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But i will never forgive myself

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Request: Anon

I cant get enough of your Ivar imagines ❤ can I request one where Ivar wakes up in the middle of the night because of the nightmare and his wife comforts him? You rock girl 😙 

I bet y’all didn’t see me posting another one this fast 😏

Warnings: except that it’s really short, none

Wordcount: 1.316

The soft whimpers and pleads falling from his parted lips awoke me from my sleep. As his movements and sound only grew, my worry did as well. Placing a hand on his firm naked chest, the bottom half concealed with fur, i tried to pull him out of his dreams. 

“Ivar.” Soft whispers spreading across the big, dim tent we two shared.

His skin glistened whit sweat as his muscles flexed underneath it, and his breathing sounded jagged - panicked almost. He didn’t respond to your calling, his facial expression only looking more distressed and angry. 

“Ivar, love, you need to wake up it’s not real.”

It was a rare thing that he dreamt, if he did, and usually it was never a bad one. All the stress these last days had to offer him had surely taken its toll. This new found man, a man they called Heahmund, had been a pain in the ass for our raids lately. He was stronger than we had imagined, more powerful than the other christian “warriors” we had met - and this was plaguing Ivar beyond belief. 

My desperate attempts to wake him where still failing, as the nightmare only seemed to worsen. I hated seeing him tormented like this. His legs had tormented him all his early life, but not since he was been able to walk - aided by leg braces. Now i see the same pained expression the boy i used to know had, and it was bothering me relentlessly. 


The sudden loud yelling was the only thing that worked, because he awoke with a jolt - his hand clutching around my throat without warning as he squeezed it shut. He was still under a trance from his dream, still not grasping reality. My fingers trying to pry off his strong ones, scratching at them desperately. 

He was blocking my channel for air and i could see the edges of my peripheral vision starting to blacken. 

“Ivar.” A faint whisper was all i could muster to press out, hoping it was enough to bring him back. 

The words had reached their recipient, because his eyes lost their hatred and shifted to confusion. His hand quickly retrieved as he realized what he had done, all the while i was filling my sore lunges with air again. 

“No, no, no what did i do.” I could hear his frightened mumbling, even though it was only meant for his ears. 

He was staring intensely down at his hands, eyes full of disgust, like they just had betrayed him - or pained someone he loved.. 

Still a little startled from the unpredicted response i got from him, i swiftly pulled myself together once again. He had never done a single thing to harm me before, never in his most utter outrage even, so to call this unexpected was an understatement. 

I laid a careful hand upon the shoulder he had turned to me, concerned i would startle him even more. The body flinched as it came in contact with my fingertips. 

“Don’t!” He warned me, and i yanked my slim hand back to my chest. 

He rarely raised his voice at me too. 

“It’s fine, im okay.” I told him with whispers. 

“No it’s not okay y/n, what sort of man hurts the woman he loves? I could have killed you!” 

He didn’t look at me as he spoke those words, his eyes remained on the same place as they had for the last few minutes. Shallow sniffles reached my ears, and i understood why he wasn’t looking at me. 

Ivar wasn’t a man of affection, and he will probably never be. I was lucky to get a kiss every now and then, or even more rare a “i love you”. So when i first got them, i knew they held a deep meaning for him. Before we truly got together, i remember one of the first things he told me. 

“Love makes you weak, but showing emotion makes you weaker.”

I knew i had managed to changed his first statement, but the second one he still believed. There is only one unique time i have actually seen him fell a tear, and it was at his brothers funeral - the one he himself had sent to the afterlife. 

I refused to see him tormented no longer, so i reached out to him again, ignoring his attempt to turn me away. 

My hand took a hold on his cheek, giving it a push so he would look at me, but he only turned his head forcefully the opposite way. The stubbornness inside me denying this response from him, making me cup his cheeks with both hands and demand him to face me. 

I met a pair of lovable familiar baby blues, only they where covered in tears - making them shine more than the pale moon herself. The broken expression glued on his graceful face made my own eyes wet at the sight. 

“Oh, Ivar please do not cry.” 

I tenderly dried the drops that had escaped down his hot cheek with my thumb. 

“I don’t know whats worst, having to watch him kill you painfully and slow in front of me again, or the fact that my own hands almost did the job for him.”

I knew who he was talking about, Heahmund. 

He struggled spelling those words as the lump in his throat made it hard for him. Eyes lingered on my throat as his hand reached out to trace the lightly bruised surface formed by it. 

“Im sorry.” A sore voice whispered as more tears formed. 

I pressed a loving kiss on his lips, empty of other ideas to console him. He returned it faintly, but it was there. 

“I forgive you. I forgive you a thousand times and more.”

His tense body eased hearing what i told. My forehead rested on his - my skin greedy after the warm contact. 

“But i will never forgive myself.” 

Of course he didn’t. He had made a promise to me our first night; 

“Even if the gods demanded me to harm a strand of hair on your head, i would defy them.”

He would never forgive himself for breaking that promise. 

“Im here, im breathing, and im alive. There’s no use crying over spilled milk, Ivar.” 

I forced him to look at me as i told him and watched how his eyes softened. My hands gently caressed both sides of his face, and he basked in the feeling of my comfort. Arms where carefully folded around my waits, like if he did it any faster or harsher i would break. I felt them pull me slowly into his embrace - closing the space between us. 

He took a big sniff, catching the scent of my hair as he rested his head in the crook of my neck - the hot breath tickling my skin. Not ever have i seen him so vulnerable, so fragile. The dream must really have been a horrible one to make him act like a frightened child in my arms. 

His arms where still strong around me as i gingerly started to lay back into bed, taking him with me. I let his exhausted head rest upon my chest as my fingers absentmindedly combed through his hair and scalp - gentle humming filling the tent. 

It seemed to be enough to put him back to dearly needed sleep, the steady exhaling fanning over my skin indicating so. My heavy eyelids where winning the battle as i tried to keep myself awake for his sake, but the sound of his breathings and the feeling of his strong arms protecting me was simply a too great a lullaby. 

I pressed one single kiss on his head, before i let sleep wash over me - joining him into a deep slumber for a second time. 

Lapidot Moments - The Masterpost

The “Lapidot Moments” series is an ongoing project that aims to discuss all of the possible hints and evidence for the Lapidot ship.  It covers the actual episodes of Steven Universe themselves, as well as possible hints from the Crewniverse and even topics such as the use of actual Peridot and Lapis Lazuli gemstones in crystal healing.

Please don’t look at this post expecting a simple bullet-pointed list - each point is followed by a link, which will take you to a post discussing that subject.  Everything being said is therefore being backed-up with some written analysis and/or images and GIFs from the show.

This masterpost will be updated (and possibly subsequently reblogged) each time we get more Lapidot hints/episodes/evidence.  

If anyone thinks that I’ve missed anything, please do let me know!  My inbox is always open.

In chronological order

The Return

Log Date 7 15 2

Same Old World

Barn Mates

Too Short To Ride

Beta and Back To The Moon

  • Peridot and Lapis are so happy and relaxed around each other in Beta - it’s arguably the happpiest we’ve ever seen either of them.  They’ve set up a home together, give each other some quite telling looks, and Lapis is shown to be the only Gem who has ever truly taken an interest in what Peridot likes doing:

The Kindergarten Kid

Video Chat

Gem Harvest

The New Crystal Gems

Room For Ruby

General analysis from various episodes



Daddy. (Joshua Smut)

Hey everybody  i am so so sorry that i’m so late, we moved houses and there is nO FUCKING INTERNET  so i had to live on shitty data, it’s been hell for me but i know it’s even more hellish for everyone considering you’re all so thirsty.  but yeah, so i hope you enjoy this i’m so sowwy it took so long but it’s here, i had a great time writing this daddy one, AND I WILL BE HONEST I SCREAMED RANDOMLY WHILE WRITING THIS JUST SAYING. I’ve been working on many stories at once, so that i’ll be able to finish them at the same time so i’m working really hard, PRAISE ME PLS.  also, thank you all for being so patient, i know it’s hard, also fucking whAT. there are so many of everyone now.  we can’t help but feel overwhelmed and happy by how many you guys are, what should we call you ugh. I love you all so much, and honestly in my opinion this 2017 will be a good year for this blog we will improve ourselves in order to make everyone reading happy/horny, maybe this year juuust maybe, you’ll be able to get to know us better.  well only if you all want to.


also credits to shwua for the gif
-admin kate x

warning: contains daddy kink, rough sex, spanking and SIN. if this ain’t your thing then we have a lot of other stuff to choose from.

