and im starting a new thing

i just really hope that these other american awards shows and artists don’t start using bts for their achievements bc yall know damn well these awards will do anything for views and ratings , but our boys deserve so much and are worth more than that.

that’s the only thing that really worried me about bts being exposed to western artists/music industries, because people are really snakes over here and im ready to fight anyone who tries to play that game. like im not surprised that suddenly all of these people are like “oh yeah bts, i love them too.” like im not mad that they’re getting new fans, it’s just annoying when people suddenly wanna pop up and act like they know everything about bts or kpop in general. like stop being a fake and educate yourself pls. it’s okay if y'all don’t know everything, but don’t be fake about it.

and then i don’t want kpop to just be a trend and people start appropriating it like crazy. like no thank you, pls keep out the uglies.

ID #88327

Name: Alex
Age: 26
Country: NYC/USA

I’m still in school, studying biology. Trying to earn me license as a Veterinary Technician. Huge bookworm, mostly read fantasy and science fiction, but I am branching out to other genres. This year I’m going to attempt to start my own garden. Ive done it before but with a lot of guidance, but that was a long time ago, so Im doing this based off of the internet, some old books and my memory. Anyone who knows anything about this great! I’d listen avidly. I make my own kombucha (thats fermented tea), like to bake and i love to eat.
Im trying something new here. And I’ve always wondered about doing this pen pal thing. Kinda like the idea of snail mail, sending handwritten letters and some cool photos (did i mention i live in New York City?) among other things seems like a pretty neat idea. Im not opposed to email letters or whats app, granted after some chatting.
My tumblr gives a better sense of me than this. kinda. just started a new one, and its gonna take some time to actually get it where i want to.
I prefer someone near my age, could care less about the gender, i just want someone to talk to

Preferences: N/A

HI EVERYONE ok so HERES whats going on with the nu scene blog, im posting this here so it doesnt get deleted

about an hour ago, someone started reblogging nazi fetish porn and white pride things to the blog and also changed the url to “officialk/ke” (right now it is nusceneisfullofmeanies). mods were alerted immediately and we have been trying to deal with the situation since. nu-scene is a sideblog, so theres no password on it to change or anything like that. we think we know who is doing it because we recently asked them to leave nu-scene, meaning they could have invited their own throwaway accounts to do this before they left and promoted themselves to admin so we can’t kick them. they are doing this from two throwaway accounts with keysmash urls:

i’m not bothering to cut out the url in the middle because that’s my own blog on my less active account.

whoever it is, theyre trying to pin this on my friend avalon by posting a screenshot showing them asking avalon for an invite to the blog and avalon saying “yeah sure no problem”
theres a few problems with this screen though:
1. avalon doesnt live in the united states (which is the country displayed in the screenshot)
2. they dont use skype anymore and havent been for months since they switched over to discord, PLUS i have their skype added and that is not their username or icon
3. who the fuck just says “yeah ok sure i’ll let u join this blog without asking any other mods first, no problem whatsoever, also heres admin perms btw so u can have full power” like thats almost an insult because avalon isnt stupid lmao i’ve known them for over two years now and they would never help to orchestrate something like this

ANYWAY nu scene does not support nazism, white pride, or anything of the sort. this is not our doing and we are working on getting the situation under control. im so sorry if you had to see any of that. i’ll let everyone know when we remake the blog so that this doesnt happen again

on the advice of someone from my stream i took my glasses back to the optomerterist today to see if they were crooked from when they got stomped on in hospital.

They were and they bent them back into shape, and now ive got to wait a week and see if that particular type of headache improves. (i get eyeball headaches and back of skull pressure headaches. the eyeball headaches make it hard to use my eyes for things like seeing)
ive noticed since i got home and started reading that i now have a sharp pain in my left eye so im assuming that’s it freaking out over the adjustment.

here’s hoping the fix works and i dont need new glasses.

