and in only one serial

Comments from Skam’s official website under some of the clips in season 3.

okay i found this kinda funny. since we’re in the beginning of a new season and we speculate on what’s gonna happen next, i went back to read the comments on some of the early clips on season 3 and thought i’d translate some. (if you don’t bother to read the long comments i’ve bolded the best part.) btw my absolute fav is X’s comment on the Ikke vær frekk clip omfggg

CLIP 3 EPISODE 1: Går ned på chicks:

hvor er først? (where is first?) wrote:
Sana and Eva seems hostile? Wonder what Isak used his rent on. Why doesn’t Jonas try to get an entry pass to try and look, (for the weed at eva’s) since Isak is met with an icefront. The season opens with so many questions that i’m going insane. Anyone else got the impression that Eskild was keen on Isak, but Isak wasn’t on Eskild?

Mari wrote:
handsome guy Isak spotted!!!

Ole Brum wrote:
I think Isak is actually not gay

gjesp wrote:
hope it doesn’t get this boring the whole season

Selima wrote:
OMG ATTENTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Noen (somebody) wrote:
Isak looked at a boy. HE’S IN LOVE OMG.

randomhoe wrote:
bruh, Isak is booooooring, this whole season is gonna be boring, think about it. William quit and now “ISAK” that little cute guy has the main role?

CLIP 4 EPISODE 1: Kose-gruppa:

Evak 4 life wrote:
I bet that Isak and Even are gonna get together, I ship them, Evak (heartemoji). But I swear if Even is using Isak to get to Vilde then I swear I’ll be really mad. They are so cute together.

Mari wrote:
what was the deal with the paper towels Even took?

Kjedelig bruuuh? (boring bruuuh?) wrote:
I honestly think season 3 has been boring, I miss Noora and William.

CLIP 5 EPISODE 2: Grindr:

Hei wrote:
Now I think some of these comments are being too negative. This season is probably gonna be just as good or even better than season 1 and 2.

Zwup wrote:
Isak is bi and unsure, he’s curious about boys.

Anna wrote:
am I the only one who deep inside hopes Isak and Emma are gonna end up together?

Cath wrote:
I think it’s building up to that Isak is gonna believe/think/hope Even is gay, with support from Eskild’s comment on blowjob. And then Isak dare to either fall in love or hit on Even. Then he’ll be rejected and hurt and it’ll be stress and drama, cause Even isn’t gay. The moral to Andem must be to show that no hints can show who a person truly are, and through Isak we’ll learn this. I think Even and Emma are gonna fall for each other, and Isak will get a real downfall before he falls for another boy.

slitsomt wrote:
(some stuff about how boring it was that people loved Noora and William the instant they talked, and doesn’t like that people did the same with Isak and Even and) I rather hope that Isak “thinks” he likes Even and that Eskild supports Isak both against his christian parents and so on, and in the end they’ll fall in love because Eskild was always there for Isak. If Even and Isak ends up together it’ll be to obvious.

Snopet wrote:
I think Eskild and Isak will end up a couple. In the end Noora probably comes home from London and it’s over between her and William.

vet ikke (don’t know) wrote:
is Isak gay? or does he like girls?

Nila wrote:
the show sets up to that Isak is gonna come out of the closet, but I guess Julie Andem is gonna fool us all in the end. He’s not gay after all.


lille my wrote:
I think they are charging up to season 4 already, sana <3<3

H wrote:
already better than season 2, feels good to finally have the real Skam back on after the Sahara of dry excitement last season.

UREALISTISK (unrealistic) wrote:
who the FUCK is dumb enough to take it (the weed) with them to school? not sana at least. Skam seriously?

Even er ikke intr (Even is not interested) wrote:
I think Even seems slick…. I’m sure he’s just gonna get Isak in trouble… and IT’S NOT gonna be Isak and Even.. Even seems obviously interested in girls,,, the way he looks at them and dig. It looks like he’s more interested in Vilde, nobody has noticed or commented on this? (and that thing about that somebody is gonna die.. Skam is going to a new level.. GOOD episode!)

Isak, Emma, Even :) wrote:
anyone else who thinks Isak should go down on chicks? maybe Emma?

