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Okay im so confused with this psat thing, can you please explain? I know what the psat is but I don't understand what's happening

I’m a senior so I didn’t take it this year but I did take it last year and  the year before. But thanks to the internet and my sophomore sister I have learned some shit about this year’s test.

Apparently all of the reading passages and shit were ABSOLUTELY FUCKING RIDICULOUS! They just have weird crap in them and I will now list everything I know about them.

  • Young Sensei had some calligraphy school and was upset because he didn’t have time for his crimson leaf poetry or something and also the reporter interviewing him asked him questions like how old he is or something instead of what kind of calligraphy ink he uses.
  • Garcia Lopez de Cardenas was some Spanish dude I assume and he “discovered” the Grand Canyon and no one else will ever truly appreciate its beauty the way he did. He SAW the canyon. Fuckin’ Boston man didn’t SEE the canyon.
  • Some chick wanted to train dolphins or something and they can’t be on leashes like dogs so she trains them with “positive reinforcement” and believes that this is how kids should be taught too. So when your parents compliment your work they’re basically treating you like this bitch treats dolphins. Take that in whatever way you want to.
  • I think there was also some bedazzle everyone you hate shit but that part I’m not clear on.
  • woof
  • The College Board told the HP fandom to quit bitching about how shitty the movies are because movie people only have like 2 and a half hours of movie in which to cram 800 pages of perfection and details.
  • I’ve been seeing some shit about “simultaneously at the same time” and I’m guessing that’s some joke about the grammar section which seems a bit ridiculous to me because simultaneously should not be considered an SAT word in my opinion.

Basically it comes down to the fact that I’m almost sad that I didn’t get to take this test because it seems like it was hilarious. But not really because I’ve been ready to get out of high school and Arizona since January so fuck all you underclassmen