and im very conflicted by it


“my happiest memory is you… because it’s not just a memory, it’s the present”

//slams hands on desk// when I thought I was finally over this yoi hp au, my friend gave me ANOTHER prompt and it just flew from there;;;;

more hp au

As a response to season 4 starting today, here’s Clarke as Queen of the Ice Nation from the story The White Queen Running - by @entirelytookeen

Commissioned illustration by Irene Koh @prom-knight, artist for the upcoming graphic novel sequels to Korra, The Legend of Korra: Turf Wars.

So I’ve had this idea for some superhero lesbian romcom type story that I dont have the skills or focus to really develop but man do I want it.

Main POV is on the hero character. She’s terse and high strung in that vulcan “im calm and collected and cool outside but eternally screaming on the inside” way. Overthinks Everything.

Her main nemesis is some catwoman style jewelry thief who GLEEFULLY lives up the “ridiculous sexy villain” aesthetic. She’s gonna be comfortable but that doesnt mean she aint gonna look GOOD because these tiddies DESERVE to be appreciated via a cleavage window.

This is almost entirely why the hero has dubbed this mostly harmless thief as her nemesis like who fucking does that some of us are trying to do respectable work while she goes around feeding into EVERY sexy cliche I hate it so much I keep this picture of her to remind me of how much she annoys me and sleep with it every night.

Anyway. Hero one day sees her Nemesis in a mundane setting like at work or a coffeeshop and recognizes her INSTANTLY (reason 3 she’s annoying: actually thinks a dainty black eyemask is a DISGUISE)

Hero is like “hooollllyyy shit holy shit it’s her jfc she is FOLLOWING ME she’s trying to PSYCHE ME OUT!! Well ill show her im gonna go over and pass some hints that im on to her shit!!”

Goes over and is bamboozled when Nemesis is just all “oh hey i was wondering when you’d stop staring and come talk to me ;)” and next thing she knows theyre sitting down and having coffee together and then it hits her.

Not only did Nemesis not recognize her (of course she didnt because SOME OF US know how to do a disguise with voice changers and all) but she is now on a date. It’s a good date. Nemesis is flirty and cute and oh no she runs a charity organization for street kids fuck thats where the money all goes oh no oh fuck

And then dates?????? keep happening??????????? but moonlight chases across the city also keep happening????? Hero is Very Confused and Conflicted and it’s a constant hilarious comedy of errors of her almost coming clean on who she is then chickening out and in a constanr state of lowkey existential crisis.

All leads up to some scene where theyre doing the Hero and Villain thing and Hero cant stop from flirting hardcore and laying it on thick (bc she is now starting to warm up to this whole catsuit and titty window look she sees the benefits)

Only to have Nemesis go “oh honey thats sweet but im not gonna let you off easy for it. Also I have a girlfriend anyway”

Cue another lowkey existential crisis of being stuck between “I JUST GOT FUCKIN REJECTED BY MY OWN GIRLFRIEND????!?” And “holy shit she called me her girlfriend and turns down people for me oh my god ❤❤”

Plot twist: when she finally comes clean over breakfast Nemesis is like “oh thank god i was wondering when you’d say something because pretending I didnt know was getting too old to be fun anymore, like I caught on around our third date, anyway you want some more pancakes?”