CLIP 7 EPISODE 2: Ikke vær frekk:

X wrote:
This is starting to look more and more like Twilight. The stare between Isak and Even. Even’s hairstyle. The music that is being used. And even tho Even’s stare lasted to long I have to say that the director is getting some “inspiration” from the Twilight-movies. It’s like they met at the writers table and said “what if Twilight was about two boys instead of a boy and a girl?”. because Even is almost pale enough to play a metrosexual vampire.

lol wrote:
I thought season 3 was gonna be shit actually. but it’s alot better than before tbh XD

M wrote:
if Skam keeps this up Baz Luhrmann is gonna be able to sue NRK for copyright infringement. Fair enough with some Romeo and Juliet references but yeez, calm down.

When people think every Mario game is a rehash:

When people think Mario, Zelda and Pokemon are the only thing Nintendo has:

When people think Mario hates Luigi:

When people think Mario sucks because “he only saves a princess”:

When people accuse Mario of promoting animal fur clothing:

When people think Mario is a serial killer only because one of the instruction manuals says the coin blocks used to be Toads:

yesterday was national sibling day

Cross-referencing the skull’s colour in different scenes

So, I made a compilation of all the times the skull changes colour over the course of Season Four to see if there was any correlation between the different uses.

I couldn’t come up with anything other than the usual speculations related to Sherlock’s health/mental state, using information from the past/future/”forwards or backwards” etc., so it’d be really interesting to hear other people’s thoughts!



  • Lestrade talking to John and Sherlock about the death of that kid who dressed up as a car seat. (Never thought I’d be typing that sentence.)
  • Sherlock making up the story about Mr Kingsley’s wife being an undercover spy, working for Moriarty and planning to drug the president in order to start WWIII.
  • Lestrade is back at 221b with another smashed Thatcher bust.
  • In 221b after the pool scene with Ajay. Lestrade arrives and tells Sherlock that Scotland Yard couldn’t find him. Sherlock says he can’t have gotten far.


  • First scene with Faith as a client in 221b.
  • Wiggins saying “They brought you here. You’ve had too much and that’s me saying that.”
  • Second shot of Sherlock walking up the walls in 221b. While monologuing about serial killers. “They’re always poor and lonely and strange. But those are only the ones we catch.” - “Who do we catch?” - “Serial killers.”
  • Third shot of Sherlock walking up the walls in 221b. After Culverton Smith says “Anyone.” + “What if you had the compulsion to kill and money. What then?”
  • Sherlock surrounded by pictures of Culverton Smith and yelling Shakespeare.
  • John confessing that he cheated on Mary.


  • Second half of Mycroft as a client in 221b. After Mycroft tells Sherlock that he told their parents that Eurus was dead after she supposedly died in a second fire she started at some sort of mental institution. Then onwards to talk about Sherrinford.
  • The drone scene.
  • The final 360 montage, with Mary’s voiceover.



  • Scene with the client with the “Cardiac Arrest” case as part of the case-solving montage at the beginning of the episode. A man kills strangles his own brother to death but doesn’t remember it because his heart medication causes bouts of amnesia.


  • First shot of Sherlock walking up the walls in 221b. After John says Sherlock’s name. Ominous music playing.
  • Final shot of Sherlock walking up the walls in 221b. Sherlock falling back to the couch unconscious.


  • First scene in 221b with Mycroft as a client, going to sit in the client’s chair. Telling the story of Eurus.



  • John, Mycroft, and Mrs Hudson are at 221b while Sherlock is about to be murdered in Culverton’s hospital.

One of the only photos taken of Ian Brady and Myra Hindley in court.

The killer couple went on trial for the murders of five children in the Manchester area. Both plead not guilty to all charges and were very cold under cross-examination.

The only humanity Myra Hindley exhibited was when a tape she and Brady recorded was played to the coury. Little Leslie Ann Downey had been abducted from a fairground by the couple, and they recorded her cries and pleas for mercy - many seasoned officers broke down crying as the tape was played. Afterwards, when asked how the tape made her feel, Hindley sobbed “I feel ashamed”.

SPN Horror

So I had this really weird thought that the Supernatural cast should do a horror movie, playing themselves. Like, one of them is the serial killer, and only that person knows they’re the serial killer. And they’re stuck in this abandoned mansion deep in the woods, with no way out.

So, like, the killer starts with Felicia, or maybe Osric. Everyone is blaming each other, especially J2, Jeffery, and Mark P. Half way through the movie, with most of the cast dead, J2 dies. Now Jeffery and Mark P are being blamed (mostly Mark, because he’s a trained fighter), because it seems like they’re the only two strong enough to take down J2 at the same time.

