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Making It Home (Playing House: Part 2)

Author: Mikala

Characters: Clint Barton x Reader

Word Count: About 2,300

Warnings: SMUT OMG SO MUCH SMUT. Like, it’s all smut. Unprotected sex (wrap it up, kiddos). And there’s swearing. 

Author’s Note: Picks up pretty much where Playing House left off. I’m still new to writing smut so I always appreciate feedback! Also, I don’t know where this gif came from (credit to whoever it belongs to!) but can we just take a moment to appreciate this man? Anyway, enjoy!

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“You’re amazing, Y/N, you know that?” Clint’s voice was hushed, coming from the passenger seat. The two of you had just welcomed his cousin Mandy and her husband Jeff home to a very clean house, much to their surprise. It was nice to meet them, since you’d never met any of Clint’s family before. The couple had been sure their kids would destroy the house under Clint’s supervision, and while they were surprised to see you, they had quickly guessed that you had been much of the reason why everything was tidy. In just about an hour of cleaning, not a thing was out of place and there was no trace of a mess anywhere. The only evidence left of the disastrous night was the broken vases, which they had not been upset over at all. With three small kids, you guessed that they frequently ended up with damaged household items.

You glanced over at Clint for a moment before turning your attention back to the road. He had taken a cab to his cousin’s house earlier in the night, so you had offered to drive him home, hoping that his previous offer of “later” still stood. It was past two in the morning, nearing three now, and it was so dark in your car that you could barely make out his profile. You took one hand off of the steering wheel, placing it in his lap. His fingers found yours, weaving them together.

“I wouldn’t say ‘amazing,’ just remarkably gifted at cleaning up your messes,” you finally said, and Clint’s low chuckle sent a tingle up your spine. Shit. In the shadowy confines of your car—so close to him, yet not nearly close enough—everything seemed so much more intimate. It made concentrating on the road significantly more difficult. You squeezed his hand once before releasing it, returning yours to the wheel. Wrecking your car because you couldn’t stop thinking about Clint’s hands on your body would not be a good end to the night.

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EXO Reaction to you not being able to eat in front of others

Oh I have this thing too anon! I used to be okay with it until my friends grew up, hormones came and all of them decided I looked sexy when eating???? Now only mom sees me eat I swear xD Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


*Does the camel thing so no one watches you while you eat*


“You can’t? What do you mean? I just see food and the next moment is in my mouth.. easy like that”


“I can always give you the food mouth to mouth ya know?” *Naughty lil.. sehun*


“And how… how are we going to do it if we want to go somewhere to have dinner? Is there a way I can help you?” *Worried*


*Happiest of them all because you know… he gets to eat your food xD*


*Loves how cute you are and is determined on helping you*


*Teasing you all the time* “Wait wait! Let me take a picture! just kidding, continue eating!”


“Yeah don’t worry… it’s not like I enjoy so much in my life because it’s awesome watching people eating. Don’t worry…”


“What’s the prob…. why are you watching me. it feels weird… okay I got it now…”


“Oh no.. what will I do… I always cook for her.. Does this mean I should stop?” *Having an inner fight*


“You can always solve it with a drink….. just kidding I don’t even drink.. what’s this thing? Are they trying to kill me?”


“I got this… I’ll have you eating… in no time” (…..)

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