and im not really pleases with the result

Kylie Jenner Skinblend

im really proud of the result of this skinblend! (i not edit the image and not use makeup!)

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My boys - Jason Todd x Reader (Day 9)

Prompt: “Could you do a image where Jason asks his s/o’s son if he could marry his mother for Christmas? And the little son kinda sits there all sad because Jason didn’t ask if he could be his official dad. Which results in a disastrous Christmas Eve meal with the son in tears and Jason learns he is completely unprepared to be a father to the boy and the s/o just ends up crying because her boys are her whole world and things work out in the end.”

Requested by: Anon

A/N: I’ve never really written angst and im hella nervous rn so please tell me how I do or give me tips if I can fix anything! Thank you!!

 Jason never thought he wanted to have a family. He was never one to want a partner and kids and a white picket fence. He thought this about himself up until he met you.

 You had come into his life about two years ago and he had fallen in love with you pretty much instantly. Your attitude and appearance was so beautiful to Jason that he couldn’t help but fall deeply for you.

 You had told Jason about your son on the first date but Jason didn’t actually meet Alfie until about two months into the both of you dating. Jason remembers not getting any sleep the night before he knew he was going to meet Alfie and his worried phone call to you at 4am. Jason also remembers not going on patrol the night before because he didn’t want to scare your son with bruises on his face and blood on his knuckles. Jason had never felt nerves like that before in his life. Well, until now.

 Jason was currently sitting on the sofa in your shared apartment with Alfie while you were doing the grocery shopping. He wasn’t sure how he was going to approach this situation when Alfie crawled onto his lap and asked him to fix his play truck. Jason, of course, obliged. This is the perfect opportunity, Jason thought.

 “Hey, Alf?” Jason asked, cautiously, while playing with the toy truck in his hand.

 “Yes, Jason?” he said with his tongue getting caught on the s’s with his slight six-year-old lisp.

 “How would you feel if I, um, asked you mom to marry me?” Jason asked with as much hope in his voice as he could muster. Jason felt his heart drop when Alfie went silent and looked up at him. “You know, if you don’t want me too I won’t!”

 “No, it’s okay.” Alfie said. Jason didn’t know what to do when he saw Alfie begin to pout.

 “Hey, baby! Do you want to see the ring? It’s so cool and shiny! I think you’ll love it.” Jason said while putting his hand in his hoodie pocket to pull out the ring. His hand came to an abrupt stop, however, when Alfie shook his head and jumped off his lap and ran into his bedroom. Jason quickly got up to follow him but stopped when he heard you open the door.

 “Hey, boys!” you called out. “Where are y- oh hey jay! Where’s Alfie?”

 “Shit.” Jason mumbled under his breathe. “Hey, babe. Oh, he’s just in his room. I accidently broke his new truck and I think he’s huffing with me.”

 “Aw, don’t worry about it babe, I’ll go talk to him now and he’ll be fine.”

 “No!” Jason said way too quickly. “I mean, it’s just that maybe we should leave him until he’s ready. You know, since it is my fault.”

 “Okay,” you said while suspiciously looking at Jason. “He’ll be getting a shitload of new trucks tomorrow morning anyway, Jason, so don’t worry about it.” You reassured. “I brought dinner in now anyway so could you just go get Alf please?”

 “Uh, yeah, sure.” Jason had absolutely no clue what he was going to do. He was planning to ask you to marry him in about 10 minutes but know he’s screwed. “Um Alf, dinner’s rea-“ Jason looked down at the ground to see his four year old step son run out the door leaving Jason in a pained and confused state at the door of the rocket themed room. 

 When Jason returned to the kitchen he saw Alfie hanging around your body crying with you trying to calm him.

 “Jason, what the hell did you do?” you said in a hushed voice.

 Jason couldn’t form a sentence. He found his chest constricting at the fact that he was the one to cause his favourite little six-year-old boy to cry. This was when Jason started to really freak out. He was not ready to be a father to this boy. He couldn’t do him the justice that Alfie deserves.

 “J-Jason said that he was going to ask you to marry him.” Alfie hiccupped out.

 “Fuck.” Jason said. He had no clue how to stop this. It was like he was watching a car crash in front of his eyes with no way to stop it.