Skip to the end of the movie, and only R2, the Marks, and Misha are left. Mark S. dies, followed closely by Misha. R2 and Mark are left, sitting in the living room of this abandoned mansion, giving each other dirty looks. Rob stands up and leaves the room, motioning to Rich to follow him.

A shot rings out, causing Mark to stand up and head towards the room R2 went to. Only Rob walks out, a gun in his hand. “I’m sorry, Mark.” Rob says as he raises the gun. Then the screen goes black as another shot rings out, a body hitting the floor as credits roll up the screen.

  • The bloopers are them messing up during their death scenes
  • Rob possibly freaking out when he gets told he’s the killer
  • Rob actually getting scared while filming
  • Everyone getting surprised when they find out that Rob was the killer
  • Short, scared of everything Rob Benedict as the killer
  • Everyone suspecting Mark P. to be the killer
  • Or maybe one or both of J2 as the killer

These are just the ones I found, if you have any other please send me a link and I’ll add it to the list!


Inside Edition (Nancy Glass):

part 1
part 2
audio - just Jeffrey+ parts of the interview that were not in the video

MSNBC (Stone Phillips)

audio - just Jeffrey speaking

Interview with Roy Ratcliff - the man who baptized Jeffrey Dahmer


Lionel and Shari Dahmer on Larry King

part 1
part 2

Interviews with detective Patrick Kennedy:

number 1
number 2
number 3


Dahmer (2002)

youtube version

The Secret Life: Jeffrey Dahmer (1993)

part 1
part 2
part 3
part 4
part 5
part 6
part 7
part 8
part 9
part 10

Raising Jeffrey Dahmer (2006)

try netflix or itunes or just google it

Dahmer vs Gacy (2010)

don’t waste your time. seriously it’s really bad


The Jeffrey Dahmer Files (2012)

it’s on netflix (also on the piratebay) -It’s really good!

A&E  -Jeffrey Dahmer: The Monster Within (1996)

youtube version


It’s very similar, but I don’t think it’s the same as A&E

part 1
part 2
part 3
part 4
part 5

Twisted (2010?)

youtube version

To Kill and Kill Again (late 90s)

youtube version

Everyman/Profile of a Serial Killer

youtube version


part 1
part 2

I have no idea what this is called, but whatever here it is:

part 1
part 2
part 3
part 4

Mystery of a Serial Killer

part 1
part 2
part 3
part 4

Robert Ressler - The Man Who Lives With Serial Killers

part 5 - the only one mentioning Jeffrey


Home video (1990)

youtube version

Childhood videos and pictures

youtube version

Full Trial

youtube version

The Jeffrey Dahmer Song (I just think it’s funny)

youtube version

More EMP Evidence ft. the Fucky Skull.

Holy shit. So I’m rewatching TLD for the one billionth time focusing on the set and background significance, as you do, and I’m freaking out????

Basically in the scene where Sherlock has his meltdown on the bridge and then finds himself in the middle of the street, only to have Wiggins tell him he’s actually in 221b, we get the spinning around on the ceiling scene and the skull is just going nuts. So much happens at once that I didn’t think about it take by take, but now that I’m really going over it … I have some thoughts.

Here’s a basic breakdown:

When we first see Sherlock slam into the wall, the skull painting glows white.

Then we get a shot of Culverton Smith who I see as being the physical manifestation of Sherlock’s self-loathing and suicidal thoughts + a dark!John mirror, saying “kill” and slamming a big red button. And another one of him making a “w” with his hands, winning some sort of charity race.

Then, in the background you can literally hear hospital alarms start clanging and John’s voice saying Sherlock’s name.

And we get another shot of Culverton again shutting down a store on his show Business Killer with a “Sorry! We’re CLOSED” sign.

Then the soundtrack abruptly kicks with these really ominous, feverish strings of like, impending doom, and the skull has changed to a dark magenta/maroon-ish colour.

Then we get a shot of Culverton laughing and saying “anyone” and Molly’s voice echoing the “anyone” from the “he’d have anyone but you” scene.

So … Sherlock’s on the brink of death — and his self-loathing and suicidal thoughts are goading him into just letting go because John would literally have anyone but him. (Yikes™.)

