and im not interested in the stuff i used to be

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just be safe about ur drug use. there are so many drugs you can try that won't fuck you over. mdma, lsd, mushrooms, weed (i know you want to do other shit but weed can be good if you find what you like), opiates are okay in small doses just don't go crazy with them and you'll be alright. if you're going to do drugs just please be educated and safe! we all love and care about you. btw the best way to get drugs is through the Internet using tor. the drugs come in the mail, super easy :)

Thanks sm for caring you’re really sweet! i think im just at that point where i’m severely depressed and dont give a fuck anymore abt anything anymore so 🙄 😅 i hate weed though that’s like .. ugh. All i associate it with is eating a lot and falling asleep. Boring af. Id rather do the stronger more interesting stuff

Some things I learned from Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo
  • There is no need to impress boys or chase after a love interest. If a person loves me, they will love me for who I am, treat me kindly and respect me! (and vice versa)
  • In reality it’s not all about love at first sight, no dramatic slow motion sequences. Get to know the person!!! Friendship is the best foundation of relationships.
  • Look for friends who will support you and cheer for you! (Not ones that suck up to you, but say crazy stuff behind your back *cough, cough* @ gymnasts…) 
  • It’s okay if we don’t succeed at first or if we aren’t the best! We’re doing all we can!!! There will be people who’ll say the worst things to us, but we shouldn’t let them bring us down. Listen to the people who say good and helpful things. 
  • If something is not yours, let it go! There’s no use holding onto broken glass it will only make you bleed.
  •  Learn when or how to get help!!! There will always be people who’ll be glad to help you! You’re not weak or inadequate if you ask for help! Don’t be scared to take a break and clear your mind! It’s okay to step back and just calm down.
  • Do the things you love. Even if you’re not the best, even if it’s difficult. If you love what you are doing and it makes you happy just do it. Just have fun and don’t rush. 

So in my biology class today, while learning about genetics, our teacher had us doing this activity where we simulated the process of how a person ended up with the genes and traits that they do using the parents genes. We were supposed to draw an end result of what they would look like with the genes that they got, and we were told to draw the full body only wearing a diaper so we could see all the traits. But somehow i missed the memo that we were supposed to draw a baby, so I ended up turning in a drawing of a ripped 27 year old dude only wearing a diaper, and now it’s hanging on the wall next to all the baby drawings. This is going to be an interesting rest of the year…

Lesbian Book Recs

We are all sad right now so if anyone is interested in consuming lesbian romance novels until they forget about the world here are some potentially more obscure recs to enjoy. Some of these novels have dark themes or dark moments but I consider all of them optimistic novels at heart and all end happily. A warning for any kiddos, there is sex beware lol.

Blurred Lines by KD Williamson – Cheesy romance novel, A+ quality.
A brash hotshot detective gets shot and meets a cold doctor with no personal life. This is the best iteration of the most cliché lesbian romance novel plotline ever, and BOY is it a doozy. This book works so well because the two characters genuinely talk and get to know each other and help each other and their relationship is not forced or rushed. They have a lot of melodrama going on but the relationship between them doesn’t start until they are equal, until no one is hurt or is being pushed or off balance. An actual healthy relationship?????

Heiresses of Russ 2012 – Short story collection. Uneven but fun, worth 4$.
There is a story about a middle aged latina submarine captain who steals a ship and recruits a mermaid to help her escape american waters by promising to teach her how to pilot the ship. In return the mermaid is gonna destroy all the men they come across. The mermaid can’t use the pedals so has to sit in her lap. Like, all you need to know.

When Women Were Warriors by Catherine M Wilson – A super fun solid quality w!w fantasy trilogy.
It is long, you need to read all three to complete the romance arc but the fantasy aspect is good. Smart plucky headstrong young woman comes to train as a warrior and is apprenticed to a quiet traumatized outsider who doesn’t think she has anything to give anyone. The outsider won’t train her and when she gets severely wounded MC saves her life out of sheer spite. It’s gold. Their relationship is beautiful, it develops slowly and lets both characters grow and heal and learn. It is about found families and how to be wise, and what we have to teach others and it’s a Good Novel.

