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the gangsey dance party

ok listen we’ve already established how it starts out in this post but let me just refresh your memory:

(gay trans boy!ronan, bisexual bigender!adam, pansexual trans boy!gansey, demisexual genderfluid!henry, pansexual transfeminine!noah, demisexual genderfluid!blue)

henry is Bored and starts snooping through everybodys ipod in order to organize a dance party (and theyve also got ahold of some weed; courtesy of cheng two)(everyone has a playlist of latin music as well in their library) and here is what henry finds in everyones music library 

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Expensive Headphones sick day headcanons?

When Michael is sick:

-michael tries to be casual about it in hopes no one will notice but I swear rich has some kind of boyfriend sense because he Always knows

-they ended up having to have a serious discussion because Michael doesn’t like a lot of attention when he’s sick and rich gives enough to make you feel like your on tv.

-rich works really fucking hard to make sure Michael is comfortable.

-after the discussion rich works a lot more Incognito. Like leaving behind tissues and medicine where Michael can see and casually leaving the gamecube on even tho he’s not a big fan

-michael finds it so fucking heart warming how hard rich is working to make sure he’s ok that he just…needs to cuddle. Please.

-he ends up not wanting to get rich sick tho so he santizes the fuck out of his hand and just holds rich’s

-Rich has to fight Michael to stop listening go music. You’re giving yourself a headache Michael, it clearly hurts your ears Michael.

- if Michael is sick at school he’ll literally fight anyone who bothers Michael. He also periodically checks up in him via text

-Michael likes to vent about his symptoms and rich’s just nods with a “that sucks bro…”

When rich is sick:

- “the end…is near………..tell my mother…im bi” “Wait there are people who don’t know?”

-Rich has this stuffed bunny he loves to death but he finds it really embarrassing that he holds it when he’s sick

-Michael don’t give a fuck .

-Rich makes SURE that Michael knows he sick. If you think rich is gonna be sick and not get his fucking homemade soup then you’re wrong

-Rich likes attention but Michael has a hard time giving it to him because he’s awkward. So they end up comfortably quiet together

-Michael is a big worry wort of a caretaker and Rich has to constantly reassure him he’s ok

-rich actually knows more about caretaking then Michael does, so he ends up walking him through a lot of stuff

-Rich has also already accepted his fate to die and his attitude is basically “oh well :/”

- so unless Michael is worried he doesn’t really take care of himself he just kinda keeps going with his day but with less food and water.

-because of this one time he fainted at school and Michael had a straight up heart attack

When both are sick:

-lots of groaning and complaining, “who will save us now?”

-they bother literally everyone in the squad to come take care of them- please we’re dying.

-Rich always falls asleep while watching Michael play on his gameboy

-Michael likes to be held while hes sick and you best BELIEVE rich is gonna comply

- “…so since we’re both sick, can’t we still make out?” “You’re gross. Let’s do it”

- googling if smoking will make them feel worse or?

-they scroll through Netflix but don’t actually watch anything, just judge show a based on pictures and descriptions

-“does this mean youre not gonna cook soup?” “Fuck you I’m making microwave ramen” “noooo”

-they sleep for like 12 hours and chrstine seriously thought they were going comatose

Reverie, Twelve

“Gem”, Harry’s face broke into a grin as he walked briskly through customs and answered his phone to his sister. He breathed deeply, swearing blind that England had a better smell than anywhere else, even the gaudy shops and stalls of Heathrow made him feel fuzzy inside. He had been in Australia almost three months, and home had never looked, or felt sweeter.

“Alright H”, he could hear the smile in Gemma’s voice as she spoke, and was excited to see her. Since he had been in Australia she had moved down to London, to begin her first job since university, a correspondent at The Book Agency, a modelling and acting recruitment company  in the city. She had made it out to Australia for ten days at the very beginning of his trip, and they text frequently, but it had probably been the longest he had been away from her in years…maybe even since X Factor, he mused. “Landed I take it?” she asked down the phone and he grinned when he saw Olly at the gate, waiting for him.

“Yep”, Harry replied, mouthing hello to Olly and giving him a clap on the back.“Just got Ol, by the time I get washed and changed, it will probably be about seven before I make it out”.

Gemma had organised a night out to celebrate Harry’s return with some of their closest friends, Lou and Tom included, as well as Nick Grimshaw, Daisy Lowe, and Sam Teasdale, Lou’s twin sister, whom Gemma was currently living with.

