girl could be something really magical.

“everyone thinks that they know us, but they know nothing,” is another line about the secrecy of gay relationships, and sexuality in general. due to heteronormativity, people always think that you’re straight, and that they know you. but they don’t.

“all of this silence and patience, pining and anticipation, my hands are shaking from holding back from you,” again refers to the secrecy of gay relationships, and how they have to be kept private. we can’t always be open about them and touch our partner in the way we want, and have to wait until we’re alone. i think  a lot of us sapphic women tend to pine - see the best friend lyric below.

“your buzzcut and my hair bleached,” is about that butch/femme dynamic

“i don’t want you like a best friend,” is for all the girls out there that have fallen in love with their female best friend after realising their sexuality. it’s such a common thing for us to develop feelings for the girl we’re closest to, and to sit there thinking i want you as more than a friend, are you sure you’re straight, please please please. this line is something a lot of us have thought at some point, particularly when first coming to terms with our sexuality.

getaway car:

“i wanted to leave him, i needed a reason,” is about a girl realising she wants to be with a girl and so she leaves her boyfriend for one - due to his general awfulness and wanting to explore her sexuality more.

“i was lyin’ to myself,” my friend pointed out to me that this line rings home for a lot of sapphic women, because we often lie to ourselves wrt our attraction to women. that it’s not real, that it’s how all girls feel, that we can ignore it and pretend we like men and only men.

“it was the great escape, the prison break, the light of freedom on my face,” refers to how happy you feel in your first relationship with a girl, and how it feels better than any relationship you’ve been in before. it’s all very begin again in my opinion.

“a circus ain’t a love story,” talks about how hard it can be to be in a gay relationship when outside forces are constantly trying to bring it down: how it makes it harder, and somewhat of a circus.

“until i switched to the other side,” is about realizing you like girls, and leaving the world of heterosexuality behind you to join the other side: the lgbt community.

“we were flyin’, but we never get far,” ties back to the circus lyric, and about how outside forces can make gay relationships hard. getaway car isn’t about a happy love song. it’s a look at how the road to figuring out your sexuality is tough and how difficult gay relationships can be, even when you want them to work. and this line sums that all up perfectly.

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16 Kenny

16: “ I never meant to hurt you. ”

“Hey, I was wondering when we were gonna bump into each other,” Kenny warmly smiled at you, catching your in the arm to stop you on the way out of the bathroom.

He chuckled uncomfortably, trying to break the tension. You’d been consciously avoiding him for the whole day but you knew he would eventually track you down. Several glasses of wine later and caught completely off guard wasn’t the ideal moment to be catching up with your ex.

“Of course I’d be here, it’s my best friends wedding.” You snap, feeling incredibly rude as you watched his face fall. Part of you felt like but he deserved it, but the other part knew how sensitive he could be.

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Hi Gwendy! I love Reylo and I’m going insane waiting for TLJ ;) I totally support a Kylo redemption arc but there has always been one thing that has bothered me from the start - Kylo ordering the killing of the villagers at the beginning of TFA. It just seemed unnecessary and cruel and I can’t seem to relate that to the character who doesn’t SEEM to enjoy murder. Sigh. Help!

I agree, it was unnecessary and cruel but that’s what happens during war. People do things, cruel or otherwise for the sake of causes they believe in and at that moment, Kylo Ren believed the deaths to be justified because they had fought back. I don’t think he takes joy in what he does, he just does it because it’s what he believes is the right thing to do especially if you’re a Dark Sider.

I don’t think we were supposed to relate to Kylo Ren at that point–only see him as a cold-hearted villain but as the movie progressed, we saw that there were layers to this warlord and deep down, he’s actually not as bad ass as he tries to appear. I think that’s why there’s so much debate surrounding Kylo Ren as an antagonist because he doesn’t really fit the mold of the mustache-twirling villain. He’s more human than that.

As for a redemption arc, I do believe it is coming. You can’t have a redemption arc unless you have past misdeeds and no one is excusing Kylo Ren for his crimes–not the massacre at Tuanul village and certainly not the murder of his father. But the point of a redemption arc is for the character to see the error of his ways and atone for it and I think that’s something they have set up for Kylo Ren. Otherwise, Han Solo’s death would’ve been for nothing and I don’t believe that.

