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So I’ve had this blog for just under two months and just hit my first thousand and I’m ??? like thank you so much to everyone who follows me. I love you all. So for 1k I figured I’d do a follow forever to celebrate all the people who’s blogs I love and yeah. I’m sorry I’m shit at thanking people idk how to do this I don’t deserve any of this and everyone who follows me is too kind.

Special thanks to everyone who’s taken the time to talk to me, either in messages or by dropping asks in my inbox. You guys make me smile and I’m so grateful for all the ways I’ve interacted with the various members of this fandom. 

Also to all my mutuals who have given me mini freak outs when they followed me because I am not worthy.

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I have a migraine and I actually want to fall in a ditch but oh well :/ do you think you could do a got7 Mark au please? I really love your account by the way. It really helps me calm down because your writing is so smooth.

  • athlete doctor!mark tuan 
  • specializes in athletic injuries and knows too much about,,,,too many sports,,,,,,shouldn’t he be an athlete himself why does he have a medical degree
  • mark: because i went to med school,,,,,,,,,,in cali,,,,
  • everyone: we didn’t need to know it was in c-
  • mark: in California 
  • everyone thinks he’s really handsome and super smart,,,,but he isn’t much of a talker. like when he’s with patients usually nurses do all the talking and he just explains what’s going on and what kind of treatment the person is gonna need
  • he’s polite and all that but literally every patient that’s ever tried to be like “dr. tuan, what are your hobbies?” mark answers really simply and cuts to the chase
  • and it’s like,,,,,,,,you really separate work and your personal life don’t you
  • but it’s actually kinda cute,,,,you don’t have to hear him say something to tell how family orientated and sweet he is. like his desk is covered in framed photos of his parents and siblings. him holding his nieces, him with cousins, him with his best friend fellow doctor jackson
  • and for someone so quiet and serious on the job,,,,his social life looks great LOL
  • even though every nurse who’s ever asked him out has been (gently) rejected
  • you come in because you’ve been having really bad leg cramps ever since you got injured at your soccer game and instead of asking dr. tuan about his hobbies or telling him you need more pain meds
  • you’re like “doctor, let’s be real - do i have to get my leg cut off?” and you’re looking at him dead serious and mark,,,,,,,,he bursts into laughter
  • and he never does that except when dr. wang visits
  • and he’s just like “no one has ever started a conversation with me like that before!” and you’re like fffff please don’t laugh!!!! im seriously worried
  • and he regains his composure and he’s like “no, your leg will stay. it’s probably another pulled muscle.”
  • and he examines your leg and writes a prescription but he asks you why you’re smiling so wide and you’re like “because!!!! i get to keep my leg that i love so much” and mark, again, can’t hold back his chuckling
  • and he’s like “you’re,,,,,incredible you know that?” and you’re like hmmm why
  • and mark is like no one has made me laugh that hard since forever,,,,,plus they’re cute,,,,,,and he looks at your chart and says your name and he’s like
  • “call me at this number if the pain doesn’t go away, send me updates on how you’re feeling ok!”
  • and you nod and thank him and as you’re leaving you’re like talking to the secretary and you’re like “he gave me this number to call if anything happens” and when she sees it her eyes go wide and she’s like ,,,,,,that’s not our direct line,,,,,,,you got dr. tuan’s own!!!!! cell number
  • and you’re like H U H,,,,really,,,,,,,,
  • and she’s like omg omg omg he neVER DOES THAT
  • and you look over at the office where mark is going over another patient’s chart,,,,,and you remember how strong his features are, how he looks more like a model than an average doctor
  • and you can’t help but feel really lucky,,,,like you have his number,,,,,the hot doctors number,,,,,,
  • and hell yeah a week later you find yourself on a dinner date with said doctor because mark finds you charming and adorable and you make him laugh so hard he almost spits his wine out at the table LOL 

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123 days. 32 competitions. All over.

