and im not really pleases with the result

fuyukii a réagi à votre billet : Im crying somebody litteraly used their vote just…

I mean I didn’t know what to choose and either way I’ll be happy with what you’ll come up with the result of this poll. Also this option looked at me like “click on me please, no one else will do”, so yeah. It’s kinda like a blank vote or something. I hope you aren’t too angry with this. Also my english is shitty, sorry.

Aww no I’m not angry at all !! I found it really funny ! Thank you for devoting yourself to this lonely vote lol, and your english is great !

my homemade facial masks

*this are my own recipes

chéri romantique

(this one is help firm and tone your skin,  moisturizes and hydrates.)

6 tsp fresh rose petals (or 3 tsp dried), 1 quart minarel water, 2 tsp honey, 1 tbsp rose water, 2 tbsp wheat flour

mix all of them together and apply all over your face. Leave on for 15 to 20 minutes and rinse. 

exquisite fae

(this moisturizes and hydrates your skin and will leave your face more glowing and helps to cleanse the dirt responsible for causing acne.)

2 mashed strawberies, 1 tsp honey, 1 tsp oatmeal, 1 tsp fresh cream 

mix all of them together and apply all over your face. Leave on for 10 to 15 minutes and wash your face with hot water.

sirène fraîche

(this one soothe skin and calm breakouts and irritation. And the best hangover cure)

mix 1 teaspoon of sea salt (use sea salt not table salt) with 3 tsp of hot water (if you use minarel water it would be better) in a bowl or cup stir until the sea salt is dissolved. mix in 2 tsp of aloe vera gel. Apply all over your face, leave on for 10 minutes and wash it gently.


(this one helps cleanse, soothe skin and reduce allergy symptoms)

2 tsp honey,1 tsp plain yogurt, 1 or 2 drop coconut oil, 1 drop lavender oil

mix them together and apply your face, leave on for 15 minutes and wash your face.


(this one calm breakouts, heals withered skin.rehydrates and renews skin)

1 tbsp milk, ¼ ripe avacado, 1 tsp oatmeal

mix them together and apply all over your face leave on for 15 to 20 minutes and wash your face with cold water.


Who is She and how do I get ME: Andromeda to release sooner

(I tried to make her match with this drawing)

HI ARMY'S! #NamjoonStanSpeaking

I just want to remind you that Namjoon dropped his single “Change” along with Wale & I want ARMYS to hype him up as much as you hyped up Yoongi & Agust D. As you can till this moment notice that Namjoon as member,talented person & mainly leader is being extremely ignored & rather hated & called ugly than loved & for what? I really dont know myself….I guess because people can’t come at him for not being talented so they go for his looks.[ Which I don’t get either because hallooo are yall blind? The boy is drop-dead gorgeous tf ]

Yes I am aware of the fact he is in fact not the only member NOT being treated the way they deserve to [like Jin or Hobi…] but Hobi has been in spotlight more for a while since BS&T era,Jin has gained better feedback since his variety shows & dad jokes😂.

I don’t really see any improvement in Joon’s area. I know it’s not the members fault but the only thing on my dash in a while now has been mainly Maknae Line & here & there some Hobi or Suga. And Im honestly really dissapointed because what is the reason for someone not to respect all the members equally.

I don’t know, it was just bothering me for a while now that it’s a few new eras in & I see the other members being more in spotlight but still no results in Joon’s area. Like I see such a beautiful,talented,kind & intelligent person but some fans just don’t see it & it’s so…sad to be honest. So please show him some love,even if you are not Namjoon stan,just let’s all show him we care & that we love him.💞

Thanks ARMY✌

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Homestuck/Harry Potter cross-fandom survey

Im really curious to see if theres any common correlation between these two things, so please reblog this post and tell me your Sburb class & aspect and your hogwarts house.

im really nervous. my mom has her MRI tomorrow (and results on tuesday) to see what the mass in her liver is. her blood work came back ok so hopefully its nothing serious. please pray for her and send good vibes her way. thank you <3

Kylie Jenner Skinblend

im really proud of the result of this skinblend! (i not edit the image and not use makeup!)