“Urghhh”, Gemma groaned. “Mate, I am gutted, but I’m not in London tonight. I got a call out this afternoon. I’m in Dublin, just for the night. Can catch up tomorrow though?”

Harry felt his mood visibly droop when he heard this, and sighed heavily. He loved his friends but he was most looking forward to seeing his sister, and telling her all about Eilidh and his new relationship. He knew that if it was splashed all over the papers in Australia, then it certainly would be in the UK as well, and he always liked to try to tell his mum and Gemma his own version of stories before they became bitter and twisted.

“Ah”, he said into the phone, trying to sound amiable. “That’s a shame. Was looking forward to seeing you”.

“Me too”, Gemma said regretfully. “I have a feeling you have some stuff to tell me”, she teased, and Harry laughed.

“Big time”, he agreed.

“Listen, the gang will be at Groucho regardless. I booked a booth, go along and have fun. The paps might not know that you’re home yet, you might get a free run”, Gemma said hopefully.

Harry sighed, looking at the revolving doors at the main entrance to the airport and the horde of photographers swarming and pushing there. “I wouldn’t bank on that”, he said, barking out a dry laugh, and trying not to sound despondent. “But cheers, Gem. Call me when you’re home. Love you”.

“Love you, H”.

Harry clicked off his phone, pulled his fedora further down over his eyes and stepped out behind Olly into the madness that was his life.


“Hi, baby”, Eilidh was in a rush, all but running up the stairs of her tenement building, before plunging her key into the lock and clattering into the flat. “Landed safe?”

“Yeah”, Harry smiled slowly in amusement at her flustered tone. “What the hell are you doing?” he chuckled down the phone.

“I’m so late”, Eilidh lamented, throwing her bags in a corner and stripping off to her underwear in the kitchen. “I have to be at the Rebellion gig in twenty minutes, I told Al I would take pictures-“

“Take pictures?”, Harry interrupted her. He was in his house by now, which felt echoing and chamber-like, still and silent. He sat at his kitchen island with his chin on his chest, twisting a banana back and forth in his hand.

“Yeah, I have a really decent camera and like to take pictures sometimse”, Eilidh said distractedly, in her bedroom now and trying to hop into a pair of tights. “Said I would do some tonight cos it’s such a big gig and all. Where are you anyway? Did you meet Gemma yet?”

“Gem had to work”, Harry said despondently. “The rest of them are at Groucho and I dunno if I can be fucked, to be honest”.

Eilidh took a minute to consider his tone, and sat down at the edge of her bed. “You alright?”

“Yeah”, Harry assured her. “Just a bit… anticlimactic coming back to an empty house I suppose”.

Eilidh frowned, wishing she could sweep his fringe out of his eyes and kiss him. “Baby…I wish I would have known. You know I would have come down”.

“It couldn’t be helped”, Harry dismissed. “It was always the big gig tonight, and I had always made the plans to see Gem anyway”.

“I’ll see you in two more sleeps”, Eilidh hedged, swearing she could almost feel his crooked smile down the phone. They had agreed for her to go down, leaving the salon with Kelly again for two nights. They didn’t plan on leaving his bedroom the whole time she was in London. It had been a long, wretched, fortnight apart.

“Course you will”, Harry assured her. “Listen babe, I know you’re in a rush. Have a good one, give my love to Al, I’ll text him in a bit. Call me later if you want”.

“I will”, Eilidh assured him.

“So…”, Harry felt the awkward space where he wanted to say those words again, but bit them back. “Bye then”.

“Bye babe”, Eilidh said softly.


Harry hung up the phone and groaned into his hands. He hated this about coming home from tour, it was so quiet, so lonely. This was why he made plan after plan to be busy, to be visible. This time however, he only wanted her. The thought of fighting through fifty paparazzi outside The Groucho Club made bile rise in his throat.

His eyes fell on his brown leather holdall that lay by the door, tantalising him, teasing him. Making a split second decision he grabbed his phone and his car keys, slung his holdall back over his shoulder and slammed out the house.


Eilidh felt a familiar shiver of pride and anticipation when she saw the bright lights of the Barrowlands rise in front of her. She looked over in the taxi at Nina, who looked almost serene, and Eilidh wondered how. She felt almost sick with nerves for Alex and the rest of the band, although she knew that she didn’t really have anything to worry about. She just couldn’t believe that they had sold out The Barrowlands.

