and in that moment we all recognized the feeling

The Bathtub Blues

Warm, soapy water rippled beneath bubbly peaks and valleys, and music rang through the bathroom drowning out the world. All that existed was this much needed bath. Soothing fragrant soaps and the booming bass of a good playlist. It was only the comfort of these small waves that jostled with every small movement, and it was only thoughts running in tune with the faucet. And all that existed was Keith and his broken heart.

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I'm nowhere where I need to be in life. I have nothing going for me and I am not advancing in life the way everyone else is around me. I just got my learners permit and I'm twenty turning twenty-one. I have a job but it's not the best and I'm not in school but I did go to college for a course I disliked. I'm feeling so bad about myself. How do I advance and make my life feel like it's moving or make progress in life?

The biggest mistake people make in their twenties is assuming they should have all of their shit together. You won’t and you shouldn’t and that’s OKAY. Hell, I’m 27 and I’m still fucking wingin’ it. We all are. It’s important to recognize that and know that it’s okay. We are all constantly learning and growing from experiences and you should never look down on yourself for that. We all have low moments and we all have our high moments. Figure out what you love doing and move towards that. Whatever drives you. Whatever you’re passionate about. It could be anything. Don’t focus on what’s going wrong or what you’re NOT doing, focus on what you can do and go do it. The only person ever holding you back is yourself. Literally anything is possible. 

Ten Basic Rules For Better Living
by Manly P. Hall

1. Stop worrying

The popular idea that a worrier is a thoughtful and conscientious citizen is false. The Egyptians realized this when they included worry among the cardinal sins. Do not confuse thoughtfulness and worry. The thoughtful person plans solutions, but the worrier merely dissolves in his own doubt. If you think straight, you will have less cause for worrying. The worrier not only suffers the same disaster many times, but undermines his health and annoys all others with whom he comes into contact. There are many things in this world that require thoughtful consideration, but there is really nothing to fear but fear.

2. Stop trying to dominate and posses your friends and relatives

Each of us likes to feel that he is running his own life. The moment we recognize the rights of others to seek life, liberty, and happiness according to their own dreams, hopes, and aspirations, we begin to conserve our own resources. It is very debilitating to give advice which is ignored or rejected, and equally disappointing to attempt to posses and dominate persons who immediately resent and combat our dictatorial tendencies. We are hurt when they do not see things our way. If we save advice for ourselves and those who seek it from us, and who are therefore grateful, all concerned will be the better.

3. Moderate ambition

There is a tendency to overlook natural and simple blessings while we plunge on toward distant goals. Each individual has certain capacities. If he can recognize his own abilities and work with them, he can attain personal security. If, however, he is constantly seeking that which is not reasonably attainable, he can never know happiness or contentment. The wise man observes the disastrous results of uncontrollable ambitions, and chooses moderation. It is not necessary to be famous in order to be happy, nor must one be the leading citizen in the community in order to gratify ones social instinct. The ambitious usually pay too much for what they get, and are the more miserable after they get it.

4. Do not accumulate more than you need

There is no real distinction in being the richest man in the graveyard. Many earnest citizens act as though there were pockets in shrouds. We are supposed to have outgrown the primitive belief that we should bury a mans goods with him so that his spirit might enjoy them in the afterworld. Here, again, the middle course is the wisest. Let us reserve some of our energy for enjoyment, and not give all of ourselves to the task of accumulation. Many a man who has made a million has not lived to spend it. A rich life can be more practical than a monumental bank account.

5. Learn to relax

Great tension is an abomination. The more tense we become, the more stupidly we are likely to act, and, according to the old Buddhists, stupidity is a cardinal sin. Today, many so-called efficient people are perpetually on the verge of a nervous breakdown. This is not so likely to be due to overwork as to unreasonable driving impulses from within themselves. Some say that they are overtaxing their resources to keep their jobs or to maintain extravagant families. Whether you believe it or not, you are a better producer and a better provider if you do not collapse from psychic exhaustion at some critical moment when you are most in need of good health. If your associates do not realize this, they may be in need of practical counsel.

6. Cultivate a sense of humor

As never before, we must brighten and lighten the corners where we are. The more seriously we take ourselves and our responsibilities, the duller we become. It is a saving grace to realize that, although living is a serious matter, we can take it too seriously. Also bear in mind that genuine humor is not bitter, cynical, or critical. It is the ability to laugh with the world and not at the world. If we must laugh at someone, let it be ourselves. Humor is a spice to living. It adds flavor to work, zest to play, charm to self-improvement, and proves to others that we have a security within ourselves. A sincere, happy laugh, like the joyous rippling of childrens laughter, relieves tension and restores good nature. Incidentally, it makes friends and inspires confidence.

7. Find a reason for your own existence

Unless you believe in something bigger than yourself, have some purpose more vital than accumulation or advancement in business or society, you are only existing, not living. A simple pattern is to realize that the laws of Nature that put you here seem to be primarily concerned with growth. You are a success to the degree that you grow, and you grow to the degree that you become a wiser, more useful, and more secure person. In other words, we live to learn, and by this very process, we learn to live. Broaden your horizon, develop an interest in all that is fine, beautiful, and purposeful. Great internal good comes from the love for music, art, great literature, broad philosophy, and simple faith. Strengthen the inside of your nature, and the outside will be better.

8. Never intentionally harm another person

Never by word or deed return evil for good, or evil for evil. Weed negative and destructive thoughts and emotions out of your personality, or they will ultimately contribute to your misery. As we look around us, we see the tragic results of individuals and nations that harbor grudges or nurse the instincts for revenge. The harmless life saves those who live it from many of the mortal shocks that flesh is heir to. Our critical attitudes and our long memories of evils that others have caused only reduce our present efficiency and endanger health and vitality. Even the selfish man realizes that he cannot afford to keep a grudge, and the unselfish simply will not permit grudges to accumulate because they know better and they believe better.

9. Beware of anger

When ill-temper controls us, we are no longer able to control ourselves. In a moment of anger, we may create a situation which will require years to remedy. Why should we spend our time trying to recover from our own mistakes? If we disapprove, let us state our case simply and quietly, and remember that we should never try to correct another when we have already committed a fault as great as his. A quick temper is a serious handicap in business or in the home. It is useless to say that we cannot control anger. This is as much as to admit that we have lost the power to control ourselves. If we resent the unkindness of others and the collective irritability of this generation, let us make sure that we are not one of the irritating factors.

10. Never blame others for our own mistakes

It is hardly necessary. Each of us seems to have an incredible capacity to do things badly and select unwisely. Actually, we are in trouble because we have not made constructive use of the power and abilities which we received as a birthright. Others can hurt us only while our inner life is too weak to sustain in the presence of trial or test. Instead of resenting misfortunes, and seeking to excuse our own limitations, we must face the facts. Either we are stronger than the problem and can solve it intelligently, or the problem is stronger than we are, and the only solution is to increase our own strength. Others are not to blame for our unhappiness. Each man must seek his own peace of mind, and, as the Arabian Nights so well expressed it, happiness must be earned.

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That 'its lexa' scene killed me, like, clarke looks like she's about to break into pieces....