  • HQ Textures
  • Custom Thumbnail
  • Do not reupload or convert without my permission!
  • Tag me if you use it,i would love to see!
  • Enjoy!


if you use it in your posts please tag me as @buteradesigner or #buteradesigner!

Thank you <3 

P.s the cc in Kylie sim is by @alecseycool@quen2n@sclub-privee

guys all im saying is to not go around looking for fights, because it will only result in you and the other person upsetting each other until you both get too fed up with the situation and leave. thats all. 

if youre really bent on discussing this with me, i have a personal blog

This round’s top 11 I’m actually quite satisfied even though some of the good ones aren’t inside but well you can’t please everyone. Okay first good news, SAMUEL IS BACK IN IT thank you Knets for being like, logical for once. And big Woojin for rising in ranks yassssss, and ofc SUNGWOON GETTING NUMBER 3!!! He wasn’t a centre or main vocal and he had NO BENEFITS yet he shot up by 22 ranks?! Bless y'all he really deserves it. Bad news, my bae Ong, Kang Dongho, Seonho, Sewoon and Jaehwan like……how are their ranks not higher than the results idgi. AND IM FREAKING TRIGGERED THAT KENTA AND TAEHYUN DIDNT MAKE IT BUT HAKNYEON DID?? Look bash me all you want I don’t hate Haknyeon but I feel that those two have more stage presence and they impressed me more so….ya. And ofc the saddest part is BABY WOOJIN AND DANIEL SEPARATING LIKE….why Mnet why put that in I was crying like mad you separated a father and son. Okay I’m a mess rn but all in all I’m satisfied with this round’s top 11, so basically I can picture their possible roles (my own opinion so no hate):
1. Kang Daniel (centre, rapper, sub-vocal, lead dancer)
2. Park Jihoon (rapper, sub-vocal, dance line)
3. Ha Sungwoon (main vocal)
4. Bae Jinyoung (vocal)
5. Kim Samuel (vocal, lead dancer, maknae)
6. Park Woojin (rapper, main dancer)
7. Kim Jonghyun (leader, main rapper)
8. Ong Seongwoo (lead vocal, lead dancer, variety king)
9. Yoon Jisung (vocal, variety queen)
10. Lee Daehwi (vocal)
11. Hwang Minhyun (lead vocal)

Never Let Me Go

Original Request:   “Can you write some smutty JB scenario like make up sex? Have a great day 💞”

Warnings: Smut

Member(s): Im Jaebum

Word Count: 2,759

An out of control heartbeat, a pounding headache, and a sickening feeling in your stomach were all of the side affects of fighting with your fiance, Jaebum.  His anger levels were always terrifying, the wind of his hand quickly raising to push his hair back out of his face startling you each time.  The only time the two of you really fought was during some sort of misunderstanding, where one of you is trying to expose the clarity of the situation, only resulting in an argument.  

“For the love of all that is holy, Jaebum, please explain to me how that woman attached to your lips wasn’t ‘what it looked like.’” You shouted, tears spilling continuously out the corners of your eyes.

“She said that she tripped over the carpet, which I don’t believe for a second, by the way, and she ended up crashing into me so I was against the wall and according to her, she just happened to land directly onto my lips.  I’m telling you right now that it’s bullshit so why are you still convinced that I was cheating on you? You know, if you had just waited around for two more seconds, you would have seen me push her off of me and tell her that I was happily engaged.  But you just like to jump to conclusions don’t you, Y/N?” Jaebum retaliated.

Shocked at the rudeness of Jaebum’s final words to you, you wiped the tears that covered your face and forced yourself to sculpt your expression into something emotionless.

“I….have to leave.”  You said monotonously.

