and in that moment i knew my english teacher is the best english teacher walking on this planet

“I’m calling Hufflepuff.”

“Park Jimin.” The professor by the sorting hat calls, almost instantly after the previous student departs from the stand to join an energetic Ravenclaw table.

“Park? Is that his first name?” A student asks, to which another replies, “no- he’s Korean, they put the family name first. Idiot.”

“Well sorry- how did you know that anyways?”

“Spoke’ to him on the train. It was pretty hard but we figured out a spell to help translate. He can barely speak a lick of English, except some slang, which is very funny when he’s being dramatic.” The other student explains, tucking a stray strand of hair behind her ear as the girls she’s talking to nods.

“He’s super friendly and likes to talk, he must be a Hufflepuff.”

“That’s an arbitrary assumption, houses don’t work like that!”

“That’s a ridiculously big word, and sure they do!” The girl stomps back, angrily.

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