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All In the Future


Part 1

She met someone else. Someone that could give her the apple pie life, the white picket fence and the three kids that I knew deep down she wanted. She could get out of the life. She would be out of harms way. I wouldn’t have to worry if she was in an old abandon building being tortured by Hells up incoming. She would be safe, she would have a place to call home. She had someone else now.

Someone better than me. 

  I don’t know why I agreed to come along on this stupid double date idea. Lisa was all for it of course. Of course she was. I have no idea why I even told her about it. I wanted to keep Lisa and Y/N as far apart as possible. I liked Lisa, don’t get me wrong. She’s great. She took me in when I was half out of my mind, and gave me a place to live. Even with the amount I drink and the nightmares that terrorize my sleep every night. She has never once asked me to leave. But I feel like I’ve thought about this fantasy life I could have with her over and over again, like it was supposed to be perfect. I liked Lisa, but how I feel about Y/N doesn’t come anywhere near how I feel about her. 

  Y/N sat across the table from me, her boyfriend Kevin or Kyle, who cares about his name, sat next to her. I shouldn’t feel this way. I should be happy for my friend, because that’s all she was. My friend. She was never going to be anything more. She was never going to be the one I hold when my nightmares were too much. She was never going to be the one beneath me as I made love. She would never be mine.

  She was his. 

  I hated him. I hated that he was sitting next to her, his hand on her inner thigh, staring at her like she was a piece of meat. It wasn’t my place to dictate her happiness. I wasn’t in the right to tell who she could and couldn’t see. But it didn’t stop me from glaring at him, stabbing the guy over and over again in my mind. 

  I had Lisa. I was supposed to be fine. I was supposed to be happy. But here I was, wishing I would have gone with Y/N instead. At least I could have been there to stop her from dating this douchebag. He may be able to give her the apple pie life, but he sure as hell can’t make her nearly as happy as I know I could have. 

  If I could go back and do it all over again. I would. Then maybe I would have bucked up enough courage to claim her as mine.

  I’m too late. 

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I’ve Got You || Liam Dunbar x Derek Hale x Reader Imagine (REQUESTED)


Anonymous: Could you write an imagine where the reader is like a mother figure to Liam and pack have a sleep over and he has night terrors and no one what to do to help him calm down so the reader cradles him in her arms and lets him fall asleep on her making sure he’s ok and doesn’t startle.

Anonymous: Could you write an imagine where the reader is like a mother figure to Liam and she gets it out of him that he hadn’t been sleeping lately bc of serious night terrors and he’s so reluctant and scared to fall asleep bc he thinks something will happen to him but the reader is persistent and finally gets him to lie down and assures him that nothing will happen to him and that she’ll stay with him the whole night and he agree too sleeping but only in her arms and she agrees? Ty Xoxoxo

anonymous: Could you write an imagine where Liam accidentally calls the reader “mom” and the pack tease him about it but the reader tells him she doesn’t mind since she cares for him and thinks of him as her own baby and it’s just super fluffy and adorable between them like they have a cute mother and son type relationship 😊 ty xxxx

anonymous: Could you please write an imagine where the reader is in a relationship with Derek and the pack come back from a battle and suddenly Liam starts to feel ill so the reader takes care of him and sort of baby’s him and Derek doesn’t understand why and she explains to him that it’s bc Liam doesn’t have anyone else close to him and refers to him as “my baby” ️ Thank you 😊

Anonymous: Could you write an imagine where the reader is Derek’s girlfriend and also a mother figure to Liam as she helps him control his anger and shifts by letting him sleep in her arms and in this case she’s pregnant so Liam is jealous as he thinks that once the baby comes she’ll be too busy or even forget about him with lots of adorable loving fluff please and could you have the reader give him a cute pet name like she calls him “sweetheart” or “baby” ❤️

Anonymous: Could you write an imagine where the reader is Derek’s gf and the pack have a meeting at Derek’ loft about the new supernatural creature that’s threatening Beacon Hills and they all gather in his living room and sit on the sofa but there’s no room for Liam so the reader lets him sit/lay in her lap and she holds him and after a while throughout the meeting she finds out that he’s gone to sleep in her lap and so she kisses his head and rocks him making sure to not startle him pls xoxo

A/n: I put all these request into one imagine….

{Credit to gif owner}

WARNINGS: fluff, protective Derek, night terrors, supernatural themes.

Masterlist // Send In A Request


Just as you walked out of your door, you bumped into Derek. Dropping your bag. “Where are you going?” Derek asked, picking your bag up. “A sleepover” you said, “where?” Derek asked, his hand grabbing yours, “Lydia’s lake house, why?” you asked, eyes brow furrowing. “We talked about taking it easy (y/n)” Derek said, concerned. “You talked, I listened. Besides its just Lydia’s lake house” you said, “yeah but its full moon and I bet lima and Malia will be chained up” Derek argued. “I promise I won’t hurt this baby Derek” you reassured, putting your hands on his cheek. “I know because I will be coming with you” Derek declared, you dropped your hands from his cheeks, letting out a frustrated sign. “Fine, just don’t be grumpy” you said, Derek took your hand, “im not grumpy im just serious” Derek argued. You let out a sarcastic laugh “totally” you sassed. “Let’s just go to the lake house” Derek grumbled…


Derek didn’t let you out of his sight. Which was cute but it got annoying in a way. You were surprised he even let you go to the toilet. You walked out of the bathroom to hear a whimpering sound. You walked closer to the noise. Seeing Liam sitting up in his bed. Shaking uncontrollably. “Liam are you alright?” you asked, walking further into the room. Liam let out a little gasp. You sat carefully down next to him. “Hey it’s alright, im here sweetheart” you cooed, holding him in your arms, as he rested his head into your stomach. “They were their” Liam sobbed out, “who was?” you asked, your hands playing with his hair. “These people” Liam said, hugging into you tightly. “Im here Liam I won’t let them hurt you” you said, laying down on your back, bringing Liam down with you. Liam kept on crying, as you soothed him “just close your eyes and fall asleep. I will be here when you wake up” you said, your eyes feeling heavy, Liam’s breathing evened out, as he listened to your heart beat.  


Derek opened his eyes to see you weren’t next to him. He quickly got up and searched for you. Which lead him to the room Liam was in. Derek let a small smile form, as he saw you and Liam snuggled together. Derek walked up closer to you’s touching your arm lightly, making you let out groan, you opened your eyes to see Derek looking down at you. “is it morning?’ you asked, “No” Derek said, squatting down, his hand holding yours, as he raised his eyebrows at Liam. “What?” you said tiredly. “Why are you in bed with Liam?” Derek asked, one of his hands stroking your cheek. “Because he was having night terrors and I just his like a son to me” you whispered, looking at Derek, his hands rubbing your belly softly…

\\\\\\\\\\\\ PACK MEETING////////////////////////

“I just don’t think we should go straight in the ware house, what if it is a trap” Stiles asked, “we have to, there terrorising innocent people” Scott said, Liam was too comfortable in your lap, he was listening it was just he was so tired. Which was no surprise when he called you mum.everyones heads turned to Liam as his cheeks redden. “Umh, I mean (y/n)” Liam said, you glared at the pack as they started to laugh, Liam got up “Liam it’s alright” you said, following him. “Im sorry for calling you mum, it’s just your like a mother figure to me and its just-” Liam started to say until Malia cut him off. “Liam are you coming to fight or what?” Malia said, “Yeah” Liam said, turning around, “be careful” you said as they all walked out the door….


