and im not good with friendships

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(1) lol this is random idk. so there's this friend im really close with. i mean he's the literal male version of me. cause like ?? he's in my writer's club, debate team and is aLSO AN ARTIST ?? thing is i've dated a couple girls and boys before and he's pure and has never been in a relationship before (im a girl btw). AND GOSH HE'S SO CUTE HE TUGS ON MY HAIR A LOT, HE SMELLS REALLY NICE SO WHEN I USE HIS JACKET ITS SO ?? im honestly confident that i look good and im smart enough for my standard+

(2) ++i forgot what i last said hah. but yeah i don’t think he’ll date me even if he /did/ like me. im honestly content with our friendship and i enjoy being close friends with him but.. i mean what do you think ?? .-. 

(3) I feel bad for him because, okay, he has this other group of friends. But they don’t take him seriously like ?? he’s not being bullied but they tease him too much and they don’t know the /real/ him. The real him is the guy who helped his brother with anxiety, used to be bullied as a kid and had a scary childhood. I feel bad that he has people he has to regard as close friends and he can’t even open up to them the way he does to me. (that group hates me lol but idc im amazing) lol xx

I can’t tell you if he likes you or if he’ll date you, the only person who can do that is him, so my best advice is that you sit him down and talk to him. Make it clear that you don’t want to lose his friendship but that you’d be interested in progressing to dating if that’s what he wants. But it’s not something I can tell you, you have to make the decision whether you want to take that leap and you have to ask him how he feels x

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I have 2 Best friends and we are like Mikasa, Eren, Armin and Levi 's group Me: Mikasa and Levi, Eline: Eren and Isabel and Indi: Armin and Farlan, Because im the Leader and the bitchface, Eline the hyperactive one and Indi the one who maken plans!!

That’s beautiful! This is how you can tell it’s good friendship ;)

C- im gonna be going to college really soon and its gonna be my main focus for the next two years since im getting my A.S. I dont have the luxury of time and money so my focus is gonna be unshakable. I cant get distracted by ANYTHING. Boys are already not even a consideration. Im trying to get out the ghetto and break free from the cycle of homelessness ive been in for the last four and a half years. Yet at the same time i dont want to miss out on cool college stuff. Im conflicted between having a normal college experience and focusing completely on school. Good grades and financial aid are gonna be the most important thing in regards to school but at the same time idk if i can manage a social life too. I hear its almost impossible to make friends after college and its never been easy for me to make real, meaningful friendships. I guess i can join clubs and stuff but at the same time i feel like im going to have to sacrafice everything enjoyable about college to achieve my goals which is high b’s to a’s. The things i learn from college are gonna be a my bread and butter when i get out so i cant risk that for nothing or nobody

I actually really hope Mei and Junkrat slowly become more friendly (mainly Mei I mean really guys ) to each other in game, as in the dialogue doesn’t really change, but its more of a playful banter between the two and instead of calling him a no good bully with instant dislike in her tone even tho in my opinion Junkrat is just teasing Mei, and doesn’t mean anything really insulting or rude in what he says. Kind of like, the only way he can kind of interact with the other characters(besides the robots..)
I’m not wanting canon Meihem nah I’d like some good old platonic friendship slowly growing between the two, because its not fair that Mei automatically refuses Junkrats attempts of anything because she thinks she knows all about him and that makes him no good. Idk how it’d happen, maybe she realizes how shes been acting towards him only so far, how unfair it is, or maybe something else.
Anyways, that’s what I want. Some understanding and playful teasing and friendly insults(as in you no good bully and i still get cold looking at you is now a lil more endearing) and banter. Anyhow I think they make a pretty good team in overwatch when worked together as is.

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hey, i have a quick question. i have this friend, and we've been friends for a while. but i'm starting to think our relationship isnt as good as it seems. we get into arguments almost daily and i always end up apologizing for something i didnt do. im tired of my friend treating me badly. i think about ending the relationship all the time but they're one of my only really good friends. what do i do?

Hey hon, I’m sorry you’re dealing with. This is a post listing the signs of abusive friendships, and it definitely sounds to me like yours fits the criteria. This is also a good post called Is this relationship working for you?

If this person is emotionally abusing you and behaving in a toxic way towards you, then they’re not a good friend, they just aren’t. A person who treats you like a garbage can and manipulates you all the time isn’t someone who loves and respects you, and someone who doesn’t love and respect you is someone who is a waste of your time.

