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Zach’s bed was huge. It was at least a king, maybe bigger.

You supposed it made sense, Zach was a big person. He stood at 6'3 and he was nothing but muscle.

The first time you ever went over to Zach’s you were just supposed to be hooking up. Neither one of you wanted anything remotely serious but there was always such intense, raw attraction from the moment you two had met that it had been almost impossible not to mess around a little.

So when he threw you on his plush king sized mattress you couldn’t help but marvel at how could you fit on a bed with a literal giant comfortably.

One hookup soon became two, then three, then four and soon enough you guys were meeting up every few days.

Instead of leaving almost immediately after he would reach for your hand and just lay with you on his fucking ginormous mattress until his mom got home and he would drive you home.

So it shouldn’t have shocked you as much as it did when while you were both cuddled up on his bed he asked you what you two were doing.

“I thought we were hooking up?” You asked slowly.

“I mean.. We are. But this feels like more than a hookup doesn’t it?” He asked looking up at you from behind his messy bangs.

You had always really liked Zach. He was always nice to you, even in front of his douchey friends. He always asked you if you wanted a ride even if you guys hadn’t planned to hang out that day, if he ever saw you alone at lunch he was quick to grab his tray and come sit next to you, he texted you everyday and invited you to parties after games and never left your side.

That isn’t something that people who are casually fucking usually do.

“What do you want this to be?” You asked still unsure.

His hands pulled you in closer, if possible. One of his hands curled around your bare hip. He leaned in so his lips rested on your collarbone.

“I was kind of hoping you would want to be my girlfriend.” He laughed.

“You couldn’t wait until I had clothes on to ask?” You laughed with him.

He seemed to consider this for a moment. And then he pulled you from your place next to him onto his lap.

“Or we could you know, celebrate?” He raised an eyebrow at you.

He always looked far too good doing that. He must know it too because he always paired it with a breathtaking smirk.

“That’s assuming I say yes.”

You were joking of course. Just the thought of being with Zach gave you butterflies. But you saw that look of self doubt in his eye and the way his smirk lessened only just fractionally.

“Oh, if you don’t want to thats cool too-”

He was cut off by you swooping down and plant you lips firmly on his. He hesitated only a moment before kissing you back, hand in your hair to pull you closer.

“I’d love to be your girlfriend.” You told him when you pulled away.

He gave you one of his charming smiles.


“Of course you idiot.” You laughed at his giddy expression.

He kissed you this time and once again you found yourself on your back on his bed.

“And the next thing I know, I’m tripping over my own two feet and stumbling right on top of Harry!” Everyone laughed along at the story of your very first encounter with Harry - Today was the first time you had ever met Harry’s family, and although you had been a bit nervous at first, it was obvious you were a very charismatic person. “I offered to pay for the shirt that I had stained - But then I found out it was from Gucci and immediately retracted that statement.” 

“This one’s a keeper, I think.” Gemma whispered to Harry, smiling when Harry beamed fondly and glanced down at his intertwined fingers. The two of them were watching you from afar - You were just such a people person, constantly attracting everyone to you no matter where you were. 

“Yeh think so?” Harry replied softly, tilting his head lightly with a dopey grin on his face. It was funny - You were the one who was super nervous at first, thinking that you’d mess up somehow and screw up your first impression with the family, but now Harry was the one who was nervous for some strange reason. He just.. He loved you so much and he really wanted everyone to see how special you were to him. “Tha’s good. I’m glad you think tha’.” 

“Bit of a chatterbox, too. I like that.” Gemma teased, grabbing a drink for herself before padding over to see what other story you were sharing this time.

“S’cuse me, everyone. I’ll be back - I just need to get a drink before my tongue falls out of my mouth.” You smiled at the crowd, making your way over to Harry. He had the biggest grin on his face while he pulled you into a sweet cuddle and gave you a kiss. “What are you so happy about?” 

“No reason. I jus’ love yeh, I guess.” He murmured, his cheeks heating up when a couple of his cousins began making kissy faces behind your back. 

“Oi, Harry! Quit hoggin’ Y/N! We’d like to hear more stories, if you don’t mind!” You found yourself being dragged away from your boyfriend and towards the couch once again, but not before giving Harry another kiss. 

“That’s so unfair! I haven’t even gotten a second alone with Y/N!” 