Your constant pacing was annoying Lydia, “jezz (y/n) if you pace any more you will fall into the floorboards” Lydia said in an annoyed tone. “Right sorry” you said, biting your finger nails. “What’s the matter?” Lydia asked, “It’s just im nervous” you said, starting to feel sick. “(y/n)?” Lydia said noticing your posture, “I need to use the toilet” you said, rushing to the toilet, your knelt down, emptying your stomach. Lydia hold your hair back, “im alright” you said, washing your mouth out. “Well you surely didn’t look alright, you should see a doctor” Lydia worried. You rolled your eyes. “Why would I need to go to the doctor when I know what’s wrong with me” you said, existing the bathroom. “Okay what’s wrong with you?” Lydia asked, “If I tell you, you promise not to make a big deal about it” you said, “that depends on if it’s a life or death situation” Lydia stated, “fine. I’m pregnant” you said, Lydia let out a happy squeal and hugged you carefully. As Lydia was about to speak something stopped her. A loud growl came across the room, making you two look at each other. “(Y/n) I don’t think we are alone” Lydia whispered, grabbing your hands. “Liam back down” Scott growled, jumping in front of you’s. Liam let out a growl, before throwing Scott into a wall. He pushed Lydia out of the way and walked closer to you, making your back hit the wall. “Your pregnant” Liam growled out, clearly mad “Liam it’s me, (y/n)” you gasped out, trying to stay calm, as his claws dug into. Liam’s eyes turned back to blue. He stumbled back. “Im sorry” he stumbled out. “Liam it’s okay, you didn’t hurt me” you lied, hiding your hand behind your back. Liam just fell on the ground, breathing heavily.


Derek pressed the antiseptic to your wound. “Is he okay?” you asked, trying to distract yourself. “His fine” Derek grumbled, “what happened to him?” you asked, Derek pressed the antiseptic onto the other wound. “This wolf had this infection and scratch Liam, then when we took him to Deaton’s he started acting weird now his in bed all sick” Derek answered, putting a large band aid on your wound. “I want to see him” you said, standing up. “No” Derek answered. “Please Derek” you begged, giving him the puppy face. “Fine but im coming in with you” Derek grumbled, you raised your eyes brows, “fine, I’ll stand outside” Derek grumbled…



“Liam” you whispered, seeing him laying down on his bed. As you got closer he let out a sob. “Im so sorry” Liam said, you grabbed his hand as you sat beside him, pulling you closer to your chest. “How are you feeling?” you asked, pressing the back of your hand on his forehead, you pulled it away as it was hot. “Did I hurt the baby?” Liam asked, trying to keep his breathing normal. “No, but your hurt” you said, “Liam you will always be my baby, even when I have this baby, there’s no need to feel like it’s a competition” you said, kissing the top of his head….


Sorry if this was bad.

myth-taken replied to your post “ive been convinced by gifs to watch the new d*ctor who”

honestly i watched it after not having watched doctor who in a couple of years and it made me remember how fun doctor who could be. (also, it’s pretty much gay at every opportunity, which is magical)

yeah, i stopped near the end of s8 despite my love for clara just out of a complete lack of…… caring at all. lmao

it was fun & gay though!!!!!

nonbinaryjuno replied to your post “ive been convinced by gifs to watch the new d*ctor who”

lemme know if its worth it lmao…….. im trying to decide if i even wanna get remotely invested against

i’d place it mostly in the plus column tbh??? it made me laugh. i’m sure the season will go downhill from here but…. bill is so charming. i love her already. and there SEEMS to be a hint at a happy gay ending for her and heather at the end of the season?? idk. i hope so.

anyway, i’m having bill x rose feelings bc that’s the kind of person i am kshjfkj. i’ll probably keep watching :o


requested by Se0ulb0undkp0p

This is kinda funny but weird lmao


*He could see you phone light up on the table by the bed and so grabbed it to answer and held it up to you ear which shocked you*

Y/N: “Uhh…hi I’m kind of busy right now”

FRIEND: “Oh you sound out of breath are you exercising” 

Y/N: “Yeah you could say that..I mean I heard its 300 calories you burn in one go ;)”

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*You saw your best mate trying to video chat you. Sehun grabbed the phone in the middle of thrusting his entire being into you and picked up the call leaving you in an embarrassing situation*

FRIEND: “Y/N..omg are you..why did you pick up this call jfc”

*He had caused you embarrassment, so you pressed the camera switch button at the same time you grinded full pelt onto him and now it was his turn to feel shy*

SH: “Oh..hi Y/F/N, how have you been?”

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*Suho decided to mess about with your friend as he picked up your phone to answer it, it didn’t take long for your friend to figure out what you both were doing but he decided to take it further*

S: “Y/N put the camera there it looks good like this”

Y/F/N: Are you guys making a sex tape wtf”

S: “Life is all about recording memories man”

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*You guys were going at it against the wall, when your phone rang he decided to pick it up without hesitation*

CY: “Hello, who is this?”

FRIEND: “This is Y/F/N”

CY: “Sorry Y/N can’t come to the phone right now we are too busy trying not to wake up the neighbours”

*As he said that he made you moan really loudly*

CY: “and as you can hear it’s clearly not working”

his abs are going to end me

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*Baekhyun had no problem having you answer the phone, who cares if people knew that you guys had lots of bedroom/wall/shower fun together*

Y/F/N: “Hey Y/N what you doing?”

*He shouts loud enough for the friend to hear*

BH: “Banging me!”

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*You guys were in the middle of taking the clothes of each other which you had been dying to do all night but you were stuck at some party. By the time you got half undressed your phone started ringing from your bra*

D:O: “Y/N why is your phone in your bra?”

Y/N: “Bc dresses don’t have pockets Kyungsoo”

*He quickly pressed the button whilst he started kissing down your neck*

D.O: “Sorry, Y/N can’t take this call right now she is too busy getting motor boated by me”

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*You had this malicious friend that fancied the pants off Chen, she had tried to kiss him at a party, and hoped it would lead on to a lot more,  giving both you and him reason not to like her. When he saw it was her calling he made no hesitation in picking up the phone and made no effort in trying to stop his heavy breathing and both his and your moans in the background*

C: “Sorry Y/N is a bit occupied at the moment, I’m certainly making sure of that”


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*You attended university and you had loads of work to do but somehow every time Tao came round you got highly distracted. Your friend called you to see how you were getting on with it all and to ask if you wanted any help*

Y/F/N: “Y/N are you on top of all your work yet?”

T: “Nah but she is on top of my dick so”

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*Boy was he putting the work in..and he wasn’t very happy when a phone call arrived as he was giving you the best sex of your life tbh. He put the phone right to your ear as he kept going making it even worse for you to talk*

Y/N: “I..I really can’t talk at the moment ..sorry..”

*He took the phone from your hand*

L:“she’s not really sorry that my hips are making her scream my name”

*He thrusted  into you as he said this giving the person on the phone a demonstration of what he just pointed out before cutting the call and dropping the phone on the bed*

What did i do

He look so good in jeans im deceased

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*You told your friend that the other day he answered the phone call on purpose, and when she bumped into him a few days later she made sure to point out how much of a cheeky little shit he is*

Y/F/N: “You are one dirty dog you know that right”

K: “Yep and I’m not even the slightest bit ashamed”

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*You were too occupied to notice that when he caught the site of your phone silently ringing he pressed the accept button on purpose and left the call open until your friend yelled down the phone calling you guys animals and hung up*

Y/N: “Why did you answer the call?!”

L: “I didn’t the phone must be broken or something”

Y/N: “You better not be lying”


that sounds like a good offer to me

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*He had been staring at you up and down all night bc of how amazing you looked in that dress, didn’t stop him from wanting to rip it off you though. You guys didn’t make it home you made it  the award show toilets but that was good enough until you friend called you asking where you were bc you had to collect an award in like ten minutes and so you managed to tell her you would be back out in a few minutes as you were using the toilet* She ended coming into the toilets and after realising what was going on in the cubicle, banged on the door to get you guys to stop*

Y/F/N: “Yo i get it Ive done in the loo before too but she has an award to collect so stop banging for like five secs will you”

*he made you moan his name really loudly making your friend laugh bc she knew what he was trying to with that and then you both came out (no pun intended).

