and im sorry if you dont like it

heres itachi being an awful teacher to team 8 again
  • [minatos alive n hokage btw]
  • minato: so.... itachi. i dont know how to tell you this, so let me be direct. i have, um. ive received some complaints about your teaching methods
  • itachi: [honestly surprised] what. how.. what happened. did i do something wrong
  • minato: listen, itachi. ill tell you what. why dont we think about all of your previous teachers n how they used to teach things
  • itachi, a child prodigy n genius: they.... i'm sorry but i dont think they ever taught me anything
  • minato: ...
  • minato: ok, first id just like to say that im sure youre doing your best. however. ive heard your classes can become rather...... philosophical
  • itachi: yes?
  • minato: [sigh] itachi. is it true that when hinata said she thought she was doing a fighting stance wrong you told her to "not worry herself" because "wrong and right are merely human constructs according to which we organize our moral system"
  • itachi: yes. why? do you disagree
  • minato: n- im - thats not the point. when kiba asked you if you thought he would be good with genjutsu you just said "to find yourself, look within yourself. think for thyself"?
  • itachi: oh that one helped me a lot through life actually
  • minato: OK. ok. just.... one more. when all of them, including shino, expressed their wishes for you to actually teach them more things, you said "i cannot teach anybody anything, i can only make them think"???????
YNWA: Yes or No? Well, Always; ❤️

(^ the question before this answer is: “do i love you?”)

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OKAY, I HAD TO WROTE THIS! Im so MOHNSTAD/CHRISEVA TRASH! Its my version of the last clip. 

(Probably maaaany mistakes but well.. i dont give a shit and I want CHRISEVA!)


They finally was a couple. Chris just still couldn’t believe in that. Eva seriously asked him to be her date on Sana’s party. 

And of course he said yes. He was her boyfriend, officially.

They were talking about the food and lookng to each others eyes.

-I don’t like tomatos. - said Eva, pursed her nose. 

-I can eat it if you don’t want to. - whispered Chris to her ear. Eva smiled to him and gave a little kiss on his cheek. 

In next minute they both saw Jonas and Emma together. Eva looked at Chris face. 

-Are you still mad about what happened with me and Jonas? - red-haired asked him without smile. 

-No, not now. I know you did this because you was afraid your feelings for me and I know that meant nothing for you. And well, Jonas looks happy with that girl.

-And I’m happy with you. - said Eva and kissed Chris. 

Now, everything was perfect for both of them. They were perfect for each other.

Sorry, Not Sorry

pairing: jared kleinman x reader

word count: 2000

warnings: swearing, thunderstorms

summary: underneath the blanket fort you built in fear to avoid an ongoing thunderstorm, confessions come out… however, they’re not exactly as planned as either of you would like.

a/n: hey my boy jared is back again, hecking shit up and being a meme. this one is a lil bit cheesier and its kinda rough but hey, im tired 24/7 so please dont’ judge. enjoy!

Jared’s hands were firm and warm, but did nothing to calm you down.

“Hey, it’s just a little storm, ya moron.”

You shook your head. “But it’s scary,” you mewled, eyes wide and ears attuned to any hint of thunder coming from outside the walls of your blanket fort. You always made a blanket fort when it was storming outside – that way, you wouldn’t have to see or hear the thunder and lightning as up-close as you would if you were sitting in your open room. And, of course, Jared always came over. When he even saw dark clouds coming in, he would walk over to your house just in case.

“But you got me to protect you,” Jared told you.

You bit your lip and, after a moment’s hesitation, nodded in response, wanting to lay back down on the pillows but feeling somewhat frozen in your position. Jared frowned and shuffled closer to you, his hands moving from your knees to where your arms were crossed anxiously across your chest. “We’re going to be okay. You know that, right?”

Thunder rumbled outside the quilted walls and you squeaked, pressing your forehead against your knees. Just a few more minutes and this would be over, Jared had assured you. But that was a long time ago.

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we’re starving and have no money or real food please help

hey so like. i hate doing this again but we’re pretty much out of real food and money thats not going to rent… all we have are teabags, marshmallows and like, a tablespoon of peanut butter.