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a - age: 32, goodness !

b - biggest fear: oh gosh spiders, bugs, like any kind of terrible harm like impalement, heart attacks, uhhhh and also as i was just reminded: angler fish. and crustaceans, sorry crustaceans :(

c - current time: party time

d - drink you last had: im drinking a diet coke RIGHT NOW, *current events*

e - every day starts with: putting my hair up

f - favourite song: idk it;s too hard to pick

g - ghosts, are they real: nah

h - hometown: funkytown??

i - in love with: i really like my new blinds

j - jealous of: the (possibly mythical) person who has got their life together

k - killed someone: no and this question is uncomfortably common on these things…..

l - last time you cried: few days ago, that “i don’t even know why i’m crying????” period crying

m - middle name: erin

n - number of siblings: none

o - one wish: comfy pants

p - person you last called/texted: mom

q - questions you’re always asked: “hows it going?”

r - reasons to smile: a song i really like coming on whatever player is playing songs

s - song last sang: missing words by the selecter, in the shower, with lots off missing words and humming as it often is when i realize in the shower i dont know the words to songs as well as i thought…

t - time you woke up: idk

u - underwear colour: teal rn, which was my fav color for a bit when i was like 10 or smthng and so bins and stuff in my room were that color for like years, so teal makes me think of that. but uh now its just a color that came in a multipack i like the mint and pink ones more now !

v - vacation destination: my couch

w - worst habit: doubting myself, aaaah im even doubting if i should put that as my answeeeerrrr noooo

x - x-rays you’ve had: broke my leg when i was a toddler when i got up and started to run off / dance with my onesie around my ankles while my mom was changing my diaper, also spellcheck wants to correct “onesie” to “Nessie” like that is definitely not what i meant but Nessie around my ankles could totally lead to some broken bones as well. XD oh yeah and had x-rays of my teeth as a teen too, that thing looks like a sci-fi weapon.

y - your favourite food: yowww, i cant pick

z - zodiac sign: aries

new genre concept: soft apocalypse

the world as we know it has ended and mother nature starts taking back what’s hers. there are no zombies or cannibals or murderous bandits. the most valued members of the community are those who know how to garden and farm, sew and weave, treat wounds, work wood or build with bricks, cook from scratch. 

people bond together to begin rebuilding instead of killing each other. everyone teaches each other whatever they do know and works together to figure out the stuff none of them know. books become incredibly valued resources because they’re often the only way to learn critical information. if someone is elderly, disabled, or otherwise unable to work at the same level as most of the community, they’re taken care of by the others, not told any sort of “survival of the fittest” bs.

as the generations ware on, communities begin expanding into small cities. some of the settlements even find ways to repurpose solar or wind power on a small scale and have electricity in some of their buildings. storytellers wander the countryside telling tales of the old world in return for some hot stew or a place to rest for the night, and the mythos of the new world start to incorporate elements of the past. the only thing that remains constant is that humans survive, and they do it by working together.

Harry’s Journal

April 28

Took this picture of Draco the other morning. His bedhead is somehow both absolutely adorable and incredibly sexy, so how could I resist? Clearly he wasn’t too happy with me for taking it, but I made it up to him with kisses and a big breakfast with all his favorites. Let’s just hope he doesn’t find this journal, I don’t think he would be too happy about that.

Bullet Journaling: a masterpost.