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Recognition/Soulmate Jaemin

featuring Mark , your bestfriend

Genre: -

Request: Hello there I love your blog so much 💗💗 Can you please do a Jaemin soulmate

Could you do a soulmate!Jaemin? They’re really neat to read about, and I miss my sunshine I hope he appears soon. - @arosequartz

A/N: thanks for the support and for requesting this !! i miss jaemin so much so this is for all of you jaemin stans 😭 also im sorrt for the really bad ending , i didn’t know how else to end this omg

how soulmates work in this story: like jeno’s you’re able to talk/meet/see your soulmate in your dreams but the moment you wake up your memory of them gets cleared so it results in you forgetting how they look and all , enjoy reading !


He stopped and stared at you , his smile shined brightly against his face , his hand holding yours .

“ How long do we have to do this though , ” he said out softly , breaking the silence between the both of you . You sighed and gripped his hand tightly against yours , “ I don’t know Jaemin- You know how hard it is , every morning i wake up i try to remember details of you but i can’t , ”

His fingers brushed against yours and you saw him give you an assuring smile , “ It’s okay , i’m sure we’d meet one day , in real life and not only in our dreams . ”

“ And please rest well , you don’t look too good as of now, ” he said out to you worriedly , as he noticed your pale and dry lips .

You turned your body to face him as your eyes met his soft and warm gaze . He flashed you a smile again , his hands reaching out to push the hair away from your face .

You loved him dearly - ever since he appeared in your dreams two months ago , as your soulmate .

You felt a warm pair of hands against your body , waking you up from your deep sleep .

Your mother’s warm smile appeared before you . You tried sitting up , but the sharp pain in your head caused you to fall back down onto your pillow again . You felt your body temperature rise up , as you tried to stay awake .

“ Your fever’s still not going down , please rest more Y/N , ” your mother said to you in a worried tone , as she placed her hands on your forehead .

Forcing a smile , you took her hand in yours and assured her , “ I’ll be fine soon , don’t worry ” She gave a loving smile and left the room , giving you time to rest .

You closed your eyes and tried remembering what happened in the dream , yet the most you could make out was a small silhouette of his back , his thin and tall frame leaning against a tree .

“ J …. ” you said as you tried to remember his name ,but nothing else came out other than that .

Your hands reached out to rub your temples , as the pain in your head continued to sting . Sighing , you gave up on trying to remember anything related to him , just like you did every single day .


“ Oh my god , when we looked at each other we instantly clicked , from then on i knew it was her , ” Mark said out loud excitedly to you , as he explained in detail how he met his soulmate just two days ago .

He paused when he noticed your sulky expression . He pursed his lips and pat your head playfully , “ Yo you okay ? ” he asked , trying to cheer you up .

You glared at him from the side of your eyes , which took him aback for a second as he flinched . But you gave a small laugh after , which then he returned a smile .

“ How do you even recognise her , i can’t even remember how he looks like at all ” you sighed again , crossing your arms . You saw Mark scratch his head , then he gave a sheepish smile , “ I don’t know actually … I just did and that night when i dreamt again it was indeed her .. It just happened ”

You shook your head and teased him , “ Wow that helped a lot , Mark ” . He gave you the same smile again , before he playfully slung his arm around your shoulders , “ Just be patient Y/N , things will go the way it’s supposed to be ”


His head hung lowly and he wasn’t smiling like always . He didn’t utter a single word to you , but his eyes traced your fingers that he was holding in his hand .

Breaking the silence , you let out a deep breath and held his hand close to you , as you flashed him your warmest smile .

“ What is it Jaemin ? Did something happen , you’ve been unusually quiet for a few minutes ,”

He tightened his hold around your hand and he forced a smile to you . “ Oh … No i’m fine ”

“ You’re not , Jaemin . You can’t lie to me . ”

Jaemin’s eyes lit up at your words , then sunk again as he let out a sigh . He took a big breath , as his expression fell once again , his eyes shifting uneasily , as his finger fidget against his thighs .

You stared at him quietly , urging him to speak up .

He sighed .