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Day 1 - Favourite Male Character:
Chris Miles (Joe Dempsie);

Chris was a fun loving, genuine person who literally loved everyone and anyone. He never did wrong, and if he did, it was unintentional he’d do his best to put it right. He had like the best dress sense and the personality everyone should wish for in their future partner! He we so relatable to all adolescents and taught us a presidents amount of life lessons! He loved Jal with all his heart and would do absolutely anything for her. And when he cheated on her with Angie (who I never liked, I always thought she was an attention whore) he immediately regretted it, but was honest about it and put it right with Jal as soon as he could! He had a messed up background but used that to his advantage and used it as motivation and for judgement. When he died I cried more than I have ever cried at a TV program or film, it felt, almost, as if I was part of his life he was so relatable/realistic! Chris will always be my favourite Skins character and probably my favourite TV character!

Fuck it for Chris.

Imagine waking up next to Jared after a party

I roll on the bed bumping into something soft and warm, I open my eyes only to find this guy I met last night. He’s still asleep, probably still drunk, and I know I’m a bit drunk just by the way my head still spins. The clock on my nightstand shows me that is almost two, and if the sun wouldn’t be entering through my window I would have ignored the time and pretend it was two in the morning.

I roll again, to face the wall instead of my guest. We met at a party the night before, I was drunk, he was too, and my house was near. End of the story. But I had never done this before and I felt really uncomfortable now that I was getting in the hangover fase.

Jared’s arm wraps around my waist as he pulls me closer, he’s still asleep, but he manages to trace my body in order to grab my chest and accommodate his head on my pillow. I feel his breathing on my neck, and shivers run all over my back.

The doorbell wakes me up a few minutes later, I didn’t even noticed that I started sleeping again. Jared is still holding me, and when I start moving to get out of the bed, he starts growling.

“Don’t go” I hear him mumble as I put a shirt on and my underwear.

“I’ll be back in a second”

I’ll be? Yeah, probably to ask him to leave.

I grab some mints from the kitchen before heading to the door, I don’t even look who it is, I just open and the second I do it I regret not hiding in my bedroom pretending I wasn’t there.


“Aw, sweetie, you’re glad to see me! Good, cause I brought lunch!”

She doesn’t even wait for me to invite her in, she just walks pass by me and heads to the kitchen to put a ton of bags in the counter.

“I called you so many times, I ended up deciding to come anyway. If you weren’t here, I still got your keys, I could have cleaned a bit” Her eyes catch the dirty dishes on the other counter next to her, she sighs and continues to unpack her bags, “I guess I’ll clean anyways”

She talks and talks and I completely forgot about my little guest in my bedroom. When I see Jared coming to where we are, wearing nothing but his pants, I start making him signs to get back to the bedroom.

“What are you doing?” My mom asks me, she looks entertained, but I know she will not be if she knew what was going on.

“Oh, nothing, it was… Just a fly”

“You have to clean this place, it’s a mess!”

“I know, mom”

“No, you don’t, or you would actually clean it. I’ll start charging you for the monthly cleaning”

“Yeah, sure, whatever you say” I mumble, getting out of the kitchen, “I’ll take a shower before we eat”

I run back to my bedroom, Jared has returned to bed and it’s twisted over the blankets. I should have asked him to leave earlier, but seeing him like that, makes me want to ask him to stay for good. But he can’t, and if my mom sees him, she’ll probably freak out.

“Hey, come on, wake up” I shake his shoulder, but he only mumbles something in his sleep, “I really don’t want you to go, but if the lady in the kitchen finds you, you’re dead meat”

“You want me to leave through the window?” He asks, with just one eye open.


“You’re crazy, I fucked a crazy woman”

“Shhh, she could hear you”

“I’ll leave” he mumbles, but falls asleep again.

“Come on, Jared!”

I receive no answer, and I desist from going on. Instead I lock the door, so my mom doesn’t find Jared in here, and walk to my bathroom to finally get a shower. I take my clothes off and get in, the cold water hits my body and I finally start to wake up. My head hurts like hell, and to think that I’ll have to hear my mom talk about how my whole life is a mess, makes my head hurt even more.

I almost trip when I hear someone opening the curtain, and I see Jared, completely naked, entering the small shower.

“What are you doing?” I ask him, but everything is completely clear when he corners me. “My mom is outside!”

