and in that moment my heart shattered

Newt Scamander and my Favourite Moments

I’ve realised I’ve reblogged a lot about the film ‘Fantastic Beast and Where to Find them’ and particularly about Newt Scamander who is literally an innocent cinnamon bun so, I decided to write about some of my favourite moments (Feel free to add more!) 

*Warning this contains spoilers* 

*Also I do not own any of the gifs used, credit goes to people who made them*

-First off him being a Hufflepuff just made me love him 100% more than I already do

-“Mummy’s here.”

-Newt crying when he hands over Pickett even though it’s only a trick.

-Just simply Newt and Pickett’s relationship

-Newt being protective over his animals because they are harmless and the ones that are cruel are the humans.

- “Nothing in there is dangerous!” (and with that my heart shattered)

-Newt knowing the erumpent mating dance, (just imagine him learning it though!)

- His expressions/reactions towards the Niffler! 

-Also him tickling the Niffler!

-Him making sure it’s okay with Credence for him to come closer before he does

-Newt just being a tall bean and looking adorable and awkward in this scene

-Newt and Tina

-His friendship with Jacob

(Please feel free to add more because there are loads that I either can’t remember or can’t find the correct gif :P) 

Kara don’t..

He pleaded. With his whole damned life he pleaded. He pleaded for his heart. He pleaded for his feelings for her, for their love, he pleaded. He pleaded for the mistakes he made. He pleaded for the lies and secrets he covered. He pleaded for a second chance, for her to forgive him, he pleaded.

He screwed things up. He knew he screwed things up. He made a big mistake. He knew he made a big mistake. And all he wanted was that one second chance. One second chance for him to explain everything. One second chance for him to pay his guilt. Just one second chance for him, for them.

But Kara kept walking and she opened the door. She kept walking like she didn’t want him anymore. He wanted to stay, just stay there with her, no more no less. He wanted to stay, just stay there with her, to hold her and make everything’s okay. He wanted to stay, just stay there with her, and talk things through, but she wanted him to go.

He tried so hard to kept the tears formed in his eyes from rolling down. He tried so hard to listen to her this time. But his world came crumbling down.

His world came crumbling down when she said the last thing he wanted her to say, what he didn’t want her ever to say :

“I can’t do this. It’s over.”

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I don’t know why we need
to break so hard.. I don’t
know why we break so hard


I’m beyond rational thought. Beyond words, beyond comprehensible ideas. Seconds are merging into minutes and hearts are collapsing and hands are grasping and I’ve tripped over a planet and I don’t know anything anymore, I don’t know anything because nothing will ever be able to compare to this. Nothing will ever capture the way I’m feeling right now. Nothing matters anymore. Nothing but this moment and his mouth on my body, his hands on my skin, his kisses in brand-new places making me absolutely, certifiably insane. I cry out and cling to him, dying and somehow being brought back to life in the same moment, the same breath.

Top 10 moments when ACOMAF shattered my heart in the best way possible

Okay, now that I’ve spent my whole week just living and breathing about ACOMAF… re-reading ACOMAF… and just thinking about it obsessively and telling ALL my friends about it… I feel like now it is a good time to post this. I’m going to post my top 10 moments in ACOMAF where MY HEART BROKE. And I hope you guys can agree–because this fandom is one soul, and we ride and die together.  

10. When Feyre comforts Rhysand after waking him up from his nightmare.

Like first of all, OW. It just breaks my heart over and over to think about what Amarantha did to Rhys, and what scars it left behind. 

But… what broke my heart more was this:

“But–but how many nights had I wanted someone to do the same for me?” 


Because some stupid High Lord of the Spring Court just pretended to be asleep whenever she vomited her guts out, and pretended everything was all fine and dandy. You claim to love her, and yet, you let this happen. tamlin u shit bag

9. Lucien and Feyre reunion after Feyre goes to the Night Court. 

You gave up on me.” 