“ I’m just afraid we won’t ever get the chance to meet … And as you know , i’m training to be an idol now , i’m really afraid we won’t ever get the chance to ”

You shook your head , then took his hand into yours . His eyes met your warm gaze , as the side of his lips unknowing raise up , a small smile appearing on his face - the one you loved to see

“ Don’t be silly , everything will work out , trust me ”


Yet another long day passed , and still no signs of your soulmate .

As the days passed , you often thought to yourself - how is it even possible to meet your soulmate when you don’t have a single clue of how and what he looks like , not even his name .

As much as you wanted to blame yourself for living in such a complex world , you couldn’t .

You found it amazing how two completely different people and strangers , could meet through dreams and end up as each other’s partners for life .


You dragged your heavy feet lazily as your head hung low , your arms crossed in front of you in attempt to keep yourself warm . You passed by the row of tall buildings and shops , softly humming to yourself as your mind led you to thinking of him again .

A young boy from the opposite shouted to you , waving his hands , but slowly retracting them as soon as you caught eye contact .

You turned your head slightly to observe him , as he ran across the road frantically , stopping just right in front of you .

He was wrapped tightly in two layers of jackets , a black cap sitting lightly on his head , his hair swaying swiftly with the wind .

“ I-I’m sorry if i scared you but… have we ever met before ? ” the boy hesitantly called out again , as his fingers rubbed the back of his neck , shyly giving you an awkward smile .

You furrowed your eyebrows and started into his brown orbs , he did look familiar .

His calm and warm voice could cheer you up almost instantly , and your eyes lit up as soon as you saw him smile again , it felt as though you’ve seen that smile somewhere before .

He pursed his lips , and waved again when he saw that you didn’t reply , “ U-Uh … you look very familiar that’s why i- ”

“ I’m sorry , i can’t think straight now ” you cut him off , then quickly looking down again as you felt your cheeks burning up just by looking at him , for no reason .

He gave another warm smile - there goes your heart again- and shook his head , held out his hand and said to you excitedly , “ It’s okay   I’m Jaemin by the way .

As though it was an alarm to your ears , your body shot right up as soon as you heard the name , and you felt a sharp pain in your head . Closing your eyes to ease the pain , a faint and blurry image of a face slowly appeared inside of your mind , the one that you always saw at night .

Then you realised- the boy standing in front of you looked exactly like the one in your mind .

You gasped and hugged him immediately .

Jaemin stood frozen in his spot , trying to keep his distance from you , but something about you made him hug you back unknowingly .

” Jaemin ! It’s me Y/N “ you exclaimed loudly as you buried your face in his chest .

You felt Jaemin flinch a little against your body , as you noticed him close his eyes too , as he was probably also experiencing the same pain .

You saw his smile immediately widen once he opened his eyes , as the dreams that you all had seemed to almost come to life now , acting as memories that the both of you had .

” I’m glad i finally met you “

” Me too , Jaemin “


” Oh my god , i never once expected your boyfriend to be in the same group as me “ Mark said excitedly to you as he took a sip out of his drink , his fingers fumbling clumsily with his phone .

You let out a small laugh and shook your head , your eyes glued to your lock screen picture of the Jaemin’s face , ” i guess it really is fate “

A warm pair of hands grabbed your shoulder from behind , as you heard the familiar sound of laughter ringing in your ears .

” I’m sorry i’m late babe , “ Jaemin took the seat beside you , then gave Mark a small fist bump , ” Hello hyung “ , then giving him a small pout , but did not make it too obvious .

Mark gave a small nod and smile , then went back to focusing on his phone .

