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I really hope we’ll get some love confessions or romantic gestures from Magnus is s3. Don’t get me wrong I love Alec confessions of love with all my heart and I understood that Magnus gave Alec his space and time to navigate the relationship (like with the sex and the first I love yous). But it just feels like Alec is always the one to say the nice things first and to entities all of their touches and kisses. And I reaaaaalllly want some sappy Magnus being romantic and lovey dovey and saying cliche things to his boyfriend so the other boy will feel just as loved.

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Really important that I see this somewhere. TFP Ratchet, Optimus, Smokescreen, Wheeljack, and Magnus. Who likes Cuddles, Headbumps, massages, a nice wash, or kisses after a really long and stressful day from Bot s/o

Hey thanks for sending this in doll. I was able to get this ask done because it didn’t require a lot of writing or thought on my part. I just needed something to distract me and it’s nice to think about fluffy times with these bots.

But this is all I’ll be posting today and tomorrow I’m not sure. I hope this is okay.

Cuddles: Ratchet, Optimus, Smokescreen, Wheeljack, Magnus

They all love cuddles. Even the less openly affectionate bots love curling up with their s/o after a stressful day and just basking in being close to them. Magnus and Ratchet are awkward about it, it takes a while before they become more comfortable but that doesn’t change how much they like it. Optimus is surprisingly affectionate and often needs to hold his s/o because it calms him down. Smokescreen and Wheeljack just can’t keep their hands off their s/o.

Headbumps: Smokescreen, Wheeljack

These two bots often like to headbump as a sign of affection. Sometimes it’s just a gentle, sweet headbump but most of the time it’s playful and a little rough.

Massages: Ratchet, Optimus, Magnus

Ohhh massages feel nice and they’re so relaxing, which these bots really need. They have so many sore spots and kinks that need to be worked out. Massages even make Ratchet sleepy so they’re a good way for his s/o to help him recharge when he hasn’t in a while. All of them also like giving massages to their s/o, though Magnus is a little unsure of how to do it at the beginning of the relationship. He gets better though.

Nice Wash: Optimus, Smokescreen, Wheeljack

Only these bots can handle getting a wash from their s/o. Ratchet and Magnus get a little too steamed and nervous for washes, blushing a lot. Optimus does too but he’s able to hide it well and there’s just some spots he can’t reach. Smokescreen and Wheeljack like to use the washes as an opportunity to get frisky with their s/o or at least tease them.

Kisses: Smokescreen, Wheeljack, Ratchet, Optimus, Magnus

Once again, none of these bots can resist kisses from their s/o. They love it too much. Magnus and Ratchet will never admit just how much but they do enjoy soft kisses from their s/o after a long day. Optimus is more sweet and open in his gentle way and will gladly kiss his s/o for as long as he’s able to. Smokescreen and Wheeljack like all types of kisses but they both think there’s nothing better after a long day than a good ‘ol makeout session.


If Julian and Garak had a relationship on DS9, Julian would constantly go to Jadzia for advice. There’s just too much baggage and pain between them for him to not go to someone. She’s so experienced and he’s already opened up to her a lot via conversations and the medical school notebooks, so that candidness is super easy for him. She swears to keep it a secret, but occasionally speaks to Sisko privately about matters so Sisko knows that Julian’s okay. He occasionally passes fatherly advice through Jadzia about self-care and healthy habits and getting distance when fights get bad so lines aren’t crossed. Garak knows what’s going on but says nothing because they advice they give is actually helping their relationship and himself.

this was like just one scene in that animatic i made but i dont think anyone appreciates the amount of thought i put into these hogwarts house headcanons for the ipre