“I know”

His lips reach mine almost violently, and my breathing turns heavy immediately. I didn’t remember much from last night, but this was a good sign that I had a great time. I open my eyes when his lips leave mine to start tracing my neck, and his hands take my tighs to wrap them around his hips. The fact that my mom is outside isn’t reason enough to stop the moanings coming out of my mouth, especially when he finally makes his way inside of me. I cup his face with my hands, pulling him closer and kiss him whenever I’m able to stop moaning. I hear him calling me beautiful between kisses, but he stops when the thrusts become faster. My whole body starts shaking, and the excitation is too much, so I end up sticking my nails on his shoulders. A few more thrusts and an almost guttural moan comes out of his lips. I gasp a few times trying to catch my breath, and I’m left alone in the shower.

When I return to my room Jared isn’t there, part of me is happy that he’s gone, but the other part is almost crying because he didn’t even left a note.

I get dressed and get out of my room, I can hear voices and I think my mom has the tv on, but when I enter the kitchen, I see Jared lying against a counter and my mom laughing at whatever he’s telling her.


“Always so secretive, this one, why didn’t you tell me you had a boyfriend? Thank god I brought a lot of food”

“I was just telling your mom about the fun party we had last night” He comments, his eyes on my mom, that keeps getting the food in different plates.

“You never tell me anything” My mom mutters, with a sad expression on her face. “How long have you two been together?”

“Umm…” I look at Jared, looking for help. He started this whole act, so I don’t know what to do. Jared holds two fingers up, so I follow his lead, “Around two months”

“Come on, Jared, help me get all this to the dining room, you too” Mom says, handing me a bowl filled with lettuce.

I follow them to the dining room, and after we place all the food on the table, we finally sit. I’m scared that I will not be able to follow Jared’s lead on whatever he’s doing and my mom will end up finding out the truth. How am i supposed to tell my own mom that the guy sitting next to her is just a one night stand?

“How did you guys met? I bet it was a bookstore, this girl would live in one if she could”

“It was at a party, actually” Jared answers before I can think about what to say, “She’s friend with my best friend Emma”

At least something that it’s true.

“Oh, Emma! She’s such a sweetheart”

Jared keeps telling stories that have never happened, and I look at him amused at how many things he can make up without even thinking for a second.

“What are you doing?” I ask him, after my mom leaves us alone to bring dessert. “We met last night, I didn’t even know you had a brother”

“Yeah, and a few step brothers” He adds with a smile, “Come on, it’s fun”

“You said you were going to leave, not that you were going to join us for lunch”

“Yeah, I was leaving and your mom saw me, I told you I wasn’t going out through the window” He reminds me.

“And what am I supposed to tell her when you leave and I don’t see you again?”

“Who says you’re not going to see me again?”

I stare at him not knowing what to say, I thought that after what happened last night we were done.

“We are going to Palm Springs next week, maybe you could come with us”

“Palm Springs sounds fun” My mother interrupts us, placing a cup of ice cream and fruit in front of us, “You should go, you never go out”

“I do, mom”

“No, you don’t” She says with a serious tone, but changing her expression completely to continue talking to Jared, “You’re a fallen angel, Jared”

“No, I’m not” he laughs.

“Of course you are, you may be the one who finally makes this girl settle down for once”

I hear my mom talking about how long it’s been since I last had a decent boyfriend, and I don’t care that Jared hears all that crap, it’s not my real boyfriend, I don’t need to worry about what he could think about me now.

When I start to think that my mom will stay forever getting fascinated by my fake boyfriend, she finally decides to leave us alone to enjoy the rest of the day. We dismiss her at the door, waving at her while she leaves in her car with the biggest smile I’ve seen her with for the last few months. Jared grabs my hands at the last second, and my mom looks like she’s melting with cuteness while she drives away from my house.

“That was fun” Jared says, pulling me inside the house.

“Hell no” I mumble, taking my hand away from his. “She’s not gonna leave me alone now that I have a "boyfriend”“

"Palm Springs, next week. I wasn’t acting that for your mom” Jared says, ignoring my comment.

“Is Emma going too? Is the only one of your friends that I know” I ask, actually considering the offer.

“No, she’s not going, not her or my brother. I’m going alone, well… Was going alone, because you’re coming, right?”

I take his jacket from the couch and hand it to him, his face saddens in a second. If there’s one thing my mom is absolutely right about, is how boring and messed up my life is, so I decide what to do with Jared immediately. I notice the surprise on his face when I jump into his arms, to wrap mine around his neck.