Jaemin then leaned towards you and said to you , ” Why is he here on our monthsary ? “

You hit him slightly and giggled , then mouthed to him , ” He doesn’t know “

Secret Idol Relationship With Chani

-my gooooddddddddness having a secret relationship with you has got to be one of the biggest decisions this kid’s done in his life but because he likes you so much he took a huge risk to walk to your dorm at 4am and confessed to you in a dark sketchy nearby alley like ‘be my girlfriend, we been friends for a while and I never once thought of you as just a you please be my girl.’ and your just like 'kay I will chani but like its 4am im sleepy you gotta go home you live another station away did you really make your manager drive you all the way over here to confess to me?’ and he’s there smiling from ear to ear like an idiot like ‘yes. tomorrows our first day got it’

-would be so happy dating you, fans swear that chani would always be now smiling and super hyper all the time and everyone’s wondering how he changed so much. His attitude really did help him get more fans, resulting in a bigger fanbase for sf9 but all his members know it’s because of you. Would be the happiest boy when your group was promoting during the same time as him so he would often see you every day at music shows even if the prerecording started early in the morning, he’s be the members who’s the most awake. During music show lives, he’d try to not make it obvious he’s searching for you on stage glancing over a few times or watching you from his peripheral vision (basic side eye move) or make short eye contact with you with a shy smile before quickly looking away after but whenever he’s in the waiting room, he doesn’t hesitate to watch your performance on the tv screen and smiling brightly. “She’s really good at dancing don’t you think so hyungs..” Once you two are both off stage and meeting each-other as you two pass by in the hallways, you both would look at each-other and he would wink and give you a thumbs up for today’s performance but instead of doing the same, since noone was there- you were brave enough to go up and give him a quick kiss on the cheeks before walking past him- causing him to blush like crazy. “You worked hard too baby boy” God you basically ended him right there, now he’s going to think about you all night, kicking his bedsheets like a little girl unlike the manly man he tried to be or think he is but that’s not a bad thing is it because he was now in love, and being in love he can no longer keep up with his chic image.

-would call you often at night when everyone’s sleeping and he’d be whispering on the phone like ‘are you awake’ ‘duh i wouldn’t be calling you if i was’ ‘ oh right, did you eat today. i wanted to see you..lets go on a date now” Would ask managernim to drive him to your place to pick you up and you guys would go to the han river and sit with some snacks. Him wrapping his arm around you nervously and you resting your head on his shoulder. It would be awkward but butterflies would fill the both of your stomachs and you two would have no problems talking and joking about everything and anything-and the more often you guys see each other the more brave he gets and starts to initiate these moves, even with kissing you whenever he wants -while managernim watches from afar parked somewhere nearby to make sure you two are safe (rip his sleeping schedule..)

-Ends up on running man with you, and he can’t stop smiling to himself, even in the show everyone’s asking why he’s such in a good mood and he just replies ‘im really happy and honored to be here.’ If you guys had to pick a partner of the opposite sex, he wouldn’t hesitate to pick you and the mc’s are laughing and shooked cuz ‘you picked the prettiest girl out of this show huh’. and everyone’s just teasing him and he’s there smiling shamelessly like ‘yeah i did.’ doesn’t hesitate to be romantic or a gentlemen because this is a rare chance and even if he get teased, at least he gets to be with his girlfriend so he gets super duper competitive to win and there was this game where all the guys have to fight in mud and wrestle till the last person in the mud pool is still alive and he’s there looking like he’s about to die and you yelled over and over again for him to stop and quit cuz it isn’t worth it but he wanted to win the prize of a trip to hawaii for you so he endured it until he actually really did win and you’d get so emotional crying, you would forget your on camera and run into the mud yourself to give him a hug shooking everyone, and because of Running Man, everyone now ships yall super hard.

-Super loyal to you, doesn’t even look at any other girl idol. Is super dedicated and loyal to you and you guys end up dating for 2 years until one day fans find out this ship is actually real.

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inyourmumsbedroom  asked:

Hi there, hope i wont disturb you with my kind of childlish and stupid question, but could you please tell whats the point of the white guilt? Like all of the nations and people did horrible stuff to the others. Not only whites, but people of colour did exactly the same thing. Besides, people shouldn't live by the choices and behaviors of their ancestors. I call myslef a feminist but im not really concerned about this one.

White guilt, according to Google, is “the individual or collective guilt felt by some white people for harm resulting from racist treatment of ethnic minorities by other white people both historically and currently.”

