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  • Hoseok: Why is Namjoon the dad of the group when you're older?
  • Yoongi: Because Seokjin is the mom and Namjoon belongs to him. Besides, if I was the dad, then I wouldn't be able to be in love with the awesome uncle. That's you.
  • Hoseok:
  • Hoseok: fair enough
  • Yoongi: :|
  • Hoseok: and i love you too
  • Yoongi: :)
zodiac common thoughts
  • Aries: hurry up
  • Taurus: how long til dinner
  • Gemini: lol
  • Cancer: why would they do that!?
  • Leo: my hair looks good
  • Virgo: that doesnt look clean
  • Libra: im so tired rn
  • Scorpio: bitch
  • Sagittarius: this doesnt look too hard
  • Capricorn: 5 second rule is real
  • Aquarius: i wonder if im dreaming rn
  • Pisces: thats mean

fourcounts-deactivated20170801  asked:

would you be so indulgent as to consider love potion/love spell fic where either one of them suddenly starts acting very weird or weirdly don't act weird at all

this is probably not what u meant

Weasley,” Malfoy said, cornering them outside the Great Hall on Tuesday morning. His gaze trailed lazily from Ron’s feet to head, nose wrinkled, eyes scornful. Ron blinked at him. “You’re looking even more ridiculous than usual.”

“I - what?” Ron said. Next to him, Harry was bristling. 

“Tattered robes, messy hair,” Malfoy said, counting off on his fingers. “There’s dirt on your nose, it’s eight in the morning, what have you been doing. And then the usual expression of stupefied blandness. You know, I don’t think I’ve ever seen you with your mouth shut?”

“Move along, Malfoy,” Harry said, jaw tight.

“Shut up, Potty,” Malfoy said, barely sparing him a glance. He gave Ron a last slow sneer and said, “See you round, Weasley,” then turned on his heel and strode away.

Ron blinked. “That was weird,” he said.

Harry was glaring. “What’s he think he’s playing at?”

“Mm,” Hermione said. “That was a little more attention than normal, wasn’t it?”


On Wednesday, Malfoy tripped Ron on his way up to Slughorn’s desk with his potions vial, making him trip and break it and lose three hours of work.

On Thursday, Malfoy spent all of lunch making faces at Ron and then reenacting Ron’s fall to the great hilarity of the Slytherin Table.

On Friday, Malfoy spent Transfiguration enchanting a series of notes to fly in ever more elaborate bird fashionings to Ron. All of them spelled out increasingly more desperate insults, and he seemed to get more and more annoyed when Ron didn’t acknowledge them. Harry ripped them all up viciously and sent back a few notes of his own to Malfoy, but Malfoy ignored him.

“I don’t know, it’s just weird for all of that to matter now, I guess,” Ron said, bewildered. “It feels like kid stuff. I don’t really care if Malfoy calls me names now that I helped beat the Dark Lord, you know? Who would still care about that?”

“I DON’T KNOW,” Harry said, then folded his arms and refused to talk for the rest of dinner. 


On Saturday morning, Malfoy wasn’t at breakfast, but when Ron and Harry were leaving the Great Hall, Ron almost ran into him. Malfoy was lurking about in the entranceway looking pink and upset, and he went pinker when Ron eyed him warily and said, “What is it this time, Malfoy?”

“Nothing!” Malfoy snapped, and then he rounded on Harry. “I - I know you had something to do with this!”

“What?” Harry said, straightening a bit. He’d been glum all week, but now he narrowed his eyes, running a hand through his hair. “What are you on about now?”

“I was – drugged,” Malfoy said, and snapped at Ron, “as if I would have bothered talking to you otherwise.”

Ron rolled his eyes. “What were you drugged with, an Annoying Potion?”

“I - I - no!” Malfoy said, and swung furiously around, storming away. Then he stopped, turned, and stormed back, pointing a finger in Harry’s face. “If I find out you had anything to do with it, Potter, I’ll string you up the Astronomy Tower by your ankle and spell your guts out!”

“I’d like to see you try, Malfoy,” Harry said, and they stood close and breathless like angry cats.

“Also,” Malfoy said, “also – your hair looks stupid,” and then he sneered and hurried away.