For me, each season gets a bit more emotional each time. Each season I grow to love everyone a bit more. Each season I am more and more blown away by the things these athletes achieve. Each season I learn more about this amazing sport.
As someone who hates winter a bit too much, ski jumping is the one thing that gets me out of bed in the morning. Watching these incredibly talented people do what they love, breaking gravity for a few seconds, is what inspires me. The way they treat each other and how they are friends even though they are competing against each other is what makes this sport so special.

This season was filled with ups and downs. With tears and joy. With new and old faces on the podiums. Unlike the previous season it was always uncertain who’d win. And the fact that ski jumping is so uncertain makes it so exciting.

Moreover, I have met some of the most incredible people on tumblr through ski jumping this year. Never have I ever thought that I would make such great friends because of ski jumping. Thank you to every single one of my 26 new sisters and 1 brother of the groupchat, who made this season even more special to me. I’m grateful for everyone I have met on tumblr or in groupchats. I’m grateful for everyone, who decided to follow this trash account.

Lastly, thank you to the athletes, the coaches, the whole teams and everyone, who contributed to this amazing season. I’m so proud of literally everyone.

Here’s to summer and the next season.
Here’s to the ski jumping family.
Here’s to the future.

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Will there be anything TOO scary for Greg to handle? Will he ever reach his limits and run away?

Haha, I love this question! Greg is definitely a bit in over his head in the game, but we really wanted him there in the fray fighting right alongside the others (and in a really unique way, too. I’d say he’s easily one of the most fun characters to play!)

Without spoiling anything, I’ll just say that Greg will be mustering courage through Steven – he wants to do everything he can to stick by and support his son.

I can’t wait for you guys to see more of him. Having our Guitar Dad as a playable fighter was one of the earliest decisions we made on the game, and we took special care to give him some really special moments and features. Greg fans will be very pleased!

Also: Tom Scharpling is brilliant in the game! It was a treat working with him!

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My heart has never fluttered so much in life. 2JAE made my heart bounce out of happiness. You can really tell that they genuinely care for one another be it in a brotherly (lol) way or romantically (lol) whatever it may be, they really just have something special. The way their convo just naturally went on and just gawddd they were so soft. When Jaebum mentioned that he and Mark had an argument after MarkJae fought and JB asking Mark why he treated YJ like that. Ugh everything just I'm ughh

my hearts fluttering too anon,, the liev was so cute and soft im so happy they did it together!! i love how comfortable they are with each other and how their conversations are so natural, they listen to each other well and it never feels awkward to me which is amazing bc my mind perceives almost everything as awkward like even a little silence feels awkward to me but with 2jae it never does??? i just really love their relationship so much its so cute :((( they’re so soft and they’re always taking care of each other, honestly hearing that story of jaebum fighting with mark bc he got mad at youngjae made my heart feel so warm like he’s always defending youngjae and its just?? so?? beautiful???

Q. Who will you introduce to other people as someone loyal? 
YJ: Jaebum 
JB: Youngjae 

they really said this wow i love love :((((


Request: anon: Hi, I love your work, especially your Jaemin boyfriend headcanon. Because of that, would it be alright if I requested a boyfriend Chenle? Thank you so much and all the best of liuck for the future xxx

Genre: Floof

Warnings: Cuteness Overload // Slight Explicit Language

Author’s Note: Gender Neutral

This is purely based on my own personal opinions. Agree or disagree, either way, enjoy!

Originally posted by nakamotens

- LELE !!!!!! MY PRECIOUS BUN !!!!!!!!!!!!

- K let’s get right into it

- From the moment you met him you knew he was something special

- I mean this kid is all smiles and giggles

- It’s impossible to be in a bad mood around him

- He’s the human embodiment of happiness

- He warms up to you instantly

- And you do, too

- Cause like,, it’s impossible not to when you’re that close to the actual sun

- Once it finally hits him that “”holy shit he has feelings for you””

- 10x more dolphin screeches giggling

- And suddenly everything you do makes him blush

- And I mean everything

- Sit by him on the couch? He’s blushing

- Say his name? A rosy tint instantly covers his cheeks

- If you so much as look at him !!!! His entire face is flushed

- And his “little crush” is no secret

- The entire dorm knows

- In fact everyone knows except for your dumbass

- So you know damn well that all of his hyungs are helping him sort out some kind brilliant plan to confess to you

- When in reality no one knows what the hell they’re talking about

- “I’VE GOT IT! We fake kidnap Y/N, and Chenle can swoop in, take us out, and rescu-”

- “Yuta, why the hell would we do that…”

- “He’s trying to confess, not scare the shit out of Y/N”

- They spend hours and hours arguing and ultimately getting nowhere

- So he decides to wing it

- The two of you are at the park just sittin on the swings

- You’re blabbing around somethin or other and he completely cuts you off

- “Y/N… Can I tell you something…?”

