and im very conflicted by it

Otome games be like

Heroine: i love white dresses
Guy: oooh wow just soo pure ahhh like an angel’s wings white YASS !!!!!

Heroine: ouch i pricked my finger
Guy: well better carry you.

Herione: hi ! Im new-
Guy: don’t mind but i just realized i am in love with you.
Heroine: ohhh nice to meet you too !
Guy: but
Heroine: yeah ur r a very nice person.
Guy:  D:

Guy 1: do u love me
Guy2: or me ????
Heroine: yes .

Heroine: but i dont feel the same way right now.
Guy: ok i understand , but i will make you fall in love with me.
Guy: *proceeds to have no chill for the next few years*

okay first of all… lets not talk abt this collage!!!! U GUYS!!!! i cant believe i have this blog for only a month and a few days like ??? ive met so many amazing ppl, made so many friends and most importantly LOVED HOSEOK ENDLESSLY lol so this is a big shoutout to u guys, thank u so much for keeping up with my emo ass!!! LOVE U <3

this is a big thanks to all of my mutuals, u guys r srsly THE BEST and im Blessed!!! i was very conflicted while doing this bc honestly everyone i follow is amazing but yeah lets do this!!!

bold = mutuals

✨ = fave blogs!!

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whenever ppl find out i’m intp they’re like ‘oh but you’re so nice and caring and social’ and im like bitch i was socialized like a fucking girl okay i have a big approval complex and fucking hate conflict and I know that the easiest way to skate through life is to just be sweet and kind and fly under people’s radar, so that is what i do.  i promise you that inside i am very much the condescending, analytical space-case you’re thinking of 

Star vs: Bon Bon the Birthday Clown Theory Starco and Jarco

I think we can all agree the latest episode of Star vs was very stressful considering the conflict between Starco and Jarco shippers.

The episode did seem to lean towards Starco becoming a reality but it also involved a sort of fulfilment for Jarco fans through the kiss and I just want to say my point of view.

Really sorry if this is badly written this is my first time doing a theory thing.

So immediatly after watching the episode Starco shippers jumped on the fact that the blood moon Marco sees over Jackie’s shoulder was half meaning that Star is Marco’s other half.

But the blood moon is always half when we see it. Apart from in Marco’s dream which we will get back to later.

The appearances of the moon all coincide with specific circumstances:

1) No one is in shot with it/ Marco is in shot with the blood moon

We never see the blood moon with anyone else apart from Marco. Maybe because he was the lead when dancing with Star under the blood moon, but I’m not sure.

2) Somebody is stressed out about something

At the start the brief appearance of the blood moon then followed by Tom might hint that he’s worried about being rejected by Star again (not completely sure about this one), Marco being worried for Star going with Tom alone, Star and Marco having an argument about how Marco doesn’t think she should go, when Star comes back and they have an argument about Marco’s behavior, Marco’s dream, and Marco seeing the blood moon over Jackie’s shoulder (Blood Moon probably signifying a loved ones turmoil: Star)

Whenever the blood moon comes on screen everyone freaks out because it is linked with conflict.

It makes sense that Marco is the character most seen with the blood moon since he is the character in the show most prone to freaking out, but the fact that it never turns up when Star is there shows something contrary to what we all believed.

I think the blood moon is an indicator for when Marco is worried/ stressed/ whatever negative emotion you can conjure up.

The words of the demon guy right before the dance “When the light of the blood moon grovels down and selects two lucky souls binding them together for eternity, in its hynotic, ruby, brotummmm” is referring to a intense bond between two people being brought on by the blood moon shining down on them.

Also the words of the captain in Star’s room “Blood moon tonight. The moon, of loverrrrs” I know it heavily hints towards the blood moon being romantic.

No not hints, it straight out says it.

But “loverrrrs” could also refer to people that Marco loves. He loves his parents, he loves his friends, he loves Star, he loves Jackie. I do accept that Star is attracted to Marco but at the moment I think Marco only sees Star as a friend who needs help and sees Jackie romantically.

My point is that there are different kinds of love and we shouldn’t rely on random paintings of Captains to tell us what Star and Marco’s relationship is. Because even I don’t know yet.

I don’t think Star and Marco’s relationship is anything particularly perceivable as just “they think each other are cute so they date” they are bonded by the blood moon, they probably have some kind of magical destiny to save the universe together, they could change the course of reality that’s how powerful this relationship is that we literally have no idea where it’s going to go because it’s so much bigger than we can conceive.

