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Start Over ➸ Raphael Santiago

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words: 2752


“Y/N?” Raphael’s voice made you turn around, from your examination of the priceless artifacts. You were ready to go off at the douchebag of a vampire, but when you turned to face the leader of the Brooklyn Vampire Clan, however, you gasped.

“Raphael!” He was a wreck, stumbling into his living room with his face half covered in blood that dripped from a cut above his forehead. He collapsed into your arms when you reached him, practically dragging him to the golden couch. As you set him down, you quickly scanned his body for further injuries.

“Raphael, what happened?”

“Werewolves - rogues - not local -” he chokes out, “I-”

“Hush,” you interrupt the vampire and began to wipe the blood away from his face.

“I-I need to go back,” he groans, wincing as he attempts to stand. “Simon.”

“No!” You snap, pushing him back to the couch. “You are in no condition to go anywhere! You can’t even stand!”

“I beg you,” he pleads, “Y/N, I have to, please.”

You pause for a moment, weighing the pros and cons before making a split second decision. “Take what you need,” you breathe, tilting your head so that he can access your neck.

“What?” Raphael’s eyes almost pop out of his head.

“You need my strength,” you explained, moving your hair to expose your neck even more. “You’ll gain it back faster if you drink blood from a live host. Take what you need.” Raphael moans at the smell of your angel blood and leans closer, giving in. You close your eyes when his lips land on your jaw.

“Oh, sweet, sweet, Y/N,” he groans, licking the spot behind your ear before leaving a deep purple hickey. “You smell so sweet, my dear, Y/N.” You can’t help but moan at Raphael’s words. Though he was about to suck your blood, the words coming from his mouth sounded so sensual. He drags his lips back to the area where your skin covers your jugular vein. Raphael takes a deep breath, attempting to restrain himself from plunging his fangs into your neck and draining your body of blood. He just needed some of your strength, not all of it.

“Are you sure, Y/N?” Raphael murmurs to your skin, just above the spot he was planning to bite.

“Yes,” you breathe. And then Raphael is kitten licking the place he means to bite you. You can’t stop the moans and whimpers that you let out as Raphael continues his gentle assault on your skin, leaving hickeys that you knew would last for days.

“So honorable for a shadowhunter, “Raphael murmurs, his tongue massaging your sweet spot. “So ready, so willing to give up your blood for a vampire you barely know.”

“I know you quite well, Raphael Santiago,” you whimper when Raphael sucks another hickey into your collar bone. “Take my blood, vampire. You need it more that I.” Raphael pulls back from your neck to look in your eyes. “Raph…” you began, before the vampire shut you up with a tender kiss.

You whimpered at the gentle desperation behind the kiss. You couldn’t believe this was happening. You were kissing Raphael Santiago, leader of the Brooklyn Vampire Clan. You wanted him to take your blood to replenish his strength. Raphael’s lips quickly became urgent, needy, and then he was pulling away. You whined at the loss of his lips. Raphael’s mouth landed on your neck, sucking, nipping, licking. Raphael could feel his fangs slide out over his bottom lip and he knew he couldn’t control himself for much longer.

“Try not to leave too much of a mark, huh, Santiago?” Your tease turns into a cry when he sank his fangs into your smooth flesh. The two of you moan in sync, the act so sensual that you can’t help it. In a blink of an eye, Raphael’s body is hovering above yours, and he’s letting your blood flood his mouth. He growls, the taste, the smell, the warmth of the angel blood overtakes his senses.

Raphael is now straddling you and unable to to control himself, as he was becoming drunk on your blood. The pain of his bite quickly turning to euphoria, as you grab at the rough material of the couch. Raphael grabs your hands and and pins them above your head. He can feel the strength steadily returning to his body.

“Raph, Raphael, please, oh god,” you’re wriggling underneath Raphael, struggling to free your hands, if only to run them through his hair. Raphael retracts his fangs from your neck and pulls away.

“Oh, so sweet, my love,” Raphael husks, licking the blood that dripped down his lips and chin. In an a moment of confidence, you lean forward and run your tongue along his jaw, catching a dribble of blood running down his chin. Raphael runs his own red tongue along your lips, and kissing you again.

You were crying out, mewling against his hair. He was a vampire for God’s sake, he was sucking your blood, and all you want was for him to-

Your breath sped up, and your heart as well. Your accelerated heart rate only made your blood flow faster into Raphael’s mouth and he could feel the strength rapidly returning to his body. You whined and moaned, grinding up into Raphael’s hips.

Your body began to feel limp. Raphael took so much blood. The world was beginning to spin, your vision becoming blurry.