XM: “And thats how its done ;)”

sexy human being

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I would like to apologise to myself for this reaction jfc

I would like to give y’all my opinion about the latest shit that has happened in kaisoo tag.

Some Kaisoo shippers had been gone mad like crazy bc of the lack of kaisoo interaction + that W photoshoot.

What appalled me the most that bc that photoshoot involved one girl idol, people immediately think that the girl must’ve dated one of the male idols that also participated in that photoshoot.

Im fine tbh, I couldn’t care less bc each of individuals are entitled to date WHOEVER they want – please note WHOEVER is also meant to be gender free, which means, they can date the opposite or the same gender as they want, bc it’s their life.

But what makes me appalled is some ppl think that it is NOT okay to date the same gender, it is NOT acceptable and it is IMPOSSIBLE for male idols, for Korean males, for Korean people in general to do so [dating the same gender]*

As if it’s UNIMAGINABLE and BEYOND ABSURD for “conservative community” to have at least few people who actually do so in real life**

Thus when they see a boy and a girl interacting even though it’s only a bit, even though it only happened because they were under work circumstance, some people immediately assume that the boy and the girl are legit dating.

Even though there is NOT a single fan-captured picture (a.k.a sasaeng’s pict) of the boy and the girl hang out together OUTSIDE work place (a.k.a secret date/meeting, le rendezvous).

But then when we post / say something about the possibility of a boy and another boy being together for real, we are immediately branded as “crazy lunatics who are in denial to see the truth”, even though when we do this, we provide our “theories” with pictures, gifs, videos, actual note translation. Hell, we even provide the “sasaeng picts”. We still got branded as mental shitheads.

(In case you think I am glorifying sasaeng, I am NOT. I am just stating sasaengs provide us solid information, the non-sugar coated / non-fabricated “proof”. Because they take those “proofs” without the idols’ consent/knowledge, which means the idols don’t have time/room to “act” / hold back their true colors.)


*Boy x boy having dozens of moments; one of the moments they even eskimo-kissed, they even got jealous when the other talk/being touched by other male, etc*: no, oppar just good friends :) You guys are silly if you think they’re real. Theres NO WAY.

Don’t you think it’s a little bit unfair?

And Now people assuming Kaisoo fighting/breaking up bc of the tension of that Beijing concert + nini’s screen phone cracked + nini being hella emo singing G-soul – Love me again

First of all, about that “Beijing concert tension happened bc kaisoo fight”, my only reaction is: what?

We DON’T KNOW If they were/are fighting or not. Don’t assume shit. Please don’t worry other shippers.

And tbh, I don’t see any tension u guys are talking about?

Nini still being nini, got all jelly and ‘im watchin u’ mode when hun touched soo

(also recently nini shook his head when he saw soo and yeol playing around, there is the video)

Or this… theres video of this in case u think this shit is a lie but I don’t have the link just keep digging into kaisoo tag for the video, nini still being nini, traveling across the stage so he could stand beside soo. he was with xiumin at first, why the f he didn’t just stay there beside umin?

Im not sure if this happened during that Beijing concert, but im sure that this happened recently.

Even when soo was bowing his eyes still stuck there.

I don’t understand what u guys on but im not seeing this “kaisoo aren’t close like they used to be”. Wat?

And ppl are questioning why kaisoo weren’t glued on each other side on that Beijing concert and then start assuming kaisoo are fighting.

Have it ever occurred to you the reason why they weren’t is bc of this had happened before:

Have it ever occurred to you that the management have seen these picts along with the theories behind it, and then told these two dorks to keep their skinship/closeness level low when theyre in public?

And about nini’s phone cracked, have it ever occurred to you that maybe, maybe, maybe the reason why is bc the phone was accidentally slipped out nini’s grip/pocket, thus hit the concrete/floor, then wa-lah! Its screen cracked!

And about those lyrics: we can interpret so many shit from it.

For example from this part:

“i know i hurt you but could you love me again

without knowing, im in love with you again

so could you love me again


I didn’t know love back then”

I interpret this as something like this:

Soo has been busy with his acting, he even gains popularity and acknowledgement from other actors/actresses, meaning his popularity has gained. You know what happen when your popularity gets increased? More people start to have their eyes on you.

Hence you have to be more careful about shit you say/do in public, hence making it to become more difficult to do skinship with ur bae in public.

The reason (imo) why this song is sung bc I think nini misses his soo’s touch/attention that used to be poured to him. Just look their old moments, especially mama era, I noticed that it’s soo who initiated skinship first.

Soo was the one that leaned on him first, just look at the predebut picts; soo hug him from the back, pressing their cheeks together, laying on top of him, and it seems he was the one that took/initiated the selca that happened during buble tea (?) date. Also it was soo who fixed his stuffs, mic, non-existent eyelashes, collar, scarfs, etc…

I know lots of people say that it’s nini who always chasing soo (even it makes people think that kaisoo is one-sided), and tbh I think it’s not like that.

Remember that incident “I don’t want to eat with that hyung?” Remember why that thing happened? It was because soo didn’t/couldn’t look at nini when they were talking

(I have posted my words/thought about this, I feel I don’t need to talk about it again in detail.

In short: hommie was lying when he said he couldn’t look bc of astigmatism, LIE.

Look at astigmatism symptoms and look at him staring other people intently even though he claimed his astigmatism had caused him not be able to look at nini when they were talking).

It seems it was soo who played as the initiator of these kaisoo ordeals.

And I noticed in older moments, it seems nini didn’t really notice soo? especially when he was around his bro (I shall not mention the bro’s name on this post for the sake of peacefulness)

So yeah, basically imo, it seems nini thinks that he used to take soo’s attention for granted, he thought it would be always like that for the both of them

(remember in interview he said; “suho-hyung would be busy with his acting while me and kyungsoo would stay in the dorm and watching his drama” [not an actual words, but basically that’s what he said], but reality doesn’t work like that. it turns out it’s soo who is busy with his acting career.)

And probably he sung this song bc he wants that attention [that soo gives] to be back to him.

NOT necessarily he sung this song for soo…

(I am convinced this song is for soo bc there is this part: “as I look at you, who is calling me a good friend” remember what chanyeol said who became the closest members?)

…bc they’re fighting or not close anymore (who gave you this idea? Who? Honestly? have you not seen their 2015 moments, that “whispering” moment??? That hand holding moment where chen had ‘oh they do it again’ smile????? Where have you been?).

Or maybe this song means nothing, or perhaps they did fight but all couples fight right? in fact, it is NOT healthy for a couple to never fight. It means there is something wrong/hidden between them, and they haven’t opened their cards on the table for their spouse to see, the dirt hasn’t out yet.

Notes: skip this if u want

*have you seen the LGBTQIA movement in S.Korea few weeks ago, after the US legalized same sex marriage in all states? There was a small parade, people were marchin on, heck even two girls were kissing. You still think that there is no gay people in s.korea?

** “conservative community”: s.korea had been viewed as conservative folks by other people (tbh its quite weird for me that some ppl see s.k as that pure innocent child who knows nothing about obscenity), it may be true, in rural part, but in big towns, such as seoul? Not that conservative. Young people are more exposed and understanding.

And lemme tell you a story, I come from (and still live in) a very religious country. Very far conservative than S.K, and guess what? Gay ppl exist here! They exist secretly (ofc, duh! cuz even tho there is no such law that forbid u to date same gender/sex, homophobia is still strong, no one would dare to come out), the living proof of it is my friend slash classmate.

(from kindergarten – high school, my parents made me went to religious private school. I was blind about this matter before, I thought non-hetero ppl only exist in bigger cities / foreign countries, but then I entered university… and met more people there… including that classmate of mine.)

He has shown me bunch of boys he had met/chatted on grindr and IG. He has stated he doesn’t want to marry/date any girl. He has yaoi movie trailer in his phone. He had shown me bunch of ripped handsome stud picts he download/saved on his phone. If those are not a subtle way saying “im into boys” Idk what else is. And he told me there are lots ppl here that “have the same interest” just like him here, and he has met few of them who actually 
live not far from my neighborhood.