Bullet Journal Things ♡

⁃ constellation chart
⁃ cute quotes/doodles
⁃ stress management pages
⁃ use brown paper bags ripped out for doodles
⁃ cut out things from magazines/paper bags
⁃ order stickers
⁃ washi tape EVERYTHING
⁃ order black pens
⁃ use markers
⁃ work on cursive
⁃ idea/random thought pages
⁃ picture pages
⁃ books to read
⁃ movies/shows to watch
⁃ daily reminders
⁃ habit trackers
⁃ thoughtful pages (philosophy, science, book reviews, etc.)
⁃ bookmarks
⁃ websites
⁃ start a blog/continue studyblr
⁃ songs/albums to hear
⁃ messy/creative spreads
⁃ pastels (esp. pink)
⁃ doodle banners/headers/fillers
⁃ rant pages
⁃ order a watercolour palette
⁃ advice/how-to pages (how to become a morning person)
⁃ travel pages
⁃ dream journal pages
⁃ use song lyrics
⁃ poetry pages
⁃ astronomy
⁃ yearly spread
⁃ new years resolution
⁃ mini monthly calendars
⁃ birthdays
⁃ spending chart
⁃ receipt pockets
⁃ health pages
⁃ decor/interior decorating/dream house pages
⁃ coffee tracker
⁃ water tracker
⁃ lipstick kisses
⁃ sticky notes
⁃ handwriting samples
⁃ paint swatches
⁃ wish lists (swell water bottle, more notebooks, black pens, phone adapter, etc.)
⁃ passwords
⁃ gift ideas
⁃ shopping lists
⁃ recipes
⁃ trip ideas
⁃ self care
⁃ ticket stubs
⁃ dried/pressed flower petals
⁃ weather
⁃ paintings (The Swing)
⁃ colour schemes
⁃ words (darling, daydreaming, celestial, astral, entropic, enigmatic, paradoxical, etc.)
⁃ themes lists (The Swing, coffeehouse, forest, ocean, London, yellow, space, inferno, candide, the odyssey, etc.)
⁃ construction paper
⁃ get pictures developed
⁃ order more picture corners
⁃ dictionary pages
⁃ buy scrapbook pages
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justinmeldaljohnsen: A nice pic of these two folks that I’m glad to have gone through some great journeys with. A few words about Taylor, while I’m here: He’s one of the most naturally gifted musicians and producers I’ve ever encountered. His vision for this new @paramore album was clear, from start to finish. His skill, knowledge, and taste led the way. Working by his side, and seeing all these attributes grow and flourish, was very inspiring for me. Expect many more great things from him in the future! Thanks for reading, sorry for the glut of pics, I’m feeling a bit nostalgic.


working on aqua’s look when he still lived on and served homeworld and his backstory a lil. (EDIT: i added one w no color correction so u get a better idea of his past palette)

summary: a less valued cousin to other beryl gems like emerald and bixbite, aquamarine is still a very sturdy and appealing stone making them just bordering upper middle class. most aquamarine’s are used in navigation and anthropology/biology, specifically exploration of other galaxies and solar systems and are tasked with studying the culture and appeal of other species. a natural dauntless aura, strong intuition, and the curiosity of a child make these gems resilient and the perfect specimen for astronomical exploration and cultural anthropology and an innate leader.

specifics: when aquamarine lived on homeworld he was more reserved and refined, but only somewhat. a captain of a ship and leader of one of blue diamond’s exploration teams, aqua was like an informant to blue diamond’s court on possibly habitable planets and the behaviorism and societal tendencies of any intelligent species he and his team came across. but when sent to earth to take a few organic samples and do a routine “check up” on the evolutionary progress of humans, he fell in love with everything he saw. he had only ever heard of earth before and what he witnessed humans create with their own minds and two bare hands had him completely baffled. homeworld was centuries, posssibly even millennia ahead technology wise but homeworld’s sole purpose was to conquer and grow like a hive. he fell in love with how humans went from relying on what they created to keep them alive and knowing only practicality to inventing and building just for shits and giggles. having a strong curiosity for all things new and unique aqua felt right at home. he kept his distance at first but over time adapted to what he saw and started to take on more “human” mannerisms, explaining the sarcasm and horrible fashion taste of current aqua.

Straight White Boy Problem #997

bro…..maybe we should like expand our perspectives….no im not talking about getting high! fuck that dude…im talking about traveling the world, meeting new people, doing something new, being open to new ideas! We aren’t getting that in the suburbs dude. The only place with culture is the Whole Foods down the street….and that Mexican restaurant in that shopping plaza next to the Target. But bro…bro…listen to me…we should…no I’m NOT going to listen to the new Barstool podcast Jimmy fuck let me finish!! We should be open to new things…like dude I watched soccer for the FIRST TIME last year and now i really really like it! lol maybe I’ll start wearing more vineyard vines than polo..? we just got to be open to new ideas bro!!

im actually curious since louis has been the only one who’s been acting like harry doesnt exist how are they gonna deal with his up coming promo with harry just fresh out with a new album and starting to promo dunkirk and if he doesnt get asked about anything harry (unlike niam who have been asked) is everyone gonna contuine to act like its normal lmao or is he gonna be too busy promoting other stunty things instead that they wont have time to ask about harry … oh man funnnnn times ahead.