and in his pants

Little context: Since my party was mostly new players and I really wanted to sell them on DnD (Dragon Age Homebrew) being a game where you can do anything, I allowed a lot of seduction in the beginning of the game and I’m regretting it bc now there are almost no NPCs that haven’t had sex with the party. Here are some highlights

Me (DM): You’ve fucked him well enough that he gives you all his tea.

Me: You’ve convinced the pirate to remove his pants. (rolls a d20) He’s pretty well-hung

Me: The 80 year old librarian agrees and takes you to a back room

Our Mage: Does she teach me how to use magic sexually?

Me: Sure

Our Blood Mage (in combat): I’m pretty well off as a male Qunari right?

Me: Yeah? I mean I guess I roll for it now. (Roll a nat 20)

Blood Mage: I drop my pants to intimidate him to leave. (non-nat 20)

Me: I hate you guys.

ok but mark, in his giant oversized hoodie and pyjama pants and messed up hair, for sure trails behind jinyoung around the dorm as jinyoung does lil jobs like washes the dishes or puts his clothes away or brushes his teeth and then finally jinyoung breathes out and turns around and says “ok i’m done” and mark lights up with a massive grin and says “so we can go cuddle now??” and jinyoung gets this soppy fond grin like “yes we can go cuddle now c’mon” and jinyoung heads to his bedroom with mark scampering after him excitedly

“You’re a fucking whore y/n, dancing with Seth like a dirty slut!” Dean yelled at you. You stormed into the bedroom slamming the door in his face, but he caught it and swung it open. He grabs the hem of your shirt and slams you against the wall. You could smell the alcohol on his breath, Jack Daniels to be exact.”Maybe if you paid more attention to me, I wouldn’t have to seek attention from other men.” You yell back.”I’ll show you attention.” He said through his gritted teeth. He pushes you on your back, your dress and his pants piled up next you. He thrusts inside of you without warning, not letting you adjust to his size. You find yourself moaning in pleasure, cursing yourself for letting him he makes you feel pleasure.”Say my name y/n.” Dean demands thrusting in and out of your roughly. You feel yourself getting close and you know he is too.”Say my name you fucking whore.” His pace grows faster by the second.”DEAAAN.” You yell as you cum. He pulls out and releases all over you breasts and stomach, collapsing on top of you.”I’m sorry for. . . “ Dean’s finger traces up to your lips.”SHHH, don’t worry about it y/n, I love you.” He whispers. He flips you so that you are on top of him, rocks you in his arms, humming in your ear until you are fast asleep in his arms.

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Shiro and panic?

His breathing comes in short pants, not nearly enough for him to breathe, he’s suffocating, he’s drowning, he’s dying, and can’t stop it and he’s dying-

“Time it with me, Shiro, just in…. for six and then out… for eight, just like that, with me now.”

Slowly, Shiro listens, timing his breathing with Lance’s voice, and at the end of it he’s crying and shaking but he’s aware again, and he offers Lance a tremulous smile.

💣 There’s a nudist colony just outside Gotham.

That’s compelling in of itself, but the batfamily actually has a source of intel there.
His name is Dave.

Dave believes that clothes are functionally a social construct and oppressive to the identity. He constantly tries to convince the batfam members to embrace the nudist ways.

Red Hood always offers to strip down during conversation, but the helmet stays. “Trade-off,” if you get what I mean.

So far, Dave hasn’t insisted.
So far, Jason has gotten to keep on his pants.

Bonus: Dave has invited them all to go bowling with the nudist colony. They politely declined.

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You went to his concert???? Tell me everything

yes! i went to see Alien Tveit in concert last month and it was An Experience™. I actually had like hella good seats like we could see the weird ass pattern on his pants. He was amazing i mean i went in with pretty high expectations and he shattered them. he was such a nerd the whole time tho like he kept telling us little stories before he would sign a song and he really made you feel like you were just chatting with a friend and not a greek god, it was really fun bc he strutted around the stage and this bitch made eye contact with everyone he could- and im talking EYE CONTACT it was fantastic bc it happened to me multiple times and at one point it was when i was taking a snapchat vid of him. HIS VOICE THO LIKE WHO ALLOWED THAT TO HAPPEN I DEMAND ANSWERS AND I WANT THEM NOW. also his hair was great and when he was singing shake it off he dramatically ran this hands through it at the “and to the fella over there with the hella good hair” part like this bitch KNEW what he was doing wtf man i hate him. my fav part was when he tripped over a speaker that was on stage tho it was hilarious okay hes the worst. but yeah in conclusion, aaron kyle tveit is a menace and i want him stopped

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Does Yuri in either loverboyAU or MafiaAU like getting/wearing fancy nipple jewelry? Like the shields or anything else other than barbells? I could see him indulging in those. ❤