That scene is as brief as it’s impactful and excruciating. For Clarke, it’s the climax of an emotional journey she had to endure throughout the whole episode and it’s raw to watch and experience and it just leaves me so heartbroken for her.

From the beginning of the episode, we see her being emotionally hammered down again and again and again: Jasper telling her she deserves to die, ALIE!Raven bringing up all her ghosts and making her feel even guiltier about Lexa’s death, Jasper again rejecting her apology. She has her walls up, hasn’t let them down since Lexa’s death, but It’s evident that this all weighs down on her heavily. What makes her especially fragile in this episode is that she has no chance for escapism. Ever since Lexa died, Clarke has kept herself busy/distracted with things she must do, right? First, it’s making sure Aden wins the Conclave and that he honors Lexa’s wish of having Skaikru join the Coalition and being protected. She literally rejects Aden’s offer of having a private moment with Lexa’s body.

She can’t do that, she can’t deal with that pain just yet, it’s too fresh and overwhelming. Having that moment would mean having to process Lexa’s death, having to embrace grief, which she’s not ready to do. Her only option is to ignore it, to hide from it.

After Ontari kills Aden and all the Natblida, Clarke’s focus shifts to making sure Ontari doesn’t become Commander, taking the Flame to Luna and protecting the Flame with her life. It’s her drive throughout 3B. There’s an interesting single-mindedness that characterizes her throughout the rest of the season. She needs to focus on this mission, there is little room for anything else. If she stopped, even for a minute, her feelings would be impossible to avoid. It’s a defense mechanism. She shuts the door on grief and clings to what she has: a distraction (the never-ending list of concerns she has to deal with), a hopeless hope that not everything is lost (the Flame).

But then we get to 311.

It’s a peculiar kind of episode, for most of its runtime taking place in a closed environment. But not only that: in this episode, for a long time the characters are forced to stall. There are few exceptions (Octavia and Monty), but for almost the whole episode we are stuck at Niylah’s trading post with the characters, who are racking their brains as they try to find a solution to save Raven, and waiting. Because there is nowhere to rush to, nothing they can do. Nothing Clarke can do. Even when they devise a plan to try and fry the chip, it’s someone else who has to go out and find what they need to carry out the task, not her. She is, quite simply, stuck. Not only physically, but she is stuck with her thoughts and her feelings. And that has consequences of course.

As I said before, we see Clarke getting progressively closer and closer to her breaking point. She first snaps after the continuous hits at her heart by ALIE!Raven, when she reminds her of all the people that died because of her. That it’s not really Clarke’s fault is irrelevant, Clarke feels that guilt and bears it constantly, and in a moment as tense and delicate as that one, it brings her to lash out. What’s interesting to me is that it’s not an immediate reaction. ALIE!Raven first uses Wells, Charlotte, and Finn and while clearly still affected, Clarke recognizes ALIE!Raven’s strategy and manages to mostly ignore her. But then, she mentions Lexa, and Clarke’s reaction is entirely different. (x)

It’s so different from her previous strained attempts at ignoring what is being said to her that even ALIE notices it, with that head tilt she does when she’s learning something new. Clarke here doesn’t even try to pretend she’s not affected by Lexa’s mention. She directly goes and tells ALIE!Raven to shut up. She looks up the second she hears Lexa’s name, her glare is deadly, her words are seething. She doesn’t wanna hear this, she can’t hear this. Also! This isn’t the first time someone told her she was responsible for Lexa’s death, with Titus telling her he pulled the trigger but it was her fault. You can bet that had a great impact on Clarke and made her only more sensitive to ALIE!Raven’s words.

And the comment about her father’s death is the last straw. So we get her lashing out and literally trying to gag Raven so she doesn’t have to hear this any longer.

The heartbreaking thing is that she pretty much gets no respite. Bellamy takes her place in the room with Raven, but Jasper is immediately there to remind her about Mt Weather and how she killed all those people and Maya. She’s literally on the verge of tears when he rejects her apology and roughly pushes past her.

All this shows she is incredibly close to reaching her limit. All that tension and pain and guilt is like a fire simmering inside her, a fire she has no way to cool down because as I said, she is deprived of almost any distraction. She spends the episode being reminded of what she did and most importantly, of what, who, she lost.

So when Jasper grabs the Flame and is ready to destroy it, Clarke’s walls shatter. Faced with the possibility of losing yet another thing extremely important to her, she has no way of shutting down her pain and grief any longer. (x)

She panics when she realizes what Jasper is about to do. She is frantic in trying to get the Flame back, desperation is written all over her. The possibility of losing the one part of Lexa she has left propels forward that fire of pain and grief. Lexa is gone, this is all she has left of her, and she can’t bear to lose that too. All her restraint, her imposed control over her emotions, is useless in this brief moment. And so…

She doesn’t use logic to try to stop Jasper, it’s her heart here begging him to not take Lexa from her. It’s raw, it’s charged with every emotion ranging from despair to heartbreak, it’s harrowing. For this brief moment, Clarke is stripped down, emotionally bare and vulnerable. She doesn’t avoid her grief, she embraces it. She even arrives to relive details of the moment Lexa died.

Oh, and that “I’m not–” she says immediately after, right before pausing and figuring out how to save Raven. That breaks my heart because I can’t help but wonder what she was going to say. “I’m not making this up… I’m not lying… I’m not crazy.” She needs Jasper to believe her because otherwise, she is going to lose that part of Lexa she still has, however small. The fact that her reaction is so intense and heart-wrenching is only a proof of just how much she loves Lexa and of how much pain and sorrow her death caused to Clarke.

And when eventually Jasper gives the Flame back to her, Clarke treats it like something incredibly precious. She cradles it in her hands, she brings it close to her chest, almost protectively, she keeps her eyes set on it, she is extremely careful in putting it back in the case. She takes her time with everything and if you look at the scene, you can see that from the moment she gets the Flame back to when she places it back in the case, it’s almost like it’s just Clarke and the Flame. She focuses only on that. She’s still got it, she can still hold on to it, to Lexa. And it’s a thin consolation, yes. It’s probably more painful than relieving, because the Flame is at the end of the day a reminder that Lexa is dead and Clarke lost her. 

Clarke is grieving and she should be allowed to go through every stage of her grief, but unfortunately, that is not the case with her. Everything she is feeling is written on her face, every unresolved, painful emotion tied to Lexa’s death. But the moment is gone, and with one last look, she collects herself as best as she can and she goes back to her mission. (x)

To me, this is one of the things that make this entire scene even more devastating. We get a glimpse at the enormity of the pain that Clarke is feeling, we see every visceral emotion she is hiding behind her mask of stoicism, but she isn’t allowed to properly deal with it, and thus, to heal.

Anyway, I made myself sad. To cut it short, the main point of all this is that Clarke loved Lexa immensely and this scene proves it.

Oppa || Jeon Jungkook

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Word Count: 1.7k

Genre: Fluff

There was an underlying excitement that was flooding underneath your skin as you walked into the building. It wasn’t your first time being here but you always felt the exact same each time. There was something about walking into the BigHit building that made you hold yourself differently. It was because of Jungkook that you came so often. He had invited you to come down to the studio and spend the day with him while he practiced.