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Don’t be fucking immature.

Sorry for the rude words, but some people are just way too childish (Maybe because most of us are between 14 and 16 years old? We’re not adults yet ya’ know?)

I’ve seen some people from the YOI fandom calling “homophobic” Yuzuru Hanyu’s fans just for not wanting to see our shit on their tag and guess what? 

That’s because we (YOI fandom) shouldn’t be there in first place.

Guys, Yuuri is not even based on Yuzuru’s career, personality, style or whatever, he has nothing to do with the show, so please stop using # Yuzuru Hanyu to post stuff related to Yuri On Ice.

Don’t get me wrong, I love YOI and I love Yuzuru, yes, I got interested in him after watching Yuri On Ice but Im still watching him because of how beautiful his performances are and for himself, not influenced by the anime anymore.

Yuzuru Hanyu is a real human being, Yuuri Katsuki (who is actually based on another Japanese skater) is a 2D drawing, an anime character, he is not real outside the show nor Victor. Please be respectful towards RL figure skaters, towards REAL HUMAN BEINGS and stop filling up their tags with fanarts and comics and stuff that is not related to them. 

(probably gonna loose followers but idc since I also feel kinda frustated everytime I see something from YOI on Yuzu’s tag)


So… yeah, this is my new comissions info. My style changed a bit over the last year so I felt the need for update. Contact via IM if you are interested? Reblog if you would like?

✧ I only use Paypal
✧ I take the pay first and then draw

✧ I do draw animals and plants; actually, I love drawing them, feel free to request them as elements of the background!
✧ I didn’t include price variety depending on color because by default I fully color every drawing but… yeah, you could save from $5 to $10 if you request the not-colored drawing

✦ I don’t know how to draw nsfw stuff so none of the shipping drawings will go detailed
✦ I draw very-very slowly due to being busy, you’d have to be patient. However, I would keep you updated and ask if I need to change something. Don’t hesitate to ask me to change things during the process: I want to be sure that your money were well spent!
✦ Fandoms from these examples are my priorities and I draw characters from them more gladly; however, I am not stuck to just them. I do draw OC, too!

sapphickpop’s second GAY KPOP (film) NIGHT: valentines day edition. 

anyways since valentines day is coming and we’re all lonely losers who whine about kpop online we should do something fun and since i promised you a continuation of the first gay kpop night, i’m doing this. it will be on saturday 11th (this saturday) at 15:00 GMT which is like the… most normal time to unite us. 

it will be happening on my so i will post the link before i start streaming. there will be half an hour to join or so when i will just stream gay shit and talk to you so don’t worry about not being on time! 

we will be watching yes or no (2010) a thai movie about a tomboy and her “roommate” ;) it’s a romcom so no gruesome deaths this time! 

anyways im tagging some ppl that participated last time/that might be interested under the cut but anyone can come and go

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will you maybe consider to introduce us to all your oc?? i'm alway to curious about people oc bc they're so cute and interesting!! (btw i love emmett and ronnie but i mostly knew them bc i follow you on twitter)

!!!!! firST OF ALL, ty for following me on twitter and im so so sorry for my shitposting on there bc i tweet about daily stuff T vT)”

and! well,,, like most ppl, i have A LOT of ocs so to introduce them all would take a yr and a half prob lmao. 

but i AM working on an oc page + zodiac kids page redesign:

does…does anyone kno any weebly themes for ocs or any tips to making one bc im mostly still stuck on that

non-canon map of the free marches

the official map of thedas is tragically underpopulated, so here’s an alternative. all headcanon & completely made up, but useful for fic/worldbuilding or just interesting for the curious. feel free to nab bits & pieces for your own stuff, just gimme a credit if you do!