“Weird week,” Ron remarked, as they started walking. “Sorry he’s back to annoying you, Harry.”

“Yeah,” Harry said, rumpling his hair again and looking back over his shoulder. “It’s a pain.”

Hermione came round the corner and said, “Oof, Luna cornered me about Wrackspurts again – oh, Harry, what are you smiling about?”

So I’ve been looking up stuff over meanings/folklore over ladybugs, despite I’ve seen posts over it already and wanted to confirm things myself (*coughs* for reasons….) and came across this:

“Perhaps best known as an emblem of luck. When a Ladybug lands on you, it is said your wish will come true.

Asian traditions hold to the belief that if caught and then released, the Ladybug will faithfully fly to your true love and whisper your name in his/her ear. Upon hearing the Ladybug’s message your true love will hurry his/her way to your side.”

(Bye lol I’m gonna go cry now.)

The signs as IDOLiSH7 characters

Aries: Tamaki Yotsuba

Taurus: Nagi Rokuya

Gemini: Sogo Osaka

Cancer: Riku Nanase

Leo: Gaku Yaotome

Virgo: Tenn Kujou

Libra: Ryuunosuke Tsunashi

Scorpio: Momo

Sagittarius: Iori Izumi

Capricorn: Yuki

Aquarius: Yamato NIkaido

Pisces: MItsuki Izumi

Cats the Musical
  • Jellicles: *sing about themselves and praise the everlasting cat*
  • Man Over There: what the fuck is a jellicle cat
  • Jellicles: lol we have three names
  • Victoria: yo yo im going to do some balance watch me *everyone leaves except misto* fuck
  • -
  • Misto: lol get the fuck up noob we have to invite them
  • Munku: ok so yeah we have to dance and sing and shit ok,, then we choose someone to die
  • -
  • Munku: I suggest jenny cuz she is old and wrinkly i guess lmao
  • Jenny: *tap dances with roaches*
  • -
  • Tugger: *jumps out and flaunts his mane* im so fresh u can succ my nuts (swag)
  • Misto: shut the fuck up
  • Etcetera: DADDY
  • -
  • Grizabella: wow lol good party
  • Demeter: no
  • Jellicles: no
  • Grizabella: ok
  • -
  • Bustopher Jones: hey lol
  • Jenny: thats my daddy over there
  • Etcetera: ew
  • -
  • Mungojerrie: yo we acrobats
  • Rumpleteazer: u cant do anything abt it
  • Jellicles: shut the fuck UP
  • -
  • Misto: Old Deuteronomy???
  • Tanto and Cori: Its old doot lol
  • Jellicles: oh ok we'll just wait here
  • Munku: ok can u hurry up u bag of shitfur
  • Deuteronomy: calm the fuck down im older than Queen Victoria you assholes
  • -
  • Munku: Jerrie can u get the barking right for one FUCKING SECOND
  • Jerrie: im trying my best
  • Jellicles: *barking never ceases*
  • Munku: ok lol so this robot cat FUCK OFF WITH THE BAGPIPE TUGGER
  • Tugger: *bangs out the tunes*
  • Rumpus: lol
  • -
  • Deuteronomy: oh shit
  • Munku: what now dammit
  • Victoria: lol
  • Jemima: lol
  • Alonzo: ok so we're black and white
  • Jellicles: *finally explaining what a jellicle cat is*
  • Man Over There: FUCKING FINALLY
  • -
  • Jellicles: *dances*
  • Victoria: check out my sweet moves
  • Plato: oh shit ye
  • -
  • Victoria: oh lol hi
  • Plato: wow queen, ur so beautiful
  • Skimbleshanks: god i wish that were me
  • -
  • Tanto and Cori: WHAT THE FUCK
  • Misto: yo who out there
  • Skimble: no one has time for this fuck off
  • Alonzo: *hisses grizabella away* fuck off
  • Jellicles: *butt shaking*
  • -
  • Grizabella: hi
  • Jellicles: no
  • Grizabella: ok
  • -
  • Demeter: fuck hes not there
  • Bomba: he drank all the milk dammit
  • Macavity: hi
  • Deme and Bomba: fuck
  • Macavity: *jumps out of Deuteronomy costume* rawr lol
  • Jellicles:
  • Macavity: what,, why arent u all screaming??? and begging the Everlasting for mercy???
  • Munkus: ,,u literally do this every fucking year
  • Macavity:
  • -
  • Tugger: yo misto its time to rescue doot
  • Misto: god fucking dammit *throws glitter*
  • Deuteronomy: *comes out* kill me,, let me die
i think i’ll give you a kiss