“Raph,” you whisper, falling to the side, “Raph, stop, you can’t. You can’t. Raphael. Raph.”

Raphael was so caught up in drinking from your blood that he wasn’t listening to anything but your moans and whimpers. You bite your lip, high on euphoria, but needing him to stop before he drains you. Your hands manage to escape Raphael’s grip but he just takes hold of your head to keep you in place. Your fist thumps weakly against Raphael’s chest. “Raph…” you trailed off as your world began to dim. “Raph… stop.” Raphael payed no heed to your pleas. Perhaps he didn’t hear you. “Raphael…”

With that, your world went dark.


Raphael noticed something was off as soon as you fell quiet and your body went limp. Without a second thought, Raphael slides his fangs back into his mouth and he releases your neck from his mouth.

“Y/N, amor, my love…” Raphael trails off when he sees your body lying limp on the golden couch, blood running down your neck. “No!” he gasps. “No, no, no, no, no, please, Y/N. Please, no.” Raphael picks your body up in his arms, cradling you close to his chest. He ignores the blood dribbling from his chin onto your face, only focused on what he’d done. He almost drained you body of blood, and now you’re passed out in his arms because he lost control. Damn him and damn his hunger.

“No, no, please, I didn’t mean to,” he whispered, cradling your body to his chest. He knew he had to take you the Institute. As much as he despised the other Shadowhunters, and as much as he knew that they might just stake him through the heart, he knew that they were the only ones that could help you.


Alarms started going off as soon as Raphael stepped onto the Institute grounds. It hadn’t been 5 seconds before Alec Lightwood had an arrow pointed at Raphael’s face.

“Help her,” Raphael husks, before Alec can get a word out. Raphael is cradling you in his arms, not even caring that your blood is dripping onto his jacket. Alec’s face twists in anger when he sees your limp form. By this time, Simon had returned, unharmed to the hotel, but Raphael’s only care was you, the unconscious girl in his arms.

“What have you done?” Alec whispers in horror, reaching for you in Raphael’s arms. Raphael tightens his grip on you and backs away slightly, causing Alec to glare at him. “WHAT. HAVE. YOU. DONE?!” Alec roars, damn near releasing the arrow from his bow straight through Raphael’s throat.

Raphael would have smirked at Alec’s frustration had he not been worried for your safety. “I-I didn’t mean to,” Raphael rasps, tone pleading for the oldest Lightwood to believe him. “Please, just help her.” His breath hitches as he realizes the full extent of what he’s done when his ears hone in on your heart beat and he hears how slow it is. And that’s when he knew, that he could never forgive himself.


“I’m so sorry, I never meant for this to happen.”

“You hurt her. You drank her blood. How could you do something like that?”

“I swear, I didn’t mean to. I, I couldn’t control myself.”

“Then learn to! You’re always telling me I need to be able to control my bloodlust, and you can’t do the same! And now Y/N is hurt and in pain because you almost drained her!”

“I’m sorry!”

“You should be.”


You awoke, blinking slowly as your eyes adjusted to the dim light. You closed your eyes again for a moment before letting yourself open them again. The first thing you notice is that you’re in the infirmary. The second thing is that Raphael was at your side. He’s sleeping beside you, with your hand grasped tightly in his own. Raphael looks so peaceful, a nice change from his usual cold expression. His face is relaxed, lips parted, and his eyes moved underneath his eyelids every so often. You watched Raphael in his slumber for what seemed like forever.

Slowly, Raphael’s eyes flickered open and focused on you. As soon as he comprehends that you’re awake, his face breaks out into a silly smile. The mischievous glimmer that was usually in his eyes was replaced by relief.

“Y/N.” Raphael stands and hovers over you. The hand that is not holding yours cups your face with such tenderness that you didn’t think that the heartless (literally) vampire was capable of. “How do you feel, mi amor?”

You croak out an answer, and before you can blink, Raphael is gone and back with a glass of water. He takes your hand again and puts the glass of water in your other hand. After the cold water washes the parchment-like feel from your throat, you answer Raphael’s question.

“I’m alright,” you say softly. “My neck is a little sore-”  

“That would be my fault.”

“-how long was I out?”

Raphael scratches the back of his neck nervously. “3 days?” he says in a questioning tone. You’re eyes almost pop out of your head.

