and im totally and completely in love with him

can i just say that i LOVE the absolute attention that skam is making in making the conscious effort of putting in subtle hints, showing that even feels just as deeply about him and isak as isak feels?

like, i feel it’s SO important? even could have been shown to be a total douche, disregarding isak completely and being cold towards him. skam could have so easily gone down that route.

but no, they’re not. so far anyway, they’re not. and it’s so refreshing to see that? to see a show not go down the cliche route, but instead, showing even having genuine feelings being reciprocated back to isak, that they aren’t unrequited from just isak’s side. that the attraction, and not just attraction, but that feeling of “this is something more between us that i feel for you,” is coming from even’s point of view too, even if the narrative is from isak’s point of view.

just, with the whole, remembering that isak likes his cardamom, that even could HEAR isak’s voice breaking when he was trying to say cardamom like he had back at even’s place, but it not coming out as a laugh, but rather a choking sob, and even could detect that and his smile faltered STRAIGHT away into a frown. in the nervousness he feels when he has to strike up a conversation with isak. in the fact that, yes, even DOES get jealous when he sees emma and isak. in the fact that when he texted isak, he told isak that it was HIS, even’s OWN fault, that things were going too fast, and he knows it. in that he could open up about his fears to isak, and talk to isak about simple things like the music he enjoys? in that he made grilled cheese for isak and HUNG OUT with him, and ENJOYS hanging out with him? in that he recklessly breaks into someone’s home just to be with isak and actually just … joke around with him and kiss him. that once even starts kissing isak, he doesn’t want to stop kissing him. in the simple back rubs even gives isak when they cuddle and how even LISTENED to isak when isak talked about his parents with him. in the simple way even still looks at isak in the same way he looked at isak with such intensity the very first time.

i’m just so happy skam’s actually … gone down such a reinvigorating path of not showing the same old same old trope that they COULD have SO EASILY fallen into and shown. thank god for actually showing even and isak as 2 boys who BOTH FEEL for EACH OTHER, in the very direct and open way they show it with isak, but in the very subtle and quiet ways they show it with even. 

and just … how can you not have faith in even and isak having their happy ending? of course, even and isak are gonna have a happy ending. there is no doubt in that.

Okay so we all know that Lonnie is a complete and total shitbag

So what if Will once drew him a picture (for his birthday, Christmas, just because) and Lonnie took one look at it and said, “This is total garbage. You can’t draw for shit. What in the hell is it supposed to be, anyway?” So he just balls it up and throws it to the floor, and Will is heartbroken. He spent hours drawing that and putting so much love & thought into it, just to have it crumpled like trash and tossed away. 

He even tells himself that he’ll never draw again.

Cut to a few days later at the Wheeler home. Mike & Will are drawing together on the floor of the living room. They’re laying on their stomachs next to each other, just lost in their own world as they bring it to life on paper. Mike’s isn’t very good, but he’s trying and it looks great just the same. But Will’s is a masterpiece, and it looks so good and flawless and incredible, and Mike is in awe. He stops drawing his own and just watches Will, the smaller boy lost in thought and concentration as he brings the images in his head to life.

Mike asks him, “Where  did you learn to draw like that?”

Will replies, “I know. It’s really terrible and I’m not good, but–”

And Mike is like, “What do you mean you’re not good?! Will. That’s seriously amazing. I’ve never seen anyone our age draw that well. Honestly. That is so good.”

Will can tell that Mike means it, too. For the first time, someone actually appreciates his hard work. It also helps that it’s his crush, that Mike Wheeler actually loves what he’s doing.

That’s why Mike has so many of Will’s drawings, because he’s the only person in the whole world that loves his work–besides Joyce, of course.

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Okay, so I know the fandom has pretty much accepted lonely orphan Keith as canon. This is pretty fair, considering it gives us a decent reason as to why he’s just chilling in the middle of the desert in a shack once he gets kicked out of the Garrison….

But what if he’s not totally alone?? Hear me out on this one (and there may be canon facts that completely prove this wrong, but im sick and tired and dont care about that rn)

What if Keith was adopted some point in his life, and his adopted family was so so nice to him. And like, he’s still Keith, so maybe he doesn’t 100% know how to act around them bc he’s not used to having a family. But he knows they love and support him and they’ve given him so much, so he really does love them back. 

But then he got booted from the Garrison, and he just couldn’t go home. Like, his family adopted him, took him in, gave him a home and a family and provided him with opportunities. And he shouldn’t feel indebted to them because they’re family now…but he kinda can’t help it? And when he gets booted he feels so. awful. And he can’t go home. He can’t go home and face these amazing people who gave him so much and tell them that he failed them…..

So he doesn’t go home. He peaces out, uses his savings and buys a little shack in the desert and searches. Finds something to do with his time. Trying to forget about what happened. Kept awake at night thinking about how he’s ever going to tell them. What will they say? Will they forgive him? What will happen to him? To them?

And people like to HC about how all the other paladins, once they disappear, would have family looking for them, whereas Keith wouldn’t have anyone….but what if he did have the loving adoptive family? Who had no idea he got kicked out of school. Who, after a couple months of not hearing from him, contact the Garrison, only to find out he got expelled…and they haven’t heard from him since.