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I'm hoping we'll get more cute Starco moments.... because (except for the season premiere) everything's been sad a miserable

Come on it hasn’t been THAT bad, these episodes had plenty of important moments between Marco and Star. Unfortunately they were balanced out by suffering, and by a weird condition where Star is, at the same time, the more distant she’s ever been by Marco, while at the same time trusting and believing in him more than ever. Hopefully she’s going to calm down a bit in the future episodes, feel less overwhelmed by events, and have more time to… well, hang out with Marco just for pleasure, to have fun, not for “duty”.

Let’s cut the crap and all that sweet shit — we weren’t those kind of people. We weren’t made for romance and sappy poetries, weren’t made for love songs, and cringey sweet nothings and gazing at the sunrise after camping out for the night on a hill. We were made to hold hands and a few almost-kisses during drinking sessions and forget about it the next day, to smoke and lie down a little bit too close to each other on rooftops and talk about depression and anxiety attacks, and deny everything in the morning. We were made for my unsaid “I miss you too’s”, that want to escape my lips the moment you say your drunken “I miss you’s”. We were made to see each other break down in between a pack of cigarettes and two bottles of local rum. We were more like two fucked up souls recognizing each other; more like two faultlines causing an earthquake and taking everything down with them, more like the first raindrops to fall apart before a thunderstorm, like two planets out of orbit crashing on each other in a brief but destructive way.

You see, maybe we’re just drawn to people similar to us, and maybe, we’re just drawn to each other because we’re equally messed up. Maybe it was just the strong urge to save the other that borderlined to romance. But I guess being messed up wears people out, and sometimes I find myself wondering who got exhausted first. Where did the talks about “wanting to die together” go? When did the conversations about our saddest secrets cease? What stopped “Man, loving you is a disaster I won’t mind being struck by,” from coming? Was I too depressive and sad for you? Were my breakdowns suffocating? Did my fuckedupness stop feeling like home and started looking just plain fucked up? When did you start fading away? Why would you do that? Stupid questions.

You should know, it beats the shit out of me to say it, but I was perhaps a little bit desperate for you to stay. Perhaps I got too comfortable with your demons, I almost adopted them as mine. Perhaps the fact that you were willing to give me your fucked-up all was comforting. Perhaps I was selfish, and I kinda wanted my darkness to be the only darkness you’ll wanna light. Perhaps I miss you and it feels like I’m a chainsmoker on withdrawal from her cigarettes, and what sucks more is that I don’t even know if I still cross your mind as that same sad girl you were happy being sad with, as that same sad girl who had always been your destination, and the very same one you apparently stopped coming to. And perhaps, thinking about all of these is bullshit. We weren’t some modern-day knight and damsel. You weren’t the guy with the beautiful blue eyes, and I’m not the girl with the blue washed denim they sing about. We were just misfits who made a mess out of the messed ups we already are, as if that isn’t already enough. We were just planes thrown in the air, hoping to land, but ending up crashed and burnt. And that’s how it always worked for people like us.

I was never worn out by your sadness as much as I was worn out by mine. And clearly, you were my favorite messed up, but, you’re just not worth it anymore. And this — this is a just an unpoetic musing about the wrecks that we are, an impulsive attempt of detoxifying you out of my system. This — this is me, disowning your sadness; this is me disowning your demons. So let’s just cut the drama and all that sweet shit — we weren’t those kind of people. We were the almost-but-not-quite’s, the could’ve-beens, and the never were’s. We weren’t the kind that bags the happily ever after. We weren’t the kind that makes it.

All we are is everything short of lovers. All we’re made for is everything short of I love you’s. And this is everything short of love.

— Fray Narte

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Of it was Jeff’s last attempt at trying to convince us that see look Scott’s a hero willing to sacrifice everything. While the rest of us just face palmed, sighed and concentrated on what stiles was doing.

To me it failed on two levels. 

Firstly, Scott went straight for the nuclear option, which was ridiculous when things like eyelids, and blindfolds (which they’d been training with!) and tactical googles you could paint over the glass with exist. And they knew what they were facing. If they suspected they’d be forced to open their eyes, why not borrow a bunch of tactical goggles and paint over them? There were options way before the clawing the eyes out nonsense. In fact, to increase the tension of that scene they should have shown them maybe wearing something like that and then being compelled to take them off, so we could go “Oooh! Aaaah!” when Scott actually did have to go nuclear. 

Secondly, of course, there wasn’t a single damn moment when we knew Scott wouldn’t heal himself, so that entire dramatic scene with Malia urging him to do it was wasted since we knew from the opening flash forward that Scott was totally uninjured and completely able to see. 

Just… where’s the dramatic tension? Where are the stakes? We knew from the start that Scott would be fine. 

Great writing, Jeff. Top notch. Good job.