The most iconic venue in Scotland, historic and majestic, loomed before them, and like she did every single time, Eilidh smiled inwardly at its paradoxes. The coolest and most iconic yes, but typically Glaswegian, with an old fashioned cloakroom, a stone floor, and chips out of the ceiling and stairs. The faint smell of vomit that seemed to permeate the place didn’t hinder any reveller in here. In here all work or personal problems were forgotten about, lost in a cloud of music and reverie. Eilidh felt her hands tingle.

“Hiya, I’m press”, she explained at the door to a bouncer who was built, to be quite frank, like a brick shithouse. He eyeballed her maniacally, while she grinned toothily and cheekily back.

“I haven’t seen you before”, he challenged readily, and Eilidh just grinned harder. “Press pass?”

She pulled her phone out and showed him her Iphone background, a picture of her family. “I’m Al McLean’s sister. That’s my pass, dickhead”.

The bouncer and Eilidh both broke into laughter at exactly the same time, him waving her through. She and Nina weaved backstage where the air was thick with anticipation, families of the band milling around with journalists and some lucky competition winning fans. It was a carnival atmosphere of joy and cigarette smoke, drum beats and the odd shouted musical note.

Eilidh slipped out a back entrance to smoke, shivering in the freezing Glasgow November air.

“Well, well”, a voice came out of nowhere and she jumped, grinning when she realised it was Rudy, readily throwing herself into his arms for a bear hug.

He picked her up off her feet and spun her slowly in a circle.

“Where have you been?” Eilidh exclaimed, hitting his shoulder as he stood tall and smirking above her. “I’ve been back from Oz for over a fortnight, you never answered my calls or texts!”

Rudy grinned and looked away. “Aww don’t tell me you missed me”, he grinned.

Eilidh cocked her head and narrowed her eyes at him, making him snigger as he inhaled his cigarette.

“Well, I didn’t get a chance to miss you”, Rudy said slowly, eyeing her. “Saw your face on every magazine and paper all over the place. Nice to see you took my advice, McLean”.

Eilidh smiled and looked at the ground, a flush spreading up her chest. “It’s good”, she said simply when she finally glanced up at him.

Rudy nodded slowly, blowing smoke out the side of his mouth.

“Good”, he replied, looking directly into her eyes. “If you’re good, I’m good”.


The gig was literally everything that any of the band could have dreamed of. The crowd were truly Scottish, and truly mental, and Alex’s voice had never been stronger, the rest of the band feeding off his energy, him and Rudy singing together in parts, looking like brothers as they stood together. Eilidh felt tears of pride prick her eyelids as she clicked and snapped on her Canon, in the press pit, with the most amazing view of all. Still, she felt herself looking longingly behind her now and then at the rolling crowd as they stomped and swayed, wishing she was back there.  She had never felt pride like it since Leeds, and this seemed doubly special because it was at home. Her little brother had truly made it. It was the most fantastic, satisfying feeling. She felt proud of the pictures she took, and knew that their family would treasure them forever.

After the show, she rushed backstage to find Nina wrapped round her brother in floods of delighted tears, so she turned to Rudy and hugged him long and tight, before turning to Jamie and giving him the same.

“Uhh, Eilidh”, Alex called over Nina’s shoulder, who still clung to him. “Go next door, and get my fags and lighter for me, pal”.

Eilidh nodded and slipped out the door and into the next room, almost screaming she she saw a tall long figure standing there. Her mouth fell open in shock.

“Oh my god!”, Eilidh didn’t waste any time closing the gap between them and throwing herself into Harry’s arms. He audibly groaned with relief when he felt her, really felt her, back in his arms, where she belonged.

“What are you doing here?” she gasped, running her fingers through her hair frantically before he pulled her in for a long hard kiss.

“I just needed to be here”, Harry stared into her eyes, almost desperately. “I just couldn’t be in the same time zone as you and think about you, out having fun, without me. I just had to see you”.

“This is fucking amazing”, Eilidh half sobbed into his shirt with incredulity, and feeling like her night was truly complete.


Buff Club was packed, and The Rebellion had a whole section of the club to themselves. That carnival atmosphere prevailed still, the band and their friends still riding a euphoric high from the gig.