In Marco’s dream the blood moon is full, and going with what I said earlier about the blood moon linking to Marco’s stress, this is the most stressed out Marco has ever been about something and he’s afraid when it realates being left behind by his loved ones.

Star isn’t there though.

So they have such an intense bond that Marco feels that there is no doubt that she will continue being his friend (which is wonderful honestly bless their relationship whatever it becomes).

Jackie and Marco’s relationship is big too though. Big for Marco, since he’s had a crush on her for as long as he’s been in school and he’s never liked a girl that has liked him back. So this is big for Marco and we should let him have this.

Right now I feel like Star needs to sort out some of her feelings about how things are going between Marco and Jackie (maybe talk them out with Janna; one of my ships which I blame @spatziline for, check them out they’re great omg) before she can go into a relationship with Marco because if they do start dating we want it to be as natural as possible, right?

So this was just me making some points about things; not dismissing either ship cause they’re both great ships.

So uh I hope I didn’t bore you too much and please no one decide that I’m trash-talking a ship because I really really am not.

Healthy headcanon:

The reason He Tian said “It was very memorable” is because he felt hurt by how Mo Guan Shan reacted and hasn’t gotten it out of his mind because he realized how fucked up forcing a kiss on someone is, and not because he enjoys remembering Mo Guan Shan’s totally repulsed and torn reaction to the forced kiss.

Mm yass give me caring and conflicted He Tian over sadistic middle schooler pls.


so i have started reading the grisha triogy by leigh bardugo after reading six of crows. for some reason i thought its Impossible for me to like it as much as i liked six of crows. that was a severe error of judgement of course because im halfway through book three and i have loved every single moment in the series.

i highly recommend for anyone who likes fantasy, romance and interesting world building.

i havent been able to stop reading GDI

now to talk about this the darkling becausE I HAVE TO ADDRESS THIS MATTER: I HAVE VERY STRONG AND VERY CONFLICTING FEELINGS ABOUT HIM and so does alina maybe

on one hand i despise him for literally all the things hes done on the other though i would still definitely kiss him at least once or twice or more and that is Terrible!!!!

alright ive said my piece haha


Well, here I am, starting the Christmas comic with my Dragon Tamer AU

I probably wont be able to finish it in time..It is going to be long with lots fo building and managing models..including edits (And also not sure if I want to continue..I’m..very conflicted)

also got help from @wheatlev and @frolikin, thank you for sharing tips and tutorials ;_;

what do you guys think: continue?

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I really want to get top surgery but there are times that i like my boobs so im super conflicted

hmm i know a lot of people are also in this position…if you haven’t already, you can try binding so that you can kinda choose your appearance? however, extended binding can lead to sagging of the breasts, bruised ribs, and breathing problems. i’m sorry this wasn’t very helpful, maybe some of our followers have advice?

- mod emery

Scorpio Sun and Taurus Moon, submitted by a follower

I’m really passionate about sleeping. I’m also very evil. I hate everyone. Seriously. Everything pisses me off and i will ALWAYS take offense to things. It’s probably best if you stay away from me but i still crave companionship so thats a conflict and another thing: i will always be judging you, but ill keep quiet about it, so people think im nice and tranquil. Im not. [info on sun and moon signs] 

Rejago characterisations >u<

  • Nya gives up too easily - as soon as something frustrates her shes gone
  • Kai doesnt know WHEN to give up -he pushes and pushes untill everything fucks up
  • Zane is a prodigy - hes not used to failure and it frustrates him when it happens
  • Cole is talented - hes good at alot of things, not perfect, but hes a fast learner. He generally is capable of staying calm and welcomes the challenge
  • Jay is a try hard - he wants to be perfect. it never works.

im starting my first semester of (real) college in the fall, and tuition prices are, well, woof. im better off than the average bear, but there’s no way i can Pursue My Dreams™ on my current income, so im opening MAJJALE’S “holy shit that cannot be an actual number” WRITING COMMISSIONS!!

do you want a fic of your very specific thing? do you have an idea for a fic and are absolutely floored that no one has written it yet, its just so good?? do you want someone to write that perfect fic with everything you ever wanted in it??? of course you do, and that’s where i come in!


  • fluff!
  • not-so-fluff!
  • an array of kinks that i know too many of my followers irl to post (we’ll talk)
  • self-inserts/reader fics!
  • OCs!
  • AUs!
  • and many more!!!