Look, guys, I know Lucien is not a bad person. Deep down, he is a good, troubled person who has a lot of his own scars, and I know that he does consider Feyre to be his friend and he does care about her. But he also chooses to yield to Tamlin at the end of everything. He does fight for her, but he doesn’t fight enough against Tamlin. Now, this could be because Tamlin does instill a lot of fear in Lucien–which, if it’s true, it is not a healthy friendship, even if Tam is Lucien’s High Lord. But it makes me wonder, you know. Where is our fiery Lucien, who once spat at Tamlin’s feet? I really do hope that Elain will help him change for the better. Or that he comes to this realization from himself. Man, I love Lucien, but he’s going to have to do a lot more to redeem himself. 

Because, see, even Rhys thinks that Lucien would’ve stepped in.

And this breaks Feyre’s heart, that her friend wouldn’t do this for her. And she would’ve fought for Lucien until the end, no doubt about. 


8. The scars that remain with Rhys because of Amarantha. 

The next scene that broke my heart happens during the sexytimes between Feyre and Rhys.

Okay, just re-reading this scene is making me really emotional. So I don’t know if I’m going to be coherent enough to say this. But like, guys. I think this scene is important–and heartbreaking at the same time–because it’s a moment where Rhysand’s scars are acknowledged. Again, it is so rare in YA fiction to see a male character who has been sexually abused, and Sarah explores the scars that remain within Rhysand. And it’s also important because he’s also able to overcome these scars, and find happiness even after the darkest of times.

7. How Rhysand is treated in Velaris vs. Under the Mountain

Okay, so I like how 8 and 7 relate to each other. 

What struck me about this scene was: “no one whispered about him or spat on him or stroked him as they had Under the Mountain”

What really breaks my heart here is that it’s not just Amarantha that violated Rhys. Others did it too, because Amarantha did it, because Rhys was Amarantha’s whore, and therefore, her property. 

And this makes me really sick to my stomach. And it breaks my heart. fuck

6. Feyre realizing how sad she is at the Spring Court before her wedding. 


my poor baby Feyre 

I spent a good portion of time during the beginning of the novel wanting to wrap her in a warm blanket, hug her, and tell her it’s okay. 

And Tamlin, CAPTAIN OBLIVIOUS, is able to laugh freely. I’m gonna fight him

Even Rhys in Chapter 11 goes: “Months and months, and you’re still a ghost. Does no one there ask what the hell is happening? Does your High Lord simply not care?” (Shall we count this as like an honourable mention moment for when my heart broke into a million pieces… again) 

ha ha ha ha let me DIE my heart can’t take this 

5. Rhysand asks Feyre about her birthday. 

This isn’t a sad scene, but it still moved me and broke my heart because you can obviously tell how much Rhys loves Feyre.





But also, like. Rhys seems genuinely sad that Feyre did not celebrate her birthday. Do I foresee belated birthday gift/party in ACOTAR 3? Because yes I will sell my soul for this 

4. Feyre walking away from Rhysand after learning about the mating bond

Okay, no, I totally understand why Feyre is angry enough that she wants some time alone away from Rhysand once she learns from the Suriel that they’re mates. I’ve seen people hating on her for it… but c’mon. Really? You don’t think you’d be angry? Angry enough to walk away? I mean I’d want my own space to think too

But yeah it still broke my heart because Rhysand just calls after her… injured and weakened… ahaha…..ha…. why…

Now we’re rolling into the final 3… and honestly, these broke my heart the most and made me cry. I still want to weep when I think about them. 

3. Rhysand noticing Feyre’s weight loss 

He cares so much about her. *UGLY WAILING* *falls to the floor*

And he makes sure she eats properly. And wants to have breakfast with her. 


cue ugly sobbing, with the snot and everything 

rhysand calling tam out on his shitty behaviour

2. Cassian and Feyre training 

This is still one of my favourite scenes, and I … just. The whole scene leading up to it is an emotional roller coaster–Cassian saying that he’s there for Feyre if she wants to talk about leaving the Spring Court, the whole “I’m fine” thing, and how Feyre just realizes she did everything for Tamlin… and he just…. left her to suffer alone.