I know it’s scary to cut off a friendship when you don’t have many, but believe me when I say that it’s better to be lonely than abused. It might suck to be down a friend, but being free of all this toxic shit will more than make up for it. You can find other friends who treat you well.

If you don’t want to dump her completely, you need to confront her about her behavior and hold your ground, refusing to apologize anymore for things that aren’t your fault. That’s not good for her either; she can’t be a functional adult without learning to take responsibility for herself and treat others with respect and decency. It’s not up to you to teach her that, but if you want to try to salvage your friendship, you can give her a chance to change. I know that’s scary too, but at this point, what do you have to lose? 

Be strong, dear. Tell her that you aren’t going to allow this anymore. Tell her that she has to change her behavior or you can no longer be friends. You deserve that.

im nine TEEN so i guess im eligible to make some cool pen pals
im too hilarious for my own good. someone arrest me

i have a crappy blood disease and ive been getting quite sick lately. 
so i figured i should get out of my shitty restraining depression and try to talk to people more, because its times like this where i really feel like i let my life slip too much & do whatever it wants.

anyways, my name is paige, im 19 and i really love drawing and making weird funky art, writing poetry, taking photography and laying in bed with my dog.  im a pretty big dork, i have a sega, n64, nes, gamecube, wii, 2ds, 3ds, 360, ps4 etc.. if you ever wanna add me on the 3ds/ps4/pc. lemme know

i just kinda want someone who i can write to, and really connect with. im not hard to get along with, i just have alot of trouble making friends due to my anxiety, i never have the courage to keep up with friendships, i struggle to get out of the house and im just overall a big mess. but i would really like to write to someone, stay in touch, be pen pals, talk on the phone, send each other cool stuff. and i also wanna share my photography n poetry.

so basically… i want a cool friend whos willing to keep up with me as much as i am with them; which is alot. {:

message me please and we can talk further about communication ~

thank you


Also I just wanted to add that I had all of these beads (except the letter ones) and beading kits from when I was little. When I found out the raving community pony bead bracelets as a sign of friendship and love and good times, and use the small ones that you iron together as a statement for who you are, my inner soul screamed of happiness. This makes me so happy, I hope all of you guys can find hidden or maybe not so hidden communities that make you feel so happy on the inside.
Even though I have only been to 4 raves, it feels like home but also like the happiest most welcoming community in real life that I have ever joined.

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Nct mtl to get a tattoo


  1. Ten (he’d get smth small and cute, maybe a friendship tattoo)
  2. Johnny (the person ten got a friendship tat with,,,)
  3. Hansol (again probably smth rlly small)
  4. Haechan (he probably wants one but nobody’s letting him get one)
  5. Jaehyun (probably something on his biceps siNCE HE WANNA SHOW EM OFF SO DAMN BAD)
  6. Taeyong (i wanna say him because he would look sO GOOD with a sleeve but he’s already got enough drama under him he probably wouldn’t since tattoos are so frowned upon in korea)


honestly, y’all, i can’t see anyone else in nct getting tattoos i dont know whY THIS WAS SO STRESSFUL im sat here thinking hard af but thats all i could come up with sorry : (

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Larry, everything's gonna be okay. Summon! Crystal Rod! *Takes out Crystal Rod* Defense from fear! Fate Shield! *Makes shield that defends Larry* Happiness purifiation! *Removes all mention of alcohol from Larry's mind* And finally, Friendship Healing! *Heals Larry's borken nose* I will never allow anyone to touch him.

goodness larry youre so messy! D:

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1/2 im wondering what the difference is between low empathy in asd & aspd. in a test i scored 4/80 where the avg for asd was 30/80 and reading some accounts most say they want friendship/love but have trouble getting it, where ive never wanted it & dont care about my family/friends (just pretend to for convenience). i thought i had aspd before i found out about asd, now i know im autistic & dismissed aspd because "thrill-seeker"/"breaks the law" was always emphasised & im the opposite of those

2/2 but after thinking on it (i’m better at spotting emotion than even nts (just dont know how to respond/why i should respond/why they feel that way), am a good liar, often forget im not the “main character” of the world) i wonder if i do have both things with neither fitting perfectly bc they crossover. if i recall correctly brother cat has both asd & aspd? i wanted to ask does this sound plausible to you or similar to any of your experiences? thanks & sorry for the long ask or if i was rude