My point is, if there are non-hetero ppl here exist in my country, in my hometown, here in the more judging and conservative place (seriously they even censored boobs/cleavage here, short skirt? ‘no no no. blashphemy! improper! didnt ur mother teach u anything?’), what makes you think that non-hetero ppl can’t be exist in S.K? Especially in entertainment industry in S.K?

Sorry if this thing is long and annoying, I hope this is only tagged as kaisoo (that’s why I avoid using their name,  I don’t want this to be tagged under their names, cuz not all their fans ship them together) and sorry if there are errors or things that don’t make sense.

And for those who had asked me where am I or am I fine or why I don’t post anymore “theories”, well lets just say im hibernating.  

Anyway, again, sorry for the long post. Im sorry my post had tortured your eyes and fingers (in case you using your phone, sorry to make you scroll down this long just to skip this bullshit).

In case my apologies arent enough, feel free to send me hate mails. I wont reply to them though  

Feel free to call me names such as delulu crazy lunatics etc, although I’m hoping the insults would be more creative than those… at least I can re-use them or something, but sadly the insults I got the most is delulu, crazy and recently a 14 y.o (is this even an insult? I would love to be 14 y.o again, who doesn’t want to be young again? forget 14! if that drug from det. conan was truly exist, i would love to consume it, wouldn’t it be more advantaging to be seen as someone innocent and gullible while in fact your mind/knowledge is far from that?)

im out of here before this thing turns into a book. 

Feeling a Bit Woozy Baby?(Pietro x Reader) Part 4/?

»Reader is very close with Pietro but when he is sedated and reduced to acting like a 3 year old she is forced to take care of him. This ensues food, entertainment,keeping him out of trouble, bathing and bed time. And to think the reader is being kept from a mission for this.«

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

A/N: Halooo \(°*°)/ i am here with part 4 , i know sorry no gif this time but look at that cute pic, its beautiful and it still does the job haha anyway thanks again for all the feedback i love love love seeing you guys fangirl so keep it coming. This is so fun to write too! So ill keep writing as long as u keep on wanting them lol well carry on reading now. - Until the next one! :3



“Well then!!! Since when are you two a thing?!?! Also you should probably put some ice on that (Y/N).” Tony couldn’t have walked in at a worse moment. He could have seen you when you were eating sandwiches but nooo it had to be when you had accidentally fallen asleep on each other.

You were cupping your jaw with your hand while staring at Tony from eyes wide beyond belief. You felt like you had just been caught committing treason against SHIELD, your face felt hot and your heart was about to burst out of your chest. You just sat there for a few seconds dreading having to come up with a good explanation that didn’t sound like you and Pietro have been together behind everyone’s backs.

While you were panicking in your own head Pietro was just panicking in general. He looked at you terrified and it broke your heart. He looked like a little boy who’s afraid of thunder during a storm.

“ ‘mm sso so-orry i did n-not mmean to ” Pietro desperately apologized and you weren’t sure if he was apologizing for your jaw or for falling asleep on you. “No Pietro It’s oka-” You tried to calm him down a bit but Tony interrupted

“Yeah. Ice. Definitely. Now speak up love birds or ill send the picture of your little nap to everyone on the team, Nat would love it, as for your sister I’m not so sure.” Tony grinned waving his phone at you both tauntingly.

You closed your eyes trying to get your ideas straight. “Listen Tony. It’s not what you think.”

But this time Pietro interrupted.“No-Nothing hap-happened Tonny i ssswear! i-it is mmy fault i fell ‘sleep b-but itss not w-what it looks like!” Pietro was all worked up and flustered trying to convince Tony that it wasn’t what he was already very convinced of.

“Oh yeah Silverlocks? Not what it looks like? Okay then. (Y/N) why do you have a hickey?” Tony pointed at your neck and Pietro’s gaze followed.

“Why do i have a - I HAVE A HICKEY???!?!?!?” You looked at Pietro who had sat back down and was hiding his face in a sofa cushion.

“PIETRO???!?!??????????” You got your phone and turned on the camera to look for yourself.

“Geez shouldn’t you know?” Tony was starting to get on your nerves. You turned your head to look at your neck and lo and behold there was a light purple bruise on your neck and a red mark on your jaw where another bruise would form if left untreated. You put your phone down.

“Listen Tony i don’t know how this happened but you gotta believe me we weren’t and probably never will make out. Fury must have told you about Pietro’s state. He still has the sedative in his system so please just let me figure this out and take care of him, just delete that picture. Please.” You managed to sound composed while saying that, hoping Tony was in a merciful mood.

“Boy you just had to guilt trip me didn’t'cha? You’re no fun. Ok deal, you take care of Quickstutter over there and I’ll delete the picture. But if you do end up together i get to tell everyone!” Tony said and left the room mumbling something about never getting to have fun.

You took let out the breath you were holding in with relief. At least you have one thing less to worry about. Now on to why in the world you have a hickey. “Pietro?” You said and he slowly lifted his head from the pillow with a guilty puppy look.

“Can you explain how this happened?” You asked him in a very nice calm voice. Pietro nodded slowly while still staring at the sofa cushion. He sucked in a breath and was about to explain but then stopped and remained silent. You were confused but when he looked up at you through his lashed you brain sort of clicked. “You don’t want to speak?” Pietro shook his head. “Is that why you hadn’t talked since you spoke at first today?” You were getting better at using the mommy voice you didn’t know you had. He didn’t respond.

“Can you write it down?” You asked pointing at a piece of paper that was on the coffee table. He shook his head no.

“Can you type?” You said taking out your phone again and offering it to him. He nodded and took your phone. When he was done he handed it back to you and lifted up the cushion so it hid the bottom half of his face.

You read: ‘i do that to myself in my sleep sometimes, the hickeys, usually my wrist, im verry sorry (Y/N), and im so so sorry i hit your jaw’

You brought your hand up to your neck and were thinking about how you would conceal it with make up when the thought of Pietro actually giving you a hickey crossed your mind and your ears went red at the fact that that actually happened. Pietro must have been thinking the same because now his whole face was behind the cushion.

“Pietro its…its fine, let’s just forget about it.” You said and he agreed but you both knew you that wasn’t gonna happen.

“It’s late, i have to take a shower an- Are you okay??” Pietro had his head in his hands. You kneeled in front of him so you could look at his face. “Piet are you okay, what’s wrong?” You said in a more serious tone.

Pietro closed his eyes tight and shook his head. His breathing was sped up.

“Are you lightheaded? Do you have a headache?” Pietro nodded.

“Both? Both. Okay c'mon.” You said pulling him up and guiding him to the bathroom in your room, that was the closest. While walking there you were looking at his arms and noticed two fading bruises that you hadn’t noticed before. One on his wrist and one on his bicep.

‘oh my god he actually did it in his sleep’ Your blushed, he probably never intended to let anyone know about that.

Once there, you made him sit on the toilet while you looked through the very assorted medicine cabinet.

You got out pain killers, and an instant ice pack for your jaw. Then you filled up a cup that was there with water and handed it to Pietro with the pills. He thankfully took them but he was still worked up so his breathing hadn’t slowed down. While holding the ice pack to your jaw you sat down next to him on the edge of the bathtub and spoke in the most relaxing tone you could muster.

“Pietro, sweetie, i need you to calm down, if you don’t slow down your breathing you are going to pass out. You are supposed to be getting better today not worse. Everything is fine now. Okay? Nothing actually happened. Now i need you to take slow deep breaths for me.”

Pietro started to do so and calm down and after a few minutes he was better.

“There, isn’t that much better?” You asked “No reason to panic.” You smiled

And he smiled back. You were glad to see that smile, he had scared you there for a second, so seeing him okay again made you breathe easier. You sat there in silence for a few seconds before you realized you were staring at each other and you both looked away embarrassed. “Well as i was saying before it’s getting late, i need to shower.” Pietro nodded and then you remembered. “…aand so do you….okay uh I’ll…I’ll go first then we figure out how to work out the rest.” You said standing up, Pietro following suit but stumbling off balance. Luckily you caught him. “Take it easy, don’t want you falling and breaking an arm or something.” You gently nudged him out the bathroom door.“Now go wait for me on the couch while i shower.” You almost didn’t close the door, he looked so sad to be kicked out.“Go on watch tv or something…be careful don’t trip on anything.”

