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why trevor collins is a cryptid
  • looks attractive always even when covered in smarties dust
  • probably lives on coffee
  • has his hair ever moved????? who knows
  • sweet AND smart tf
  • looks too much like ben feldman, a fellow cryptid
  • tweets such as this one

in conclusion: trevor collins is a cryptid and should not be trusted


“Oh, Malfoy.” Draco looked up to see Harry, nearly an hour late, standing in the doorway of Andromeda’s kitchen. “You’re still here.”

“No, actually I’m not here.” Draco said dryly as his eyes went back to his book. “This is just your imagination acting up. Tell me again Potter, why do you fantasize about a pissed off Draco Malfoy in your cousin’s kitchen?”

Teddy snorted and looked up from his History of magic homework as his hair turned from red to light blue. “Wow, my cool uncle and my fun uncle in the same room. It’s just like that crossover episode between icarly and Victorious.” He looked from Harry to Draco and back. “Wicked.”

“Well, since your funny uncle has arrived I’ll get cracking. Try not to die while I’m gone.” Draco stood up and gathered his coat, book and phone. Then however, he stopped, because Harry was still blocking the doorway and he had no plans to walk up to him and have an awkward which-way-shall-we-go moment. Harry, however, didn’t look like he was going anywhere anytime soon.

“You think you’re the cool uncle?” There was an undertone of pity in his amused comment, and hearing it sent a wave of nausea through Draco’s stomach. He didn’t know where that had come from, but he knew he wanted to leave. Now.

“I don’t think, I know. Ever heard of that word Potter? It means you’re actually certain of something before you blurt it out. Now move out of the way I have better things to do than sit around here all day while you’re neglecting Ted.” He stepped forward, in sync with Harry stepping sideways. Not to let him through, but to block his way out even further.

“And what the fuck is that supposed to mean?” Every hint of amusement had melted away from his green eyes, and what was left now wasn’t pity, but anger.

“What that means is that you ought to start acting like a responsible adult and become a person Teddy can actually rely on.” Where Harry’s eyes were gleaming with fire, Draco’s eyes glittered with ice. Anyone but Harry would have trembled under the stone cold look he shot him.

“Well excuse me Malfoy, but last time I checked I had a job that sometimes runs late while you sit on your arse all day doing nothi-” Crack. With a loud snap Harry’s glasses froze and the glass inside them broke. Not a second later Draco shoved him out of the way and stalked towards the fire.

“What the fuck Malfoy?!” Harry spun around towards the now blurry figure of Draco and stared at it with bafflement, though that was quickly overcome with anger.

“Surprise surprise Potter, you’re not the only one with powerful accidental magic.” He grabbed some floo powder and stepped into the heart. “Next time try to use some of those grey cells of yours before you open the sinkhole on your face.”

Then, with a swirl of green flames, he was gone.

“And that’s why he’s the cool uncle.” Came Teddy’s voice from the kitchen. Harry frustratedly tried to run a hand through his hair. Tried, because it was frozen solid.

“What the…” Harry stammered.

“A very cool uncle.”

I have no idea what the fuck this is

Senior Year + College stuff (HC’s with The Sincerely Three)

A/N: I didn’t fully know what to do with Senior Year, so I just made that college stuff as well, wohooo


  • He’d be 0 excited for his senior year, while ur all #Hyped for it
  • Honestly, he’s just so anxious about what will happen after school
  • Cuz Boii, he’s afraid of his future and he’s afraid of losing you
  • Sometimes when you two hang out, you guys start talking about everything and then he starts talking about him losing you
  • And he starts crying
  • And ur like “Noooo” and ur heart is breaking
  • You’re assuring him that ur gonna stick to his side, no matter what, even after school
  • “But why would you even want to stay with me? I’m stupid and I’m probably not gonna achieve anything in my life” – “Well, because I want you, no matter what. It’s that simple.”
  • A lot of love, a lot of kisses
  • Sometimes in school, he’d even write you little notes and hide them in your locker
  • You’d be like Heart Eyes and aaaw it’s so cute
  • And Connor would blush, and be so happy that u like it cuz at first he thought you would think it was cheesy and bäh
  • You guys don’t give a shit anymore about what other people think of you
  • Some ppl still call Connor a freak, then laugh, but he just turns around, mocks them and yells “You’re childish and gonna die alone” at them
  • You are #SHOOK (but he’s right tho)
  • He got a lot more self-confident and you are so proud of him omg
  • His parents r still kinda dicks to him and literally force him into going to college (they want him to become a lawyer or like any job in a higher position)
  • Connor doesn’t give a shit and just applies for a photography school
  • To get into it, he needs to show them a portfolio, but mate doesn’t have one
  • “Maybe I could be your model, or so? You know, for some photos?” His eyes lit up and omg he was so happy to have you and was soo!! excited to take some nice photos of you
  • These photos were beautiful and Connor made you cry sometimes cuz it was all so Emotional
  • You’ve always hated your body, so you were not really excited when he said he wanted to take photos of you wearing literally nothing
  • But all the time, he whispered “God, you’re so beautiful” which made you sob sometimes
  • The ppl from said school loved his portfolio and immediately accepted him
  • Omg Connor was so happy and kissed you all the time and thanked you, oh god
  • Your prom was also really cute
  • At first, he didn’t want to attend it, but you begged him so much and well, he couldn’t say no to you
  • But Connor freaking enjoyed himself so much, he even danced with you
  • (He even waltzed!!! Because you showed it to him some weeks before prom; so cute)
  • At the end of it, you guys were so exhausted, just dropped into bed and immediately fell asleep
  • He held you so tight and omg u two are so in love wtf
  • BONUS: You two move together after high school, Connor’s a super photographer, while you also work together with him in his own studio, you two love each other very much and stay together #Forever