  • gore (im ok with violence/conflicts that get bloody, just… :/ we can discuss)
  • SOME dark themes, there are some im willing to work with, so this’ll be case-by-case!
  • incest
  • some kinds of NSFW, again case-by-case! (HARD no to underage/watersports tho)
  • and of course i reserve the right to veto a commission for any reason! (if i agree to the commission then i WILL finish it, this is only if the initial idea isn’t something im comfortable with!)


  • voltron
  • steven universe
  • mystic messenger
  • overwatch
  • yuri!!! on ice
  • dragon age: inquisition
  • miraculous ladybug
  • if i’ve reblogged it, chances are i’ll write for it, and im willing to do some homework on others!! come ask me!!
  • OCs will require references from you, and i’ll ask a lot of questions as i go to make sure im staying in character!

  • …and i could do some homestuck… if u gotta… if u rly gotta. like if you wanna fork over your money right now immediately


  • drabbles (100 words) are fast, easy, and fun, so each of these are priced at $1, and there’s currently no limit to how many i’ll take!! wow!! a steal!!
  • every 250 words is $3.50 until 3000 words (1000 = $14, what a bargain!!)
  • every 250 over 3000 is $4 ($42 for 3000 + 500 = $50 for 3500 words)
  • there is one (1) slot open for something longer than 5000 words, and that starts at $75! depending on how much longer than 5000 words it is the price goes up in 250 = $5, and i cap it at 6000 for $100!

here are some examples of my work! should you choose to commission me, i won’t share it, post it, or use it as an example unless you would like to have others know of the fantastic ideas you’ve helped bring to life (all that may just be my bias to showing off). if you’re interested in getting some quality writing, message me here on tumblr or shoot an email to and we’ll have a lovely chat about what i can do for you fantastic fic readers and needers!!!

i look forward to working with you!!

pre- working on comissions warm up featuring my old TFA otp!…..or should I say OTPAIN????? -sobbing-

I love how fucked up this ship is in the canon context, but like Im also very weak and have many happy everything is alright AUs for them to ease my pain….

BUT I also love angst and betrayal and all that stuff, Im conflicted with myself and I love it, I just love to fucking DIE

(( hey, are you looking for someone to cause trouble in your universe? because boy do i have an offer for you

felide is part of a band of multiversal… pirates??? they kind of just do whatever the fuck they want. she’s basically a mercenary, but in space. their leader’s goal is to essentially cause as much chaos as possible. they travel to different universes doing “odd” jobs like

  • wire-tapping the rooms of diplomats and business executives
  • stealing prized artifacts
  • delivering stolen prized artifacts
  • destroying property
  • exploding things

if you can think of something destructive and chaotic they would probably do it.

this is a great opportunity to provide your characters a conflict to deal with. if this sounds like something you’re interested in, im me and let me know. rp will not be conducted in a dash post but may be done in ims, skype, discord, parp, smoke signals, morse code or whale calls, but log posting is very much encouraged. this offer is open to multiple instances, so don’t worry about someone getting it before you - i plan to have her keep this job for a while so this can happen in several universes


  • felide and her captain must not be killed (their lives can be threatened but they must make it out alive, i’m open to negotiation; the rest of the crew is expendable npcs)
  • i’d prefer to do this with muns i’ve talked with at least once ooc, but this is also an opportunity for our characters to have a first time interaction, so again, flexible
  • for the sake of helping the scene flow, it would really help if the task at hand was not a murder mission. murder can happen but felide will actively try to limit it to kills in self-defense, so murder shouldn’t be the main objective.

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im still in love with my ex... we broke up because of distance and conflicting mental health stuff but she's still my best friend and we're still very close and my dream is to be able to live together someday and possibly date again when circumstances make it more possible


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Miyokichi for the character meme? :3

general opinion: fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine I guess | like them! | love them | actual love of my life

hotness level: get away from me | meh | neutral | theoretically hot but not my type | pretty hot | gorgeous! | 10/10 would bang

best quality: Loves with all her heart and would probably take a bullet for you

worst quality: Where do I even start

ship them with: Sukeroku

brotp them with: Kiku and Okami

needs to stay away from: also Kiku im very conflicted

misc. thoughts Miyokichi deserved better than the fate she got but I understand why it happened and I’ll never be not bitter