 “Why didn’t he ask me if he could be my daddy then? Does he not love me too?” That’s when Jason’s heart breaks. The little boy’s sobs were racking through his body all because of Jason. Jason looked at you for help but you were crying nearly as much as your son. This is not what Jason planned tonight to be like.

 “Of course I love you! I love you with all my heart. The both of you mean the entire world to me.” Jason was now standing with his arms wrapped around your body and Alfie tucked in the middle of the both of you.

 “R-really?” Alfie said. Jason vigorously nodded his head and kissed both of your son’s cheeks. Alfie then returned the favour by wrapping his arms around Jason’s neck and jumping across into his arms. “SO, can I call you daddy?” Jason’s heart warmed at the boys’ question.

 Jason looked at you for approval and you smiled warmly at him and nodded your head. “Of course you can, baby.” Jason grinned with tears in his eyes.

 Not long after this Jason was putting your fast asleep son into bed. You and Jason hadn’t actually exchanged words yet but there was a silent conversation between the both of you.

 When Jason returned to the room he just sat quietly beside you and you rested your head on his shoulder.

 “Yes.” You said.

 “What?” Jason asked while looking down at you.

 “I mean if you still want to ask me that question then, yes.”

 Jason smiled with so much love in his eyes that you would think he was a different person. “I love you. I love you so fucking much.”

 “I love you too, baby.” You looked over to the clock and saw it change to midnight. “Hey! Merry Christmas, Jaybird!”

 “Merry Christmas, babe.” Jason grinned and slid the ring onto your finger.

Please tell me what you though because I’m really nervous about this one and if you have any tips I’d love to hear them.“

inyourmumsbedroom  asked:

Hi there, hope i wont disturb you with my kind of childlish and stupid question, but could you please tell whats the point of the white guilt? Like all of the nations and people did horrible stuff to the others. Not only whites, but people of colour did exactly the same thing. Besides, people shouldn't live by the choices and behaviors of their ancestors. I call myslef a feminist but im not really concerned about this one.

White guilt, according to Google, is “the individual or collective guilt felt by some white people for harm resulting from racist treatment of ethnic minorities by other white people both historically and currently.”

I think, generally, we can say people have “white guilt” when we look back at history, honestly, and can see the horrible atrocities you’ve alluded to and not see them simply as historical facts but events whose consequences have carried through to times we live in.

They understand that THEY didn’t personally do those things but they have benefited from the inequality it created (white privilege).

And maybe guilt isn’t the right word…. But I think it results in people just being aware of the inequality in our society, why it’s there, and (hopefully) using some of the privilege they’ve gained by working to undo those consequences.

shoelace fandom survey

so a while back, i was super into another niche fandom that had a small but passionate fanbase (bbc3’s in the flesh)

and one of the main content creators for the fandom decided that they wanted to do a survey of the fandom to see how diverse the show’s fanbase was

the results were a really cool and interesting insight into what different groups make up the fandom and i was really glad that person made the survey

i know that that gr8 comet/ghost quartet fandom is small but really diverse, and i thought that it would be cool to get some numbers on what groups make up this fandom that im so proud to be a part of

so if you’re interested please like and reblog to spread the word!!!!

i think this could be really cool!!!


summary: We all have a breaking point. Thankfully, you were there for his.

request: Could I please get a yoongi scenario in which he’s really stressed and so he’s been overworking himself and becoming sleep-deprived. As a result, he basically has a breakdown in front of the boys, and you’re coincidentally nearby so you go and calm him down? Thank you so much for all that you do; you’re an amazing writer, and I get super excited every time I see that you’ve posted something! ^_^

pairing: Yoongi x OC

word count: 1,551

warnings: fluff + slight angst

A/N: I’m so sorry this took me so long, but I hope it makes up for lost time. Thank you for your kind words of encouragement anon 💕


It was just little things, at first. A twitch in his eye, a bitten nail. He was stressed, sure; most mv filmings are stressful. But it was the look in his eyes that made you worry, an empty blackness to them that ripped at your heart.

He wasn’t himself.

