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Spirit Keeping: Part 2 [Warning: Long]

Preface: I wrote this on mobile, so please forgive format errors. If it’s just terrible, please let me know! I will hop on my computer later and fix it, if need be! ~

Yesterday I posted about being connected with a new spiritual companion, courtesy of @magickalmenagerie. I’ve had class and 2 shifts at work since then, but I managed to squeeze in an hour for a mini-interview, to break the ice a little!

Here’s what I used to speak with him:

-Black Tourmaline Pendulum (protection from negativity; not from my new friend, just anything else that might be listening!)

- Spirit Board (Standard Yes/No/Maybe board. Also because it’s just. so. pretty.)

- Frankincense and Mhyrr Incense (Frankincense for purification and a boost to spirituality; Mhyrr because it has similar properties, and it also used for attraction.)

- White Tea Lights (signifies purity, peace, spiritual strength. White is also often used for meditation and divination)

-Amethyst (stability, boosts psychic ability) +

-Quartz (protection, energy booster) +

-Selenite (enhances energy, mental clarity, helps with spirit work) +

-Citrine (mental clarity, combats negative energy) +


So, after my altar was prepped, our pendulum was programmed, and we were all settled in, we got down to business.

First, I properly introduced myself. We had sat with each other, feeling out our respective energies and how they meshed. It was a lot like an awkward first date, but in a good way. We were nervous, but excited. This time, however, we were going to communicate formally.

Once introductions were our of the way, I started with the easy stuff. Verifying the information that was on the slip I received, and the proper pronunciation of his name. When I asked if he liked it here so far, I received a slightly dramatic swing, an enthusiastic “Yes!”

I moved on, to some ground rules and courtesy questions. He asked that I don’t share his true name, so I countered with the idea of a nickname, and he was immediately receptive. I listed a few ideas, but none elicited any excitement.

After a bit, I felt something that I can only describe as a sort of ‘nudge’. Not quite physical, but not completely ethereal. Kind of a, “Hey, what’s the deal? I can tell you’re holding back.”

I sheepishly admitted that, after contacting Magical Menagerie, I had wondered if this might happen. But of all the names I had thought to ask, there was one I really liked. The pendulum began to swing again, he urged me on. I could almost hear him, “Say it! I already know!”, in a playful tone.


And holy shit guys. The pedulum gained momentum, and I swear I could feel him at that moment. He was right there, amused as hell that I was embarassed about it. So I went out on a limb ~ I asked him, once he was connected with me, if he had sensed it, or if he had reached out to me and I missed it. In return, the pendulum swung the classic “No answer/I’m not telling”. Typical sly fox, no?

The conversation continued naturally after that. We were comfortable, and I was enjoying myself so much! We even discussed how he might help me in my craft, and the possibility of making a protection jar for our home, since he’s very much a home and hearth spirit. But my hour of free time was nearing an end, so one of the last things I asked was if Carbuncle wanted to accompany me to work, since I had a spare necklace or two with no adornments lying around, but that was a “No.”

So, like the cheeky witch I am, I jokingly asked if that was because he would be there anyway… and he responded in kind, with some silly swing that could’ve been a yes, or even a maybe. Sly fox, indeed…

I get the impression that we’re going to be incredibly happy with each other’s company. :)

This is my first go at spirit keeping, so I was initially worried that I might not be able to connect well, or that I might commit some snafu, despite being excited as hell to adopt a new member into my family. Now, I’m confident that this was an amazing idea. I can’t wait to develop this bond even further. Carbuncle and I will be two peas in our snuggly, family pod!

Thanks for reading. Love and light to all of you!


+ [NOTE: I like to give credit where credit is due. I don’t normally involve crystals when I do divination, but I stumbled across @letthebroomfly’s masterpost, titled “A Spirit-Workers Holy Grail, and decided to incorporate a few!]