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zodiac common thoughts
  • Aries: hurry up
  • Taurus: how long til dinner
  • Gemini: lol
  • Cancer: why would they do that!?
  • Leo: my hair looks good
  • Virgo: that doesnt look clean
  • Libra: im so tired rn
  • Scorpio: bitch
  • Sagittarius: this doesnt look too hard
  • Capricorn: 5 second rule is real
  • Aquarius: i wonder if im dreaming rn
  • Pisces: thats mean

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would you be so indulgent as to consider love potion/love spell fic where either one of them suddenly starts acting very weird or weirdly don't act weird at all

this is probably not what u meant

Weasley,” Malfoy said, cornering them outside the Great Hall on Tuesday morning. His gaze trailed lazily from Ron’s feet to head, nose wrinkled, eyes scornful. Ron blinked at him. “You’re looking even more ridiculous than usual.”

“I - what?” Ron said. Next to him, Harry was bristling. 

“Tattered robes, messy hair,” Malfoy said, counting off on his fingers. “There’s dirt on your nose, it’s eight in the morning, what have you been doing. And then the usual expression of stupefied blandness. You know, I don’t think I’ve ever seen you with your mouth shut?”

“Move along, Malfoy,” Harry said, jaw tight.

“Shut up, Potty,” Malfoy said, barely sparing him a glance. He gave Ron a last slow sneer and said, “See you round, Weasley,” then turned on his heel and strode away.

Ron blinked. “That was weird,” he said.

Harry was glaring. “What’s he think he’s playing at?”

“Mm,” Hermione said. “That was a little more attention than normal, wasn’t it?”


On Wednesday, Malfoy tripped Ron on his way up to Slughorn’s desk with his potions vial, making him trip and break it and lose three hours of work.

On Thursday, Malfoy spent all of lunch making faces at Ron and then reenacting Ron’s fall to the great hilarity of the Slytherin Table.

On Friday, Malfoy spent Transfiguration enchanting a series of notes to fly in ever more elaborate bird fashionings to Ron. All of them spelled out increasingly more desperate insults, and he seemed to get more and more annoyed when Ron didn’t acknowledge them. Harry ripped them all up viciously and sent back a few notes of his own to Malfoy, but Malfoy ignored him.

“I don’t know, it’s just weird for all of that to matter now, I guess,” Ron said, bewildered. “It feels like kid stuff. I don’t really care if Malfoy calls me names now that I helped beat the Dark Lord, you know? Who would still care about that?”

“I DON’T KNOW,” Harry said, then folded his arms and refused to talk for the rest of dinner. 


On Saturday morning, Malfoy wasn’t at breakfast, but when Ron and Harry were leaving the Great Hall, Ron almost ran into him. Malfoy was lurking about in the entranceway looking pink and upset, and he went pinker when Ron eyed him warily and said, “What is it this time, Malfoy?”

“Nothing!” Malfoy snapped, and then he rounded on Harry. “I - I know you had something to do with this!”

“What?” Harry said, straightening a bit. He’d been glum all week, but now he narrowed his eyes, running a hand through his hair. “What are you on about now?”

“I was – drugged,” Malfoy said, and snapped at Ron, “as if I would have bothered talking to you otherwise.”

Ron rolled his eyes. “What were you drugged with, an Annoying Potion?”

“I - I - no!” Malfoy said, and swung furiously around, storming away. Then he stopped, turned, and stormed back, pointing a finger in Harry’s face. “If I find out you had anything to do with it, Potter, I’ll string you up the Astronomy Tower by your ankle and spell your guts out!”

“I’d like to see you try, Malfoy,” Harry said, and they stood close and breathless like angry cats.

“Also,” Malfoy said, “also – your hair looks stupid,” and then he sneered and hurried away.

“Weird week,” Ron remarked, as they started walking. “Sorry he’s back to annoying you, Harry.”

“Yeah,” Harry said, rumpling his hair again and looking back over his shoulder. “It’s a pain.”

Hermione came round the corner and said, “Oof, Luna cornered me about Wrackspurts again – oh, Harry, what are you smiling about?”

BTS Shopping With You

Request: Could you do a reaction to you asking you’re boyfriend (the boys) to go clothes shopping with them?

