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MONSTA X saying ‘I love you”


I don’t think that he’d be able to verbally show you how he felt, he’d be the type to show you through his actions. It would be when he hugs you and places his chin on top of your head, slowly stroking your hair. It would be moments like those that he wouldn’t have to say it, you’d just know.

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He’d want the whole world to know how he felt about you because he’d just feel so lucky to have you in his life. He’d scream it from the rooftops if he could. So when it comes to saying ‘I love you’, if he felt that it was right in that moment, he wouldn’t hesitate. He wouldn’t mind if you couldn’t say it back, he’d just want you to know.

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He’d be so cute and adorable and just so squish. He wouldn’t know how to say it so when he did, he’d get so embarrassed and panicky because he wouldn’t have meant to say it. However, when you felt the same way, it was like his whole world just became ten times brighter and I swear he wouldn’t be able to stop smiling for weeks.

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He’d cook you something  (bc he’s a mum) and he’d sit down with you. His palms would get all sweaty and his heart would be beating so fast. When you’d ask “what’s wrong?”, he’d just blurt out those three words, followed by an “oh god, I didn’t mean it like that, that’s not what’s wrong, being in love with you isn’t what’s wrong- I just wanted to say it- crap” he’d sigh and when you’d laugh he’d just feel so warm and his face would light up with a smile.

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He’s such a meme so he’d probably say it in a memey way- jk. I think he’d be really honest with how he felt and he’d just say it. He wouldn’t want to hide anything from you, especially how he felt. So he’d try and make it as casual as possible, maybe he’d try and slip it into the end of a conversation. He’d want you know, whether you felt the same way or not.

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He’d do something super cheesy but adorable. He might buy you your favourite drink and some chocolates and he’d put a post it note on top that would say, “Just because I love you” and his heart would just completely melt if you said it back, it would mean the world to him. His smile would just take over his entire face and his dimples would be on full show and yes.

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I feel like it would be accidental- well not accidental, because he would mean what he’s saying, but it would just naturally slip out of his mouth and neither of you would notice. It would be two minutes later that he’d realise what he had said and would start to panic, hoping that you hadn’t heard. You’d turn around to him and would be like “Did you just-?”

“Yes, yes I did”

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The Kiss

It felt so good and quite the shock of course as I had believed that after the interrupted moment, it would be the end of the romantic tease. I’m so glad I was wrong. That speech alone would have been enough. It was beautiful because Lucifer was being selfless at that moment. He wanted Chloe to be happy, even if it wasn’t with him but he also showed how much he really cared, going so far as to playfully mock her middle name. He’d been with her for so long and never once had he been able to manipulate her to give him that info. Lucifer earned it and in turned, earned Chloe’s affection after he was willing to give her up. Now I do hope that before they get physical, that at least he finally show her his true self. That would be the ultimate sign of trust between them :D

False Alarm

I watched her as she walked from the back of the bar. I watched her when she grabbed the drink the bartender sat in front of her. I watched her when she drank it. I watched her when she winked at that guy. I watched her.

I watched her as she moved from her place at the bar. I watched her move as her dressed hugged every curve of her body. The red of her dress was enough to seduce a man. My eyes never left her. Her high heels complemented her beautiful legs. I want them wrapped around me shaking.

Her hips swayed slowly to the music playing. I could see her leg through the slit of her dress. If the slit was any higher, she’d be revealing more than I could handle in this moment. Her body moved and her hands moved with her hips as they played games with her body.

A random guy started dancing behind her. She dance. He failed. She’s polite. I watched her. She’s beautiful. I shook my head as another guy tried to dance with her. He’s not so bad. I’m sure he’s not her type. He isn’t seducing her. Still I watched her. He failed. She’s polite.

I have no control of my body at this point as I walked to where she was. If someone is going to seduce this seductress, it should be me. Her body didn’t stop moving, but her seductives eyes met my lusting eyes. She knew. I want her. I want her begging. I want her now.

She ran her fingers through her hair and turned around. I watched her ass sway. I gravitated towards her. Her body pressed against my front and woke up a member that had been asleep for awhile.

“Show me what you got.” She told me as her short dress began to rise at the hem.

“You have no idea what I can do, love.” She stopped dancing and moved her lips inches from my face.