Mafia Yuri is all about the fancy nipple jewelry, chains, shields, etc~ It drives Otabek crazy, those nights when Yuri just wears his fur coat and tight pants and a chain. TBH Yuri doesn’t make it far out of the house usually~

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@ fart anon its ok my boyfriend n i were trying to be kinky n he was like im gonna punish u so he grabbed me and put me on his lap and when he pulled down my pants he spread my cheeks and i farted for like 3 seconds straight in his face and i think i cried for like 3 days but he laughed about it for a while and thought it was great so dont worry abt it


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Bucky’s been on a mission for awhile and you miss him like hell. One day you’re lying in bed taking care of yourself in his absence when he comes home early. You’re so caught up in your fingers slowly pumping in out of you that you don’t notice Bucky standing in the doorway. You’re moaning so loudly that you don’t hear Bucky unzip his pants and approach the bed. Bucky places his cool metal hand on your shoulder as his flesh one squeezes your breast. “How bout I help you with that dollface?”

“Bucky… I’m” you moan finishing under him as he watches enrapt.

“Hope you have another one in you” he smirks kissing you passionately.

Sinful Sunday™

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A/N: Sorry these have been a bit slow!

23.“I didn’t know we were keeping track.”

He loved to watch her come undone, there was something of a raw beauty to it that captivated him every time. 

Her swollen, damp lips, panting in time with each roll of his pelvis that was slick against hers. Her tightly shut eyes that focused on chasing release, his lips coming down to kiss the furrow in her brow and the sweat that formed there. The way she craned her neck, exposing the expanse of creamy skin, moaning softly as he couldn’t help but suck…bite…lick…anything his mouth could give her. Nails that bit into the nape of his neck, scraping along his scalp encouragingly when he hit a spot deep within her. Her hips that writhed beneath him as he continued to hit that spot that instantly made all the tension in her dissipate. The steady stream of moans he earned as he worked her harder, pushing through that final barrier, watching in awe as she threw her head back in a moment of pure ecstasy. The hardened expression she’d been holding smoothing out, her eyes rolling into the back of her head. Her hardened nipples brushing against his chest as her back arched, whining out his name, trying to prolong the white heat that surged through her. The warmth and contraction of muscles causing him spill his own release into her without a word of warning, guttural moans and a cry of his lover’s name falling from his lips.

He collapsed unceremoniously on top of her, their sweat sheened bodies basking in the afterglow of their climax. 

Bracing himself up on his forearms, he nipped playfully at her jaw before his tongue came out to trace the curved bone down to her chin, kissing her hard on the mouth.

“Three in less than an hour, not bad,” he rumbled with a smirk, his hand coming up to palm her breast, massaging it in large circular motions.

“I didn’t know we were keeping track,” Carol murmured, the same smirk on her face.

“Reckon ya could go for four?” he asked in the sexy southern drawl of his, his hand slowly trailing away from her breast and down her body.

She let out a breath of a snort, “you’d be so lucky- oh.”

 Her sentence was broken by as gasp as his hand slipped between them, softly teasing at her folds.

His eyes darkened as he watched her clear signs of arousal begin again.

“That I would,” he chuckled as he continued to build her up again.

Unlock the Truth~ Part 3

When you woke up you immediately began to cough. You moved quickly and cover your with your arm, sitting up as you attempted to breathe between coughs and a rough feeling settled into your throat. When you peeked your eyes open again after your little coughing fit and your little coughing fit you realized Jumin was up beside you, looking at you and then sighing.

“I told you that you would catch a cold, MC…” he shook his head and you pursed your lips. He got up and pulled on an open vest, made of a brown material that was lined with a golden hem. His white pants hung by his belt and he was barefoot as he opened the door, stepping out before closing it. You collapsed on the pillows as your brown hair spilled around you. You were on your side under the covers when a guy with red hair and glasses stepped in with a cup.

“Hey, I’m Saeyoung, Sorry we had to meet like this but here drink this it will help you” He sighed and you took the glass and you sat on the edge of the bed while you drank down the surprisingly pleasant liquid. When you drew the glass from your lips and handed it back to him.

“Um, Saeyoung? Could I ask you something?” He stopped him as he began to stand back up. You weren’t sure when you would be able to ask someone about how Jumin could his hands on his sword without finding out about your inquiry, so you ought to now.

“What is it?” He sat back down beside you.

“H-How did Jumin get his sword? That is one of the rarest metals in the land..” You murmur your question hesitantly. Saeyoung sighed as he stood back up.

“You should ask Captain himself, I’m sure he would tell you. He seems to have taken an interest in you” He looked back at you with a kind smile, “I’ll introduce you to my brother some other time, you seem nice” He said before he shut the door silently.