  • Our mate would be #anxious
  • “What if I can’t go to a good college? What if I CAN go to a good college, but we just can’t afford it?” – “Evan, it’s 3 am in the morning, what”
  • He’d totally be in the studying phase, where you wouldn’t see him some days
  • “Can I come over?” – “Well, I still have to write three essays, I gotta do that assignment for Ms Miller and OH GOD, I need to-“ – “Yeaaah, I’ll be there in like 20 minutes”
  • You’d help him with his stuff, he’d help you with your stuff
  • Evan used to be really quiet and shy about your relationship, but now in Senior Year, he’s all open about that
  • He doesn’t care what people will think and he even ignores some comments from SOME GUY (*cough* Jared *cough*)
  • One time, and god, you were surprised, he even slapped your butt while he passed you in the hallway
  • Afterwards he apologized like a million times for it, but you assured him that you didn’t mind
  • You kinda liked it wtf
  • Anyway, Evan would do all these essay contests to get a scholarship
  • He’d be doubting all the time that any college would be interested in him
  • You’d always hug him, he’d wrap his arm around your waist and you’d just whisper in his ear, how wonderful he is and how happy you are that he’s your boyfriend
  • Evan was also kinda scared that you’d leave him afterwards when you two go to different colleges
  • You were also v scared about that
  • So you two made a total serious pact that you’re just not going to break up
  • it’s that simple
  • Evan got accepted to one of his Top 3 colleges!
  • And you as well!
  • You two celebrated the whole night, laughing and kissing, maybe even some drinking, but not too much
  • “What should I do at college now? When I won’t drink alcohol, they’re gonna think I’m a loser!” – “Then both of us are losers!”
  • Cheers!
  • So, you two went to different colleges
  • A lot of tears, when you said goodbye
  • But!! Evan tries to drive to you every weekend
  • One time, he didn’t have enough time and couldn’t manage to get to you
  • Well, then you took a train to his college and surprised him (Maybe you two cried then and omg u 2 are so cute)
  • and ur PROM!!!
  • Evan made like a cute promposal
  • But sort of fucked it up and thought he was a mistake
  • u laughed and thought it was the cutest thing ever
  • So on prom night, you two danced and smooch and kissed and omg that love, beautiful night


  • “It’s our Senior Year” – “Yeah” – “Jared, we need to do something” – “No”
  • Jared would be all chill about it, while you’re all worried
  • He’d (sometimes) study stuff for his SAT’s
  • But not really tbh
  • Everybody would ask him which college he’d like to go to
  • And Jared would be like “Uhm, rude?”
  • Even you would try to persuade him into trying to achieve!!! more things cuz he’s smart and you’d tell him this all the fucking time!!!!
  • So, Jared agrees into “trying”
  • You would go to his house and study some school stuff
  • He’s friggin smart and v good at math and helps u
  • (bc obviously if one person needs help with math it’s u ok)
  • You’d try to study, but Jared just nudges you all the time and kisses you, while ur like #serious about it
  • Okay, but at some point you’d just give in nd u make out alright
  • ANYWAY the SAT’s right
  • Boi fucking destroyed it
  • You were so happy for him and ohhh god
  • And Jared was all like “Well, I told you I was smart!”
  • (Alright but he was also very excited about it and so happy bc finally he could prove to people how smart he was)
  • So, he goes to college and probably studies summat to do with computers idk
  • Before he leaves, you two have an immense!! horrible fight about what will happen to your relationship
  • bc to you, it seemed that Jared didn’t care about you at all
  • but he did!!! so much!!!!
  • (you guys made up again tho)
  • you didn’t attend it alright lmao
  • you just took some fake prom photos
  • and spent the whole night in his room, playing video games, watching films and getting drunk

me: *hands a customer their change which is $6*

customer: are you blind? this is $5. cashiers these days rely so much on technology they cant even count

me, gritting my teeth and smiling forcefully: if i could direct your attention to the six one dollar bills that are in your hand, you would clearly see that there is, in fact, six dollars there

customer: *counts all six singles* this is five


✧・゚:* Wave^10 *:・゚✧

i want them both in a cuddle puddle. 