Make Me Choose

  • Anon Asked: Kenny Omega or AJ Styles 
Dragon Age Zodiac
  • Fenrir: 20th Wintermarch – 18th Guardian
  • Resourceful, brave, calm, loyal, secretive. Can sometimes be extremely fierce or seem old despite their years. The sign of transformation and regeneration. Can easily become distrusting and manipulative.
  • Kios: 19th Guardian – 20th Drakonis
  • Curious, idealistic, energetic, full of wonder. Craves change and new experiences. Enthusiastic and extroverted, with a strong desire for freedom. Can be tactless, impatient, or promise more than they can deliver.
  • Eluvia: 21st Drakonis – 19th Cloudreach
  • Artistic, intuitive, gentle, wise. Willing to help others without promise of return. Empathetic, faithful, and caring. Known for being extremely tolerant. Introverted and quiet. Can become isolated or martyr themselves for others.
  • Equinor: 20th Cloudreach – 20th Bloomingtide
  • Co-operative, diplomatic, gracious, peaceful. Lover of harmony, gentleness, and nature. Balance and symmetry, justice and equality. Can be indecisive and avoid confrontation, and sometimes carries grudges.
  • Fervenial: 21st Bloomingtide – 20th Justinian
  • Progressive, original, independent, energetic. Extremely adaptable, looks at the world as full of possibility. Strong desire for freedom and change. Can shy away from emotional expression, or be temperamental, uncompromising, or aloof.
  • Solium: 21st Justinian – 22nd Solace
  • Courageous, determined, confident, enthusiastic, passionate. Competitive, a natural leader, desires action and challenges. Pushes themselves hard. Can be impatient, short-tempered, impulsive, and aggressive.
  • Bellitanus: 23rd Solace – 22nd August
  • Reliable, patient, practical, responsible. Loves everything good and beautiful, very creative. Determined and protective. Known for their stubbornness, dislikes sudden change. Can be uncompromising.
  • Servani: 23rd August – 22nd Kingsway
  • Creative, passionate, generous, warm-hearted. Natural leaders, dramatic, creative, confident. Full of love, able to unite people easily. Can become arrogant, stubborn, self-centred, and lazy.
  • Toth: 23rd Kingsway – 22nd Harvestmere
  • Loyal, kind, hardworking, practical, methodical. Pays close attention to detail, conservative and organised. A creator. Desire to serve and please others. Can become overly critical, anxious, or prioritise their work to an unhealthy degree.
  • Satinalis: 23rd Harvestmere – 21st Firstfall
  • Affectionate, curious, adaptable, expressive, quick-witted. Sociable and communicative, fascinated by the world and desiring new experiences. Creative and musical. Inquisitive and fun-loving, but can be indecisive or inconsistent.
  • Tenebrium: 22nd Firstfall – 21st Haring
  • Responsible, disciplined, efficient, conservative. Practical and scrupulous, known for being very serious. Independent, ambitious, hates lack of control. Often aloof and unforgiving, can also be stubborn and pessimistic.
  • Silentir: 22nd Haring – 19th Wintermarch
  • Intuitive, empathetic, persuasive, imaginative, loyal. Good at solving conflicts, strong determination for harmonious relationships and well-being of their friends and family. Can become suspicious, pessimistic, or manipulative.
Otome games be like

Heroine: i love white dresses
Guy: oooh wow just soo pure ahhh like an angel’s wings white YASS !!!!!

Heroine: ouch i pricked my finger
Guy: well better carry you.

Herione: hi ! Im new-
Guy: don’t mind but i just realized i am in love with you.
Heroine: ohhh nice to meet you too !
Guy: but
Heroine: yeah ur r a very nice person.
Guy:  D:

Guy 1: do u love me
Guy2: or me ????
Heroine: yes .

Heroine: but i dont feel the same way right now.
Guy: ok i understand , but i will make you fall in love with me.
Guy: *proceeds to have no chill for the next few years*

MBTI Types as Waterfalls

 im sorry everybody has already done all the cool stuff! but u guys can send me ideas on what to do next!

ESTJ: Dettifoss. Europes most powerful waterfall!

ISFP: Plitvice. So picturesque! Bursting with colours!

ENTP: Blue Nile Falls. Definitely something new and some of it is being used for a power dam. Its local name means ‘smoking water’!

ESTP: Tugela falls. Have to do a lot of climbing but it’s worth it!

INFP: Nohkalikai Falls. It changes a lot. During summer it’s quite tranquil but during winter its very… violent? im at a loss of words, just like i would be when my INFP sister gets mad

ISTJ: Niagara. Quite possibly the first waterfall everbody thinks of when they have to name a waterfall. (the classic)

INFJ: Detian falls. quite nature-ish. pretty private too. (only opened up last year due to border conflicts)

ESFJ: Huangguoshu. It’s very interactive and open. Visitors can even touch the water! (due to a cave formed at the back)

ENTJ: Kaieteur Falls. Powerful. REALLY POWERFUL. Also looks quite impressive. (its in the middle of a rainforest. but that doesnt compare to how hard it is to find an ENTJ that likes you)

INTJ: Victoria Falls. Its indigenious name means The Smoke That Thunders. This relates to the INTJ cause THEY KEEP SHOUTING AT PEOPLE WITH NO PROOF. also it has a reputation that its the biggest and widest but its not

ENFJ: Gocta Cataracts. 2 waterfalls in one and easily accessible (unlike all the others). 