Peter Parker + Reader

for @stardustnwit

small lil blurb/imagine request: (i don’t even know if you’re doing these but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ) hello i’m alyssa and im from vegas, seems exciting but not really. i really love words if i’m honest, especially the really random rare ones. i’m also a sucker for a good disney movie, specifically peter pan but any movie will do lol. can i get the thing with peter also :) you’re a doll and your writing is so amazing i binge read all your stories in like one night !!

song: grow old with you – adam sandler (the wedding singer)

“Peter, hurry up.” You were adjusting the baby blue bow in your hair in front of the mirror in his hallway. May was waiting at the front door with her camera, ready for you and Peter so she could take pictures of you in your costumes before you both head out.

“No, I look stupid. I don’t want to wear this!” You rolled your eyes, hearing a small, childish groan coming from his restroom. You look at May and shook your head in a joking manner.

“I’ll go check on him,” you whispered, earning a small, silent laugh from her. “Peter?” You called, walking into his room and still finding his bathroom door shut. You walked up to it and knocked three times, lightly, “Peter? You okay?”

“I look stupid. I don’t want to come out.”

“Peter, you don’t look stupid! We’ll look cute together.” You heard Peter sigh.

“Can you please just show me at least?” You heard another sigh, followed by the sound of the door unlocking. He peeked his head out, you being able to catch the orange tint in his hair and the bright blush on his cheeks that you guessed May had applied before you got there. “See? Not so bad.” Peter scoffed.

“Not so bad? That’s easy for you to say! You dressing up as Wendy is cute, endearing. Me dressing up as Peter is – creepy. Pedophilic, probably.” You rolled your eyes, but gave him a small smile.

“You’re so dramatic. Please come out?” You shook his head. “For me? I need my Peter… Pete.” You giggled as he pouted but opened his door to reveal his dark green tights and green shirt to match. Your eyes roamed his costume: his golden belt and fake dagger, the matching green hat with the red feather on top of his head, and the brown loafers he was sporting. “Peter! You look so cute!” What you thought was a compliment earned a groan from your best friend.

“Cute?” You rolled your eyes, giggling as you nodded. “That’s it, I’m changing. I’m going as three-hole punch Jim.”

“No! Peter, you look so good! I’m sorry. Thank you for wearing this. It makes me happy” You suppressed your laugh, reaching for his hand and tugging him closer to you. “In fact… I’m so happy, I think I’ll give you a kiss.” You quoted Wendy. Peter’s eyes widened slightly, his cheeks reddening even more. You smiled widely as you leaned in and pecked his cheek, feeling the warmth under your lips. “Is that okay?” You whispered, gaining a weak nod from the shy boy. “Do you want to give me one, Peter Pan?” Again he nodded at your whispered question. You leaned back and closed your eyes, cupping your hands like Wendy in the movie, waiting for him to place a small trinket in your waiting hands.

Your breath became shallow as you felt Peter’s breath fanning against your mouth.


“Ready for your kiss?” You heard him faintly whisper. Your eyes were still closed as you nodded, the next thing you felt was Peter’s lips on you, too softly – you almost didn’t realize he had kissed you. Your hands came up to cup his face as his circled around your waist.

You both jumped back as a flash and a camera shutter sounded. With your cheeks matching Peter’s make-up, you looked towards Peter’s door to see May standing there, cursing herself for not silencing her phone.  

want one? request here!

BTS Shopping With You

Request: Could you do a reaction to you asking you’re boyfriend (the boys) to go clothes shopping with them?

Namjoon: If it’s a thrift store count him in (im just joking lol). Gladly goes with you and helps you shop.

Taehyung: Takes more time in the store than you though lmaoo you have to drag him out because he’s taken like 10 hours trying to decide what shirt to get.