Jungkook and you went to the same school, but you were in a class younger than him, so it was hard to try and spend time together. He was barely at school because of interviews and other things for the company he worked with. That was why on your weekends you would come down to the studio and watch him practice or hang out with him for a few hours.

It was normal for you now, as you two had been dating for almost a year. The staff almost knew you by name and welcomed you in as if you were just like the other workers there. As he had come back from promotions you were finally able to see him, but he was stuck with the other guys practicing today so he had asked you to join them.

The rest of the boys knew who you were and they loved you. They saw how happy you made Jungkook and they would have never asked for him to find anyone else. In their eyes you two were perfect for each other. Hoseok had always made comments about how he was jealous of your relationship with Jungkook and he wished he would find someone as lovely as you.

Jihyo waved hello to you as you stepped foot into the building and you waved back, returning a smile. Jihyo was the one who you knew the best, as she showed you around the first time you were there. She worked at the front desk, so you always saw her during your visits. The first time you had ever been to the building, Jungkook had told Jihyo to direct you to the practice room. You approached the front desk like normal and smiled.

“Are you here to see your oppa?” She asked, drawing out the last word and laughing slightly. You blushed and sputtered, trying to ignore the look she was giving you.

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Beginner Mindfulness

What I teach is very simple, because when you suffer from stress or depression, it is hard to find motivation for complicated projects. The simple philosophy I follow is that of basic goodness and compassion. I think people are good. People want to feel good and they don’t want to hurt. They want others to feel good and don’t want others to hurt. That makes us good. That makes you good. Compassion is a skill that helps you engage with pain and suffering, seek out the causes and find solutions. Compassion is the expression of our goodness in response to pain.

Another simple idea is that thoughts are often wrong. If you think people don’t care about you, that is an example of a wrong thought. That kind of wrong thought has powerful consequences. The idea of basic goodness helps to sort out wrong thoughts. If you believe that you are basically good, you won’t entertain such negative thoughts. You may still have negative thoughts or even cruel thoughts about yourself, but if you believe in your goodness you can recognize those thoughts as wrong. Although that is a simple idea, it is difficult to practice. If somebody believes a damaging but false rumor about us, we will feel pain as though the rumor were true. If we think false things about ourselves, they seem true because we think them. When we are hurting, we are more prone to think negative thoughts. Observing our thoughts helps us decide if they are true or not. If we just think our thoughts without observing, we believe them without any critical analysis. Observing thoughts with compassion exposes and changes damaging thought habits.

A simple practice of mindfulness is  to breathe consciously. We breathe our moods. If we are happy we will breathe happy and if we are sad we will breathe sad. Most of the time we don’t recognize how we are breathing. Interrupting our thoughts with conscious, deep breathing, helps us be aware of how we are feeling and to change how we are feeling by changing how we breathe. When we consciously breathe, putting all of our attention onto our breath, we can step back and see what we are thinking. We can check if our thoughts agree or disagree with our basic goodness. We can let all thoughts go by holding our attention on our breath.

Breathing consciously brings our attention and awareness to the present moment. If we feel pain in that moment, we can consciously practice compassion. If it is our pain, we practice compassion for ourselves. If it is somebody else’s pain, we practice compassion for them. We are good people. We want to feel good and we want others to feel good. When we know this and practice remembering it, good things happen.

Football | Quarterback!Theo x chubby!reader

Hey guys.
So, technically, this is just part one. I was planning on doing part two but I don’t know, so let me know if you want it.
(Sorry if I made any mistakes, in my country football is soccer😅, also feedbacks are welcome)

Warnings: none

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“Y/N!”, your best friend chants as she enters in your room.
You close your book, sighing, and set your eyes on the girl in front of you.
“Just ask me, you know that I hate when you do this”
“Come with me to the match?” she asks doing her best puppy face.

The match.
Your town was so small that the best thing there was the football team and everybody went to see the matches. Except you. Not because you wanted to be original but because of the people there. There were only cheerleaders type of girls and models type of boys and you felt really uncomfortable.

“Oh, c'mon Y/N, do it for me! I don’t want to go alone” she says hugging you.
“You know what is my problem Y/B/N, I can’t, I don’t want to feel uneasy”
“You won’t and if you do we’ll go home. Live life for a moment, Y/n. Don’t be boring”.
You looked at her, staring in her eyes.
‘Don’t be boring’
“Okay, I’ll come with you”

You move on your seat, thinking about the book at home that you wanted to finish. Your friend is at your right, cheering at the team.
In front of you the field is full of persons hitting each other for a ball, sweating to death.
You sigh, trying to stay calm even with all those people around you, breathing steadily.
Looking at the tablet you see only 30 seconds left.
‘You can do it, you’re strong, you can do it’.

The moment the time runs out every body scream going in the centre of the field. We won obviously.
You try to go away, pushing people away, but you feel yourself being pushed side to side.
A guy pushes you and you fall to the ground swearing.
“You okay?” You hear a deep voice ask.
“Nope, but thanks for asking” you say sarcastically, lifting your head.
In the exact moment that you recognize the person in front of you, you blush regretting your answer.
You were staring at Theo Raeken, the quarterback of your school’s team.
He still has his football’s shirt and has a bag in his hand.
“Let’s get out of here”
He takes your hand and take you to the parking lot, stopping when you arrive at his car.
“You frequent my school, right?”.
You stare into his blue eyes, loosing your self completely.
The sound of his fingers snapping in front of your face bring you back to reality.
“What? Ehm, yeah we go to the same school”
He laughs a little watching your red cheeks.
“I’m Theo, and you are?”
“Did you like the match?”
“I don’t understand football sorry”
“Why did you come here?”
“It’s a long story”
“We have time” he answers smirking.

Talking with Theo was a lot more easy than you expected and you find your self lost in the conversation.
“Wow, you really did that? That’s amazing” you say smiling wide.
“Theo c'mon we have to go”
“My friends are calling me, I have to go"he says watching them with a little smile on his lips.
“Oh okay, go don-”
“There’s a party at my house, come, we’ll finish talking there”
“Parties are not my thing, sorry” you say biting the inner part of your cheek.
“Don’t worry it’s okay I’ll see you at school”.
He leans towards you, kissing you on the cheek.
Your head spins, trying to understand the hour that you just spent and suddenly reality hits you like a truck.


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I am. and thank you for answering. you're right. I've just gotten so used to them being soft bfs that I've forgotten how salty and petty they both can get. magnus was being soft during the breakup because he felt soft at the moment, but now he's just tiredt and has all the right to act a little "harsh." and I'm glad he finally called out the sh. anyways, can't wait for our boys to kiss and make up because [looks pointedly at the weak stans] none of this means that they no longer love each other.

you’re welcome haha and yeah i mean they can definitely be soft and sweet, but they’re also people you know? and real couples sometimes fight and sometimes act petty, esp. given that they’re both under such extreme circumstances. like couples can fight even over simple things like the dishes, so imagine them literally in the middle of a war with all these responsibilities, it’s no surprise they’re going through some bumps.

anyway this is part of what makes them so great; if all we had were fluffy moments, they’d feel hollow and empty. but i think a lot of ppl just want their fluff fantasy instead of recognizing they’re both individuals. also, it’s not hard to imagine why magnus would want to keep alec at arm’s length. like, walking away from him was hard. he clearly struggled to do it. every time he sees alec, it’s a reminder of what he’s given up and i don’t doubt he feels himself faltering in his decision. so it’s only natural he’ll put up such thick walls. ppl forget it’s not easy to see someone you love after you’ve had to break away from them. 