“3 da-” you fall back onto your pillow and place you free hand over your eyes. “Fuck.” Raph grins at your reaction, almost forgetting his guilt. Almost. You notice his troubled expression as he drops his eyes down to your intertwined hands. “Raph?” you say in a quiet voice, tilting his face upwards with a hand. He doesn’t meet your gaze. “It’s not your fault, you know. It’s hard for Downworlders to-”

“Resist angel blood, I know,” Raphael sighs as he squeezes your hand, before letting it drop to the mattress of the infirmary bed and stood up, facing away from you. He runs his hands through his hair, with was all tousled up from the amount of times he had already done that.  “But this was something else entirely. This-this was what I tell Simon he can’t do. I-I lost control of my bloodlust. I can’t afford that to happen. I’m the leader of the Brooklyn Vampire Clan for Christ’s sake!” Raphael winced when he said and you couldn’t help but let the corner of your mouth tilt upwards. Raphael glares at you playful as you snort out a laugh. “You think my pain is funny do you?” he growls.

“‘Lil bit,” you shrugged, amused. “But seriously, it’s not your fault, Raph. It’s in your nature, don’t blame yourself.” When Raphael’s expression turned to one of disbelief, you immediately regretted your words. “Raphael, that’s not what I-”

“Meant?” Raphael’s face contorted in anger, “Right. Because I’m just another Downworlder. Because it’s in my nature.”

“Raph, please, I-”

“Save it, Y/N,” Raphael sneers and puts a hand up to stop you from continuing, “Just, forget about it. Why don’t you just rest up and get back to hunting Downworlders. After all, it’s in your nature, isn’t it?”


3 months later


You shrugged your black leather jacket off your shoulders and threw it onto the chair in the corner of your room. As you peeled off your black tank top, balled it up, and threw it into the laundry basket (making a perfect shot might I add), you caught a glimpse of yourself in the full length mirror by your wardrobe (Izzy idea, not yours). You sighed as you noticed the deep purple bags underneath your eyes. You can’t help but laugh out loud when you catch sight of the two fang shaped scars on your throat. That’s all you have to remember him by. A scar and absolutely no sleep. Well done, Y/N, well done. You didn’t bother to put on a shirt as you changed from your tight skinny jeans into a pair of leggings.

Tonight’s mission was worse than others. You kept seeing glimpses of Raphael while at Pandemonium. At first you passed it off as hallucinations, after all, you hadn’t been get much sleep for the past 3 months. And then you saw him, a human girl in his lap, and he was whispering into her ear, fangs flashing every so often. Enough was enough, you left the club immediately after you part in the mission was up, pausing only giving Magnus Bane a message to give to Alec. And then you headed straight back to the Institute.

You collapsed onto your bed as memories - happy memories - of Raphael flew around your head. No tears fell, you were numb at this point. Numb with pain. There was nothing left for you to do anymore except for wait for you to get over him. Wait for it to go away. Wait until you stopped seeing Raph’s disbelieving and hurt face every time you close your eyes. You began to drift off into a sort of waking dreams, half-sleep, that had taken over in the stead of sleep since Raphael left.

“Y/N! There’s something outside you need to see. Get the fuck up, Y/N! You have to see this.” Alec showed you no mercy as he grabbed your arm and dragged you out of bed. It wasn’t weird for any of the Shadowhunters at the Brooklyn Institute to see each other like this, they were practically family. So if anyone had a problem with Alec dragging you through the halls, half asleep, in just leggings and a sports bra, no one said anything. Alec pulled you along until you reached the main entrance to the Institute, opened the door and shoved you out in front of him.

“What the actual fuck, Alec?” you yawned and rubbed your eyes, irritated that Alec had woken you from what had seemed was about to be the only real good night’s sleep you’d have gotten for about 3 months and maybe the only one you would get for the next 6. The slam of the Institute’s door brought you to your senses that Alec had locked you out. And without your stele, you couldn’t get in unless someone let you in. “Fucking hell Alexander.”

The sound of someone clearing their throat caused you to turn away from the door to the marble stairs, pale pink rose petals littering the steps, all the way down to the bottom. And that is where Raphael stood, in his leather jacket, face pale as ever, and a bouquet of flowers in his hand. Your mouth dropped open and you covered it with your hand.

A small, sheepish smile spread of Raphael’s face at your reaction. As you slowly descended the marble stairs “So I was thinking…” he began. “Maybe we could start over?” As you finally reached him, he held out the bouquet of flowers. You take them from his hand and gently place them on the steps. Your noses are almost touching as Raphael whispers, “Raphael Santiago.”

You laugh through tears as you say, “Y/N Y/L/N, a pleasure.” Raphael takes your hand and brings it up to his mouth, cold lips ghosting over the back of your hand as he replies, “I assure you, Ms. Y/L/N, the pleasure is all mine.”

The Price to Pay / Jace Wayland

So it’s not that good and I slightly changed the amnesia part but I hope you like it

Words: 1825

(Y/N) felt wrong. 

That was the only way she could put it. 