“Show me.” My hands made their way slightly above her ass and squeezed. I’m claiming her now. I’m marking my territory. Our hips moved in sync.

Little drops of sweat started to form on my forehead as we danced through a few songs.

“Buy me a drink.” She backed away from me. Her body glistening and her lips forming a smirk.

I followed her back to the bar. Two shots were in front of her by the time I made my way through the crowd.

“Here.” She handed me a shot. “To seducing a stranger.” My eyebrow shot up as she finally admitted to her game.

“Cheers!” We both threw back our shot and ordered another round.

“What’s your name, love?” My lips brushed against her ear and I nibbled her lobe. The music is loud and it’s drowning out our voice.

“I’m Y/N. What’s your name?” She pulled me closer. I stood between her legs. My hands gripped her thighs.

“I’m Harry.”

“Well, Harry. If you buy me one more shot, maybe I’ll let you take me home.” Deal.

I smirked knowing she wouldn’t be able to resist and she ordered another round for us. I can feel the buzz. My head is all fuzzy and my throat burns from the alcohol. This girl is like no other. She has me right where she wants me but I have her to. We have nowhere to run.

“Lets go. I’m horny.” Her honesty made my dick twitch. I grabbed her hand and lead her out of the crowd and into the warm air outside. 

“Do you have a car?” I smiled.

“I don’t drink and drive, love. I have a driver tonight.” I called for the driver and he showed up minutes later. I helped Y/N into the car and closed the door behind her. My feet moved quickly to the other side of the car and I got in.

“Are you ready to go home Mr. and Mrs. Styles?” I nodded.

“Yes, Fred. We’re ready.” She told our driver.

“Maybe we should role play as strangers again. I’ve never seen you so turned on.”  She bit her lips and looked me in the eye.

“Yeah? Wait until we get home. You haven’t seen anything yet.” Oh yeah. My dick is fully awake and ready to go.

“Fred, step on it or else you’ll get a show back here.” He chuckled and the car drove off into the night leaving lust and seduction behind us. I’m ready to make love to my wife.

iKON Reaction to -

You falling on top of them around the other members on accident


Can you do ikon reacting to you falling on top of them by accident in front of the other members.


He would be more quiet about it then the rest of the members. He’d help you up and then give you a slightly shy smile. Then he’d keep you close to him and continue talking to the guys. Later on, when the boys weren’t looking, he’d whisper sweetly in your ear.

“Be more careful jagi, i don’t want you getting hurt.”


He would swiftly hold you in his arm so you wouldn’t get hurt. Then he would flash his adorable cheesy smile that you loved. He would hold you there for a moment and ask you if you were okay. He would dramatically kiss your face telling you to take care of yourself. Winking at you he’d say-

“It’s okay though babe, you know i’m always here to catch you.”


He would be stunned. He would be confused as to why you were on top of him. He would gently push you off of him. He would ask what did you trip on, or how you fell. He would be dumbfounded when you told him that you tripped over your bag. When he heard the teasing coming from his other members he would become really shy. 

“Y-you need to be more careful (y/n).”


It would make him laugh. However at first it would startle him, since you did run into the room yelling. He wouldn’t notice June until after he kissed your forehead, which made you blush a little. He would hear June and Jinhwan laughing a little, and he would feel slightly embarrassed himself.

“Well they are my girlfriend/boyfriend, shouldn’t I be able to kiss them without being embarassed?”


He would start blushing cutely while helping you up. He’d peck you on the cheek and tell you how your clumsiness is so cute. Eventually you would start blushing. Then the guys would add on to it by saying how cute of a couple you guys make.

“Gosh you guys are so annoying!”


He would get embarrassed but he wouldn’t show it. He would gently push you off of him. June wouldn’t stop talking about how clumsy you are and he’d bring up so many other embarrassing stories about you. Then he’d start getting whiny after you exposed his stories.

“Listen! That only happened ONE time jagi!!”


He would find it funny as hell. Yunhyeong would laugh at you and say stuff like ha, you’re a klutz. He would tease you so much. Yunhyeong would see the others standing in the door way and would see them chuckling and be like, hey what are you guys laughing at?

“You’re such a klutz, I’m surprised you didn’t break anything lol.”

-Admins A & JC

Uta no Prince-sama Song Starters: Ichinose Tokiya ver.