A/N: This was requested! Have mercy on little ol’ me, as this is my first scenario for Kyungsoo, a man whose personality is not drilled into my mind as well and as evidently as let’s say… Baekhyun’s is. I hope you all enjoy this, especially the lovely one of you who requested it to begin with. 

Sending love.

It’s been four months since my last painting.
It’s been four months since I was last paid.
It’s been four months since I lost my inspiration.

Being any kind of freelancer is extremely difficult, so I am not alone at my pity party, but it is usually the freelancers and the entrepreneurs who have the most drive. Against all odds, all disapproval, here they are with a home and a source of income and a pet and maybe even a family.

Within our little crew, everyone is treated with the utmost respect. There is no competition (that isn’t healthy) and there is no criticism (that isn’t constructive). Outside of it, however, is where problems seem to arise.

Being an artist leads to heaps of sticks that only have short ends to them. You have to produce your own work and find a way to sell it and turn your masterpiece into money. Landlords are hesitant when you apply for an open apartment, worried that one day your monthly payments will stop until it gets so bad you’re forced back onto the street. Not to mention the constant inner turmoil that comes with finding your own inspiration, applying that to your work, and then finding someone that has similar tastes to you that is willing to buy what you produced.

“Art cannot be forced,” You’re constantly telling yourself.
So why are you sitting on the floor, paint brush in hand and a blank canvas at your feet, praying that you can think of something, anything, to paint.

“I should’ve just gone to law school like dad wanted,” you sighed out into your otherwise silent studio apartment.

Deciding that maybe some fresh air and a glance at the night sky would do you some good, you pushed your supplied aside and made your way over to the sliding door that led out onto your balcony.

At the beginning of your career, when you first moved into the city and found this adorable apartment, you used to spend all of your dawns and dusks out on this balcony painting and sketching and memorizing how the sun appeared from your balcony.

Now, the sky did as much for you as your sleazy ex-boyfriend.

Your apartment was on the eighth floor of the brick building, giving you a solid view of the bustling city-life below you. Inspiring or not, it sure was beautiful to look at.

You were used to the sight of billions of lights flooding out from windows or the many virtual advertisements littering the sides of buildings. You were used to the sound of a couple drunk teenagers singing 80’s music on their way home from a liquor-heavy celebration and the screeches of speeding car’s tires against the slippery roads.

The sound of your neighbor singing was definitely new to you.

You had never spoken to him minus a couple good mornings and excuse mes from the few times you had run into each other at the elevator, stairwell entrance, or at your own front doors. He kept to himself.

Thinking about it now, thinking about him, you realized you didn’t even know his name.

You looked over to your left (in the direction of the singer’s apartment) and allowed yourself to be slightly intrusive and listen closer.

Your mind recognized the song he was singing, it was from your uncle’s favorite movie, The Godfather.

“Speak softly, love, and hold me warm against your heart.
I feel your words, the tender, trembling moments start.
We’re in a world, our very own.
Sharing a love that only few have every known.

Wine colored days warmed by the sun,
Deep velvet nights, when we are one.
Speak softly, love, so no one hears us but the sky,
The vows of love we make will live until we die.
My life is yours, and all because,
You came into my world with love so softly, love.”

You smiled as you continued listening, your mind flashing back to all of the times your uncle used to play this song on your aunt’s piano at family gatherings.

You wondered if your neighbor had anyone special on his mind while he sang such intimate words.

The sound of footsteps invaded your ears and caused a panic within you. If you were caught doing the audible equivalent of staring, you may just hop over the railing to escape the embarrassment that would surely follow.

Your body was too late in reacting, however, and you now had a clear view of the mysterious vocalist standing no more than fifteen feet away from you.
His body was too lost in singing, however, and you could now stare at this man all you wanted without him noticing.

He was Asian, but you could not tell where he was from exactly. The lyrics flowed out with a slight accent backing them, which allowed you to pinpoint him as being Southeast Asian.

Unless you were completely generalizing him.
Truthfully, you doubted that. Being the artist you were, you had trained yourself to notice details and pay attention to what they told you.

The man’s skin was tinted with melanin while his eyebrows sat mostly straight along his brow-bone. He was the owner of the most luscious lips you had ever seen and you weren’t afraid to admit that you were quite jealous of them yourself.
He was close enough to you so that you could see his top lip was fuller than the bottom, and his mouth had no sharp edges. Rounded and curvy, his pink lips formed the prettiest sounds along with the tongue that darted out every now and then to wet the soft area surrounding where it usually resided.

Your hands itched for a pencil, yearned for some paper. You hadn’t felt so inclined to put something down in such a long time, this feeling of such intense wanting took you by surprise.

Knowing you couldn’t let such a pure, beautiful moment go without being captured in some way, you whipped your phone out of your back pocket and took the quickest, creepiest, most regretted photo you have ever taken and darted backwards, way out of the view of your neighbor.

Your new muse.

You had been working on your sketch for three days, two nights. Relying mostly on your memory of that night, that man, rather than the photo you took.
You considered deleting the photo altogether but you decided it could be a good accuracy check later on in the process.

You had finished his body, the portion you had decided to include in your work, and were now working on adding in the way his arms were bent at the elbows over the side of the railing. You were slightly discouraged that you couldn’t draw the entirety of his face seeing as how you had only seen the right half and were worried that the body proportions would be entirely off if you drew a portrait of him that wasn’t a copy of what you remembered from that night.

The sketch marks of the drawing brought extra attention to the way the man’s clothes hung slightly loose on his body, showcasing his biceps that were on the leaner side rather than being beefy and overly muscular. The shadows and highlights made sure that any defined muscle was brought to the viewer’s attention, telling them that while they weren’t overly impressive, they weren’t formed purely from mindless weightlifting and training. They were crafted by whatever the singer did in his daily life. Naturally.

Your hands were having the most difficulty recreating the look on your neighbor’s face. Whenever you tried to capture the way his jaw was slightly unhinged and the wrinkles formed from the slight creasing of his forehead and eyes that were shut tightly, the imagery represented an expression filled more with pain rather than the emotion that undoubtedly came along when singing about love, whether or not you were the one in it.

You had turned off the auto shut-off on your phone so that you could keep the photo you secretly took up without you having to constantly tap the screen when it started to dim or turn it back on when the phone screen blackened entirely. It took longer than you would care to admit to figure out how to do just that, but what else is google for, right?

As your phone was the main clock in your life, you hardly noticed how late it was by the time you finished your drawing until your strained eyes squinted to read the green LEDs on the oven a few feet in front of you to check exactly how late.

A sigh escaped into the otherwise silent apartment and was followed by a groan caused by the way you were trying to stretch your stiff, tired muscles after managing to stand up from your spot on the hard kitchen floor.

Knock. Knock.

“Who’s at my door this late?”