Hoseok: Follows you around picking most random piece of clothing in hopes of getting you to hurry up.

Jin: “You’re taking a decade just grab both.” 

“Jin do you see the price tag??” 

“….wHY are we even in here let’s go.”

Jungkook: Stays on his phone most of the time and suggests the plainest clothes on earth for you to buy and you’re like ??? fam no.

Yoongi: “I’ll just wait outside until you finish” kind of guy

Jimin: Just follows you around and carries your clothes. Hypes you up when you ask if something looks good on you.

Ruki takes a job

Ruki: *comes back from shopping for groceries*

Mukami mansion: destroyed 

Yui: kidnapped by sakamaki

Yuma: in jail because he stole fertilizer

Karlheinz *from behind a bush*: lol it will be fun to see how i pranked those halfbloods by telling them they can be adam hehe

Ayato *poking ruki with a stick*: how does it feel to be a failure-

Ruki: Thats it *throws shopping bags* 

Yuma: hey have you heard from ruki ? 

Kou: Yeah ! He sent me a letter and mentioned about getting a job in a mafia ….

Yuma: well we are supportive of whatever he wanna do soo

Yuma:  im gonna go and water my plants.


Ruki: Livesto- i mean fuka hurry up we need to go back to boss

Fuka: *he never talks i wonder what he is thinking*

Ruki: *finally i get to relax ……i wonder how my brothers are doing, probably good*



Yuma: *slams down kitchen door* WHAT HAPPENED


Yuma: *brings fire extinguisher* BACK OF-


Yuma: really kou…… that was just a spark from the toaster


Yuma: i will do the burnin for ya 

Yuma: azusa stop putting ya hand in the stove fire.

Azusa: but its fun


Jk jk he is axel from Ozmafia but he is also a doppelganger of ruki so i thought of this but looks like ruki has to go back sooner or later.

Airport Texts

A fic compiled of mostly texts between Dan and Phil during Dan’s trip to the Bahamas. Inspired by this post from @danielbear 

Dan arrived at the airport, waiting for his flight to the Bahamas to board. 

Dan: i cant believe im doing this

Dan: why am i doing this

Phil: bc u love me

Dan: ur okay

Phil: :/

Dan: :P

Phil: im so happy u will be here for my fam holiday :)

Dan: me too :)

Dan: my flight is about to board

Phil: have a safe flight

Dan: its an hour

Phil: still be safe ♥

Dan: jfc did u rly just send me the heart emoji how cliche

Phil: ♥

Phil:  ♥ ♥

Phil:  ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Dan: OMG okay phone is going on airplane mode now bye

Phil:  ♥

Dan: so theres people playing drums at the bahamas airport??

Phil: thats so cool!

Dan: its way less scarier here than american airports

Phil: good now come back

Dan: needy

Phil: :O

Dan: :P

Phil: stop with that tongue howell

Dan: oh should i spam you like you did with the heart emoji

Phil: ♥

Dan: border agent is so chill omg

Dan: he also insulted my pale skin

Phil: he should see me

Dan: i have time before my flight apparently

Phil: what r u gonna do?

Dan: go to the beach i guess

Phil: did the border agent pressure u into getting a tan?

Dan: apparently lol

Phil: have fun

Dan: i’ll try

Dan: my taxi driver just got out of the car and got in a fight with someone

Phil: what?? where r u?

Dan: i was in the taxi but got out and went back in the airport

Phil: and here i thought i ran into weirdos

Dan: u must have rubbed off on me

Phil: can i rub off on u tonight

Dan: :O

Phil: ;)

Dan: omg can u not srsly last thing i need rn

Phil: then come back already

Dan: i want to u have no idea

Dan: :(

Phil: whats wrong?

Dan: everything

Dan: i just wanna see u

Dan: :(

Phil: i know bear. when does ur flight board?

Dan: it doesnt it got canceled 

Phil: what???

Dan: one of the engines lost power apparently

Dan: :’(

Dan’s phone started ringing not two seconds after sending that emoji.

“Hi.” he answered the phone.

“Are you okay?” Phil asked immediately.

“Not really.” Dan told him. “This is just annoying and stupid and I just want to be back in Florida now.”

“What are you going to do? Is there another flight?” Phil asked.