Believe☆My Voice

“It was the first time I noticed these feelings…”
“Every moment I was able to spend with you was like a beautiful star.”
“All I live for is this love; This is what I was born for!”
“Please believe in my words!”
“If I could have one wish come true, I’d throw everything away…”
“I want to embrace you…”
“Reflected in my eyes, you’re the only one I’ll allow.”

Hoshikuzu☆Shall we dance?

“These feelings are shaken by love!”
“Hey, My Princess, shall we dance?”
“It won’t be scary as long as we’re together.”
“I welcome you, my dear Princess.”
“How many times have I said it?”
“Under love’s influence, I’ve lost track of time.”
“Your eyes, your actions, I want to know everything.”
“I’ll search for your answer in a kiss.”

Nanairo no Compass

“Don’t cry any more, you’re fine as you are.”
“You probably still don’t know yourself well, huh?”
“All of your prayers may not become stars.”
“If you believe in your dreams, they will become thousands of jewels that shine brightest i the night sky.”
“Think, do you remember?”
“Even things you can’t do on your own, I want to surpass them with you.”
“If it would become your smile, I would tell lies even to god.”
“I want you to let me protect you.”

My Little Little Girl

“Shall we hold hands and go home?”
“If I say “thank you” honestly, then surely this is called being yourself.”
“Accepting your own weakness is the beginning of strength.”
“Even my heart can be seen through…”
“Look, you are every element inside of me.”
“Even more than fancy language, I want to convey these feelings!”
“Shall we connect even our hearts and go home?”
“You are the only one who knows this smile of mine.”


“Do you know the magic word?”
“There’s no reason to lie to yourself.”
“Let’s smile even more!”
“With a loud voice I’ll sent it to you, a hundred fold smile!”
“Because the light of our dreams is eternal!”

Crystal Time

“Do you remember, My Princess?”
“The wings on your back are just resting.”
“Now, take my hand and believe.”
“I remember your smile.
“Don’t cry lost heart, I’m always by your side.”
“The dream I gave to you, we’ll carve it out together.”
“I want you to never forget.”
“In the name of this love, I want to swear this to you…”
“The time I’ve spent with you has become my everything.”
“See? Like a crystal it’s shining.”


“Behind this mask of justice, is a face armed with ideals.”
“Mr. Perfect? No, no, don’t make me laugh!”
“That cool mask, take it off!”
“My reason is dominated by education.”
“Where is my true self?”
“Wishing to be enchanted by an honest dream.”
“I want it to change!”
“An instinctual melody, I want to sing an shout it out!”
“Is love unnecessary?”
“My fingers desire the energy of your warmth.”
“Allow me to confess my true feelings.”
“I don’t want to be just a mannequin!”
“I want to reach out and seize it!”
“My true potential, I’d like to test it out.”

Secret Lover

“Rather than doing, let it happen!”
“Rather than loving, be loved!”
“Did you know? I’m always looking at you!”
“What if I took your hand here?”
“Whispering in your ear, come here~”
“Did you need me?”
“Did you love me?”
“Please enchant me!”
“I’ve always averted my eyes.”
“I wonder why I search for your eyes?”
“Please show me you love me!”

Be The Light

“You’re always close by, singing in that voice.”
“In the past nothing was a waste!”
“Together, be the light!”
“Give me your love.”
“With you the sky glistens.”
“It’s wonderful to have a dream…”
“All the things you want will be difficult to obtain.”
“But doesn’t it get you fired up?!”
“All the songs color my world, and wash away the color of tears.”
“Like magic, you cause a miracle.”
“Wield your staff and cast a spell!”
“It bloomed, a colorful flower.”
“No matter how many times, come on with me!”

“How We Were” - Reaper76 Week Day One

AN: GOD THIS IS LATE. I’m going to try to get caught up by doing days 2 + 3 tomorrow. I do intend to do all 7 days, I just couldn’t find the time to write these past couple days with school starting back up, but here this is!

Summary: A stolen moment in the middle of the night. A relatively short fluff piece of these boys during their days as newbies in the SEP. I wanted to start off with a good kick of fluff because the Reaper76 fandom always needs more of that.

