and implying she was now 'damaged goods'

So after i made a list of differences between movie jd and musical jd here, some people asked me to do one for veronica too so here it is! :)

-One difference that she shares with JD is, again, their relationship. I’ve written a ton about the differences in their relationship in the musical vs the movie, the primary one being that they were in love in the musical. I’ve already pointed out some of the ways musical JD expresses his love, but Veronica does too!

-Seventeen basically speaks for itself. The whole song is literally Veronica telling JD how much she loves him and wants to be with him. The way she reaches her hand out to him fuckin KILLS me 😭

-Where movie Veronica basically gave up on him pretty quick (understandably, bc movie JD was a creepo) musical Veronica tried several times to save him (theres actually a gifset here if you wanna check it out lmao) she wanted to save him because she loved him!

-Her personality in general is just extremely different, she’s honestly the polar opposite of movie Veronica. Where movie Veronica is cool, sarcastic, and apathetic, musical Veronica is an adorable, socially awkward dork who is so kind and strong and just aaaahh. I love her so much omg

-not a huge difference but movie Veronica is really rich and musical Veronica seems to be more middle class? (Heather saying her house looked poor and the fact that her parents had liverwurst instead of pate) idk just something I noticed

-in the musical she cried and was so sad when Kurt and Ram spread the three way rumor about her, in the movie she was just pissed

-DEAD GIRL WALKING. Even though she’s more innocent in the musical, that doesn’t stop her from literally BREAKING JD’S WINDOW LOCK and telling him she’s gonna ride him til she breaks him?? And then in the middle she sings him this mini love ballad before pushing him down and slapping him and just being very very intense in general ?? damn Veronica get it girl

-when she pretended to hang herself in the movie and her mom found her she literally just hung there for a minute and let her mom think she was dead, and then when she got herself down was just like “lol why so tense” but in the musical the second her mom walked in she was like “IM SORRY IM SORRY DONT FREAK OUT IM ALIVE” because she’s a much more compassionate person!

-also the fact that she brought a croquet mallet instead of a gun to stop JD is something that goes unnoticed but I think it’s huge. It shows that A. She didn’t have/didn’t want to use a gun bc they’re violent as fuck and B. She wasn’t planning on really hurting JD.

-speaking of shooting JD in the movie she intentionally shoots him SEVERAL times and every time she’s like “take that haha” but in the musical she accidentally shoots him once and then freaks out, and tries to wake him up and when she can’t you can see how much pain or causes her, like she just slumps over with her hand over her mouth trying to to stop herself from crying.

-another biiiig difference is that she tries to really kill herself with the bomb in the musical. In the movie she’s like “whatever glad that’s over lmao!” and just leaves casually, but in the musical she’s so broken and guilty over everything that’s happened and JD’s death was like the final straw that made her feel like she didn’t deserve to live. :(

-the fact that she tried to stop JD from killing himself is also super important! In the movie she was legit smirking while he blew up, in the musical she was like “no stop not like this wait!” And it broke my goddamn heart!

-when she went after JD in the musical she basically expected one of two things to happen: they both live or they both die. She clearly wanted him to live because when she confronted him she told him how she wished they met before he started hating the world, and she begged him to come with her. And in DGW reprise she sang “cheek to cheek in hell with a dead girl walking!” Implying that they were both “bad” people who would die together, and when he died, she felt like she had to die to pay for the things she did as well. The only thing stopping her was JD telling her to stay and live and make the world a better place.

-and the very end, when she goes back to school and basically tells everyone “listen we’re all going to be good people now even though we’re scared and damaged we’re gonna be okay because we’re all beautiful” and in the movie she’s just super casual about it like “alright i guess im the head bitch now hah”

Long story short Musical Veronica Sawyer is the love of my life and I would die for her also she is the polar opposite of Movie Veronica Sawyer! Thanks for your time this was so long I’m sorry omg

I just felt like making a SU post so...

(Plus with SU out of hiatus in less than a week-days even, this feels like as good a time as any to make one of these (before we’re obliterated once again, via feeling))


You know who I love


You know who I am very afraid for


Why’s that?

Well aside from the fact she’s a villain and not in the Crystal Gems good books by any stretch…I’ve seen a few people pointing out something delightfully insidious about Peridot’s debut scene in Warp Tour:

And that is, potential foreshadowing

Many people before me have pointed this tidbit out as I’ve said, but I just wanted to toss my own two cents in here. (it’s 1am and I’m feeling chatting so) 

The foreshadow in question, Peridot’s interaction with the damaged robonoid. In summary it’s a pretty simple scene: The damaged robonoid clings onto her and essentially begs for assistance of some kind. Peridot responds with her foot, crushing it and destroying it outright. 

Many people have analysed this scene and pointed out/ theorized a possible outcome for Peridot once she gets back to Yellow Diamond. That is, Yellow Diamond will not see Peridot as anything worth taking back, and thus decide it’s easier to dispatch/ destroy her. (Whether she decides to crush her underfoot remains to be seen but considering the gradual reveal of the utterly pragmatic stance of Homeworld, and more simply the option for a pretty cool parallel, this seems pretty damn likely. )

Now I hear you say, well that’s a bit of a stretch/ it’s only one possibility of many! Too early to be making parallels (and I don’t disagree with this).

But…something I noticed when rewatching Warp Tour…and my reason for now being very afraid…

I direct you all to exhibit a) damaged robonoid begging for assistance from giant foot

I’m looking at something in particular…no, no-NOT the crack on the robonoid…what else is going on here?