Harry nursed a Jack Daniels and coke, watching Eilidh as she flitted from person to person like a butterfly, feeling his chest tightening in awe at how she looked. Like a true punk wife, he mused, with her highlighted braided hair and vintage dress,a leather jacket adorning her shoulders, rings and bangles seeming to dangle from every possible limb.

He watched her as she spoke to nearly everyone in the vicinity, only for another friend or admirer to tap her on the shoulder for a long warm hug and for them to laugh uproariously at something she had said.

Harry felt sick. He knew he was behaving irrationally and like a child, but he simply had no more room to hide it. Seeing her in such demand pained him, and made him feel like he had no chance, like he was a toy that she was merely playing with. It was like a dam inside him had burst and his insecurities were flooding him completely.

Unable to bear it any longer, he stood up suddenly and walked towards her, where she was deep in conversation with Rudy and two other girls, the four of them bent double with laughter. Taking her arm firmly so she turned, he looked down at her with a stiff smile. “Hi love, remember me?” he asked, his tone steady.

Eilidh stared up at him. “What?” she said genuinely confused. “Are you alright?”

Harry sighed and led her away by the arm to a fire exit where they stepped out into the codl. Eilidh rubbed her arms, shivering, and genuine confusion written on her face. “What’s wrong?”

“What’s wrong?” Harry barked out a humourless laugh. “Well, I’ve flown from Australia, to Bangkok, to London, and then to Glasgow to see my girlfriend. And you have spoken about three words to me since I’ve got here”.

Eilidh stared at him, genuine shock flitting across her face. “Are you kidding?” she spluttered.

Harry’s eyes blazed and he roughly wrenched his hand through his hair, stumbling to find the words. “No I’m not fucking kidding”, he eventually snapped, for want of anything better to say.

Eilidh stared at him, her expression suddenly turning to stone. “Harry”, she began calmly. “In case you haven’t fucking noticed, tonight isn’t about you-“

Harry cut her off immediately, slashing the air with his hand. “Fuck off Eilidh!” he exploded, making her recoil in shock. “Don’t fucking patronise me! I’m proud of Al, you know that!”

Eilidh became very still. “This is about what you said at Wattamolla”, she realised, half under her breath.

“Of course it fucking is!” Harry explosively shouted. “How do you think I fucking felt? What’s the point of this Eilidh? Seriously babe, what’s the point! Why are you with me, if you don’t love me?”

It was as if a shutter had been pulled over Eilidh’s face and her expression became ice, as she made to walk past Harry back into the club. “You don’t understand”, she dismissed, before he stopped her with his hand.

“What?” Harry challenged her, his eyes wild. “I don’t understand what? That you were fucking engaged? It’s no secret love, Alex told me. Yeah, that guy is a total dick. But what about me, Eil? Are you never going to get over it and let me fucking in?”

Eilidh threw her hands in front of her eyes. “Don’t”, she begged, her voice thick. “Don’t talk about him. I can’t talk about him”.

“You’re going to have to!” Harry bellowed, just as the fire door creaked open and Rudy stepped outside, his expression wary.

Eilidh immediately slipped past him and back into the club, leaving Harry out in the cold, his breath heavy and dense in the cold Scottish air.





bad boy woozi au

this is an on going thing between me and @leejihoonz​, who i promised i would make a post abt it bc i think about this all the time ngl