The question was meant to be rhetorical, you didn’t expect to get an actual reply from the person on the other side of the door.

“It’s Kyungsoo.” Sneeze.

You held back the “who?” that was threatening to come out of your mouth.

Cough. “Your neighbor.”

You panicked.

Had he seen you watching him, listening to him on the balcony the other night?
Did he know you took the picture?

You knew the only way you would find out is if you just opened the damn door so you skipped over to the heavy hunk of wood, undid all three locks, and swung the door open.

Your neighbor—Kyungsoo— was standing on the lame doormat your sister had gifted to you as part of her housewarming present, soaking wet.

“Why are you?…” You gestured to the dripping mess before you.
“You can’t hear the rain? It’s practically a zoo out there.”

Once you started to listen in, you realized that it was in fact raining and one glance at your back windows told you he wasn’t lying about the zoo.
Just how long were you working on that drawing of yours?

You looked back to Kyungsoo and waited for the explanation as to why he was standing in front of you at the moment.

“I just finished up work and I must’ve left my keys back at the restaurant because I have looked everywhere and they are nowhere to be fucking found but I’m starting to go numb so I was wondering if I could…” He managed a sheepish smile, obviously feeling guilty.
“Hop in the shower? Maybe get something to eat after I find a way to dry your clothes?”
“No, no. You wouldn’t have to do all-”
“It’s no problem, “ you smiled a genuine a smile at the beautiful man before you, “what else am I going to do while I’m up this late, anyways?”

Your hands ushered him in quickly, taking the soaking sweatshirt from his cold, wet body and hung it up on the back of one of the dining chairs in your kitchen.

You showed him where your bathroom (and shower) were and told him to leave all of his clothes on the counter so you could sneak in and retrieve them for him.

Your feet remained rooted outside the bathroom door, your body leaning against the wall, until you heard the water kick on. One minute passed by in your head until you knocked a couple times on the door, registered the lack of a reply, and slipped inside.

“Don’t look at the shower door, anything but the door.” You reminded yourself over and over as you bent down to pick up the discarded clothes off the tiled floor, gulping when you got to his underwear.
You had to be careful walking around, as the floor was soaked with the rainwater Kyungsoo was cloaked in before he hopped into the hot, steamy goodness a shower could bring. You felt even worse for your neighbor now, thinking about how weighed down his body must’ve been, walking for god knows how long out in the shitty weather.

On your way out, silently praising yourself for avoiding the sight you would’ve seen if you gazed at the cloudy glass that prevented any details of the human body within the shower to be revealed, your mind became distracted by your seemingly well-deserved compliments.

Kyungsoo’s body, while partially hidden from view by the steamy door, was not completely obscured from your view when your eyes found the mirror that reflected everything you would’ve seen if you looked at the shower head-on.

Maybe you couldn’t pinpoint the crevices of his body and the outlines of his muscles like you forced yourself to do during the creation of your drawing, you could easily trace the seamless outline that was Kyungsoo with your eyes.

You started down at the heel of his foot, trailing up his left calf and thigh, rounding over the curve of his ass, then following the upright posture of his back. Your gaze looped around his neck, threaded through his messy hair, down his face (pausing at his swollen lips), skidding across his prominent pectoral muscles and flat stomach, pausing at his…

You gulped.
And if it weren’t for the sound of the water beating against Kyungsoo’s chest, he probably would’ve heard it.

Your body darted out of the bathroom, borderline slamming the door shut behind you before resting your back against it.
Wet clothes in hand, you closed your eyes and sighed, unable to get what you had just seen out of your mind.

Being an artist meant you had trained yourself to pay attention to the small details (although this detail was not small) and most of all, remember them. Your memory was good, too good at this point for you to just push an image out of your mind.

Who knew your hot neighbor, who was still a stranger to you, was packing?

You didn’t even try to scold yourself for the kinds of thoughts you were having about Kyungsoo and his body. Surprisingly, one of the main points your brain made was that it would be an absolute dream to draw him. All of him.

“Snap out of it, Y/N.”

With a bit of encouragement, your feet led the rest of you to the back corner of your apartment, where your makeshift laundry room was.
While your father disagreed with your life choices, he would never leave you high and dry. A small sum of money was flown to you through a bank account your father alerted you of after the new address of his daughter reached his hands.
After saving every penny of that money for close to a year, you put it towards home renovations. Your own bathroom, for example, and the washer/dryer duo you have to repair yourself every once in a while due to their cheap nature. Now, you’re back to saving and make sure to only use it for rent or utilities when you can’t avoid it (AKA, when you’re in a creative slump and can’t sell any artwork). So far, you haven’t needed to tap into it.

You shut the dryer door with your hip and spun around to find Kyungsoo standing right in front of you.
With a towel around his waist.
His hair dripping down his face.
And the most awkward smile.

“I was calling you but you obviously didn’t hear me. Maybe I should’ve taken longer in the shower?” You decided that he had the cutest laugh in the world.
Deep and hearty but not overpowering, you wanted to hear more of it.

“Your clothes won’t be dry for at least another twenty minutes,” you turned around to throw your own laundry in the wash, “I don’t know how many of my clothes would fit you but I can… Kyungsoo?”
“Is this a picture of me?”
You felt your blood run cold.

Your body refused to turn around and face your neighbor, hoping to prolong your potential ignorance to the situation for as long as possible.

How did he know your name when you just found out about his barely ten minutes ago?
“Yes?” Your body whipped around to face him.
“Did you draw this?” His toe pointed towards the discarded picture on the floor.
“I, uh, saw you singing outside one night. The image of it was stuck in my head, I had to get it out on paper,” you could feel yourself start smiling like you always did when explaining your artwork, “you looked so lost in the song. Have you ever even seen The Godfather?”
The look on Kyungsoo’s face told you everything.
“It’s the movie the song you were singing is from. Speak Softy Love? It’s the love theme.”
“I… I just heard it on Spotify when I was browsing.”
“Well, now you know.”

You felt like Kyungsoo was owed to some explanation as to why there was a pencil sketch of the neighbor you just formally met for the first time laying on your kitchen floor.

“I’m an artist,” you blurt out. “I was going through a slump when I saw you standing outside, which is where I usually go for inspiration might I add, and you were standing there in such a beautiful way and I can’t help it if I see something pretty I want to draw. I’m sorry if you think it’s weird I can burn it or rip it or throw it out if you want me to, I won’t mind.”
“You want to get rid of this?” Kyungsoo feigns hurt.
“It’s not like you would let me sell it, right?”
“Actually, I was going to ask you if I could buy it.”
“You? But you can look in the mirror and it’s basically the same thing!”
“Exactly. You’re incredibly talented, Y/N, and I would love to have this drawing. You’re saying you do stuff like this all the time? Being an artist, and all.”
“I haven’t really made anything for a while, before the portrait.” You had moved over to stare down at the drawing along with Kyungsoo.
“Next time you make anything, a sketch or a painting or whatever else your artistic mind come up with, I wanna know about it first. It’s about time I start decorating my apartment’s walls.”

His head turned on top of his neck to look down at you, his attention now on your lips while yours was trained on his on paper.