You smiled and shut the door.

sam drake thoughts


as you know i’ve been very conflicted about sam and i just decided right now this very second in time (mark it in your diaries) that i like him? i think.

just a warning, this isn’t going to be articulate at all. HAHAHA GOOD LUCK.

when we see him and nate as wee babs, he’s already being kind of selfish. he wants to go and break into a house to find their mom’s stuff and i KNOW that the story wouldn’t have turned out the same, but he could have easily gone on his own and as a result not gotten nate into trouble but he feels guilty. he feels guilty that he’s planning to leave nate behind for a year so he wants to include nate in this little adventure to break into the house. he’s being totally self indulgent in my opinion. he could have gone alone, gotten the journals and come back and given them to nate in safety but we all know that didn’t happen. he put nate at risk to meet his own needs.

i just think a lot of people view sam with some very rose tinted glasses and can only see the protective side he has towards nate and they totally ignore all the shit things he does from the get go, but how protective is he really being if he’s committing crimes and dragging his kid brother along for the ride? as an older sibling myself with a sister who is much MUCH younger than me, i would never ever put her in danger like that no matter what had happened in our lives. or i like to think i wouldn’t at least. and this is where sam’s development stops in comparison to nate’s. right there in the flashback. sam never moves on from the obsession with his mom’s research and is constantly using his brother card with nate to try and find the treasure. they’re in and out of jail, they hang around with shady people and ultimately have done a lot of shit things to try and get what they want. 

and I GET IT. i get why sam has this need. he was considerably older than nate when they went into care, he probably had more time with their mom and obviously felt immense betrayal from their father for dumping them there. sam needed something to cling on to while he was stuck in an orphanage not only looking out for himself, but for his kid brother too and when he found his mom’s journal, a cartoon lightbulb popped above his head. he found what he needed, the connection to his mom and something that could give him purpose and he’d stop at nothing to get it.

and then sam “dies” and nate moves on… sort of. nate puts sam out of his head, never mentions him again (and i still fucking hate that i really do) and sets out on his own, finding his own people to make a family with and learning by the end of drake’s deception that it’s not worth the risk to the people around him. as far as the audience were concerned, he was done. he’d grown up and figured out what was really important. sure, he was getting a little bored with his job and life, but he STILL didn’t want to put the people he cares about through any of the shit he’s put them through before. he’s matured.

and we all know sam never managed that and how could he? he was in jail for 13 years, alone, wondering about his brother, obsessing over the treasure with nothing else to do. even though we don’t know it yet, he gets out and spends 2 years with rafe searching for it before he even tries to get in touch with nate and i personally think that this is why i didn’t like him for the longest time. those 2 years he could’ve contacted nate but didn’t… 

and then we meet him again and it’s like he’s stuck in time. nate is okay, nate is safe and happy and sam is just like “hi!!! long time no see little bro, help me with a thing???” and sam must know, he MUST know that nate is trying to keep out of that life or sam would have just straight up asked him to help him instead of making up the whole alcazar lie. he knew nate wouldn’t want to help him unless there was a noose around sam’s neck and that sort of mirrors the flashback chapters. sam selfishly wants his brother’s help/company and is willing to use emotional manipulation to get what he wants, not giving a shit who he hurts in the process or what the consequences might be.

then everything happens, blah blah we know he’s an asshole now but in the chapters where we see him again after the flashback we know that he’s just nate but years later. he wants the same things nate did but hasn’t had the opportunity to grow or mature and nate says it himself - that sam’s obsessed and at that stage is when i stopped hating him and just had an immense amount of sadness for him. his life up until that point had been totally miserable, he’d had no father figures like sully, no understanding, patient significant other like elena and no epic adventures to make him realize that its not the treasure or the lost cities that really fulfill you, its the people. he really had just been alone since the day he got shot. i think elena realizes this too which is why she makes the decision to go after sam. she’s seen it all before and she knows that he’s not necessarily a bad person, he’s just lost like nate was.

after they find the treasure sam states that he still feels empty and that really got to me. obsessing over something for that long and to have it just end had to have fucked him up a lot. where does he even go from there?

and in retrospect im glad he went with sully. i said it before but nate turned out the way he is because of sully right? sully knows when to quit. sully knows when to screw people over and when not to. sully has a GIANT mustache heart and adopts puppies and kittens stray children but is also a badass and sneaky as fuck and probably what sam needs right now? he can’t go home with nate and elena, he’s not at that stage yet and he’d get bored. 


Sam Drake - an evil home-wrecking asshole who doesn’t care about anyone?? nah. 

Sam Drake - an emotionally manipulative, emotionally stunted selfish douche waffle but is kind of okay?? yes. of course.

in conclusion:

he an okay guy.


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Draga Mea

Originally posted by jjmkirk

(that gif is so attractive and sorry for the shitty title i suck at thinking of titles)

Pairing: Pietro X Reader

Word Count: 5033 (holy s h i t)

A/N: hello smol anon, im so sorry it took me so long to get to this i’m sorry if it didn’t live up to your expectations but i hope it did! ALSO I CAN’T BELIEVE HOW LONG THIS IS SERIOUSLY NO WONDER IT TOOK ME A LONG TIME TO WRITE I JUST HAD SO MANY IDEAS JSJDSJDHSJ SORRY!!!!

“hello friend am smol anon wondering if you could do a pietroxreader where the reader has trust and commitment issues so she plays herself off as some hardass/bitch who doesnt need anyone and pietro tries to get her more comfortable w/ others but she keeps pushing him away and he finds himself falling for her. then during a battle Pietro gets severely injured and they dont believe he’ll make it and the reader realizes how much she loves him but she thinks its too late and she becomes heartbroken”

“I said follow my lead not endanger yourself and myself just because you can.” You hissed at Quicksilver. He went against direct orders from the Captain himself and ran into the building risking your cover.

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PITCH-SLAPPED: a fan-guide to the Barden Bellas and gay lady ships of the Pitch Perfect franchise

So you just watched Pitch Perfect again and you’re feeling a little enamored with those aca-awesome characters. Or maybe you finally saw Pitch Perfect 2 and you’re just a bit obsessed after that tent scene. Or perhaps you’re not sure how to deal with the wait between now and July 2017 when Pitch Perfect 3 finally comes out.

Whatever the reason: you’ve come to tumblr to assuage those Pitch Perfect feels you got goin’ on and discovered a whole fandom. AH! So much to sort through. So much to feel. What even is Pitch Perfect tbh???? How do I join the fandom? Do I have to sing? WHAT ARE THE RULES HERE? 

Don’t worry. We totes got your back. 

(warning: the following post is very very long and really really effin gay)

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It’s like you can perfectly notice the different ways of thinking between the both of them, yet both minds converge on the idea of mutual relevance and its deviated contradictions.

Naruto sees Sasuke as part of the team, as family and, all the same, we could also say that his “brother” is what comes in between before embracing a feeling of relaxation towards potential family figures as a whole. Sure, that’s rivalry written all over it, and the fact that Sasuke may have had all eyes on him for all those years even made him lose it sometimes, questioning how valuable he was for them in spite of always being that special kind of burden present in his dearest Sakura’s life or always feeling quite opaque and overshadowed by how brilliant Sasuke’s person was in everybody’s eyes, including Kakashi’s. Despite his jealousy (since Naruto is way too transparent and optimistic when viewing relationships), he holds his hand in front of him as if to let Sasuke in, as if to let him know that yes, he’ll be there for him forever, that there is someone he can rely on, and that he’s even willing to be there when no one else will.

