and im just posting it as it is

i bet lance gives rly good shoulder rubs, and he probably loves giving them to shiro when things have got him tense. they all have a lot of weight on their shoulders, but shiro bears some heavy burdens even on top of that, and lance just enjoys being able to give him a little relief whenever he gets the chance. 

if shiro’s got his jaw set and his shoulders locked a lot more often lately, all it takes is lance sliding in behind him with soothing chatter and warm palms and gentle thumbs to take the edge off of the strain at the end of the day. he can let his guard down and take a deep breath, even smile, just have something nice for a moment, and it’s totally worth the teasing he gets for making so many pleasant little sounds while lance works away, until shiro is leaning happily back against him


thank you @clarkegryphus and @frecklessbellamy for tagging me <3
It’s been over a year since posting a bfsn so i guess ill do it since i actually took pictures this week. so enjoy these pics of me meeting some cool people at sundance film fest this weekend

I wanna see all your beautiful faces plz @bobmorlee @nathanmillers @flawlessbanshee @bellameblake @linctavias @bellamyblakesfreckles @ravensreyes @tracylorde @pillowprincesslexa @commander-anya @niylah @clorkegriffin @stydiariarkle
(literally everyone @wonkru + like 2 people)


hey so i just wanted to clarify a few of the things that happened over the past few months. if you follow my other blogs you might already know this but whatever

1. started college!!!
2. finished my first semester!!!
3. hated my first semester!!!
4. withdrew from college
5. moved home
6. started looking for colleges to transfer to in the fall
7. got a job at my friend’s dog kennel
8. started working on publishing some original writing 

between 1 and 2 my mental health got even worse than it basically has ever been before. because of that, and because of my intense workload during college, i kind of gave up on my ask blogs (this and @askfakeconnor). even just the pressure of updating them got too much. which brings me to the point of this post: 

in a night of really bad stuff, i deleted the majority of the asks in the askbox as well as the guest artist server. thank you so much to the people who were going to guest artist, i’m really sorry i couldn’t handle it. i won’t be opening guest artists again, just for my own mental health, but i may or may not ask a friend or two to answer an ask if they’re interested— 

please don’t ask if you can guest artist, those who are able to know who they are. 

all that being said, i’m a little bit better now, but i’m not going to overload myself. my goal is one post on each ask blog per week. i know that probably seems really slow, but that’s what’s best for me right now. 

thank you so much for understanding! back to the art 

every 👏 single 👏 Troye 👏 Sivan 👏 song 👏 makes 👏 me 👏 think 👏 of 👏 Elio 👏 and 👏 Oliver 👏

redraw of this from like a year ago! i’m really happy of how it turned out!

(tumblr butchered the quality so please click on it!)

I want my own Mike Hanlon where the fuck is he at? Why aren’t we feeding rabbits and gardening together? I want him to lovingly chastise me for smoking and I want him to try and wear my patch jacket but he can’t because I’m too small. I want a soft boy good with plants who loves to read so I can be the punk ass who’s good at making him laugh and reciting original poetry to him at 3 in the afternoon on a chilly Tuesday randomly to make him cry.

I deserve my own Mike Hanlon dammit.