Namjoon: If it’s a thrift store count him in (im just joking lol). Gladly goes with you and helps you shop.

Taehyung: Takes more time in the store than you though lmaoo you have to drag him out because he’s taken like 10 hours trying to decide what shirt to get.

Hoseok: Follows you around picking most random piece of clothing in hopes of getting you to hurry up.

Jin: “You’re taking a decade just grab both.” 

“Jin do you see the price tag??” 

“….wHY are we even in here let’s go.”

Jungkook: Stays on his phone most of the time and suggests the plainest clothes on earth for you to buy and you’re like ??? fam no.

Yoongi: “I’ll just wait outside until you finish” kind of guy

Jimin: Just follows you around and carries your clothes. Hypes you up when you ask if something looks good on you.

i think i’ll give you a kiss

Peter Parker + Reader

for @stardustnwit

small lil blurb/imagine request: (i don’t even know if you’re doing these but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ) hello i’m alyssa and im from vegas, seems exciting but not really. i really love words if i’m honest, especially the really random rare ones. i’m also a sucker for a good disney movie, specifically peter pan but any movie will do lol. can i get the thing with peter also :) you’re a doll and your writing is so amazing i binge read all your stories in like one night !!

song: grow old with you – adam sandler (the wedding singer)

“Peter, hurry up.” You were adjusting the baby blue bow in your hair in front of the mirror in his hallway. May was waiting at the front door with her camera, ready for you and Peter so she could take pictures of you in your costumes before you both head out.

“No, I look stupid. I don’t want to wear this!” You rolled your eyes, hearing a small, childish groan coming from his restroom. You look at May and shook your head in a joking manner.

“I’ll go check on him,” you whispered, earning a small, silent laugh from her. “Peter?” You called, walking into his room and still finding his bathroom door shut. You walked up to it and knocked three times, lightly, “Peter? You okay?”

“I look stupid. I don’t want to come out.”

“Peter, you don’t look stupid! We’ll look cute together.” You heard Peter sigh.

“Can you please just show me at least?” You heard another sigh, followed by the sound of the door unlocking. He peeked his head out, you being able to catch the orange tint in his hair and the bright blush on his cheeks that you guessed May had applied before you got there. “See? Not so bad.” Peter scoffed.

“Not so bad? That’s easy for you to say! You dressing up as Wendy is cute, endearing. Me dressing up as Peter is – creepy. Pedophilic, probably.” You rolled your eyes, but gave him a small smile.

“You’re so dramatic. Please come out?” You shook his head. “For me? I need my Peter… Pete.” You giggled as he pouted but opened his door to reveal his dark green tights and green shirt to match. Your eyes roamed his costume: his golden belt and fake dagger, the matching green hat with the red feather on top of his head, and the brown loafers he was sporting. “Peter! You look so cute!” What you thought was a compliment earned a groan from your best friend.

“Cute?” You rolled your eyes, giggling as you nodded. “That’s it, I’m changing. I’m going as three-hole punch Jim.”

“No! Peter, you look so good! I’m sorry. Thank you for wearing this. It makes me happy” You suppressed your laugh, reaching for his hand and tugging him closer to you. “In fact… I’m so happy, I think I’ll give you a kiss.” You quoted Wendy. Peter’s eyes widened slightly, his cheeks reddening even more. You smiled widely as you leaned in and pecked his cheek, feeling the warmth under your lips. “Is that okay?” You whispered, gaining a weak nod from the shy boy. “Do you want to give me one, Peter Pan?” Again he nodded at your whispered question. You leaned back and closed your eyes, cupping your hands like Wendy in the movie, waiting for him to place a small trinket in your waiting hands.

Your breath became shallow as you felt Peter’s breath fanning against your mouth.


“Ready for your kiss?” You heard him faintly whisper. Your eyes were still closed as you nodded, the next thing you felt was Peter’s lips on you, too softly – you almost didn’t realize he had kissed you. Your hands came up to cup his face as his circled around your waist.

You both jumped back as a flash and a camera shutter sounded. With your cheeks matching Peter’s make-up, you looked towards Peter’s door to see May standing there, cursing herself for not silencing her phone.  

want one? request here!

