and im so worried

i’m back !! and guess who passed the majority of her subjec ts !!!!!! m E !!!!!!!!!

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i think i made a lot of ppl mad at me now oops

i dont know how to let ppl help when they can and then im like “fuck it im just die” and im sure ppl r worried but thwn it happens so often tht im sure theyre just rolling their eyes when i make another post abt being alive and. idk.

this isnt a vague @ anyone im just. disgusted with myself tbh

Im just not gonna vent anymore about the things that are happeninh i don’t wanna bother or worry anyone im just really scared and stressed about so much im so tired

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Hi :( Im so worried and anxious about starting drivers education. Anytime anyone brings it up I start to panic. I have to do it cause my family expects it, they all assume I'm excited like my twin. I can't stop worrying about the what if's/crashing

Talk to your family about it, if they drive they can honestly put you at ease. But trust me whoever is in the car with you will not let you crash, I did 8 months of driving practice before I did my test, the closest I got to crashing was going over a traffic island corner. Anytime the person in the car feels like something maybe happen they will tell you and if they have dual control they will stop you. It’s scary at first but honestly once you get into it, once you learn to trust yourself you’ll be fine.

They won’t have you driving on busy roads right away, you’ll probably drive around one suburban quiet block of houses at about 10 mph and they’ll work it up. You’re not going to be hit with everything at once.

But honestly talk to your family, let them know how you feel and let them comfort you xxx

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HES SO BAD BUT HE DOES IT SO WELL i think im worried about the clothes because i HAVE been wearing things i like and thought i looked rly good all wk and i looked at some of the pics last night and theyre TERRIBLE. i look huge & gross.

that happens, unfortunately! i’m so sorry you saw pictures of yourself and went bleh. that happens to me all the time. fortunately, pictures are not the way we or other people see the world. there is so much to be said for personality and general vibes a person gives off. i am sure you look great if you feel great, even if you see yourself in pictures and dislike them.

i’ve met a lot of people who look SO different than their pictures. it also HUGELY depends on the camera. really nice cameras? can do a whole hell of a lot. cell phones? notsomuch.

you are gonna be great, i promise you!!! and you’re gonna look fabulous, too ❤️

gonna woo that asshole right off his feet!

my self esteem is really low today….. dude im so worried that everything i do and say is bad. im so worried that constantly complaining about my low self esteem is annoying. im need to chill the f*k out

i feel like if davonne wins the buyback, she wouldnt automatically be targeted again because paulie is gone. the people in the house still who did vote to evict her voted her out because of him and didnt wanna go against the house. plus nicole and corey are big targets now and so is paul. if paulie gets back in, he will most likely be evicted like immediately. everyone in the house wanted him gone badly. zakiyah probably wont get it. bridgette could get back in and i dont see her being targeted right away. so im not worried about paulie winning cause im confident he wont last long


imagine your otp ft. preath, krashlyn and… who? kellex? no i’ve never heard of them *sweats nervously*

I have the biggest urgency to just continuously apologise for being such a downer and a pretty petty example,


Im not gonna do that.

Because I gotta give love and praise to you guys. To the boos and the strangers that sent me love and gave me their words of kindness and affection. To @tomis-jb for going out of his way to share a piece of him with me in his busy schedule. Thank you man. Heh. really. love you.

I want to also dedicate this to all those who struggle. I’m not the best example, but you all stay strong ok? And remember that you’re lovely. You’re kind. You’re important. 


Annoying Telling Yoongi about the drama you’re watching

Okay so in celebration of Yoongi releasing his mixtape I’m releasing this, which in no way reflects how I feel about his mixtape xD I hope you enjoy it and I’m sorry that it’s shorter than most of my single-member posts u.u

It’s 1:07am and I’m still wide awake.
‘Just thinking about someone’,
I say to my friends who don’t really care.
It’s 1:07am and I’m lying in bed thinking about you.

Do you remember the fun we used to have?
When you’d pick me up from school 
and I’d be jumping up and down
telling you stories of all the little adventures I had that day
while holding tightly onto your not-as-wrinkled hand?

Do you remember how I had thrown a tantrum at you
when we were walking up a stony path
and I slipped and fell and scratched my knees?
Somehow, the scolding you gave me that day –
that I should never blame others for my own mistakes –
never left my mind.

Do you remember how you had brought me meals in secret
when my parents were angry at something I had done
and were punishing me? 
You knew my father would rebuke you for doing so
but that never stopped you.

Grandma, it’s 30°C outside
but I’ve never felt colder.
Have I ever told you I love you?
Because I do, and I love you so very much,
and I miss you so very much.

—  I hope I’m not too late (p.t.)