“I can’t let my new boyfriend walk around all those almost naked ladies, I may lose him in a second”

“Told you, playing house is fun” Jared whispers, his lips over mine. “But, you know what would make this even better? If I actually stay”

“I thought one night stands only lasted for the night” I mutter and a smile appears on his face.

“Yeah, but it’s afternoon, and I already met your mother, I think this is getting pretty serious”

“Yeah, you better leave before I ask you to move in” I push him to the door, but he grabs my hand to get me closer and finally kiss me.

“Or I ask you to marry me” He laughs and I push him again, “I added my number in your phone while you were in the shower, I’ll call you during the week, we can go buy you a nice bikini for the weekend”

“I can’t wait”

I receive one last kiss before Jared starts walking to his car, I wave my hand to him till he disappears down the road and I finally get in my house again. Palm Springs started to sound fun all of the sudden.


Sebastian Stan X Reader
Inspired by the song “Can’t stop drinking about you”- BeBe Rexha
Y/f/n- your friends name
Warnings: alcohol use, also language and depression, and attempted suicide. TRIGGER WARNING! PLEASE DO NOT READ THIS IF YOU HAVE HAD SERIOUS ISSUES WITH ANY OF THE ABOVE WARNINGS! I’m here for anyone who needs to talk to me!

The bright New York city lights are blinding as you stumble back to your apartment. For the past month and a half this has been your routine. Go to the bar, order the strongest drink they have, and get drunk off your ass, before stumbling your way home. You never planned on becoming this person. You thought that you had left the depression in the past, but obviously you were wrong. You were happy. Happy with your life, and happy with him. It had been the best two years with Sebastian, that is, up until about four months ago. You both started to grow distant, one work schedule always conflicting with the other. Before you knew it, you were fighting with him every night. And then one day it was over. He was gone, and that’s when you fell back down the rabbit hole. You’d told Sebastian about your past with depression, but you never really told him just how serious it was.

He had no clue of your downward spiral towards your own impending doom. One of his close friends told him that they saw you out walking around the city with a new guy, but that friend was mistaken. Sebastian thought you were happy. Even though he missed you and wanted you back, he didn’t want to ruin your new found happiness. So he kept it to himself. If only he knew what was happening to you.

You wake up to the sound of your phone vibrating. You sit up to answer it when you feel your head start to pound: hangover. The phone goes to voicemail before you have the chance to pick it up. “Y/n, I’m getting worried. I’ve called you four times now and you still haven’t picked up, and let me not forget to mention that you were photographed last night by the paparazzi! Call me as soon as you get this!” Your best friends voice comes through the little speaker of the phone, causing your head to pound even more. You decide to get up and get some asprin, before calling your friend back. She picks up after three rings and the loudness of her voice makes you cringe in pain. “THANK GOODNESS! I thought you had died or something! Why didn’t you answer?” “Hangover” you grumble, laying back against your soft feather pillow. “Well then,“ your friend says, “I’ll take it that you haven’t seen the cover of People Magazine?” You furrow your eyebrows in confusion, not remembering any photographers from the night before. When you don’t respond she continues talking. “Yeah, the cover says, "Sebastian’s girl going off the deep end?” and let me just tell you it’s not a very pretty picture. Y/n, what’s going on? This isn’t like you.“ The concern in her voice is completely obvious. "Come over. I’ll tell you everything.”

About 30 minutes later there’s a knock on the door. Already knowing who it is, you open it letting y/f/n inside. She wastes no time grabbing your hand in hers and pulling you over to the couch. She sits down next to you and turns, looking at you and waiting for you to speak. You close your eyes and take a deep breath. "When Sebastian and I ended our relationship it came back.” She nodded, knowing what you meant when you said “it.” She was with you through your first episode of depression and every episode after that. “He was always there for me when I started feeling down. He was my rock and now,” you say struggling to hold in your tears, the pain beginning to seep through the cracks in the inner wall you’d worked so hard to put up. “now he’s gone. I managed to push away the one person who was willing to put up with all of my shit. All of my flaws, my bad habits, my unstable emotions, he accepted all of them. He accepted all of me, and I pushed him away.” A few stray tears manage to slip out, cascading down your cheeks. Y/F/N pulls you into her side, cradling your head in her lap, shushing you as you begin to cry. “Hey, it’s going to be okay. I promise that I wont let you fall. I’m here and I’m not leaving until you’re better. Come on now,” Y/F/N says, “ sit up. How about this. You go take a shower, and get all of this makeup from last night off of your face, and I will pick some movies, go get some pizza from your favorite little restraunt and snacks from the store, and then set up the living room. s'that sound good?” Nodding, you stand and walk down the hallway to your bedroom. You hear the apartment door shut letting you know that your friend had left to get the food. After getting a t-shirt and a pair of sweatpants out of your dresser, you head into the bathroom shutting the door behind you.