Cats the Musical
  • Jellicles: *sing about themselves and praise the everlasting cat*
  • Man Over There: what the fuck is a jellicle cat
  • Jellicles: lol we have three names
  • Victoria: yo yo im going to do some balance watch me *everyone leaves except misto* fuck
  • -
  • Misto: lol get the fuck up noob we have to invite them
  • Munku: ok so yeah we have to dance and sing and shit ok,, then we choose someone to die
  • -
  • Munku: I suggest jenny cuz she is old and wrinkly i guess lmao
  • Jenny: *tap dances with roaches*
  • -
  • Tugger: *jumps out and flaunts his mane* im so fresh u can succ my nuts (swag)
  • Misto: shut the fuck up
  • Etcetera: DADDY
  • -
  • Grizabella: wow lol good party
  • Demeter: no
  • Jellicles: no
  • Grizabella: ok
  • -
  • Bustopher Jones: hey lol
  • Jenny: thats my daddy over there
  • Etcetera: ew
  • -
  • Mungojerrie: yo we acrobats
  • Rumpleteazer: u cant do anything abt it
  • Jellicles: shut the fuck UP
  • -
  • Misto: Old Deuteronomy???
  • Tanto and Cori: Its old doot lol
  • Jellicles: oh ok we'll just wait here
  • Munku: ok can u hurry up u bag of shitfur
  • Deuteronomy: calm the fuck down im older than Queen Victoria you assholes
  • -
  • Munku: Jerrie can u get the barking right for one FUCKING SECOND
  • Jerrie: im trying my best
  • Jellicles: *barking never ceases*
  • Munku: ok lol so this robot cat FUCK OFF WITH THE BAGPIPE TUGGER
  • Tugger: *bangs out the tunes*
  • Rumpus: lol
  • -
  • Deuteronomy: oh shit
  • Munku: what now dammit
  • Victoria: lol
  • Jemima: lol
  • Alonzo: ok so we're black and white
  • Jellicles: *finally explaining what a jellicle cat is*
  • Man Over There: FUCKING FINALLY
  • -
  • Jellicles: *dances*
  • Victoria: check out my sweet moves
  • Plato: oh shit ye
  • -
  • Victoria: oh lol hi
  • Plato: wow queen, ur so beautiful
  • Skimbleshanks: god i wish that were me
  • -
  • Tanto and Cori: WHAT THE FUCK
  • Misto: yo who out there
  • Skimble: no one has time for this fuck off
  • Alonzo: *hisses grizabella away* fuck off
  • Jellicles: *butt shaking*
  • -
  • Grizabella: hi
  • Jellicles: no
  • Grizabella: ok
  • -
  • Demeter: fuck hes not there
  • Bomba: he drank all the milk dammit
  • Macavity: hi
  • Deme and Bomba: fuck
  • Macavity: *jumps out of Deuteronomy costume* rawr lol
  • Jellicles:
  • Macavity: what,, why arent u all screaming??? and begging the Everlasting for mercy???
  • Munkus: ,,u literally do this every fucking year
  • Macavity:
  • -
  • Tugger: yo misto its time to rescue doot
  • Misto: god fucking dammit *throws glitter*
  • Deuteronomy: *comes out* kill me,, let me die
Ruki takes a job

Ruki: *comes back from shopping for groceries*

Mukami mansion: destroyed 

Yui: kidnapped by sakamaki

Yuma: in jail because he stole fertilizer

Karlheinz *from behind a bush*: lol it will be fun to see how i pranked those halfbloods by telling them they can be adam hehe

Ayato *poking ruki with a stick*: how does it feel to be a failure-

Ruki: Thats it *throws shopping bags* 

Yuma: hey have you heard from ruki ? 

Kou: Yeah ! He sent me a letter and mentioned about getting a job in a mafia ….

Yuma: well we are supportive of whatever he wanna do soo

Yuma:  im gonna go and water my plants.