He’s just gone.

Imagine that for a minute..

okay so everyone loves galra keith but what if

Like, what if when he turns purple and he gets ears and stuff, he gets the slightest bit taller- so that he’s taolder than Lance. And this totally pisses Lance off. Like literally, when he first confessed he was galra, and shifted to show them, Lance wanted to make him feel better/was completely and utterly annoyed, so he immediately just started ranting about how he was taller than him, and THIS IS NOT FAIR IM THE TALL ONE, and keith is just like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Accidents Happen... Right? [a Sebastian Smythe imagine]

Request: ok so a shy-ish reader at a coffee shop and running into sebastian (she knows he’s not the nicest guy beforehand) and spilling her coffee on him and then getting really scared that he’s going to like yell at her or something and idk i hope you get where im going with this

a/n: i love seb so much bless

You really weren’t having a good day. Mr. Shue had you stay back for detention because you threw a pen at Puck. In your defense, he totally deserved it. Then you had to climb that stupid rope in gym class…or tried to. Honestly, that test in history you just completely bullshitted. You really needed coffee.

After the barista calls your name, your hands wrap around the brown paper Lima Bean cup, picking it up from the counter. “Thank you.” you whisper, smiling slightly at the women. Spinning on your sneaker heel, you start walking towards the usual table you sit at. Unfortunately for you,  your arm bumps into someone’s chest, spilling your coffee all over them.

All over their navy blazer…all over their Dalton blazer- oh shit. Your eyes widen at the sight of Sebastian, the current leader of the Warblers. “I-I’m so so sorry! I didn’t mean to!” you apologize, tears welling as you shake your head. “P-please don’t yell at me…” you wince, mentally preparing yourself for the hate storm coming.

His fiery green eyes soften, scowl slowly disappearing. You are…scared of him? Huh, it doesn’t feel good like it usually does. Sebastian stands up straighter, shrugging. “Eh. I needed to get this dry cleaned anyway. It reeks of public school.” he coughs, rolling his eyes. You gulp, light cyan shirt dropping off your shoulder. “What?” he bites, causing you to hop faintly.

“You… you aren’t gonna yell at me?” you quip timidly, watching him stare at you with a bland expression. “I… I ruined your uniform…” you sniffle, scuffing your black Vans on the tan tiles, gripping the empty cup to your chest.

The Warbler smirks, shrugging out of the blazer, leaving him in the white button down and red and navy tie. “Unlike people at McKinley, I have a closet full of clothes.” he chuckles, running a hand through his perfectly styled chestnut locks. You blink back stray tears, cheeks heating up. “Hey, come on, I’m trying to be nice. Doesn’t seem like it when you’re crying.” he jokes, squinting while he bends down.

Wiping your face, you shift on your feet awkwardly, shaking your head. You rub your temples, lip  quivering faintly. “Sorry, I… I’ve had a shitty day…” you admit quietly, slumping your shoulders in defeat.

Sebastian frowns, hands running down his dress slacks as he glares around the coffee shop. “Tell me about it over coffee.” he states rather than asks; you raise an eyebrow hesitantly. Scoffing, he leans to your ear, “Hopefully no one sees me with a McKinley.” he smirks, enjoying the way you blush. “So, what should I order you?”

glanni glæpur-

He’s a more deadly kinda pre-Robbie but I still love him???
I mean, sure, he poisoned an entire town but-
Just. He’s a complete (somewhat) murderous bastard and so damn sneaky but again…
He’s just total perfection im scr eaming.

Friendly reminder that when Alek watched The Perils of Pauline he stopped paying attention midway through and just started fantasizing about him and a certain midshipman going on the same adventures as the characters on screen but still manages to convince himself that he isnt completely in love with his totally-not-boyfriend Deryn Sharp

listen… im going to need people to stop spreading lies about my son… don’t you know that nicaise is alive and well… he survived the regent and he lives in damen and laurent’s court now… he meets a person who loves him completely and creepy old men never touch him again… he works with laurent to destroy pet culture and impose an age of consent in the new empire… he is completely happy and no one hurts him and im gonna need you to stop spreading these nefarious lies because nicaise is Totally Okay and nothing bad happens to him ever for the rest of his life

hellouglybug  asked:

another match up order ^^ im 5'1 feminine nb, medium length black hair n blue eyes. i love cats & i love nature, i really really enjoy listening to music, and drawing! im probably too kinky for my own good OTL and i smoke as well. I have depression and a cluster b mental illness :-) im also kinda... grumpy but affectionate--gets jealous pretty easily. thank you xxxxx i love your writing

I matched you with 707! Sometimes the guy’s gotta get out of the house to experience some nature and he’d be soooo pumped to adopt a cat with you. Of course he’ll completely be up for any and all kinks, at least to try it once. He gets jealous very easily and has his own mental illnesses as well, so he’d be totally understanding of it all. You’d just have to watch out to not smoke around him because of how easily he picks up “bad habits;” he’d get carried away if he ever started.