“Can I give you a down payment for the drawing? To make sure someone richer and better doesn’t come around and snatch it?”
You giggled before finally looking up and meeting his gaze.
“You don’t need to give me any money right now.”
“I don’t have any money on me, as you could probably tell,” you both glanced down at his barely covered body.

You were unable to finish your sentence before Kyungsoo placed both of his hands on the sides of your face, forcing you to keep look at him.
You could hear your drawing flutter downwards and onto the ground.

“I hope this is enough to cover it.”

His lips were incredibly soft and warm against your own, causing your body to immediately arch into his and keep the kiss going.
Neither of you were demanding. You and your lips took their time at drawing out gasps and mewls from the two of you, your own eyebrows furrowing as you concentrated on how good it felt to kiss your neighbor.

You had started to thread your fingers through Kyungsoo’s hair when you heard a soft thud and felt something fall at your feet.

The towel.

Kyungsoo broke the kiss and followed your gaze to reach his only source of coverage laying uselessly on the floor. While your eyes rose upwards to scan his body (and the exact part of his body you were trying to forget earlier on), his eyes rested on your face to gauge your reaction. When he realized it was a good one, he smiled and put his hands back on your face to receive the eye contact he wanted.

“Are you going to undress too or are you just going to leave me hanging?”

You left one more kiss on Kyungsoo’s lips before you started working on unbuttoning your shirt.

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7. I almost lost you Supercorp plz

7. “I almost lost you.”

The first thing Kara saw when she opened her eyes was the bright yellow light of the sun bed lamps. The last thing she remembered was falling, falling and then nothing. Machines beeped beside her and the next thing she heard was a familiar voice that sounded beyond relieved.

“She’s awake!”

After a moment Kara recognized it as being Lena’s voice, suddenly Alex came into her field of vision and everything started to become clearer.

“Kara how do you feel?” Alex asked, checking the monitors beside her.

“Like I got ran over by 20 elephants and then a few rhinos.” Kara answered wincing slightly as she sat up slowly.

“I’m not surprised you’ve been out for 4 days, we’ve all been really worried.” Alex spoke, gently taking Kara’s hand in her own.

Kara’s eyes widened slightly when Alex told her how long she’d been unconscious for. “I’m okay.” She said calmly after a moment, squeezing Alex’s hand.  

A quiet sniff from the other side of the room caught the sister’s attention.

“I’ll give you a moment.” Alex smiled softly after looking over at Lena.

Kara smiled thanks.

Lena couldn’t help it, she had been trying to control her emotions but actually seeing Kara awake had brought to her close to tears. Alex put a gentle hand on Lena’s shoulder as she passed her to leave the room.

Lena stepped up to Kara and carefully took the hand that Alex had been holding. Kara tugged lightly on Lena’s hand pulling her in to a hug, and that’s all it took to send Lena over the edge as she all but sobbed into the crook of Kara’s neck.

“I almost lost you.” Lena hiccupped, causing Kara told hold her tighter.

“It’s ok, I’m here.” Kara whispered softly, dropping a kiss to the top of Lena’s head. “I’ll always come back to you.”

My Clexa Con Experience

I have taken a few days between the Con ending and now, I figured it would give me time to process what exactly happened that magical weekend… Turns out, it only made the job harder.

To articulate what happened, what I and many who attended the Con experienced- is near to impossible to do without sounding cheesy or ideological. But it was. That’s exactly what it was.

We created a space where everyone was accepted. We created a space where people of all ages, races, sexual orientation, gender identity, and belief system felt loved and accepted. Above all, we created a safe space where people could be vulnerable without fear of judgement. For those three days we had created a sort of Utopua for ourseves; no one fought, everyone was respectful, there was constructive conversations about race, representation, and how we could make our world a better place.

I arrived to Bally’s not expecting much, maybe 200-300 people- what I was met with was a convention center filled and a line that went on way past my wildest imagination. I picked up my camera, slapped on my “staff” badge, and I got to work.

Walking around the convention center I was met with so many beautiful faces. I tried to strike up a conversation with everyone I met before I take the picture- you can look in the eyes of anyone I had taken a picture with over that weekend. It’s my firm belief the difference between a good shot and a great shot is the relationship you build between a subject and yourself, you can see it in their eyes exactly what they’re thinking… If they like you or not, if they’re comfortable or not, if they want to be there or not.

I hope when my photos come out you can see what I saw through that lens… A group of amazing, passionate, beautiful women from all walks of life and all places.

Now getting to what I assume all of you have read this far for: Yes, Katherine, Dominique, Natasha, Elise, Elizabeth, Rachel, Zoie, Sarah, Amy, Jasika, and everyone are some of the nicest, most sincere people I’ve ever met. But I want to talk about a particular couple right now… WayHaught, or Kat and Dom. Listen to me when I tell you- I have never met two nicer, down to earth, smart, beautiful and incredible women. When Dominique talks to you, you feel like you two are the only ones in the room, she engages you in a way that’s almost hypnotozing, she makes physical contact to make sure you know she’s genuinely listening to what you’re saying… And Kat, where do I even begin. If you’ve ever watched an interview or a video of Kat talking, you can hear the kindness in her voice. When you talk to her you feel an almost safety blanket put around you, that she’s there for you no matter what.

The Shoot, WayHaught, and Hollstein panel was absolutely insane- and you could tell thqt the actresses thought it was just as bonkers as we did. I also want to take a moment to recognize all of the amazing panelists/interviewers- you guys made a hard job look easy. And Dana, having Elise and Natasha read from Clexa/Xena and Gabrielle/Carol scripts was one of the greatest things ever done on a panel EVER. It was unbelievable. Everyone I met over that weekend kept repeating the same question over and over… “Is this really happening?”

Yes. It happened.

I also met many people in the industry that I’ve long admired, notably Emily Andras (If you know me well, you know I was on board with Wynonna Earp since day one). I also took her writing class, the central theme of it being a WayHaught wedding- (she knows us too well 👀) and I learned so much valuable writing/industry rules to follow and goals to keep working on that I will never forget… Least of all my favorite piece of advice, “You know you’ve made it the first time you say ‘no’ in the writers room.”

Oh… And did I mention Sara Ramirez showed up? So, let me tell you a little story- on Saturday I worked about 10 hours, just photographing everyone and everything. I realized I had to finish a 5 page paper due for my English class that I had to get in before midnight, so at 10 p.m. I get to my hotel, write my essay and send it in… I then get peer Pressured into going into the “Sinful” party (Thanks Evan and Sam 😜) and didn’t get back to my hotel until around 3:30 am… So I slept in and unfortunately missed the Queer POC representation panel (the one I was really looking forward to) but by pure luck they were doing a part 2 later on! So… I get to the panel, and I use the term panel loosely as it was more of a very large group discussion about everything from race to safe spaces and who shows up? Sara Ramirez in all of her beautiful Bisexual glory. After that, she sort of became a panelist as well- talking about mental health (which hey ClexaCon 2018 how about a mental health panel!) And the difficulties growing up Bisexual and biracial. After the panel the entire room had a group hug.