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anonymous asked:

This isn't really a positive question but are you starved for affection??? I think it's called like skin hunger or something?? I'm just wondering because I am but I'm also too scared to let anyone touch me and I'm highkey desperate so if you know how to deal with it please tell me????( I'm sorry if this is a weird question..)

yea im starved for attention/affection but i have borderline personality disorder

and omg i struggle w the same! i rly want someone to touch me, just like to hug me, but im too scared and its a result of trauma. maybe u just need someone to know better before u let them touch u, so u wouldnt be too scared? 

if im struggling w it i just hug a plushie or nap and it just passes


Random alternate outfit doodles 
Kinda busy at the moment so putting these up for now (even though theyre really rough haha)


~Skyhold Music Box~

This took me a couple weeks to make, and I’m really pleased with the final result.

I started with one of those blank wooden castles from the craft store. It didn’t have the stone pattern (except on the very front). I had to paint all the stone work on, the moss, the windows, everything. I also made the drawbridge, cutting a piece of thin wood out and attaching the hinge. And I added a magnet so it stays closed!

And I drilled all the holes in the bottom, because this is a music box. And it plays “My Favourite Things” because what tune more fitting for a castle, and a castle based on Dragon Age at that? (For me that is)

The windows are based on the Inquisition and Dalish stained glass windows you can customize Skyhold with.

and here we have a very pleased dog (she peed in the car later and i had to get it cleaned, fuck)

the result of a conversation on twitter with @L_Un_known on twitter (who does not have a tumblr, but does very much adorable cullrian art so why not pay them a visit and give them some love <3)

littlepillar  asked:

PLEASE DRAW DOCTOR YIXUAN!!!! and if you want to give the rest of the boys appropriate professions too.... but just doctor yixuan is fine... i would pass away... THANK YOU ILY ♥

UFF this took some time! but im glad I put extra effort in it, i hope you will like it!!!!


idk…suddenly i feel REALLY sick…..


be glad i almost made him a walmart cashier or sth

also PILOT SUNGJOO bc why the heck not!!!

idk if i wanna sit in a plane he flies tho he’d probably be too busy making ridiculous announcements on the plane


*crashes car into wall on purpose*


oh boy i sure love fastfood

please never ask me what top three fall out boy songs are bc i have the unfortunate disadvantage of liking Headfirst Slide Into Cooperstown On A Bad Bet, A Little Less Sixteen Candle, A Little More Touch Me and I’m Like A Lawyer With The Way I’m Always Trying To Get You Off and typing those took me five minutes and making me say them will only result in tears


 you two are dancing in a snowglobe round and round.

Hey Taylor!

First of all, my name is Amanda.

Second of all, IM GOING TO #1989TOURBRISBANE AND IM SO EXCITED. This is my tour outfit, it revolves around the lyric ‘you two are dancing in a snowglobe round and round’ from You Are In Love (LOVE THAT SONG BTW). I worked really hard on it and I’m so pleased with the result! My friend Pearl will be joining me holding one of the signs and having the letter S on her back, making it T & S (WE ARE BOTH SO EXCITED, WE CAN’T EVEN). I have been waiting for this Saturday ever since the tickets went on sale (ITS SO SOON NOW AHH). Just knowing that I’ll be seeing you has kept my positivity on a high as whenever I felt sad I would just remind myself of you and jam out to 1989. That album (as well as all your other albums) is a masterpiece. I cannot wait to hear it live and SEE YOU IN REAL LIFE WOAH. Now I’m going to keep this short because I could go on forever and ever about how excited I am, how AMAZINGG 1989 is, etc. SO LET ME JUST SAY THIS: YOU ARE THE MOST GENTLE AND KIND HEARTED PERSON I HAVE EVER SEEN. YOU IMPACT SO MANY PEOPLE IN A POSITIVE WAY, ITS INCREDIBLE. YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY AMAZING AND MAKE ME SO HAPPY. THANKYOU.

I am so excited to hang out with you and 50 000+ people and have the best night of our lives.

Love, Amanda :)

P.S I’m sitting (MORE LIKE DANCING AND SCREAMING) in aisle 640, row 63 and seat 28! 

P.P.S If you guys could reblog it would mean the world to me thanks :)

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