  • hes like the typical bad boy u read abt in books who likes to wear leather jackets n flannels and shit like that bc its hot
  • has some piercings on his ears
  • dyes his hair a lOT like a lot a lot, where its changing every 2 months or so, but he tends to lean towards blonde when he doesn’t wanna do something too crazy
  • likes metal and rock and roll on the outside but loves him self some good italian baroque and big band music when hes alone 
  • despite his bad boy image, he doesn’t do the typical bad boy stuff like drink and smoke 
  • he does fight tho
  • before u came into the picture, hoshi or scoups would clean up his wounds, they his bffs
  • people usually initiate fights with him instead of the other way around 
  • took martial arts throughout his younger years, and stopped his 2nd to last year of high school because he didnt have much time, with college coming up
  • basically he knows how to fight
  • likes to stop and take pics of pretty scenery
  • woozi says he can only play the electric guitar but when you find out he used to play clarinet when he was younger his bad boy demeanor crumbles right before his eyes (cr. @leejihoonz​)
  • is actually very pouty and is a total softie, its real cute
  • calls his mom and dad every sunday to talk to them because he is away at college in seoul 
  • he becomes a giant nerd at the mention of music and is really excited and happy and if anyone gives him a weird look he gets really defensive (even if its u) (cr. anonymous)
  • cares a lot about his grades 
  • one time you took him to go see footloose the musical and he knew all the words to EVERY song
  • owns a motorcycle bc what bad boy doesn’t
  • can dance really well
  • and he STILL knows how to play the clarinet because hes a total nerd. 
  • also big fan of classical music, his favorite piece is cello suite no. 1 in g major. 
  • the kid also sings to himself when he thinks no one is around. but sometimes you catch him. especially when he’s walking around the garden bc no one really goes there
  • he works hard, yeah, but he ALWAYS has time for food. don’t believe those other scenarios………he loves food.
  • very very headstrong but has a super soft spot for u
  • u guys met in music theory your guys’ freshman year, he accidentally tripped you while you walked in late to class
  • he got super red but never apologized until like 3.5 weeks later
  • “hey……………im sorry for tripping you that one time……….”
  • “oh.. thank you for apologizing “
  • “yeaaaaaaaah……”
  • after that he was always kinda pissy and one time you caught him fighting at a frat party (he was sober) and you had to drag him away with blood all over his face and you took him to the bathroom and cleaned that shit up b c 1) it was nasty and 2) u didn’t want any of his cuts getting infected
  • then he avoided you for like a week until u stopped him in the courtyard where u meant to confront him but he just confessed to you awkwardly and right on the spot
I'll be the Light in your Eyes

Hey Guys<3 Here’s Chap. 2 <3 (-: It’ll get better, I promise!

Chapter 2:

I can’t believe my brother would say that. I walked back to Sammy and Johnson. “Hey, are you okay? Do you need us to beat that guy up?” Johnson asked, unaware that Luke was my brother. “My brother needs some beating up, but I’ll be the one doing that.” I said, turning back to him. He was still glaring at me. “I’m sorry.” Johnson said, quietly. “It’s no problem. My brother’s a jerk sometimes.” I laughed. The rest of the day went out and it actually went really well.  I walked to the parking lot, heading towards my brothers car. Luke was already leaning against the car, waiting for us, and talking to some of his friends. Y/F/N caught up with me. “Hey, Y/N!” She said, smiling to me. “Hey. How was your first day?” I asked.   “Good. Matthew and I hit it off! But Gilinsky is also in the picture.” She sighed. As we walked up to Luke, you can tell he was pissed. “Y/N. I told you not to go with them and you still went. So for that, I’m not giving you a ride home.” Luke mumbled. “What?! Stop being such a jerk!” I shouted, almost loud enough for the parking lot to hear. “I don’t care.” Luke said, getting in his car. “I’ll walk home with you.” Y/F/N said. “No. It’s okay, ill see you later, I wanna walk alone and think.” I put my hands in my sweater pockets and started to walk. Soon, my brother and Y/F/N drove away. I sighed deeply and continued walking. As I walked, I heard whistles from guys standing against fences, smoking their lungs out. I wasn’t always a big fan of smokers, I felt like they were just throwing their life away, but who am I to tell them that? A few raindrops started falling. I grunted, knowing I get sick easily. My thoughts were scattered everywhere. ‘Why me? I know my brother is trying to protect me, but when I don’t listen, he takes it to a new level and acts like an asshole about it.’ I thought, slowly rubbing my right hand up and down my left arm due to the cold. It started raining harder, but I didn’t really mind, I mean, I don’t dislike the rain. Just then a white stingray corvette pulled up beside me. I admired it’s beauty and then looked up at the driver. “Ain’t she a beauty?” Taylor smiled, looking at me. “Yeah. So pretty.” I smiled weakly. “Hey, come in. I’ll take you to get something to eat, or home. You shouldn’t be out in the rain.” He smiled. “I don’t want to be a bother.” I said, quietly. Taylor chuckled. “You’re adorable. Get in.” He smiled, unlocking the door. I listened and got in the car with him. It suddenly stopped raining. Great. “So, what’s wrong?” Taylor asked, not taking his eyes off the road. “Just brother problems.” I sighed in the thought of Luke. “Want me to rough him up a bit?” Taylor chuckled, attempting to make me smile. “That’d honestly be great.” I giggled. I had the biggest urge to ask him about Sammy, Gilinsky and Johnson.  “Did you like your first day so far?” He asked, looking over at me with one hand placed on the steering wheel. “Yeah. It was great. I met amazing people, a.k.a you guys!” I said, with the biggest smile on my face.  He stared at me, smiled then glued his eyes on the road. “I’m honestly, glad I met you. Hanging out with two lovely girls is new instead of hanging with all the guys. I mean don’t get me wrong, I like them, but new faces are good too, ya’ know?” He said. “Yeah.” I responded. “Oh, make a left here.” I said, pointing to the street. “And my house is three houses down.” I smiled. “There you go.” He said, parking in the drive way.  “Thanks so much, Taylor.” I smiled, leaned over and hugged him. “It’s no problem. I like your company.” He hugged me back. “Same. I mean! I like your company of course!” I smiled and got out of his car. “Bye.” He said with the biggest smile on his face. He pulled out of the drive way, and I waved to him as his car disappeared at the end of the street.  I smiled to myself and checked the time. It was 4:40pm. I almost forgot I was suppose to meet Sammy at 5! I quickly ran in, got into a different pair of clothes and shoes, and ran downstairs, fixing my hair as I came down. “Where are you going?” Luke asked. He was sitting in the living room watching t.v. “Why does it matter?” I rolled my eyes. “Because I care. I’m asking you again. Where are you going?” He stood up. “Starbucks.” I knew he’d get angry if I said I’m going with Sammy. “With?” He asked. “Does it matter?” I asked. “Tell me or I’m telling mom.” Luke growled. “Sam.” I said, quietly under my breath. It was loud enough for him to hear though. “Y/N! Sam Wilkinson is bad news! What’s so hard to understand?!” He said, almost shouting. “Stop! You don’t even know him!” I shouted back. “I know enough to know who they are!” Luke grabbed my wrist. “Ow, Luke stop you’re hurting me!” I said as I yanked my arm away from his grasp. He left his finger marks on my wrist. I stared at him and as I stared into his eyes, it was like staring into the gateway to hell. He was pissed.  “I’m sorry..” he said, almost sarcastically and walked away. I rolled my eyes and looked down at my wrist as I walked to the nearest Starbucks, which wasn’t too far, with my hand on my wrist, rubbing it slowly. I got there and checked the time. It was 5:10pm. It was now 6:30pm, and I an idiot waiting there for him. I got up and started walking back home. He basically stood me up. I felt as if my heart sank to my feet. But I was used to this kind of humiliation.  “Y/N!” I heard someone call me. I turned around to see Sam. “Hey! Im sorry, time just went by so quick.” Sam said, with a sad look ln his face. “Yeah, I know.” I said, coldly. “I got to get home. See you later.” I turned around and continued walking. I got home and threw my bag on my bed and threw off my shoes. There were still boxes that were unpacked. The next morning I didn’t feel like getting up. My nose was stuffy and my throat was hurting. Unfortunately I was getting sick. I had such a crappy immune system. I went downstairs, not even saying hello to anyone.  “Hey, Y/N. I’m sorry.” Luke said, placing his hand on my shoulder. I shot him a weak smile. “It’s fine.” I said. “Let’s go to school. Y/F/N isn’t here yet, let’s go get her.” We walked over to her house. Her mom answered the door. “Oh. Y/F/N already went to school. Some boy named Jack came to pick her up not too long ago.” Her mom smiled. Luke and I exchanged glances. We walked back to the car. Luke sat in silence. Something was bothering him. I didn’t bother to ask.  “Have a good day.” Luke said as he parked the car and quickly got out, not even waiting for me to respond.  I sighed and walked out of the car. I bumped into Nash. “Hey Nash!” I quickly turned my frown upside down.  “Hey, Y/N!” Nash smiled and swung his arm around my shoulder.  Nash and I became good friends. “Is everything okay?” Nash asked, looking at me. I get lost in his eyes every time. It wasn’t because I have a thing for me, but because his eyes are as wide and as baby blue as the beautiful sky. “Yeah. Everything’s fine.” I smiled, reassuring him. Sam, Johnson, Taylor, and Cameron caught up to us. I looked at Sam and quickly looked down. Cam noticed the tension. He sighed deeply. Suddenly, a girl walked up to Sam. “Hey, I had fun last night.” She winked. Sam had a guilty look on his face. That was all I needed to know that what Luke said about Sammy was true. “I got to get to class.” I said, quietly as I walked faster. Why did it hurt? I wasn’t even his girlfriend and I feel hurt. “Hey, Y/N!” Cameron said, running after me, with Nash closely behind. “Hey guys.” I said, as I walked to my locker. “Are you okay?” Cam asked, staring at me. “Great.” I said, almost coldly.  “That’s not great. Talk to us.” Nash said, softly. “It’s Sam. He basically stood me up yesterday.  He said he wanted to get to know me, but he just left me here. I was there for two hours and he didn’t show up until I started walking. Then I guess he found someone to sleep with.” I said, grabbing my books angrily. “Y/N… Sam is.. different. He isn’t bad. He’s sometimes in the wrong spot, but he’s a great guy.” Cam said, rubbing my back, trying to calm me down. “Thanks, Cam, but unless he can prove me other-wise, I don’t want to hear it.” I closed my locker, almost slamming it and headed to class. The day went on, and nothing really happened. I didn’t even eat lunch today. I just sat in the girls restroom, Yeah, I know, gross. I didn’t want to be seen. I haven’t seen anyone since this morning, I just wanted to go home. The bell finally rang and I shot up out of my seat. I texted Luke saying I’m walking today. Suddenly, Someone grabbed my arm roughly, and pulled me to the side. “What The H-!” Someone’s hand covered my mouth and pulled me out of sight. Part 1:

Restless Tides

inspired by blackjacktheboss​’s surf&skate au ☆ written with permission, of course ~ i also drew a lot of inspiration from chasing mavericks (which is a great surf movie that i definitely recommend)!

The boardwalk at Delos was the smallest on the Isle of Olympia but by far the busiest. The wood was eroded but sturdy and curved like a gentle crescent moon around the spread of crisp white sandy beach with sea the color of aquamarine. Decades before, the natives had started the tradition of hosting surfing festivals on that very beach and now all the summer seasons were busy with surfers from all over the Isle and the Southern Californian mainland. Between the workers flocking to tap into the festival’s crowds and empty all wallets and students looking for the perfect summer job, it was miraculous that Chiron hadn’t chosen to hire anyone else at the surf and skate shop. Just that year, she had become the fourth ever employee despite the popularity and demand of jobs at the shop.

Granted, Annabeth lived with Chiron, after she ran away at seven when her mother died and her father remarried within the year. He was her father’s Latin translator but also a very close friend of Dr. Chase’s, who settled to formally sign in as her legal guardian after Annabeth refused to go back. He was like an old uncle to the locals, having moved to Delos during the summer of love, and managed the best surf and skate shop at the boardwalk. Even when commercial stores offered to spend millions buying the shop out from under him, Chiron held the place running. It was a haven. That’s what made her job that much more special. She wrestled with him since she was thirteen for the job, just a little something she could do in return for him taking her in, but he always persuaded her otherwise.

“Focus on your studies,” He always calmly said, patting her curly hair down, “It’ll take you far, Annabeth.”  He was right, she knew deep down, but the chill of the crisp sea air in the morning and the tang of salt and sand that constantly hung in her hair made her want to live on Delos forever. It was like a dreamland that held her close in the mist that rolled off the sea in the winter and early spring. In the purgatory between a shitty beginning and something she was building up to be great, but just needed one more push. 

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Tryna Get to You (PART 16)

(A/N): SORRYYY this took so long but I kept getting side tracked. anyways I get my wisdom teeth out tomorrow so probably wont update until next weekend if I get it written in my free time. Or maybe before. idk I never know when the writing bug will hit. ONCE AGAIN I love you ALLLL so much. The feedback I get brightens my day so much and you guys are just awesome xx

Upon arriving to the smoothie joint you all emerge from the car into the bright sun, squinting as your eyes try to adjust. Nash falls into step next to you and slings his arm around your shoulders, pulling you in tighter. He places a quick kiss on top of your head and whispers, “What’s wrong?”

It’s not like you thought you would be able to hide it from him for long but you didn’t know he would pick up on your mood shift. And especially after your conversation last night, why bring up more problems? Just have fun (Y/N). You try to reassure yourself.

