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If the Fates Allow (Part 1)

A/N: Hi everyone! This is the first oneshot in a family series I’ve been meaning to start for a really, really, really long time with my oc, Evan, and Harry. They’re not in chronological order, but I’ll try my best to organize them well. I really hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it. If you have any comments, questions, concerns, or lifelong ambitions, please feel free to ask! I also would like to thank @trulymadlysydney , @bribe-the-door , and @adashofniallandasprinkleoflunacy for beta reading this before it went up. They’ve been amazing. 

Also: Please do NOT post this anywhere else. 

So without further adue, I present to you my second oneshot ever.

It all started out so innocent. One innocent question with no intent to harm how things were between them. Everything had been good. Well, more than good. It’d been wonderful for both of them. They loved each other. One innocent question had completely destroyed their safe haven and Evan wished she could take it back.

“What do you want in the future? Like, do you want the big house with the lush garden and little ones running around in it? Do you want to get married? All that jazz.” She’d thought nothing of it at the time, and neither did he, really. Sure, the question kind of blindsided him, but neither of them would have even guessed to have been blindsided by the worms opening this can brought. 

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do you have any blogs you recommend? my dash is dead lmao

OH BOY DO I!! whether you’re in here for the dip&pip content or the pj content or a good healthy mix of both, here are some of my faves among those that post quite regularly (they’re in chronological order of when i followed them bc i’m using my “following” page, and i’m probably still gonna miss someone lmao forgive me)

@doodlebugxx @vampiredan @spookybants @domesticbanting @cityofdan @colourbandjts @pseudophan @philester @punklester @curlyfringe @gayditl @rippedjeansphil @arcticlester @danandphil-moodboards @itsupposedtobespooky @squarehairdan @spooky-scary-skeledan @angeryphil @danyuhl @pinoffs @spookyphill @kickthedodiephan @lankyliguori @dqnielhowell @fireworksphil @liguorlestell @huphilpuffs @phansterdam @yaysatan @star-freckled-phan @toasterboasterrr @deathclassic @shinyphan @dailyphan @greeneyedpj @perhaps-trees-and-tea @spookydads @snowballlester @dnpsb @sorta-phantastic @danskeleton @demonphannie @horrifichowell @phangirlalltheway @moonshine-lester @batllester @softestboyes 

also i’d like to thank all of you for making my dash a great place :)

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woa, I'm really confused but the yutsswap!au? I guess I'm just wondering what the swap is about and how the character changed. Like all the "rei" with "" marks business. sorry if this is explained already!! I love yuts loads :D

YUTSwap is an AU version of YUTS in which the girl we know as Rei is alive and a UA student and All-Might’s chosen successor, while Izuku is the small spoopy ghost child following her around. Ghost!Izuku is mute and amnesiac the way Rei is in normal YUTS, so in this version of things, he’s the one who goes by the name “Rei”.

Here’s a link to all the posts in chronological order.

Decoding Cheol's How I Hate You

Ok basically this is an explanation of the backstory of Cheol’s HIHY! Lots of back story. Thanks to @aesthedick-cheol, who through me explaining some plot to her, I realized how some of the plot was kind of confusing and so I cleared it up (I hope.) GEEZ THIS IS LONG

I’m going to be murdered by people for making their hearts ache


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Pls link your Spotify playlist of what u listen to when u write ATTA I wanna listen n indulge myself lol

hi! i don’t really want to share my spotify with everyone because it’s my personal one. if we’ve talked before you can ask for it! otherwise, i’ve made a youtube playlist of it here, and here’s the full track listing. there’s a vague chronology to it so i would suggest listening in order! 

Why in the literal fuck do social media designers think we want to see posts out of chronological order……what real human person on the planet earth wants to see that…..I’m so tired

(almost) every 1d concert

so i started doing this way back in 2012 for up all night, and seeing as no one knows when they’re going back on tour i thought i’d just drop this here for people to have, so yeah. here’s ~mostly all of 1d’s concerts. 

up all night 
take me home 
where we are 
on the road again


so i drew equius putting vriska’s robo-arm together and figured i needed to do tav too! so here he is. (i got a little carried away lmao)


The Essential Yuzuru Hanyu: A Playlist

1.   FS Hope and Legacy || World Championships 2017
2.   SP Let’s Go Crazy || Grand Prix Final 2016
3.   EX Notte Stellata (The Swan) || NHK Trophy 2016
4.   EX Requiem of Heaven and Earth || World Championships 2016
5.   SP Ballade No.1 in G Minor || Grand Prix Final 2015
6.   FS Seimei || NHK Trophy 2015
7.   FS Phantom of the Opera || World Team Trophy 2015
8.   SP Parisienne Walkways || Olympic Winter Games 2014
9.   FS Romeo + Juliet || World Championships 2012
10. SP Étude in D-sharp Minor || Cup of China 2011


Well, I’m not on my own, I’m here with you, High Warlock of Brooklyn.
                                             — I have tremendous respect for the new Head of the Institute.