I think, generally, we can say people have “white guilt” when we look back at history, honestly, and can see the horrible atrocities you’ve alluded to and not see them simply as historical facts but events whose consequences have carried through to times we live in.

They understand that THEY didn’t personally do those things but they have benefited from the inequality it created (white privilege).

And maybe guilt isn’t the right word…. But I think it results in people just being aware of the inequality in our society, why it’s there, and (hopefully) using some of the privilege they’ve gained by working to undo those consequences.

anonymous asked:

Would you mind explaining what hanahaki disease is? Im curious about it but I really don't want to look it up because there'll be pictures most likely and I'm very squeamish, please don't include any pictures if you answer this, thanks!

as far as i can tell its just an aesthetic thing!! all the google results are just drawings of characters with flowers coming out of their mouths, u dnt have anything to be worried abt

edit: i actually didnt read the definition but

‘The Hanahaki Disease is an illness where the patient throws up and coughs of flower petals when they suffer from one-sided love.’

Mnet rigs the voting system

I s2g Mnet gives more screen time to the people they want to debut because they used to give a lot of screen time to lee Woojin and then they basically just stopped completely. When there were more people, Woojin was higher in the ranks but as more and more people got eliminated, Woojin got less and less screen time which resulted in his ranks dropping. Mnet also did the same thing to Samuel, but they still gave him more screen time than Woojin. Mnet gave barely any screen time to talented people like eunki (ik he was already out) and kenta because they were different (eunki’s dancing & kenta’s race (im not trying to be racist but this was clearly shown)). Mnet gives Daniel and Ong a lot of screen time, which resulted in their ranks getting really high. Please know that IM NOT HATING ON DANIEL & ONG OR TRYING TO OFFEND ANYONE. THIS IS MY OPINION AND IM NOT TELLING ANYONE TO BELIEVE IN MY THEORY.

anonymous asked:

are you totally against sherlock being seen as ace? because i think its nice, ive never seen an ace character before (if you have any please tell me, I'll watch any show/read any book) and its just nice to interpret him that way, that doesnt mean he cant be gay romantically? im really not trying to argue with you, i just want your thoughts

everyone “wants my thoughts” but see when I Give Them my thoughts it tends to result in me being called a rude dickhead asshole etc so I’m just gonna pass

My boys - Jason Todd x Reader (Day 9)

Prompt: “Could you do a image where Jason asks his s/o’s son if he could marry his mother for Christmas? And the little son kinda sits there all sad because Jason didn’t ask if he could be his official dad. Which results in a disastrous Christmas Eve meal with the son in tears and Jason learns he is completely unprepared to be a father to the boy and the s/o just ends up crying because her boys are her whole world and things work out in the end.”

Requested by: Anon

A/N: I’ve never really written angst and im hella nervous rn so please tell me how I do or give me tips if I can fix anything! Thank you!!

 Jason never thought he wanted to have a family. He was never one to want a partner and kids and a white picket fence. He thought this about himself up until he met you.

 You had come into his life about two years ago and he had fallen in love with you pretty much instantly. Your attitude and appearance was so beautiful to Jason that he couldn’t help but fall deeply for you.

 You had told Jason about your son on the first date but Jason didn’t actually meet Alfie until about two months into the both of you dating. Jason remembers not getting any sleep the night before he knew he was going to meet Alfie and his worried phone call to you at 4am. Jason also remembers not going on patrol the night before because he didn’t want to scare your son with bruises on his face and blood on his knuckles. Jason had never felt nerves like that before in his life. Well, until now.

 Jason was currently sitting on the sofa in your shared apartment with Alfie while you were doing the grocery shopping. He wasn’t sure how he was going to approach this situation when Alfie crawled onto his lap and asked him to fix his play truck. Jason, of course, obliged. This is the perfect opportunity, Jason thought.

 “Hey, Alf?” Jason asked, cautiously, while playing with the toy truck in his hand.

 “Yes, Jason?” he said with his tongue getting caught on the s’s with his slight six-year-old lisp.

