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So I saw your post on Tolkienesque races/species the other day, and I think your concept of trolls as echinoderms is among the most inventive I've seen so far. So are they like giant, tippy-toeing craggy terrestrial starfish when mature? Or maybe they're more of a mish mash between all taxa, reminiscent of the Elder Things?

They were a “hybrid” sort, Like a sea cucumber with a starfish face.

The “joke” was to make them as weird as possible cause unlike most fantasy races “trolls” really dont have a consistent definition or appearance beyond “humanoid”. I chose to make them echinoderms cause they have “rock like” skin and also Im just fond of the phylum.

Their Larvae bared no resemblance to the adults, being like troll dolls and also real life (bilaterally symmetrical) echinoderm larvae

Trolls are a pain on the internet because their language and logical thinking are very alien compared to the hominid races. It is hard to tell when someone on the internet is genuinely confused or mad about a subject, or if they are just a troll.

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i publicly dislike shaladin bc im a minor w/ cptsd who survived ca and is still in emdr to try and fix me. adults shipping a Canon Teen with a Canon Adult is terrifying. do you need proof about how fiction affects reality? I have sources I can send in another ask proving how it does. are you defending aging up? I have sources I can link to you about why that's bad. i just. i don't get why you guys are so mad at us for being uncomfortable with teenxadult shit being flaunted everywhere we go

ok, i understand you’re a minor, everyone on this blog are minors. im 15 with horrible adhd.

next, the only thing confirmed is “5 teenagers” in the vld comic books. you guys are trying very hard to make any shaladin content seem harmful even though you’re only harming yourselves.

also, aging up or anything doesn’t harm shit when you know the difference of ages between canon and hc so go on with yoself boo

i dont need sources to know when something has already been debunked. ages have not been completely confirmed, shaladin is fine. if you really believe that shiro and keith have a major age difference then look somewhere else or go to another fandom that has “no problematic ships” sorry to break it to you but i know theres nothing wrong about anything. just that people are taking this out of context.

but hey, have a wonderful day :^).

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