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So you don't ship royai? Me too! I think they do care quite a bit about each other, but I feel the need to turn everything into a romantic relationship is starting to get tedious. So thanks! It's quite refreshing to see someone else who sees them in a platonic way. On a side note though, I don't ship Winry and Ed either, even though it is canon. I guess I don't really like the anime trope where the guy loves the girl who hits him all the time. Their relationship seemed more sibling like to me.

I feel u i mean i ship edw*in in a platonic/sibling way too as well and in a romantic way but i dont shove it down peoples throats either? i mean yeah i dont ship R*yai either romantically. I just don’t see it? I see them as comrades and best friends tbh but that’s just my opinion if anyone wants to ship them romantically they can do it! just pls pls PLS don’t force it down my throat and hate on me for not shipping them in a romantic sense.