It’s also quite interesting because Culverton doing this is similar to what Moriarty does to Sherlock in HLV, telling him that he just needs one more push because no one will bother him when he’s dead. “Off you pop.” (Which also happens to be what Culverton says while strangling Sherlock in hospital.) But the thing is, Moriarty also ends up being the one to say “John Watson is definitely in danger,” waking Sherlock up. Whereas Culverton really just wants Sherlock dead.

So … Maybe in the end Sherlock’s more of a threat to himself than Moriarty is. Just something to think about. I feel like TLD in general is Sherlock overcoming his suicidal thoughts that lead to his overdose in the first place — because even though Mycroft says that he estimates Sherlock would be dead in six months in Eastern Europe, obviously Sherlock knows Mycroft wouldn’t actually let him die. (”Your loss would break my heart” etc.,) Sherlock just doesn’t want to live anymore.

Back to the scene: Next shot we see, Sherlock’s standing on the ceiling again, but this time the skull is glowing bright white again.

While this is happening Sherlock begins to monologue about serial killers: “They’re always poor, and lonely, and strange — but those are only the ones we catch.” - “Who do we catch?” - “Serial killers. But if you were rich and powerful and necessary … What if you had the compulsion to kill and money? What then?”

A shot of Culverton in 221b:

And then the skull has changed literally within two shots back to being magenta/maroon as Sherlock collapses onto the couch, unconscious. End scene.

The way the skull is changing so rapidly in this scene … Surely there’s some sort of correlation between the darker skull painting and the lighter one. But I have no idea what it is. Possibly it represents how deep Sherlock is into his dream? Or whether information is drawing upon the past or completely fabricated?

We know from Billy the skull that the skulls in 221b act as Sherlock mirrors, so it’s likely that the painting is linked to his state somehow. This along with the fact that when Sherlock goes to commit suicide in Culverton’s hospital the skull painting is pitch black, which is probably the biggest tell represents him being in danger.

The thing is, I’ve made a list of every time the skull painting changes over the course of Season 4 and whatever correlation there is, it must be incredibly subtle because I can’t see any obvious connections. 

It’s seems like … Events are happening all at once. Or happening over and over again in parallels, becoming more and more distorted. Like there’s a fixed timeline or something of physical events that have to occur.

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reasons to go watch the bletchley circle right now

the bletchley circle is a 2012 british miniseries and it is fucking rad if you love stories about code cracking and lady friendships and murder mysteries

first of all, the premise: four women who worked as bletchley park codebreakers during wwii are trying to live civilian lives 9 years later—until one catches the trail of a london serial killer.

it has:

  • badass ladies
  • ladies protecting ladies
  • younger ladies older ladies all badass ladies
  • fucking intelligent ladies who used to crack foreign military codes and no one has a clue because they were sworn to secrecy
  • ladies battling not only a serial killer but also 1950s sexism
  • seriously when one goes to the police with a wicked smart lead the police are like “that’s nice but i have to get back to my men”
  • so they go off on their own
  • and one’s husband thinks they’re gathered for book club and he’s like “i bet you’re really gossiping” and they’re like “ha ha you got us” and he leaves and they’re like “okay pull up the railway maps let’s catch a fucking serial killer”
  • turns the serial killer killing women trope on its side by having women be the ones fighting to stop him while men are pretty much useless
  • so much suspense you’ll probably shit yourself
  • gorgeous title sequence, cinematography, production design

look at these ladies

ladies getting shit done

seriously, give it a shot. the first season’s only 3 eps so it’s like indulging in an epic 3-hour movie. i know it’s on netflix, feel free to add/let me know where else you can find it.

[warnings for attempted rape/referenced rape and domestic violence]

@totallyaccurateaot replied to your post: “Seungbae is not in the right here”:

But like… He’s trying to catch a serial killer? He’s trying to catch a bad person?? If he doesn’t another innocent person might die????

Yeah he’s on the trail of a serial killer. We, the readers, know this. But lets consider the canon facts. 

Yang Seungbae has had three interactions with Oh Sangwoo. First, he was introduced to him by Officer Park. He gets a bad vibe from Sangwoo here and we see a few scenes later that Seungbae has looked over the case of Sangwoo’s parent’s murder and believe that he might have killed them. Because he thinks the break in looks staged. 

Second, he comes across Sangwoo after the car accident. He seems fine here until Seungbae realizes who he is. 

Third, when he sees Bum’s foot and gets into Sangwoo’s house. He finds nothing. 