Ruki: Livesto- i mean fuka hurry up we need to go back to boss

Fuka: *he never talks i wonder what he is thinking*

Ruki: *finally i get to relax ……i wonder how my brothers are doing, probably good*



Yuma: *slams down kitchen door* WHAT HAPPENED


Yuma: *brings fire extinguisher* BACK OF-


Yuma: really kou…… that was just a spark from the toaster


Yuma: i will do the burnin for ya 

Yuma: azusa stop putting ya hand in the stove fire.

Azusa: but its fun


Jk jk he is axel from Ozmafia but he is also a doppelganger of ruki so i thought of this but looks like ruki has to go back sooner or later.

anonymous asked:

i hope i'm not a bother but can you tell us some historical volturi headcanons? i really loved the idea of caius storming off for a decade after the Carlisle Debacle, and would love to hear ur thoughts

(I’ve talked about this a bit here and I also added a bit of a timeline on these events.)

    long explanation all under the cut →
            {warning it gets complicated and un-necessarily
             dramatic, as the volturi are prone to have happen}

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teoriascamren  asked:

i remember someone sent me an ask saying LM writes their music and why can't 5H do the same until now? they came from the same place... was it to use the "i had to leave to write my own songs..." for the narrative? silly question i know but it got me thinking

sorry that i didn’t word my ask the right way but im in hurry right now but i think you understood my point? 😂😩

Hi, I was gone for a moment but I’m back. Don’t worry I totally understood your point. Yeah about that, well everyone writes their own music but the girls & I want to fight LA’s bald ass for that lol…

Real talk, I was discussing this same with TV anon not so long ago & he/she gave me an interesting insight on how it was part of driving Camila crazy so she could quit on her own terms. I agree cause how funny is that now that she is gone they FINALLY let them write for the first time on one of their LPs when that’s all they ever wanted.

The Greatest Show

Wow, I am really running behind on the prompts lol.
Wrote this one ine a hurry, so it’s a bit abrupt.

For SpiritAssassin Week 2017 by @fyeahspiritassassin. Day 2.
Prompt is: AU

The visitors to the Circus Kyberus arrive long before the show starts. Their ships rumble into the  Circus’s vast docking port, attendants waving fluorescent batons at the guests and directing them along the prismatic passageways, to the central auditorium at the heart of the massive starship.

Come and catch the Greatest Show in Space: that’s what they call the Circus Kyberus, the best galactic entertainment there is -  witness daredevil acts and simply stellar performances, excuse the pun (poor advertising from Ringmaster Chirrut Imwe).

But the lights and the glam and the death-defying acts have all but lost their novelty for the star of the show: the High Voltage Acrobat, Baze ‘Blaze’ Malbus.

He’s been here fifteen years; he’s seen the lot; he knows the tricks even though the other circus folk guard their secrets jealously. But after awhile, one trick is the same as the next, anyway. He’s seen the supersonic chariots, the strong man(droid) performances, the laser pyrotechnics, the electrothaumaturges, the rocket booster trapeze, the trained troupes of giant sklatha salamanders, extinct everywhere else in all the charted systems of the universe, except here in this galactic freakshow.

God, if there’s such a being at all, knows why he even stays. Actually, God just might be the biggest, most grandiose circus act of all.

“And now!” a voice booms from the arena. It’s Ringmaster, in his usual brilliant scarlet overcoat with a trailing bridal train and an equally scarlet top hat. He cracks his whip and sparks fly, rising in a hissing cloud to temporarily engulf him, and the audience cheers. “The star of our show, the one and only High Voltage Acrobat in the entirety of the universe, ‘Blaze’ Malbus!”

The crowd howls and stamps.

The cube-shaped electrical grid that had been assembled quietly during intermission now lights up. Brilliant blinding blue. The crystal shaped spotlights swerve around to direct the full intensity of their beams upon the vast and non-symmetrical lattice, which crackles with electricity. Techno music pounds from hidden speakers, bass rhythms amplified by the arena’s subwoofer network, so it feels like the whole starship is pulsing, a gigantic metallic heart in the vacuum of space.

Baze mounts the platform at the top. Notes the positions of the insulated handholds, the mid-air micro-coordinates where he’ll have to twist his body and avoid the wavy parallel rails. Sets a rhythm deep within his body.

But even this is dull for him. Fifteen years of this crap. He’s old. He ought to retire. Maybe go to this faraway idyll called Earth, the native world of coffee and adorable alien feline creatures known as cats.