all of these place names exist in the real-world, & i’ve taken them from ireland, scotland, scandinavia, switzerland, belgium, & northern england. i’ve tried to match up my invented names to the canon ones (for example, ‘kirkwall’ is a real place in scotland, so the names i put around thedas’ kirkwall are also scottish).

more map shenanigans

under the cut: full list of places, by area

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Srs question, im 17 years old who because of a mixture of poor social skills and nerdy interests worries about seeming like one of those "im very smart" neckbeards How do i pull of your "tricked people into im competent" without seeming obnoxios?

i am a terrible person to ask because

  • i am probably obnoxious
  • i am easily annoyed and i think everyone is obnoxious
  • i am just generally kind of a huge bitch

uh but i guess the most obvious thing is to avoid well-actually’ing people? that is probably the number one most common thing nerds do to come off as know-it-alls, even if they’re not actually using the words ‘well actually’. probably the easiest way to avoid that is enthusiasm and not… lecturing people? shit, i’m really bad at articulating this shit. but there’s a big difference between “ah yes, [thing], allow me to educate you about [thing], many people don’t realize that [stuff about thing]” and “oh man i love [thing], if you ever need fun facts about [thing] you know who to call bc that’s my jam”. or like the difference between “oh, you’re reading [book]? i remember that one 😏” and “ooh! tell me what you think when you’re done”. i guess it’s really just the difference between ‘i bet you’re really interested in all my good opinions and all the stuff i know’ and ‘i am interested in your opinions and what you know’

uh but generally if you’re chill and enthusiastic, and not, like… lecturing or correcting people all the time… you will probably not come off as neckbeardy. if it has even occurred to you to be worried about it you’re probs fine.

reasons i'm loving teen wolf season 6 so far (ep. 1 &2):

- scott mccall screen time!!! finally our true alpha is getting the attention he deserves;
- he is a great leader & just wants to help everyone he deserves the world;
- malydia!!!! i love their rising friendship! they are looking out for each other :))))
- i love malia’s constant character development! she is strong and independent!! and she is now EVOLVED!! im proud of her!
- and lydia is using her banshee powers a lot! a lot of interesting ideas/hints n stuff with that + lydia’s unque powers are being used to help!!
- sciles!! even when stiles isn’t there sciles is strong?! you gotta love these best friends;
- stydia of course!!! FINALLYYYY. they! love! each! other! asksdjekdjem
- and cutie I Can Be The Alpha!liam; liam is my smol angry and adorable son i love him;
- & father scott is helping and encouraging his son to be team captain! his inspirational speech following in dereks footsteps;
- okay and there’s COACH FINSTOCK. no more needs to be said. everybody loves coach.
- COREY AND MASON!!! they are sooo cute & pure ah they are a blessing in every moment;
- also corey is finally getting more screen time too! appreciating this lil helpful chamelion boy;
- and i am v proud of mason!! he is so smart oml;
- the humor!!!! i feel like the show is more comedic as it was during the first seasons & i really like that;
- they are also bringing back memories! scott & stiles in the woods! scott being bitten!!! + they used the same music omg;
- i’m looking foward to the rest of the season!!

I have too much free time

So i’ve made some lists of things i’ve noticed that I think are cool/interesting concerning Lazytown. Some stuff is probably common knowledge but I feel like pointing it out anyways. I’ve also got a little list of head canons. If you’d like to see my observations and head canons, read on!

(I’m currently using mobile and idk how to insert the ‘Keep Reading’ line. I’ll edit this later. Apologies)

Things I’ve noticed in the show:

-Sportacus likes to have one ice cube in his water so that he can chew it. He’s a cube chewer
-Robbie is spooked by ghosts. And bees. And dogs. The man is super duper jumpy all around
-Trixie is a freakin danger junky omg
-Robbie almost always accidentally closes the hatch to his lair on his fingers. Poor boi just not paying attention lol
-Hats are like 90% of the disguise. Your hat falls off and it’s all over. Likewise, you could probably get away with just a really well made hat and nothing else.
-it gets really really freakin cold in Robbie’s lair in the winter. :(
-Sportacus only needs a scarf in dead winter?????
-Stephanie really likes those useless fluff balls you find on the end of winter hats and sometimes on boots
-the mayor loves hot cocoa.
-Robbie actually does like the kids. He often wonders what the kids are up to and checks up on them through his scope thing.
-Stephanie is afraid of heights! :o
-Trixie Pixel and Stingy are the three musketeers. They act a bit more mature and joke around like besties when its just the three of them
-Robbie is always calling Stingy 'Stinky’? Does he reek of greed or something?
-the mayor is the mayor and the principle? Who the hell hires him, how is he at all qualified for any of this
-Robbie never gets calls, except for when Bessie calls him by accident :(
-Robbie points off into the distance dramatically when he pulls the disguise lever
-Robbie likes to sleep with his arms crossed
-Sportacus’s crystal does actually sense when people are depressed; in season 2 episode 16 Robbie takes apart their race cars and they’re all sad and Sportacus’s crystal goes off. Now ik thats not depression, but if it goes off when they’re sad, surely it’ll go off when someone is actually depressed.
-Robbie knows everyone’s birthdays!! He wrote them all down in his calendar :D
-Ziggy’s Bday is the 14th? Of what?
-Sportacus’s is the 10th (eh heh)
-Bessie: 6th
-Mayor: 3rd (I think)
-Stephanie: 1rst
-Pixel is left handed (or possibly ambidextrous?)
-The mayor likes to knit
-Trixie can play the guitar
-Sportacus is very knowledgable about trolls?
-Robbie is an extremely light sleeper
-Stingy will get camera shy AF

Things that are true in my head:

-Robbie loves to wear bowties. Sportacus thinks he’s really freakin cute when he wears bowties :3
-Once Sportacus finds out that Robbie has a phone but no one ever calls him, he’ll call him up from his airship and asks if he’s doing alright and they have nice little conversations :)
-Miss Busybody makes the absolute best hot cocoa. It’s the highlight of the Mayor’s day whenever she makes some.
-Trixie actually loves to read but won’t admit it, books are dUMB
-Pixel is into astronomy
-So I’m pretty sure Robbie did something for someone once. Not sure what it was exactly, but now he not only gets free stuff, he gets immediate (and free) shipping. He probably murdered someone for somebody, idk
-Trixie will crinkle her notes and tear them. She won’t notice shes doing this
-Stingy hums the 'Mine’ song. All. The. Time.
-Stephanie’s favorite number is 8
-Ziggy’s is 4
-I feel like Robbie might have ADHD, he’s always jumpy and twitchy (this might also be due to the fact that he’s constantly eating cake tho) and he can’t seem to remember things, especially names. He seems like the impulsive type as well, always eating and doing whatever he wants.
-blue kangaroo XD
-i can’t believe his top teeth were fake guys i never noticed
-it’s pleasantly surprising how much thought actually went into these characters and their appearances

its 4am and im thinking too much but it’s interesting how tumblr used to be like the main source of original funny internet content and sometimes the really good stuff would make it over to twitter but now the tumblr gays have aged out and a new generation of twitter gays have taken over and all the original content comes from twitter with the funniest stuff coming to tumblr in screenshot form. does anyone else know what i mean or do i need to go to bed

whats up my glorious witches?

I just realised I really don’t follow enough people.

Please take this post as your opportunity to say hi and get me to look at your blog! if you like/reblog this and you post any witchy stuff, there is a very high chance i’ll follow you. ESPECIALLY if you have-

☆ cool astrology info

☆ decent curse ideas

☆ traditional witchcraft

☆ lots of pink things

☆ Are a UK witch

☆ useful info on satanism. im interested and wanna learn more, hmu?

thanks for reading, have a good day y’all <3

obligatory ‘looking to follow new blogs’ post! fairly new to witchcraft but especially interested in blogs posting/reblogging….