On the other hand, there’s Sasuke, not being surrounded by anybody (which happens to be a very different situation from the one his best friend sees and internalizes) and having in mind the most important things in his life: his brother, a figure of power to be surpassed, of frustration, of relief put on hold until he’s ready, and his best friend, his youngest brother, the only person who had always been there, whether he’d wanted it or not, standing between his dream of revenge and who he is now (a powerless idiot in his own head). Sasuke gets the kunai out of his pocket in the same way Sakura does in “Lovers” (ninth opening if I’m not mistaken): a sign of sacrifice. Definitely, he stands there with the kunai in front with the idea of sacrificing the only bond he got to maintain ever since he was a child, and not only is he commiting an act of sacrifice, but he’s also taking it as the opportunity to beat the strongest guy he’s met apart from the man who stole the foundations of what happiness meant for him. Needless to say, he’s not ignorant of Naruto’s disposition towards him (I can get this from how his view of Naruto doesn’t deviate from Naruto’s; he still sees his best friend standing there, offering a hand, ready to put a band-aid on every scar he’d acquired over the years.) and even takes it as an advantage, a painful advantage, for completing the last mission before he achieves his only goal, “the only thing that matters”. Anyhow, despite getting all these dark thoughts inside his little head, he still gets the essential message: how Naruto’s presence is unconditional, and that, maybe, it could’ve been his light, his guidance, if it hadn’t been for the fact that the feeling of revenge was stronger than the one of brotherhood.

You guys can’t probably understand how many feelings were reignited out of this part of the new Shippuden ending. I’m glad I started watching the hellish, never-ending filler.

Adrienette <3 ? </3

Alright just LOOK at his face in this gif of the new ep : 

that wistful smile in her direction. AND HES IN HER BEDROOM PLAYING VIDEO GAMES WITH HER. Doing normal, fun, memory making, bonding, platonic fun with her. But we all know marinette’s head is going into overdrive. HIS CHAT IS SHOWING SO HARD. 

But on the other hand. Think about this. Hes kind of having a bit of a parallel of over lap feelings. 

Lady bug’s power is full luck. Lucky Charm? It MAKES things to help her. She is loved and adored by all with a a majority of the episodes revolving around her, people who adore her ( watch copy cat) (and maybe the episode where chloe freaking cosplayed as her lol) 

But. Chat Noir?


His power is pure bad luck… 

His bad luck has DESTROYED things. 

There is no way you can sit there and tell me Chat Noir never feel inferior to ladybug. Or less adored. 

Adrien is so used to being “ adored” with almost all the girls at school fawning over him because he models for his dad (against his will we all say, his dad is strict, but hes not entirely heartless. But still)   (  and chloe) (nuff said with her) ( and yeah marinette but shes not open about it like chloe) 

But when it comes to LAdy Bug in his eyes. he sees a confident, adored girl who likes being his friend knowing him as chat noir. 

hes falling for her because for once hes not being desperately chased because of his looks. he has a best friend fighting with him at all times and can depend and trust her. and besides maybe Nino he can only trust Lady Bug.

As adrien, its still the same deal but hes opening up to marinette. the painfully shy girl who is slowly but surely showing who she is to him and showing that ladybug confidence when she needs to and as people have been saying 


Hes comparing them in his mind. subconsciously. 

Its pretty safe to say… 

He’s falling for Marinette because he sees the Ladybug in her. 

With things going the way they are going. 

I think they will find out who eachother is soon enough.

And things will get conflicting and awkward. 

Adrien loves her as Lady and its a budding interest as hes noticing Marinette. I think Adrien would fare fine with it. 

Im worried about Marinette. I dont think She’d know how to handle it. 

Im not saying she doesnt care about Chat. She does. Her vengeance look in my last post when Chat sacrificed himself 

She cares about him a lot. Just… Not in the same way she does when hes adrien. 

Shes going to be hella emotionally confused… 

Gif sets from :

still of marinette and adrien playing from :

Still of Chat and Lady :

Marinette worried about adrien gif :

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babe please make a spam about- what you said- that after 2014 ended kaisoo moments have been more intense please omg.

hey there babe, okay first of all i want to explain that “moment after 2014 becoming more intense” is purely my opinion, this thing is prob wouldnt/couldnt be applied to y’all 

[this gonna be long ass post so i put this keep reading thingy so ppl on their phone wont start complaining about my post making their fingers tired bc they want to skip it] basically this post contains their 2015 moments + my bullshit theory hah prepare ur eyes

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Who is the bean?! Who is the bean who put fic in furaitsu's askbox?! I'm the bean! So here- this is your reward for writing kind words in your reblog tags! (Part 1) It's cold- really cold, but Saitama steps out of the bathroom with nothing but a towel, like always, and then retreats back into the bathroom's warm steam with a yelp once winter's air makes contact with his skin. Genos takes notice- Genos always takes notice- and gathers up Saitama's one and only blanket and makes his way towards

(Part 2) the bathroom with it. “Sensei,” he calls. “Finish drying yourself and come out.” Saitama peeks out from behind the bathroom door- careful to keep the steam inside- and then looks from Genos, to the blanket, and then back to Genos. The door suddenly groans as it is pulled open, and Saitama is soon wrapped in his blanket and Genos’s arms both. “Thanks,” Saitama says. And then, “Oooh! It’s warm. Like a kotatsu.” He pulls the blanket against himself tighter as Genos releases him. “Did you

(Pt 3… I screwed up) heat it up with your dish drying things, or what?” Genos shakes his head and proceeds to lay out the futon. “No, Sensei. I merely brought it over to you.” He cocks his head to the side. “Are you certain you would not like to turn on the heat?” Saitama grumbles from his blanket. “Are you cold?” Genos shakes his head and takes a seat next to where Saitama has made a cocoon for himself on his mattress. “No, Sensei. I do not get cold easily.” Saitama nods. “Then, no. Heat’s

(Pt 4) too expensive.” He shivers. Genos notices. “Saitama-Sensei, are you certain? If you would like, I would be more than happy to pay for–” Saitama, blanket and all, flips over and inches towards Genos like a pink, decorated worm and curls against him. “Nah,” Saitama says. “This is fine.” Then, he sneezes. “Okay, it’s not fine.” He eyes Genos, and then crawls into his lap. “This isn’t, either.” “Sensei?” Genos questions. Saitama wriggles more thoroughly into his lap. “And neither is this.

(Pt 5) Not comfy.” Saitama huffs and then finally curls up into a ball back onto his futon. “Sensei?” Genos pries again, scooting towards Saitama. “You have not put on your pajamas. Surely that will help you keep warm.” He stands and retrieves the well-worn white and blue pajamas from their sacred place in the closet. Saitama snags the pants and pulls them on from within his blanket, and Genos unbuttons and holds up the shirt for him to slip into. Saitama hesitates for just a moment, and then

(Pt 6) escapes his blanket, thrusts his arms through both sleeves- backwards- and then wraps them around Genos. “Hmm,” he says, and buries his face into Genos’s chest, all but smothering his voice in the hum of Genos’s warm core. “Sorta better.” Genos smiles and pulls Saitama into his lap, and wraps the blanket around them both. “Yeah, that’s okay.” Genos smiles and flows from the inside out, and then gently pulls Saitama down so they are lying against one another, wrapped up into one. (End)

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I dunno if my ask went through so I'm doing it again. But do you think misha likes the idea of destiel? I know he almost never answers those kinda questions seriously but he really seems to get their relationship on a deeper level.

Oh yeah bb ;)

I really do think he likes destiel. He kinda even ships it. Quite publically, if you ask me. Remember for example how he made that video where he went to post a sausage or whatever to Jensen with Diestel written on it (its mark) 

He generally makes a lot of destiel references….also remember how he spoke about ‘sub Dean’– that one time he said that in Purgatory we kinda learn that Dean is a bottom, and stuff like that, he can’t speak about it, or he shouldn’t but he gives these implications, he definitely wouldn’t be against it, he likes the idea of it. One time he seriously said that their relationship is something deeper whatever way we take it to mean, or something like that, i don’t follow Destiel much anymore so i don’t remember the exact wording of it, i’m sure you could find it…. Misha is seen as the Destiel shipper by the fans.

