and im not eating any


-If I told you that earlier….. none of this would’ve happened….. right?

“I love you too” comic… (I’m not creative with names alright… *sniff*)

Guess who’s back with some… ermmm… kind of Poth comic I think….


Fell!Goth and Goth belongs to @nekophy

Xenoblade pkmn teams

-Natu > Xatu ♂
-Magnemite > Magnezone
-Klink > Klinklang (Nicknamed Blu)
-Absol ♂
-Glameow/Espurr (Nicknamed Zirconia)♀
-Pichu > Raichu ♂

-Flabébé > Florges (Nicknamed Belladonna) ♀
-Zigzagoon > Linoone (Nickname Lightning) ♂
-Pawniard > Bisharp ♀
-Cutiefly > Ribombee (Nicknamed Parsnip) ♂
-Wurmple > Beautifly ♀
-Mimikyu ♀

Shieldon > Bastiodon (Soldier) ♂
Chimchar > Infernape (Flare) ♂
Pancham > Pangoro ♂
Mudkip > Swampert ♂
Munchlax ♂
Machop > Machamp ♂

-Swablu > Altaria ♀
-Rockruff > Lycanroc Midday (Corgi) ♀
-Bounsweet > Tsareena (Majesty) ♀
-Ralts > Gardevoir ♀
-Fennekin > Delphox ♀
-Bunneary > Lopunny (Chimera) ♀

-Yanma > Yanmega (Pirarie) ♂
-Riolu > Lucario ♂
-Bisharp ♂
-Honedge > Aegislash
-Axew > Haxorous ♂
-Oshawott > Samurott ♂

-Happiny > Chansey ♀
-Audino ♀
-Cyndaquil > Typhlosion ♂
-Starly > Staraptor ♂ (Streak)
-Shinx > Luxray ♀ (Dead Eye)
-Eevee > Flareon ♂

  • me: i love trying new things!
  • other person: ooh, here, try this new thing!
  • me: oh.... no thanks.... *goes back to my favorite thing*

✨hello friends pls send ur prayers and good vibes my way🙏ive been diagnosed with a chronic illness and am in a lot of pain for the past week and its not letting up😓im v heavily medicated but its not helping that much😔would really love some extra good energy✨ily

But do I want to say goodbye to all the glowing eyes?




My favourite thing abt ed recovery is peanut butter and bananas on toast bc one piece of that can total 300cal and usually two is what fills me up and that used to fuckin terrify me (i remember a friend telling me to eat a spoonful of pb after smoking to get the breath smell out and my gut twisted) and idk thats so stupid but im recovering for peanut butter.

pilawforhire  asked:

[Mun or muse, or both idk, if you want to (just a random ask, don't mind this.) 1) What's the weirdest thing you've ever had in your mouth? 2)What is your pointless life skill that you're unnecessarily proud of? 3) What's a single thing that could happen in your life right now, that would make your life better? 4) What's the most illegal thing you've ever done without getting caught? //pls feel free to skip over this :) have a good weekend]

1) What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever had in your mouth? 

“Nami’s cooking!” 

2)What is your pointless life skill that you’re unnecessarily proud of? 

“It’s not pointless but I’m pretty proud of how loud I can fart! Sometimes even louder than Ace’s!” 

He also has a little thing called his ‘meat senses’ which are more or less useless in battle but an odd talent none the less. 

3) What’s a single thing that could happen in your life right now, that would make your life better? 

“If I had some meat! If my older brother was alive!” 

4) What’s the most illegal thing you’ve ever done without getting caught?

Breaking into CP9 headquarters and kidnapping a prisoner from the government before kicking their leader’s ass and burning their flag.

Breaking into the world’s highest ranked prison and beating up a bunch of people before setting 99% of the prisoners free.  

General chaos made in the process of trying to save illegal infamous wanted pirate that happen to be his older brother and while he did fail, he did escape without being caught. 

Ah, this is hard!

“Promise you wont tell anyone right, Trafalguy!? One time, I licked all the spoons in Sanji’s kitchen to see if maybe any of them had any meat left.” 

okay so i’m THINKING of doing some one-off pieces (like this tiny 5″x5.5″ one) and selling them a bit cheaper than society6 stuff ????? i’ve also started making stickers (aliens, dogs, cute words etc etc) so i could also do some cute handmade sticker packs as well ?!! anyway so i’m just WONDERING if any of you would be into this or not ???? pls let me know either way bc i don’t want to waste my sweet sweet time if no one wants to buy my art !

anonymous asked:

i have an ed and im trying to deal with, but i exercise a lot, which makes it really difficult to meet calorie needs even when i want to. im training to become a firefighter, so i cant exactly slack off on my workouts either. i guess im just asking if u have any tips on being ok with eating what seems like a lot when i have to back burned calories, even if the net calories are basically the minimum of what i should be eating? pls let me know if this questionneeds clarifying <3

Hey love!

First off, congrats on your training, that’s incredible!  This is definitely hard, I think one thing is working away from counting calories and focusing on intuitive eating. So focusing on when you feel hungry and when you feel full and working on learning about your body from that rather than judging it based on calories. Calories really only tell part of the story, you can’t tell what you’re really getting out of food just based on calories or anything that is written on the package. I’m not sure if this is helpful, but it might be a good starting point or somewhere to work towards.