Uncomfortable. Vaguely in pain. Wrong.

Opening her eyes she was surprised to see a pair of yellow-green feline eyes staring down at her. “Finally,” he mumbled in relief, muttering something else under his breath. Something in the room shifted and he must had seen the confusion and concern in your face. “Nothing to be concerned about,” he said softly. “Just some nice little spells to heal you up.”

“Heal me up?” you questioned, your voice scratchy and unrecognisable.

His face practically screamed sympathy as he gently patted your knee, “I’ll let the others explain.”

“Others?” you questioned, your head starting to pound.

The man’s face screwed up at your words, you only notice now that his eyes had become a dark brown. “Who am I?” he demanded.

You run your eyes across his face, trying to sense if there’s a single trace of familiarity about him. “The doctor?” you guess, though doubt laced your words as you took in his attire. 

“I see,” he sighed. He moved closer and took something from the side table before looking back down at you. “Try and drink,” he suggested, gently pushing the glass towards you. 

You felt weak. Weaker than you had ever been as you tried to lift your arm and take hold of the glass. You weren’t sure what your expression conveyed to him, but he merely placed the glass by you lips and slowly began to tip it.

 “You should rest,” he said quietly, a slight echo filling the room as he placed the glass back in its original position. “I’ll be back soon.”

“What’s your name?” you asked him quietly, your eyes already shut and your body drifting of to sleep.

“Magnus.” His voice was quiet and you sensed and heard pain in his voice as he told you. 

The voices in your room caught your attention and you were pulled from your slumber. You weren’t sure how long you had been out but the room had seemed to have gotten darker since you had last opened your eyes.

“-understand. Can you fix it?” a firm voice demanded.

Your sight was unfocused and you try to blink away the distortion. “Where am I?” 

Your voice came out quiet and raspy-you didn’t like how you sounded.

The conversation halted and felt eyes on you. You couldn’t see anyone, your attention not moving from the ceiling-afraid of hurting your head again. 

“You’re awake,” that same voice you had heard above the others, it no longer sounded strong and challenging.

“So it would appear,” you mumbled, shifting slightly to get comfortable. 

You heard a snort, while it was not necessarily the epitome of femininity you could tell it was a woman. 

Your head fell to the right slightly and as you had assumed, there was a woman in the room. You knew her. You couldn’t quite place her, but you knew her.

“I’m so glad you’re awake,” the girl told you, tears pooling in her eyes. 

An action, you decided, that you didn’t like. “Don’t cry,” you insisted. 

“I’ll try.”

Before you could stop her, she had practically launched herself on you, jumping on to your bed and clinging on to your body. You let a pained groan exit your lips but you don’t push her away.

Ignoring the searing pain that travelled through your body, you let her embrace you-wanting to do the same to her, but couldn’t find the strength. 

“Izzy!” the man scolded, “careful!”

You let out a small sob at her name, “Isabelle,” you mumbled. “Parabatai. Sister.”

Izzy only held you tighter, “I love you (Y/N),” she told you. “But if you ever put me through this again, I swear…”

“I’ll keep that in mind.”

Slow footsteps caught your attention, shifting your head you find a man-that was not Magnus, who you decided had been the one reprimanding your friend. 

Your eyes travel the length of his body, taking everything about him in. “Hi,” you whisper, unsure what to say. 

Amusement dances across his face for a slit second, “Hi.”

Izzy slowly, reluctantly, released her grip. “I’m going to go find Alec,” she announced, wiping her eyes as she slid off the bed.

“Alec,” you whispered, trying to dig through your brain. The dark haired girl and the blond boy frowned at your lack of recognition. 

Magnus said something to them that you couldn’t hear. Your eyes were locked on the man who now stood over you, the world seeming to fade away. The pain and disbelief he couldn’t hide that was etched into his face made your stomach turn. 

You weren’t sure how much time had passed that you had spend in silence, only staring at one another. You sensed that the others had left moments ago to give the pair of you some privacy. 

His eyes seemed to turn cold as something unrecognisable flashed across his face, “You have no idea who I am, do you?” he asked, his tone dull almost. 

“I-” you cut yourself off. Not sure how to word what you wanted to say. “I do,” you began. “But…I can’t.”

He didn’t bother masking his confusion, “What do you mean?” he asked, sitting on the edge of your bed. You didn’t shift away or ask him to move, instead you slowly turned on your side so you could see him better.

“I know who you are,” you said firmly. “I remember training with you as a child and growing up with you…but then my mind gets foggy. Not only with you,” you insisted, trying to reassure him.

“You remembered Izzy,” he sighed.

“She’s my parabatai,” you reasoned. “We’re connected. It…it makes sense I remember her.”