ESFP: Igazu Falls. A lot of fun. Sunny nature. Also it has a fall called Devil’s Throat and for some reason that reminded me of ESFPs.

ISTP: Gullfoss. It is fed by glacial runoff, making it very cold. ISTPs too are fed by glacial runoff and are cold.

ENFP: Jog Falls. Many waterfalls emerging from the same river (line of thought). Amount of water depends on the season (moodswings).

ISFJ: Angel Falls. A literal angel.

INTP: Dragon Gate. Intensely reserved. Not very popular but super cool nonetheless.

i wish people stopped using callout posts as a means to resolve arguments between friends

like i’ve seen SO many posts along the lines of ‘tumblr user nuttingforkomaeda deliberately ignored my messages when i was online despite knowing i have mental health issues, reblog and block them’ like that isn’t………. that’s something you need to be resolving among yourselves, not trying to publicly shame someone for what amounts to an interpersonal conflict

im especially seeing this behaviour among very young (13-15) bloggers and it’s very concerning.

So this is the Bullshit

I don’t believe in call out posts. I think they’re unnecessary and usually create a tidal wave of drama over a misunderstanding or an issue that might have been resolved with a simple click of ‘unfollow’ or block’.

This is one of those instances where it is necessary. Where the actions of one person are genuinely harmful and quite likely malicious and it’s actually impossible to know the extent of everything they have done.

Before I proceed, I want to make it clear that I do not condone sending this person hateful asks-or, indeed, any- asks about their behaviour. If you wish to unfollow or block them-or not- then that is your business. But I did not make this post to encourage spiteful behaviour.

I want to thank everyone who contributed to this post, whether it was sending me data, good vibes, proofing or just cheering up my cranky butt at varying points between now and April. Without further ado:-

This is a callout post for user Vallanoble, for actions spanning back to February of this year.

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Okay lets clear this thing up about Gztale shipless convo

Some of you not agree about this, some of you agree, some of you like dont care about this. And there is still confusion which details is official. Hear me out, im trying to clear this thing up slowly with my awful English sentences.

Gztale is shipless AU due the plot and the storyline situation is very conflicting to the characters. Only one ship im going to put in the storyline but it doesnt take place in the current timeline. That specific ship is actualy sank.

I deny people offer/ask about ___x___ to be canon in the story. Especially gz frans ship because it considered pedophilia relationship. I want ganz to be a father figure to frisk because frisk is literally a small child and need adult attention of their problem.


And for fans shipping , IM OKAY WITH IT , its just, Dont ask me the ship to be canon. IT’s just no. You cant make me add a scene for your fav ship to be canon in the gztale comic. Still, no.

Im okay with all the ship, you can draw whatever you want. Im only dont want to see sensitive stuff that will bring some issues to the community. Like rape, pedophile, sexual abuse and such. It’s sensitive for me as where i live in Malaysia.

If you a sinner and you wanted to draw that way then Plz dont mention me.

The reason I deleted my sinblog because i feel awful to myself, and i feel very disgust for what i did. “Oh wait, i actually drew that, that isnt me even im a fujoshi type who likes reading yaoi OR bl manga. I dont want to do this. Its make me feel very awful, ugh, i should delete this ”

So yeah, thats al i have to say. No asking or suggestion to make ship canon in story.

Thats it

re: anduin acting very out of character in the opening cinematic

i know it’s not easy to imagine anduin supporting this faction animosity since he’s literally put his life on the line for peace BUT

it IS easy to imagine genn greymane being an opportunistic fuck and seizing on his pain over losing his father to fuel the conflict

obvs we don’t know the entire plot of the expansion just from the reveal so there’s way more at play than we know, but if it’s just not sitting well with some of you (i know the feeling) this at least could be a temporary explanation until we have more info