“This crew of his, it just keeps getting more interesting with every person I meet,Ill” You say to no one in particular. You doze off sitting up against the wall. When your eyes reopen you find yourself coughing rather roughly. You lean forward as it worsens you hear the door open.

“MC, are you alright?” a concerned voice breaks through the coughing and you nod as your body trembles. When you quiet down you look up to see Jaehee standing above you. She handed you a glass of water which you thankfully took from her. You felt—and looked—relieved after swallowing the cool water.

“How are you feeling?” She asked as you handed her the cup.

“I’m feeling alright, I should be fine really soon,” You give her a small smile as your voice comes out slightly raspy.

“That’s good I'llbring you some food, you need to eat as well. Its already about just past noon” her voice held concern. You need in agreement, your stomach rumbling as if to prove her point. You laughed softly and she joined you shortly after before leaving to fetch some foot for you to eat. Your mind wandered a bit and you wondered where Jumin was, and what he was doing while you were cooped up in his room. You didn’t have time to wonder though, because Jaehee returned with a plate of food. You talked while you ate and she told you how most people on the crew were just looking for a family, had strayed the right path for a bit a little or they just wanted to have a little bit more freedom than the average person. But, no matter what their past was, everyone was accepted and fiercely to one another.

“You were lucky that you snuck onto the R.F.A and not some other ship, but I have reason to believe we would have crossed paths either way” her words struck you slightly. You quietly nod to her with a small smile as she stands, taking your now empty plate. You utter a soft ‘thank you’ before laying back down, staring at the planks of the ceiling before drifting off again. Now yu found yourself in a dream, surrounded by flames while clutching a key to your chest. You were out of your own body, watching as your hair and torn gown were whipped around by the sharp winds. Tears flew down your face and you stared though the flames, a sense of dread settling over you as your eyes darted around-searching for something.

“MC!” Your name echoed through your head and you watched yourself turn as your name was repeated.

“MC!” You heard you name as you gasped-waking up, cradled up against Jumin’s chest who was kneeling by you on the bed. You cheeks felt went and you were clutching Jumin’s vest. You body trembled as you stared up at Jumin who’s eyebrows were knitted with concern. Something flashed in his eyes but your own were too watery to really catch it. “What’s wrong?” He questioned you gently, not letting you go.

“It was a nightmare…just a nightmare…” You mumble, more to yourself than him. That was terrifying, watching yourself, feeling the dread settle over you as the heat from the flames licked at your skin and your heat flicked back and forth over your tentative flesh.

“Captain! We’ve arrived at our stop!” someone shouted from outside.

“Alright, proceed as normal!” Jumin called back to them.

“You can go out there if you need to, you don’t have to worry about me,” You say sheepishly.

“I’ll worry anyway. How are you feeling by the way?” He inquired and you give him a small smile.

“I’m feeling much better, despite the nightmare,” You laugh softly, bitterly even. Jumin gently lets go of you and stands up before pulling you up beside him. Your legs are a bit shaky from being down for an extended amount of time but he steadies you with his outstretched arm.

“Would you like to go into town with me? You will need a change of clothes, but I think a break from the ship would do you some good too” He suggests and you quickly and enthusiastically nod.

“Yes, I would love to roam a bit! May I, Ju- er, Captain?” He chuckles softly and nods. He reaches up, ruffling your hair as he turns for the door. Within seconds of him leaving Yoosung, the boy you recalled as the navigator, rushed in.

“Hi MC! Jaehee told me to bring you some clothes that seemed more your pace…” He held out a lovely blue dress made of silk. Some of the material would sweep around your arms and trail slightly down your back where it would then loop around your chest. It reminded you of the dresses you used to wear and you looked at Yoosung curiously, but he only winked and left you standing alone with the dress in confusion.

“Do they know…?” You bite your lip as you undress carefully, letting the shirt slide down your arms before laying aside. You pulled yourself from the pants before tugging the dress over your head. You hurriedly pushed your feet into your pair of dark boots before rushing out of Jumin’s room. You stopped when you reached the railing and your eyes fell upon the port town. A bit of worry wove into your stomach but you pushed it aside.

“Yo, MC! Lets go!” You turned towards the sound of Jumin’s booming voice. He was by the lowered plank, waving for you to head his way. You see that he had his sword by his side and contemplated grabbing your as well but you decide against it, remembering his words on your first night about how they pretended to be merchants. You’d rather not take the risk of carrying one right now, besides you doubted you would need it. You make your way towards your captain, and as soon as you reach him his eyes drift over you. You pretend not to notice by looking back over the nearby buildings. Suddenly a warm hand grasped yours and you were left off the ship. “Stay close to me, okay?” Hold onto me, I don’t want you anywhere but my side.” He looks at you as he speaks.