You turn the shower on and sit on the bathroom floor with your back against the side of the bathtub as you wait for the water to heat up. Remembering what your friend had said earlier, you pull your phone out and go to the People’s Magazine website. When you see a photo of yourself pop up on the screen, you click on it and read the article. As you read, the blurry walk home starts to become clearer, and by the time you’ve reached the end of the article you remember almost all of what happened. At the bottom of the page there’s a video, and when you click on it you immediately regret it. "YN! Y/N! Where’s Sebastian?“ you hear one of the reporters call out to the drunken mess that was you on the small screen. Several other questions are being shouted at you as well, like "is it true Sebastian left you for Margarita?” or “is it true that you were pregnant with Sebastian’s child?” You see yourself trip, grabbing on to one of the men who was holding a camera in your face. You giggle drunkenly and tell the man sorry followed by an “oops. That was fucking weird!” Now that he had your attention, the reporter takes the opportunity to ask his questions. “Y/n, where's Sebastian? Why isn’t he with you? Are you still together?" You stop and wobble a little on your unsteady legs, before looking up and into the mans eyes. A drunken look of sadness appears on your flushed face, your makeup is smeared, and your eyes appear glossier than usual, while slurred mumbles leave your lips in an incoherent manner. "No,” video you says like a small child, “we aren’t together anymore.” The reporters get frantic at your revelation all shouting at you, wanting to know what happened. You responded to no one in particular, just letting word vomit escape your mouth. “We fought! I pushed him away. He was too good for me anyway. I really never understood why he chose me. I’m just a broken mess who destroys everything in its path. I’m glad he got out before I could destroy him too. He’s too good for me, and I was an idiot to ever believe that I could be fixed.” At that, you began stumbling away and the video ended. You lock your phone and stare blankly at the fogged up shower glass in front of you, praying that Sebastian hasn’t seen that video yet. Your mind goes into overdrive as you think about your secret being out there for the whole world to see, and judge. You think about the nasty comments that are probably blowing up your twitter and instagram feeds. Needing to prove yourself right you check your twitter and scroll through your mentions. After seeing things such as “if y/n is so depressed than she should just do all of us a favor and kill herself,” and several other hateful comments you decide that if that many people think that you should be dead than it must be true. You put your phone on the counter and put the plug in the drain of the bathtub, before filling it up and climbing in, preparing to end it all.

Unbeknownst to you, Sebastian has already seen the video several times, each time causing his heart to break a little bit more. He can’t stand the thought of you drinking your pain away, the pain that he caused you. He couldn’t take it anymore, so here he was in the backseat of a New York cab on his way to save you from yourself hoping that he’s not to late, but something in the back of his mind was telling him that he’s running out of time.

Should I write a part 2? Let me know what you guys think. (Sorry it’s such a grim story)

(Requests are open!)

Title: Everyone Messes Up

A Michael Clifford imagine

Overview: My first 5sos concert was going beautifully, that’s is, until I heard Michael make the slightest of mistakes.

(Y/C/N: your city name)

As I shot up from my chair I started to hear people screaming, and along with those screams, were my own. Seeing my favorite band was something I thought I would only ever imagine, but there they were. Rows in front of me stood Michael, Luke, Calum and Ashton, my boys, 5 Seconds of Summer.

“Y/C/N are you ready to rock?!” Ashton yelled from behind his drums with a smile on his face. In return, the screams that echoed through the arena managed to get louder. The chords to their song “She’s Kinda Hot” sounded as the boys began to strum on their guitars, base guitar and drums. That’s when they started singing. Up until this moment I hadn’t realized what I was really doing and where I really was. It was like I was in shock, a daze, and didn’t wake up until now. I didn’t even attempt to control the tears that were running down my face; others around me apparently had this same problem, so I don’t think anyone will mind. When the first few lyrics flowed throughout the arena, it finally hit me. I was actually here right now. I’m not watching my boys from a screen. They’re here, right in front of me. I looked around in awe as if I were seeing the world for the first time, feeling like I had somehow been changed. By the time I fell out of my daze a new song was already being played, but I’m not the one who brought myself back to reality. Michael’s voice cracked and shook as he forgot the lyrics to one of his solos, and my eyes immediately darted up to him. This act had nothing to do with me being disappointed in him, however I knew that he might be disappointed in himself. He had an obvious frown on his face and for the rest of the song he trembled a bit, probably worried that he might mess up again. Everyone messes up at some point though.