Rating: General Audiences

Words: 1341

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How to would bap react to their girlfriend asking if he would be into letting her sit on his face? For sexual reasons, ofc. Lol Love you!

I mean… there’s probably some scientific reasons for this as well. I’d be happy to volunteer as tribute 🙊  Thank you for your request, Lovely <3

Yongguk: He is soooo down to show you just what he can do.  There is no need for further discussion.  What his girl wants, his girl gets and there’s no point in wasting time in talking any further about it.

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Himchan: There is definitely a hanging moment of surprise at how brash you were with this request… and then comes that smug grin and raised eyebrow that just kind of makes you want to slap him and jump his bones as the same time.  Yeah, he has no problem with trying out this idea.

Daehyun: His initial reaction may be a slight immature/shy chuckle, but when the mental image of this catches up to him and lust sets in, he’s all about business.  I could definitely see him being one of the those guys that really enjoys going down on a girl, and with those lips, I don’t think he’ll disappoint when he does.

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Youngjae: Blushes galore.  It’s not exactly something he expected from you to request and the thought of it is so damn sexy, he can hardly contain himself.  He will definitely be more than willing to try this out while offering up a few new ideas of his own.  (I honestly see him being one of the kinkiest members in the group, for some reason.)

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Jongup: The second this is brought up, he goes from beautifully passionate Guppie to incredibly primal sexy beast in .001 seconds.  Like, damnit.  Can you imagine the way his eyes would narrow and darken as he gives you that damn killer smirk of his? RIP you.  It shall be the most glorified death.

Zelo: Here is a precious mess of shy and so very turned on.  He may have a question or two about just how this position works with his need to breathe and whatnot, but he is 100,000% down to give it a try.  He’s one to aim to please, and girl, there is no doubt he will do just that.

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Relationship Status: single :^)
Lipstick or Chapstick: chapstick
Last song/music I listened to: uhh as im typing this im listening to Love Crime by Siouxsie Sioux & Brian Reitzell i got hannibal feelings sue me but the last song i listened to was I’ll Keep Coming by Low Roar
Top 3 Shows: Hannibal,,,, Brooklyn Nine-Nine at the moment,,, and Yuri on Ice bc im weeb trash
Top 3 Characters: cASTIEL, will graham, i cant choose between yuuri and victor so imma say both ;;
Top 3 Ships: (fanon) destiel, hannigram, victuuri (i wanna add cecilos too)

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Hey, I find jimin & chanyeol 's interactions suuuuuper cute; I was wondering if maybe idk, you could write a fic abt this pairing, cause they give me so much feels 😍 Luv ur writing!

DUDE that ship is set to sail. I have a list of things I need to write at the moment, so it’ll be a while before I can get to them, but I would absolutely write a fic with this pairing. I want to start writing some bts/exo crossover stuff because I really do not understand the fan wars. And this pairing is perfect for it. They’d make such an incredible power couple. Maybe I’ll start a series of one-shots with unusual pairings I’d like to write, because I have a huge list of them. All their interactions in the ISAC photos have me squealing. I wildly support that friendship. Thanks so much!

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Haven’t done art in forever, but promised myself I’d do something creative every day and I’m done with writing for the moment, so have Old Magic Hux. I really wanted to draw his jerkin in it’s entirety but that was very much too ambitious for me atm. :P

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Hi! I know you're a big fan of Deacon and I love him as well (and miss him a lot since the amount of original content is not as large as at was), so I'd love to hear your thoughts about him? What do you think about all the theories on his backstory? If you don't want to post it, I can write you off anon<3

Thanks for the ask!! I’m flattered you wanna know my thoughts on Deacon!! Honestly, the first thing that came to mind when I think of Deacon is that he is my comfort character. Mostly cause I was really sad a moment ago but the thought of Deacon after seeing this ask kinda cheered me up lmao. One time, one of my friends wrote me a comfort fic where Deacon was helping me go through some tough times and it made me feel so much better during a period of time when I was super depressed. So ever since, whenever I feel really down, I like to imagine that Deacon is there beside me giving me some words of encouragement. aaanywayyyy I’m sure that not really what you wanted to hear when you asked this question haha

About Deacon’s backstory, I definitely believe that he telling the truth in the last affinity talk. Though, I am always open to all the speculations and theories about him being from pre-war/survivor from some vault. I don’t really have one specific theory I consider The Official Headcanon for me. I honestly like how mysterious his backstory and his character in general is. The one headcanon that I have about Deacon is that he is ace/aro. Maybe what makes Deacon a wonderful character is that any information about him is so vague and may or may not be a lie so anyone can have their own theories and headcanons about him.