“Aye,” You nod. He smirks and continued alone, leading you down to dry land. He helps you get your land legs back. “I feel like a mermaid who just got her legs: You comment jokingly. Jumin gives you a weary smile and a pained look crosses his face, but its quickly replaced by a grin. You then head into the crowd of merchants, vendors, and residents. As you walk your mind drifts back to the time you learned about the creatures who dwelled in the sea…mermaids…had Jumin known one before? You look at him who was currently engrossed in the weaponry and maps before him, talking to the vendor about their condition and reliability.

What was with the pained look he had given you earlier?

@rainbow-flyer request:  Whoo! Way 2 go mang! As for ideas: Noct and Prom get wasted, try to pretend they’re sober while Gladdy and Iggy mess with them.

Here you go. You get a few extra hundred words for all the fanart you’ve done. Cheers!

To say that they stumbled down the hallway would have been a gross understatement. Noctis was leaning on Prompto just as hard as the blonde leaned on him. It was a miracle they had maneuvered their way into a cab and had the verbal capacity to tell the driver where to go from the club.

The Princes phone rang again. It had been ringing for the last ten minutes solid. He pulled his phone out of his cargo pants and leaned Prompto up against the wall of the hallway before the ringing stopped. When his eyes focused he saw that he had twelve missed calls from Ignis. “Shit,” he said as Prompto leaned in to see the screen too.

“Wuswrong?” slurred the blonde as he saw the screen too. “Oooooh, Mom’s gonna be mad.”

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Are there any voice actors who more or less do the same voice over and over again that you're still entertained by? Like, I can always pick Tim Curry out of a cast, and he's a ton of fun every time.

Oh, I have a few of those! Some people I just never get tired of listening to:

Keith David - Be it Admiral Anderson or Dr. Facilier, I could listen to Keith David all day. A voice that goes RIGHT TO YOUR PANTS!

Patrick Warburton - I just love his delivery - the incredibly calm, cool, and collected way he speaks is always a delight.

Kristen Schaal - I know she’s the same in everything, but she still puts an AMAZING amount of effort into the work. Her scream as the Bride of Gingy? LOVE IT.

H. Jon Benjamin - I know Bob and Archer sound almost identical, same as the can of vegetables in Wet Hot American Summer, but the voice itself is so unlike others I’ve heard before that it gets a pass. It’s also REALLY hard to replicate, so kudos to him.

Runners up include: Tim Curry, Brian Blessed, and Tress MacNeille.

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Jonis wondering where his clothes are disappearing to and oh he doesn't recognize these pants...

Jon looks at his drawer in befuddlement. He doesn’t recognize anything in here. They’re all men’s clothes and they’re all his size and the kind of thing he would wear, but they’re new, not old and worn like most of his clothes.

Right at that moment, Sansa walks in wearing one of his old flannel shirts and very little underneath. Jon points an accusatory finger at her. “Are you stealing all my clothes and replacing them with new ones?”

Sansa shrugs. “Yes. You look like a hobo.”

He sighs. “I like those old clothes, Sansa.”

“I like them too,” she agrees. “But not for going out in public.”

He frowns. “So I can wear them around the house, is that it?”

“Well, personally,” she says softly, “I’d prefer you didn’t wear any clothes around the house.”

Jon is tempted to argue with her, because he’d really prefer she consulted him before replacing all of his clothes. But she’s giving him That Look, the one he knows means she’s about to do things that will make it impossible to be angry with her for a long time. It only takes him a second to make his decision.

Under Fire - 2/?

Another installment in a series of drabbles based off of the wonderful @frostisassgifset inspired by our ongoing WWI Gramander AU.

There are by no means in chronological order, but this one is inspired by this gif:

If anyone had told him a year ago, that a single person would have the ability to drive him to complete and utter distraction, Percival would have questioned their sanity. But now?

Now, one of his boys runs up to him, out of breath, but with a knowing grin on his lips. “HMS Bounty’s just arrived,” he pants out.

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Gif is mine

Imagine getting caught rolling in the hay with Julian in the Infirmary 

Requested by Anon~

If the feel of Julian’s lips against your neck wasn’t enough to distract you, then his hands was doing the rest of the job. They were everywhere; tugging at your uniform and running through your hair and running over every curve. It was hard to keep the pleasured sighs from turning to moans.

The both of you were far too preoccupied to hear the door open and shut. A distant “Doctor Bashir” sent Julian jumping back, his chest lightly panting as you both looked over to whoever interrupted the heated moment. It had been Kira, holding her hand close to her chest, but she didn’t seem to be in too much pain. In fact, she was smirking. “Sorry to interrupt, but we have a minor medical emergency.”

Julian looked embarrassed, but he instantly nodded. “Yes, of course. Take a seat.” He replied, throwing you a glance before leading Kira towards a biobed.