  • candle magic
  • sachet magic
  • herb magic
  • bath magic
  • crystal magic
  • grimoire ideas and inspiration
  • tarot
  • lore and history - especially if it’s celtic!!! 
  • secular witchcraft
  • magic involving cats! especially cool ideas for how i could involve my wee furry love in my spells.
  • general reference regarding herb/incense/oil/colour/candles/crystals correspondence/meanings
  • magic that doesn’t take a whole lot of money/energy/spoons

happy to check out anyone who likes likes but will appreciate the exposure from reblogs if you’re that way inclined, cos this sideblog is very new and i’d love a good range of blogs to check out <3

p.s. i’ve been especially invested in learning about herb and colour correspondences + their uses in magic and my spells so far have been very focused on those aspects! additionally, im very into lush bath stuff and have been for a while; sooo, i’m hoping to spend some time after i get a lot of uni obligations out of the way looking at my fave products (bath bombs and bubble bars especially) and compiling some posts detailing all their potential magical uses, based on their listed ingredients and colours. i’d like to eventually compile a masterpost! so give us a follow if that’s your jam

xoxoxoxoxo bri


Inktober 13: Scared

They have a bonding moment afterwards about being I-almost-died-because-I-was-ejected-out-of-an-airlock-into-space buddies.

Used India ink and wash with like two paintbrushes because I’m too lazy to keep washing pen nibs, though I regretted it when I had to ink the lion without a ruler…  Random wip pics under cut if you’re interested smh.

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omg..... can you tell us anything about your android steve fic....?

HAHAHAHAHAHA omg people are interested?? 

Well it’s an AU (duh Li). Bucky’s a robotics intern tasked to ST-EVE (Stark Tech-EVE ((also he big steve not smol)). Steve is created by Tony as a medi-bot after ADAM failed as a prototype for in home care. Adam and Steve are his own private jokes. He’s developed a fully functional AI in ST-EVE but has shackled him. So Steve’s full potential is held back. (Because ADAM was a disaster)

Then Bucky comes along…

It’s based around the dangers of AI tech as well as the concept of loving them, and a lot about the self awareness aspect. Steve’s struggles with wanting to be human and yet. Not being. As well as feeling he was designed for something greater. (Also some stuff I can’t disclose yet! haha) He’s not designed for sex either. He has no sexual organs and his anal hole (because yeah Tony gave him one) is for expelling old oils/water and dust out of his fans/machinery. So there’s that aspect. He wants to be sexual with Bucky (wink wink nudge nudge). It’s got a lil bit of corporate conspiracy behind it. Nothing our boys can’t handle.

I hope I didn’t give too much away. It’s the fic I’m honestly most excited about next. Oh and @hopeless–geek is designing the way Steve looks using some of my descriptions as inspiration, but she’s by no means locked down on them. Can’t wait to see that :D 

hi im mio, im an autistic, trans minor and im living with my dad. my dad can afford to eat at restaurants with his girlfriend, and buy my sister things but he neglects me and refuses to buy me even basic things that i need such as food, clothes and hygiene products. he leaves the kitchen empty until my sister complains about it, which she doesnt often because she eats with her friends. i also have hardly enough close, and almost no masculine clothes. im too young and also too unwell to work myself, and i dont have a paypal i can use for commissions. you dont have to, but itd make me really happy if you could buy me something off my amazon wishlist. the address is preset so dont worry about that. theres clothes, snacks and sweets, things from my special interests, stuff for stimming and some other stuff. clothes and foods are the highest priority for me right now, even if a lot of the food is junk food. again, you dont have to, but itd be really appreciated if you could even buy one thing. the list is here, if you could reblog this too, thatd be nice. if you want something in return i could draw you something if you message me after buying something, but im not the best artist.

not super actively looking around yet but im still v interested in some kind of dragon age dnd module if anyone knows more! ive looked into the official dragon age rpg rulebook but i think using dnd 5e might make it more fun…

ideally id love to be a player but i think co-dming could be a lot of fun too??