If you or someone you know can spare like, 20-25 bucks so we could eat tonight that’d be really fucking great. im sorry i have to keep begging like this, i feel really pathetic for it.

so tldr we’re starving and dont get money for like, a week or so and need some money so we can eat tonight. my paypal is

update: we have $10 but we need at least $19, so even $2 would be helpful at this point!

noona, please | seungkwan

Originally posted by misckpop

req:  that hoshi scenario was so good!!! can you write seungkwan with a noona girlfriend where someone jokingly tells him to do what you say because you’re older (maybe he refuses to do a simple thing like get you a glass of water) but then it reminds him how into it he is and he immediately has to get you alone? thank you 🙈

genre: smut, fluff @ the end

characters: seungkwan/female reader (older)

word count: 1.1k

a/n: i assume this stemmed from that one hoshi scenario lmaooo yall r kinky n also this turned into some kind of weird like l*ttle thing??? if u dont know what that is then dont worry about it but just know that seungkwan went really sub here n if thats not what you wanted then im sorry also i literally used the EXACT example u gave me in ur req so i hope thats ok

“Seungkwannie,” you called, hearing the boy whine in annoyance. Amused, Minghao looked up from his phone, snickering.

What?” Seungkwan asked, looking at you, still annoyed. “Get me some water, please,” you replied, pointing towards the water cooler.

He huffed. “Noona, you really couldn’t get it yourself? You have two legs too!” he whined, walking towards the source of water.

Spending time at Seventeen’s dorm was common, especially considering you were dating one of their youngest. The dorm was mostly empty, with exception for you, Seungkwan, and Minghao, who was still laughing as he passed by the bickering couple. “Yah, Seungkwan, you should be a good boy and do what she says, she is older than you.”

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anonymous asked:

Hi, hello. dont mean to annoy you, but can you tell me what vore means?

i can tell you! you’re sincerely asking, right? im really bad at detecting sarcasm, sorry
vore is, uhh, a kink for eating people. i jokingly use it in place of the word “eat”. like, vore your dinner before you get dessert, young man

optimisticweirdo  asked:

Im at a family party rn and i wonder how many times micheal has made jeremy tag along to hispanic parties, any headcannons? Does the family like jeremy or do they think a white kid like himself is out of place? (Im also sorry about you uncle! He is a jerk and you dont need his negativity in your life)

Latin families more or less are very humble. It’s part of the culture to be very welcoming and warm. The joke may be that Jeremy is too thin and needs good but that’s classic abuela logic lol

anonymous asked:

Hope this ask doesn't sound stupid but how do you come up with such cool poses? I really love your recent knife month submission!

thank you. its totally cool, to be honestly i dont really think about the poses?? i did a lot of life drawing before so it probably just stuck???
it always helps to do like a undersketch to figure out the poses and stuff
sorry im not much help

anonymous asked:

HOW DID YOU IMPROVE /SO/ FAST??!?!?!?!?!! We're the same age but it kinda gives me hope to know that you didn't start so long ago 😭 do you have any tips? Also, I'm totally in love with your style! One of my faves ever ♡♡♡♡

I HAVE NO IDEA IM A MASO FOR ART I DRAW TO DEATH (im jk maybe not) any tips…hmm i think i say this a lot but try practicing everyday it becomes a habit even when you dont feel like drawing all the sudden your hand is moving and then yeah (you’ll be like if i cant draw today imma dieee not really;;)

another tip is practice drawing areas your weak at for ex: hands/legs just try doing a couple practice sketches in different poses and then try to apply those new techniques into your art ;D

also if you wanna become speedier when drawing challenging yourself to set certain deadlines can help like for ex: “I’m going to try and finish this drawing on __day” or if you love animating (like me) you can try that also

sorry if i wasnt that helpful im just trying to help based on what i experience //cries a river

anonymous asked:

mmm someone brought up to crowcourse that the color pink isnt just part of the lesbian flag so theyre claiming anyone with pink in the flag are aphobes now. lmao im panromantic and that has pink so i fall under her claim. but surprise!! ppl think differently than you crowcourse! wow! huge aint it??? also since crowcourse is not bi or pan (i would say trans but idk if they consider their self trans because i know some nb people do) they shouldn't be speaking for the rest of us. (1/2)

but i also dont excpet exclusionists to ever stop talking over others in the community because when havent they? im sorry for complaing im just really bitter because i dont like when people who dont share any of my identities try to talk over us. its also just super fishy since biphobic, panphobic, and transphobic discourse have similiar rhetoric (2/2)

This. All of this.