He glances down, way down past the bottom transmission bars to where Ringmaster is standing, fire-whip still cracking up a frenzy. If he’s not careful, he’s going to set himself on fire again. And then Baze will have to stop his act and douse him with a canister of coolant. Not for the first time either.

As if sensing Baze looking down at him, Ringmaster turns his face upwards. White-blue unseeing eyes, their colour and their blindness magnified by optic irradiator implants, catch his stare. Ringmaster smiles a lazy toothed smile at him. Baze can see the indents of his dimples from high up here.

For a moment, he pauses, disoriented by the recent memory of Ringmaster in his arms, of that smug smile wiped off his face, replaced by the openness of his mouth, slack, moaning, spit curling out of the corner of his lips as Baze fucked him against the walls of his own quarters.

No, he has to concentrate. Or he’ll fry himself pretty in this grid.

He closes his eyes, tries to find that point of calm deep within.

Then he leaps off the platform, calculating all the way, every nano-second of his freefall. Fizzing strings of electricity leap off the bars and try to attach themselves to his skintight conductive suit, try to connect into the circuit of his own flesh and blood, and the electrical impulses of his own heart. Lightning pursues his trajectory through the grid. The crystal-spotlights start strobing in technicolour. It makes for a spectacular display and the crowd grows more feral with the applause and cheering.

Personally, Baze thinks that some of them would just  love  to see him slip, see what happens, never seen a man fry on electricity before.

He makes a grab for the handhold and his aim is true. Then he undoes the hasp of the swing, calculates, concentrates - and swings across the grid, spinning, eeling, until he gets to the next handhold.

Then he finishes his whole circuit, spends all his moves. It’s banal like that.

He starts to descend, when a tremendous crack comes from below.

Ringmaster has held up his hand for silence from the crowd. Baze stops and stares. Now what?

“You have all seen the magnificent Blaze! Now for the next part of his act…”

The  what  part of  what  act? No, no, fuck this shit, his act is over. What is Chirrut up to?

“..I, your humble Ringmaster and host for tonight, will now ascend to the platform and enter the grid…”

“You will not!” Baze thunders from where he’s standing. But nobody hears him.

“…and I will leap off, without a safety harness or a protective suit…”

“And fall to your death! And then I’ll have to extract your sizzling, charred meat off the rails.”

“..and our one and only High Voltage Acrobat, Blaze Malbus, will catch me…”

“What if I don’t?” Baze shouts, only to be ignored.

“…or maybe he won’t…”

The crowd howls louder than ever. It sounds like they’re baying for blood. Wishing the excitement of mishap upon the performers.

“…and if he doesn’t catch me, then well, let me thank you all for being here with us. You’ve been an exceptional crowd and I am truly honoured to have been your host for tonight.”

With that, Ringmaster sheds off that six-foot bridal train of his robes, and his scarlet overcoat and top hat, wearing only a shirt and red harem pants. He scales the ladder easily to the platform opposite Baze, on the other side of the grid.

He smiles at Baze. “I’m ready when you are.”

“Chirrut, this isn’t in the script.”

“Well, this is an unscripted performance.”

“I’m not doing it.”

“We are already in the middle of the performance, whether you like it or not. Besides, what have you got to fear? You’re going to catch me, aren’t you?”

“You,” growls Baze, “have far too much faith in me.”

Chirrut spreads his arms, tilts his blind gaze to the ceiling. “And  you need to have some faith in me. You need to have some faith in the fact that I have faith in the fact that you are going to catch me, no matter what.”

“I think if your brains get fried on the grid, it’s not going to affect your twisted sense of logic.”

Chirrut laughs. Then he straightens all the mirth out of his face and looks directly at Baze. When he speaks, there is iron in his syllables. “Catch. Me.”

Ringmaster steps off the platform. He hurtles downward, straight as a calm arrow, electricity fizzing in his wake, but never seeming to touch him.

Baze forgets to calculate. He leaps off without thinking, seizes the swing and arcs downward, a hand outstretched, sweeping through the charged air, to lock around Chirrut’s elbow. He hears Chirrut gasp as Baze nearly wrenches his arm loose of his socket, and then twists them safely around to a lower platform.