“I don’t know. I think I might have to stay the night here.” Dan said and he could sense Phil’s frown through the phone.

Suddenly, Dan heard an announcement throughout the airport that said the engine was up and running and the flight to Orlando was back on and boarding in 5 minutes.

“Wait, they just said the flight to Orlando is back on.” Dan said into the phone.

“How can it be back on if the engine stopped working?” Phil asked.

“They said it’s up and running. Should I get on it?” Dan asked.

“Do you really want to get on a plane that has engine issues?” Phil questioned.

“I don’t know, I just want all this over with now.” Dan spoke quietly.

“Okay, I mean, I guess they wouldn’t let the flight happen if it wasn’t safe. So, get on it that way you don’t have to spend the night there.” Phil told him.

“Well, they said it’s boarding in 5 minutes and that was at least 2 minutes ago.” Dan spoke frantically.

“Okay, hurry and text me when you get on the plane.” Phil said. “Be safe, bear.”

“Okay.” Dan said. “I love you.”

“I love you, too.” Phil said. 

Dan hung up the phone and actually ran through the airport to catch the flight.

Dan: i just ran through the airport like a newborn giraffe that doesnt know how to use its limbs

Phil: thats quite the image

Dan: lol

Phil: good ur laughing :)

Dan: just bc i wrote lol doesnt mean im laughing

Phil: just try to relax and have a safe flight bear

Dan: ive got my death playlist ready :)

Phil: -_-

Dan: i’ll be fine dw

An hour later, the flight landed and Dan headed into the Orlando airport.

He walked in and spotted Phil there waiting for him.

For the first time all day, he smiled.


Gif source:  Negan

Imagine being Negan’s daughter and he thinks it’s hilarious that you decorated Lucille with tinsel and lights for Christmas.

——— Request for anon ———

“What the fuck is this?” Negan asks with a laugh as you hurry up to him on Christmas morning, ignoring whichever one of his wives was lying beside him in bed to give your father one of the Christmas gifts you’d fixed up for him with what you could find. Or, rather, what you’d gotten Simon to scrounge up for you.

“Lucille is ready for Chrismas,” you grin, offering the newly improved bat to him and waiting for his response.

“Is that tinsel?” he takes it from you with a matching grin, sitting up and wiping the sleepiness from his eyes, “Well, shit, looks like she is, huh?”

xh4rmony  asked:

i remember someone sent me an ask saying LM writes their music and why can't 5H do the same until now? they came from the same place... was it to use the "i had to leave to write my own songs..." for the narrative? silly question i know but it got me thinking

sorry that i didn’t word my ask the right way but im in hurry right now but i think you understood my point? 😂😩

Hi, I was gone for a moment but I’m back. Don’t worry I totally understood your point. Yeah about that, well everyone writes their own music but the girls & I want to fight LA’s bald ass for that lol…

Real talk, I was discussing this same with TV anon not so long ago & he/she gave me an interesting insight on how it was part of driving Camila crazy so she could quit on her own terms. I agree cause how funny is that now that she is gone they FINALLY let them write for the first time on one of their LPs when that’s all they ever wanted.

anonymous asked:

Honestly I love the fact that all your chapters are 10k long or even more,I mean I'm a huuuge sucker for long ass chapters especially when they are a masterpiece such as TRA .Not only that but I think smut serves a whole different purpose in this fic .It's not only to feed our thirsty asses with some bomb ass smut but to also emphasize the development of who JK and the reader came from just sex to a relationship so don't worry,we're not only here for the smut,altho its A+. Keep rocking gurl!

ME TOO!!!!!! i get so excited when i see smuts in the tag that are at LEAST 5k+ because that means theres an actual plot going on. nothing wrong with pwp but i just love build-up a lot!!!! and not even sexual build-up but just build-up to SOMETHING!!!!!!! do u guys know how many pages i have in my word doc. for tra. its over 100 pages now. theres only been 4 parts (somewhat) written. FOUR PARTS i just am like. what is this gonna look like at the end of it. HELP ME but yeah the smut isnt just there to make u guys read it LOL i want the smut to be there too. its a story about lust but its also about two people who are finding they have more in common than they thought. thank u so much!!!!!!!!