When the show ended I decided to wait a while before calling someone to pick me up, they would most likely want to wait until the traffic let up a bit anyway. So I decided to walk around a bit, I mean, why not? I think it’s allowed. I turned a few corners and ended up getting lost, shocking I know. I looked on the doors for any clues, signs, or one of those stupid arrows that point to where you’re suppose to go, even if the destination is extremely easy to get to. While I was walking around I heard a muffled crying, and since I’m an idiot that would most likely get killed in a horror movie because of poor judgment, I went looking for the source of the sound. I followed the sound and hid behind one of the corners of the hallway i had walked down. Before I turned the corner I took a breath.

I quietly came out from hiding and stood in front of the figure who had their back against the wall, and their arms hugging their knees. My curiosity vanished into sympathy when I realized who it was.

“Michael?” I whispered. His head slowly came up from its former position of hiding and he looked quite startled. “I’m sorry if I scared you. Is-is something wrong?” I said, debating whether to walk toward him or not. I wobbled a bit trying to decide what to do before concluding that I should stay put.

“Nothing’s wrong at all. Were you at the concert? Did you have a good time?” he followed this up with a fake smile.

I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion before softening my facial expression. I walked a little closer. “I’m not interested in talking to you about things that aren’t nearly as important as your mental health” I replied to him, and when he didn’t say anything in the silent gap that followed my words, I went on. “Ya know…I have also faked a smile and said I was alright when I knew I wasn’t truly okay. You don’t have to tell me what’s wrong or what happened, I just need to make sure that you are alright” I said with a soft smile.

“Up on stage, I’m sure you heard it” he let out a humorous laugh before going on. “I was a complete let down, everyone knows I have the worst voice in the band. I don’t belong in this band and today was just another day that made me realize it. I’m such a screw up” fresh tears silently flowed from his eyes and down his cheeks.

With those words, my heart broke. I walked toward him precociously, his eyes lazily making eye contact all the way. When I stood in front of him he didn’t protest my actions, so I slid my back against the wall until I was sitting eye to eye next to him. “Have you ever had that moment when you found something that just completes what you originally had? Like when you get a new piece of clothing or a new movie and you just can’t help but think ‘how did I live without this one thing?’. That’s you. You, Michael, you complete the band. Without you there would be no kitten who actually brings punk into the band” I laughed, attempting to make him smile, and ended up succeeding. “And your voice, it’s beautiful, even your talking voice is beautiful. Not everyone’s voices are exactly the same, and not everyone’s voices sound perfect with every type of music. You just need to find your sound, and out there tonight some lyrics were just missed. Every musician, hell, every person messes up at some point, no human is perfect, and it’s hard not to get certain lyrics mixed up with others. It hurts knowing how little you think of yourself. You’re everything, and I just can’t wrap my head around how magnificent people can’t see themselves in that way. I know how hard it is to see anything but flaws in yourself, but I need you to try, because you are much more than what you think”.

“Thank you” Michael softly smiled and wiped at his eyes. “What’s your name?” He asked

“Y/N” I replied as we heard voices coming down the hallway.

“Hey Michael we were-” Luke stopped mid sentence as he saw me. “We were just looking for you, we need to leave now.” He finished as he looked back and forth between me and Michael.

Michael stood up and i did as well, unsure of what else to do. “Hey guys, yea I was just…sitting here- but I found someone who will be coming back with us to hang out with at our hotel, Y/N!” he smiled over to me and then back to the guys.

“Oh yea sure that sounds-” Calum started but couldn’t finish before I interrupted.

“Wait, hold on a second” I laughed. “I mean, yes I would love to but it just seems so sudden and I’m suppose to get picked up and-”

“Could you call someone and tell them you will be a little late?” Michael smiled hopefully.

Of course it would be a stupid idea to say no to Michael, I don’t know why he asked me to go with him and the boys back to their hotel but it’s good, right? It’s a conversation that I have imagined in my head, something that seems too good to be true, so having it actually come true is an incredible feeling. I couldn’t just let the opportunity go without grasping onto it.