It’s Jensen who doesn’t wanna talk about it, and well, generally tries to evade any question about it. However, when he’s with Misha, he himself supports it, or acts on it, implies blowjobs 

and y know, jokes (or not) about Dean and Castiel implying a sexual or romantic relationship between the two

and makes these destiel sexual (check the chinese chair),

and romantic destiel references

and MANY MANY more gifs and pics….

Soooo it might seem a bit confusing, and it really is a topic many argue over

However, if you ask me, it’s all about the fact that Misha and Jensen have one hella huge crush on each other since the day 1 and haven’t been quite able to keep their thoughts, and hands (and only god knows what) off each other, and so it happened that their incredible chemistry got through even when they were in character and that’s kinda how the whole Destiel thing began. My URL says it all, COCKLES IS TO BLAME. That’s what i’m convinced about. 

Anyway, while Jensen, unlike Misha, is uncomfortable speaking of Destiel publically, when Misha’s around he’s doing all he can to get his attention no matter in what way, may it be friendly, romantic,sexual, simply, the dude does need his dose of Mish…

//im sorry, i guess that somewhere along the way i got off the subject, didn’t I? Cockles does that to you…phew//

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Ok. SO this post is about Lisa, she’s had like 40 urls,. some of them are neuert, thomasmullert, javierpastorie, idk theres 40 sldkfjsg anyway, this post isn’t about her being racist or transphobic like most other callout posts about her detail. You can check those out here and here.

No, this post is about how manipulative and gross she is and how she continues to spoonfeed bullshit about me to all of her 15 year old friends.

When lisa and I first met, I had barely been a football blog. I used to be a popular humor blogger and I started football blogging on accident really, about halfway through last season I noticed people posted pictures and gifs of diego on here when he was at chelsea so I followed a bunch of chelsea blogs to keep the constant flow of daddie diego goin. One of them was raegan danialves (deactivated i think?) 

Anyway, thru raegs I met lisa, and we jived pretty well at first. She sent me a couple messages and we always joked about and had fun and she asked for my number so I was like sure and gave it to her.

Our relationship was fine at first, we talked all the time and we would be joking around and we both liked bayern so we would send eachother funny pictues of pep and whatever. I noticed eventually tho that we would constantly get into fights, about literally everythinG?? And usually she would start the fights and when I got mad she would change the subject or play the victim and act like I was the one who was always picking fights.

For example, she would always be saying all kinds of rude shit to me and talking about how she hoped diego died and how much better off the world would be and I wasn’t allowed to get mad at her but if I even said I didn’t really like how much arjen robben dives she would go OFF on a rant about how I’m making fun of her nt and how I’m hurting her feelings and all this shit like w/e anyway go off lisa. Everything is fine when you do it but when I do it its wrong lmao.

FAstforward, posts were being made by people like SCott and CAro and other people about the nasty shit lisa has done like making racist and trasphobic remarks (see attached posts) but I didn’t know any of that was going on bc I didn’t follow very many football blogs. Like 6 chelsea blogs and lisa and two madridistas. She would always be crying to me about how much she gets bullied on here and how she hates it and I would be trying to comfort her bc I cared about her, y’know. I’ll come back to this later.

Let me start describing the ways in which she was manipulative and emotionally abusive. She would get mad at me for talking to other poeple more than her, people I was closer friends with like dana @lucasvazquez and marta @marcelitovieira (two of my best friends who I would probaly die for tbh) and she was like guilttrip me into not talking to them 

like..what am I supposed to drop everyone I talk to and just be friends with you? ANyway. After all of this went on we would continue fighting almost daily, like we were. Everything I did was wrong to her. Even my breathing was wrong. She would tell me how much she loves me yet yell at me for lierally everything.

She was really depressed for like a week or so and didn’t talk to me very much so I took it upon me to take action and I contact Scott to ask him to apologize to her. (THIS is actually the reason she hates me.) I messaged scott @serdartasci on here and asked him if I could speak to him on kik, he accepted and we talked for a few hours about nothing in particular before I dived into the heart of what I wanted. I asked him if he would apologize to lisa for “bullying” her. I thought it would make her feel better. Lisa didn’t like that evidently lmao because she went off on me as usual 

to spare you a bunch more screenshots, basically she kept telling me I betrayed her and stabbed her in the back and that it was the most disrespectful thing she’d ever seen in her life.

Keep in mind, again, I did it because I thought it would make her feel better. Scott during all of this did not say a single bad thing to me about her or anything she had done. At this point I still don’t know about all the racist stuff, and scott didn’t tell me. Scott was very respectful and kind, he wasn’t anythign like she described him i.e. two faced, cold, picks on people on the internet, has no respect for anyone loves to bully people.

Scott is one of the sweetest, most caring people I’ve ever met tbh. Keep that in mind, that’ll be important later.

Back to what I was saying, this chain of events triggered lisa to unfollow me and refollow me 3 or 4 times, telling me that she loved me and didn’t wanna lose me and then turning around and telling me to go to scott since I like him so much.

theres a lot more of thse, this went on for like two or three days and lisa would keep guiltripping me into blocking him and stuff and at this point I really didn’t want to? Scott was kind. He was patient, he never yelled at me and AGAIN, he didn’t sway a single bad thing about lisa this entire time we were talking. If anything he kept telling me that I shouldn’t keep talking to him if it’s gonna upset her and I was like ok. I didn’t listen to him but anyway lmao lisa ended up being like

and i was like ok glad thats over. but ti wasn’t over bc she messaged me again like two hours later and was like “ok fine be friends with him bc i dont wanan lose u its not worth it i love u so much mins” and i was like ok…….

then AGAIN the very next day, after she just told me she was fine if i was friends with him and. hh im tired of adding screenshots but i have them all if y’all need proof, anyway i asked her why she keeps trying to guilttrip me into dropping him when she has other friends are are friends with him and she was like um who and when i named off like three people she changed the subject and was like “anyway blah blah bye” and stopped talking to me again and I was like ok.

She messaged me again the next day and asked if I was still talking to scott and I was like yes I like him he is my friend lisa and then she got even more pissed off and started cussing me out and I was like

I literally explained to her I didn’t wanna be her friend anyumore bc I was tired of her constalty yelling at me and that me and scott got along well.

Her last words to me were this

lmfao rude ass bitch.

So anyway. This is why lisa hates me. 

So @ all y’all little girls in the group chats with her who listen to her stories about how I bullied her for hours until she deleted and how I told her to die and sent her anons can get your fucking heads out of my ass.

She tries to befriend all of my close friends on here and talks shit about me to them and tells them lies about me and my friends. Scott has apologized to her multiple times and never says anything bad about her yet she constnatly talks about him STILL, like almost a year after everything happened and when he literally never makes posts about her.

when she was catfishing as emma she sent marta this

I never said but now that you mention, I do hope you die Lisa :)

and incase y’all donm’t believe that lisa was catfishing as emma

ok anyway im tired of typing so if u wanna know anything else or have questions feel free to message me :)

someone @ that rafaelangelo thing that’s 20 feet up lisas ass so she can fuck off and stop talkin shit about me too thanks

((excuse the shitty gif but ps was being shitty and by the time i managed to gif i was tired so i made something real simple but hey just imagine im in the crowd cheering u on and thats u waving at me looking hot af))

Every year after im done w school i make a follow forever just because im in a happy mood and i can get back to being on tumblr for hours on end and seeing u bbs on my dash, also this year is even more special cos a few weeks ago i reached a goal i was hoping to reach this year so yay! 

I love you all and thanks for making my dash a lovely place, ive been here for like 3 or 4 years now and ive talked to so many lovely people and made some wonderful friends so thank you for being you and thank u for being my friend and talking to me even tho im boring i love u. P.S This is not everyone that i follow cause i follow a lot of people and im sure i forgot a lot of people, but i love everyone that i follow and for that matter everyone that follows me so if youre not here im sososo sorry and i swear to god that doesnt mean i dont love u and ur blog. 

bold: you mean a lot to me and i probably consider u a friend if u dont consider me ur friend then this is awkward but i love u deal w it

italic: i probably admire u from a far in a non creepy way i swear

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