He’s ready to take the blow. 




Rhys is precious, Cassian is precious….. the whole Night Court squad is precious. I just love them so muchhhhhhh. 

And now. .  . okay. 

The final scene had me in full blown tears. 

1. Amren x Feyre 








D E A D 


This post also made me very emotional again. Thanks for reading. And if you know want to discuss ACOMAF with me, and the scenes that broke your heart (because there are like 10 million more)… feel free to shoot me a message. 

I’m gonna go read ACOMAF some more and cry by e 


Ok honestly?  It was at this moment that my heart shattered into a million pieces.  I know he’s obviously always breaking the 4th wall but he never really lets the others know about that, he tends to just brush it off when it happens.  But seeing this killed me.  He programed that door.  He used the “broken door” to let you, the player, know that he loves you.  Not just the avatar representing you, but the real you on the other side of the screen.

I’m also convinced that the screen went black like that to show your reflection and reinforce that they are in fact talking about the real you.

I’m gonna go drown in feels now.

I have learned
there is no safety in silence
there is no comfort in holding who I am
so close that it falls down my throat
and is lost
relief of that heart squeezing
lung crushing worry
that comes moments
before breathing a thought
around anything or anyone outside of myself
does not come
until it is done
like the fear of the bullet and the way it shatters the air
that comes before the trigger is pulled
and then the satisfaction in the echo
of the circles of reverberations hitting
the ears the hearts the lives of the souls within a mile
rather I assume this is how it feels
I have never released the ammunition
I don’t know if it would come out a bullet at all
I don’t know what I look like past the chamber
through the barrel
but I do know
that I cannot love whatever it is
until I can see it and touch it and feel it’s heft
—  A.O.A.M. || In Which I Turn My Thoughts Into Bullets And Myself Into A Gun
There’s something incredibly fascinating and terrifying about having someone in your life for a while, and all of a sudden your relationship changes. Your best friend could be your boyfriend with one kiss, and now everything in your life is matching up. You can see why your heart was shattered your freshman year, and why you couldn’t hold back those tears in the hallway. You get why you had to fail that test, and why you would always hold open a door for a stranger, and it’s not because it’s the nice thing. Something inside you made you make that choice. Event after event, good and bad, memorable and distant has added up to this moment. I’m not saying I believe in fate, and destiny may as well be synonymous with a fairytale, but my God, this has to mean something.
—  Everything makes sense with you here

john and aeryn meme: [one/two] quotes:

anywhere in the universe. you pick the planet.

if u ever feel bad just know that for about 9 of my 14 years of existence i was obsessed with sonic the hedgehog and when i was in kindergarten this kid named christian was like the sonic expert so we’d walk around the track holding hands while i pried juicy sonic details from him and we sat together at lunch talking about sonic and then one day he told me he liked me and all i said to him was “i’m only your friend because of sonic” and you could see the moment where his heart shattered that is the most i have ever hurt a human being in my entire life

25 Days of Outlander - Day 11

Favorite Emotional Scene.

When picking an emotional scene only one ep immediately came to mind - Faith. And trying to pick only one moment from an ep that was one heart wrenching heartbreak after another, was harder than I expected. 

Yet, certain scenes always linger longer than others. One being Claire’s goodbye.

By the time Louise arrives, something’s overcome Claire completely. A disbelief. How could something so precious, so complete - with 10 fingers and ten toes - be dead. There’s an almost joyful pride she has when introducing Faith to Louise. But underlining the disbelief is this knowledge of - ‘If someone interrupts this moment, this time I have, it’ll shatter it utterly. But if I can maybe show Louise how perfect my baby is, maybe she won’t take her away.’

But Claire knows, the moment Louise touches her shoulder, the perfect, timeless moment has shattered. And the part that does me in every single time is when she has to hand Faith over, knowing that that would be the last time she’ll have Faith in her arms. And she disintegrates completely.