- You look over to see him fidgeting like a madman

- And he looks painfully uncomfortable

- “Yeah, Lele. Anything.”

- Inhale.Exhale.Inhale.Exhale.Inhale.Exhale.Inhale.Exhale.DEEP BREATH.

- “Ivelikedyouforsuchalongtimeandiwantedtoknowifyoudgooutwithme”

- “…wut……”

- And after another 2-3 tries you’re finally able to understand him

- When you say yes he lets out this ear piercing cackle

- And all the families at the park start staring

- But he doesn’t give a shit !!!!

- The person of his dreams just agreed to go out with him !!!!!!

- Now onto dating life with Mr. Chenle

- For starters

- He asks you to make him ramen oN! THE! DAILY!

- “Chenle, it takes not even 5 minutes to make”

- “Which is exactly why you should make me some!!!!!!!”

- You seriously can’t say no to this kid

- It just doesn’t happen

- And every time you try he whips out the aegyo

- And no matter how cringy it may be you still give in

- Because it’s Chenle

- Sucker for skinship omg

- But don’t expect much of anything in front of his bandmates

- This smol baby is just too shy

- But when it’s just the two of you ???

- hA! Good luck getting him off of you

- He!! Loves!! Hugs!!

- He gives you back hugs literally every 5 minutes

- He likes to do this thing where he nuzzles his face into your neck

- And then takes your heart and stomps on it because he’s just too precious for this world

- Also !!! Loves !!! Kisses !!!!!

- He likes to hold your head with both hands and plant chaste kisses all over your face

- On the tip of your nose

- On your forehead

- On your cheek

- And finally, he gets to your lips

- He just barely presses his lips to yours

- Almost like he’s afraid that if he presses too hard he might break you

- When honestly its probably the other way around jus sayin,,,

- And EVERY! TIME! he pulls away from a kiss he bursts into a fit of laughter

- Not because it was bad

- But because the boy laughs at anything and everything

- Oooohh don’t get me started on cuddling,,,,

- He’s one of the youngest in NCT

- Which means he’s constantly babied

- SO when the two of you cuddle he likes to be the “big spoon”

- Ohh the irony,,,,

- But every once in a while

- Especially when work is getting to be too much for him

- He really just needs you to hold him

- Start running your fingers through his hair and he’s out like a light

- And this cutie

- He unconsciously clings to you in his sleep

- Like he’s afraid you’ll leave him if he didn’t hang onto you for dear life

- But c’mon

- Who in their right mind would leave such a precious baby

- All around your relationship is just soo lovey dovey and kinda sappy

- But it’s just your way of showing each other how much you truly care for one another (’:

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If you would like to, a revamped kid would be really cool!! He was way back when you were still momo_mars on Instagram but he has a special place in my heart tbh

I plan on bringing at least 80% of them back and kid is on that list dw, now that I have pink hair i might cosplay my boy too














F.R.I.E.N.D.S (1994)

Hello! My name is Peter, 19 years old and I am from Texas!

I am currently in college studying Film, so yes I make movies. I am also a photographer and writer. I love and enjoy movies (too many to list), tv shows (same problem), and dogs. Any kind of music is great music specially classic rock. I speak fluent Spanish. Space is fascinating, by the way.

I’m an outgoing guy. Always down for an adventure. I am down to snail mail, talk, message, work, with anyone from anywhere. Just shoot me a message. 


kik: ralfrik


This is probably the last time I will post here. So, i kept it short.