 “How would you feel if I, um, asked you mom to marry me?” Jason asked with as much hope in his voice as he could muster. Jason felt his heart drop when Alfie went silent and looked up at him. “You know, if you don’t want me too I won’t!”

 “No, it’s okay.” Alfie said. Jason didn’t know what to do when he saw Alfie begin to pout.

 “Hey, baby! Do you want to see the ring? It’s so cool and shiny! I think you’ll love it.” Jason said while putting his hand in his hoodie pocket to pull out the ring. His hand came to an abrupt stop, however, when Alfie shook his head and jumped off his lap and ran into his bedroom. Jason quickly got up to follow him but stopped when he heard you open the door.

 “Hey, boys!” you called out. “Where are y- oh hey jay! Where’s Alfie?”

 “Shit.” Jason mumbled under his breathe. “Hey, babe. Oh, he’s just in his room. I accidently broke his new truck and I think he’s huffing with me.”

 “Aw, don’t worry about it babe, I’ll go talk to him now and he’ll be fine.”

 “No!” Jason said way too quickly. “I mean, it’s just that maybe we should leave him until he’s ready. You know, since it is my fault.”

 “Okay,” you said while suspiciously looking at Jason. “He’ll be getting a shitload of new trucks tomorrow morning anyway, Jason, so don’t worry about it.” You reassured. “I brought dinner in now anyway so could you just go get Alf please?”

 “Uh, yeah, sure.” Jason had absolutely no clue what he was going to do. He was planning to ask you to marry him in about 10 minutes but know he’s screwed. “Um Alf, dinner’s rea-“ Jason looked down at the ground to see his four year old step son run out the door leaving Jason in a pained and confused state at the door of the rocket themed room. 

 When Jason returned to the kitchen he saw Alfie hanging around your body crying with you trying to calm him.

 “Jason, what the hell did you do?” you said in a hushed voice.

 Jason couldn’t form a sentence. He found his chest constricting at the fact that he was the one to cause his favourite little six-year-old boy to cry. This was when Jason started to really freak out. He was not ready to be a father to this boy. He couldn’t do him the justice that Alfie deserves.

 “J-Jason said that he was going to ask you to marry him.” Alfie hiccupped out.

 “Fuck.” Jason said. He had no clue how to stop this. It was like he was watching a car crash in front of his eyes with no way to stop it.

 “Why didn’t he ask me if he could be my daddy then? Does he not love me too?” That’s when Jason’s heart breaks. The little boy’s sobs were racking through his body all because of Jason. Jason looked at you for help but you were crying nearly as much as your son. This is not what Jason planned tonight to be like.

 “Of course I love you! I love you with all my heart. The both of you mean the entire world to me.” Jason was now standing with his arms wrapped around your body and Alfie tucked in the middle of the both of you.

 “R-really?” Alfie said. Jason vigorously nodded his head and kissed both of your son’s cheeks. Alfie then returned the favour by wrapping his arms around Jason’s neck and jumping across into his arms. “SO, can I call you daddy?” Jason’s heart warmed at the boys’ question.

 Jason looked at you for approval and you smiled warmly at him and nodded your head. “Of course you can, baby.” Jason grinned with tears in his eyes.

 Not long after this Jason was putting your fast asleep son into bed. You and Jason hadn’t actually exchanged words yet but there was a silent conversation between the both of you.

 When Jason returned to the room he just sat quietly beside you and you rested your head on his shoulder.

 “Yes.” You said.

 “What?” Jason asked while looking down at you.

 “I mean if you still want to ask me that question then, yes.”

 Jason smiled with so much love in his eyes that you would think he was a different person. “I love you. I love you so fucking much.”

 “I love you too, baby.” You looked over to the clock and saw it change to midnight. “Hey! Merry Christmas, Jaybird!”

 “Merry Christmas, babe.” Jason grinned and slid the ring onto your finger.

Please tell me what you though because I’m really nervous about this one and if you have any tips I’d love to hear them.“