The kiss of infinite ‘I love you’s,

The gentle tracing of her wee eyebrow,

Every moment, every single detail cherished and memorized, before that perfect, untouchable bubble inevitably bursts.

Caitriona Balfe’s performance is simply stunning.

“Him,” he repeats distastefully, his lip curling. “You like him.”

“Yeah, I do,” She shot back, her eyes flashing.

He sneered. “Why?”

She stared for a long moment at the boy standing in front of her, the boy who had shattered her heart.

“Why?” She asked coldly. “Why? Maybe because he’s nice enough to pick up the mess you left behind. Maybe because he doesn’t ignore me when he’s had a shitty day. Maybe he actually cares and-”

For just a second, his expressionless face revealed more than he had intended to show. “Don’t you dare think for a goddamn second that I didn’t care.”

And without warning, he grabbed her and kissed her. He kissed her until she couldn’t breathe and she was intoxicated on his scent. And just like that, she knew she didn’t like that other boy. He never left her breathless from a single kiss. Her heart never felt like it was going to pop out of her chest from a single glance.

What a twisted life it is, she thought, whilst her forehead was pressed against his. The boy who broke my heart is the only one who can make me feel whole again.

—  n.g. // excerpt from a book i’ll never write #8
Cheating series: Yoosung x Mc [Part 4: Saeyoung Ending]

Sooo guys! Seven’s ending is here! You wonder why I use both Seven and his real name Saeyoung? That’s because he’s most known as Seven or 707, but depends on situation, I use his real name because he wants it (if you played his route, you know it right?)

Tagging @lennyloekyto because she doesn’t want to miss any updates lol. Such a cutie <3

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Yoosung Ending

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Seven’s POV:

“I will talk to him, Seven.”

MC said, her voice weak and hoarse from all the crying. At that moment, I couldn’t help but feel my heart broken into pieces like a shattered glasses. She would probably forgive Yoosung and come back to him since she wanted to talk to him. She was too nice of a person. Honestly, Yoosung didn’t deserve her. Why? Because he was just an innocent college student, he depended on her too much while taking her love for granted. He cheated on her with another woman that looked like Rika. Sure Rika was an important person for creating RFA, but that fact had changed ever since I found out the truth about Mint Eye. Right now, all I wanted was to take her into my arms and protect her from all harms. Last night when I came to Rika’s apartment, she was crying so much she couldn’t even speak properly, but I knew that she needed a shoulder to lean on. She was so vulnerable that I couldn’t just leave her alone. A part of me hate Yoosung for hurting MC, for breaking her heart. I wished I could be the person who can heal her wound. Hesitating for a moment, I nodded and went to open the gate for Yoosung. ‘This is the end, isn’t it? It’ll all be over once she’s done talking with him’. I thought to myself as he walked in, sadness was the only thing I could see on his face.

“I’ll leave you two alone then.”

I said then turned on my heels to return to my dark and small room where I could hide my true self. I put on my headphones to block out all the sounds. I didn’t work on my current task. Instead, I lied down on the bed and closed my eyes, recalled all the messages I exchanged with MC. I sighed ‘Haah…She would never choose me right? There was never a chance for me’. Little did I know, my wish was about to come true.

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Can’t even begin to express how shattered my heart is after hearing Miesha announce her retirement. But I am so, so proud. Miesha, you helped bring WMMA to where it is today. You captured Strikeforce and UFC gold with, in my opinion, the best moment in WMMA history. 

You had a connection with the fans unlike anything I’ve seen, with your name constantly being chanted in your fights. Not a surprise given that kind and humble soul. That heart of a lion cemented you as my favorite. I’ve never seen such heart in any other fighter. 

We love you and will support you in anything you choose to do in the future Miesha. Congratulations on an amazing, history making career. You cemented your legacy and that standing ovation was so well deserved. We’re going to miss you so much.