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1) i love villains and villain characters and su started out with great villains/antagonists? and when YELLOW DIAMOND showed up and was TERRIFYING just over the video thing (the image of yellow pearl literally cringing stuck with me) i thought they were gonna have this great "some people can be taught better, but the ones in power won't even try" message or something and. i hate the diamonds now they're straight out of an anti-bullying after school special

that would have been a perfect message!! it would have been a great way to challenge steven’s let’s-all-join-hands-and-sing-kumbaya attitude, too! it could, y’know, even give steven some growth as a character? provide some tension? intrigue?? that thing shows usually have??? but as of now… yeaaaah, it’s definitely feeling like a bad anti-bullying psa. mostly because steven, a gosh darn 14-year-old, just can’t stop preaching to characters who are literally THOUSANDS OF YEARS OLDER THAN HIM. give those after school specials some credit, at least those don’t try to make you sympathize with COLONIZERS i will never get over this jfc

- mod b

I finally did it. I saw the new Disney Beauty and the Beast. It was fantastic, awesome and stunning.

The special effects are great. Gracefully fluidly moving objects that are supposed to look like cursed humans so not fully human neither like normal things? Check.

Beast is beastly and brutish when angered but you can see how his face softens up gradually as his relationship with Belle progresses.

Le Fou getting a ton of character development. The Enchantress’s and Maurice’s role is developed, too. So is Maurice’s and B’s backstory.

Gaston is terrifying in a mundane-human-yet-scary-villain way and it’s done well.

The finale is a decent tear jerker even though you know all ends well.

They nailed all my favorite scenes. The songs are well done.

The message from the animated version is preserved and there is a new one. That even though you may happen to develop a crush on a person that later turns out as abusive or manipulative and total jerkass it doesn’t mean YOU have to be a bad person. You can change and start a new life (possibly find a true love as well, the ending is open to interpretations). It doesn’t hurt when you save someone’s life and join the battle for the good side in the process. I find this message useful for any young person, be their straight or anywhere on the LGBTQA spectrum

Doodled some Appmon!

Stalkmon(social): A stalker skilled on investigating and gatterning information about people, tho it has gained many anemies thought the ways it prevers to gatter information, some say it hides another identity under it’s hood.

Occumon(life): This appmon is specialized in hidding information, it has a rivality with Stalkmon since it keeps hidding information from it.

Lockmon(life): An appli monster skilled to lock any information or software, it has gained stalkmon dislike since it keeps locking information away from it. (still need to work on that guy’s design)

Sleepmon! I just love how they use some exsiting digimon designs to appeal to Digimon fans, and that worked!!! I looooove belphemon so naturally I love Sleepmon too~

Stalkmon is my main guy he is inspired by devimon on of my fav Digimon, here his “evolution” line:

Stalkmon > BMStalkmonmon?(+Sleepmon) > Invademon(+Occumon+Lockmon) > Thanamon

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As I said previously, that anon was just jealous and is probably too insecure about themselves. I wouldn't dwell on it, your art is amazing and there is no such thing as "measuring up" because everyone has their own art style. That's just how it is. No two artists draw the same and have different aspects of their art that make their art Quality(tm). Scribs' art is quality in their own special way, and yours is quality in your own special way. Ain't nothing wrong with that <>

Skye I’m gonna ugly cry at work bluhhgggg

But seriously thank you? I got so muh encouragement from people after the nonesense and I can’t thank y'all enough omg

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When will we see/hear about Jahar again? This appeals process is taking way too long aha! I hope that these new lawyers I heard about a couple of months ago, will have what it takes. I kinda feel like Judy Clarke and Jahar had like a special bond or something!? And by "special bond" I mean understanding each other and connecting a since of trust + in a way, friendship. Any one else get that feeling?

Hopefully soon. Still waiting on updates. Yeah, the appeals process does take long. Yeah, definitely. They like “bonded” in a way. I mean, she was his main lawyer from ‘13 to mid '15, so there was def a connection there.

