and im hella late too D:

Ok, so this probably isn’t what you think. I mean, it’s a thank you for 10k followers, but it’s not your typical follower forever. I was thinking about doing one like everyone else, but you know what? It would take too long to tag 10k people, because that’s what I would do. I’d tag all of you - all my followers, whether you were here from the beginning, or new, whether I’ve spoken to you or not, or whether I’m another old blog you see on your dashboard that you followed and can’t be bothered to unfollow. I love all of you so much and thank you for following my trashy blog :D

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Thank you

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Again, I love you all!

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It's funny when you ask why you have so many followers. You know you're good looking and you're confident enough to upload photos of yourself with underwear, so don't pretend that you don't understand why people follow ya. Anyway, your blog is nice in general, too. People here swoon over every guy who's skinny and has pale skin.

laughs bc im the underwear kid

yeah I’ve feeling hella self confident lately :’D but I feel like people exaggerate a bit. -I mean, god, who doesn’t like to be called cool and hottie and have lots of followers ahahahaha, but yo I just look kinda good in photos and I can say that I have a good sense of humor, nothing else ;o; 

also, thanks for liking my blog <3