The audience nearly erupts.

Later, once the show is over, and Baze goes to Chirrut’s quarters.

“Right,” says Baze. “I quit. I’m leaving.”

“Think before you do anything,” Chirrut cautions.

“Says the Ringmaster who jumped off the platform straight into waiting death.  Why would you do something so stupid as that? Don’t you know the risks?”

Chirrut is carefully storing away his ringmaster jewelry and overcoat. “Don’t you feel different?”

“Feel what?” Baze growls.

“All this time. All these years you’ve been working here. You’ve been here far longer than I have. I know your discontent. Boredom. You’re bored with the whole act. Everything is just one shiny routine to you. So why not change things up a little? Spontaneity is the salt of life, they say.”

Baze takes a deep breath. “Just because I’m bored or discontented doesn’t mean I want you to risk  any  part of yourself for me. I can’t - I don’t know what I’d do if - if -”

He trails off.

Chirrut doesn’t say anything for a moment. Then: “I’m sorry.”

Baze is incredulous. “Did you just - say you’re sorry? That’s a first.”

“I’m sorry to have caused you much distress.” Chirrut looks thoughtful. “Though all that distress is unnecessary, if only you’d believed in the both of us a bit more.”

“I knew that apology wasn’t going to last long.”

Chirrut puts his arms around him from behind, kneads the muscles of his shoulder. “Please don’t go, Baze Malbus.”

“Say that again,” says Baze roughly.

“Please.” Chirrut unbuttons Baze’s shirt.


“Please. Stay.” Chirrut’s mouth presses kisses on the nape of his neck, stutters a line along his bare shoulders. “With me.”

“I’ll think about it,” says Baze. Then he turns to face Chirrut and kisses him, a deep bruise of a kiss.


Later, Baze sits up in Chirrut’s bed. Chirrut is asleep, his body flushed and bare, his sleep unbroken and rhythmic.

Baze thinks of another show he’ll have to do the next night. And the night after that. And after.

He thinks of anchoring himself to some planet, preferably one with an ocean (that Earth place sounds so good in all the ads), where he can learn how to surf. How to fish. How to look at the stars and all the universe from a fixed point, instead of constantly swinging through space in some big flamboyant circus starship.

But then again, he’s already got his fixed point, his anchor.

He gets up from bed and gets himself a glass of water. But he stays.

croatian2  asked:

If you were born without wisdom teeth you are golden!!! The pain was ridicouls!!!! (cant spell)


I made an appointment to get them removed bc I was in a hurry (i was turning 22 when I’d be off my folk’s insurance so I had to get them out while I could) but after I got my xrays the nurse was like, “….you don’t…….have any…” and im like “wot?” and the doctor was comes in all ready but sees the xrays and just…let’s me go… it was Good but shit I was ready for the pain that never came lol///


Gif source:  Negan

Imagine being Negan’s daughter and he thinks it’s hilarious that you decorated Lucille with tinsel and lights for Christmas.

——— Request for anon ———

“What the fuck is this?” Negan asks with a laugh as you hurry up to him on Christmas morning, ignoring whichever one of his wives was lying beside him in bed to give your father one of the Christmas gifts you’d fixed up for him with what you could find. Or, rather, what you’d gotten Simon to scrounge up for you.

“Lucille is ready for Chrismas,” you grin, offering the newly improved bat to him and waiting for his response.

“Is that tinsel?” he takes it from you with a matching grin, sitting up and wiping the sleepiness from his eyes, “Well, shit, looks like she is, huh?”

elements-is-here  asked:

Would you please make a drawing/quick sketch of Minnie playing the saxophone? If you don't want to draw it I'll have a try because this headcanon is too good to let it die.

Okay so Im in a hurry to go out in just a little bit to babysit, but I thought i can draw this out on mspaint….