Snape character analysis

I love doing character analysis

I get so mad when people say ‘Oh even because he had a shitty childhood gives him no reason to be a complete ass’ well, it gives him perfectly good reason to be one. Let me tell you why…

Some people are more vulnerable to be psychologically traumatized by a bad childhood than others. Snape was one of them and you may say ‘but what if it wasn’t his childhood that made him an ass? ‘ Well, shit dude I don’t know what else I mean that’s all info we get in the books/movies about him.

Snape had a very shitty time growing up at home and at school he was bullied and abused. He didn’t have any support at that time (his mom didn’t seem to give him any affection whatsoever).  The only person who did give him even the slightest bit of attention was Lily and even she seemed to be somewhat of a distant character towards him. It’s saddening, for me, to think that Snape seeks comfort from someone who just acted nice towards him. Remember that Remus and Sirius all said how nice Lily was, how do we know she even gave Snape special treatment? What if she just treated him like a human being and that meant so much to him that he fell in love with her, just because she treated him as a human being. Can you imagine how horrible his life must have been for him that even those small acts of kindness Lily gave him meant so much to him? Lily was his safe haven when nobody else was there. When he was begging for affection she was the only one willing to give it to him and it meant so much to him that he devoted his entire life for her even after her death.

Also the fact that Snape distances himself emotionally from others is completely understandable. When you’ve experienced so much pain and disappointment from others you are quite likely to be distant from people to prevent yourself getting hurt more.  This can also explain his odd sense of humour, as well as his fondness of venting his anger on innocent students. I think these are all unhealthy coping mechanisms he’s using to deal with his troubled past. Maybe, it’s because he was also bullied in his youth that caused him to bully students.

Also, Snape was most likely never taught as a child how to deal with anger and pain, because (duh) his parents didn’t teach him, because they were abusive assholes too. He might have learned how to be an ass from them! And anyone who has learned a habit can tell you it’s hard to break it. Some are able to do it, but they are likely to be mentally and emotionally strong enough to do it. Snape, on the other hand, was not. That’s why it’s hard for him to not do the shit he does and say.

Also not just his childhood caused this assholeness of his but also his teen years where he was (from the book) rejected from Lily as well, so honestly he’s been through some pretty rough waters. It pains me to read how insensitive and uninformed some people are when they think about Snape. He went through extreme psychological trauma as a child and it caused him to become a mentally unhealthy person. You cannot say his actions are totally unjustifiable, but reject his rough childhood/teens as a cause of it. I expect you to be the same person to tell someone who suffers from anxiety or depression to snap out of it? You are being hypocritical to the extreme.

But, then again I cannot blame you for thinking that way. Snape was portrayed from the start as an ass. So obviously that 1st impression stayed with you which is how we operate. We remember people based on our 1st encounter with them. So people who hate on Snape may be so, because they remember he was an ass from the start so he stays an ass no matter what good he did in the end. Other’s look past that and realize that even a bad person can be good.

highlights of the stream:
  • Bella’s fursona would be a lamb, and Edward’s would be a lion.”
  • “He’s gonna monch. He’s gonna cronch.”
  • “slurp slurp slurmp”
  • “billie u slut”
  • “LET HIM  S U C C !!”
  • “When vampires transform do you think over the three days they spend it all covered in their vomit, piss, and shit?”
  • “I think vampires would dribble out their periods as vampires.”
  • [ Bella jumps off a cliff ] “Same.”
  • “FUCK YOU JACOB” x1000000
  • Everyone continuously and collectively yelling at Jacob for an entire movie.
  • “Bree is a tiny babby”
  • “Why does Maria have so many child soldiers.” “Snack vore.”
  • So much god damn talk about vore.
  • [ Every single time a girl is on screen ] “I would die for her!”
  • “Carlisle vs. Charlie: Who is the superior daddy?”
  • “Do a dab every time someone says ‘Bella’!! ”
  • “ BLOCKED! “
  • “Miss. Kesha? Oh my god she fuckin dead.”
  • [ Bella punching/kicking the shit out of a rock] “God I wish that were me.”
  • [ Jane throwing a baby into a pyre ]  “GOD I WISH THAT WERE ME!”
  • Alice / Bella / Rosalie / Leah Confirmed™ to be the best pairing outcome.
  • “Did you know that Aro is from Greece, has jet black hair, and – you’ll never guess it: red/black (vampire) eyes.”
  • Everyone cringing in union everytime Aro appears or laughs.
  • first time viewer of breaking dawn part 2 and didn’t know about the plot-twist at the battle scene.
  • “Real life footage of Jacob’s squad.” [picture of a group of wolf furries]

and the best for last!!

  • Spending time with a whole bunch of awesome and amazing new twilight friends. <3

 Feel free to add any that I couldn’t remember!