So before this victim was found, the only proof he had of anything follows:

He thinks he saw a foot through the bottom of the door. He has camera footage of Sangwoo beating Bum up and carrying him back inside (Tbh im shocked he keeps going back to seeing bum through the door and not this footage). Sangwoo went to school with Jieun.

Sangwoo has no extended connection with any of the victims we know of besides Jieun(I’m not talking about Bum here, I’m talking about the victims of muder). And there is no body found for any besides the daughter of the CEO. 

So we have a body, and a missing person’s case. The man he killed hasn’t seemed to have surfaced, nor has anyone seemed to report him missing. Seungbae thinks hes a victim but theres nothing official.

 He has made a shocking jump with his accusations against Sangwoo with such a small amount of proof. He’s got a strange feeling but no proof. The CEO’s daughter had her legs ruined. He thinks he saw a foot through the door, to him this means that this person had their legs ruined too, so this is a killers MO. Except that this is two people, not enough victims to form a pattern, AND HE NEVER FOUND BUM. The CEO’s daughter has zero connection to Jieun but Seungbae has unrealistically linked them. He’s only casting accusations at Sangwoo because of her legs, which he shouldn’t be able to call a pattern. 

On top of how unprofessional it is to attack a civilian, especially one you think is a victim of a violent crime, realistically? Seungbae has nothing. He can prove Sangwoo committed assault against Yoon Bum and nothing more. He can’t link the victims, he can’t link the CEO’s daughter to Sangwoo. 

We, as readers, know that he is right. But to accuse Sangwoo and call him a serial killer (with only one body found) within the canon is paranoia. So yeah, I think Seungbae has gone way too far. 

I was going to make a post like this anyway, it’s not all directed at you, sorry if I sound harsh

A . N . Y . O . N . E


Was chatting with @gosherlocked yesterday. Then a thought struck me.


“You said your life turned on one word. A name can’t be one word.”

There is ONE WORD in ‘The Lying Detective’ that gets repeated - very prominently - no less than 28 times. And 14 times of it immeditely after the above mentioned statement. Isn’t this a bit …. much … to just be coincidence?

What if ANYONE is the ONE WORD that 'isn’t a name and worked life changing’?

Then I got curious and wondered how often this word is used in the story as a whole … and where it was used. Therefore I made a list … a list of all the ANYONE’S in the show. It’s really an interesting summary. I decided to do it without the episode titles and without the names of the characters speaking it. It’s even more stunning this way.

Everything is under the cut in case you are curious too. I leave you to your own deductions. :)

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Dual-function nanorod LEDs could make multifunctional displays

Cellphones and other devices could soon be controlled with touchless gestures and charge themselves using ambient light, thanks to new LED arrays that can both emit and detect light.

Made of tiny nanorods arrayed in a thin film, the LEDs could enable new interactive functions and multitasking devices. Researchers at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and Dow Electronic Materials in Marlborough, Massachusetts, report the advance in the Feb. 10 issue of the journal Science.

“These LEDs are the beginning of enabling displays to do something completely different, moving well beyond just displaying information to be much more interactive devices,” said Moonsub Shim, a professor of materials science and engineering at the U. of I. and the leader of the study. “That can become the basis for new and interesting designs for a lot of electronics.”

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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
  • Part 1: A buff gentleman, the nicest criminal, and half an Italian fight an adopted vampire who just really hates being consistent.
  • Part 2: Your next line is 'A high-tailing trickster, a flattened Bubble Boy, a 50 year old master of the sun, cause the extinction of some Aztec Gods', to you!
  • "A high-tailing trickster, an italian who likes bubbles and has his crush on, a 50 year old master of the sun, cause the extinction of some Aztec Gods. NANI!?"
  • Part 3: A Japanese Clint Eastwood gains the powers of punching and joins his nerfed granddad, a cherry licking motherfucker, the hottest man on Earth, 'Hon Hon Hon' The Guy, and a dog go to Egypt in order to fight the same adopted vampire who still isn't consistent but now really likes stopping clocks
  • Part 4: In 1999, a teenager with a 70's Pompadour punches some people just to befriend them, and ends up having to deal with a serial killer that killed one of said friends, only for it to turn out that maybe the real unbreakable diamonds were the friends he made along the way + Clint Eastwood and an ambulance
  • Part 5: The adopted vampire had a kid who is somehow even more inconsistent, joins the mafia so he can become the most fashionable and inconsistent, only to end up fighting the current boss who just really hates people who know his identity and will kill them with his power to not make any sense
  • Part 6: Clint Eastwood has Spidergirl for a daughter but manages to end up in prison only to escape with her newfound friends, undefined non-white dreads woman, a 9 year old baseball fan who thinks things are made of ghost, an asshole, and the Weatherman. However a priest that loves a certain adopted vampire like he loves god decides to do the gayest thing possible and reset the universe.
  • Part 7: The buff gentleman gets nerfed to depressed cripple, and bubble boy gets buffed to cool dude, they work together on their horses to find pieces of Jesus' corpse in a weird cross country race, but the president of America really hates that but loves killing Italians, also the adopted vampire is now Raptorman
  • Part 8: Clint Eastwood and the cherry licking motherfucker fuse to become a cute amnesiac, but with the help of his friend Ms. Pure and Good, they discover his identity and try to cure his mother who reads the backs of nurses like she reads newspapers
Creepypasta #1026: The Saskatoon Freezing Deaths