….It’s missing a foot you guys 

….And who else, as of the latest episode of the last Stevenbomb, Friend Ship, is now missing a foot…..


I’m very afraid for Peridot you guys….



BUT GUYS I HAVE HOPE (And also I’m tired and desperately grasping at straws while praying Peridot don’t freakin die, so I’m probably gonna sound crazy but)

I SAID JUST BEFORE: “Yellow Diamond will not see Peridot as anything worth taking back… she decides to crush her underfoot” AND ALSO “ damaged robonoid begging for assistance from giant foot ”

KEYWORDS: Underfoot, giant foot

I NOW DIRECT YOU TO EXHIBIT B) This one scene from Arcade Mania

“I hope it’s…fighting….a giant…..FOOT”

Followed closely by:


I know, I KNOW it’s a huge freaking stretch for me to say it’s implying something/ THIS could be a foreshadow for something (Steven intervening and protecting Peridot from suffering the same fate she bestowed upon that poor lil damaged robonoid)…

But I think we can all agree that SU has a LOT of stuff planned in advance…enough that it references itself so goddamn well: (eg, Steven’s Lion: Garnet saying ‘we kept Amethyst’ > On the Run, and also So Many Birthdays: Amethyst saying ‘which way to the baby war’ > again On the Run/ gems being grown to make soldiers to fight in a war) 

So basically I’m saying…I feel this scene has something going on here/ MAYBE?? maybe…yeah maybe…

With that I end this edition of birb rambles SU here, thanks for reading! 


“And I’ve not seduced anyone!  Give your daughter some credit for knowing her own mind."  –Tom Branson (2x08)

The Lady and the Chauffeur meme

One Kiss

Two Touches (1/2) (2/2)

Three Quotes (1/3)

**special thanks to repmet for the gifs

anonymous asked:

No. SasuSaku is not unique in the light saving darkness category. This category has been done in absurdum. A person can only change/save themselves. Good girl "saving" bad boy has virtually never happened in real life. Would you like to be in such a relationship? Where happy moments are the exception to all the angst? What is it with girls and this I'm-gonna-save-him-when-no-other-girl-could mentality? Are you so desperate to take care of emotionally challenged boys due to some "potential"?

There’s actually a lot more I wanted to add to that, instead of just “light saving darkness” as it is true, that moral has been done quite a lot (though not as much as the typical boy will notice when you are at his side all along + you have a connection and understand each other implicitly despite not having much time spent together) but it’s not what I had in mind for what SasuSaku really is and why it is so unique to me.

But since you’re obviously new to my blog and have not seen my rant about this specifically and like to twist my words and make accusation based on a simple answer, I’m obviously going to have to explain this to you and virtually bitchslap you for making such awful assumptions about what I meant to say and about ME.

First of all, I never meant to say that Sakura would save Sasuke all by herself, like Naruto never had that job, or Itachi either. And I have to disagree about a person only being capable of changing and saving themselves by themselves. Yes, ultimately the decision to be saved or to change is taken in action by that person–but you know what fucking spurs them to do it? People saying things that knock sense into their damn heads, like 90% of the time. Sasuke did not save himself by himself. Itachi was a major part of Sasuke deciding to redeem himself. Itachi knocked a shitload of fucking sense into Sasuke the last time they spent time together when it was Edo-tensei’d. The decision to save Konoha was not just spurned by Sasuke himself, you biased idiot. These people save themselves because they are given reasons to save themselves.

That being said, I believe Sakura is a big role in Sasuke saving himself from his darkness. She’s already demonstrated this many times in a singular arc (FoD arc, if you’re so damn curious). A huge part of her character revolves in how she wants to help Sasuke from darkness with her love. Sakura attempting to kill Sasuke was done out of the love she felt for him–she felt that was how she could save him. That’s not fucking “done in absurdum”. I don’t mean to say that she will save him from this war with her love or what the fuck ever you think I mean, but I think her love is gonna be a huge part of him healing and completely getting rid of whatever darkness lingers after the war. She’s always brought out his tender side and that is what she will continue to do. 

And yes, of course, you are the ever-all-knowing anon and you would obviously know if “good girl saving bad boy” has ever occurred in real life–which of course, you claim never did. I can guarantee you it fucking did, you arrogant baboon. Plenty of mentally unstable and clinically insane people have been ‘saved’ because a person, a GOOD ONE WOW, took their time in loving them unconditionally and supporting them and MAKING THEM WANT TO BE BETTER. WOWZA AMAZING, RIGHT? Yes, ultimately THEY changed THEMSELVES but you know what prompted them to? BECAUSE THEY WERE LOVED UNCONDITIONALLY AND WANTED TO BE BETTER.


HONESTLY, IM SERIOUS. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU. HOW DARE YOU EVEN ASK SOMETHING LIKE THAT. SOMETHING WHICH, BY THE WAY, IS COMPLETELY INACCURATE AND SO FUCKING BIASED THAT I CAN’T EVEN. You are literally of the same kind of assholes who go around sending hate to people like, “lol you support sasusaku so you must want to be in an abusive relationship”. LITERALLY THE SAME.

First of all, it’s hella rude to imply that Sakura AND NARUTO I MIGHT ADD are only fucking sticking around because of the good moments they had. It’s hella rude to imply they wouldn’t be sticking around if all it was would be fucking angst. Seriously, like do you even realize what you’re saying right now? Do you realize how insulting you sound? Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if you were implying the ss relationship to be abusive because apparently all there is to it is angst and a couple of good moments, and that sakura’s only sticking around because of those good moments and would run the fuck away if she knew there would never be another one. 

As for that last remark…