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ever think about how excited michael was for jeremy in “upgrade” when he found out the squip worked and how he was so psyched that his best friend was finally happy and how jeremy just kinda……what’s the word……….BETRAYED HIM because i do

my beef with transwomen isn’t that they’re trans. it’s never been about that. if they were uncomfortable with their genitalia and felt that transitioning would help their dysphoria, i may not agree that it’s the best longterm option, but it’s not my place to say and not my decision.

my beef is that they’re trying to insert themselves as the poster children of feminism while doing nothing to actually help women. they want to be in the spotlight and get rights that pertain to them, and them only.

if all these transwomen liberal feminists are trying so hard to protect really cared about them, they wouldn’t be overshadowing things like fgm. they wouldn’t be shoving their way into female clinics and restrooms. they wouldn’t be speaking over their “cis-ters”, but alongside them instead.

you don’t even need to “believe” in biological sex to see that they aren’t women. they aren’t helping their fellow women. they aren’t even trying to help their fellow women. they decided to prey on an empathetic group, and when that group decided to assist them, they dominated it.

and that is an incredibly male thing to do.

  • Hufflepuff: ...yes...
  • Gryffindor: How?! You're so nice and sweet and Slytherin's so...Slytherin!
  • Slytherin: Dude, I'm standing right here.
  • Gryffindor: Oh, shut up, you know what I mean.
  • Slytherin: Yeah, you're right. I'm just as surprised that Hufflepuff likes me as you are.
  • Hufflepuff: Oh, shut up, both of you.
  • Gryffindor: Well? Why do you like someone
  • Hufflepuff: Sly's not that bad! You just don't know them like I do! They may seem all mean and tough but, on the inside, Slytherin's just a big ol' teddy bear.
  • Slytherin: *blushes*
  • Slytherin: *blushes more* *glares at Gryffindor* Fuck off, asshole.

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missing the Parisian sun 

last week at this time, i was strolling around the busy streets of Paris without a care. i love what the summer time does for my skin, and for my wardrobe choices. i got so busy that i forgot to post some pictures so, here i am now! also  i’m enjoying NYC so far, i ought to stay for longer next time. i hope everyone is doing well today!

joseph christainsen deserved better and i swear to god i might fucking burst into tears the more i think about this cult ending bullshit because i related to joseph so much and i TRUSTED THE DEV TEAM OF DREAM DADDY SO MUCH and they pull /that stuff/ on us and its like……

are you sure this MLM dating sim is something you made to support us, and are you sure that whoever came up with and/or okay’d that ending was even thinking about the repercussions and problems and stuff that ending implies about the LGBT community

edit: ALRIGHTY IVE SLEPT OFF A LOT OF ANGER and stayed up until 4 am, so i get that right now its less about the implications of the lgbt community, etc, and more about Christianity – and like I Get That. bc im a Catholic dude. ive gone thru a lot of posts and its like?????? yall made an lgbt religious guy like……..a cult leader?? seriously. also now that we know it isnt canon, thats GOOD. anyways

I really can’t get over how people are blindly giving into MvCI and Capcom’s shenanigans.

the closer we get to release, the more I can’t believe people are willing to pay a minimum of $60 ($90 if you want all the characters that are locked on the disc) for 80% of UMvC3′s roster but in an uglier art style and presentation with less depth than UMvC3.

It wouldn’t be so bad if ppl weren’t defending this game on its own merits, but instead they need to make comparisons to other fighters like Tekken and Injustice that also reuse assets. The thing with MvCI is Marvel is a multi-million dollar company putting this product with their name on it with nothing decent to show for it when smaller dev teams with less money in their pocket can still make better-presenting games even if they reuse assets. At the very least Tekken and Injustice look PRESENTABLE and better than their last-gen predecessors, whereas MvCI looks like a tech demo for the PS3 with a very uninspired and alpha-like depiction

Not to mention that, again, they want you to pay $90 for every character on release, which is still less than MvC3 launched with back in 2011, and people still think this is fine. I don’t get it and I’m exhausted with this subject.

i just wanted a good mvc game and this is what i get orz thanks capcom


because i can be both selective & slow as molasses sometimes, i like to throw these little posts up every so often so that others know that they’re not being ignored by me !!   i’ll be tagging everyone that i owe replies to. if i’m missing your name pls give me a shoutout so i can try and find our thread once more. if i’m taking too long and you’d rather just DROP whatever it is we have going on, just let me know as well !! 


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gwartooth  asked:

sneks sneks i saw a post abt how theres like a Different Feeling for bisexuals when they crush on a dude vs a girl and since ur my local pan friend i wanted to know if u also felt like tht! o: i mean i know ur not like The Spokesperson but.. shrug emoji :'3

I have re written this post many a times haha.

The thing about talking about pansexuality is that it can be confusing for people. I used to go by bi exclusively, then I started using pan because I found the pan definition applied more to me. But I found it hard to explain to people because, a lot of the time, people assume bi encompasses everyone. Like, “you like men and women, what else is there?” and sometimes, when I’m in a space I’m uncomfortable in, I am guilty of just using the term bi to define myself because it cuts the answer short and then I can move on (I use queer a lot too but sometimes the term queer can raise more questions and there are places or people I just Dont Wanna) But, theres more to being pan, for me. I don’t know anyone else irl who is pan, and I have little experience with how other pan people feel but, when I saw this post I could relate in a way. 

From my experience with bisexual people, they often had this thing. Like, i saw what I believe was the same post you are talking about and someone had tagged it with “when I like a dude i feel it in my gut but when i like a girl i feel it in my chest” or something like that. I have found that, with the bisexual people I have talked to (so this doesn’t necessarily apply to all bi people), there is that disconnect. That very Different Feeling when liking one gender vs another (often times girls vs. boys), which is a very valid way of feeling and not in any way a Bad Thing. When I was in high school this was what I went with but, after a while, I realized that I did not feel this structured disconnect? I was not approaching people of different genders I liked differently (approaching being both physically and mentally addressing my attraction for them), I was not finding I had a type for boys and a type for girls, I was not finding that these feelings were, at all, different. And then I got to college and realized that gender is, indeed, not a binary that got young me thinking a lot too and one day I was like, if I like you then I like you. And it was kinda, wonderfully simple in a complicated way?? And, yeah, dating different people is gonna be different in obvious ways because if I’m with someone masculine presenting I’m seen as straight and if I’m with someone feminine presenting then Im seen as a lesbian and other things that come with being with different genders, but the way I feel about people is so strongly unique to that person, regardless of any of that, that I can’t find any labels or physical types or preferences in me. 

I mean, I have a type as far as being a human being goes (like being nice to me, being hygienic, smells good, being passionate about stuff, liking similar music or willing to share music, maybe you can cook because that is a deff plus, you know? non-gendered stuff) and there are absolutely people out there that I do not find physically attractive like, I don’t go around overwhelmed by how much I wanna bang every living person. But I have no gender specifically that I am Not Attracted To and I have no set feelings for set genders. I can understand the “i feel this when Im attracted to this gender and this with another” but I find that its all one warm, nerve wracking, wonderful butterfly feeling and I guess thats why I drifted away from the bi label and into pan. 

Call me out if i offended anyone or used any bad language or anything like that. Or maybe you are pan and you experience it differently and you wanna talk about it, or you are bi and my experiences with bi people are very different from you, that would be cool. But this is my experience with it and I hope it made any form of sense. 

Mad Max Star Wars AU:

They’re all on Tatooine and the movie is the exact same except with speeders instead of cars