Length: Super long

Have you ever had the displeasure of experiencing -40° weather? That’s Celsius and Fahrenheit, because -40° is the point where the two converge. It’s a temperature so cold that it’s impossible for snow to fall. If you’ve never felt it, allow me to explain what it’s like. 

Your eyelashes turn white with frost. They’ll start collecting humidity from your breath, forming icicles that make each lash stick to the other. Every time you blink, it’s a struggle to re-open your eyes. Even if you try not to blink, the air is so dry that you have to, otherwise your eyeballs start to hurt. With each inhale, your nose hairs freeze and shoot needles of pain up your nasal canals. Your coat – no matter how thick or expensive – stiffens like a pair of jeans forgotten to dry at the bottom of the washer. You’ll hear your clothes crackle like a down comforter with every move you make. Any exposed skin starts to burn. Your extremities freeze, and no matter how much you rub your hands, your fingers go numb. 

You feel compelled to move around to try and warm up, but moving lets more cold air through the openings in your clothes. If you’re lucky, moving will warm you up a bit. If you’re not, you’ll start feeling very hot. Too hot. A burning sensation will run up your spine, and you’ll start to sweat. This means you’ve reached the danger zone: the point where cold no longer feels cold, and where you start shedding your clothes to avoid “overheating”. That’s how you wind up dead. No matter how thin your gloves, how little your coat seems to help, in -40° weather, they’re essential. They’re a barrier between you and the biting chill. They’re the only things that can help keep you alive.

So, why am I saying this? Well, I want to tell you about something that’s been going on for decades in Saskatoon: gruesome cases of human rights violations come to be known as “The Saskatoon Freezing Deaths”. Before I started my story, I wanted you to understand how truly horrible it must be for its victims.

You see, officers in Saskatoon have a very “original” way of dealing with drunken Native Americans. In the middle of winter, they’ve been known to arrest drunkards, drive them outside of town, strip them to their underwear, and tell them to “walk it off”. The police call this the “Midnight Blue Tour”. As you might expect, the victims die of hypothermia long before they can make it back home. It’s not known how many have died in this way – a quick search of “missing sisters”, an unrelated issue where aboriginal women have gone missing, assumed dead –, will show you just how little the police and authorities care about the plight of Native Americans. 

“Participants” of the Midnight Blue Tour have allegedly been found frozen on the side of the road, and their deaths swept under the rug. However, from time to time, victims’ bodies won’t be found at all. Their footprints turn to drag marks leading to the forest, but no blood or animal tracks are ever left to explain what was doing the dragging. The officers never investigate these cases further.

You might be wondering where I fit in to all of this. See, my friend’s uncle went “missing” this winter. A few people came forward saying they’d seen a cop throwing him in his squad car and driving off, but there are no records of him getting booked. Here in Saskatoon, we’d all heard the rumors of the “Midnight Blue Tour”, but it was one of those things we never talked about. No one wanted to blab about the abuse of power, because we didn’t want to be the next victims of it, you know? In any case, let me take you back to when Paul first knocked on my door with the news.

That morning, I was getting ready to go to work when my friend Paul knocked on my door. As soon as I opened it, a wave of cold air came rushing over my bare feet. I was quick to let Paul in and close the door. My friend shuffled from foot to foot, rubbing his arms furiously to try and warm himself up.

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