–Mod Mercy

anonymous asked:

i dont wanna trigger anyone with my unpopular opinion because first things first i love kook but i really cant shake this thought that when he gets old i feel like he'll look like yoo jae suk im sorry like i dont even mean it in a shitty way cuz mr yoo looks fresh for 44 you feel me i just see it happening idk

My boy could have three eyes and six legs and I’d still let him hit it and be happily married to him for eternity tbh

anonymous asked:

i really like your blog and you so can i ask you smth? it'll probs be long sorry. i've always said that im het and like 2 years ago i've started to identifying as bi but i was kinda ?? about it. like i felt like "i love girls could be w/ a girl but dont think my The One will ever be a girl or even have long, serious relationships with several girls in my life". like that were days when i really "shipped" m/m pairings and not really focused on f/f ones. i've changed my way of thinking - rn i feel

that im a lesbian. that label feels nice but i’m worried that im just influented by the internet and really im just a gross het or that’s a phase.. i feel meh using bi/pan label but i still sometimes e.g. look at a guy and think that he’s cute like if i knew him more i could crush on him. also crushes on girl feel different that on boys and i dont really remember crushing on a girl when i was like 6-12.. what do you think? i’m sorry for bothering but it’s been a year and i still dont know           

don’t feel bad! a lot of what you’re feeling is normal. you’re not going thrihgh a phase, okay? you’re just going through a step in your life, and it’s important, it’s valid, and you’re not any less for questioning yourself. doubt sucks, but a lot of lesbians feel it, so don’t feel like you’re alone in that. and seeing that a guy is attractive is called having eyes, and it doesn’t make you any less of a lesbian, if that’s what you want. and i’ve literally… never had a crush on a girl and i’m 18. who cares what happened when you were 6-12? what you feel NOW is important. if you think you’re a lesbian, identify as one. if you find later that that’s not the case, maybe you’re bi or pan, that doesn’t make your experience fake or detrimental to the lesbian community.

taetaebears  asked:

I'd love to ship you with someone.. but I don't quite know you. If you could do me a slight description of yourself and if being with a girl is something that you want or not! Of course that is just if you want to:)

i dont really know me either 

um i love bts with my whole entire heart

n i like food and drawing and writing??? idk that was really not helpful sorry

n im open to anything

Cookie run doodles for now. Sorry if i dont post art often, school is making me depressed ;u; @weird-monkey24

(You can request me if ya like, im suffering artblock rn plz)


Viktor: Not exactly..

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“Don’t bother,” he replies grimly, “I said I wasn’t interested in this. If we fucked, sorry for leading you on, if we didn’t, I don’t know why you’d want to be associated with me anyways.” And Harry wants this conversation to end right there, now that he’s said his piece, so he looks back towards Y/N and says, “These are organic grapes, no?”

The girl gets the hint, leaving with a huff and Y/N tuts her tongue at him.

“You’re so mean, Harry! What if she really liked you?”

Harry shakes his head, “She liked my cock not me.” He says apathetically, and Y/N’s face turns towards sheepish like it always does when the mere mention of his escapades comes to head (which it doesn’t often, but he knows Y/N has ears and she hears things), “‘sides, she was rude to you. I don’t like that.” He straightens out, “Did you take your medicine?”


Harry doesn’t really like people, but he likes Y/N

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My version of the next gen. “Red hair and hand me down clothes.” Doesn’t apply anymore.

How dan and Phil probably broke up #56
  • Phil: Dani Snot On Fire