Believe me when I tell you, Sara is one of the most charming people I met that weekend- and I learned more than I could ever thank her and the panel for. Being a queer white woman I know of many things, I know about mental health issues because I’ve suffered them, I know what it’s like to be in a wheelchair for an extended period of time and the difficulties that entails (and I also know how hard it is to re-learn how to walk), I know about being gay, and I know about having white privelage.

What I don’t know is race, what it means to be biracial, trans, Bisexual, asexual, gender non conforming, and many many other things. And I will never pretend that I do. Because I can’t possibly know what I haven’t experienced. That’s why as a screenwriter and someone who tells stories it was imperative for me to ask the amazing and diverse people in that room what I can do to help tell their stories and if it was okay to ask for them to help me do so, what they wanted to see in strong female characters that represents who they are. They were so gracious and kind, they gave so many wonderful suggestions and guidelines to work on that I will always keep in mind. I didn’t say much during the panel but that was the entire point of being a white woman in a room about Queer POC representation… It was my job to shut up and listen to them. And I’m so glad I did.

To Alexia, Sam, Lisa, Evan, literally ALL of the amazing organizers and volunteers- we have made something that will last for years to come. I hope to see you all next year for ClexaCon 2018, because there’s no way we’re letting this little piece of Utopia go.

-Rachel Kom Fotokru

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Is thinking screwing up your meditation?

Many people assume that the goal of meditation is to produce a thought-free state.  But meditation is less a matter of suppressing thoughts than of breaking our identification with them.  The fundamental insight of most Eastern schools of spirituality is that while thinking is a practical necessity, the failure to recognize thoughts as thoughts, moment after moment, is what gives each of us the feeling that we call “I,” and this is the string upon which all our states of suffering and dissatisfaction are strung.  Break the spell of thoughts, and the difference between conventional states of happiness and suffering will vanish.

  ~  adapted from Sam Harris

There’s this beautiful thing about writing: whatever you’re writing can only be written now.

You could take the same premise, the same plot, the same characters, and if you’re writing it weeks, months or years from now it will still be different because you are different and the world around you is constantly changing.

Writing reflects what’s going on in your mind, in your life. What you’re dealing with now - whether it’s a struggle or a dream - will be different in each new moment. Your influences will change. The person you saw at the bus stop today who made you think about loneliness in a different way won’t be there tomorrow, and that thought will never make it into your book if you’re not there in that second to see it.

Writing is an ordered reflection of your messy - often indefinable - thoughts frozen in time. Others may not recognize the pieces of you in there at all, but you can look back on your words and remember what you were feeling, even if you didn’t know what it was until it was over.

Neil Gaiman said that fiction is the lie that tells the truth. He meant it for the ways that writers use fiction to explore who we are, but I think one of the most powerful ways it does this is when it takes the writer by surprise and they remember being in a moment they didn’t notice until it passed by.

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Are you sure about this? - make it fluffy! 🤗

“Are you sure about this?” Mulder’s voice is warm and quiet, causing Scully to open her eyes; she must have dozed off about the same time as William, who is no longer in her arms, but right next to her in his crib.

“Hm?” Scully stretches, feels the exhaustion and soreness through her whole body and blinks at him. Mulder is holding something in front of her face. Another moment, another blink, and she recognizes William’s birth certificate.

“Are you sure about this?” He asks again with more emphasis.

“I thought we talked about it,” Scully swallows hard; her emotions are all over the place, clearly not where they should be – in check – and she feels tears well up, “You said it was fine. I can change his last name to Scully, just give me a-” another, louder sniff, “pen.”

“What? Scully, no. I’m not talking about his last name.” Mulder assures her, one of hi hands on her cheek, the other on her thigh. They’re wearing matching expressions of confusion.

“I’m talking about this.” Mulder points to the line with William’s first and middle name. 


“Exactly, ‘oh’. So now tell me, are you sure about this? I said you could pick the name but Scully,” he bites his lip, trying to convey his message without having to actually say it. Much to his chagrin, she starts to smile.

“I like the name.”

“No you don’t.”

“I do. You just never let me call you F-” he puts a finger on her lips, raises his eyebrow, and receives a small kiss in return.

“It’s a strange name, Scully. It never did me any good.”

“It’s a middle name, Mulder.”

“Your heart is set on this, isn’t it?” She nods, her smile turning into a grin. Mulder leans over to look at their sleeping son. William Fox Mulder.  He wants to put his foot down, scratch out Fox and leave the space empty. But he trusts Scully. She knows what she’s doing, no matter what it is, so he remains quiet. Tries the name out again in his mind. William Fox Mulder. His son, their son. Mulder turns back to her and nods, sealing his and little Will’s fate.

“If he ever complains about his middle name, you’re explaining it to him.” Scully kisses him softly. It’s a deal.

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what did you do to get over your fear of abandonment?

I’d be happy to share what’s helped me with my fear! Of course, even after doing a lot of work I’m still a work-in-progress, so know that it takes time to heal this and it’s perfectly okay. 

Here are the things that helped: 

  • Accepting loneliness: Even though the emotion is unwanted, it’s something we all feel, and it’s something we can all handle feeling. Accepting unwanted emotions is done really by just letting yourself feel it, sit with it within yourself. Try to get a clear picture of what it feels like, recognizing it as a sensation or emotion, rather than an all-consuming feeling. 
  • Acknowledging uncertainty: All relationships are uncertain and, although this is one of the hardest things to accept, it’s also one of the most important. Slowly but surely adopt something called a “beginner’s mind” which essentially means being open to each moment being a totally new and unique experience. Even if that experience is unpleasant or not what you wanted, let it be and acknowledge that the next moment after is something you have no idea what will happen. 
  • Normalize conflict: Conflicts and arguments and disagreements happen in all relationships. Acknowledging this can be super helped. As my partner and I have been going through a difficult time, it’s been helpful to talk with parents, other adults, and other people in stable relationships (romance and friendships) who described their own conflicts that were similar. This can help to pull you out of the bubble that tries to convince you “I’m the only one dealing with this and it means for certain that this relationship will end.” 
  • Increase distress tolerance: This is a skill you can learn a lot about through google! Mindfulness, DBT, and other therapeutic resources can help with this. I’d really recommend Marsha Linehan’s DBT workbook. 
  • Be honest about your feelings: It can be really helpful to talk about this stressor and negotiate boundaries with the loved ones it comes up with. Nothing can be healed if you don’t talk about it, so make sure to do some reflection, find out what is hurting and where you need to set a boundary, and then assert that. Also be open to dialogue, so that you aren’t pressuring someone into taking care of your own fear. Just let them know where you are and acknowledge that it’s their choice if they want to stay with you as the work-in-progress you are. If they choose to leave, that’s not a negative reflection on you. 
  • Resolve past grief: Grief is something that takes time to resolve, and how it is healed is by feeling it. There’s no other way to work through grief. Most often, fearing abandonment comes from a previously traumatic experience with grief–of losing someone very important to you in a way that shocked you. Allow yourself the space to grieve and process this, and know that it will take time but every little bit of work does make a difference. The fear will start to lessen. This blog here may help
  • Spend conscious time alone: Learning to survive time alone is crucial. When you realize that you can actually enjoy yourself more, learn about yourself, and work on your own healing in a pleasant way, being alone can become a lot more comfortable. Finding a balance between this and isolation is key, so keep seeking what feels the most supportive for you! 