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Ok in my defense I didn't noticed u reblogged the oc questions thingy sorry :( for Alex 41 and 36 and for Maeve 26 and 38

41. What’s their sexuality? What do they find attractive? Physically and mentally? What do they like/need in a relationship?

A: They’re asexual & panromantic. They want a partner who shares their values and someone who they’d be able to have deep conversations with, although something about cute and goofy kind of people appeals to them too. Physically they don’t really care as long as they carry themselves with a certain level confidence. They don’t really feel the need for a relationship though as they’re content by themselves at the moment but if they were to end up in one I think they’d appreciate mutual support and general understanding of each other the most.

36. What are they good at? What hobbies do they like? Can they sing?

A: They’re good at learning and being productive. Their favorite hobbies are chilling out with their friends watching some dumb shit on the tv and when they’re alone they enjoy reading and playing video games the most, they could get lost in a good book or a game for hours. They can’t really sing but that doesn’t stop them from doing it hahah.

26. How do they act when they’re happy? Do they sing? Dance? Hum? Or do they hide their emotions? 

M: She’s definitely the kind of person who doesn’t show her real emotions easily but when she’s happy she’s generally very affectionate and energetic and makes lots of stupid jokes. She can’t sing very well but she does love dancing!

38. What do they admire in others? What talents do they wish they had?

M: She admires sincerity in others because she feels like she lacks in that quality herself. She always wanted to learn how to play an instrument because she loves music but she’s just always given up on it because she’s way too impatient. She also wishes she took actual dance lessons because she mostly just learned all by herself and wishes she was better at it.

Letter: Venreena Thorne (response)

Rayne finally had a moment to let his thoughts calm down, his hands still trembling slightly as he read over the letter. He shook his head, reaching for a piece of parchment and a quill. He’d dip it into the ink and begin writing his response. 

 Mrs. Thorne,

I want to thank you for your help. Your caring heart is more than appreciated in times like these. My plans to adopt Sunny when I turned of age have unfortunately taken a turn for the worst. Im not sure if Cedrick has already told you, or if you have read the courier. But Sunny is no longer with us. He was killed by someone for reasons unknown to me. I wish to donate the money that you and Lord Holt have given me to the orphanage that the children will be moved to. Cedrick is also allowing me to stay within his land, I personally hope that this will give me the push forward that I am in desperate need of. I fear for the worst if I am not able to overcome the guilt and the hatred I’ve come to know over the past twenty four hours. I look forward to seeing you soon and I pray that this letter reaches you in good health. I know that seeing you in person will help lift my spirits. 

 Sincerely, Rayne Jackson

 The letter was littered with wet spots where he was undoubtedly crying. Talking about his friend like this and admitting to himself that he was gone pushed him over the edge. He finished writing the letter and slumped against the nearby wall, letting his grief over take him. He sobbed and began thumping his head against he wall to try and cope. This wasn’t going to be easy. ( @venreenathorne )

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The rules are simple! Post ten characters you’d like to role play as, have role played as, and might bring back. Then tag ten people to do the same (if you can’t think of ten characters, just write down however many you can and tag the same amount of people). Aside from that, please repost instead of reblogging!


Ignis Scientia [FFXV]

Zack Fair [FFVII]


Can’t think of anyone at the moment right now other then bringing some old muses to tumblr but I think that’d be too many blogs


(bolded are favorite)