“Nothing!” You finally respond brightly to Nash and extract yourself from him grasp to go order your smoothie. As you’re pulling out your wallet to pay an arm reaches over your shoulder and hands the cashier a $20. “Put a Caribbean Passion with soy protein on that order too and keep the change.” You hear a deep voice vibrate behind you and turn around to stare at Gilinsky, “Thanks but I could have gotten it.” He smirks at you and whispers, “My treat.”

You smile and walk over to the other boys to wait for your smoothies. Nash watches you like a hawk as you sit down and he makes it clear that he saw the whole interaction between you and Gilinsky.

“Um… Can we get a picture?!” You look up to see two of the smoothie store employees standing in front of the group.

“Yeah sure!” Cam speaks up for everyone.

“Here.” One of the girls shoves her phone into your hand and you raise your eyebrows, “Alright…”

It was a little rude of her to just assume you wanted to be involved in these shenanigans but you snapped a few pictures for them and then she asked for an individual with Nash. They posed, she took her phone, and they went back to work. Not a big deal at all.

“See fans like that are cool,” Cam starts saying.

“Yeah, they get pictures and then let us be.” Johnson agrees.

“Chill girls.” Gilinsky chimes in.

“Ya I kinda just want my smoothie.” You say. Everyone laughs.

Once the smoothies are done, you all pile back into the car and head back to the hotel. “What’s the plan for dinner tonight?” You ask no one in particular.

“Cam and I are doing Chinese take out in our room.” Nash says.

“We were gonna go get burgers later.” Johnson replies.

“No one knows what the rest of the guys are doing. They usually just tag along with whatever sounds good.” Gilinsky explains.

You make the decision to not stay in the hotel again that night, “Ok well burgers sound good to me so I can drive y’all whenever you want to go.”

Nash gives you a sideways glance and you ignore it. We aren’t dating. I have no obligations.

Twenty minutes later you’re showering in your room before dinner and someone starts pounding on the door. “IM SHOWERING.” You shout, hoping they heard you and would leave you alone. Two seconds later your phone buzzes. “Nashy😋😛” pops up on the screen and you roll your eyes as you dry off your hands and stick your head out of the shower to answer it.

You sigh, “What do you need Nas?”

“Well a lot of things. You being number one on the list. Can we hangout?”

“I’m legit in the shower right now.”

“I have no objections to getting wet.”

You laugh, “Ok give me two seconds.”

Your hair is all soapy still but you wrap your dripping body in a towel and let him in. You chuckle at him, “Impeccable timing Nash.”

“I would say so.” He replies as he raises his eyebrows at your current state.

You escape back into the bathroom and say, “Be out in like 10 minutes max.”

He pouts, “Ok I’ll be here… Alone… While you’re showering…”

“Shut up.”

10 minutes later on the dot you emerge from the bathroom in shorts and an old football sweatshirt from your high school.

“Hey.” He says, laying on your bed watching reruns of Friends.

“Why do you watch the reruns if you’ve seen all the episodes already?”

He looks up at you, shocked, “Because this is only the best show ever and the reruns are even funnier the 2nd 3rd and 4th times!”

You laugh and throw your wet hair up into a bun. When you check your phone you see texts from Alex and Gilinsky.

Alex: Hey just checking in. 6 more days! Miss you.

Gilinsky: We are ready when you are. Bring your stuff we can smoke on the way back.

You ignore Alex’s text and respond to Gilinsky.

Ok sounds good but not in my car. It’s a rental.

Obviously I’m not that stupid 😉

Hahaha ok meet me downstairs in like 10 

“So what are we doing tonight?” Nash asks.

You sigh and look at him, “I’m getting burgers with the Jacks and then you can come watch a movie or something if you want.”

He sighs sarcastically back at you and replies, “if you don’t want to do anything we don’t have to.”

You roll your eyes at him being bratty and make the decision for him instead, “Nas be quiet. We’re watching a movie tonight be here at 9.”

“Alright well first you need to come here.” He grabs you by your waist and pulls you onto the bed with him. You laugh and hit him with a pillow which starts an all out tickle war, leaving you gasping for air and precariously hanging off the bed. Nash pulls you back up and you snuggle into his chest.

“I gotta go.” You say quietly, reluctant to break the spell.

“Alright.” He sighs and you both get up to walk out of the room.

You smile and give him a peck before walking to the elevator, “See ya at 9.”