“I’ll be right back then” I smiled as I walked a few steps away to call my mother. The phone rang a few times and when she picked up I quickly told her about what had happened, and asked if I could go to their hotel for a while. At first she was completely opposed of that matter but I somehow changed her mind. I also made sure to tell her that if I didn’t end up calling her later I was most likely asleep, and to make sure she knew not to think I was dead or in danger.

I walked back to the boys. “It’s a go!” I laughed as they all happily shouted. They quickly ushered me to their tour bus and we drove back to the hotel they were currently staying in.

I woke up and rubbed my face, unsure of what happened last night. I opened my eyes to see Michael laying next to me, Luke and Calum cuddled on the other bed, and Ashton on the floor. All the memories of last night suddenly flooded back to me and I smiled at the thought. We had ordered pizza and watched a few movies, we had argued over what movies to watch but settled on a comedy and then a horror one. Which explains why Luke and Calum were on the bed together, Luke must’ve gotten scared during the horror movie. I laughed and remembered Ashton on the floor. Why was he there? I searched my memory until i realized that he had kept getting kicked off the bed by Luke and Calum, so he protested and ended up laying on the floor.

I checked the clock next to the bed I was in and it read “9:13am”. Well, it’s a good thing I had told my mom not to worry. I got up and went to the bathroom. I felt absolutely disgusting. Along the way I took one of the boys shirts, not knowing who’s it was but just needed something clean to wear. I got in the bathroom and washed my face, I saw some toothpaste on the counter and brushed my teeth with my finger as best I could. I attempted to make my hair look as good as I could get it and then put on the shirt that I had taken, I don’t think they would mind. At least I hope not. I looked at myself once more in the mirror before leaving the bathroom.

They were awake when I came out, and when Michael looked at me he smirked. “What?” I asked.

“You look good in my shirt” he stated simply.

I blushed slightly “I’m- I’m sorry. I can take it off if you want”

“No it’s fine” he laughed. “We’re leaving today for the next part of our tour, I was talking to the boys about you coming with us when we leave and they all” he gestured to Luke, Calum and Ashton “said it was a good idea”.

“Yes of course! I would love to!” I smiled. Michael smiled back and went to get ready to leave for the airport. I stayed out of the way and let them pack up their things. “Should I change out of your shirt now? Shouldn’t you pack it?” I asked Michael, as I was standing next to the window of the hotel room.

“Nah. I have so many shirts, if you would like to keep it, I wouldn’t mind at all. I’m just surprised you found something clean of mine” he laughed.

I smiled down at the shirt and simply nodded, silently thanking him.


Michael was the last to board the plane.

I was attempting to hold in my tears, but I ended up failing when Michael pulled me into a tight hug.

“Why are you crying?” He asked as we pulled a part, with a hidden laugh in his tone.

“When you leave, I won’t be remembered. I will fade into a memory of just another fan that you came in contact with, and then continue fading away until I’m gone completely. I will be nothing to you, and yet to me, this will have been the most amazing day of my life and I won’t ever forget it”.

“Y/N, I won’t forget you. You did a great thing for me back at the concert. You made a huge impact on me and I promise, I promise I will not forget about you. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw each other again, very soon” he gently smiled at me.

“Then why do I feel like this is the end?” I sobbed as I wiped at my tears, staring down at the floor, unable to look at him.

I felt a hand on my chin, gently lifting my head up. Michael’s lips met mine and I instinctively wrapped my arm around his neck.

When we pulled apart I stared at him, shocked and filled with confusion.

He pulled out his phone, clicked the screen a few times, and then handed it to me. When I looked at the screen, the ‘new contact’ tab was open. I hesitated before I started typing in my name and number. Halfway through I looked up at him and he nodded, giving me a sign to say 'keep going’. I handed the phone back to him and he put it back in its original place in his back pocket.

“I won’t be forgetting you” were the last words he spoke before getting swiftly on the plane, and leaving me standing alone in the airport.


I arrived home and made my way to my room. I walked to my bed and sat down, tugging at the shirt I was wearing, Michael’s shirt.

I felt a vibration and knew immediately that it was my phone. I took it out of my pocket and read the screen. It was a text message from a number that I didn’t have saved yet.

“I’m glad I met you, so in a way I’m also glad I messed up at the concert. After all, like you said, everyone messes up sometimes, but meeting you was no mistake - Michael”

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