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Hi, I'm sorry if this isn't the kind of question you answer, and if you want to direct me to someone who deals with this type of question that's grand. I've been experiencing a lot of dissatisfaction with Catholicism for many reasons. I've been thinking about converting but I haven't done too much research yet and while I already have Jewish family, and often joined in Jewish things like Shabbat when they'd visit, I'm just curious as to how converts are regarded in the Jewish community? Thanks

Hi, I am happy to help, but I would like to say that while I am a Jewish blogger, this isn’t really a Jewish blog, and I claim no special expertise other than being Jewish and watching my mother go all the way through the Reform conversion process.

If you do decide to convert, a lot is going to depend on the branch of Judaism you intend to convert into.  In the US, unless you have a family connection to one of the subethnic groups and decide to convert through that community, that almost always means converting into one of the Ashkenazi movements, Renewal/Reconstructionist, Reform, Conservative, and the different varieties of Orthodox.  If you don’t convert Orthodox, a lot of Orthodox people will not accept you as Jewish because they do not consider non-Orthodox conversions valid.

However, this should not deter you from converting into another denomination.  You should convert into the Jewish community you intend to make your spiritual home.

Conversion is a long and arduous process no matter which denomination you pick, which reflects the lifelong commitment you are making to become part of the Jewish people.  My mom converted Reform and it took two years of study before she was ready to go into went into the mikveh.

After your conversion is finalized, you are considered fully Jewish, with all the obligations thereof under Jewish law.  It’s extremely bad manners, and also against Jewish law to ask somebody about whether or not they are a convert, to treat someone different because they are a convert, or to pry into your conversion.  People do it anyway, but in my community at least, it’s been very few people.

The bottom line is that while Judaism as a whole does not proselytize or encourage conversion, we also welcome converts.   When you convert, you are not only changing your religion, you are being adopted into the Jewish people, and I for one respect anyone who is willing and able to make it through the conversion process.

As for where to start, contact your local rabbi in the denomination you are thinking about.  They will give you a much better idea of what converting will be like for you, and what you will need to study.  This is the one given, by the way.  There is a lot of studying.

you know how there are moonbeam girls? the soft ones with curves and a smile that makes everything feel safe. the ones you could hug all day and be warm forever. the ones who have those eyes that feel like coming home and a voice like a warm cup of tea and a blanket

and the sunshine girls? the ones who know themselves inside and out and are just comfortable in their own skin and make you feel wanted and beautiful because them even looking at you makes you feel special because they’re so amazing and how could someone that radiant even exist

and then the stardust girls? they’re just so ethereal and every way they move makes the world a little more brilliant and everything they do is perfect and makes you gasp because they’re too good for this world and they can’t possibly be human and there’s just so much in their mind and all you want is to climb inside and revel at their brilliance

and the galaxy girls? their laughter is the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen and when you make eye contact and they start to come towards you it’s like you finally know where you belong and they’re colorful and amazing and god how are they even here

and the sunset girls? all you really want is for them to hold you and sing to you and tell you stories because they have so much art in their souls aching to come out and all you want is to see them shine like you know they can because the world doesn’t deserve to see their creativity but god does it need to

girls are amazing and i love them


Part 2 of Yoi but with bad writing and computer generated text to speech voices.

Part 1: Computer is the Future // Part 2: Viktor’s Lament // Part 3: Pip Pip Yurio


McHanzo Week Day 1: First kiss 

Also! I promised @schmogg long ago that I’d do a drawing inspired by their sweet gifset, so here it is! Sorry for the delay <3

Things I’m Glad Yuri!!! On Ice has Done

Given us a sports anime where the characters aren’t color coded based on their hair.

The characters don’t pull out some “special super saiyan” moves. They fall down and they visibly look tired after their performances.

A lot of the skaters are shown practicing or training on and off the rink which is great for character development.

Yuri’s feet look battered. They don’t look perfect after he practices.

Victor and Yuri’s relationship isn’t the entire show, but it’s still a VERY important aspect.

One of my ships that I never thought would become canon did. And in such a real and amazing way too.

The female characters don’t take the backseat.

The coaches are also important to the characters and the viewers.

Diverse cast with characters who all have different motivations.