He closed his eyes, before he had you caught a glimpse of raw emption you assumed he didn’t want you to see. “Right.” He stood from the bed, about to walk out but you let out a sound of protest that took you both by surprise. He turned on his heel to look you over, “What’s wrong?” he questioned. 

You could feel the heat rise to your cheeks as you shook your head. “Nothing…I just…Don’t go,” you requested.

He seemed to be fighting with himself until he finally shook his head weakly, “I can’t. Not now. I’ll be back soon,” he promised. “I just need some time.”

The man apologised quietly before making his way out of the room, stalking past Izzy who had returned with another male you assumed was Alec. 

“What’s wrong with Jace?” 

“Jace,” you whispered to yourself, testing the name out on your tongue. Jace. 

Magnus had assured you that your memory would return and that it was only a temporary issue and he was right. The longer you spent chatting with Izzy the more the puzzle in your mind was being pieced together.

“Jace hasn’t returned,” you say to your closest friend.

She offered a sad smile, “I know, sweetie. But he will.”

“How are you so sure?”

She only shook her head, “You really don’t remember him?”

You take a deep breath, “I do, I just…there are gaps. Between time, between memories. The moment I start piecing together something I remember something else and it all just gets piled up into one big mess in my head,”

“You’ll realise it soon.”

“Realise what?” Izzy only gave you a sly wink in response.

Magnus had returned later to usher Izzy out of the room not long after.

Lying in bed, alone in your room…you became bored really quickly. You decided you wanted to take a walk around the institute. You hadn’t really been out of bed since you woke from what you had been informed was a coma. You didn’t remember getting injured so bad, but you didn’t want to bring it up with your friends, sensing their attitude towards it.

As you were halfway out of bed, your bare feet touching the floor under the bed you were trying to get yourself up off, you heard a small groan from the doorway. You turn your head to find Jace gripping the bridge of his nose.

“You shouldn’t be getting up.”

You had frozen, suddenly overwhelmed by nerves. “I got bored,” you admitted.

“I figured you would.” You were momentarily blinded with dizziness as you pushed yourself off the bed so you could face him. “Steady there,” he mumbles, moving to you swiftly, wrapping an arm around your waist to keep you balanced.

The slight contact of his skin against your bare arm was enough to warm your entire body. You breath hitched as he slid his hand to your lower back.

“You should get back into bed,” he whispered, his breath fanning the top of your head. You didn’t reply, you let him lift you back on to the surface only a step away from where you stood. 

Jace pulled the covers over your legs and positioned you so you were sitting up. “Thank you,” you said quietly. 

His smile made your heart thump rapidly in your chest, “You’re welcome.”

“Jace,” you sighed, his body tensed as his name passed your lips. “Will you tell me more about us?” you questioned. “I only remember slithers…I can’t put them all together myself.”

“What did you want to know?” he asked, his voice tight-as if it was a struggle to get out the words.


The man was silent for a moment, unsure where to begin most likely. You thought he was about to deny your request when he made a move for his pocket.

Gripping something in his fist, he took your hand in his-laying it flat and open against this palm. He dropped something small and cold into it and shut your hand so you were clasping it in your fist. 

“I think this might explain a lot,” he informed you, never once taking his eyes off you. 

Hesitantly, he removed his grip from you and watched as you eagerly unwound your fingers to find a wedding band in your hold.

You couldn’t form a reply as he took the ring from your open palm and slid it wordlessly on your finger. You admired the way it fit perfectly on you-like was made just for you. It was made just for you.

“I-” you cut yourself off. “We-” He nods and sits on the edge of the bed, like he had done hours ago. 

“We’re married and very much in love, (Y/N),” he said with a smile. 

Your expression soon matched his, “That makes me happy,” you admit.

His laugh made you feel dizzy-but in the best way possible. “That’s a good sign,” he commented. 

“I’m sorry I can’t remember it all yet,” you told him to which he only shook his head.

“Don’t be, it’s not your fault. You will remember,” he declared. “And we’ll get on with life.”

You reached out an arm and slipped your hand in his, “I know,” you agreed. 

set up

alec lightwood x reader

word count: 646

warning: swearing

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Clary Fray x Reader:  Just Let Me Explain

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 “Please, stay with me. I can’t lose you, please.” (Found from @sparkingstoryinspiration (This one’s more angsty)

A/N: I’ve been wanting to write a Clary fic for awhile. Let me know how you guys like it. Also updates might be a little slower now because school started (and I’m mostly in AP/Honors classes so it’s a lot of work/stress). This is really long, so the rest is under the cut.

I used she/he/they pronouns to describe the reader. 

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