and im tearing up

henry and i fall asleep together at the end of almost every night we hang out but it was like 10 and he was really tired but i wasnt and i get really antsy about wasting our time together because we literally have a limited time together lmao so he wanted to fall asleep but i wanted to stay up so i kinda started tearing up because im a baby which escalated into full sob when he started asking me what was wrong so i finally just sobbed myself to sleep into his chest and then we just woke up and he like jumped off the couch really fast and pointed to a pillow on the floor and asked “any idea how much were missin from here?” or something and i was like still half asleep like wtf are you talking about dude and he started getting frustrated and talking like we were in a restaurant and he was trying to figure out how much product he needed to pull from another store ??? and then he tried to give me my leftovers from the restaurant we ate at tonight like my order at the restaurant like he mustve been having a dream about work and got confused or something?? hes really weird about dreams and sleep and if hes in any way asleep he’ll forget entire conversations we had so yeah. it was freaky what a weird day


so I watched Grease this week and I had to get this au out of my system

i came out to my mom

and she was really, really accepting. it kinda confused her at first because she never had encountered any LGBTQ issue before so she thought that it could be just a phase. but i explained it to her and she understood and said as long as i can find someone i love and who loves me, it’ll make her happy too.

i told her about my beliefs and about my relationship with my religion and God. and she was okay with it. she said as long as i believe in God, everything will be alright.

and she also told me to keep doing good things for the world and that’s all that matter.

and that she was thankful that i start to open up to her… i hope this is a start to mend our relationship

anonymous asked:

I've basically always known that the way I was being raised and stuff...wasn't uhm...right? And that there was something different about me than that which I was letting everybody see. And I first thought 'Hey. Maybe I'm gender fluid? I mean, I like girls things like eyeliner?' and I basically cut my hair to a 'boys style' and I just saw this boy looking back at me and I /knew/ that this is what it was, and that it doesn't matter if I like eyeliner, because eyeliner isn't gendered?

Ren says:

This ask just made me smile so much.

Yes, my friend. If you see a boy when you look at yourself in the mirror, if you know in your heart of hearts who you are, then you’re absolutely right.

Eyeliner has no gender. But it sounds like you do, and it sounds like you know it, and I’m really proud of you.


I can’t even properly express my happiness as far as this goes. Just think about, some day in the future, students in U.S. History classes won’t just be learning about how prohibitionists went against slavery, they’ll be learning about how the LGBT+ plus community fought for their rights. Those people now that say, “Wow, why would that even have been an issue? Slavery is such a stupid idea,” will be the parents of children who can say, “There was a time when same sex marriage was illegal? That’s so stupid.” I know that this is just the U.S. but this is a really big deal for us, and for all of our future generations will now be able to love whoever they want to love without having to worry about laws in place to stop them. If you don’t think that’s beautiful, I don’t know what you think is.


So apparently our one year friendaversary is either on the 15 of June of July, and i don’t know which. Anyways, Happy One Year Friendaversary, Eri! I would of sent it earlier but it’s almost Ramadan and samosas don’t make themselves.

Oh my gosh this is so pretty!! She looks wonderful thank you… I can’t believe it’s been a whole year since we started being friends!! It feels like just a little while ago that we started talking.