I have a group coaching program coming up that is filled with skills and resources to help improve your relationships, accept all you are and all you experience, and make peace with your fears. Here’s the info all about that

Help me fundraise for a service dog? I only need another $396 to reach the halfway mark! <3

Makoto Naegi, Chihiro Fujisaki, Hajime Hinata, Nagito Komaeda, Ryota Mitarai, Shuuichi Saihara, Rantarou Amami, Kokichi Ouma & Kiibo: Reactions to their s/o singing to Disney Songs Headcanons

Anon requested “hajime, nagito, ryota, kokichi, rantaro, shuichi, chihiro, naegi n kiibo reacting to their s/o singing to old disney songs and making them slow dance along while theyre singing? ty! i love your work sm keep it up ヽ(´▽`)/”

That’s a super cute request, Anon! This brings up memories of our good, old Disney songs! And aah, thank you so so much! Thanks for requesting, btw! – Mod Chiaki

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Here it is, the long-awaited trailer for DT 2017! 

This is more than we were hoping for, folks, and my hopes were pretty high.

Here are my scattered thoughts on the trailer:

I love the angle the series seems to be taking, which isn’t too far from the original series or the Barks and Rosa stories. Scrooge is a mystery to Huey, Dewey, and Louie. They’ve only heard the legends, but little do they know that he’s still an amazing adventurer, that he’s “tougher than the toughies and smarter than the smarties” (glad they included that all-important character-establishing line in the trailer).

Strangely enough, Scrooge’s voice, while distinctly different from the classic series, is close enough to not be all that jarring. It sounds like David Tennant is a worthy successor to Alan Young, much in the same way Chris Pine as Captain Kirk is a worthy successor to William Shatner. Different voices (although Young and Tennant both have tons of energy and vivacity), but similar enough you don’t think the character is different. That’s key to recasting any role played by one actor for ages. 

Fantastic job, DT creative team!

I know this is only a 90-second trailer, but I think the nephews and Webby are going to be the biggest adjustment for me. In this teaser, they’re kinda loud and annoying at times, but I think I see the real characters in some of the snippets of dialogue we hear. For example, after finding out he’s taking them to stay with Scrooge, at least for the weekend, Louie says to Donald, “You’re finally going to sell us.” That made me laugh out loud.

I do hope the writers have given the nephews and Webby genuine moments of humanity (strange to say that about ducks, I know). Their “realness” in the original series was key to their appeal. Based on what I’m seeing here and what Frank Angones has said, though, I don’t think we’re in danger of DT 2017 misfiring too much, if at all. 

A few other notes:

Donald and Scrooge are as fascinating as ever. I wonder if they have a prior relationship in this version of the series, and I wonder if they’re estranged. 

I love the Barks paintings on the walls of Scrooge’s mansion. Nice Easter Egg, DT creative team. 

Webby recognizes who the nephews are and seems to view them as celebrities. Curious and curiouser… 

I love when Webby calls Donald “one of the most daring adventurers of all time.” Glad he’s getting his due as something other than a foul-tempered fowl. 

We see Launchpad at the end of the trailer in another character-establishing moment (which the trailer excels at, BTW). Launchpad made me laugh. That’s a good sign for Beck Bennett’s take on the character.

The updated theme song packs a punch and made me feel five all over again, giving me that sense of anticipation I used to get (and still get with the DVDs) whenever DuckTales began each afternoon. It’s the perfect blend of contemporary music stylings and nostalgia. 

I love that this series is about family. That was so important to the original DT and made it one of the less preachy, but more impactful series of the 80s and 90s because it demonstrated how a family works and how a family includes everyone who is close to you, not just your blood relatives. 

Finally, adventure, adventure, adventure. The action, coupled with all of the character moments in the trailer, was invigorating and chilling and thrilling and almost made me cry, lol. My gosh, I’m so excited for DT 2017! And I think the kids will be, too! My two-year-old nephew watched the trailer and kept exclaiming, “More DuckTales! More DuckTales!”

No wonder Disney has already renewed it for a second season…

What are your thoughts? Which Easter Eggs did I miss? Anyone have a copy of the premiere episode they’d like to leak to me? Are the Russians still into DuckTales? ;-)

You are not sitting in meditation to be free, you’re already free!
You sit in meditation to recognize, understand and finally let go of the causes of your fear, unhappiness and discontent with life. By understanding intuitively the movement behind your choices and decisions you will experience directly that inherent freedom.
However it may feel in different moments no one is making you do anything!
This is why we say, when the heart is open the face smiles and this is Dhamma.

Michael Kewley 

May all beings be happy…

anonymous asked:

do you have any tips on how to handle anger issues, im 18 and i still get "tantrums" , meltdown, extreme anger with screaming and crying and i want to hurt myself and rip my hair out. people tell me to just stop getting these angry meltdown but i have no idea how to do so:( i dont even know if i can... i dont want to get angry at people and things for no reason, i feel like a cruel monster. I have always felt so ashamed of this, i really want to be kind.

Here is our anger tag.

The biggest problem ADHDers have with handling anger and other extreme emotions is that the ability to think before we act and to control how we respond to these situations is an executive function. Executive functions are impaired with ADHD. So we feel something and immediately react, without thinking about it first.

Of course, this isn’t really the best way to do things, and it’s important to figure out how to stop before we get to the point of exploding. Constantly exploding can be really detrimental to our relationships with other people.

One of the problems we tend to have with being able to to stop before we explode is recognizing when the fuse has been lit. All too often, we go from happy to freaked out, and it feels like it happened instantaneously.

The first step to figuring out how to stop is to notice how we feel physically when we’re exploding. Where is the tension? Does your stomach feel strange? Are you burning? Where is the burning? Becoming aware of these sensations in the moment can be helpful in learning when we are beginning to become angry, because we can then start to notice when those things are just beginning and take a moment to calm down.


You Consume Me - A Roman Reigns Short Story

She was beautiful, tempting, carefree, and everything I thought I wanted in a woman. One taste and I was hooked, abandoning everything and everyone I cared about to be with her. What I failed to see was the other side of her; a side that was dark, dangerous…


A/N: A long time ago I read a fic that resonated so deeply within me it blew my mind. I looked for it online not too long ago and couldn’t find it. But I’ll never forget it. This story is largely inspired by that one. I hope you like it.

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It was like encountering a beautiful storm and being smack in the middle of its eye. That’s the only way I can describe what I went through with her.

She breezed in and out of my life, staying just long enough to spin me around and turn my whole world upside down. Just like the wind, she danced away, slipping right through my fingers just when I thought I had caught up with her. Everything about her was so complicated, yet so simple. She was mysterious yet obvious, elusive yet omnipresent, caring yet spiteful. Complex. Complicated. And if you mentioned all of that to her, she’d laugh and tell you she was the most straightforward person you’d ever meet.

Falling in love with her was dangerous but inevitable. Getting to know her, being with her made me feel powerful yet powerless at the same time. I couldn’t stop it. I couldn’t help myself from getting swept up in her essence, and when I fell in love, I fell hard.

But it nearly killed me.

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