3/2 i read the about after sending that, id just assumed you had asd & didnt mean to mislabel you sorry. anything you have to say on the matter is still appreciated though

Of course I has ASD, I run an autism blog :P I now realize that the about doesn’t state that explicitly (I meant that the other disorders are co-occuring alongside autism but that was implicit, by the time this posts I’ll have edited it to clear it up :’) ). I wrote a post over here (which is kind of ramble-y but y’know) a while ago, and it talks a little bit about how the two disorders affect each other and different kinds of “risk-taking” behaviours. I also assume you’ve arrived from my original post, but just in case it’s linked there again ;) I can’t diagnose you, but it’s definitely possible to have both.

Some points to think about:

  • When it comes to ASPD, it’s not just a lack of empathy, it’s an antagonistic lack of empathy, which may include hostility, callousness, and manipulative behaviour
  • As the “main character”, is your sense of self defined by how much power you perceive to have? i.e. more power=happy, less power=self-hating. And does this put you on the top rung of people, with everyone or nearly everyone else below you?
  • Is a rule or law something that must be followed, or is it more of a gentle suggestion?
  • Do you present radically different personalities in certain scenarios in order to maintain a sense of control over your situation? (Beyond the “appear NT to avoid abuse or discrimination”, rather more of a “Every person or group of people knows a completely different version of me, and/or very few or no people know the real me, and this makes me feel powerful or in control”)

I could go on but that would be lengthy, so those are some good general questions to ask yourself!

-Brother Cat

Danganronpa 3 Future Side Episode 6









Also, Yoi is dead and Makoto is starting to have dark dreams. Chisa’s friendship trio flashback was cute and sad and this is a turning point for Danganronpa and Munakata. 

Basically, this episode was: 


like i was friends with this person a couple years ago and when i first met them i was like damn i feel kind of weird talking to you but im probably just being paranoid or whatever, we can still be friends

and then they turned out to be an abuser. i ended the friendship but it was so messy like they spent so much time trying to convince me that it was the other person who abused THEM……i really regret ending it on good terms. they didnt deserve good terms

if someone makes you uncomfortable, especially if youre a minor, trust your instincts

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I have a question What do you think is a Good way on gettin' close to the characters first Friend option and then romances like im in a big confusion....?

Hey Anon,

There is no “right” way to get close to a character. Whether you choose friendship or romance options for dialogues, the character’s Infinity Meter is still going to have hit 51 infinity points before pursuing a romance route. 

If you need an in-depth explanation of the mechanics, you can read this post or message us directly and privately. It’s much easier to explain when we’re chatting. 

Serena, Project Manager

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sigh, because bl*ck sun shippers are insecure, they haven't had any development this season except from one wink and a lame ass song and so they feel threatened and need to spoil everyone else, but especially bumbleby shippers fun with their 'its just friendship' crap. Like i don't care if they wanna ship boringmchet ship, good for them, im not hatin on anyone for enjoying the cardboard flavour... just wish they'd leave us be in peace but instead they JUST HAVE to comment -_- its annoying tbh

mye exact thoughts, like, i get that they’re insecure. nothing wrong with that. but being assholes to other shippers is where i draw the line. live and let live. don’t spoil it for everyone. 

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sebin’s been awkward around all of the legacy members ever since his thing with kyeo ended. he feels ashamed to look at them and doesn’t want to talk to them, which spells bad news for his friendship with yeonseok. the two are close, good friends and yeonseok’s a person sebin loves to talk to. the only member he’s not awkward around is hyukjae and that’s the person he aims to see. he’s on edge in the radioactive building, eyes darting around to make sure none of legacy spots him. he’s so captivated by his need to remain undetected that he walks right into yeonseok. sebin looks to see who he’s collided with and he goes bright red when he sees who it is. “i - uh, s-sorry!” he stutters as he flashes the other a shy smile, face reddening.

terriculum replied to your post:  Oh my goodness your friendship is so sweet and heartwarming and your happiness is so contagious and i love this post and i’m gonna cry!!!!!! :’) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

terriculum replied to your post: please post SO SO SO many pics of this cosplay!!!!!!

wtf you are literally the Sweetest… .