and in glasses way back in 2005

Stormy Night

wordcount: 1851

genre: fluff

warning: swearword there are a few of those.

a/n: title semi-ironic leave me alon

It’s storming violently outside, an army of thunder and lightning smashing itself against the windowframes, and Dan’s eyes are aglow like the world is being born anew.

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Lucas and Peyton Appreciation Week 2015

→ Day 1: The moment/episode you started to ship them

“I want this. You know? I want to be here. I want to have everything with you. I want it all. I want us, Peyton.”

The first episode I ever saw of OTH was actually 1x07 “Life in a Glass House”. It was way back in the summer of 2005 (ten years ago) when the show started to air where I live. People who live in Europe, and that are old enough, remeber how much time we had to wait for a show to air on our countries back in the days. I read about the show on a magazine that year and I liked it and from the description I was already digging Lucas and Peyton. I still remember perfectly the day I saw this show for the first time, I was 16, I was on the gym doing my work outs and there were TVs around the room so while I was running and stuff I was watching this episode and I was like “damn, I love these two”. You know it’s a… roller coaster of an episode in a way. Because you have them all flirty, clearly the feelings are there, but it’s also complicated and very angsty by the end of it, but I loved every second. And that scene with Lucas’s confession… it got me in a way that made me say “that’s it”. It didn’t matter how it ended, because I actually understand Peyton’s fear. Having someone so open with his heart is scary, especially at such a young age (I was their same age back then). It’s a speech that everyone probably wants to hear from the person they love, but it’s such a scary thing for someone who has all her walls up, who is constantly protecting herself, because deep down she knows this is the real deal, she knows Lucas sees her like no one else and she’s afraid of all of that. She isn’t ready yet. It’s so clear by her reaction, by her using her art for express herself at the end of the episode. So all this mix of love, complication, angst was really my thing, as it always it. If it isn’t complicated it’s not for me. I found a way to watch the show from the very beginning and the pilot confirmed everything I felt watching 1x07 and the first impression I had about them when I read that article on the magazine.