and im like...nah man

the whole “fake personalities” reveal hit me the hardest because the characters who ive come to love are not what they seem and i dont know what to trust anymore

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The rumour come out: DOES MERCY IS GAY?!

I had a lot of fun while drawing!! And I worked hard on this I hope you guys like it ;-; PLEASE DO NOT REPOST THIS ANYWHERE!!!

You can also watch it on Youtube if this video does not load on tumblr!

happy holidays \o/

this was apart of the @christmas-shou exchange for @lilpea !


EB: i’m apparently really good at not freezing.

TG: its not my fault you lived up in jack frosts asshole

EB: haha ew.

EB: maybe you’re just being a total wimp because your tiny baby texan body can’t handle anything below forty degrees.

ok but literally jackson did lowkey aegyo and asked for more time to carve his frankenstein squash thing when they said time was up and the rest of got7 all froze and then complied and gave him time to finish like this boy got his whole group wrapped around his finger they are all so weak for jackson i’m wow

family portrait

also merry christmas and happy birthday victor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!