Honestly I think Minnie playing the sax is a really good idea (cause I love the sax), so I agree that this is definitely cannon… Also just for the giggles of it I just HAD to draw this out too…

dating yoongi would include...

jimin’s | jungkook’s | taehyung’s 

dating yoongi would be like

▪ him constantly pulling you back in bed
▪ rare cuddles
▪ but still cudDLES
▪ trying to cook you breakfast but getting sleepy again so he just makes you cereal
▪ smiling when you rap his verse in cypher
▪ singing ‘i need u’ real bad with him
▪ playing with his hands omfg
▪ fights
▪ but bomb ass makeup sex right after
▪ him sneaking cheek kisses
▪ him letting you wear his leather jacket
▪ getting yall matching air jordans
▪ “swag”
▪ “stfu yoongi”
▪ “make me”
▪ his precious gummy smile
▪ sitting in his lap when he’s producing a song
▪ the guys finding out yall had sex in the studio bc lets be real here
▪ at home pizza and movie dates
▪ “i love you yoongi”
▪ “what do want? im not buying you food again”
▪ “damn it”
▪ leaving dark hickeys on his pale skin
▪ “fuck”
▪ being the inspiration behind ‘let me know’
▪ telling you no but 3 seconds later he’s getting you whatever you wanted
▪ neck kisses
▪ dragging him out the studio so he can sleep
▪ nervously telling you his feelings
▪ low key he sweating while telling you
▪ smiling when he laughs
▪ couple neck pillows lol
▪ getting teased by maknae line
▪ “hyung is inlove”
▪ “yoongi hyung hurry and marry her”
▪ yoongi scaring them and their lives

[ENG] Haikyuu LN Vol 6 - The ‘Cats’ Of The Future

(Because the precious first year kittens are precious and everything about Nekoma is gold. It’s quite short but I hope you enjoyed this chapter! Not beta’d. The content is under the cut~)

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imagine like john comes over to daves house to like hang out and stuff, and theyre both like pretty skinny, but daves a huge chubby chaser and would love to see john all big n fat and stuffed so. he gets some like magic stuff from rose that makes someone gain weight reaally fast. it always wears off after a while but she warns him to only put a little bit or john will get more than just chubby. so john says like hey do u wanna eat and daves like sure lemme make smthn. so he puts some off the stuff in, but he accidentally pours in the whole vial and is like “oh fuck” and starts panicking and hes like “ok guess ill just get a new one from rose and try again later” but john walks into the kitchen ands like ‘whats taking so long lol im hungry’ and daves like ‘uhh-’ but john takes the plate and walks back to the living room and hes like ‘cmon hurry up’ and daves like really sweaty and hes like oh shit fuck but goes in the room just in time to see john had already eaten like 1/3 of his plate, and dave can see johns shirt already riding up and spilling over the back of his tight shorts as soft fat piles onto his stomach and thighs. dave sits by him on the side of the couch so theyre kind of facing each other but johns too caught up in the movie theyre watching to notice at first. he finishes his food pretty fast, and only a couple seconds later the effects of the vial start to show, and quickly. johns small tum turns into a big soft belly that spills over his crotch and makes huge, thick love handles. his butt and thighs get really thick too, and hes gone from skinny to w pretty chubby boy. his shirt that fit him minutes ago now couldnt be pulled down over his huge tummy, and his shorts start to rip and split and the seams. johns like 'what the hell?!“ and he stands up only for another wave to wash over him, making his belly surge out and split into rolls, his ass becoming huge and thick along with his enormous thighs, and his shirt barely covers his moobs. a cute double chin forms and as this happens he loses his balance and falls over, his new squishy body spreading onto the carpet and then jiggling more. john is absolutely bewildered and is about to say something when another wave hits him, and this one is a lot bigger than the last. his belly surges forwards again, becoming enormously soft and splitting into almost 3 rolls, his ass shelfing and raising him a little as he clutches onto his soft chest, his double chin becoming thicker and his thighs have left almost no room inbetween. if he stood up and tried to walk, his thighs would rub against each other and he would be forced to waddle. bleagfjgk i cant finish this but anyways he gets really obese and dave gets to feed him until it wears off sweats

like i dont mind losing, i think playing any game is fun and im not super bitter or anything about it?? i just play what i like

but after this dude borderline harasses me all night, flirting with a minor, saying nsfw things about me, etc. than in the middle of the duel telling the guy im dueling against “hurry up lol shes easy to beat” im gonna. Fucking lose it.