  • Link from LOZ
  • Red from Pokemon
  • Cloud strife from FFVII
  • Rinoa from FFVIII
  • Yuuri Katsuki from Yuri on Ice
  • Kain Highwind from FFIV
  • Talcott from XV
  • Saizo from Fire Emblem
  • Cid Sophiar from FFXV
  • Cid Highwind from FFVII
  • Nine from FFType 0
  • Sora from KH
  • Riku from KH
  • Terra from Kh
  • Axel/Lea from KH
  • Tseng from FFVII
  • Aerith from FFVII
  • Sesshomaru from Inuyasha
  • Trunks from DBZ
  • Tifa from FFVII
  • Noel from FFXIII
  • Zero from Vampire Knight
  • Hetalia (don’t ask)
  • Naruto from Naruto
  • Minato from Naruto
  • Demyx from Kh
  • Rosette from Chrono Crusade
  • Black canary from DC Comics
  • Noctis from XV
  • Gladiolus from XV
  • Seifer from VIII
  • Gippal from FFX-2
  • Xehanort from KH
  • Eraqus from KH
  • Vanitas from KH
  • Sephiroth from VII
  • Sage from Ronin Warriors
  • Ryo from Ronin Warriors
  • Cain from Starfighter
  • Axis from the comic Teahouse
  • Jumin Han from Mystic Messenger
  • Ryouma from Fire Emblem



I am still playing a bunch of them and would rp any of them on Discord if asked.

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Answer 8 questions, ask 8 people

Answer 8 questions, tag 8 people

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1. last movie I watched: Hidden Figures

2. last song I listened to: “Mechanical Heart,” Beth Hart

3. last book I read: Last book finished = the Einstein biography by Walter Isaacson. Book I’m working on now = The American Heritage Dictionary of Indo-European Roots.

4. last thing I ate: chicken tikka I made myself, only semi-comptently

5. if I could be anywhere right now – Switzerland? IDK. I love to travel and have many dream destinations, but at the moment I’m tired and mostly want to be in bed.

6. where would I want to time travel to – If I’m going back in my own life, I refuse to go back any further than 3 years ago after my dental surgery, because I’m not doing that again. If I have a TARDIS, I’d probably want to go back to the early Roman Empire, preferably in the company of somebody who has good Latin. 

7. fictional character to hang out with for a day – I’m torn. Betty Suarez comes to mind, because she’s so positive and upbeat and fun, but the likelihood of getting trapped in some madcap predicament is very, very high. Charles Xavier would be intimidating, since he’s IN YOUR BRAIN, but if he’s open to answering some questions I have about why I do certain things, okay. If not–you know, let’s go with Wonder Woman. Who doesn’t want to hang with Wonder Woman? 

8. do I like getting tagged in these posts – Mostly yes, but I go through waves of being on here all the time and then skip, like, a month or two, and I probably miss a lot. 

And I hereby tag: 

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Hey, I'm sorry to bother you but I need an advice ;; My tumblr is for the moment mainly about Harry Potter and MysMe, but I kinda wanna go back to animes and all... And at the same time, I'm scared I'm gonna lose some HP followers because my blog would become multi-fandoms.... What should I do ? ;;

honestly i’d say just go for it. it’s your blog, after all, and you can post what you want. don’t care too much about followers because it doesn’t really matter as long as you’re posting what you enjoy

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Name/nickname: Marissa, Mari

Relationship status: Single

Favorite color: Dark colors? Like red, blue, purple, black?

Last song I listened to: Probably something from Hamilton. I’m on a Broadway Musicals binge at the moment

Favorite TV show: I have a lot. Supergirl, Grimm, Agents of Shield, Shadowhunters, every Marvel series on Netflix, and more but I’m too lazy to write them.

First fandom: I want to say Harry Potter

Hobbies: reading, writing, drawing, sleeping, cuddling my dog

Books that I’m currently reading: Girl in Pieces by Kathleen Glasgow

Worst thing I’ve eaten: Soap. I accidentally drank liquid soap when I was little- don’t ask. But food wise I’d have to say fried bananas and papaya. I hate the taste.

Favorite place: Hogwarts? My bed? The park hidden behind my house?

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Relationship status: single and more invested in my OCs love life than my own ha 

Lipstick or Chapstick: none

Last music I listened to: Alone by Viren (i still have it on the loop shh)

Top 3 shows: Friends! Gravity Falls and Ranczo (Polish show)

Top 3 Characters: Dorian Pavus, Morrigan, Sebastian Vael

Top 3 ships: Dorian x Inquisitor (with soft spot for dorxus ofc), Vax x Morrigan, FenFel. Plus all my friends’ ships ;D

Tagging if someone has a spare moment: @bisexualryder, @elidoo, @jessicapendragon, @lafaiette, @thereluctantinquisitor, @littlemissfundip